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The Overflowing Bra

For the year 2008
2nd, Jan 08
What does a bored Chaos God do in today's world? Well, if you're Chance you kidnap people and perform experiments on them. This is the story of Charlotte, a young woman he just happens to run into at the park. What does fate have in store for young Charlotte? You know you want to know. Be nice to your Mistress. She loves feedback. Want to know what happens next in Chance's world? Let me know at MistressA @ live .com (without the spaces).
ag big hg instant lac magic nc preg
9th, Jan 08
Two weeks ago, the most arrogant girl in the universe cast the gauntlet down in front of Marty and his friends. Well, now that Marty has a copy of Master PC Nicole is about to experience his reply.
big cb fast instant ment mg mpg nc science
13th, Jan 08
The fourth installment of the Adventures of Andy and Amanda. A lot happens in this section. I have to thank Musette for editing, and all of you for reading my stuff. The story wraps up in the next section. Only one thing I ask from all of you. Don't comment if you aren't brave enough to leave a name. Thanks and Enjoy!
big cb fast gts huge instant lac magic mg mm mpg slow weird
13th, Jan 08
This chapter should have been included with chapters 7-9. The genetic augmentation study at the NCBTR has taken some unusual turns. What happens in the following two days, prevents James and Beth from venturing out from the NCBTR test bedroom.
big chem lac mpg science slow
16th, Jan 08
Part of the Gran Teton's series "Chris's Shower" is a side story that takes place at the end of the fourth chapter of the "Gran Teton's" series. The "Interludes" are meant to focus on just one "Teton's" character, going through giant-breast related events that - while interesting - don't really impact the main storyline. One Person...One Pair of Boobs...And probably an Orgasm or two.
chem huge instant magic tg
17th, Jan 08
A young, inexperienced adventurer is captured by a kinky sorceress and turned into the perfect sex slave.
ag bond fast huge magic nc
17th, Jan 08
Jade’s first day at school plus a sleepover at Mary’s house leads to all sorts of fun.
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18th, Jan 08
This story is about a bizarre health class and the consequences of it.
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4th, Feb 08
Please don't be too unkind as this is my first attempt at a story. May be the start of a series of storys, based from the hellsing anime and manga series.
big cb chem fast magic rc sc science
5th, Feb 08
Five girls out to celebrate a friend's birthday. Then Timmy shows up and things get interesting.
big instant lac magic ment nc
5th, Feb 08
A Female Member of a forum finds her body being shaped into another member's ideal woman in this short Tale
ag big cb hg instant lg magic nc
5th, Feb 08
After having a LONG break I thought i'd give this project a shot and see what people think, any thoughts, views,oppinions,etc mail me:
big chem fast instant lac
5th, Feb 08
I re posted this story so that those of you with no knowlage of the Hellsing manga and anime series know what the two main charecters look like.
big chem fast magic science
11th, Feb 08
Here it is, part 2. I have listened to the comments posted on my original version of part one and have tried to make the breast expansion itself longer while still trying to make it seem like it is in the hellsing universe. I hope you all enjoy the story and any comments are welcomed as long as they are ethier praise of ideas to help me improve the story.
cb chem fast magic rc sc science
16th, Feb 08
Joe's a little guy with big dreams. Suzy has always been shy about being the biggest girl in school. Will these two make it work? Is there a reason Suzy has such dramatic proportions? And are they getting even bigger? A slow growth story. leave comments here, at the minigiantess forum or at giantess city
ag big fast gts sc slow
17th, Feb 08
I have re-written and added to my original work, expanding some of the descriptions as suggested and adding another chapter. A man named John unwittingly follows a GPS device onto a side road that takes him to The Gilded Rose, his life will never be the same. Hope you enjoy.
big bond cb fast huge lac magic mpg multiple nc rc shem weird
18th, Feb 08
Finally! This story took a while. And guess what? There's one more to come! This time, Jean is in the middle of a cornfield when it happens. Also, more about what connects the stories. Enjoy!
bond cb fast huge magic nc wow
20th, Feb 08
Jade learns a lot more on how lust affects her and how she can use it. Then girls must deal with the fall out of Gwen.
big cb ft huge instant magic mg mpg shem weird
26th, Feb 08
longer. better. more BE then ever before. This heavily revised sequel to the first breast Queen follows Seven as she completes her BE based domination of voyager- and gets challenged for the title of Queen by someone you will not expect!
ag big cb chem fast huge instant lac ment science slow wow
26th, Feb 08
Jade pushes to see how far she and Susan can take their ‘Secret Fuck’ to amazing results. Then Jade visits Stacy Palmer to make amends for breaking her arms. Finally, we see how Tina is handling the lost of her sister.
big huge instant lg magic mpg shem weird
2nd, Mar 08
John finds a magic ring, and transforms the girl he loves, but can't get. all changes are temporary. BE, Increased sensitivity, Magic, slow, some mind control
ag bond fast huge hyp magic ment nc rc weird
3rd, Mar 08
Warning this is a story full of furries, if it helps think of them as fuzzy aliens. The idea for this story came from a sci fi book I read a long time ago, didn't realize when I started writing it where I had got the idea from. I don't remember what the title of the book was but if it sounds like I stole the start of this from somewhere I did. This is a story about a government lab doing things it should not do and the very bad people trying to cover up the fact that something very right was done there.
ag cb fa gts huge lac ment mg nc preg science slow asleep
4th, Mar 08
I found your site years ago and I read in from time to time (especially to practice my English :o) ). So I decided to participate in writing a little. This is my first story in English (I'm from Russia). If anyone enjoy, others would be translate soon. This story is about a girl in our office. How we met, and what happened else… Consider big overdeveloped breasts and constant investigation process. For those who enjoy to look and to take part in big breast action. To contact me:
big slow
5th, Mar 08
A brief tale about a young man with wild sexual fantasies and his encounter with a strange being from the Fifth Dimension. The devilish Great Gazoob allows Dan's varied fantisies to runaway into realms of impossibility before growing bored and leaving. A quick and dirty tale of breast expansion, giantesses, penis growth, ass growth, fat growth, muscle growth and a harem of impossibly lusty bimbos.
ag aliens cb fa fast gts huge magic ment mg mm mpg
8th, Mar 08
(Thanks to JS for creating the Body Shifters Universe: I wasn't told where the alien came from; My job is to study it. But how long can I remain a neutral scientist when confronted by a sultry entity that can take the form of a man's greatest desires? The alien seductress has bra-busting powers of busty eroticism that make my cock harden just to imagine it. And she is cunning; not content to merely wait to entice me, she has a plan to escape, seduce, and increase. And I, I will be the one to help her.
aliens big bond huge instant lac lg mg multiple nc sc science weird
13th, Mar 08
Once again I have written the third part to my series of hellsing breast expansions. Set in a parralel version of hellsing where any female bitten by Alucard will have expanding breasts when ever they act like a real vampire or drink blood you can imagine what it is like for Seras, or will be like when I get the other Manga books to have source material to write about. This is just a short scene from hellsing volume four beacuse there wasen't any thing in volume three to write about.....Also Integra is now a pervert...
big cb chem fast magic rc sc science
15th, Mar 08
Jenny decides to use her powers for profit, and takes off on a little "working vacation" after leaving some others with the "short end of the stick"...
ag big cb instant lg magic sc
15th, Mar 08
The true nature of the Shifters remains a mystery, but it is clear that they are unrepentant nymphomaniacs with a libido to shame the most jaded whore. Cara and Clara near the completion of their cycles, and not a drop of sperm will be left as they go into Heat. Their breasts, and my cock will continue to grow - and if my harem has their way; I'll no longer be a dignified scientist, I shall become nothing more than a sperm-factory put to stud!
big gts instant lg multiple sc science slow weird
17th, Mar 08
While on a vacation to Hawaii, Mary Jane and her roommate Debbie buy a chess set with magical effects!
cb fast huge magic preg
17th, Mar 08
(The Complete Archive! Chapters 1 & 2, plus the new third chapter!) I have a plan, a plan to quench the seething lust that burns in my blood, and yet retain my freedom from a life as an alien sperm-stud. There are more Shifters than ever, and their nymphomaniacal urges will drive them to turn the tables on those that would curtail their erotic rampage. Can one man retain his sanity against a legion of luscious, shape-shifting beauties determined to get their chance at my cock? (Take a wild guess!)
ag big huge instant lac lg ment mpg multiple sc science weird
18th, Mar 08
A high school teacher accidentally ends up with one of her student’s strange gems. Her regular boring life quickly becomes one of confusion, mystery and lust. Prequel to ‘The Collection’.
big cb fast hyp magic ment nc weird
27th, Mar 08
4 Boys get rings that allow them to alter reality. Upped by Apple.
big fast huge instant magic ment mpg rc sc tg
30th, Mar 08
My take on the Sexified stories, taking place several years after the last official (?) one. Rachel's legacy lives on through two new protagonists...
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30th, Mar 08
Bob tries helping his friend hold up her strapless dress better by jokingly suggesting his own power of hypnosis' effect on the body. Good times ensue.
ag big hyp lg mpg science slow
7th, Apr 08
This is a story of a girl in search of the perfect gum. Little does she know the consequenses of her most recent discovery. Categories apply to the story as a whole, not just this part. Part 2 to follow soon. This is my first story, so please be kind. Send feedback to
ag cb chem fa huge slow weird
11th, Apr 08
Karen is a somewhat shy new girl getting used to life at college. After she begins taking a new birth control she finds over the weeks that she's begun to fill out her bras and her new friends begin to encourage more lustful behaviors. Part 1 spends a lot of time trying to develop the characters as best I can so it's a little lighter on the sex and changes than Part 2 will be. Much more intense situations to come.
ag big chem fast lg ment nc offstage slow asleep
12th, Apr 08
Part 5 of my ongoing saga involving massive BE, PE, sex, and other weirdness.
chem fast huge lac ment mpg nc science shem slow
14th, Apr 08
What happens when Robin eats a Rumble Ball? BE of course!
big cb chem fast lac science
3rd, May 08
This is my first attempt at a BE story that dosen't envolve vampires of violance. Set in a school in britan, thus it being "Year eleven: first term." Instead of "Eleventh Grade, first simester." Or what ever you americans do. This is basicly a simple short story which if enough people enjoy it I might turn it into a series of storys. Please leave me some feed back. Thanks =>
big cb chem fast huge magic rc science
4th, May 08
Hi, some people said I should have let the charecters in my YearEleven story be explained, and seeing as Ben is the only charecter who will be in each and every story I decided to write a story that takes place a year BEFORE the Year eleven storys, thus explaining Ben's charecter and why he makes girls breasts grow. I think this is longer then the last one but I am not sure. I also edited the background and the font so that it is easy to read. Once again please leave some feedback or I'll never imrpove.
big cb fast huge magic rc
4th, May 08
Plot? Who the heck needs plot?
huge instant magic weird
5th, May 08
This is a story about a female prisoner who must repay her debt to society in the most unusual way as a transformed G.A.L. Note: I am not the original author of this story, this is a reupload of a story that has since been lost on the internet. All credit and copyright belongs to there respective authors.
big chem ment multiple nc science slow weird asleep
7th, May 08
Small story I wrote a while ago but never finished (until now, of course). It is about a typical boy-girl high school romance. Plus BE. My first erotica, so comments would be greatly appreciated.
big cb chem fast huge
9th, May 08
In a world similar to ours, a young man meets something ... older. Much older. And rather ... flexible. Is it magic? Or just science too advanced? A first try, comments welcome.
ag instant magic mg science
10th, May 08
A sequel to an old submission of mine, 'Dr. Gonzaga'. What happens when modern science comes in contact with the lusty Victorian extract that causes everything good to expand...;)
big chem preg slow
19th, May 08
A story of olde about a pregnant girl and a lonely doctor. Not a lot of BE, but hopefully a good story.
big preg slow
19th, May 08
Part one of a new series. Melanie was once an ordinary girl. Now her life is a paradise of sex, lactation, and ever growing tits. A tale told to set the stage.
big chem lac sc slow
19th, May 08
The Creature is back, and her high priestess is about to learn the hard way that tricking a goddess can inflate the ego in the short run, but letting her find out she's been duped for a decade may very well lead to other parts inflating out of control... or is there more to it than just painful revenge? (Part 2 of most likely 3)
fast instant science
21st, May 08
Photojournalist Landon doesn't know what makes some things happen, but they certainly start to when he and his longtime girlfriend finally get to third base. Soon neither of them fit their clothes very well, for different reasons. Good, wholesome BE and MPG.
ag big cb fast huge mm mpg science slow
22nd, May 08
Continuing adventures of Melanie, this time we focus in on Tiger. Who gives up their life to serve a Goddess? This cool cat. Building up to much more growth in Part 3.
chem huge lac offstage sc slow asleep
22nd, May 08
The Legend of Melanie grows, as does her flock. Could this be something more than just a chemical reaction? Could she really be a Goddess?
chem fast huge lac rc
22nd, May 08
So this is my first story ever, I know it isn't the best but email me if you have any suggestions or put it in the comment box. In the story a kid gets the girl he has always wanted, but in ways he did not expect...
ag chem hg huge ment slow tg asleep
23rd, May 08
Malcolm meets a girl in the subway whose breasts grow when they get wet. She doesn't like her peculiar abnormality, but maybe Malcolm can convince her it's not so bad? My first ever story, all comments welcome.
big chem fast
29th, May 08
Katherine went to tutor Mike in science, little did she know that he didn't need any help at all. The first day, the first hour. More chapters are written with many, many more codes to come. I'll post them those if I get feedback on this one.
ag big cb chem fast instant magic ment sc science
30th, May 08
A psuedo-fairy tale about a young woman becoming Queen of a land where the position is determined by breast size.
ag big chem fast huge lac science wow
1st, Jun 08
After a very long break. I give you, part two! We learn the main characters name as he...she wakes up the next morning
instant magic
4th, Jun 08
Hour 2 of the tutoring session with Mike and Katherine.
ag big cb chem fast hg instant magic ment nc sc science
6th, Jun 08
By popular demand, an edited version presented in word doc format. Thanks to all those who have provided feedback! Hour 2 of Mike and Katherine's tutoring session.
ag big cb chem hg instant magic ment nc sc science
9th, Jun 08
Hour 3 of the saga...Thanks to those who have commented.
ag cb chem fast huge instant magic ment mpg sc
12th, Jun 08
After long abstinence I decided to write something new. Here my latest endeavour. If you like the story I'll continue it. // A magical potion changes Michaels life significantly. With virtually unlimited powers he explores the depths of his sexual desires. Enjoy the story - feedback is more than welcomed.
big cb fast gts hg huge lg magic mg
13th, Jun 08
Michael is a nymphomaniac who is attending meetings for his "problem." One night after one such meeting a doctor approaches him with a much more radical treatment.
big bond fast lac mpg offstage science tg asleep
13th, Jun 08
A sequel to Dr. Gonzaga, a posting I made a few months back. May help to read it, but not necessary. What happens when modern science can unravel the secrets of that lusty Victorian elixer? What happens when a lovely young botanist samples the women's plant, and has an expanding experience.
big chem preg slow
18th, Jun 08
In a world of superheroes, Tracy is reluctant to use her powers, until one day the temptation is just too great. Candy, on the other hand thinks "if you got it - flaunt it.." +++Please leave comments, thank you.+++
big chem fast gts instant sc science
18th, Jun 08
The fourth installment. Thanks to all those who have commented. The conclusion will be posted soon.
ag chem huge instant lac ment mpg science
18th, Jun 08
Jake loves big tits and computers, and ends with a winning combination.
science slow
19th, Jun 08
ag ar big fast instant magic ment nc
19th, Jun 08
Part Two of the epic tale of supernatural sluts of the night and their newest member, Mia, who has her first encounter with sex as one of the big-breasted beauties, and more fully develops her new body...
fast huge magic shem
19th, Jun 08
Scientists attempt to breed alien spiders in Cona's breasts.
aliens big chem huge lac science slow asleep
19th, Jun 08
Just a short story about some girls and a mysterious man. Read on and please do comment! You can IM me on either Yahoo or AIM at benadams1980.
ag big bond hg hyp magic ment slow
19th, Jun 08
The second Interlude features Rose. It takes place both after the events in Chapter Four of "Gran Tetons", but a couple of hours after those of the first Interlude as well.
big cb fast lac magic tg
19th, Jun 08
big ment nc science slow asleep
19th, Jun 08
A machine has been created to fulfill your every desire, even if it's something that's been deep down inside for a long time waiting to get out. Hop in and take it for a spin, if you dare.
big instant sc science tg
19th, Jun 08
What if two college girls make themselves into lab projects
cb chem fast huge instant lac science slow
19th, Jun 08
Stop the presses!1 Genoharden finally wrote a story! I know it's not great, mostly because it was written from an insomnia-filled weekend. But it's enjoyable and I would love some feedback! So email me at
big cb instant lac magic ment offstage weird asleep
21st, Jun 08
Here we go with part 3! Jamey is taken to a dance club by Rebekah
21st, Jun 08
just a quicky. gonna lose access to this place for a couple months, so I'd better post quickly...;) Some BE, but not central to the story. Still, might be fun. Enjoy.
ag big hg instant lg offstage science asleep
25th, Jun 08
Continuing the story of Joe and his mysterious growing lover Suzy. Strange facts surrounding her are slowly revealed. Joe isn't sure what to make of it. Well, one part of him is sure anyway! Some CB action and an SRU cameo round off this second installment. A slow growth/miniGTS story. If you'd like to reach me, you can do it here: feedback is encouraged!
ag cb gts huge instant magic sc
27th, Jun 08
The misadventures of Jennifer continue as the ever-playful Jeannie twists every wish she tries to make into a new experience in pleasure. Includes Parts 1 and 2.
ag fast huge hyp lac magic multiple nc weird wow
27th, Jun 08
Five years after the events of part 2, Saphina the ex-priestess, and Dawnielle aka 5PH-1NX, her former sphinx goddess turned Morphing Alien Robotic Researcher, find themselves pitted against rogue grave robber/archaeologist Belinda "the witch with the whip" Carlyle, possessed by the brain of B1-TCH, the only ‘bot ever to turn psychotic. Will their determination and technology be a match for B1-TCH's thirst for world domination, and the ancient magic poisons that she has now learned to wield...? The last part of the Temple Treat series is a 34.000 words wannabe epic including some more Altaerna universe background, boobs, fedora hats, peril-filled underground mazes, boobs, evil potions, morphing microbots out of control, boobs, explosions and a tearful farewell. And boobs. :)
ag fast magic multiple science
29th, Jun 08
The conclusion of the Tim The Enchanter saga. Tim uses his magical powers to sculpt and shape women to his will. Transformations include breast expansion and women with animal hybrid characteristics.
ag big fast lac magic ment weird
30th, Jun 08
As the hapless Jennifer discovers, not even being in public will stop Jeannie from having her sexily wicked way. .zip contains all previous parts of the story.
ag fast huge hyp lac magic multiple nc shem weird wow
30th, Jun 08
When a college student named Alex recieves a gift of growth, he doesn't anticipate it to spread. Things grow out of hand rather quickly, quite literally. This is my first story of the BE variety so comments good and bad are greatly appreciated.
big fast gts huge instant lg magic mg mm mpg offstage
14th, Jul 08
Young Caley Prentice has assets to make just about anyone jealous. Gorgeous, wealthy and incredibly stacked she doesn't seem to lack for anything... except kindness. Can one girl really have it all? Some people don't seem to think so.
big cb gts magic offstage sc slow
20th, Jul 08
This is a B.E scene of an Anime I am currently watching. There is no B.E in the acttual scene in the anime but I thought it would be better with some B.E in there. By the way this uploading also symbolises my last forey in to writing B.E for quite some time as I am currently working on my vampire romance novella. which would deffintly not be suitable for a conversion to a B.E scene. Bye then :D
big cb fast huge magic ment rc sc
27th, Jul 08
Nine drop-dead gorgeous nympho-babes that loved me, served me, and were eager to fuck me on my terms! And I had to escape! Would I retain my freedom, or would I become a sperm-slave for a legion of alien sluts?
ag big hyp instant lac lg ment mg mpg multiple sc science slow
29th, Jul 08
Madison continues in her adventure after having to change into a wish by anyone else. Please note, the first part of the story is in this file.
ag big cb hg instant lg nc
30th, Jul 08
My first story BE/LAC/AG about a girl who was afraid shed lose her boyfriend and , wanted to look prettier for him . let me know what you think [I'm not good at writing grammar or spelling you have been warned] BE is later on
ag big lac sc slow asleep
1st, Aug 08
Jake is accidentally hit with a strange new chemical. What new things does this mean for the young scientist? This is my second attempt at writing. This is much better written then my first attempt. If you like it let me know, I will add more chapters.
big chem fast mm mpg
7th, Aug 08
It's an ordinary day in the life of love-challenged Greg, until the universe decides that he is, in fact, a female. Things quickly escalate when "Michelle"'s chest starts growing faster than Greg can keep up, among other, even more drastic changes.
ag fast hg huge lac ment mm mpg preg tg
8th, Aug 08
A story about a boy who was travelling by bus. He met a neighbour woman with a strange but pleasant transformations of her body. Was it magic or reality, who knows?
big cb fast huge lac magic sc
14th, Aug 08
I acknowledge that I have not had any contribution towards this story, save for seeming to have kept it longer than anyone else, if you wrote it then you have my heartfelt thanks, this story opened my eyes to a world of BE. So now I give back to the community, the story that captured this weirdoes imagination. MadMacs2010 – BEen a fan for a long time Bathtime fun with the shower hose has some surprising and fun results - or do they...?
cb fast huge sc
15th, Aug 08
This is chapters 1-4 of The Slut's Panties. I hope you enjoy. Read the notes before each chapter for a quick overview.
ag big fa ft hg hyp inc instant magic ment mpg preg shem weird
19th, Aug 08
The easy sperm has gone... No longer are there horny young men hungering after endless pussy - because they've got it. A species of sperm-hungry aliens now give every red-blooded man all the sex he could ever want. Enter Gary, a rare-breed; one of the last, honest, married men. Can he stay that way as the street, his office, the world fill to overflowing with nubile nymphos that would do anything for his cock? What awesome powers of seduction will the shape-shifters use to get fucked by the last married man alive?
big hyp instant lac ment science shem weird
21st, Aug 08
A stressed out college-age ballet student needs some new clothes, and stops in at a strange shop where a busty proprietess sells her a new unitard that helps her feel a lot better, and certainly makes her roommates feel better, too. This is my first story, but hopefully the start of many more. Be warned, lots of lesbian sex in this one.
ag big fast magic ment
27th, Aug 08
Part one of a bodyshifters epic. Alien women with incredible powers are giving all men everywhere the sex of their wildest dreams, but when an old friend sends one of his harem as a gift, a dark and disturbing discovery is made by a lonely Shifter outcast. Will the newcomers to the harem disrupt their lives of mind-boggling pleasure? What sexy, big-busted secrets lie behind, The Vegas Strain?
aliens big chem fast hyp instant lac ment mg mpg multiple preg sc science weird
29th, Aug 08
All is not well in the sweat-drenched harems that are popping up around the country. A lonely, Shifter-exile discovers a menace to her world, and the pleasure of her Master. There will be orgies, gigantic boobs, and sexual urges to drive a man insane! (reformatted)
aliens chem fast huge hyp instant lac ment mpg multiple preg sc science weird
30th, Aug 08
big bond ft lac ment nc science slow tg
1st, Sep 08
Sally and Amy have been drifting apart. Amy's too busy with work and Sally's feeling lonely. She wants to do something special for their one year anniversary that will help bring them back together. Thankfully, Sally finds a shop with the right kind of lingerie. The kind that enhances a woman's curves in all the right places. Both women are in for a great surprise, and a magical night.
fast huge magic
1st, Sep 08
Freedom unknowingly purchases a magic bra.
ag big fast magic nc
2nd, Sep 08
Wilbur discovers a book of devices from the future that can enhance your sex life.
big fast huge mpg science
3rd, Sep 08
Further adventures with devices from the future that enhance your sex life.
big fast huge instant mpg science
4th, Sep 08
The complete archive! Reformatted chapters 1 and 2 plus the unreleased Part 3! Trina has undertaken a journey to the birthplace of the mutant Las Vegas Strain. There, she discovers a town overrun by Shifters, and a pleasure great enough to freeze the heart. (and expand the boobs) She survives by seduction, flourishing on sex, but the true key to the prosperity of Trina's offspring relies on Porn. No man can resist the alien invaders that use pleasure as a weapon, but can such an alien save mankind from her own species?
aliens big chem fast huge hyp instant lac mpg multiple preg sc science weird
10th, Sep 08
In response to your comments I have repackaged the story in both .doc and .txt formats. I understand what a lot of people are saying about the plot being overused, but then the story has to be at least 6-7 years old in my possession, let alone how long it was on the usenet sites, so who knows Cheryl's bathtime adventures with the shower hose could have been inspiration for some of the newer stuff. Anyway for those who couldn't read it ... enjoy. This is a Classic BE tale.
cb fast sc wow
14th, Sep 08
Thanks to everyone who commented on my first writing attempt. I'm not a writer, just having fun. After the few first comments I was close to giving up, the comments were harsh to nasty and without any advice. I hope part II is enjoyable. More to come!
big cb chem ft lac nc science slow tg
15th, Sep 08
If you read the original TTT part 1, then in this Director’s Cut of my very first story there still is Him as the nameless, hapless guy trapped in an ancient temple, there still is Her as the strange shape-shifting Creature, and there is hopefully much more of a kinda-sorta story line now. Add to this (hopefully) a lot less typos, thanks to a friendly proof-reader who shall for now remain anonymous, and you’ve got the reasons why I re-uploaded this before moving on to bold new endeavors in the world of smut writing. :)
ag aliens fast gts huge magic sc weird
20th, Sep 08
After an encounter with aliens, Gerald finds himself blessed with the Reward an of an Alien's Gift.
ag aliens big cb fast magic ment
27th, Sep 08
Rosie wants answers. Unfortunately, she again encounters the one person who can actually provide them.
big fast hg magic ment mpg
4th, Oct 08
Gerald gets off campus for a look around at the city and a night out on the town.
ag ar big cb fast hg inc instant lg magic ment mg mm
7th, Oct 08
This is it. The epic love story by the recently retired master of BE literature, Greapos. It's the classic and tragic tale of a husband who finds himself (and his friend) mysteriously shrinking while his gorgeous and loving wife (and her friends, indeed all the women of the world) seem to be mysteriously growing taller and more voluptuous.
ag big chem gts lac lg ment nc science slow
11th, Oct 08
Gerald is having so much fun with nigh-infinite power, but can he survive an encounter with another being rewarded with an alien's gift?
aliens big cb hg instant magic ment
16th, Oct 08
I hope this works better than the last one uploaded
cb chem fast huge instant lac
16th, Oct 08
Sara Pinter is approached by a shapeshifter who has an unusual request. This story was first posted on 4chan's /d/. There are three chapters.
ag cb huge instant lac magic sc science shem
16th, Oct 08
Chapter 1 : After a horrible brake up with her ex, a teenager (Cindy) befriends a more mature woman (Christy.) Odd things surround this chance meeting. Not least of which is how in the world does a girl get to be so tall? And what the heck did she spill all over her shirt?
big gts lac magic ment offstage slow
16th, Oct 08
After a very long time of not hearing from me I present to you my completed work of Two Friends. The story begins with two kids, Gen and Peter, who begin a new path in their life that they could have never imagined. Please Comment or E-mail me @ about future stories or suggestions! Thank you!
ag big gts lg slow
16th, Oct 08
Italian folklore meets a Sorcerer's Apprentice variant. Will Our Hero be able to stop his girlfriend's breast growth before things get out of hand?
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16th, Oct 08
Puberty passed over Stacy and it has left her depressed. however an old wives tale has kept her hopes up that her dreams can come true. But will they? Steven is in love with Stacy but he doesn't think she even knows who he is. When the planets align something special is in the air.
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17th, Oct 08
Based on a shorter piece by dawestside at and process-production, this is a quick growth scene with copious amounts of jiggling flesh and very little plot. In other words, right up your alley.
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21st, Oct 08
Ok, you're probably getting pretty fed up of me by now. This is the last try to get this working. Hopefully the mods will delete the last two attempts.
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29th, Oct 08
I finally got around to adding the third part. Many more to come! I am also taking much of the advice I have been given. Thanks to all who commented last time!
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10th, Nov 08
Caryn "the snake" Dobbs isn’t exactly the kind of woman you’d want as your superior. As the spiteful, arrogant Head of Accounting at Planet Altaerna’s major nuclear research facility, the Large Head-On Collider, she’s in for quite a surprise when the most expensive particle experiment ever created goes haywire - and she’s got only herself and her suppressed urges to blame for that... A self-contained story from the World of Altaerna universe, with a little nod or two to other story arcs yet to come.
aliens big bond cb fast lac magic rc science wow
14th, Nov 08
Yes, it's finally here! The follow-up to this summer's 3.8/5 blockbuster! I wouldn't call it a sequel, more like a short follow-up. It's not terribly long nor descriptive, but hey, I hope you'll enjoy it! Comments encouraged but no abuse, remember, this isn't a day job.
fa magic slow
16th, Nov 08
A story of betrayal, delusion, and forgiveness. BE starts at section 5, if you are willng to skip the exposition. If you find any spelling errors, hooray, you beat Microsoft Word.
big cb fast huge magic
19th, Nov 08
Lucy buys some clothes from a strange shop. My first story, and the first in the Natural Properties series, so any criticism, good or bad, is very welcome.
ag big cb fast magic
29th, Nov 08
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30th, Nov 08
A city girl adjusts to fine country cookin'.
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4th, Dec 08
The Sexified stories tell the story of a former secretary, Rachel, who after being subjected to a cruel experiment gains the ability to transform into the “stunning sex goddess” Elle whenever she gets horny! This is a sequel to “Sexified V: Paradise”, taking place just a few weeks after those events: The government wants payback and will stop at nothing to recapture her! I missed writing these stories and Amix’s take (Sexified: Rachel’s Legacy) made me think of other scenarios after Part V: Paradise. Enjoy, and please leave a comment. It sucks to see thousands of downloads but only a handful of comments for each story. Also feel free to write more stories based on this universe. Enjoy ;)
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7th, Dec 08
After a passionate night with a young man in her neighborhood, Mary wakes up to find her tiny chest has developed into a huge, neverending milk factory. She needs milking really bad...not to mention hot sex from the very same young man.
big instant lac
8th, Dec 08
Mary's tits grow bigger, she and Jason, grow hornier, and Jason's friend Cindy grows suspicious. What happens when she stumbles across these two lovers in a night of hot, passionate, milky sex?
big huge lac slow
9th, Dec 08
Jason, Mary, and newcomer Cindy all descend into a lactation-filled orgy (which includes a bathtub full of milk). But, when Mary gives Cindy a special gift, she unwittingly unleashes the beast within!
big fast huge lac slow
10th, Dec 08
Cindy and Jason spend most their Saturday milking Mary's tits and appeasing her growing sexual appetite. In the end, Cindy receives some bad news.
big fast huge lac slow
11th, Dec 08
Mirca the naive, timid blond serf who’s fallen from her master’s grace isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but she’s the only tool that Yrba, the gypsy witch next door, can get hold of. Except that her door is a cell door as well. And time is running out, because the first thing in the morning waiting for both is the noose. Well, if life hands you lemons, make lemonade. And if life hands you a booby, then what choice do you have ...?
fast lac magic rc wow
14th, Dec 08
Some corsets enhance the figure more than others...
ag big bond cb fast magic nc
17th, Dec 08
While preparing to leave for her trip to Florida, Cindy finds her chest beginning to grow! What will she do when she finds herself away from home and beginning to lactate?
big fast huge lac slow
17th, Dec 08
While Jason and Cindy are away on Spring Break, Mary finds time to go to a psychologist, who attempts to explain the reason behind her ever-expanding bust. In the process, she gets more than a revelation...
big fast huge lac slow asleep
20th, Dec 08
Boy has it been a trial trying to find enough 'supervised' time to get this done and zipped. It's the sequel to my last story, so you might like to check that out first. It can stand alone, but if it gets confusing...;) Set in the Bimbo series of stories (well...barely...;), it has a bit too much plot, but I tried to keep it spicy enough to fit in here..;) have fun, comments and criticisms welcome.
big lac offstage science slow
21st, Dec 08
Desperate to be noticed by the men of her village, Gerda goes to see a witch, who gives her a special potion. After drinking the potion, Gerda finds that it works all too well...
ag big cb chem fast huge instant lac magic
22nd, Dec 08
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22nd, Dec 08
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22nd, Dec 08
I have redone Part 3 and put them all into one zip file! I felt part 3 could use a huge face lift to fit the story more appropriately. James and his friend Rebekah have fun with magic questions...
ag fast hg magic mpg
25th, Dec 08
James and Rebekah get some special gifts for Christmas, to fit their special condition. This is the Christmas Special, so consider it part 3.5! Comments are welcome.
ag fast magic mpg
26th, Dec 08
ag fast huge magic mg mpg asleep
27th, Dec 08
A christmas tribute to Helia Melonowski that I've written in poetic form. While waiting up for Santa Helia drinks some magical eggnog and becomes her own best present.
ag cb fast instant lac magic weird wow
30th, Dec 08
Nayasha a sorceror searched for years for the Pearl of Power and now she has it. Unfortunately its in her stomach due to a rather unfortunate accident while escaping the underwater temple that held it. But all she needs to do is use a simple spell to extract it, right? Too bad she had a glass of water first.
ag fast huge magic nc
31st, Dec 08
Ryan is confronted by a past he thought he left and the girl he thought had left him as he tries to regain some control in his life. NOTE: Parts 1 and 2 of the series, originally uploaded here in .txt format, are included in the zip as .rtf files for more comfortable reading in the much-recommended event that readers refresh their minds with the first two installments. Frankly, the first two are better than this chapter by far, and the next one is just wierd anyway. New readers are reminded that the first two are already in the Overflowing Bra archives, and an author search should turn them up toot sweet if you want to post comments or ratings for them.
big fast instant ment offstage sc science slow
31st, Dec 08
The end of this story arch. Freshly emerged from the forced march down the Memory Lane of senior year, Ryan comes to terms with events of past and present, and attempts to make a better future. He never would have guessed at the groups responsible for his powers or the size of the growth they would instigate in the girls swept along for the ride. The author does apologize for the length of the piece, though.
ag big cb fa fast gts huge instant lac lg magic ment offstage preg sc science wow