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For the year 2009
4th, Jan 09
Betrayal! Following the incredible success of their breastmilk business, Kaley proceeds to sell Gerda into slavery. Arriving in a new land, Gerda meets her new owner: the busty, nymphomaniac Queen Ashanta, who has big plans for the lactating young girl.
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6th, Jan 09
A teenage girl discovers a miracle of modern science that changes not only her appearance but her whole life. Though the changes eventually get beyond her control.
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6th, Jan 09
What happens when a nice guy with a strange talent runs into too many women at once. Straight-up BE this time, and the usual fun that goes with it.
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11th, Jan 09
Ashanta features Gerda in a sex show to highlight the arrival of a visiting princess. Along the way, she learns a secret that could prove very useful to her.
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13th, Jan 09
Fantasy involving multiple women and vast breasts. Another masterpiece from Steve Palmer.
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13th, Jan 09
Guy gets it on with his huge-breasted sister-in-law. Yet another great work from Steve Palmer.
14th, Jan 09
In a far future breeding program, two exceptionally gifted individuals find something akin to love. But really it's just an excuse for lots of breast expansion, milk, and extreme intercourse. Fun times for all.
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15th, Jan 09
Well, someone asked for be careful what you ask for. This is part 2 of the Man with the it's more centered on her story. Some BE, but some enhancements of another sort, sauce for the gander, if you will...;) Have fun.
aliens fast huge lac mpg preg sc science
21st, Jan 09
A re-interpretation of the classic tale. This is my first submission to the BE community, which has taught me quite a bit about writing. Comments welcome!
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21st, Jan 09
Unexplained expansion on the way home from school. Or was it just a dream?
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22nd, Jan 09
A girl having problems with her boyfriend becomes a big-titted, sex-obsessed slut.
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26th, Jan 09
Jason and Cindy finally meet Roger and Sheila when they, plus Mary, go away for a weekend in Grand Cayman. Let the five-way begin!
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28th, Jan 09
Two room mates; Cheryl and Sarah experience the amazing effects of Perfection Pills... they also experience some unexpected side-effects. My first one! I hope you enjoy.
ag big cb fast instant lg preg sc
2nd, Feb 09
Can one man have too many iBods? Can he ever have enough? As Jake's inventory of fembots grows, so, too, do his worries - it’s enough to drive an evil genius crazy. Here follows the second book of the trilogy, but do be warned, this fucker is long.
ar huge inc ment mm mpg offstage science slow asleep
7th, Feb 09
ag big chem fa lac lg mg multiple science slow weird
7th, Feb 09
Take 2, because I'm an idiot and can't use Winzip...
ag big chem fa lac lg mg multiple science slow weird
16th, Feb 09
Sara begins experiencing some delightfully pleasurable changes and begins a sex filled odyssey of the milky variety.
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20th, Feb 09
ag cb fast hg huge magic ment nc preg tg weird
22nd, Feb 09
Here's the .txt, uploaded by anon
ag cb fast hg huge lac magic ment nc preg tg weird
23rd, Feb 09
Heather, a mousy little college student, gets some divine help in the dating arena. After undergoing a few confidence boosters, she goes on her first date. Sara and Nyomi are mostly absent (See if you can't spot Nyomi's cameo appearance), but they'll return in the next chapter. Sorry, no milk in this chapter, but ch3 is on the way.
ag big instant lg magic ment mpg sc
25th, Feb 09
Terah decides she wants to change parts of her body with her new found wealth. Decent length story with a lot of action. [note]Upped by apple
cb chem fast gts huge lac mg
25th, Feb 09
Having been liberated from her slavery, Gerda arrives in the Nyarl city, where she finds a possible explanation for the growth of her breasts.
big fast huge instant lac magic
28th, Feb 09
The second story in the CBA universe. For every good man their is a sexy, beutiful and absolutely sex driven mad concubine behind them. Worse than the illuminati and every secret society out there, these men want their omelettes...
fast huge lac magic ment multiple nc preg tg weird
28th, Feb 09
Characters from my past stories on The Overflowing Bra/Erotic Mind Control Archive and Fictionmania team up to star in a motion picture screenplay of my own creation- with nods to Russ Meyer, John Waters, and camp sci-fi. Just what is up with that freaky alien?
ag aliens big hg hyp instant ment science shem weird
28th, Feb 09
Part 2 of Spiders. Scientists attempt to breed a species of tiny alien spiders in Cona's breasts. Stay tuned for Part 3.
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1st, Mar 09
The second story in the CBA universe. For every good man their is a sexy, beutiful and absolutely sex driven mad concubine behind them. Worse than the illuminati and every secret society out there, these men want their omelettes... Here's the .txt, uploaded by anon
fast huge lac magic ment multiple nc preg tg weird
2nd, Mar 09
Sara and Nyomi are back and dealing with the effects of being fertility priestesses.
ag big fast lac magic preg
9th, Mar 09
Suzanna tries to stay awake by sampling an energy drink from a stranger selling them from the back of his van. An adage story contest entry at the mcforum. Feedback appreciated.
big chem instant ment preg slow
9th, Mar 09
Phase 1 of Tia's plan swings into full effect and Mary and Jennifer get caught up in the fun. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a threesome!
ag big cb fast magic ment mg preg weird
12th, Mar 09
ag big chem hg ment nc science
21st, Mar 09
World of Altaerna, the year 1200. Yrba (a witch) and Mirca (a serf girl, freshly high on the witch’s growth potion) hide in Red’s (a bawd) brothel after their jailbreak of part 1 (included in the zip for your convenience).
big cb fast lac magic rc wow
22nd, Mar 09
Twins experience breast expansion. As well as a few other changes.
ag bond cb fast huge inc magic weird asleep
23rd, Mar 09
Meet Bill. Bill is an Anglican Vicar who encounters a woman under the effects of Tiamat's Lust Spell. Watch as he investigates the growing woman, For Science! Also, Nyomi, Sara, and Jennifer "Prepare" for an encounter with Tiamat.
ag big cb fast lac magic ment preg
25th, Mar 09

Calvin meets a Genie and makes the customary three wishes.

A short short story.

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25th, Mar 09
John finds out that his girlfriend is a Were-breeder, cursed spend the night of the full moon as a pregnant woman. He also finds out that this is a sexually transmitted condition and also has to spend the night of the full moon as a pregnant woman.
ag big cb fast lac preg shem tg
26th, Mar 09
Original Story by Max "Clare never imagined the benefits she could get by working at a bra store" --- I adjusted most sentences from the original, to correct grammar and make it flow better. I also invented a name for the teacher and added a couple of paragraphs to give the story a little more depth.
big fast magic slow
26th, Mar 09
When two friends, Mark and Rachel, get stuck in the jungle, they stay at a charming little inn and find a most intriguing beverage.
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28th, Mar 09
Emily has a accident at work making her and her husband grow please comment my first story and sorry about the last file not working this should.
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1st, Apr 09
Alex buys a Bimbo Pop from SRU and is transformed into Alice, a smart, horny bimbo who has plans for all the sexy girls in town.
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8th, Apr 09
ag big bond cb fa fast lg mg science
8th, Apr 09
This story took over two years to write, and it is as epic in scale as the time it took to write it. The author sincerely hopes you will enjoy the story in the spirit it was written. Part fanfic, part superhero tale, and just the right amount of BE, this story redefines the superhero genre by taking seven BE-capable superheroes and asking the question: "What would you do with the power to cause breast expansion?" Jennifer Love Hewitt, my favorite actress of all time, makes a cameo, of course.
aliens big bond cb chem fast huge instant magic nc offstage sc science shem wow
9th, Apr 09
Mirca, quite possibly the shyest of blond 6'6 Amazon lookalikes, is about to receive a lesson about the joys of personal hygiene. And her mistresses, the five harlots of Madame Red’s bathing house, are about to get an unexpected up-close look (and taste) of their new pupil’s mammaries’ quirks. Later, Yrba decides to do some hands-on research with her muscle-bound plaything, ends up out cold again and finally gets into a breast-off with Red’s new poster strumpet Charlene. But how can a magic-immune witch even hope to compete...? ZIP file contains the previous parts, too. Comments welcome, as always.
fast huge lac magic sc
10th, Apr 09
An advertisment for Master PC
ar big hyp instant ment science
11th, Apr 09
In a world of superheroes, Tracy is hypnotized by a supervillian, but that won't stop her from finally beginning to enjoy her own powers.. +Thanks for any comments.+
big chem gts huge hyp instant sc science
13th, Apr 09
To offset the growing number of long-form, prolonged-sexiness stories being bandied about, I figured I'd offer up something a little more... immediate. It's actually longer than I planned. No, I won't write a sequel, sorry. Not a hell of a lot of BE here, but then again there's not a hell of a lot of much here either.
big fast magic sc
15th, Apr 09
This is my second story ever. So if you like balloons inflating boobs give it a peep send your thoughts to
cb instant magic sc wow
16th, Apr 09
Jordan is up late studying for finals when she decides to de-stress a little. And things just get more interesting from there.
aliens big fast ment science
16th, Apr 09
A few glitches in the last chapter of the original "Bustiest League" story forced me to reload the story here. As stated before, this story took over two years to write, and it is as epic in scale as the time it took to write it. The author sincerely hopes you will enjoy the story in the spirit it was written. Part fanfic, part superhero tale, and just the right amount of BE, this story redefines the superhero genre by taking seven BE-capable superheroes and asking the question: "What would you do with the power to cause breast expansion?" Jennifer Love Hewitt, my favorite actress of all time, makes a cameo, of course. This story is an homage to all my friends at the Overflowing Forum, the forum on this very site.
aliens big bond cb chem fast huge instant lac magic nc offstage sc science shem wow
18th, Apr 09
Prevert-One rewrites the classic Mowermandave story Get Closer. Two women get taught a lesson by a gilted wizard.
big fast magic ment nc rc sc slow
18th, Apr 09
I swore I wasn't going to write this, but then I had an idea... Mike buys an issue of WANK Magazine, and meets Alyssa, who has a very unique ability.
ag big fast gts huge magic sc wow
19th, Apr 09
This is my first erotic work of fiction. I am a huge fan of breast expansion and decided to take a crack at it. I hope you enjoy! :3
chem fast lac nc wow
19th, Apr 09
Samantha gets her boyfriend a special set of birthday presents which slowly turn Nicholas into a buxom, submissive Nikki.
ag big fast huge magic ment shem tg
24th, Apr 09
Mia, the fledgling Slutpire, unleashes her new-found sense of self-assurance and limitless sexual power on an unsuspecting world in what is just the beginning of an orgy of swelling breasts, shifting bodies and an eternity of unending arousal.
ag big cb fast hg huge magic ment mpg nc sc shem
25th, Apr 09
Our medieval fantasy story takes a little time-out from Madame Red’s brothel as diminutive eastern harlot Li takes the embodiment of her busty-and-brawny fetish, bumbling 6’6 giantess Mirca, for a walk in the woods. Their herbs-picking stroll to a derelict temple quickly turns into a very special reenactment of Way Of The Fist that wakes an ancient creature. Later, Charlene and Sylvia find out the hard way that "how much can you take?" is a game best played in open spaces when your plaything is a giantess prone to spontaneous expansion. Unfortunately, they decided to play it in Sylvia’s room... Download contains parts 1-3, too. And maybe some typos, this time. And my usual begging for comments. Sorry!
cb fast ft gts huge instant lac magic rc sc shem wow
25th, Apr 09
Hot off the presses, it's WANK Magazine #3! Alphie's girlfriend appears in a photoshoot for the magazine, and they decide to go over the results together.
big hg huge instant magic sc weird
27th, Apr 09
Ignore growth-pill warning labels at your own peril! This is my first attempt at erotic fiction, so forgive me if my writing is not in line with this website's usual standards.
instant mpg multiple wow
29th, Apr 09
When two friends make wishes on a camping trip, the river spirit grants them as best it can... however, being popular can mean many different things.
ag fast huge instant lac magic ment nc tg asleep
29th, Apr 09
Warning contains furrys and male breast expansion. A gypsy curse is a couple's delight?
fa fast huge lac magic offstage slow asleep wow
2nd, May 09
More fun in Cherub Cove -- this time, we're taking our budding bimbos to class!
ag ar big chem fa fast instant lac lg ment mm mpg preg slow
5th, May 09
Aurelia has spent her whole young life keeping her supernatural heritage in check. An off-hand comment by her best friend and an errant daydream, however, results in bra-busting shenanigans.
ag cb fast huge magic
8th, May 09
ar cb hg huge instant lac preg rc
8th, May 09
ag cb huge instant lac magic mpg rc
9th, May 09
Uploaded by Genoharden; found on Expansion Stories? Part 3 of Spiders! Enjoy!
aliens cb fast huge lac science slow
10th, May 09
big gts instant lg magic mg sc
16th, May 09
When a tear in our reality forms, it allows a creature with power beyond comprehension to slip through into the real world. It feeds off of the erotic energies created by mankind, and it will do anything to get more – even if it means turning all of humanity into mindless sex slaves! -- Slightly rough, but entertaining nonetheless.
ag aliens big fast magic ment mpg
21st, May 09
Intent of seeking revenge on Kaley, Gerda is charged by Amalthea to bring peace to the world. Can she accomplish both at the same time? The thrilling, milk-filled conclusion of the Lusty Cow saga.
big cb chem fast huge instant lac magic preg
29th, May 09
Furry Warning! A young fox buys a female cow anthro and accidentally gives her some bovine growth hormone! Whoops! How big will she get?
big chem fast huge lac mpg multiple wow
2nd, Jun 09
fast huge magic wow
2nd, Jun 09
My very first story. Where do aliens get fuel for their space craft? What would the use? Kayla, a busty blonde girl gets the shock of her happy little life when she is out jogging one day.
ag aliens big cb chem fa fast lg science wow
7th, Jun 09
ag big cb fast hg magic ment offstage sc weird
7th, Jun 09
First story about a woman life as she realizes she is meant to be a cow.
huge lac ment offstage science slow
7th, Jun 09
chem instant mpg wow
9th, Jun 09
An experimental drug trial goes awry as Jake discovers that the drug has some unintended side effects - on not only him, but the girls he sleeps with! (WARNING: also contains weight gain)
ag big chem fa gts huge mm mpg offstage slow
9th, Jun 09
The devilish being from the mysterious 5th dimension returns! The "Great" Gazoob has some fun fulfilling the deep seated desires of Mark, ranging from unreal breast growth to penis growth to big bellies to giantesses!
ag aliens cb fa fast gts huge magic mm mpg
11th, Jun 09
This is a story I wrote because I enjoy writing. Alexandra finds out what her boyfriends fetishes are all about and decides they could enjoy some of them together. What starts out as something just for fun turns into something else entirely. The story is told from Alexandra's point of view, so expect a slightly different feel by having the female 1st person story telling. I hope you enjoy!
huge science slow
11th, Jun 09
Four special nuns and a Vicar attempt to go up against the ancient Goddess Tiamat and fail. I think Tiamat really enjoys corrupting clergy.
ag big fast lac magic ment nc preg tg
16th, Jun 09
Sadie finds that her family history is a little more interesting than she thought when she discovers her great gram's diary in the farmstead attic. Turns out she was a witch! Sadie masters the first spells, but the very last spell on the very page turns out to be much more powerful than she and her friends bargained for...
ag cb fast gts magic mg asleep wow
17th, Jun 09
A Boyfriend/Girlfriend BE Story Collaboration. The first of what we hope to be many more to come. All notes welcomed.
big cb fast huge lac science wow
19th, Jun 09
Aaron is chosen to beta test a new kind of music player that stores data in his bodily tissue. Things go awry when some corrupted files make it into the system and change his life forever. My very first attempt at a story. It's definitely not Pulitzer material and I'm aware of that, so be kind.
ag big fast ment mpg preg rc science slow tg asleep
19th, Jun 09
At last, Jason discovers the mysterious catalyst for Mary and Cindy's transformations. Armed with this knowledge he decides to try it out on some Catholic schoolgirls!
big bond fast huge hyp instant lac multiple science
19th, Jun 09
Aaron gets chosen to beta test a new kind of music player but experiences some unintended and life changing side effects. My first crack at a story, so please be gentle.
ag big fast mpg preg science slow tg
22nd, Jun 09
A man relates the story of a professional older woman who seduces him then announces she intends to be part of a clinical trial of some new procedure that promises "breast rejuvenation."
ar big ment mm science slow
23rd, Jun 09
"A gust of wind flipped the book to a page with bold letters that spelled out the following, 'Warning! After you awaken your breasts, you must provide direction with one of the methods detailed in this chapter. Otherwise, your breasts will accept all inputs with unpredictable results.' Sophie didn't notice the book's warning because she was already fast asleep."
cb fast huge magic
25th, Jun 09
The story of Rose, a girl who loves nothing better than breaking innocent boys with no knowledge of sex. So what happens when she finds out the new boy in her class hasn't had so much as an erection in his 17 years? As it turns out, lots.
ag big cb fast huge lac mg mpg tg wow
25th, Jun 09
I found the third part of this classic story series. Please send your credit to Helia, if any probs downloading let me know
cb instant nc rc science wow
26th, Jun 09
big bond huge lac nc science shem slow tg weird asleep
2nd, Jul 09
This is the revised version of Part 6. It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here; better late than never.
big fast huge lac asleep
2nd, Jul 09
Scarlet and Maria are two friends who are forever changed by the were-breeder curse. These two ladies are the first victims, though they seem to be enjoying it just fine. Read on for more transformative action!
big fast huge lac magic preg shem tg
7th, Jul 09
Strange things happen to people that make love to two magical cat-girls. That's not the only reason why the evil sorceress wants them though.
fast huge magic multiple
9th, Jul 09
Even though the story is on the short side, I feel like the story elements were more of the focus than the TG/BE. The BE is a bit on the light side, with a larger emphasis on the TG. I enjoyed writing it, so I hope someone enjoys reading. Let's hope I don't have so many errors this time eh?
ft huge magic nc shem slow tg
9th, Jul 09
Reuploading this story because I accidentally left it in Open Office format. Story has not been altered, just extra formats are now in the same zip file. (wish I could just edit my old one to add it!)
ft huge magic nc slow tg
10th, Jul 09
Yes, boys and girls, once again plot and character development get in the way of some serious fappage...;) Those how have not read my 'The Girl with the Hands' might want to read it, although it's not required. It picks up literally where the last one left off, and takes our heroes off to Jolly 'ol England to meet up with some more enhanced enhancers...;) Worked slightly harder on descriptions, but if there's any suggestions, please sing out.
ag aliens fast huge lac magic mpg
19th, Jul 09
Yrba the witch has set up camp in the forest while she tries to teach her Amazonian protege Mirca how to keep the potion-fuelled fits of sudden breast expansion under control. Red the bawd coaxes her reluctant gypsy friend into a little body modeling that might not go unnoticed. The first snow drives the camping couple back to Red’s brothel. And then a simple contraband run goes wrong, dead wrong... -- HTML, 18,800 words, 105 kChars. Zip contains previous parts. Well, y’all know my standard plea by now: Please comment ;)
ag big fast huge instant lac magic rc sc wow
23rd, Jul 09
This is my first story, so please be easy with me. Naomi, a plain flat Jane, and her friend Sarah who's not much better off find a lamp at the beach that grants them sexual wishes and they use them.
ag cb fast huge instant lac magic ment sc wow
25th, Jul 09
This one has a convoluted history. I created another Master PC story, exploring some aspects I didn't think had been addressed. The originator of the series kindly suggested some changes, which I probably didn't get right...;) Still, it's got some breast expansion, some fun, and I thought you guys might like it. It's another 'what if the girls found the Master PC program?' types. Have fun with it
ag instant ment mpg rc sc science asleep
26th, Jul 09
Harley Quinn, mistress of the crime prince in Gotham, finds a curious chemical. Results ensue...
cb chem fast huge
26th, Jul 09
my very first story please be kind feed back would be helpfull
ag cb gts huge instant lac lg magic mpg
27th, Jul 09
Uploaded by Genoharden It was the day after she had sent Tom off that Cona attempted to muffle her pained and pleasured moans with her pillow... Cona retreated, sluggishly, to her closet, which, like most other things, was becoming...painfully...too small for her.
fast huge instant lac nc offstage preg science slow weird asleep
28th, Jul 09
Through the use of a magic scroll, an unpopular girl summons a powerful god in order to obtain love, popularity, and revenge.
ag big fast magic
29th, Jul 09
Posted in .rtf for users without Word Perfect. my very first story please be kind feed back would be helpful
ag cb gts huge instant lac magic mpg
29th, Jul 09
This is my first BE story. Please let me know what you think about my writing style and if I should keep going beyond the intro!
ar big cb instant magic
2nd, Aug 09
Every year at the Swiss County Harvest Festival, the Corn Queen inherits the honor of representing her rural, Midwestern community at the State Fair and the occasional Walmart Grand Opening. And she gets a curse, too.
fast huge lac magic
3rd, Aug 09
A witch turns Julie into a big titted bimbo.
ag hg huge instant magic ment
3rd, Aug 09
Short. Sweet. Full of action. And to the -point-. Guy breaks up with a very special lady, guy finds out lady was really special all along, but before he can even feel remorse, guy is treated to the night of his life.. smoke 'em if you got 'em. ++Please leave comments if you enjoy it. I'd appreciate it. Thanks.++
big cb gts huge instant sc
5th, Aug 09
My first foray into erotic fiction. I hope y'all enjoy!
ag big bond huge inc instant lac magic mpg nc
6th, Aug 09
If I could write sci-fi, I'd actually make a story with the preface. Thought it'd be a good idea. Still, this idea gelled around a couple of other stories I've read (not necessarily here), and I thought I'd take a crack at it. There is BE, apologies, but it's a while before it shows up. Put some other things in to keep people's attention until you get there...;)
aliens big mpg science slow
6th, Aug 09
This was original meant for another type of site, but it's been a while, and no answer, so a few tweaks, and presto-chango, it's here... I've got about another week of 'freedom', and then I'm not going to be able to write for some time, and only infrequently. It's a shame, but sometimes real life intervenes. Another Sci-fi story, shorter, but more BE (though mostly in the background). Have fun.
big fast sc science
8th, Aug 09
A small college student take a lie as truth, and ends up growing just like she'd always wanted. Based on
big cb chem fast gts huge lg sc science
10th, Aug 09
Ryu continues to work his magic on the people in Bethany's life, namely her teacher and her mother.
big fast instant lac magic
10th, Aug 09
A One Piece fanfiction that provides an alternate storyline to the Arabasta Arc. Ms. All-Sunday has captured Vivi before the Straw Hat pirates meet her, and she decides to have a little fun with the princess.
bond fast huge lac magic multiple weird
13th, Aug 09
This part’s a little shorter at 10,000 words, and of course the previous parts are included for your convenience (separate HTML pages with a handy nav index). If you like sword and sorcery, give it a try. Oh yes, and my usual whine: Please comment. Part 6 - The Road: Yrba the witch and Mirca, her amazonian sidekick, take to the road after Berry's bequest to the surviving girls of Red's cathouse solves their most pressing worries. After their requisite farewell orgy, Mirca tries on one of Berry’s chain mail clothes, only to find that there’s more to it than meets the eye. The traveling couple runs into a gang of thugs with bad news from Red, soon forgets about it (involuntarily), and it seems that six feet six isn't Mirca’s final size yet...
aliens fast gts instant lac magic slow wow
24th, Aug 09
Bethany enacts the next part of her plan to get revenge of Melanie, which strangely involves Ryu and the girls in her gym class.
big instant lac magic
27th, Aug 09
This is my first story. i don't care if you don't like it and no i didn't really proofread it like mad, but i used spell check. anyway i hope you enjoy it. it's about a guy who pisses off a gilr get transformed into a girl. breast and butt expansion is there. wait for part two. there will be more . . . enjoy!
ag big fast hg magic tg
28th, Aug 09
ag cb fast gts huge lac magic sc
28th, Aug 09
ag big magic ment slow
28th, Aug 09
Set in 2010 physics revolutionizes travel with a new form of transportation, known as jumping. Jumping isn't perfect and is responsible for weird, "Jump Dreams" . Sarah a college physics grad student finds her own research is being used against her and yields in some expansive results. For comments email
ag fast huge lac ment nc preg science weird asleep
29th, Aug 09
big magic mg slow
2nd, Sep 09
Someone gave Ashley a bimbo pop. Ashley discovered what it could do, and intended to use it for revenge. But in the end, she couldn't control herself, and neither could her victim. Featuring a new flavor: Wonder Melon.
ag big cb fast huge magic ment nc
3rd, Sep 09
While I await the final proofing of the final A&A submission, here is a story that I wrote whilst I was deployed to Iraq in 2005. I lost this when I submitted it to a proof reader and then had a hard drive crash. I amazingly found it two days ago in my sent mail box on hotmail (obviously I don't erase that folder often). This story hasn't been very throughly proofread, but I am submitting it as is. I am sure there are some "there should be their" and "its instead of it's" gaffs, but my read through yesterday was fairly easy. Finally, I was in the middle of a year long deployment when I wrote this, and I might not have been totally right in the head. As such, there are subjects in it that on the recent read through, I am not very comfortable with (incest mainly, but also a brief NC scene). If you don't like those things, then don't read it.
ar big hg huge inc lac lg mg mm mpg nc offstage sc science slow asleep
6th, Sep 09
BE via breast implants. A socialite tries to get rich by going after an oil tycoon and exploiting his weakness for ultra huge fake boobs. But the oil tycoon has his sights set on another even bustier girl. My first BE story. Adam Plantz.
big cb offstage science slow
7th, Sep 09
Ciara has always had a fetish for breast expansion, to have the biggest boobs ever! and she find out about Doctor Big, who gives her the chance to get the boobs she's always wanted!
cb fast instant magic ment sc asleep wow
7th, Sep 09
As her plans near fruition, Bethany continues to witness Ryu's effect on the people around her. It seems that everyone is finding that special someone.
ag big fast instant lac magic mpg
7th, Sep 09
Here's the next in the BE and History series, this one about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Plus some cameos from some other historical figures. Educational as well as entertaining! The time stamp on this file says "April 1999".
cb huge instant magic
7th, Sep 09
This is one of my favorites, just because it's so unrelentingly nutty. I also think it has some of the best expansion sequences in it that I've written. Plus I like the moral message that it sends. I don't have a reliable time stamp on this, but it must have been written in 1999 or 2000.
cb fa huge instant science
7th, Sep 09
I always really liked this one, just because it's so... ah... lightweight. A silly story that is almost entirely derived from the title. I don't have a reliable timestamp on this file, but it's probably from 1999-2000.
cb huge instant magic
7th, Sep 09
A leprechaun delivers a roll of magic bills, which turns into a potporri of expansions and transformations. This one has as little plot as possible to hold it together. A little story I wrote later on -- the date I see for this file is 2002.
ag cb fa instant magic ment preg weird wow
9th, Sep 09
A quick story I did this morning. His girlfriend having just dumped him, Alex is surprised when his best friend, Carry, shows up. When they both lament about not finding finding the perfect girlfriend, Carry does something to fix the situation. More to come most likely.
ag big chem fast nc tg
10th, Sep 09
Carrie and her friends discover a delicious new fruit that has expansive results. Have fun!
Revised from the original!
big cb fast gts magic mg mpg
13th, Sep 09
Alexis has the weight of the world on her shoulders; she's broke, she's miserable, and she's stuck on a trip with a group of chirpy teens. And while she can't stand them, deep down what bothers her is how easy it is for them to be happy...
big chem fast ment
13th, Sep 09
This is a story about Breast Expansion through breast implants.
science slow
15th, Sep 09
My first work of erotic fiction, so any feedback is highly welcome. This is just a story of a girl who starts growing for no apparent reason, then she calls up a friend and fun ensues.
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17th, Sep 09
(Previous parts included. Usual whine, too: Comment. Please...) - Part 7 - Among Wolves: Yrba the witch and Mirca the lumberjack girl travel the country roads of the northlands as winter looms, and a well-meaning plan almost leads to swelling disaster. And as the couple sets up camp for the worst of winter, something else happens that some readers have long been waiting for ;)
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18th, Sep 09
Short little thing I did a few years ago finally decided to upload more to come. If any requests look me up on same user name. More stories.
big instant lac magic weird
19th, Sep 09
My not-very-awaited-but-here-anyway second story had arrived. This is the tale of three University students who remain there over the Christmas holidays and the expansive adventures they have. Once again, I'm new at this; so please rate it and leave constructive criticism.
chem huge lac offstage sc slow wow
21st, Sep 09
We come to it at last. The homecoming dance is here, but the more interesting events will occur after the dance. Bethany and Ryu will each emerge from their respective after-parties differently.
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25th, Sep 09
A guy infects women with a special BE formula. Another nice story from Steve Palmer. (To those who've been commenting and rating, I'm not the author himself, just a fan who wants to share these hard-to-find stories with the community).
chem fast huge
25th, Sep 09
A nursing mom finds that she keeps on growing and growing. (To those who've been commenting and rating, I'm not the author himself, just a fan who wants to share these hard-to-find stories with the community).
huge lac slow
26th, Sep 09
"A guy infects women with a special BE formula. Another nice story from Steve Palmer." This is the same story as the other one, only in standard .html format.
chem fast huge
27th, Sep 09
An extract from the book "Men In Love" by Nancy Friday, a study and analysis of men's sexual fantasies. This one belongs here.
cb chem fast huge lac mpg shem
28th, Sep 09
One Piece fan fiction. As the story continues, Vivi starts to learn about how to use her new abilities, and Robin learns about a small pirate crew that just might be able to help her stop Crocodile.
big fast lac magic multiple sc weird wow
1st, Oct 09
Bill's Date gradually becomes a horny big titted bimbo.
ag huge magic ment slow
4th, Oct 09
(Previous parts included.) The winter and its weird dreams are over, and as spring returns and the roads open up again, Mirca the lumberjack girl and Yrba the gypsy witch prepare to continue with their travels, but not until the witch makes good on her promise to Alric the bard, their winter boy toy. Yrba sets out to brew a new batch of her special potion, and Mirca, her clumsy, oversized Amazonian pupil, turns out to be just the right girl in the right place at the right time for a witch stuck with a tincture-teeming, bloated belly. (How’s that for a change?)
fast gts huge lac magic mpg preg sc
4th, Oct 09
Miriam gets inducted and meets her roommate, Kayla. I hope this is better than the first story I uploaded; I worked a bit harder on it. I'm working on a second part, so don't expect everything in this part. Please leave feedback; email any constructive criticism to my Yahoo acct, veryfree333.
huge lac science slow asleep
4th, Oct 09
A short scene based off of a picture by the one and only test-0. Who would have thought that wishing for some soup could cause changes like these?
ag fast huge lac magic weird
4th, Oct 09
A short scene based off of a picture by the one and only test-0. Finding a magic wand allows a bubbly girl's friend to fulfill a fitting fantasy about her.
ag cb fast huge magic weird
5th, Oct 09
A short scene based off of a picture by the one and only test-0. An idle wish changes a petite girl's day completely.
ag cb fast huge magic
6th, Oct 09
A short scene based off of a picture by the one and only test-0. A cursed milkshake has rather dramatic milky effects.
ag fast huge lac magic
7th, Oct 09
A short scene based off of a picture by the one and only test-0. An athletic girl a little too full of herself gets whats coming to her.
cb fast huge magic
7th, Oct 09
A short scene based off of a picture by the one and only test-0. An explorer has a harrowing experience on an alien world. You can relax now, this is the last one of these I'll be doing for a bit, but please try and review; I would very much like to improve.
ag aliens bond cb fast huge lac nc preg science weird
14th, Oct 09
A twisted tale by Fahzbehn. Amy, Bonnie and Charisse all have a reputation for not putting-out and all three have taken advantage of William Kalebra. When he creates a bimbo ray-gun, the three prudes find themselves being hunted by the big bad wolf. This is part one (Amy). Pt 2 to come later.
ag big cb fast hg huge instant lac ment nc rc science
15th, Oct 09
This is a story I wrote years ago, found it gathering dust on an old HD backup, figured I'd throw it up here. ...And yes it's furry. It was originally written for submitting on a furry site. As far as I know I haven't seen anything against furry submissions here. Anyway it's a story of myself and a very good friend of mine going through some expansion shenanigans. Hope it's readable and any feedback is always appreciated. P.S. It's a part 1, because I wanted to expand on the concept later, but haven't had much of a chance
fast huge lac magic rc
17th, Oct 09
What happens when a young woman prays for larger breasts?
big huge slow asleep
21st, Oct 09
Kristen, a self-assured, independent woman, has trouble owning up to her increasing addiction to Cherub Cream and Cherub Crunch beauty snacks.
ag big cb chem fa fast hyp lac magic ment slow weird
22nd, Oct 09
Mirca the amazonian lumberjack girl becomes a reluctant farm boy’s teacher before the travelers’ quest finally ends at Ramec the wizard’s tower. The cold and the rain take their toll on Yrba the witch and send her into a bizarre milk-drenched nightmare. Come next morning, Yrba’s former mentor reluctantly reveals some answers for Mirca’s condition, but at what price? Things get out of hand as hidden agendas come into play. Yrba finds herself strapped to a laboratory table and Mirca ends up a brainless slave. Who will make it, and who won’t, in this dark final part of the second book? (Previous parts included)
bond fast huge lac magic ment mpg nc preg rc sc weird
27th, Oct 09
The third book in the trilogy finds Jake’s worst fears coming true when one of his fembots suffers a breakdown, new abilities manifest themselves, and psychotic behavior begins running rampant. But then who ever said cyborg ownership is easy?
huge ment nc offstage science slow asleep
2nd, Nov 09
Due to the actions of an unscrupulous corporation, an innocent woman is chosen to be a test subject for a device that turns females into the perfect sex partners.
ag big bond fast hg huge lac science shem slow
10th, Nov 09
This is the first time I've written a story focusing on a breast expansion theme, and was done at the request of a fan of my more normal works. Please don't be too harsh, and I would really appreciate any pointers and advice.
big cb fast lac magic offstage
10th, Nov 09
This is my second try at writing a breast expansion themed story, again, this was done at the request of a fan of mine. This one is, I think, better than my first, but I would still like to hear what people think.
big cb inc instant lac magic ment multiple weird
12th, Nov 09
Still tweaking her nipples she replies huskily, “So basically while I was with him, every time I climaxed, my tits grew? What’s the life cycle of the new bacteria?”
big mpg science slow
14th, Nov 09
A man buys a strip club and wants to turn it into the biggest and best strip club in the world, so he decides to buy all the dancers breast implants!
big cb fast instant offstage science slow
15th, Nov 09
The shire of Ebron is supposed to be just another stop along the road for Yrba the Darkskin witch and Mirca, her Amazonian lover/aide/pupil. Much to their surprise, the curvy blonde with the dominating physique ends up on the deserted throne of the goddess-queen, and it’s not just her ego that slowly inflates under the constant adoration and feeding at the hands of her newly gained dozens of servants. Can Yrba even hope to compete for Mirca’s affection? (Pt. 10 of 12, previous parts included)
cb fast huge lac magic rc sc slow asleep wow
20th, Nov 09
This is the first in a new series about a woman who finds an unusual artifact containing an unusual entity. She has to deal with this creature as well as her busy life, learning about others and herself along the way. There is some sex. Note to BE Archive readers that there is little BE in this part, but I am posting it here, because I have other stories in this archive.
ar big fast instant magic ment mpg multiple nc rc tg weird
22nd, Nov 09
A man uses a strange stone to make his fantasies come true and change the collective fate of an entire family.
big instant magic slow tg
24th, Nov 09
The discovery of an ancient temple to the goddess Taweret leads to great changes in a naive archaeologist.
big fast magic preg asleep
26th, Nov 09
My second story ever. A rich author allows a beautiful woman to stay as a maid, distracted by her huge buttocks. But over time, the girl begins to grow and when the writer finds out, does he really want it to stop or does he give into his sexual dreams? A breast and ass expansion story of epic sizes!
ag cb chem fa lac ment sc slow wow
29th, Nov 09
Now in HTML format, this contains all parts of my One Piece fanfiction 'Sanctuary in the Sand', up to the brand new Chapter 3, where Robin and Vivi finally meet up with the Straw Hat pirates. Bit of a download, as it contains pictures. I'll upload a lighter version if there's any call for it.
bond fast huge lac magic multiple nc sc weird wow
30th, Nov 09
The Farfalla family has a ritual: when the women of the family turn 18, they get boob jobs. This is the story of Roxy Farfalla and her first boob job.
big huge inc science slow
12th, Dec 09
Mirca the blond amazon quickly learns that being queen means it’s harder to have fun and careless fornicating, but she’s not one to give up easily, especially if the prize is a tasty girl. Seducing her priest later teaches both that they haven’t seen half of what her body is capable of. When Yrba the witch visits her former pupil weeks later, the cracks in their relationship soon start to grow wider, too — and when one of Mirca’s servants gets too frisky with the giantess’ volatile breasts, Yrba all of a sudden has blood on her hands ... (Pt. 11 of 12, previous parts included)
ag big cb fa fast lac magic nc rc sc slow wow
12th, Dec 09
What happens when the world's mightiest superheroine meets the world's greatest plastic surgeon? An epic battle of ample proportions, is all.
big bond fast hyp nc offstage science
13th, Dec 09
Jeanette plays a quick game online to pass some time. Who says that gaming isn't good for your figure? A Short story that was posted over at MC Archive. I thought it was worthy of the repost here, and the author gave permission to do so.
big fast magic ment rc
13th, Dec 09
FIXED- TXT file now! Sorry about that! Jeanette plays a quick game online to pass some time. Who says that gaming isn't good for your figure? A Short story that was posted over at MC Archive. I thought it was worthy of the repost here, and the author gave permission to do so.
big fast hyp magic ment rc
14th, Dec 09
A very quick story about a hacker and his latest prize. I may add more if I get favorable responses.
big cb fast sc science
22nd, Dec 09
big cb chem fast huge instant lac nc sc science wow
24th, Dec 09
Yrba the Darkskin witch returns to Ebron shire to check on Mirca, her former pupil turned queen and goddess, only to find the palace deserted — save for a couple of starved and desperate maidservants willing to try anything for food. And things take a turn for the worse when the witch stumbles on a fiendish, milk-driven plot for dominance and finds her former lover in a much too tight place ... (Pt. 12 of 12, previous parts included)
fa fast instant lac magic rc sc slow weird wow
26th, Dec 09
A short bit of an interactive story where you are a woman who has just returned form a lactation clinic.
big chem fast huge asleep wow
29th, Dec 09
This is the first part of what I hope will be a three part series, it stars a scientist who gets lost in the heart of the Amazon and undergoes a bit of a... Change for the better. There's not much action in this, but more in the installments to come Also please note that the image I mentioned is available only in the .doc version of the story because MS word's html converter hates me.
ag big chem lg magic slow asleep