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The Overflowing Bra

10th Jul 10
Charlie's wife loves him. A lot. Frequently. He finds her irresistable. She gives him everything he wants, but Charlie wonders if this treatment is really healthy. This story gets straight to business. fans of Stewy and Hunter S Creek should enjoy. Shrinking Man and light fem-dom vibes.
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25th Jun 08
Continuing the story of Joe and his mysterious growing lover Suzy. Strange facts surrounding her are slowly revealed. Joe isn't sure what to make of it. Well, one part of him is sure anyway! Some CB action and an SRU cameo round off this second installment. A slow growth/miniGTS story. If you'd like to reach me, you can do it here: feedback is encouraged!
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16th Feb 08
Joe's a little guy with big dreams. Suzy has always been shy about being the biggest girl in school. Will these two make it work? Is there a reason Suzy has such dramatic proportions? And are they getting even bigger? A slow growth story. leave comments here, at the minigiantess forum or at giantess city
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