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The Overflowing Bra

20th Jul 08
This is a B.E scene of an Anime I am currently watching. There is no B.E in the acttual scene in the anime but I thought it would be better with some B.E in there. By the way this uploading also symbolises my last forey in to writing B.E for quite some time as I am currently working on my vampire romance novella. which would deffintly not be suitable for a conversion to a B.E scene. Bye then :D
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4th May 08
Hi, some people said I should have let the charecters in my YearEleven story be explained, and seeing as Ben is the only charecter who will be in each and every story I decided to write a story that takes place a year BEFORE the Year eleven storys, thus explaining Ben's charecter and why he makes girls breasts grow. I think this is longer then the last one but I am not sure. I also edited the background and the font so that it is easy to read. Once again please leave some feedback or I'll never imrpove.
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3rd May 08
This is my first attempt at a BE story that dosen't envolve vampires of violance. Set in a school in britan, thus it being "Year eleven: first term." Instead of "Eleventh Grade, first simester." Or what ever you americans do. This is basicly a simple short story which if enough people enjoy it I might turn it into a series of storys. Please leave me some feed back. Thanks =>
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13th Mar 08
Once again I have written the third part to my series of hellsing breast expansions. Set in a parralel version of hellsing where any female bitten by Alucard will have expanding breasts when ever they act like a real vampire or drink blood you can imagine what it is like for Seras, or will be like when I get the other Manga books to have source material to write about. This is just a short scene from hellsing volume four beacuse there wasen't any thing in volume three to write about.....Also Integra is now a pervert...
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11th Feb 08
Here it is, part 2. I have listened to the comments posted on my original version of part one and have tried to make the breast expansion itself longer while still trying to make it seem like it is in the hellsing universe. I hope you all enjoy the story and any comments are welcomed as long as they are ethier praise of ideas to help me improve the story.
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5th Feb 08
I re posted this story so that those of you with no knowlage of the Hellsing manga and anime series know what the two main charecters look like.
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4th Feb 08
Please don't be too unkind as this is my first attempt at a story. May be the start of a series of storys, based from the hellsing anime and manga series.
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