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The Overflowing Bra

29th Jul 12
Kelly wants a baby with her husband, Stewart. She and her two housemaids will rise to any heights, swell to any cup-size, and sink Stewart to any depths of lust and hunger to get it. Find out what happens when a magic lotion cross-wires three women's maternal instincts with their sex drives and throws them all into maximum overdrive. How much affection can one man handle before he starts losing his mind, body, and soul? Includes both rtf and pdf formats.
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5th Oct 07
The story's conclusion, featuring final confrontations, plot twists, blow job contests, goo girl orgies, a unique recipe for key lime pie, bishi-futa reaming, Arthurian myth, naga sex, naughty tentacles, rampaging skank-bots, breasts that blot out the sun, and the true meaning of love.
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9th Sep 07
"Me, Raz, and CeeCee are gunna find out just how much cum Dee's really got in him. Something tells me we're going to need it all to face down my baby sister. And then we're going to fuck his cum into you, one nanogasm at a time, no matter how much of Nyx we gotta stuff up our snatches or how much Ursula-pussy we gotta eat. It's the only logical solution, don't you think?"
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5th Jul 07
"Why?" Dee rose. "Why can't you help?" Tomoe shrugged and opened her mouth but this time Dee knew exactly what was coming and cut her off. "And don't just say 'rules,' or 'I lost the manual,' or some other bullshit. Galatea tried to get us the Disney lovey-dovey ending and I fucked it up. I gave away the nanomek. Now there's this three hundred pound, chocolate cherry psycho-bitch running around, kidnapping my girlfriend, mindfucking skank-bots and killing and eating people in some elaborate scheme to take over the world just because she thinks I don't pay enough attention to her."
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7th May 07
The scarlet girl marveled at him, perfect breasts heaving. "You smell wonderful, Master; so angry." Batwings the color of blood and smoke luxuriated in the air of the living room. "I love it." Narrow rivulets of red nectar trickled from her sex to run down her inner thighs. "You won't regret coming back to me. I'm so much stronger for you now." She reached out to him, fingers flexing. "I'm ready." Dee advanced into the radius of her wingspan. "You're finished." "Oh, Master," she gasped, agape with delight, before her eyes narrowed and her lips twisted into a thin, crooked grin. Her batwings snapped ready, their tiny twins above her ears fanning up and back until she looked like a helmeted Valkyrie who had fell to Hell. "Bring it."
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26th Apr 07
"We're just getting started. I've got so much nanomek inside me right now I've got no idea what to do with it. I could grow fifty feet tall and carry you to the top of the Empire State Building and screw you stupid. I could fill this parking lot with a few hundred duplicates and line up to screw you stupid, but I doubt any of us could be that patient and we'd just pin you to the pavement with pussy and screw you stupid. Or with a little more food coloring we could first morph into every female character in those comic books hidden in your closet and then pin you down and screw you stu—Holy shit, this is really turning you on, isn't it?"
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23rd Apr 07
…It started when the nubs of her sticky nipples pressed into his collar bone. There was resistance and pressure but her tits did not push him back. They just kept coming, a tide of flesh. Two circles of gooey, cool, soft sensation grew and then merged and then surged around his arms and up his neck and down his belly and…"Oops," the green girl said, eyes twinkling with mischief. "Talk about overkill. Better reel these babies in." With a sliding slurp the tide of tits receded. She drew some of her chest's substance into the rest of her body, darkening to a forest green. "There we go," she sighed. "Big enough to shame any porn star, small enough to fit through the door. Where was I?"
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