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The Overflowing Bra

18th Jul 07
I've been away for awhile, but I'm back with a new one. This has been long in writing and I hope it is better than my previous works. This story is packed with cowgirls, genetic modification, slavery, freedom from cultural taboos, and of course, lots of sex and big breasts.
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12th Sep 06
Long break, but I'm back. I've toned down the strangeness, but raised the quality. The story presents the case of Bob, and the results of several really stupid moves on his part. But, surely a college kid with a magic wishing amulet is no trouble, right? Read on to find out how it all works out for Bob in the end, sort of. Format: PDF
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5th Sep 04
Part 1 of a new space odyssey, this story follows the vacation of five future college students. Did their mothers ever tell them not to catch rides in strange breast shaped ships? Obviously not.
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12th Jul 04
This is a short little work about a girl, a bordello and a bit of bad luck, or could it be good luck? Read and decide for yourself.
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21st Jun 04
Sorry its been so long, but the show must go on. This episode delves deeper into the history of Dodson and introduces some unforgetable characters.
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4th Apr 04
The third story by myself in this series. THis tale focuses on the lives of six normal people who experence something that will change their lives forever.
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7th Mar 04
My second story in the series. The transformations continue, becoming even weirder. The CMF tests out a weapon that could ensure victory for they side.
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19th Feb 04
This is my first story of, hopefully, many. It centers on a world where magic has caused some very strange sexual transformations, and things are going to get worse!
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