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The Overflowing Bra

7th Mar 12
The Complete "Bra". Awaking to find herself alone and chained in a warehouse, Jenna is forced to watch the counter clicking away her doom, her only company a mysterious video feed.

Elsewhere, bright and determined Eva is suffering her own nightmare. Her captor wants to play a game, and he's brought her friends along for the ride. She'll have one hour to find out who their captor is, what the game-master wants from them, and how it's all connected. If she can't, it's game over for all of them.

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5th Mar 12
Parts 1 through 3 of my "Bra" short story. Awaking to find herself trapped in a strange warehouse, Eva is forced to play her captor's game in order to free herself and her friends before they're all remade to his delight. She has already failed to Save DeDe, but can she still save Carrie-a good girl with a big secret-or Allison, the only person to ever make Eva feel inferior? Meanwhile, Jenna still hangs by a thread as any failure by Eva ensures certain doom on her part. Provided in both .doc and .html formats.
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