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18th Apr 05
This is a rough draft of an idea I had. Send comments to
aliens huge nc slow
18th Jan 18
A less typical take on a BE story, involving a girl with Macromastia going to college and facing its challenges.
30th Dec 07
It’s my first try at this – see if you like it.
big cb fast huge magic slow
3rd Sep 09
While I await the final proofing of the final A&A submission, here is a story that I wrote whilst I was deployed to Iraq in 2005. I lost this when I submitted it to a proof reader and then had a hard drive crash. I amazingly found it two days ago in my sent mail box on hotmail (obviously I don't erase that folder often). This story hasn't been very throughly proofread, but I am submitting it as is. I am sure there are some "there should be their" and "its instead of it's" gaffs, but my read through yesterday was fairly easy. Finally, I was in the middle of a year long deployment when I wrote this, and I might not have been totally right in the head. As such, there are subjects in it that on the recent read through, I am not very comfortable with (incest mainly, but also a brief NC scene). If you don't like those things, then don't read it.
ar big hg huge inc lac lg mg mm mpg nc offstage sc science slow asleep
9th Apr 24
Part 1 of a companion piece and prequel to the Mallory series. Cousin Madison packs the biggest tits in rural Elk County and isn't shy about using them to get what she wants, leaving a trail of human wreckage in her wake. But as a new threat to her reign takes shape, Madison is going to have to sink to new levels of guile and ruthlessness - and she's gonna love every minute of it.
big offstage sc science slow
18th Jul 07
Shannon finds a magazine ad with a phone number that gives her bigger breasts when she calls it.
cb fast huge magic sc
15th Mar 98
A magic-user casts a spell on a woman in a hotel lobby.
bg fa fast magic rc wow
7th Sep 09
A leprechaun delivers a roll of magic bills, which turns into a potporri of expansions and transformations. This one has as little plot as possible to hold it together. A little story I wrote later on -- the date I see for this file is 2002.
ag cb fa instant magic ment preg weird wow
28th Aug 99
Magic vegetables make a man's co-workers super big and busty, as well as super horny.
bg fa fast gts huge magic mpg
20th Feb 98
Write the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
bg fa fast magic sc wow
15th Jan 99
Adapted from Leviathan's entries in the BE Adventure, this is about Jim and his adventures with magic shapeshifting pills.
bg ag cb fa fast hg huge magic nc sc wow
5th Aug 14
An adaptation of portions of "Bimbo Mall Battle" by Narse [based on "Arena" by The Chat-room Crew (coded into Inform7 by redneckdemon)] Outfit descriptions by MShadowy, Melissa, Mr. Grayfield, Narse This is a Twine based interactive vignette in which the reader plays a game featuring a magic remote. Readers will need at least a recent web browser, and it has not been tested on mobile devices.
ag big ft hg huge instant lac lg ment mpg rc science shem tg
11th Nov 01
Stanly, a "Hands on" boss, ruthlessly uses his powers to keep his employees in line.
29th Mar 98
An aged hypnotist demonstrates his powers.
bg cb fa fast hyp lac rc
26th Jul 98
A hacker/spellcaster has an e-mailed spell backfire on her.
bg fa fast magic wow
30th Aug 15
I'm uploading this anonymously for I3reacl. I recently did some digging in an internet archive and, through some page sources, I was able to get the original text to many of his stories. This is apparently a fan fic of the anime Bleach. Keep in mind that the source I got this from was a coded muddled mess, so if there are some odd symbols in places, I apologize for not catching those. Also, remember that I3reacl's first language wasn't English, so there may be some grammar/spelling errors within the story. Either way, enjoy!
ag big cb fast huge instant magic ment nc
13th Nov 03
A man suddenly finds he has the power to grant wishes.
big fast gts instant magic ment mg
12th Jun 15
cb fast wow
12th Jun 15
Your dick is pumping up her tits.
cb fast wow
20th Dec 04
Kimiko Sorayama is a bitch. She's rich, she's hot, and she knows she's got it "goin' on". What she DOESN'T know is that her family comes from a long line of Geisha. One of her anscestors was so determined to make her Emporer happy, that she had a wizard cast a spell on her. The spell turned out to be a curse, and now, it affects EVERY female decendant. When someone says the secret magic word, the spell is activated, and Kimiko must do whatever she is told, no matter what! She becomes a living sex dream, capable of transforming in anyway that her master desires. A young male student, Yasuo Hirihito has learned Kimi's secret, and the word. What happens next? Find out, in Malliable Doll Kimiko!
bg fast magic ment nc wow
3rd Jan 14
(File is in txt format. Please alert me if there are any errors with the file and I will re-upload in a different format.)
big cb chem fast huge instant lac science
27th Dec 03
This is my first attempt at writing an erotic story.Wish me luck.
1st Nov 06
Two women visit a secluded Swahili village and notice that the native females have unusually large breasts. When they themselves start to change, they set out to find the cause.
ag big ment science slow
17th Sep 14
Another one of I3reacl's stories from DeviantArt. I quite enjoyed this one and saved it before his DA account was deleted.
big cb chem fast huge
18th Sep 14
I3reacl's story about a psychiatrist that helps treat a man with a BE obsession... only she has a repressed obsession of her own. Updated to include both a .pdf and .rtf version. I also did a quick run through to try and clean up some typos.
big cb chem fast huge
18th Nov 98
In 2427 New Darwin, Blue Team discovers an unusual object at a construction site. It is a hoax, or something more sinister? The 25th Police Blue Story!
bg cb huge instant nc science wow
29th Jul 12
Kelly wants a baby with her husband, Stewart. She and her two housemaids will rise to any heights, swell to any cup-size, and sink Stewart to any depths of lust and hunger to get it. Find out what happens when a magic lotion cross-wires three women's maternal instincts with their sex drives and throws them all into maximum overdrive. How much affection can one man handle before he starts losing his mind, body, and soul? Includes both rtf and pdf formats.
ag cb gts huge lac lg magic ment mpg offstage slow
29th Oct 98
Lightning strikes during Kaitlyn's mammogram, resulting in sudden growth.
bg big nc science slow
19th May 11
Ryan visits his pregnant aunt to help her out on the farm, but soon experiences uncomfortable developments and a more sinister plot. Includes all five chapters.
big cb chem fast huge lac nc science slow asleep
3rd Apr 24
This is a short story about the girl Marilou. Her tits grow unexpectedly.
huge instant magic
5th Feb 10
Moving into a new house, Mark finds a spell book that gives him a power that will make life quite interesting for the women in his life… chapter 1, more to follow. PLEASE be sure to comment, either via the Rate Me! function or by e-mail to !!
ag big cb fast hg instant lg magic ment rc
22nd Feb 10
File includes part 1, slightly rewritten. Thanks for the comments everyone. In part 1, Mark Stanley inadvertently transforms his nerdy girlfriend into a super-hottie, who then proceeded to break up with him and screw the entire football team. In part 2, heartbroken, Mark meets a new friend and goes on a tropical vacation with his family. “Lovesick, horny, idiotic and magically-powered teen in a tropical resort” fun ensues! PLEASE comment on this story, and enjoy!
ag ar big cb fast hg inc instant lg magic ment
7th Sep 00
The daughter of Lynnae and Paul Jarvis encounters the sloven Bigguns on her walkabout. Will she endure the pressure placed on her to become one of the Bigguns' bubble bunnies? Read the story to find out! Police Blue #35. (7/99) Now with new colored pics! (9/2000)
bg cb huge hyp instant nc science wow
19th Jan 24
From Cynthias TG Stuff, which used to be on GeoCities. Despite note at the end saying it is being regularly updated, the last update was in 2010. This version appears to be the most recent update.
ar big fast ft huge lac lg magic ment mm mpg nc rc sc slow tg weird asleep
10th May 98
Using a set of balloons to stuff her bra leads a young girl to inflate to impossible proportions.
bg huge slow
20th Sep 00
Classic TV with a big-boob twist!
18th Jul 11
Mistress Mary has gets some great results from an experimental drug, and wants to share the fun.
ag big fast science tg
3rd Sep 14
A sequel to Mary's Pills -- Now it's Mary's turn to experience the height of pleasure, brought about by her pills. After receiving positive feedback from Mary's Pills, I finally got around to writing a followup. Just like the first, this one is heavy on the sex, and gets right to the point. It's also quite a bit longer. I tried to break it up a bit along the way to build tension, but you be the judge. I'm happy to hear feedback, both good and bad. Drop me a line ->
ag big bond chem fast huge ment sc shem weird
11th Jun 09
This is a story I wrote because I enjoy writing. Alexandra finds out what her boyfriends fetishes are all about and decides they could enjoy some of them together. What starts out as something just for fun turns into something else entirely. The story is told from Alexandra's point of view, so expect a slightly different feel by having the female 1st person story telling. I hope you enjoy!
huge science slow
2nd Jan 22
An upload of a story I've been writing, parts 1-4, more to come. Appreciate any feedback... Chris has had a hard time of things and despite what some might consider a tremendous gift he has always seen as a dead leg; a third leg. Now at college things start to grow out of hand and that doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon.
bg ag ar big bond cb fast huge lac ment mg mm mpg nc rc science shem wow
3rd Apr 22
The next part of Chris's journey into depravity. As his life gets more active nagging questions like what's right and what's good start to surface. What happens when you can do anything? I haven't figure out how to export just one chapter at a time so here's the whole thing-a-ma-jig. More to come!
bg big fa fast huge mg mm mpg nc rc science slow
22nd Jul 03
A prequal to part 1, This really explains how Grace got Master PC & what she did with it, it also answers a few other questions you may have, again both *.doc & *.txt are included.
ag big fast hg huge hyp inc instant lg ment mm mpg rc sc shem weird
15th Jul 03
Ben, a college student, receives an electric shock and a copy of a mysterious program one afternoon. An old love is rekindled and new relationships are formed. This is the diary of those events and more. (Contains one half rape scene) word document and TXT file included in zip use which ever format you prefer.
ag ar big cb fast gts hg huge hyp inc instant ment mg mpg nc offstage rc sc science shem tg
17th Jul 03
The continuing adventures of Ben. This is a far superior piece of writing compared to part 1 and the large size is due to having both*.doc and *.txt formats, hope you enjoy.
ag ar big cb fast ft gts hg huge hyp instant lg ment mg mpg nc offstage sc shem tg weird asleep wow
30th Nov 98
A mysterious computer program gives a teen mental and physical control over his sexy sister and her friends.
bg big inc instant ment nc rc
19th Dec 06
Ok, something with some actual breast expansion. There's a subcult of erotica out there, based on mind control. A lot of it is, uh..well, never mind. Some of it, however, is not all that bad. There is a subcult of THAT subcult, called 'Master PC', where the stories are written that you can use a program to design anyone to look or act anyway you want. A lot of that is stranger than fiction, no telling who wants what nowadays..;) Where this all got started? well, I just thought I would give it one of those 'origin of' stories. Sci-fi, a bit too much plot, but hopefully the naughty bits will make up for that. Run through Word spell and grammar check (word 2003). Read through a couple of times as well. With luck, it is not too off. Have fun
big cb fast sc science weird
10th Nov 12
Everyone wants a taste of ultimate power, but how many people can use it and stay...subtle with it. Risa thinks that she can, and she's out to prove it. Of course, subtly's easier when you don't have someone behind you, pushing you along...
ag ar big cb fast instant magic ment nc slow
23rd Mar 05
The story of a young colleg-age man who stumbles across the fabled Master PC program, and bumbles along, trying to use it intelligently and for the good of mankind, but making lots of stupid mistakes. (This is a large file. If it were a breast, size, if would be about Cindy Fulsom-sized, but not quite Zena Fulsom-sized).
big bond chem fast ft hg instant magic mm mpg nc sc science shem tg weird asleep
25th Apr 14
The Master PC program can change anything about you, for better or worse. Naturally someone's going to try to hack it...another long story, so you know.
ag big instant mpg sc science
1st Jul 00
Xanthos finds Master PC on a newsgroup, and it immediately changes his life. Massive novel arranged in ten separately-downloadable chapters.
bg big ment nc rc science
9th Feb 05
When Maria has to fire one of her staff for misusing office resources, she has no way of knowing the power the young man has newly received. Her life, and her body, is about to change.
big bond instant magic ment nc rc
13th Mar 12
My First story. This story is not for anyone under the age of 18 ( all though this is probably cleaner than most other MPCs) This is not child erotica although it does feature Age progression from as young as eight. This story does mention incest briefly although show disagreement with the concept. There is not allot of explicit details but does contain amounts of small erotica. Inspired by Master PC (yeh i know, very original). Jessica finaly got a chance to go on her bros Pc but she unearths a dark lie by doing so.
ar big cb hg instant lg ment nc rc sc science
3rd Aug 11
Dan discovers an email sent to him by his cousin with the Master PC program inside. He and his friend, and sister decide to have some fun with it.
ag big cb fast hg huge inc lac magic mm mpg science shem tg weird
16th Feb 06
It is Friday morning, and something funny is happening at Hubsches-Madchen High. Is Terry more interested in taking advantage of the suddenly busty nymphomaniacs, nudists, and bimbo cheerleaders, or finding out what is going on?
big hg huge instant lac ment mpg science
13th Sep 04
So what would *you* do to yourself with the Master PC program?

Ed finds the Master PC program in his email and uses it for whatever comes naturally. I'm sure you can guess what comes naturally.

ar big fast huge science tg
16th Apr 11
A man discovers the famous Master PC program, and transforms himself into a very sexual woman. The story was submitted a long time ago, but just now edited to fit HTML correctly, and with both parts put together for your enjoyment. The story is otherwise unaltered.
ar fast instant nc rc sc science tg
18th Oct 04
Stephanie gets a copy of Master PC, being sensible she starts off with small changes but as time goes by the program slowly corrupts her until she doesn’t care what happens… or does she? Features a cameo appearance by Susan from Spells ‘R’ Us: Magical Strap On.
ag fa fast hg huge lg ment mpg multiple nc rc sc shem weird
29th Apr 07
In part one, Ed changes himself into a hyper-hootered girl using Master PC loaded on his girlfriend's computer. That leads to a night out of fun and frolic, but when he comes home and finds his girlfriend has deleted the program, he starts to panic. Part two continues Ed's adventure as a unintentionally permanent member of the fairer sex, and since it's an Ed Miller story, he continues to get fairer and fairer!
ar ft huge instant magic nc sc tg
15th Nov 14
A woman spends an evening chatting with a friend, unaware that he is experimenting with a "new program" that he recently found. This story involves the 'Master PC' reality-altering computer program that was created in JR Parz's original 'Master PC' story.
ag cb fa fast hg huge instant lac magic ment mpg multiple offstage science slow weird
6th Jun 20
A lonely girl uses Master PC for flirty fun at a coffeeshop.
bg big instant ment sc science
17th Jan 13
Brian gets a copy of the Master PC program, but doesn't get a chance to use it before it's found by his sister Abbie and their room mate Jenny. Growth Ensues!
ag big bond huge inc instant magic ment mg mpg rc sc
20th Sep 00
Richard Tango gets his hands on the Master PC program.
bg ment
7th Feb 12
Uncle Hank's immensely insulting graduation gift consisted of three gorgeous women tasked with finding Sidney a real live girlfriend. The Wing Girls guarantee success, but face it. Sidney's a trainwreck. He's going to need help. A megafuckton of it.
huge inc instant lac ment mm mpg nc science
9th Jan 08
Two weeks ago, the most arrogant girl in the universe cast the gauntlet down in front of Marty and his friends. Well, now that Marty has a copy of Master PC Nicole is about to experience his reply.
big cb fast instant ment mg mpg nc science
15th Nov 11
ag big fast hg magic ment sc slow tg
3rd Aug 02
Unexpected pregnancy leads to dire consequences...
big huge offstage preg slow weird
19th May 11
First go at this kinda thing, it's kind of long, so bear with me!
chem huge instant lac preg science slow
26th Jan 05
Maternity clothing store of the future! Try on new fashion, experience how you'd really look preggers!
fast huge preg sc science
2nd Jan 12
Bridget finds out her boyfriend's fetish with breast expansion and freaks out. Later after a trip to the mall she comes home with a "magic" ring bearing the inscription "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Dismissing the notion as silly, she finds out when her boyfriend tries to explain things to her that every choice has its consequences, some better than others. My first story, any feedback is appreciated.
cb fast gts huge instant magic ment mpg shem wow
18th Jul 07
I've been away for awhile, but I'm back with a new one. This has been long in writing and I hope it is better than my previous works. This story is packed with cowgirls, genetic modification, slavery, freedom from cultural taboos, and of course, lots of sex and big breasts.
ag big lac multiple nc science slow weird asleep
22nd Dec 07
Janice is kidnapped and her breasts are forced to grow.
hyp nc slow wow
18th Oct 03
Now this qualifies for the code Weird.
chem huge mpg offstage science slow weird
10th Jan 00
30th Jan 19
May is a high school senior who has been feeling strange lately. Little does she know that she will soon encounter magic powers beyond her wildest dreams! This is my first attempt at writing a BE story with a solid story structure.
bg ag big cb hyp instant lg magic
5th Jul 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. A misguided nun makes her way into our midst in today's story, searching for more than what her life has offered to her thus far. Will it truly be what she's after however?
bg ag big bond fast magic
20th Nov 13
A short poem for the Prose That Blows contest.
bond cb fast huge magic nc rc
5th Jul 12
Terry Anderson is a high school graduate with a little problem. Miniscule, in fact. But, when he finds some snake oil cream in his grandfather's old traveling trunk, he exchanges his tiny problem for a big one. Now a freshman in college, Terry and his cream are cleaving chaos and insanity wherever they go. The student body will never be the same... Co-authored with Fafhrd. Originally posted on
ag big cb chem fast huge mpg slow asleep
7th Aug 12
The continuing epic PE/BE saga. After dosing Terry with enough enlargement cream to give him a sixteen inch cock, Diane decides her own figure could use a little boost, and uses up an entire bottle! Meanwhile, tension starts to build between Jen and her roommates as the first shots are fired in a breast size arms race. Will Chris end up getting smothered by Jen, figuratively AND literally? Originally posted on Co-written with Fafhrd.
ag big chem fast huge mpg offstage slow
7th Jul 12
Remastered and Re-edited edition. Restored the missing chapters. There is actually a ton of material that got cut out of the last upload. The primary difference starts at part 104. Added some paragraph breaks to the walls of text. Terry Anderson is a high school graduate with a little problem. Miniscule, in fact. But, when he finds some snake oil cream in his grandfather's old traveling trunk, he exchanges his tiny problem for a big one. Now a freshman in college, Terry and his cream are cleaving chaos and insanity wherever they go. The student body will never be the same... Co-authored with Fafhrd. Originally posted on
ag big cb chem fast huge mpg slow asleep
13th May 10
Laura, with her petite figure, never had much luck with boys. But when her brother, Brendan, makes fun of her small breasts, she decides to find a way to make even her brother pay attention to her. Not really my first story like this, but I feel I have more improvement to make. Please leave critique! Be brutal, baby.
ag cb chem fa fast huge inc lac lg ment mpg preg weird
4th Dec 99
Classic comic-book action with the origin of Megababe and her first battle, against Musclehead.
bg huge mg
15th Jan 10
Megan has trouble controlling her urges when her mother Kathryn starts using a drug called Lactoril.
big chem fast inc lac
12th Aug 02
Tired of being underdeveloped, Melissa Swensen, a junior at Bulwer Elevester University, develops some nanobots to improve her. They turn out to work well...too well, even: she never expected to end up with such large breasts.
ag fast gts huge lg mg mm mpg nc rc sc science
19th Aug 02
The nanobots that BEU junior Melissa Swensen injected into herself have given her large muscles and even larger breasts. But she can't control when and where her changes happen.
ag fast gts huge lg ment mg mm mpg nc rc sc science
11th Apr 03
My girlfriend told me she was going to go blonde for a sociology project, to record if people thought of her any differently. She got a little more than she bargained for, let's just say that. Did I mention that I am so much in love with her?
ag big fa magic ment slow asleep
30th Jul 08
My first story BE/LAC/AG about a girl who was afraid shed lose her boyfriend and , wanted to look prettier for him . let me know what you think [I'm not good at writing grammar or spelling you have been warned] BE is later on
ag big lac sc slow asleep
1st Oct 22
Fantasy story, Melody is a mage with a special condition, affecting her whenever she casts a spell. I've included the prologue as well, because it's where the story starts.
bg big cb huge instant lg magic sc
23rd Feb 23
Fantasy story, Melody is a mage with a special condition, affecting her whenever she casts a spell.
bg big gts huge instant lg magic
2nd Apr 23
Fantasy story, Melody is a mage with a special condition, affecting her whenever she casts a spell.
bg ag big huge instant magic
25th Aug 22
Fantasy story, Melody is a mage with a special condition, affecting her whenever she casts a spell.
bg big huge instant magic
9th May 05
Jennifer discovers some very useful bust-enhancing lotion and shares with a friend. See what happens to them and how they will conceal their massive boobs in middle school. Part 1.
big cb chem instant lac slow
9th Feb 15
big cb fast huge instant nc science
3rd May 02
A quickie BE with the unfortunate Mia getting the ultimate gift.
fast huge magic
11th Dec 16
Mia falls ill with a wasting disease, but fortunately for her the disease gives her the ability to get back what she has lost.
bg big magic mg slow
17th Nov 99
Michelle uses a potion to make her boyfriend's dick grow enormous, and her tits three times as huge!
bg fa fast magic mpg wow
18th Dec 06
When BE is against the law, only outlaws will have huge breasts.
huge ment offstage sc science slow
18th Sep 09
Short little thing I did a few years ago finally decided to upload more to come. If any requests look me up on same user name. More stories.
big instant lac magic weird
29th Jun 13
Two lost souls on the fringes of their society find healing and completion and oh so much more bounty one midsummer evening. If you should not be reading this because you are too young or offended by explicit language, don’t read it. Midsommar Fest By Herb Delight
ag big fast hg magic mm mpg preg
31st Jul 10
By request. Twin sisters on a vacation with their Mum meet a strange trio of women at a beach resort. Stella and Bella have their issues, but how will they react in the presence of three sexed up women and a magical, bust enhancing dildo? Apologies for the previous bad upload of this story.
big cb fast huge instant magic ment nc shem
15th Nov 01
Three young girls find a way to make themselves look like...well anything they want.
cb chem fast huge lg mg slow
12th Feb 23
A short story about visiting a cafe that employs a special type of server
bg big fast lac
6th Nov 22
What happens when a girl sneaks lactation supplements into muffins for her friends? And then what happens if one of her friends already secretly lactates for fun, and pretty heavily? The answer is a LOT of milk. Combine it with some blueberry expansion, and you have yourself this story! This story is back from November 2021! Check out our Patreon for more content like this!
bg big cb chem fast huge lac nc science weird
2nd Jun 98
An experiment with bovine hormones at MIT creates a special milk with amazing effects.
bg big chem lg mm mpg
7th Dec 08
After a passionate night with a young man in her neighborhood, Mary wakes up to find her tiny chest has developed into a huge, neverending milk factory. She needs milking really bad...not to mention hot sex from the very same young man.
big instant lac
2nd Jul 09
This is the revised version of Part 6. It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here; better late than never.
big fast huge lac asleep
8th Dec 08
Mary's tits grow bigger, she and Jason, grow hornier, and Jason's friend Cindy grows suspicious. What happens when she stumbles across these two lovers in a night of hot, passionate, milky sex?
big huge lac slow
9th Dec 08
Jason, Mary, and newcomer Cindy all descend into a lactation-filled orgy (which includes a bathtub full of milk). But, when Mary gives Cindy a special gift, she unwittingly unleashes the beast within!
big fast huge lac slow
10th Dec 08
Cindy and Jason spend most their Saturday milking Mary's tits and appeasing her growing sexual appetite. In the end, Cindy receives some bad news.
big fast huge lac slow
17th Dec 08
While preparing to leave for her trip to Florida, Cindy finds her chest beginning to grow! What will she do when she finds herself away from home and beginning to lactate?
big fast huge lac slow
17th Dec 08
While Jason and Cindy are away on Spring Break, Mary finds time to go to a psychologist, who attempts to explain the reason behind her ever-expanding bust. In the process, she gets more than a revelation...
big fast huge lac slow asleep
26th Jan 09
Jason and Cindy finally meet Roger and Sheila when they, plus Mary, go away for a weekend in Grand Cayman. Let the five-way begin!
big cb fast huge lac
19th Jun 09
At last, Jason discovers the mysterious catalyst for Mary and Cindy's transformations. Armed with this knowledge he decides to try it out on some Catholic schoolgirls!
big bond fast huge hyp instant lac multiple science
5th May 20
A Madam Materia Commission. The world has changed a lot, with the advent of lab grown meat having taken off, hopes for a greener world are looking to be a reality. Just one more thing to find a solution for: milk. Follow Nora, as financial troubles start her down the path of becoming Humane Production's answer to the problem. A Milk Girl.
bg big chem lac slow
16th Nov 11
( Milk is fin, Milk is fin come close and singelein... a not English textelein )
big lac magic slow
7th Nov 18
A very short and sweet story. A woman surprises her husband with a very milk-filling surprise.
ag fast huge lac lg science wow
13th Feb 23
A short story about visiting a cafe that employs a special type of server (Made some changes so it reads better)
bg big fast lac
9th Mar 09
Phase 1 of Tia's plan swings into full effect and Mary and Jennifer get caught up in the fun. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a threesome!
ag big cb fast magic ment mg preg weird
23rd Mar 09
Meet Bill. Bill is an Anglican Vicar who encounters a woman under the effects of Tiamat's Lust Spell. Watch as he investigates the growing woman, For Science! Also, Nyomi, Sara, and Jennifer "Prepare" for an encounter with Tiamat.
ag big cb fast lac magic ment preg
11th Jun 09
Four special nuns and a Vicar attempt to go up against the ancient Goddess Tiamat and fail. I think Tiamat really enjoys corrupting clergy.
ag big fast lac magic ment nc preg tg
16th Feb 09
Sara begins experiencing some delightfully pleasurable changes and begins a sex filled odyssey of the milky variety.
big fast lac magic offstage slow asleep
23rd Feb 09
Heather, a mousy little college student, gets some divine help in the dating arena. After undergoing a few confidence boosters, she goes on her first date. Sara and Nyomi are mostly absent (See if you can't spot Nyomi's cameo appearance), but they'll return in the next chapter. Sorry, no milk in this chapter, but ch3 is on the way.
ag big instant lg magic ment mpg sc
2nd Mar 09
Sara and Nyomi are back and dealing with the effects of being fertility priestesses.
ag big fast lac magic preg
15th Jan 24
Emma steals some experimental pills from work to surprise her husband, but ends up growing a little bigger than she intended. Suggestions for future chapters always welcome! If you like my work, find me on DeviantArt and SwellTales as OphirExpansion.
7th Aug 04
I was still uneasy with my "rewrite". So, I followed the tutorial on the BEA and created more plot, character development, and hopefully made a better story. Still the same story, sequal almost finished. Thanks for all the previous feedback.
big chem fast huge instant sc science wow
24th Dec 03
This is the first story of three about two Salvadoran girls, cousins, who share an interesting heritage.
big huge ment slow
26th Dec 03
Some social commentary and some transalation to asist in the enjoyment of my recently posted story.
5th Aug 03
please forgive me for this technical mistake this story is fixed version Note: when you guys read this story try to put your self in the same setution this guy in
aliens fast huge lac ment mg mpg sc weird
22nd Feb 00
A strange book changes a woman into a bimbo.
bg big ment slow
1st Feb 06
Remarkable things happen to Janice's tits at lunchtime.
big instant mpg science
14th Mar 05
A fairy godmother curses a woman breasts to inflate whenever she hears pardon....
ag cb gts instant magic nc wow
22nd Jan 10
This is the third chapter of a longer tale on So if you like this go check it out. There is a manor, trapped are three college kids, do they get out? do they care?
ag big chem fast hg magic ment preg
12th Apr 02
It's like "Firestarter", except the heroine gets her powers from drugs, and she's obsessed with big breasts, and she doesn't start any fires.
big cb chem fast huge mm mpg nc sc wow
23rd Sep 07
A mishap with a helium tank creates a human balloon.
ag big bond fast nc science
5th May 19
A short episode of two sisters who find a magical wish-granting genie. Is she what she appears to be? Did they really mean to wish for that? Future chapters will include sexy times but you may have to make do with rampant transformation on offer here. Includes illustrations by Spurcell. This is my first ever story so feedback would be highly appreciated!
ag cb huge instant lg magic ment multiple nc sc science weird
13th Jun 99
A goth girl finds herself growing boobs for no explainable reasons, until her boyfriend figures out the devilish twist.
bg big fa fast huge magic ment
3rd Jul 07
ag chem fast instant magic science slow
12th Nov 07
The final entry in the Miracle Grow Series with a link to a new thread. I need your help to decide what to do next. Have fun with the read and Email or comment to tell me more. thanks
aliens fa gts hg instant lac ment mpg multiple nc preg sc science shem weird wow
4th Jun 07
I have been reading here at Overflowing Bra for a while and I have been irritated that each story comes close, so i figured i would type this and see how it does. If you all like it i will make a few sequals. This takes place in some random suburb and is about Jessica and Tiffany, two competing gardeners who get a surprize when something grows that they aren't expecting. more breast growth to come for certain. tell me what you guys think.
aliens big chem fast nc
4th Jun 07
Thank you all (5) for the great words of praise and encouragement. This is the continuing story with more fantasy scenes than setup. for all of you who asked, yes there is lactation although not as much as will be in the next few chapters. Again, I will ask you to send your suggestions. This file has chapters one and two. also, at the end, the new character is unnamed. please send some ideas so that readers can play a part in this story. they are short so i can probably make one every day or so, but i will need breaks. Happy reading.
aliens chem fast gts hg huge lac ment nc weird
6th Jun 07
I, II, III, and IV all here with some pictures I drew of Leana. If you are a construction worker, i urge you to be understanding. For the rest of you, I hope you enjoy the cum filled, sex crazed chapter IV of Miracles Grow. SEND COMMENTS!!
aliens cb chem fa huge instant lac ment mpg nc shem weird
5th Jun 07
Another huge transformation occurs, this time for Tiff. Theres nothing quite like a giant, crazed plant with a voice like James Earl Jones and a sense of humor, as you will all find out. Please, everyone, if you read and enjoy the story leave a comment. It isn't hard and it lets me know you care. otherwise, happy reading.
aliens chem fa fast huge lac ment multiple preg rc weird
3rd Jul 07
Back from break. Here is the next chapter of Miracle grow. Things begin to turn a bit. If anyone has ideas about where the story should go or things they want to see, tell me. e-mail or comments, they really do help. happy reading.
aliens fast huge lac ment multiple nc preg sc science shem weird wow
26th Sep 07
The final episode of this series with a link to the next. Please leave comments or E-mail.....tell me where you think the story should go.
aliens fa gts hg instant lac ment mpg multiple nc preg sc science shem weird wow
6th Jan 09
A teenage girl discovers a miracle of modern science that changes not only her appearance but her whole life. Though the changes eventually get beyond her control.
big chem ment science slow
17th Nov 99
A woman develops an experimental cream that makes her... develop.
bg chem huge slow
4th Mar 07
Clare, an underdeveloped teenager, has always felt upstaged by her sister and freinds. But her mother's medallion, an old family heirloom will soon put a stop to that.
ag big cb fast hg inc lg magic
5th Mar 99
Two Earth boys are taught the mystic art of glomming by Mr Big. It doesn't stop there, as Mr Big has a BIG plan for the Delta Delta sorority! Police Blue #31.
bg instant magic rc wow
18th Jul 98
Sequel to ""Rose Grows"" has Chris transformed into a busty girl by the old soda as everyone tries to deal with their new busts. Illustrated.
bg chem huge offstage tg
10th Sep 04
A photographer is hired to take pictures of a woman as she grows larger and larger boobs
huge sc science slow
8th Feb 24
18 year old farm girl Lily is eager to follow in her mother's footsteps and compete in the Miss Midwest Milker competition. Authors note: This is one of the stories I started but never finished during my hiatus. Thought it deserved to see the light of day so I sat down and finished it.
big chem huge lac offstage slow asleep wow
13th Apr 11
Im sorry for my last story so many peoples are angry with it so i hope this is better than my first -.-
big fast magic
14th Feb 00
The WWF swimsuit competition goes too far.
bg chem fa fast huge
29th Apr 07
Miss DeVille's school uses an un-orthodox method of corporal punishment .. This is another Ed Miller's story. Found on Fictionmania. I wonder how come no one else uploaded it here .. - Uploader
fast huge magic nc rc shem tg
18th Jul 98
A sequel of sorts to Stephen King's ""IT"", with a woman having her inflation fantasy fulfilled by the evil demon. No happy endings here, folks!
bg fa fast preg wow
12th Nov 01
The story that started the BE comunity, back before web pages existed. Liz get's into Dean's magic candy, and to punish him, eats it all. Uh oh.
cb fast lac magic nc wow
26th Feb 13
Not a lot going on here, just some character development and outlining possible antagonists, boring stuff. Growth and sex occur near the end. More to come later. Nerdy boy, Trevor, recounts the time where his and his best friend, Misty’s, lives met with some very drastic changes.
big fast
22nd May 23
A young woman with big career goals finds herself in a temp assistant position at a soulless company. Soon she realizes that she may be getting the changes she asked for in an unexpected way. Bit of a slow burn story focused on characters. Images generated using StableDiffusion.
bg ag big hg ment science slow
3rd Jul 98
Lynnae, June, and Nadia go undercover as models to nab some mobsters. Instead, they stumble upon Mr Big and his cronies. Will our heroines prevail against Big's perverted plan? Stay tuned to this channel and find out!
bg big huge offstage rc
29th Mar 22
Molly's evening is turning out hotter than expected. I spent more time on this and made drawings for explanation. This should clear up the storyline.
cb instant magic preg wow
10th Aug 11
Molly is about to turn 20. But instead of being excited she is torn up by her insecurity about her boyish frame. She seeks help and an unconcsious trigger is planted by a strange mistress at a store called 'Seek & Hyde'. Molly will certainly not be small for much longer. The first story of what possibly could be a 'Seek & Hyde' series.
big cb fast huge hyp magic nc wow
11th Jul 11
Notice: Yeah. Let's try one more time. DirtyMind had a good concept, but the execution was really quite subpar. Nice try, guy, we all gotta start somewhere. Then Foogo gave us his attempt at revisiting the story, and did a little better, but it felt like the same, maybe a bit more rushed. Then comes BB47 who took the concept, switched it around some and gave his own little spin. Better, but didn't feel quite as whole. So I figure I'm bored enough, need something to get my gears moving again, and that I'd give it a try myself. I don't take credit for this, at all, it should all go to DirtyMind. Foogo and BB too, since they tried hard enough. Synopsis: Tim's Aunt is in town, and crashes over at his and his mother's place for her stay. When a package arrives, containing some rather bizarre pills, the family is curious and experiences their effects, effectively pushing the bounds of their libido... And their clothes.
ag big cb chem fa fast huge inc lac ment mg mpg
11th Jul 11
Notice: Yeah. Let's try one more time. DirtyMind had a good concept, but the execution was really quite subpar. Nice try, guy, we all gotta start somewhere. Then Foogo gave us his attempt at revisiting the story, and did a little better, but it felt like the same, maybe a bit more rushed. Then comes BB47 who took the concept, switched it around some and gave his own little spin. Better, but didn't feel quite as whole. So I figure I'm bored enough, need something to get my gears moving again, and that I'd give it a try myself. I don't take credit for this, at all, it should all go to DirtyMind. Foogo and BB too, since they tried hard enough. Synopsis: Tim's Aunt is in town, and crashes over at his and his mother's place for her stay. When a package arrives, containing some rather bizarre pills, the family is curious and experiences their effects, effectively pushing the bounds of their libido... And their clothes.
ag big cb chem fa fast huge inc lac ment mg mpg
12th Jul 11
So there's currently 4 versions of Part 1, this is the continuation of my version which substitutes Aunt Danielle for his mother. Check out what happens with Timmy and his Aunt decide to Overdose on the pills. And since Sagger won the comment competition from Part 1, I included a big belly for him. Lots of hot expansion, sex, cum, lactation and orgasms.. just how I like it! Let me know what you think!
big chem fa fast huge inc instant lac mpg wow
19th May 11
Mom has a dirty mind, and here son is about to see a side of his mother he has never seen before.
big cb chem fast huge inc instant science slow
1st Jul 11
This is an edited version of Dirty Mind's story. I fixed the grammar and most of the spelling mistake as well as adjusting the story a bit for better flow. The end of chapter one and all of chapter two are written by me. This is my first time writing anything so any criticism is welcome as I will be writing more.
ag cb chem fa fast inc instant mpg science
5th Jul 11
I read this story on my lunch break and it was so bad that I just HAD to do something about it. So, I quickly rewrote it substituting Timmy's Aunt for his mom and cleaned up the story, spelling and grammar as best as I could in 1 hour. Credit for the story goes to DirtyMind, not to Foogo. Everybody do me a favor and re-read it just one more time and see if it plays out better. Timmy's a lucky little bastard. Don't forget to rate/comment. -BB47
big cb chem fast inc
5th Nov 12
A group of friends find a strange object that allows them to have anything they desire. Lots of sex.
ag fast hg huge magic sc tg
11th Dec 13
A tentacle beast is loose in a women's college
big bond cb fa fast nc preg
1st Nov 21
My continuation of the classic Goosebumps story, "Monster Blood". I always wondered what would happen if it managed to find its way into a girl's bra. Now we know! Spoiler alert: it makes for some BIG tits, lots of growth, and a very fun Halloween.
bg big cb fast gts huge magic nc science slow weird wow
22nd Jun 11
cb fast huge instant magic
10th Jan 00
10th Jan 00
15th Jan 99
A short extension of Little Hillary & Ms Hyde, by a fan of the original.
bg fa fast gts huge
24th Jan 00
An expedition to find the reverse-wish-granting gnomes goes awry.
bg big fa fast huge magic ment
12th Jul 98
They shouldn't allow those girls near the Sexual Chemistry Lab!
bg fa fast
25th Jun 08
Continuing the story of Joe and his mysterious growing lover Suzy. Strange facts surrounding her are slowly revealed. Joe isn't sure what to make of it. Well, one part of him is sure anyway! Some CB action and an SRU cameo round off this second installment. A slow growth/miniGTS story. If you'd like to reach me, you can do it here: feedback is encouraged!
ag cb gts huge instant magic sc
16th Feb 08
Joe's a little guy with big dreams. Suzy has always been shy about being the biggest girl in school. Will these two make it work? Is there a reason Suzy has such dramatic proportions? And are they getting even bigger? A slow growth story. leave comments here, at the minigiantess forum or at giantess city
ag big fast gts sc slow
31st Dec 98
Mr Big opens a casino on Outback. Using his private stash of Bubbles, Big intends on making his casino girls the most endowned in Casino Alley. It's not just the stakes that are big! Police Blue #29.
bg big chem huge instant
1st Sep 07
Patrick worries about the "big" problem he and Diane have gotten into. Patrick is beside himself with worry while Diane is reveling in her newfound growth. And then Callie enters the apartment... (Part II of Unexplained Additions)
ag big fa fast huge magic mpg
31st Dec 98
A scientist tortures his assistant by transforming her in weird ways, until she breaks loose.
bg huge instant nc preg science
22nd Jan 21
Mei has incestuous fantasies about her fit teenage daughter Juli. Juli secretly wants to dominate her sexy Asian mother and turn her into a busty, fat subservient slut.
bg ag big chem fa inc ment mg shem slow
30th Jun 18
A young man with a lactation fetish discovers some tantalizing secrets about his mother's past. This leads to an intimate encounter. Note: I decided to combine these two into one upload because chapter one was pretty short, and two was already finished.
bg big inc lac offstage slow
7th Jun 09
ag big cb fast hg magic ment offstage sc weird
2nd Jul 07
This is my first story, hope you like it In Mr. Switzer's world you do what he says, how he says, and when he says it, even if you don't know you're doing it. leave coments at
ag big hg instant magic ment
9th Jul 07
Please keep comenting and sending me eamils, I love feedback and ideas for later stories. As promised there is more sex but be patiant, there is still more to come, or cum....whatever.
big hg instant magic ment
13th Jul 07
Not much story line in this one but I think that you will like it. I am now fresh out of ideas so please comment or email me. My email adress is in the story at the top. Enjoy
ag ar fast hg huge magic ment
20th Feb 99
A woman with large breasts seduces a younger man, but now that her daughter is coming home from college what will they do?
bg big offstage
27th Jul 03
A man who fantasizes about his busty mother-in-law finally has his dream cum true.
bg ag big fast
27th Jul 03
Boyd finally gets his just desserts. (Mrs. Brown goes jogging too !)
18th Jan 08
This story is about a bizarre health class and the consequences of it.
ag cb fa fast huge instant lac magic offstage preg asleep
15th Feb 04
Our hero, hung-like-a-horse high school senior Jeff Weld meets stunning, sensationally stacked heroine Angelica Gonzales. It is love at first sight and the couple become an instant item. But what about Mama, the gigantic-breasted, desperate-for-loving Mrs Gonzales? Another HUGE Richard O Steele story!
23rd Mar 07
A girl who wishes she had bigger boobs, finds herself in ashop promising just that. Strange, strange things start happening. This is my first BE, so its not great, but enjoy it anyway.
big cb chem fast huge asleep
15th Oct 03
A short story about a girl and her magic box. Her music box, not the other one.
fast huge magic mpg
19th Oct 04
Adam Tinson, a young college student suddenly finds out he's been "gifted" with special powers to change women's bodies. Oh, and how he can change them. The first in a hopefully continuing story saga.
big huge instant
7th May 08
Small story I wrote a while ago but never finished (until now, of course). It is about a typical boy-girl high school romance. Plus BE. My first erotica, so comments would be greatly appreciated.
big cb chem fast huge
25th Feb 16
Isabelle wanted to explore her lactation fetish in a nice and simple way, but things don't always go how you expect. A fairly short and vanilla story, so don't expect too much extreme.
big lac offstage science slow
24th Aug 19
A size-queen's experimentation with body-modifying drugs leads to mutually-beneficial growth for her and her boyfriend.
bond cb chem fast huge mpg
25th Oct 23
Daniel and Annie had always been close. So close, in fact, that it wasn't uncommon to assume they were dating. However, as their lives continued and they entered college, Annie became obsessed with WAP, a society of women dedicated to some mysterious cause. One day, Annie approaches Daniel and offers to tell him the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about WAP. What follows changes the course of Daniel's life forever.
ag big hg instant magic mm mpg sc shem
30th Dec 23
Danny wakes up after his strange dream and wonders what it could mean. In the meantime, Annie has scored herself and Danny invites to a Saturday pre-drinks. There's only one catch: it's for women only! Whatever will Danny be able to do? Comments and ratings are welcome. Part one included in the upload. To be concluded in part three!
ag big hg instant magic ment shem tg
28th Jul 02
This is a story of a growing girl. A girl growing up - and out.
bg big slow
12th Jul 98
When a man loses at high-stakes poker, his wife is taken and transformed at an experimental ""beauty spa.""
bg chem huge slow
1st Oct 20
A Story of a guy who hates his coworker only to discover she's really his super hero sex fantasy in disguise.
bg big cb fast lg magic mg mm mpg
16th Apr 11
A very short story with Breast Implants. In this letter to my wife I go through the history and some of the details or her miraculous expansion using saline expanders!
fast huge science slow
14th Jun 11
The first three parts of the story of the slim and busty Kat who becomes sexually involved with her older step-brother during their teenage years as her breasts continue growing to enormous proportions. Uploaded by a fan, not the author.
big slow
14th Feb 00
Going to a fetish club gets Lorie involved in an exciting situation.
bg fa fast nc science wow
25th Apr 02
A short story involving a thief turned super sexy bioenhanced secret agent.
ag cb fast gts hg sc wow
22nd Nov 11
Not my story, but I liked it and cleaned up the grammar from the climax.
bond chem fast gts instant sc wow
9th Dec 11
Sally is exposed to some radioactive waste and is transformed into a catgirl. (9766 words)
ag big chem fa fast lac ment
15th May 13
HEAVY EXPOSITION THIS CHAPTER; DON'T COMPLAIN THAT THERE IS TOO MUCH EXPOSITION, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED IN ADVANCE! Anyone remember this story? I almost didn't. So here's the next installment. After her mutation into a catgirl, Sally wishes to be left alone, but Mori Ankoku and her crew are out to expose the people who did this to her and find themselves in their own mess of trouble. (mild AG, LG and clothes ripping; and lots of exposition)
ag big cb chem fast lac lg ment
9th May 21
Lillian makes a deal with the devil, giving up her immortal soul to become more wealth, powerful, and beautiful. However, he grants her wish in his own way, only allowing her to improve with every climax she induces in others. Once she realizes this, Lillian takes full advantage of her newfound ability.
bg ag big cb hg instant lg magic
7th Jun 09
First story about a woman life as she realizes she is meant to be a cow.
huge lac ment offstage science slow
1st Jan 12
I met a vampire in a bar. She cast a spell on me and before I knew it she was giving me the best sex I've ever had. Single picture, pdf format.
big fast hg magic mpg shem tg weird
2nd Jan 12
I met a sultry vampire in a pub in the forest. She took me away for the best sex I have ever had, and then began to tell me about her past. PDF format, one picture, please read the introduction and do leave commentary. There will be more posts.
big fast hg magic mpg shem slow tg weird asleep
29th Dec 17
Ben receives world and shapeshifting powers through poorly defined means. Lots of sex with some odd transformations.
bg big fast gts huge instant magic mpg nc sc weird wow
26th Nov 14
Kim's pregnancy continues. She's at the mercy of her body as it changes, but she loves it! Especially how huge her breasts keep growing! Also, Gina starts seeing the appeal of all of Kim's fetishes and quirks. The conclusion of the "My Sated Curiosity" tale.
big huge lac preg slow tg
4th Nov 14
This story contains a ton of pregnancy, TG, and breast expansion themes. A man is fixated on his obsession with pregnant women and growing breasts. He doesn't just think they're attractive, he is dying to know what it feels like to have sex as a woman, and get knocked up. He wants to watch his body change, and his breasts to grow to ridiculous proportions!
big fast lac magic preg slow tg
16th Nov 06
An egotistical stud loses all his friends and ends up hanging out with his sister and her girlfriends. He becomes interested in his sister's Japanese friend that happens to be a skilled gymnast. When he begins mysteriously shrinking, the girl grows bigger in all the right places.
ag big chem gts hg inc lg nc science slow
1st Jul 00
Who or what is causing rapid BE at the Best Elmwood Inn? This is a case for David Fargo, Private Eye!
bg chem fa fast huge wow
30th Oct 18
April comes home to find her roommate struggling to contain her breasts as they expand. She says it is because of some chocolates that were left at the door. April gets jealous and makes herself expand too, but neither girl is prepared for just how potent the mystery chocolates are.
cb fast huge magic nc wow