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For the year 2012
1st, Jan 12
I met a vampire in a bar. She cast a spell on me and before I knew it she was giving me the best sex I've ever had. Single picture, pdf format.
big fast hg magic mpg shem tg weird
2nd, Jan 12
I met a sultry vampire in a pub in the forest. She took me away for the best sex I have ever had, and then began to tell me about her past. PDF format, one picture, please read the introduction and do leave commentary. There will be more posts.
big fast hg magic mpg shem slow tg weird asleep
2nd, Jan 12
Bridget finds out her boyfriend's fetish with breast expansion and freaks out. Later after a trip to the mall she comes home with a "magic" ring bearing the inscription "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Dismissing the notion as silly, she finds out when her boyfriend tries to explain things to her that every choice has its consequences, some better than others. My first story, any feedback is appreciated.
cb fast gts huge instant magic ment mpg shem wow
5th, Jan 12
Maria's breasts keep swelling and her body gets even sexier as she gets more and more drawn into the Renaissance Festival. Things start to get crazy though as an outing to a strip club really sets off her growth. The trouble is: she's enjoying it! Steve becomes suspicious of Maria's growth and sexual appetites and decides to investigate. The powers that be decide things are getting out of hand and must be dealt with as Maria's growth threatens to reveal the hidden truth behind the Ren-Faire! Those of you who wanted more growth in the first 2 chapters look no further! Apologies that this took so long to get done, hope its worth the wait. If you haven't read chapters 1-2 first I suggest doing so before reading this one. As always feedback is requested and heartily appreciated.
ag big fast hg lac lg magic ment mg slow tg
7th, Jan 12
Hi, I'm back. Spent 5 months off the Internet (long story),'s a long story. Two versions; 1 short story with BE, and then, because of way too much time on my hands, a 'novella' of around 190 pages. For those looking for the good stuff - look for the 'tilda of tittilation', and skip all the stolen quotes, snappy patter, light humor, and plot and character development. Tilda = ~, just search for that. Have about another 6 stories (working on the 7th) for this site alone. Have fun, and more to come.
fast huge lac magic mpg preg sc
7th, Jan 12
Ok, this reads as a comic (was originally for a site that does comics of BE, that shall remain nameless...;) but the '6 months before you see it' kinda takes the fun out of it. So it's kinda two-dimensional ('ceptin' the BE...;) and the 'politics' aren't meant to be taken seriously. It's all fun, so
big fast science
7th, Jan 12
Final story for the day...this is what I should be writing 'she gets in, she gets big, she gets out' that everyone is hoping to find. Have fun...;)
big cb chem fast rc
8th, Jan 12
Another story, more of a situation. Bonus Mind-control at the end, but still should have some fun. ~ of tittilation still in effect
chem huge mpg slow
8th, Jan 12
And another...more of a 'what if' than hardcore, but hey, free's free, right?
big chem mpg slow
8th, Jan 12
And that's it for a while. Everyone else should get a chance. Two hours later, you'll be horny again...;)
big fast magic mpg
25th, Jan 12
cb fast wow
28th, Jan 12
Alex Wright was an ordinary guy in a mundane world. But, one day after a car accident, he finds himself, the only human suddenly in a world full of large breasted elves. Many sexual adventures begin for him afterwards.
huge inc magic ment
31st, Jan 12
fast instant mpg rc sc science weird wow
31st, Jan 12
Christina Hendricks gets captured by a fat boar beast who transformers her into a mate. Warning contains weight gain, scat, hair growth, transformation (pigish) and other odd things.
ag big fa hg magic multiple nc slow weird
1st, Feb 12
This is my first contribution. I didn't think I could write something of my own, so instead I versified something I had read awhile ago. I hope what I have done makes it make more sense. All credit goes to Yashmen Halfcount!
big cb fast hg huge instant magic ment tg wow
3rd, Feb 12
We join Lieutenant Cassandra Gallo in this action packed sequel as she maneuvers her way through the ship's tight exhaust system on her mission to kill the Captain and regain control. Will her military training be enough to overcome the pheremone laden environment and suppress her lusts? What plans does the Captain have for the rest of the ship? Comments are welcome.
ag aliens ar big cb chem fast huge instant lac ment mm mpg multiple offstage science asleep
5th, Feb 12
Ok, the last one for a while (unless I get Katya book two taken care of, still have to shoehorn the BE into that one...;) Tried to pay more attention to typos, and hopefully the punctuation is better this time. The light-hearted tale of Soviet science, and how they go about BE. Note - some deliberate errors, just to play around with. Some grow, and some are just large to begin with. Have fun...;)
huge lac preg science slow
7th, Feb 12
Uncle Hank's immensely insulting graduation gift consisted of three gorgeous women tasked with finding Sidney a real live girlfriend. The Wing Girls guarantee success, but face it. Sidney's a trainwreck. He's going to need help. A megafuckton of it.
huge inc instant lac ment mm mpg nc science
8th, Feb 12
A two part story about a girl that becomes increasingly powerful. I will be the first to say that -while it is present- BE is not the focus of this story. In my vanity I was trying to create more of a SciFi short story on the nature of power and morality. The name of the story is "Goddess from the Machines" or "Goddess of the Machines." Either works. Sincerely, Mr. GreyMan
big fast hg lg mg science
14th, Feb 12
A second postscript to the series beginning with "The Tale of Our Isle," and a sequel to "Family Reunion." The saga takes a dark turn in this installment, and moves off into a different direction. This one is for the fans, who enjoyed the series and characters up to this point. Thanks for your support! Hope you like this one as well. (Caveat - includes long digressions of background and character development, before getting to the BE. You might like Part 2 better, since it has less of that and more of what everyone likes in a BE story!)
chem fast huge instant lac mpg
14th, Feb 12
As Alex's harem grows he receives a magical ring that only humans can use from his sisters-in-law as a gag gift. He uses it in various ways.
ag huge inc instant magic ment preg
22nd, Feb 12
Maybe a life without fun would have been better instead of the choice she made? Then again, maybe not...
big fast mpg science slow
23rd, Feb 12
The Kingdom of Nordia suffers a treacherous attack from its neighbors causing creation of a revengeful being wrecking havoc on the earth I believe that a story similar to this can not be completed by the thoughts of one author , and it should feed from the thoughts of others. Thus I but it in your hands for your review, and wait for your inputs on it. you can always contact me on . and I would really appreciate it if you inform me of any sequel
hyp instant lac magic mg shem weird wow
23rd, Feb 12
The second half of the second postscript to the series beginning with "The Tale of Our Isle," and a sequel to "Family Reunion." This part details the rest of that first day when Annie knocked on the door. Thanks to the fans who enjoyed the series and characters, and especially those who took the time to comment. (Part 2 has less talking and more of what everyone likes in a BE story!)
chem fast huge lac magic mpg wow
24th, Feb 12
A story set in Dexter Sinister's State of Emergency world. Bobbie has never had the chance to be with the person she loves. But now that the whole world is being altered by a strange sexual virus she takes her chance to make some adjustments to herself...
ag big lg ment multiple science slow weird
29th, Feb 12
Drunk with desire, Vicky sets out make herself as big as she possibly can. With everything around her constantly filling her to even more luscious immensity however, she soon discovers that her problem doesn't lie in trying to get bigger, but in discovering a way to stop before she finds herself inflated beyond even her own insatiable capacity. Also, this story turned out to be a bit longer than I had expected. If anyone thinks it would have been better to break it up into chapters, please do let me know in the feedback; I always appreciate it when people take the time to leave a response.
ag cb fa fast hg huge lac magic rc sc slow wow
1st, Mar 12
This is part 1 (Chapter 1, if you will) in a series. Essentially a Saw parody, it follows the travails of a young woman Jenna who finds herself kidnapped and facing challenges to free her friends. The disclaimer at the beginning mentions all of the elements that will eventually be included in the novella, but this first installment will include BE and Bimboization predominately.
ag big bond chem fast hg ment nc science
1st, Mar 12
After checking the comments section on my first upload I noticed some complaints about the format. So I went ahead and made it a Rich Text File, which I understand is the most commonly readable. This is my first upload, so live and learn, but any future uploads I will try to do in a more common format. You can read the story description in the previous upload.
ag big bond chem fast hg ment nc science
4th, Mar 12
This is a story about a brother and sister, their parents and friends. Issue No1 here is free but the sequels are on sale at I'm posting it because it can almost stand on its own and while the BE my be modest it is illustrated and this site doesn't have many of those stories. All characters are over 18 or celebrate their 18th birthday BEFORE the story gets sexy.
ag ar big chem fa lg mg mpg slow
5th, Mar 12
Parts 1 through 3 of my "Bra" short story. Awaking to find herself trapped in a strange warehouse, Eva is forced to play her captor's game in order to free herself and her friends before they're all remade to his delight. She has already failed to Save DeDe, but can she still save Carrie-a good girl with a big secret-or Allison, the only person to ever make Eva feel inferior? Meanwhile, Jenna still hangs by a thread as any failure by Eva ensures certain doom on her part. Provided in both .doc and .html formats.
ag big bond cb chem fast hg huge ment nc science weird
7th, Mar 12
The Complete "Bra". Awaking to find herself alone and chained in a warehouse, Jenna is forced to watch the counter clicking away her doom, her only company a mysterious video feed.

Elsewhere, bright and determined Eva is suffering her own nightmare. Her captor wants to play a game, and he's brought her friends along for the ride. She'll have one hour to find out who their captor is, what the game-master wants from them, and how it's all connected. If she can't, it's game over for all of them.

ag big bond cb chem fast hg huge lac ment mpg nc rc shem weird
13th, Mar 12
My First story. This story is not for anyone under the age of 18 ( all though this is probably cleaner than most other MPCs) This is not child erotica although it does feature Age progression from as young as eight. This story does mention incest briefly although show disagreement with the concept. There is not allot of explicit details but does contain amounts of small erotica. Inspired by Master PC (yeh i know, very original). Jessica finaly got a chance to go on her bros Pc but she unearths a dark lie by doing so.
ar big cb hg instant lg ment nc rc sc science
16th, Mar 12
After taking a girl home after a date, a guy finds his enormous penis has a willing - and growing - partner to play with. This is my first attempt at a BE story - all comments welcome!
ag fast huge lg mg
17th, Mar 12
Fundamental Mormon missionaries help Katie find happiness.
ag cb huge magic ment slow
20th, Mar 12
After taking a girl home after a date, a guy finds his enormous penis has a willing - and growing - partner to play with. I have fixed the paragraph problem in the previous version. This is my first attempt at a BE story - all comments welcome!
ag big fast huge lg mg
21st, Mar 12
A sadistic spirit has its way with a college girl living in a haunted house. 96 percent erotica with toys, anal, bondage, domination, and growing boobs. Please rate and comment if you want me to write more.
bond fast huge ment nc
22nd, Mar 12
A sadistic spirit has its way with a college girl living in a haunted house. 96 percent erotica with toys, anal, bondage, domination, and growing boobs. Please rate and comment if you want me to write more. (fixed some formatting errors at ate my paragraph breaks and did a few minor fixes and additions, read this one)
bond fast huge ment nc
24th, Mar 12
This is the Prologue for the newest Novella I a working on. I'd like to say I have a Muse for this, but this time around I think it's largely my own sick and twisted mind at work. It's the story of Natalie, an succubus with a concience, and her attempt to rise back to grace. The BE is off stage in the prologue, but I promise it will be better as the story continues. PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK, AND DON'T POST A COMMENT IF YOU AREN'T MATURE ENOUGH TO OWN UP TO IT.
big magic mpg offstage slow
26th, Mar 12
A story set in Dexter Sinister's State of Emergency world. Bobbie and Beth wake up together and spend a day learning about their new bodies' features. Along the way they meet a couple more people who have been altered by the sexual virus.
ag big lg ment multiple offstage science slow weird
26th, Mar 12
A story set in Dexter Sinister's State of Emergency world. Having been given a chance to regain their youth, Joyce and Percival King have some catching up to do. They also meet some young ladies who have a new perspective on life. (Follows on from State of Emergency - Beth Parts 1 & 2)
ag ar cb hg huge instant ment mm mpg science weird
29th, Mar 12
A continuation of MrGrey's "Well Spent" stories. The story of MrGrey and his newly wed wife MsGrey go on a honeymoon in Hawaii to relax. Or do they? (Just in case you want to give me some feedback. ;) )
ag ar big fa fast instant magic ment weird
3rd, Apr 12
96% erotica with bondage, anal, toys, domination and growing boobs. Part 1: a spirit possesses a college girl and uses her. Part 2: Christy bargains with the spirit to escape her predicament. Part 3: Christy goes to a strip club to celebrate the end of the semester. This came out so quickly because of all the positive comments on the first story. If you want more that's the best way to get it.
bond fast huge ment nc
7th, Apr 12
Meek student Connie rediscovers an ancient power source. Immune to its powers but gifted with control of them, soon she’s in over her head, trying to keep her BFF Marge in check as the berry juice of old turns the feisty raven-hair into an ever-greedy buxom bimbo. And just as Connie thinks she’s getting off with a black eye, things *really* hit the fan ... Eee-yup, that’s the all-in-one 200-pager PDF of my 2010 four-parter, semi-epic, fun and action romp from the world of Altaerna. Just a bit to tide you over until something truly new from lazy yours truly comes along. Doesn’t mean I’d not appreciate some comment or other if you haven’t done so before... :-)
ag big cb fast gts huge lac magic ment mg multiple rc sc weird wow
13th, Apr 12
A mysterious leak in the ceiling marks the beginning of a highly contageous infection that transforms men and women into air-headed nymphomaniacs.
ag aliens big cb chem fast hg huge lac ment nc offstage tg
13th, Apr 12
Katy loves her boss. But, the only things he loves are breasts. She tries to earn his attention other ways, but -ultimately- there is only one path to his approval. This is the most twisted, the most realistic, and the last tail I have written. Someone paid me money to write this -hopefully- they feel it was worth it. It has been tailored to the tastes of this site, so I hope you will enjoy it as well. Sincerely, Mr. GreyMan
big fast huge sc science slow
25th, Apr 12
Part 1 of 5, "Home By The Sea": Barbara and David, shunned by the people of the town they were born in after their love was frowned upon by David's rejected wannabe lover, Menena the influential store owner, now live a solitary life in a little hut overlooking the ocean. Things take a turn for the bigger and stranger when Barbara finds a pendant in the guts of an odd catch that David brought home ... 12,900 words, HTML, and - oh look, this story could do with a comment from you, yes YOU :-)
ag big fast huge lac magic rc slow
29th, Apr 12
A sequel to Matthew 7:12. Our friend Bridget seems to have everything, including Mike, under control with her magic ring, only to find it's not quite as simple as she wants it to be. Especially when a jealous best friend decides it's not fair that one girl should have all the attention, and a boyfriend finds he's not quite the man he once was... My second story, feedback is always appreciated, and I've included Matthew 7:12 for those who haven't read it yet, which I highly suggest you do. Warm Regards, Ragnarok385
ag cb fast ft hg huge instant lac magic ment mm mpg nc tg asleep
30th, Apr 12
A story of two lesbians who have a forfilling exsperence with breast milk. compleat with unrealistic BE and nipples.
chem fa huge lac slow
30th, Apr 12
Genie of the Beanie? That sounds ridiculous. Let me guess, a guy makes some wishes and they all get twisted?! Oldest story in the book!! Don't make me laugh! --A couple of friends have been given the chance to use some wishes to change their lives forever, but the genie has a few tricks up her sleeve!-- Warning -- TG!
big fast huge magic ment nc slow tg
1st, May 12
Two sequels to Big Big Blob with a tweaked version of the story included. Alice emerges from the lake, a changed woman, shows a nasty redneck a good time, and "patches" things up with Roy.
bond fast lac mpg science weird
4th, May 12
Just a bit of BE, but a LOT of PE. Our protagonist finds that each orgasm makes his cock grow. Can his wife's girlfriend help?
big magic mpg science slow
6th, May 12
Pretty plain Jane with this one. Just a night at the opera gone swimmingly. Mrs. Merriweather, polite woman in her late 30's, experiences an out of body experience with her soon to be husband, Mr. Merriweather, bro not even out of college. The characterizations and language are fluid so be warned.
ag big hg instant lg magic
7th, May 12
This is my very first story i have ever "published". i have written several, but only for my own use. Depending on how well it is liked, i may post more. If you have any critiques i am all ears. I know it ends rather abrubtly, i am trying to think of a fitting ending thanks to all who took the time to read it. just enough plot development for it to be readable. Relies heavily on the imagination, not for the lactose-intolerant.
big huge lac science slow
9th, May 12
Mrs. Gagglecock has a slow day at the office where she relives her early days in the porn business and learns the true nature of length. A truly sordid work.
ag big fast huge lg magic weird
10th, May 12
Pamela Isley is tending to her (rather odd-looking) new plants... what will happen if they react oddly to her favour?
chem fast huge lac nc
19th, May 12
An ex-girlfriend, a guy who feels jilted, and a magic device to make her his permanent little sexpot. Maybe. Or not. Or sometimes, if you can't beat 'em, why not join 'em? Other than losing your intelligence and having your personality irreparably altered.
ag big fast hg magic ment rc tg
19th, May 12
The kinky Hig gets her hands on a crystal ball from one of her husband's wizard friends. Her girlhood friends then are made to change, coming to a baby shower that will defy the ages.
ag big cb instant magic ment mpg shem tg weird
19th, May 12
Dealing with the aftermath of their transformations, one mutated researcher has a plan to help them fit in again. (WARNING: Extreme transformations!)
ag cb fast gts hg huge lac multiple nc science shem tg weird
21st, May 12
In response to a comment on my most recent story, I've decided to go back through all my old stories and fix up the formatting and paragraphing to make them all nicely readable. This collection contains all my current uploads on the site in a simple, cohesive HTML design with my utterly shocking use of paragraphs (or lack thereof) fixed up for actually knowing how to write now.
ag big bond cb chem fast gts hg huge lac lg magic ment mm mpg multiple nc sc science shem slow tg weird asleep
26th, May 12
Part 2 of 5, "Growing Out": After Barbara's erroneously assuring visit to the town's midwife, Barbara and David indulge in Barbara's new voluptuousness and carnal hunger. As her ever-increasing desires begin to overwhelm David's abilities, he searches for a second opinion on the strange pendant and gets (bad-tempered) advice from someone my regular readers might recognize :-) ... Meanwhile, back home alone, another outbreak of multiple expansion hits Barbara as her strange visions once again cross over into her reality ... 12,500 words, HTML, previous part included, and gee, wouldn't your comment look so very good on the "Rate this" page? ;-)
ag big fa fast lac magic rc weird
26th, May 12
Keith Sheers was a cat guy; that is he was a single man who kept a cat to take care of his loneliness. But, one day a chemical accident changed the two forever. Now Keith must deal with a hot and horny cat woman living with him. (I was going to write the whole thing before putting it here, but realized that this is going to end up being a long one. Enjoy!!!)
big chem instant lac ment mpg weird asleep
28th, May 12
Sandra and Keith learn new abilities, two more Catwomen are born, and Keith contemplates whether to comply with the morals and values he was raised on, or to give in to his sexual desires. (Added part 1 too. Enjoy!)
ag big chem fast huge lac ment weird asleep
30th, May 12
A thief climbs into the queen's palace to do a bit of the old plunder-and-loot, but finds herself becoming a bit more enamored with the royal wardrobe than she was expecting. Medieval fantasy bimbo/BE. Because why not?
ag big fast hg lg magic ment
30th, May 12
Of which Keith gives in to his desires; Jamie meets Sandra; and Amy discovers the existence of the cat women in a most painful way.
ag big chem fast huge instant lac ment mpg offstage weird
1st, Jun 12
Of which more cat women are created; Keith has a date with Katie and gets bugged; and Sandra and Eve play a sneaky trick on their landlady. (Sorry if I tend to mix up names from time to time. I am rather bad at that, but try my best not to. lol Also included parts 2 and 3)
ag ar big chem fast huge lac ment mpg offstage weird asleep
4th, Jun 12
Of which Keith tells Katie all about the cat women; Keith starts his new job at the animal clinic; Sandra and Katie meet; and Keith's rather unpleasant brother, Sam, makes an appearance.
ag big chem fast hg huge lac ment mpg offstage slow tg weird asleep
7th, Jun 12
Our first submitted story; two survivors of a charter boat tour gone wrong find themselves on a deserted island... what odd goings on lie in store for the duo?
big cb magic slow asleep
15th, Jun 12
A shining spirit meets Petunia. There is an orgy in the street.
cb huge instant magic mpg sc shem
16th, Jun 12
Of which Keith buys some fake IDs, a new home, and a strip club, naming it, "The Cat's Meow"; the number of cat women in his pride practically double; and Katie finally tells Jamie about her relationship with Keith. (This one ended up becoming twice as long as the others. Also, I may have overdid it with the number of cat women additions this chapter. Enjoy!)
ag ar big bond chem fast huge lac ment mpg nc offstage tg weird asleep
16th, Jun 12
Part 3 of 5, "Ensnared and enslaved": The strange pendant's powers spread beyond Barbara's growth as it begins to affect her husband as well. Imbued with new confidence, Barbara decides to confront her former mistress - but she's about to learn a harsh lesson... -- HTML, previous parts included.
ag big cb fast lac magic mpg nc rc
17th, Jun 12
How the hell'd they get this big?!
ag big chem instant lac science weird
19th, Jun 12
Tomboy Karen and her friend Terry find a jewel in an antique shop that is supposed to grant wishes, but only Karen's nightmares come true.
ag big hyp instant lac magic ment nc asleep
21st, Jun 12
This isn't a BE fiction tale, more of an introduction. I've always wanted to talk about how my obsession with breasts grew with my own pair, so what better place to do it? Feedback appreciated
big slow
21st, Jun 12
Of which Katie's cat is catnapped by Inutech; Jamie becomes a cat woman, and researches the cat women to develop a formula to create more; and Keith struggles with his growing urges.
ag big chem fast huge lac ment offstage weird asleep
22nd, Jun 12
Petunia sates her roommate’s hunger then later averts an in-progress act of adultery.
ag big cb huge instant magic ment mpg shem weird
25th, Jun 12
Of which things come to a conclusion, and a new beginning, for Keith and the Cat Women. (The final chapter and epilogue are pretty short, but should still be enjoyable. I also included the full version of it on .html as well as in .doc, which was what I originally wrote it in. Thanks for reading!)
ag chem fast huge instant lac ment mm mpg offstage tg weird asleep
3rd, Jul 12
In a world where the average cup size is somewhere around the modern-day G, where normal breast size has been so inflated many women can't walk without assistance, where about one in every five women has some sort of genetically-verified mutation that can cause a number of interesting and sexy effects, Penny Parson is so unremarkable that it's remarkable. Flat, skinny as a board, and quickly approaching the end of high school, she spends most of her days moping and grouching and jealously watching her friends and enemies, and most of her nights dreaming of what life could be like. But when her own belated changes start appearing, Penny is in for a few rather awesome surprises.
ag big cb fa fast huge lac mg mpg preg science slow wow
5th, Jul 12
Terry Anderson is a high school graduate with a little problem. Miniscule, in fact. But, when he finds some snake oil cream in his grandfather's old traveling trunk, he exchanges his tiny problem for a big one. Now a freshman in college, Terry and his cream are cleaving chaos and insanity wherever they go. The student body will never be the same... Co-authored with Fafhrd. Originally posted on
ag big cb chem fast huge mpg slow asleep
7th, Jul 12
Remastered and Re-edited edition. Restored the missing chapters. There is actually a ton of material that got cut out of the last upload. The primary difference starts at part 104. Added some paragraph breaks to the walls of text. Terry Anderson is a high school graduate with a little problem. Miniscule, in fact. But, when he finds some snake oil cream in his grandfather's old traveling trunk, he exchanges his tiny problem for a big one. Now a freshman in college, Terry and his cream are cleaving chaos and insanity wherever they go. The student body will never be the same... Co-authored with Fafhrd. Originally posted on
ag big cb chem fast huge mpg slow asleep
11th, Jul 12
Our main character Sheila decides to get back at two more bitchy cheerleaders that wronged her. She sneaks into their room and adds some fun ingredients to their drinks while they are entertaining guys from the football team. "BJ Brianna" starts to fill into her name nicely as the changes happen. I had to split this and the next chapter up. They were far too big for one story... The next chapter will pick up where this left off and will revisit Cindy and the boys. All comments are welcome, and I especially love suggestions for future stories. Some of the suggestions from the Sexual Alchemy I comments are going to be incorporated into Chapter 4. Please keep them coming!
ag big fa fast magic ment mpg nc weird
12th, Jul 12
Summary: Naruto goes to see a Fortune Teller for a view into his luck however after his insult he'll find that he has a big problem and it's just getting bigger and bigger… There is some breast growth but you'll have to look for it... Next entry will contain a lot of breast growth also keep in mind this is a romance story and an alternate universe. All characters are over 21 in this story.
big cb instant magic mpg sc
15th, Jul 12
The is my revision and take on a classic from back in the day. While it was great then, it has grown rather bland and lacks quality. I attempted to streamline a few parts, and added some dialogue, which was missing. The same basic structure and ideas of the original story are intact, just updated. Enjoy! C and C is appreciated.
ag big cb chem fa fast instant ment preg science
17th, Jul 12
This story was part of a trade by my friend Blues. Here, the prisoner of Gerudo Fortress gets his deep desire.
big instant magic
18th, Jul 12
Ariane is preparing for a possible evening out when her busty breasts begin expanding even bigger for no apparent reason. This is a narrative light scene focused entirely on Ariane's extreme breast expansion. A delightful romp about Ariane becoming little more than a human factory for making milk. Enjoy!
ag cb fa fast lac lg magic ment nc weird wow
18th, Jul 12
83% erotica with bondage, anal, toys, domination and growing boobs. Christy goes to do one of her odd summer jobs, but finds some things are a little harder. There is more to come, the story was just getting too long to proofread so I split it in half. Advice and criticism appreciated.
big bond fast nc
22nd, Jul 12
Jen knows how much her fiancé loves huge breast implants, so Jen sets out to give her lover exactly what he wants … even if he doesnt know its what he wants.
big fast offstage sc science slow
22nd, Jul 12
96% erotica with bondage, anal, toys, domination and growing boobs. Christy works to rekindle the spark for her part time employers. A good time is had by all. Comments, suggestions and criticism appreciated.
bond fast huge ment mpg nc
23rd, Jul 12
A witch discovers she is married to a demon and moves to take advantage of him, but is what is the cost of betraying a demon? Warning: contains bursting.
big bond fast magic mpg nc preg
24th, Jul 12
big bond chem fast hg huge hyp instant ment nc offstage science slow tg asleep
24th, Jul 12
ag bond hg huge instant magic ment nc shem slow tg
25th, Jul 12
A man is unable to satisfy his wife. But she has a solution... with some retribution.
ag big bond chem fast ft huge mpg nc science shem slow tg weird asleep
26th, Jul 12
big cb instant sc science weird
28th, Jul 12
This is the story of TITania, a girl so filled with boob greed that she will stop at nothing to get the biggest implants she possibly can. But when she meets a girl who can seemingly make her own breasts grow at will, TITanias life takes an even more drastic turn. This is a follow up to my story “Juggernauts”. It takes before, during and after the events of the Juggernauts contests, all told from the perspective of TITania.
cb chem fast huge instant sc science wow
28th, Jul 12
Alex stumbles across a magic ring and becomes the girl of his dreams.
ag big fast hg magic sc tg
29th, Jul 12
Kelly wants a baby with her husband, Stewart. She and her two housemaids will rise to any heights, swell to any cup-size, and sink Stewart to any depths of lust and hunger to get it. Find out what happens when a magic lotion cross-wires three women's maternal instincts with their sex drives and throws them all into maximum overdrive. How much affection can one man handle before he starts losing his mind, body, and soul? Includes both rtf and pdf formats.
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30th, Jul 12
Just your typical story: Girl get kidnapped to be transformed into a sex genie. Girl escapes, makes her boyfriend her master, and begins to change reality around them to fulfill all of his fantasies. Girl also inadvertently starts a zombie apocalypse. (This one is really dark, so it may not be for the feint of heart.)
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5th, Aug 12
Growing larger by the minute, Vicky begins to worry that Victoria is going to keep on filling her up until she's utterly at her mercy. Worse yet, Vicky discovers that being enormous is so much fun that she may not be able to bring herself to stop until it's too late.
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7th, Aug 12
Three students christen the areas surrounding their breakfast table following a night of transformation.
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7th, Aug 12
The continuing epic PE/BE saga. After dosing Terry with enough enlargement cream to give him a sixteen inch cock, Diane decides her own figure could use a little boost, and uses up an entire bottle! Meanwhile, tension starts to build between Jen and her roommates as the first shots are fired in a breast size arms race. Will Chris end up getting smothered by Jen, figuratively AND literally? Originally posted on Co-written with Fafhrd.
ag big chem fast huge mpg offstage slow
9th, Aug 12
Part 3: Casablanca. Mike and the girls take a trip to Casablanca to consult with the experts concerning their unexpected growth, but does Dr Bassir truly have their best interests at heart? The download also includes parts 1 and 2.
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14th, Aug 12
Tegen Toppa Gurren Lagann: A series of events happen that change both the history and events of the series. Growth comes in the end of the entry more will be put in and other pairings might be possible if suggested... Enjoy
big instant
17th, Aug 12
Same story, just gone through and polished up, CLIFFHANGER GONE! Plus a little somethin extra at the end. Some "script" was left, i liked how it read, but most is gone, body proportions, check, i think. . . overall i am fairly pleased with it, although it doesnt have as much BE as i would like, and it still might not flow as well as it could. Hate it or Love it, let me know what you think.
big lac magic science slow
22nd, Aug 12
If you have a problem with reading "docx" files, really, just google a free reader and don't rate me a 1 "because you can't read it". I prefer this format. Besides, I don't think the pictures I've included would survive a change over to another. This story is 33.k words long and was a part of a story that was complete at 112 k words. Unfortunately, the flash drive got into the laundry. :-( It did drag on, so what you have is the best part, and it's sufficiently a story on it's own.
hg instant magic mg mpg
23rd, Aug 12
A quick story about a woman who is changed from a smart but plain college student into a lactating, submissive pet. My first free work in a long time and, given the ending, possibly the first of more quickies.
ag fast huge instant lac magic ment nc
29th, Aug 12
[The original sexual pregnancy fantasy epic! (Sadly unfinished.) Written by Invictusvoxfini in the days of yesteryear.] The world is called Maljestic and its lands are in turmoil. The immortals that benevolently, though sometimes mischievously, watch over the many races of the realm are under siege by one of their own. Using their powers against them the powerful beings can do nothing to help those they protect. It is up to the mortals to free their immortals and themselves. This is a tale of an age where sexual desire runs rampant among the immortals and those mortals whom they guarded, good and evil. Their only salvation lay between the mammoth breasts of the beautiful half- elven female, of a mysterious decent, Raylenethos and her two companions, the dashing rouge elf, Khambien and the gorgeous elven gypsy Charlize. Standing against them and the mastermind of the immortals lose of inhibition is the dark Lord Epyon and his minions. Unknown to the companions, Lord Epyon has abducted the Lady Lethan, the immortal of Lust. With out her presence all inhibition and control is lost and wild lust is freed, even amongst the best of people and races, including the immortals. The three companions, with the aid of a beautiful but flighty nymph and an immortal swords master and a dragon feared by all, they will have to fight and fuck their way across the lands to face the deadly Epyon and free both mortal and immortal from his sexual siege. Let our tale begin.
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30th, Aug 12
My first story. Chrissy tries to seduce James only to learn that he won't cheat on his girlfriend. That quickly changes when Chrissy leaves something behind.
ag big cb chem fast huge nc
1st, Sep 12
Mr. Big plans to dominate women's professional basketbball with ample, atheltic amazons! To ensure his future profits he has to obtain more Blood of the Titans, even if that means Sydney, Belinda and their friends have to become Titan-sized themselves! Breasts, beasts and battles Oh My!
cb chem gts huge instant magic nc
3rd, Sep 12
This is Silenteye but I will now be going under the name Silent Soul Ken or SSK. The reason for this is to unify all my stuff under one name. So Silenteye, Soul Teller and Kentenko are me. Now for the summary of events. Naruto and Hinata are trapped on an island. Hinata has noticed slight changes in their behavior and body. Suspicious she goes to find the cause. Naruto tired of being stranded to one part of the island decides to explore the mountain. Will Naruto climb the mountain? Will Hinata find out what is wrong with her and him?
big chem mpg slow asleep
4th, Sep 12
Because I forgot to add 1 and 2 for the premise... Naruto is a pilot and Hinata an heiress to a powerful company. When a trip to home goes wrong these two must survive a island with unknown flora and fauna. Can they get off the island fast enough to go home? Can they manage to work together long enough to achieve the goal?
big chem mpg offstage slow asleep
12th, Sep 12
big ment nc science slow tg asleep
12th, Sep 12
Part 4 of ... 7? Weren’t there 5 before? Yes, as those tales are wont to do, they tend to grow beyond what was planned — just like poor Barbara’s breasts will swell beyond her worst expectations in this new part of the mermaid story that so far has failed to produce even one single mermaid. Never fear, there are indeed sirens, just ... not yet. For now, see the love-and-hate triangle of boobs-bulging Barbara, mischievous Menena and horse-hung David come to a fateful crunch in Siren Song Part 4: Beyond The Prize Cow! Oh, and as usual, comments always welcome, y’know.
ag bond cb fast huge lac magic nc rc slow
13th, Sep 12
After a long wait, the Ren-Faire saga continues! Maria, now transformed into the Queen's nursemaid, attempts to deal with the hand fate has dealt her, namely massive milky breasts and an enhanced libido. Will she give in and accept her lot as a mere servant, or will she strive to be something greater? Danger arises as she becomes embroiled in the politics of the royal household. Meanwhile, will Steven accept his transformation into beautiful Stefanie? Will the mysterious Allyn come to their aid, or leave them to their fates? And what of the ring that led to all of this? Will it find a new body to enhance? Plots thicken, breasts swell, and milk flows, in the titilating 4th chapter of Fitting in at the Ren-Faire! Ye shalt be nary dissapointed! (5th and final chapter in the works!) Previous chapters can be found in the archive.
ag big cb fa fast hyp lac magic ment nc slow tg weird
22nd, Sep 12
Part 5 of 7, "The Final Night" -- The tale so few readers seem to care about continues: Evil Menena has for now left her sex and milk slaves-to-be, granting Barbara and David one last day and night together. Their desperate plans of escape go up in smoke while Barbara's breasts keep going up in size. As the strange medallion's powers reach beyond Barb's boobs and extend into David's groin, the couple's possibly last night together is about to become more than they ever could have imagined ... -- HTML, previous parts included, comments welcome. Y’know, the usual.
fast huge lac magic mpg nc rc weird
22nd, Sep 12
Sammie Richards' life was pretty ordinary - nothing really exciting happened. That was until she decided to help an old woman, Eliza, with her car one day. She didn't know that her life's excitement would become bigger ... way bigger.
ag big cb fa fast lac magic sc
25th, Sep 12
Sammie Richards is back in another two FAT chapters! She finally meets her lover, uncovers why she got her 3 wishes even though there is many kind people in the world. Sammie also decides to have take-out for dinner ... I wonder how that's going to go ... (Chapters 1-4 with some changes in 1&2. Hope you guys with da food fetishes like it. :)
ag big cb fa fast lac magic sc
29th, Sep 12
A shy, awkward, nerdy girl comes to terms with her obsession and addiction to huge breasts.
ag big fast huge sc science
3rd, Oct 12
A little fan fiction I finally decided to write. I think I might be the first person to write BE about the leading ladies from the Jurassic Park movies. Enjoy!
cb fast huge lac offstage science wow
8th, Oct 12
Everyone is abuzz about a new cosmetic treatment called Voluptimax, a process which uses nanobots to reshape the subject's body and give them the figure they've always desired. When Cynthia Hawthorne shows up at a fancy dinner party to show off her new curves (body by Voluptimax, of course) she ends up showing off much more of them than she ever wanted to! Is Cynthia's humiliating experience merely the result of a defective batch of nanobots, or the first sign of something more sinister? Action, adventure, interplanetary conspiracy! It all starts here in the first volume of UNAUTHORIZED EXPANSION!
ag cb fast lac nc rc science wow
9th, Oct 12
Part 6 of 7, “Tumblin’ Down” -- Exhausted from the magic-enhanced encounter with David, Barbara drifts through another vision of ever-expanding house-sized hooters and rising waters, only to wake to A) a revelation regarding the culprits of her dilemma and B) her already humungous mammaries going full milk ahead. It’s a race against time and growing diameter as the desperate young couple tries to make it to the shoreline ... -- HTML, previous parts included, comments welcome!
fast huge lac magic nc rc wow
11th, Oct 12
ag aliens ar cb fast huge lac ment mg mpg offstage science
12th, Oct 12
A short story about a vacation in the mountains, a mysterious g-string, and a man's personal journey into womanhood and extremely large breasts.
ag huge nc slow tg
15th, Oct 12
Chapter two in the New Girl series! Alexis decides to change John and take her out for some fun with her friends Dean and James. Sexy times ensue! Sorry for the wait on this one. I have more in mind with this story than I did on my previous tales. So hopefully you don't have to wait long for part 3! I have put the first chapter in the zip file as well.
ag big cb fast ft hg magic mpg rc tg
17th, Oct 12
Part 7 of 7 – “No Other Way”. The final part of Barbara’s long journey is here, but how much further can she go now that she’s too chest-heavy by far? Answers! Revelations! Mermaids! ... no, seriously, contrary to what you may have feared, here they are now. -- 15,000 words in glorious multi-platform-compatible HTML, with previous parts included for your convenience. Comments welcome but by now I’m just happy if people can be bothered to read it ;-)
fast lac magic mg nc rc wow
21st, Oct 12
After getting sprayed with Cynthia's milk at a disastrous dining-out Luanne returns home, intent on having a few choice words with her husband, Mark. However, Cynthia's milk has a few unexpected side effects that derail Luanne's plans and place her husband in peril. This chapter of Unauthorized Expansion is exploding with hot action! Don't miss! (File contains parts 1 and 2)
ag fa fast huge ment mg mpg nc science
22nd, Oct 12
"Honeymooning with Annie" -- What wild adventures Annie and I have had since that day she knocked on my door in the summer of 2011! In this story, Annie and I (and her expanding breasts) tour around the USA, having great sex with and without the mysterious love melon. This is a sequel to "Our Grief Consoled" and the latest installment in the series that began with "The Tale of Our Isle." Parts 2 and 3 are currently being produced.
fast huge lac mpg weird
27th, Oct 12
first story hope you like it... comments appreciated! hopefully ill make more!
big fa fast huge instant magic weird
29th, Oct 12
Alex lets James and Dean in on some new fun. Then his cousin Faye shows up in a surprise visit! Some surprises are bound to be revealed. This one gets a little bit weirder. However it's all in good fun!
ag big cb fast ft hg huge inc instant lg magic ment mpg preg rc shem tg weird
5th, Nov 12
A group of friends find a strange object that allows them to have anything they desire. Lots of sex.
ag fast hg huge magic sc tg
6th, Nov 12
A young man making his way in the Radio Industry discovers it's best NOT to sleep with the manager's girlfriend!
big instant magic ment nc offstage tg
8th, Nov 12
Your room mate Shilpa has received a shipment of tea from her Aunt, but when she tries the tea it has strange and delightful effects on her. Each tea causes a distinct change, and it isn't long before the cumulative effects turn Shilpa in to a living fantasy. This was originally a Choose-Your-Own adventure story posted to Deviant Art, so it is written in second person with illustrations. The epilogue has yet to be written, and OFB readers can leave feedback in the "Rate Me" section on what they'd like included in the Epilogue.
ag big cb fa huge instant lac magic ment nc preg rc sc
10th, Nov 12
Everyone wants a taste of ultimate power, but how many people can use it and stay...subtle with it. Risa thinks that she can, and she's out to prove it. Of course, subtly's easier when you don't have someone behind you, pushing you along...
ag ar big cb fast instant magic ment nc slow
16th, Nov 12
Em finds out what happens when she doesn't use a breast cream as instructed. Sally, a fugitive hiding in a strip club, stumbles upon Em after her changes and finds out what happens to the women who use the breast cream. She, too, ends up feeling its effects first-hand.
big chem fast hg huge lac ment multiple nc
16th, Nov 12
Keith is a man who has lost his voice, but his wife has found a solution. What side effects could this solution possibly have? This my first story so be sure to comment and rate!
ag big cb fa hyp instant magic
29th, Nov 12
A story of a man who finds that fulfilling your wife's every wish can bite you in the ass.
big chem ment slow tg
2nd, Dec 12
Thin as a rail, lonely, and unemployed, Chrissie finds herself in desperate need of work. When the owner of a dessert shop known for its excessively voluptuous clientele offers her a position though, Chrissie has to choose just how much she's willing to give up, and how much she's willing to gain to get the job. (I've been doing a lot of series lately, and I thought I'd have a go at doing a single story for a change. Especially since this is something a bit different for me, any feedback would most definitely be appreciated).
ag cb fa fast huge magic
13th, Dec 12
The next chapter has been created! Reviews and Criticism are welcome! If you wish to see more of my works that are mainly non-BE send me an e-mail at make sure to label it as important or it'll go to the trash...
big huge instant magic mpg sc
13th, Dec 12
On his way to Vegas to get some action a man finds himself becoming a big titted bimbo named Crystal.
ag hg huge magic ment slow tg
18th, Dec 12
"No Fear of Heights" -- My amazing adventures continue with the voluptuous Annie and her incredible expanding breasts, having great sex with and without the mysterious love melon. In this story, Annie and I discover some strange effects at high altitude, which culminate in a crazy, erotic skydiving "accident" in Hawaii! This is the latest story in the series that began with "The Tale of Our Isle." If you haven't read those, jump in anyway! We'd be grateful for any comments, it's a lot of work to create these stories. Thanks for everyone's support!
cb fast huge instant lac mpg
27th, Dec 12
For every outbreak there must be a patient zero. When Daniel Turner stumbles upon an experiment gone awry in his father's lab he unwittingly becomes the carrier of one of the most bizarre plagues the world has ever seen, and plunges the country into a state of emergency. Based on the world of Dexter Sinister. Comments welcome.
big cb fast ft huge lac mpg offstage science shem weird asleep
29th, Dec 12
Another [sadly unfinished] chapter in the advetures of Sebron Half-Elven of the Light Magi. This time he must travel to a kingdom cursed with excessive fertility and where every woman there is hugely pregnant!
ag big fast huge instant lac magic preg slow
30th, Dec 12
Earth is besieged by massively gravid mutant women! As they bloat more and more of the female populace, humanity scrambles to find a means to fight back! Be warned, it contains some bursting!
ag aliens big cb chem fast huge instant lac mpg preg science slow weird wow