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For the year 2007
1st, Jan 07

From the Dark Depths of the Addventure comes a short piece about Kerry, a quiet and unassuming bank teller, who bought a ring at a novelty store. The results are quite . . . novel.

Well, no not really. Stories about growing breasts are posted here all the time, but for Kerry, for whom this sort of thing does not happen every day, I suppose you could say it is novel.

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2nd, Jan 07
A development of an idea: something is happening to the teens at Bennington's School for Young Women. Images from Cosmo Girl, Penthouse and Playboy start springing to life, only they don't emerge straight from the pages, but inside the girls who read them. Given the beauty standards of the time, it wasn't that great a leap anyway...
ag big fast hg lg magic ment
5th, Jan 07
Vikky surprise her boyfriend one day by growing huge for him, all while attempting to bake a cake.
chem fast huge magic mpg sc
7th, Jan 07
Steven's heart is filled with frustration about a female friend. Is that the reason why he reacted the way he did upon touching an old relic, and why everybody since that moment reacts so strangely on a touch of his hand? Is the cause even important when the effects are so interesting!
big fast magic ment
10th, Jan 07
The sequel to Sexified, the story about a woman that gains the ability to transform into a sex goddess. More transformations and discoveries await the sexed-up former secretary Rachel as she returns to Washington DC. Rachel comes to understand what happened to her… and learns to like it! File also includes Sexified part I. Please send comments to!
ag big cb chem fast hg instant lg ment rc sc science
13th, Jan 07
With Steven taken over by his own corrupted touch, things are not looking well for the pure and innocent Nicole when she's invited by Steven to come by. Effects completely dominate over causes as we witness the happenings of this fateful night. (part 2 concludes this story)
big fast hg magic ment
13th, Jan 07
Read all the feedback and completely redid the ending of the original story so that it wasn't disappointing. Over 9 pages of new ending material with some additional features (see new story codes). New description: Three Seniors go on a Spring Break trip to celebrate their impending graduation. While on the island, they acquire ecstasy which, when coupled with a native potion, leads to some out-of-control growth. How will they deal with their new proportions? By setting up a fantasy webcam service where the fun can continue.
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16th, Jan 07
Ok, this one will work. Please delete the previous uploads. Helpful comments appreciated.
ar big fast science slow
21st, Jan 07
Lex Luthor finds a new kind of kryptonite, and tests it out on Powergirl. Neither of them expects what results.
cb fast huge magic nc wow
25th, Jan 07
Models, whiny brats, and faithless boyfriends beware! The Queen of the Dark has returned and she’s still not taking any prisoners!
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26th, Jan 07
Another episode of Unexplained Expansion. It's a really short story about how Maggie starts inflating for no reason at all, in a parking lot, of all places.
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29th, Jan 07
Felecia has fantasies of having her tits blow up like balloons and a new shop in town might just have what she needs.
chem fast lac preg wow
29th, Jan 07
Linda is board with her boyfriend and hers sex lives she seeks out a solution on the net and finds exactly what she needs.
chem fast huge lac magic
3rd, Feb 07
This is the full first volume of the Yuki and Naru stories It contains Yuki's first encounter with breast expansion and Naru's sudden addiction to it
cb chem huge sc
4th, Feb 07
This is the third storie in the Yuki and Naru series. Yuki meets a man at the beach and taking the oppertunity she follows him into a house and does something. But as this is happeneing Yuki's breasts expand once again
big fast magic
10th, Feb 07
When a random gothic kid puts a curse on Ally, Sean comes to the rescue, only they both begin to like the effects of the curse. What happens when water becomes a growing problem? (First story, go easy on me.)
cb fast gts magic sc asleep
11th, Feb 07
(Got done with some stuff early, so I decided I would write another part to my story.) When Ally and Sean go on a trip with some friends, truths are revealed and water is spilled. Get ready for an adventure as Brent and Jenny are introduced to a Watery Fate.
cb fast gts magic nc sc asleep wow
19th, Feb 07
Sequel to my first Saw BE-type story. The mysterious woman captor claims another set of victims, causing them to expand to enormous proportions for her own personal enjoyment. Can she be stopped or will she live to inflate others for another day? Not gruesome per se, but definitely not for those looking for a love story. 3rd attempt at a story, hope you enjoy!
ag bond cb chem fast huge instant lac ment nc wow
21st, Feb 07
The 3rd part of Sexified. Rachel attempts to seek out those behind the experiment that turned the nerdy secretary into a sex goddess! More wild sex and transformations await her… Please rate and comment! File contains parts I, II and III.
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22nd, Feb 07
The conclusion.
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27th, Feb 07
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4th, Mar 07
Clare, an underdeveloped teenager, has always felt upstaged by her sister and freinds. But her mother's medallion, an old family heirloom will soon put a stop to that.
ag big cb fast hg inc lg magic
19th, Mar 07
The first day of Jade’s new life and she is stuck at home for the whole weekend. Whatever will she do?
big huge instant magic mpg multiple shem weird
19th, Mar 07
Two sultry, sexy women introduce young Mia into a supernatural world of expanding breasts, hot hermaphrodites and a power over regular people she never thought possible. Part 1 of a first attempt.
ag fast hg huge lac magic shem
23rd, Mar 07
A girl who wishes she had bigger boobs, finds herself in ashop promising just that. Strange, strange things start happening. This is my first BE, so its not great, but enjoy it anyway.
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25th, Mar 07
A bunch of VERY busty ladies play some poker but instead of betting with chips, they bet with cup sizes. a lot of breast shrinkage, and a LOT of breast growth.
cb instant magic wow
31st, Mar 07

It’s been a long, dull month for Mike Wagner. Beaten nearly to death by an irate boyfriend after carelessly using the amazing Master PC program, Mike can finally talk again and the first thing he asked for is, you guessed it, his laptop. But when the sexy daughter of his erstwhile roommate comes for a visit, will Mike escape the hospital alive?

And if he does, what surprises has the Vice Principal prepared for him?

big instant magic ment mpg
3rd, Apr 07

So Mike’s still lying in the hospital, having been screwed unconscious by a Stripper-slash-Import Tuner Show Babe, as the Vice Principal springs his surprise. Can Terry straighten things out in time? Will he even realize in time?

Basically, plot occurs here, so you may want to skip this chapter.

ar magic
3rd, Apr 07
Short but to the point and very very sweet, this is the first literary work of Sofia in over 5 years. Featuring B.E via breast implants, a niche sorely lacking for material, in this genre. Perhaps we'll see more from her, or others? Writers, please indulge this story type. (breast implants and augmentation)
science slow
6th, Apr 07

Mike has his laptop and a copy of Master PC, and he’s all healed up, so it’s time for revenge! His tormentors shall suffer for all of the indignit— Oooh. Check out the cute nurse!

Maybe revenge can wait.

ar big hg instant magic ment mpg nc
9th, Apr 07

Ah. High school. AKA the good ol’ days, not that they really were all that good, mind you. But then you or I likely didn’t have Master PC. Well, Mike does have Master PC, so for him the days really are good. Unfortunately, Danny Grant (formerly the vice principal) is onto him, and Danny’s replacement, The Vampire, is a little too detention-happy.

I mean really. It’s not like Mike started the orgy on purpose.

big fast lg magic ment mg mm
12th, Apr 07
Mike gets moving on his grand scheme for vengeance, but Terry’s watching. So’s Suzy. And Danny. And Lindsay. Can’t a guy get any freaking privacy at Hübsches-Mädchen High? Nope. Doesn’t look like it.
big instant magic ment
15th, Apr 07

Mike takes his new girlfriend, Lindsay, home for dinner to meet the family, but it seems that Callie has a friend over: the ever-lovely—and getting lovelier—Katelyn.

It looks like dessert will consist of Stripper Extraordinaire. Yummy!

ar big hg instant magic weird
18th, Apr 07
Mike begins phase two of his nefarious plan for vengeance, but will Suzy let him get away with it? Or will she seduce and take the cheerleader for herself? What about Danny? His investigations bring him ever closer. But first, Dude, where’s Mike’s car?
big fast magic
21st, Apr 07

Not much happens in this chapter. Mike just spends an afternoon transforming cheerleaders and trying out all sorts of different body and breast styles on the unsuspecting bouncy bimbos.

But there is someone who does suspect ….

big cb huge instant lg magic ment
23rd, Apr 07
…It started when the nubs of her sticky nipples pressed into his collar bone. There was resistance and pressure but her tits did not push him back. They just kept coming, a tide of flesh. Two circles of gooey, cool, soft sensation grew and then merged and then surged around his arms and up his neck and down his belly and…"Oops," the green girl said, eyes twinkling with mischief. "Talk about overkill. Better reel these babies in." With a sliding slurp the tide of tits receded. She drew some of her chest's substance into the rest of her body, darkening to a forest green. "There we go," she sighed. "Big enough to shame any porn star, small enough to fit through the door. Where was I?"
big fast gts huge lac magic sc science weird
26th, Apr 07
"We're just getting started. I've got so much nanomek inside me right now I've got no idea what to do with it. I could grow fifty feet tall and carry you to the top of the Empire State Building and screw you stupid. I could fill this parking lot with a few hundred duplicates and line up to screw you stupid, but I doubt any of us could be that patient and we'd just pin you to the pavement with pussy and screw you stupid. Or with a little more food coloring we could first morph into every female character in those comic books hidden in your closet and then pin you down and screw you stu—Holy shit, this is really turning you on, isn't it?"
big bond instant magic sc science shem weird
28th, Apr 07

In the wrap-up for book II of Rumour Mill, it’s Danny vs. Mike. Who will you cheer for? What is Mike really up to? What do Terry and Suzy think?

And just what does happen when an exhibitionistic futa-girl works at a strip club?

big magic ment slow
29th, Apr 07
Miss DeVille's school uses an un-orthodox method of corporal punishment .. This is another Ed Miller's story. Found on Fictionmania. I wonder how come no one else uploaded it here .. - Uploader
fast huge magic nc rc shem tg
29th, Apr 07
In part one, Ed changes himself into a hyper-hootered girl using Master PC loaded on his girlfriend's computer. That leads to a night out of fun and frolic, but when he comes home and finds his girlfriend has deleted the program, he starts to panic. Part two continues Ed's adventure as a unintentionally permanent member of the fairer sex, and since it's an Ed Miller story, he continues to get fairer and fairer!
ar ft huge instant magic nc sc tg
30th, Apr 07
This is part 1 of my new story. I hope you enjoy it, and I welcome any comments at
chem huge ment mpg shem slow
4th, May 07
A few later chapters in the tale of Mercury and Kate, the sexiest werecows ever. ;) The timeline is a bit disjointed, due to a loss of data, but there is plenty of BE for the fans, as well as a letter from the author.
ag fast huge lac magic multiple preg shem tg weird
5th, May 07
A herbal chemist test his new herbal vitamins on two expecting very fit female roomates.
ag chem fa fast huge lac asleep
7th, May 07
The scarlet girl marveled at him, perfect breasts heaving. "You smell wonderful, Master; so angry." Batwings the color of blood and smoke luxuriated in the air of the living room. "I love it." Narrow rivulets of red nectar trickled from her sex to run down her inner thighs. "You won't regret coming back to me. I'm so much stronger for you now." She reached out to him, fingers flexing. "I'm ready." Dee advanced into the radius of her wingspan. "You're finished." "Oh, Master," she gasped, agape with delight, before her eyes narrowed and her lips twisted into a thin, crooked grin. Her batwings snapped ready, their tiny twins above her ears fanning up and back until she looked like a helmeted Valkyrie who had fell to Hell. "Bring it."
big bond hyp lac magic sc science weird
8th, May 07
the followed up to my first story door to door vitamin sales...
ag cb chem fast huge lac mpg slow weird asleep
10th, May 07
From the semi-warped mind of SkeetSkeet: Candice suddenly finds herself held hostage in a plot to extort $250,000 from a lawyer. As the kidnappers grow impatient, so grows poor Candice. Enjoy!
cb chem huge nc offstage slow asleep
13th, May 07
The Literary equivalent of fruitcake; incredibly dense, much too sweet, gets passed around a lot, and takes forever to get through..;) Actually, a 'botched' attempt at a Bearchive challenge. Read that they wanted a story to illustrate, went back, and found just a comic-book-length description. I'm about 21 pages over that. Victorian setting, and tried to convey the eroticism without having to use all the shopworn words...possibly the only story subitted here not containing the word 'pussy'..;) Enjoy. checked for spelling, but may have occasional dings..mea culpa
chem huge mpg slow weird
18th, May 07
Lizzie is spending a quiet day on a lake when suddenly her breasts start growing for no reason at all. And the only way to go is up...
cb fast huge magic nc wow
19th, May 07
Kerry disrupts an anti-porn protest, goes to the movies, and meets some of the competition.
big cb fast huge instant magic ment mpg
24th, May 07
Natalie, a proper young lady, is hired as the office manager for Harden Construction Company. She is unaware of the other duties she will be expected to perform.
big chem hyp ment slow
25th, May 07
Natalie, a proper young lady, is hired as the office manager for Harden Construction Company. She is unaware of the other duties she will be expected to perform. (Reposted in Rich Text. Hopefully this will solve any problems with downloads.)
big chem hyp ment slow
25th, May 07
Here is part 2 of the story. More to come...
chem huge shem slow
28th, May 07
A female cyclist goes for a bike ride,that will take her on,a life changing, body changing adventure!
ag big fa fast lac lg magic nc preg weird asleep
1st, Jun 07
This is the first part of my latest story. There will be more parts to come as I finish them. I hope you enjoy this and I look forward to any comments.
big chem fast
1st, Jun 07
Rachel/Elle returns in Sexified - Part IV (file includes parts I-III as well). After shutting down the SEX project and gaining a new sex slave in Dr. Holly, Rachel comes to understand just how powerful her sexual force made her. Added epilogue to part III. This chapter is meant to expand on said epilogue. Be sure to rate and comment this!
ag big cb chem fast hg hyp instant lg ment sc science
1st, Jun 07
After reading so many here, I guess I should contribute something, even if I don't know what the hell I'm doing. It's a short one, only a few pages long. Almost no dialog but I guess I have to start somewhere. Maybe it'll take off into another story in the future.
big ment science slow asleep
4th, Jun 07
I have been reading here at Overflowing Bra for a while and I have been irritated that each story comes close, so i figured i would type this and see how it does. If you all like it i will make a few sequals. This takes place in some random suburb and is about Jessica and Tiffany, two competing gardeners who get a surprize when something grows that they aren't expecting. more breast growth to come for certain. tell me what you guys think.
aliens big chem fast nc
4th, Jun 07
Thank you all (5) for the great words of praise and encouragement. This is the continuing story with more fantasy scenes than setup. for all of you who asked, yes there is lactation although not as much as will be in the next few chapters. Again, I will ask you to send your suggestions. This file has chapters one and two. also, at the end, the new character is unnamed. please send some ideas so that readers can play a part in this story. they are short so i can probably make one every day or so, but i will need breaks. Happy reading.
aliens chem fast gts hg huge lac ment nc weird
5th, Jun 07
Another huge transformation occurs, this time for Tiff. Theres nothing quite like a giant, crazed plant with a voice like James Earl Jones and a sense of humor, as you will all find out. Please, everyone, if you read and enjoy the story leave a comment. It isn't hard and it lets me know you care. otherwise, happy reading.
aliens chem fa fast huge lac ment multiple preg rc weird
6th, Jun 07
I, II, III, and IV all here with some pictures I drew of Leana. If you are a construction worker, i urge you to be understanding. For the rest of you, I hope you enjoy the cum filled, sex crazed chapter IV of Miracles Grow. SEND COMMENTS!!
aliens cb chem fa huge instant lac ment mpg nc shem weird
11th, Jun 07
My first work. breast expansion, lesbian sex, multiple partners,
science slow
11th, Jun 07
The main character finds that, when he and his girlfriend have unprotected sex, parts of them grow for no apparent reason! They also find out that it can be quite addicting...
ag big cb fa fast huge mpg wow
12th, Jun 07
Q. Why shouldn't you pick on people in school? A. Because you never know what they're going to do when they're older.
big chem instant lac ment nc science shem
15th, Jun 07
This is a made up instruction manual for Breast Yoga. There is contact info on the last page. This is designed to be the base of many Breast Expansion stories. Feel free to take on the idea.
big chem huge lac slow
16th, Jun 07
A young girl, often overlooked by others, is given a chance to stand out by her closest freind.
ag big cb fast magic
1st, Jul 07
An early adopter gets more than he bargains for when he buys an iPhone from an odd little store. First story here. Be nice.
cb gts huge instant magic mg nc rc weird
1st, Jul 07
My last Sexified story. The sexed-up Rachel is ready to launch a world-wide sexual revolution! Please comment this story and feel free to continue the story.
ag big cb chem fast gts hg instant lac lg sc science tg
2nd, Jul 07
In this episode, our hero Tim makes some changes to himself, and has a little adventure with his sister's friends.
gts huge inc instant magic mg mm mpg rc sc
2nd, Jul 07
Mandy comes over and helps Andy, and on the east coast, the Vatican gets involved. Meanwhile, the old world has gotten involved... Due to a reformatt, I lost 7 chapters of work, so I am recompiling the work. Here are chapters 11 and 12 (I know small update for 11 months of work) but more is one the way, I promise. Let me know what you think, and please continue to be patient.
fast huge magic mpg
2nd, Jul 07
This is my first story, hope you like it In Mr. Switzer's world you do what he says, how he says, and when he says it, even if you don't know you're doing it. leave coments at
ag big hg instant magic ment
3rd, Jul 07
ag chem fast instant magic science slow
3rd, Jul 07
Back from break. Here is the next chapter of Miracle grow. Things begin to turn a bit. If anyone has ideas about where the story should go or things they want to see, tell me. e-mail or comments, they really do help. happy reading.
aliens fast huge lac ment multiple nc preg sc science shem weird wow
4th, Jul 07
Out of my disatisfaction with expansion stories on the web I made this! Molly finds an interesting way to get back at her skinny tormenters from higschool. It involves a lot of ripping and button popping along the way........
ag big cb fa fast huge instant lg magic nc
5th, Jul 07
"Why?" Dee rose. "Why can't you help?" Tomoe shrugged and opened her mouth but this time Dee knew exactly what was coming and cut her off. "And don't just say 'rules,' or 'I lost the manual,' or some other bullshit. Galatea tried to get us the Disney lovey-dovey ending and I fucked it up. I gave away the nanomek. Now there's this three hundred pound, chocolate cherry psycho-bitch running around, kidnapping my girlfriend, mindfucking skank-bots and killing and eating people in some elaborate scheme to take over the world just because she thinks I don't pay enough attention to her."
big fast ft hyp instant magic ment sc science shem weird
6th, Jul 07
Our hero finds that maybe he overlooked some things as the growth gets a little out of control.
cb gts hg huge inc instant magic mg mm mpg nc sc
7th, Jul 07
"Here is buried the cursed one. If any man disturbs this place the curse shall fall on him and all who touch anything inside." Go easy on me this is my first attempt. Please let me know what you think.
big fast magic nc shem tg
8th, Jul 07
A blond hair fitness instructor out on a Sunday drive in the country,makes a mistake of her life stopping to fill up her gas tank.
ag cb chem fa huge lac mg nc slow
8th, Jul 07
A collection of BeAddventure postings cleaned up and strung together. Various authors have contributed to these stories.
big cb fast hg lac lg magic ment mpg weird
9th, Jul 07
Please keep comenting and sending me eamils, I love feedback and ideas for later stories. As promised there is more sex but be patiant, there is still more to come, or cum....whatever.
big hg instant magic ment
10th, Jul 07
Madison is your regular teenager. But one night at a club allow guys' wishes upon her to take shape. This is the beginning chapter of a longer story and my first.
ag big cb hg instant nc
12th, Jul 07
Genetic Research takes a strange and dangerous turn in the U.K. Ordinary citizen, James Brisby meets Beth Hurly, a mysterious character who takes James in her home, only for him to end up going underground outside of London for reasons out of his control.
big science slow
12th, Jul 07
Jake returns home to some.. changes. This is my first BE story attempt, so I'd sincerely appreciate any feedback. Thank you.
ag big cb fast gts instant lg magic sc
12th, Jul 07
In this installment of Unexplained Expansion, Carrey is out for a jog and suddenly her breasts start growing! But will she notice in time? (Of course not!)
cb fast huge magic nc
13th, Jul 07
Not much story line in this one but I think that you will like it. I am now fresh out of ideas so please comment or email me. My email adress is in the story at the top. Enjoy
ag ar fast hg huge magic ment
13th, Jul 07
chem fast huge sc science asleep
16th, Jul 07
big fast lac magic tg
16th, Jul 07
Been wanting to post a story for a long time. So here it is. What if you could control what happens to someone with a single question?
big fast lac magic tg
17th, Jul 07
first part of a story, this will be my last attempt at trying to break into professional writing of BE based
ar big cb fast gts hg instant lac magic nc preg shem tg weird
18th, Jul 07
18th, Jul 07
a balloon scientist with a transdemental viewer that also allows the user to remove things and persons from that dimention Saving the balloon girl from being popped for good.
fast magic sc wow
18th, Jul 07
The true story of the Grail
ag big cb fast hg lg magic
18th, Jul 07
I've been away for awhile, but I'm back with a new one. This has been long in writing and I hope it is better than my previous works. This story is packed with cowgirls, genetic modification, slavery, freedom from cultural taboos, and of course, lots of sex and big breasts.
ag big lac multiple nc science slow weird asleep
18th, Jul 07
Shannon finds a magazine ad with a phone number that gives her bigger breasts when she calls it.
cb fast huge magic sc
18th, Jul 07
Sequal to "The Dream". Danielle's breast inflation is out of control, and she consults an unbelieving doctor on how to solve the problem. But first she has to prove it is actually happening.
chem fast huge sc
18th, Jul 07
Hello my fellow big boob fans! I'm a recent bisexual from a city in the hot Southwest, and thanks to the encouragement of my new partner, who has a pair of breasts nearly as big as my own, I've started to fantasize about the sexual possibilities. Real and imagined. I write for two publications as a living, so on this site I'm indulging my dark, delicious, yet hopefully still quite human side. This story is about a heavy Latina woman in Phoenix who buys a bus ticket to San Diego. She wants to change her life, and hopes the city will inspire her to get back into shape. But things don't go as planned when she meets an usual woman in the Phoenix bus station. I hope you enjoy the first erotic story I've ever written. If you like it, I will write more. Gracias, amigos.
big instant science
18th, Jul 07
Three girls go on a Carribean Spring Break trip to celebrate their impending graduation. While on the island they acquire some ecstasy and a local island potion. The results are largely uncontrollable.
chem fast huge lac nc offstage sc asleep wow
18th, Jul 07
The sequel to Sexified, the story about a woman that gains the ability to transform into a sex goddess. More transformations and discoveries await the sexed-up former secretary Rachel as she returns to Washington DC. Rachel comes to understand what happened to her… and learns to like it! File also includes Sexified part I. Please send comments to!
ag big cb chem fast hg instant lg ment rc sc science
18th, Jul 07
Taylor, a graduate student and brilliant chemist, brings his work home to his bombshell girlfriend Sarah. Over some wine, they experiment with a formula designed to double the size of mammary glands with each dose. Eventually, Sarah takes the experiment into her own hands, and away from the more cautious Taylor...
big chem fast huge lac sc science asleep
19th, Jul 07
My first attempt at a BE-styled story. Please be kind. A young kitsune is having a blast, changing people here and there as she pleases. Until a man captures her and proceeds to do to her, what she had done to others.
ag ar big cb fast hg huge hyp magic ment mpg nc sc science tg wow
21st, Jul 07
My first attempt at any sort of BE story, please be gentle. Comments can be emailed to
big fast mg mm mpg
22nd, Jul 07
Gloria keeps getting packages in the mail with new clothing that changes everything about her life.
ag ar big chem hg inc lg ment slow asleep
22nd, Jul 07
Scientist Taylor and the slightly impulsive Sarah recuperate from the spontaneity of part one, and gear up for the impending growth yet to come... I think this may just end up being a trilogy.
big chem fast huge lac nc offstage preg science asleep
25th, Jul 07
My second official BE story. Thank you for all of the positive feedback on the last one, I attempted keep all of it in mind. Please excuse me if there is excess character development; I can get carried away. In any case, in this story, a young man and his girlfriend get over there fight, and just in time, as strange things will soon occur down at the beech.
ag big cb fast huge magic mpg slow wow
26th, Jul 07
this is just the rough draft of a story i wrote. its not very good so far but im looking to get feedback or if anyone wAnts to expand it im up to share the idea just send me the info to
ag big magic slow asleep
26th, Jul 07
The Newcastle Center for BioTech Research is an unusual home for James but he finds himself settling in. Things heat up a bit as he learns more about the mysterious Beth Hurly and has an unusual sexual encounter. (I decided it was better to send this chapter off now, than let my readers keep waiting. Enjoy. You're comments are much appreciated! Expect more fun!)
big cb lac science slow
2nd, Aug 07
This is a transcript of an RP/Story between myself and a like minded female via email and as such the 1st and 3rd person isn't always correct and it may jump about a bit but take it as it is and hopefully enjoy it as much as we did. The names have been changed to protect the guilty... or should that be innocent?.... lol
cb fast science wow
3rd, Aug 07
The continuing tale of Amy and Brynn and the changes they go through.
chem huge lac science shem slow tg
3rd, Aug 07
Another new author takes to the field! A tale of debauchery begins with a sinister GPS navigation map by an author who has mastered anything if brevity. Will our heroes initiation go as planned? Will the author ever write a sequel? Its anyones guess!
big bond fast magic mpg multiple nc
4th, Aug 07
Jake returns home to find friends, and a cunning ex-girlfriend with a "big" surprise waiting for him.. (comments welcome and appreciated, thanks for all the feedback on the first version.)
big cb gts instant magic sc
4th, Aug 07
Seven short stories about growing breasts and the women attached to them.
ag aliens big cb chem fast hg huge lac magic ment multiple nc preg sc shem slow weird asleep
5th, Aug 07
A Tale of the Nymphocalypse: Nothing is the same after the naked babe in my shower sucked my cock; I'm getting hornier, the world is getting sexier, and a conspiracy is underfoot that no one seems to notice. How long can I hold out against nude nymphomaniacs that can match a man's every sexual fantasy? Long enough to unravel the mystery and save mankind? Perhaps not.
ag aliens big chem instant ment science weird asleep
7th, Aug 07
The first seven chapters of the Tim The Enchanter short stories. Tim uses his magical powers to sculpt and shape women to his will. Transformations include breast expansion and women with animal hybrid characteristics. Series continues with Chapter 8 by Twisted Transformer.
ag big cb fast hg hyp instant lac lg magic ment mpg multiple preg shem tg weird
7th, Aug 07
The Tim The Enchanter saga continues with a new author taking the reigns (with the original author's approval). Tim uses his magical powers to sculpt and shape women to his will. Transformations include breast expansion and women with animal hybrid characteristics.
ag big fast instant lac magic ment weird
9th, Aug 07
A little swim at the local pool leads Kerry to something more including bigger boobs, the Forces of Evil, the Forces of Nerdity, a shower room full of cheerleaders, and much bigger boobs.
big huge instant magic ment mm mpg wow
16th, Aug 07
Now that the truth of the invasion is revealed, I look forward to my stud-slavery by an empire of big-boobed alien nymphomaniacs who eschew clothing and morality alike. Their power seems absolute; is Earth doomed to a fate of eternal ejaculations as a captive of an Empire of Orgies?
aliens big hyp instant ment multiple preg sc science weird
22nd, Aug 07

Laura’s had a bad day at work and so has Kerry, so when they meet at the bar they find they have a few things in common. Things like long legs, hot bodies, huge tits, insatiable bisexual appetites, and absolutely no inhibitions.

Which is funny since Laura and her friends used to think of her as being somewhat dull and very mousy.

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27th, Aug 07
This is my first story (we all have to start somewhere), and as a result I'd like some feedback. The story is set in the fantasy world of Ecien and revolves around Mani, a girl who is chosen by an ancient Queen to rule the land and receive the curse.
big cb fast huge magic slow
31st, Aug 07
The main character finds that, when he and his girlfriend have unprotected sex, parts of them grow for no apparent reason! They also find out that it can be quite addicting... With a new expanded ending by guhbone, filling in the weight gain segment (if you're into that kind of thing).
ag big cb fa fast huge magic mpg
31st, Aug 07
The introductory story of Amadre, an elven sorceress, who accidentally becomes cursed with gem that makes her more buxom and horny every time she casts a spell.
big instant magic ment nc
1st, Sep 07
Patrick worries about the "big" problem he and Diane have gotten into. Patrick is beside himself with worry while Diane is reveling in her newfound growth. And then Callie enters the apartment... (Part II of Unexplained Additions)
ag big fa fast huge magic mpg
2nd, Sep 07
Part two of the continuing story of Amadre and Talvia. When Amadre makes her feelings known to Talvia, it's not only their lust for each that grows. Includes a cameo by the main villainess and the introduction of a new character, Tsutanai, a rather unlucky priest.
ag big huge instant magic ment nc sc
4th, Sep 07
Diane's secret is out and Patrick quickly gets her to try to revert the extreme growth he, she and Callie have experienced. Callie has other plans, though...
ag big fa fast huge magic mpg
5th, Sep 07
A rash of crop circles hits farms around a small prairie city in Saskatchewan. A young couple finds themselves abducted and subjected to an alien experiment. The story culminates at the Harvest Dance when an unexpected explosion of growth occurs... (PS - there is no weightgain or fat growth in this story - just good old-fashined BE and MPG)
ag aliens big huge lg magic mm mpg offstage slow asleep
6th, Sep 07
Tim and Tina take steps to counter Megan's control over the magic phone. Big steps.
cb gts instant magic mg wow
9th, Sep 07
Trevor's eccentric friend Jake claims to have coded a series of high frequency sound bites that encourages human growth hormones - and he proves it. The two devise a clever plan to append the clip to the end of the anthem played in the mornings at their high school. Things get a little out of hand...
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9th, Sep 07
"Me, Raz, and CeeCee are gunna find out just how much cum Dee's really got in him. Something tells me we're going to need it all to face down my baby sister. And then we're going to fuck his cum into you, one nanogasm at a time, no matter how much of Nyx we gotta stuff up our snatches or how much Ursula-pussy we gotta eat. It's the only logical solution, don't you think?"
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11th, Sep 07
The State of Emergency progresses on as citizens throughout the city are transformed into their utmost desires. In this installment, Angelo and Morgan find a way to make the catastrophe work for them.
big fast huge lg mg mm mpg science shem tg weird wow
12th, Sep 07
A Tale of the Nymphocalypse. The Complete Archive! Both editions including the massive, pussy-moistening conclusion! (now in rich text for easy viewing) The Earth is ruled by a salacious empire of Shape-Shifting, nymphomaniacal aliens. What can one man do? More like who can one man do! But I have a plan; a plan to use the alien's system against them, in an explosive climax of blossoming boobs, slickened pussies, and lusts too powerful to be denied!
ag aliens big bond chem huge hyp instant lac ment mpg multiple preg rc sc science weird
13th, Sep 07
The State of Emergency progresses on as citizens throughout the city are transformed into their utmost desires. In this installment, Angelo and Morgan find a way to make the catastrophe work for them. New file upload, encoded to UTF-16 rather than Western.
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16th, Sep 07
A man obsessed with big tit porn becomes what he obsesses over..
big chem fa hyp lac sc shem slow tg
16th, Sep 07
The Tim The Enchanter saga continues with Chapter 9, to be concluded with Chapter 10. Tim uses his magical powers to sculpt and shape women to his will. Transformations include breast expansion and women with animal hybrid characteristics. Comments and suggestions welcome.
ag big fast lac magic ment multiple weird
17th, Sep 07
Michael has a few weeks free time between finishing his masters and the "real" world. Jena has found her grandmother's old game.
ar big cb fast huge lac magic shem
19th, Sep 07
Jim interrupts a rite of initiation of a mysterious frat. He then gets caught in something he cannot comprehend.
fast huge hyp magic ment mpg nc tg
23rd, Sep 07
A mishap with a helium tank creates a human balloon.
ag big bond fast nc science
23rd, Sep 07
The Gran Teton's series continues...finally! In part four, our trio is on the hunt for the remaining bottles of the tonic, hoping to find them before things get totally out of control... ...and, of course, things get totally out of control...
cb chem fast lac magic tg wow
25th, Sep 07
In the second installment of this tale of the busty, lustful, super-sexual women called the Slutpires, Mia experiences her first day among their kind. She quickly learns to adjust to her new body and its new desires... (Parts 1 and 2 included)
cb fast huge magic shem
26th, Sep 07
The final episode of this series with a link to the next. Please leave comments or E-mail.....tell me where you think the story should go.
aliens fa gts hg instant lac ment mpg multiple nc preg sc science shem weird wow
30th, Sep 07
Tom has a strange dream where he finds himself in the body of a woman... and sometimes dreams wind up being reality.
big fast magic nc tg
2nd, Oct 07
This is my first attempt at a story in nearly a decade, I am rusty, but I will warn you now, this is a story with many parts, i am already writing up chapters 3 and 4 and possibly 5 soon enough. There isn't as much BE in this as the generic story, I have decided to stretch this out because of a heaven for bid, an actual plot. Feedback is appreciated, I have attempted to catch all grammar and spelling errors, if I have missed any please contact me through the forum. The story itself is about a woman who through a spell has the ability to live forever. She is caught in-between heaven, hell and the chance to save her own soul. Enjoy.
ag fast hg lg magic mg mpg slow
5th, Oct 07
The story's conclusion, featuring final confrontations, plot twists, blow job contests, goo girl orgies, a unique recipe for key lime pie, bishi-futa reaming, Arthurian myth, naga sex, naughty tentacles, rampaging skank-bots, breasts that blot out the sun, and the true meaning of love.
big fast ft gts huge instant magic ment sc science shem weird
9th, Oct 07
Jo discovers Mia's true nature... and what pleasure a magically enhanced slut can bring someone. Mia learns more about what it means to be what she is, and even more about her amazing abilities as a very special Slutpire.
big fast huge magic mpg nc sc shem
10th, Oct 07
When Hermione Granger finds herself in an awkward position Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry gets turned upside down. What will she do and how will her friends react? Read and find out. Illustrated by Kaleigh Blue
ag big cb instant lac magic ment nc preg slow
15th, Oct 07
This is my first story. Please leave commentary, and this is going to be in parts.
lg offstage slow
20th, Oct 07
A tale of the Nymphocalypse No one knows for sure where they came from, but mankind was totally unprepared for the invasion of gorgeous, sperm-crazed, shape-shifting nymphomaniacs. It is not a question of whether mankind can defeat them, but rather do we want to? Is every man on Earth doomed to become a pampered sperm-cow for lusting legions of alien seductresses?
aliens huge lac ment mpg offstage sc science slow weird asleep
21st, Oct 07
Just a straight forward story about massive growth and enjoyment.
chem hyp lac sc science slow wow
23rd, Oct 07
Another quick romp about the joys of growth, and the joys of young love.
big chem fast rc sc
27th, Oct 07
"I had to strain myself with a sleepless night of marathon sex to reassure all of my willing alien sex slaves that I did not mean to play favorites." What began with a lonely hitch-hiker soon grew into a non-stop orgy of nymphomaniac supermodels addicted to my sperm. They give blow-jobs, kinky sex, and breast-expansion theatre on demand... and I intend to show them off to the world...and my Ex-wife!
aliens big cb huge instant lac mpg multiple sc science slow weird asleep
28th, Oct 07
big bond chem lac ment science shem slow tg
5th, Nov 07
Jennifer, a slightly breast obsessed woman, finds a genie's bottle on the beach. Every wish she asks for comes true as expected, only Jennifer isn't the one making the wishes.
fast huge hyp lac magic nc weird
8th, Nov 07
Okay, as promised, the full five chapters of this section. Had to go on a deployment to Afghanistan to get some of it done (no distractions) but here it is, and the next three chapters are already complete, so less waiting (I hope). Story line continues. The Vatican has a Hit woman, Evil Mind Controling undead wenche finds a new Beau, and Andy and Amanda try to get measured... Did I mention the British are coming?
gts huge instant lg magic mg mpg sc
12th, Nov 07
The final entry in the Miracle Grow Series with a link to a new thread. I need your help to decide what to do next. Have fun with the read and Email or comment to tell me more. thanks
aliens fa gts hg instant lac ment mpg multiple nc preg sc science shem weird wow
12th, Nov 07
Young Caley Prentice has assets to make just about anyone jealous. Gorgeous, wealthy and incredibly stacked she doesn't seem to lack for anything... except kindness. Can one girl really have it all? Some people don't seem to think so.
big magic offstage sc slow
12th, Nov 07
First story, please comment! Lisa, your regular 17 year old comes across a strange rock that embeds itself into her body and takes her kinky mind and body through a whole host of orgasmic transformations as she pleasures herself over and over again.
big cb fast magic ment mpg sc science shem weird
12th, Nov 07
Lisa is your regular teenager who discovers an interesting force that lets her control her own body completely. Only then does the super kinky side of her come out and breasts grow and orgasms flow as she takes her body on a crazy ride.
big cb fast magic sc shem weird
12th, Nov 07

Revisions of Kerry chapters 1 through 5 as well as chapters 6 and 7, wherein Kerry subs in for the regular teacher and covers sex-ed at a Catholic girl’s school.

Will Victoria earn a passing mark from Miss Malloy, or is she too squeaky clean and doomed to fail?

ag ar big cb fast hg huge instant lg magic ment mg mm mpg sc wow
15th, Nov 07
Based off a great thread in the addventure, follow volume 1 of Breast Queen as Seven of Nine plots a huge breasted take over of the ship!
ag cb fast huge ment sc science
26th, Nov 07
A magical journey which changes one person's life for the unexpected better. My very first attempt at story writing. Hope someone finds it interesting.
big fast magic nc tg
28th, Nov 07
Molly is back and soon boobs are snapping bras butts are tearing out of jeans and fat is seeping out of every corner- mostly for her own amusement at her victim's expense.
ag big cb fa fast huge lg magic nc
12th, Dec 07
The first of the many adventures of Matt. After gaining a new ability Matt finds he is able to shape women's bodies. His first test is on his friend Amber.
big fast gts instant lg ment rc science
13th, Dec 07
Chapter 2 in the ongoing adventure of Matt. Amber keeps her word and sends a friend to see Matt, her name is Bree. Bree takes full advantage of Matts new power and things start growing.
cb fast huge rc science
14th, Dec 07
Chapter 3 in the ongoing adventures of Matt. With Bree grown out of control Matt needs help. What perfect timing when Candice shows up.
fast gts lg rc science weird wow
15th, Dec 07
My first ever story. Contains Mini-gts, slow-growth. A boy named Jake is secretly in love with a girl named Gen that lives next door. As their relationships grow closer so does their height and extacy for one another. This is just part 1 of many more to come (hopefully if people like it). PLEASE comment on this story whether it's positive or negative. I want to improve on my writing skills so that I may provide the community with great new stories. Thank you and enjoy :)
ag big gts science slow
15th, Dec 07
Part 2, allready!?! Yea, well hope you enjoy. Jake and Gen continue to spend the day together even with her increased Size and bust. They find that their love cannot be changed by the physical differences that they have.
big gts slow
15th, Dec 07

Tony, Jason, and Cam are enjoying a night out in the aftermath of Tony’s break-up with his girl when Tony finds himself the master of a Genie. A Genie who’ll do anything to please him… even turn herself into a bimboslut.

But, of course, Kerry has to get herself involved.

big cb fast magic ment mpg
16th, Dec 07
Jake and Gen continue their trip on the beach. PLEASE GIVE COMMENTS, I'm writing this for the readers. Help me write for you :)
ag big gts science slow
16th, Dec 07
Chapter 4 in the ongoing adventures of Matt. Amber, Bree, Candice and Danielle are all keeping Matt busy. He needs a break, and did he just see someone in the house?
big fast gts huge lac mpg sc science
17th, Dec 07
An 83 year old man discovers a djinn's lamp in a park, but then the old man says he's lived his life, and gives the lamp to a young newlywed couple he sees. This touches the djinn, and having his faith restored in humanity, he grants the old man his only wish, and is very generous to the couple. The djinn bestows a few wishes upon the couple, and, well, you can probably guess where this is headed... Includes a preview of things to come in a future chapter. Be sure to tell me what you think on the overflowing forum!
big fast gts huge lac magic mg mm mpg sc
17th, Dec 07
Jade finally gets her papers to leave the house. After a quick bit of shopping, she gets to go to school for at least the end of the day.
big huge instant magic shem weird
18th, Dec 07
Ron Weasley invents a new beauty potion that turns Hermione into quite the hott little witch
ag chem hg instant lg magic
19th, Dec 07
From the secret, forgotten archives of XXXecil comes a post-apocalyptic tale of sweaty, naked warrior women, uncontrollable breast growth, and the brave men on an impossible journey to escape eternal sexual slavery between the pumping thighs of sex-starved, mutant amazons. With more to follow!
big bond fast lac ment nc science
20th, Dec 07
We return to the Dodsons Dream universe for some back story. Warning to the innocent - this story contains some seriously strange stuff. I hope you enjoy Fateful Nights - I'm working on another story, but who knows when it will be done...
ag fast huge hyp magic mpg multiple nc rc shem weird
22nd, Dec 07
Janice is kidnapped and her breasts are forced to grow.
hyp nc slow wow
26th, Dec 07
Clare never imagined the benefits she could get by working on a bra store.
big magic slow
30th, Dec 07
It’s my first try at this – see if you like it.
big cb fast huge magic slow
30th, Dec 07
James learns from his twin sister they both have a rare genetic oddity which can enhance youth and sexuality. Feeling trapped from the confines of the Newcastle Center for BioTech Research, he tries to escape, only to end up in a pleasurable sexual growth experiment.
big chem fast lac mpg science slow