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For the year 2010
2nd, Jan 10
When a dumpy officewoman insults one of her company's new hires, she gets a lot more than she bargained for in return.
ag big fast hg magic ment weird asleep
2nd, Jan 10
After one transformative day, plain-looking Christina finds herself belonging now to a group of beautiful, voluptuous women.
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9th, Jan 10
What happens when a fetish becomes sound-induced? Purposely obscure and more artsy than most BE stories.
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11th, Jan 10
Annie undergoes a treatment for her delayed puberty with awesome results.
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12th, Jan 10
Long time, no post. This is actually a 'failure'; I'd tried to write an 'evil' story, where the 'bad guys' win, but it seems I can't do evil...;) Still, it's another in the Master PC stable of 'what ifs?' Apologies for grammar and punctuation, I had the @#$ file on how not to make mistakes, but I can't find it..;) Have fun.
ag cb fast hg huge lg ment mpg nc rc science
13th, Jan 10
cb gts lg mg mpg sc science slow wow
15th, Jan 10
Megan has trouble controlling her urges when her mother Kathryn starts using a drug called Lactoril.
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16th, Jan 10
     "That silly Governor must have gone through with his stupid plan to declare a state of emergency." She scoffed. "Just because he's afraid at how fast we've been replicating lately. "Silly.... to be so afraid... of us..." Nora hissed as she ran hands across her own thighs and ass. "Men should stop worrying about where we came from, and just start fucking me more!" she moaned. Her skin darkened into a Hindu-Indian complexion as she attempted to grow five inches of jutting breast in less than ten seconds. Nora struggled to heft bowling-ball tits as she groaned her lust at the heavens.
ag aliens big hyp instant lac sc science weird
17th, Jan 10
A quick little scene about a bartender who learns to be a more gracious hostess.
cb fast huge
22nd, Jan 10
This is the third chapter of a longer tale on So if you like this go check it out. There is a manor, trapped are three college kids, do they get out? do they care?
ag big chem fast hg magic ment preg
23rd, Jan 10
Mark is just your average high schooler, great friends, loving girlfriend, and an overall normal life. But when he receives his new ring in the mail, the world begins to change around him into one filled with buxom beauties and large bosoms everywhere he turns. How will he handle himself? (This is part one of what is expected to be a trilogy.)
ag ar big fast hg instant lg magic ment mm offstage slow asleep
24th, Jan 10
Blackbird, a comic book superheroine, meets her match and so much more when the mysterious, reality-controlling Editor lures her into a trap.
ag big hg instant lg ment mm mpg sc science
26th, Jan 10
A man's desperate experiment with a prototype aphrodisiac goes far, far beyond his expectations.
ag big cb chem fast hg huge mm mpg slow
26th, Jan 10
A new hair stylist writes on his days at work. His first customer comes in after having cut gum out of her hair. She leaves with a little more than just a new hairstyle.
big fast hg instant magic
27th, Jan 10
What starts out as a chance meeting of two women in a castle dungeon, only hours from their scheduled execution, soon balloons into a tale of golden-hearted whores, an exiled warrior queen, a mysterious living statue, a traveling bard, wolves in winter forests, a mischievous wizard, an upstarting vizier and a deserted throne. Can Yrba, the curvy dark-skinned traveling witch and castaway of the Southern Islands, bring a happy-ever-after to Mirca, her hapless six feet six and growing Amazon look-alike protege who’s blessed with much more muscle than experience? Find out in this conveniently formatted and indexed 800+ pages PDF of the original 12-part series!
ag aliens big bond cb fast gts huge instant lac magic mg mpg nc rc sc shem slow asleep wow
4th, Feb 10
I'm back. Always been an admirer of XXXecil's work, so I thought I'd take a trip through the Faephobia universe (after checking with him, of course...;) Here's a little something, on how it all might have begun. Have fun.
big fast lac magic mpg preg sc
5th, Feb 10
Moving into a new house, Mark finds a spell book that gives him a power that will make life quite interesting for the women in his life… chapter 1, more to follow. PLEASE be sure to comment, either via the Rate Me! function or by e-mail to !!
ag big cb fast hg instant lg magic ment rc
8th, Feb 10
big lac nc science shem slow tg asleep
15th, Feb 10
ag big cb fast hg instant magic
15th, Feb 10
A new hair stylist writes on his days at work. His first customer comes in after having cut gum out of her hair. She leaves with a little more than just a new hairstyle. Revision written in 3rd person. Much better read!
ag big cb fast hg instant magic
18th, Feb 10
Part one of a probable two parter.Usual story of a teenager getting magic powers and going to school having the usual fun. Includes visual aids (windows 2007 doc with hyperlinks to another website)Have fun
ag ar big fast hg instant lac lg magic ment mg mm mpg rc sc
22nd, Feb 10
File includes part 1, slightly rewritten. Thanks for the comments everyone. In part 1, Mark Stanley inadvertently transforms his nerdy girlfriend into a super-hottie, who then proceeded to break up with him and screw the entire football team. In part 2, heartbroken, Mark meets a new friend and goes on a tropical vacation with his family. “Lovesick, horny, idiotic and magically-powered teen in a tropical resort” fun ensues! PLEASE comment on this story, and enjoy!
ag ar big cb fast hg inc instant lg magic ment
2nd, Mar 10
Something odd happened to this on the way to posting; an actual story got stuck in it before I could put a stake through it's heart and get it to press...;) Sheesh, 9 chapters. To spare our gentle readers, I've put in something I call 'waltzing the tilde', just Edit|Find, and search for ~, and you can escape the pesky plot development, long-winded romantic scenes, etc...;) (Don't you wish EVERYONE would do this?...;) Usual warnings of possessives, contractions, bad grammar, word usage, and plu-perfect split definitives apply. Have fun
cb fast huge lac magic mpg preg sc
5th, Mar 10
A Cotton Tail bunny hostess finds a most unusual lighter. Pictures included. Bridgette pics added 03/06/10
big magic offstage asleep
5th, Mar 10
The Jigsaw killer strikes in an unusual Fassion... Leave comments on the Forum if you like it!
bond cb fast science wow
6th, Mar 10
Becky just wants to keep the Presidency of her local Debate Club. Too bad Fiona wants the same prize. And the girl seems to be willing to do whatever it takes to win. And, oh, the entire school seems to be transforming into sex-obsessed bimbos with tiny brains and gigantic tits.
chem huge ment slow
11th, Mar 10
Ok, done, finito, finished, shot the engineers and began production...;) This just became a such a 'bug' that I had to finish it. Not as much BE as it should (but the principals are mostly already 'expanded', but plenty of good clean dirty fun. Once again, use the ~ to avoid any wasted fappage...;) This mainly ties up loose ends, though the story kept breaking out into the action. Have fun. On to the next one, some old faces, some Steampunk erotica(maybe I'll be the first).
big fast magic
11th, Mar 10
A ship's hand and a young noblewoman are castaway on an island with a remarkable fruit. (Very long)
chem fast huge lac mpg
23rd, Mar 10
Sigh, another story that ran away with the plot instead of fappage..;) Ok, there is some BE in here, but it's a bit more slow-paced, and subtle, so be forewarned.Was responding to a thread in another forum called 'Steampunk Erotica', so I thought...why not? Usually ~ stuff for those with more on their hands than time...;) Sarissa 3, the 3rd part of the 2-part series is done as far as the story is done, just have to shoehorn in the BE scenes. Has to be done by next week. See you...out there...
big cb chem mpg science slow
25th, Mar 10
Gad, I gotta give this a rest...;) 153 pages and counting....ok, as promised, here's Part 3 of the 2-part series. There's a little BE, but it's not a major part of the story, compared to other parts. Plenty o' sex, but 50 pages just for this part...whoosh! Ok, I'm thankful for all the comments, you've been very nice. Part four...I have a problem; I've pumped up everyone, so I have no flesh left to plump Actually, there's hardly any SEX in it at all. These things happen. I'll have to find somewhere else to publish it, but it will be a while. In the meantime, have fun
big cb instant magic mpg preg
31st, Mar 10
Whoa, Nelly. 190 odd pages. It's time to put this puppy to bed. This is the final (no, really this time...;) forth part of the two-part series. It's gone from a simple idea about BE to a novel where everyone just happens to get laid...;) There's some BE here, but it's not fair to HHH and the others to call it a BE story as much, so once again, the ~ is your friend. I've got to cut back some, this was getting out of hand. It's time for other people to have a shot (thought anyone could post something any time, and I like reading 'em as much as I like writing 'em...;) I'm not going to stop, but it will probably be about June before I can pick up again. And I'm out of ideas at the moment. Still, it's been fun, have fun, and I'll be lurking around out there. Thanks to all.
big chem instant mpg preg
31st, Mar 10
Well the first story i complete. It's so different from what i originally intended it to be :/. Katt is the Lone Wnaderer of some Fallout fan. She always tries to help those in need. But this time her unintentional help would extend well beyond the wasteland.
aliens bond chem huge ment science slow asleep
2nd, Apr 10
The year is 2011 in the Altaerna universe: Biology student Cornelia “Connie” Prince, a straight A student from her tests to her chest, rediscovers an old secret. Marge, her feisty kinda-sorta BFF, soon learns that the shy, bookish girl carries quite a lot of baggage…
ag cb fast huge lac magic ment mg nc rc
10th, Apr 10
Samantha spends her summer relaxing instead of practicing for her college track team. She gets a little out of shape, as in out of proportion, thanks in part to a drug from a friend. Not a terribly original story, but it's my first one.
ag big fa huge slow
10th, Apr 10
Chuck runs into the girl of his dreams one day while frequenting his local coffee shop. When he finds out this girls secret, will it be the key to a better life, or a one way ticket to trouble. This is my first story, I hope you enjoy.
ag big cb fast huge magic sc slow
12th, Apr 10
Originally the first part of this story was titled "Magic Man". After posting it here and receiving the response I re-edited the original first part and completely finished the story by adding two more parts and an epilogue. The hyperlinks in the first part were removed in favor of descriptions as requested. Format was changed to PDF, from that of .docx, to help expand the readership base.
ar cb hg huge inc instant lac magic mg mm mpg nc rc sc shem tg
12th, Apr 10
Searching for a birthday present for her chubby-loving husband, Gina finds something that will make her everything he desires and then some.
ag cb fa fast huge magic sc
13th, Apr 10
Another One Piece story, this one just a one shot that you won't really need to have seen One Piece to follow. The Marine Officer Tashigi gets more than she bargained for when she confiscates a cursed sword from a pirate.
cb fast huge magic
14th, Apr 10
What would happen if the Hadron Collider actually changed reality?
ag big hg instant science tg
15th, Apr 10
Part two follows two new characters, and their experiences with the shift in dimensions.
ag big fast ft hg mpg science tg
17th, Apr 10
Part 2 of 4, "Standing On The Bosoms Of Giants" - Chapters 5 and 6: Meek magic-wielding Connie gets a nightmarish glimpse of what may be in store for her while her spunky and recently-accidentally-turned-buxom BFF Marge devises her own plans for the shy girl who holds power over her body. And does she ever have big plans ...
cb fast gts lac magic mg nc wow
17th, Apr 10
This is a side story to Gods and Goddesses, in which I have a scene in which to pose the answer to the question. "What if Jason didn't bring along his Mommy". Well what else, he gets a little more nastier.
big instant lac magic ment mg nc rc
18th, Apr 10
The second story of my new "Art of Witchery" series(a link to the first can be found in this one). Susan is subjected to a berry transformation that's a little different from the usual blueberries.
fast huge lac magic multiple nc weird
18th, Apr 10
The third story of my "Art of Witchery" series. Erika goes to meet someone to discuss her artwork. Turns out that someone has a slightly unusual taste in art.
ag cb fast huge lac magic nc weird
20th, Apr 10
A ship's hand and a young noblewoman are castaway on an island with a remarkable fruit. (Very long) This version includes drawings from the long-lost sketchbook of William Gillingham.
chem fast huge lac mpg
24th, Apr 10
A series of events leads to some fun for two college students at the zoo that they work at.
ag big chem mpg slow asleep
24th, Apr 10
I did't think about people not being able to open a wps file so I did a little changing and gave a few more program options. Same story though, hope you enjoy.
ag big chem mpg slow
25th, Apr 10
Part 3 of 4, "Two Much By Far" - Chapters 7 to 10: Connie tries to find a way out of her predicament, keeping the real amount of remaining transformative juice a secret from ever-greedy Marge. However, when an impromptu make-out session gets out of hand, she is forced to reveal the truth. Soon, Connie is in over her head, struggling between lust and responsibility while the last supply of the juice dwindles and Marge rises to dubious fame...
ag big cb fast huge lac magic ment multiple rc weird
28th, Apr 10
ag big fast magic preg weird
28th, Apr 10
Imagine if the midas touch created breasts instead of gold. That's the concept, I'm sure something similar has been done before but I hammered this out one evening. Hope you enjoy!
big fast magic ment sc tg weird
30th, Apr 10
ag big fast magic ment preg slow weird
1st, May 10
The Editor moves to Megalopolis to add the powerful Ultress to his harem, but events quickly spiral out of his control, and he learns the consequences of his actions. Some violence, lots of buildup, then lots of sex and growth at the end. Enjoy!
big cb fast gts hg instant lac lg magic mpg sc shem
5th, May 10
Andy is a young, handsome, smart, fucked up kid. Preparing to take his first steps on the road to "Being his own man." Will he manage to find a way to reach his destination? Or will forces beyond his understanding take him prisoner and control his life, his mind, maybe even his soul. Read on to find out. (This is my second story. I have sincerely tried to improve on my technical shortcomings, and look forward to feedback thank you for taking the time to read this.)
ag big fast huge magic
5th, May 10
Conan the Barbarian has heard of a magic sword which will make him invincible, but can he survive the test of the fertile forest goddess who guards it jealously?
ag fast huge lac magic preg
5th, May 10
Collection of be microfiction authored by yours truly.
aliens big cb chem fast ft huge instant magic ment nc offstage science tg weird
6th, May 10
This is a quick story for you guys, concerning the fate of a shipwrecked sailor. Enjoy!
ag bond fast huge lac magic tg weird
6th, May 10
Part 4 of 4, "Revenge blown out of proportion" - Chapters 11 to 14: It’s the evening of Halloween, and Connie’s BFF Marge neither forgot nor forgave their object of shared detestation, Pearl, for hooking up with Marge’s ex-boyfriend Danny. Bent on revenge, Marge uses her temp job at the Diner to lace the happy couple’s drinks with the last of Connie’s berry juice and goads Connie into something they’ll come to regret. As transformations get out of control, Connie must face a decision that will change some lives forever ...
cb fast huge lac magic ment mpg nc rc sc weird wow
8th, May 10
Ok, I managed to sneak another one out. Much more fappage than story in this one (some folks might have been cheated on the last one...;) Have fun, this one isn't as serious as the previous ones....
aliens cb fast huge mpg rc science
9th, May 10
A dominated woman experiences BE and gives her husband what he always wanted. Short story that is all about the sex. Please comment!
big instant lac magic ment nc offstage weird asleep
11th, May 10
With some magical help from her voluptuous sister, Annie becomes a big girl, bigger in fact than she had ever imagined possible. (I'm still new at this, so feedback is definitely appreciated)
ag cb fa fast huge magic sc
13th, May 10
Laura, with her petite figure, never had much luck with boys. But when her brother, Brendan, makes fun of her small breasts, she decides to find a way to make even her brother pay attention to her. Not really my first story like this, but I feel I have more improvement to make. Please leave critique! Be brutal, baby.
ag cb chem fa fast huge inc lac lg ment mpg preg weird
14th, May 10
A trip to the Bahamas leads to two sisters undergoing some amazing transformations.
ag ar cb fast huge magic ment slow
17th, May 10
When Paula discovers the path to femininist bliss involves a bimbo fucktoy there is world wide repercussions.
ag ar ft hg huge instant lac magic ment mm mpg tg
21st, May 10
Candace, a bitchy feminist, is hexed by a vindicative stripper when she catches her boyfriend at the stripclub. Over the next few days, she discovers the triple nature of her curse as she's slowly turned into a hugely busted slut and later on fully transforms into a living, inflatable latex lovedoll. Comments appreciated. I have other doll stories, most have BE in a way but the focus is more on the doll aspect. I will post if people are interested in reading more.
huge magic ment nc slow weird
24th, May 10
This is my first multi-chapter story where I actually tried to setup a universe I could write in. It's a 5 chapter tale of the strange things happening in the secluded community of Latex Hills. Mostly a lovedoll tale again, but there's nice BE in chapter 2 and chapter 4. I understand the type of transformation therein isn't for everyone, but feedback on my other story made me want to share this. The follow-up to this is the multi-chapter 'The Girls of Latex Hills University (LHU)'
fast huge magic ment nc science weird
25th, May 10
Contains all parts of "Sanctuary in the Sand" up through Chapter 4, in which more focus is given to Nami as she discovers the fun way just what Robin's and Vivi's powers can do. Contains a commissioned illustration for each chapter, so the file is kinda big. I'll upload a lighter version if there is call for it.
ag big bond fast huge lac magic multiple sc shem weird wow
27th, May 10
cb huge hyp lac magic ment offstage preg sc slow
27th, May 10
New technology it keeping people safer, and bigger, in a warzone, this is my first comment please
ag big cb chem fast hg lg ment mm mpg science
28th, May 10
First chapter in the story of Junko, a chaste Japanese woman and her attempt to reconcile with her estranged betrothed.
big fast instant lg magic ment
28th, May 10
"The sequel to Women of Latex Hills: The Girls of Latex Hills University. It follows the life of Tricia Dahl, daughter of Xetal Holdings CEO Ryan Dahl. The tale follows Tricia's introduction to life in Latex Hills and all it's quirks." Located and uploaded by request (from the comments on "The Women Of Latex Hills"
big huge instant magic ment nc science weird
29th, May 10
ag big cb chem fast hg mm mpg science
30th, May 10
First two chapters in the story of Junko, a chaste Japanese woman. Her attempt to reconcile with her estranged betroth begins to spiral out of control.
ag big hg instant lg magic ment
1st, Jun 10
Already enormous, and with week left to fill before her beloved returns home, Annie decides that too much is never enough.
ag cb fa fast huge magic
4th, Jun 10
A temperamental high school girl finds herself growing and changing in unexpected ways.
big gts hg instant lg nc
4th, Jun 10
A 1000 word quickie about a special girl with an unusual reaction to fast food.
big gts instant lg sc
10th, Jun 10
Short standalone story. Posted previously in elit at 7chan.
big fast lac magic shem
14th, Jun 10
A slim, gawky girl named Allie harbors a deep, powerful crush on her best friend... and when the moon grows full she learns there's more to her friend Jen than she thought. She-male transformations, massive belly/breast inflation, and lactation follow in this tale of lunar goddesses, evil priestesses and true love.
big cb fast ft huge lac magic ment mpg nc preg shem tg weird asleep
15th, Jun 10
Re-uploaded as a .htm file for non-mac users. A slim, gawky girl named Allie harbors a deep, powerful crush on her best friend... and when the moon grows full she learns there's more to her friend Jen than she thought. She-male transformations, massive belly/breast inflation, and lactation follow in this tale of lunar goddesses, evil priestesses and true love.
big cb fast ft huge hyp lac magic ment mpg nc preg shem tg weird asleep wow
18th, Jun 10
a XXXecil for Hire story. I was commissioned to write a continuation of Faeophobia: What Boys Like, revealing the future of a pixie named Lisa, with a tendency to cast spells that shrink men into living sex-toys. A mysterious phenomenon is sweeping through the city; putting any man with a cock between his legs at risk of massive, magical orgies. Nymphomaniacal transformations abound in this vast story that reveals the fate of Lisa, her boy-toy Matt, their friends, enemies, coworkers, parents of their enemies, nerdy friends, and a shady pixie that can match Lisa spell-for-spell! Breasts will expand, libidos will multiply, and a sex-drenched city will moan with magical delights.
ag big cb fast huge lac magic ment mpg preg rc weird
19th, Jun 10
Marsha O'Malley has everything, or does she? A rash decision and magical mayhem confuse the usually confident, cool wife of a banker. What does she really want?
cb fast huge magic ment
20th, Jun 10
In this sequel to Full Moon, the ever-hungry Kate is getting married! When there's a mix-up with the gift baskets at her bachelorette party, her bridesmaids are exposed to an experimental gel derived from Jen's magical cum! It creates quite a situation, with the girls all outgrowing their dresses in various ways, and they scramble to the wedding before their expansion ruins everything.
ag big cb fa fast ft gts huge lac magic preg science shem tg wow
24th, Jun 10
Part 3 of the Full Moon series. Impregnated! Allie once loved to get all big and pregnant looking, but now that it's actually happened she's not feeling so good. Plus, the things she's carrying in her womb aren't exactly human... Lots of preg content, massive body expansion, and weird critters in this one. Stay tuned for the epic conclusion as Maxxine returns!
ag fa fast gts instant magic ment mg mpg preg shem tg weird
24th, Jun 10
The Audio Erotica of Princess Grace, and her lunar transformation.
ag fast huge ment weird
25th, Jun 10
Having decided that she is huge enough already, Annie goes to bed, but an unexpected visitor has other plans for her
ag fa fast huge lac magic rc sc
26th, Jun 10
Part 2 of a 3 part Faeophobia epic I was commissioned to write. Orgies explode and hypersluts multiple as the mysterious 'PFF' continues. Matt will be sent on a secret, salacious quest, and both students and faculty of Madison University will be corrupted by sexual sorcery no mere mortal can hope to resist.
big cb huge lac magic ment mpg preg weird
30th, Jun 10
cb fa huge hyp lac magic ment offstage preg sc slow
30th, Jun 10
Monica receives a mysterious bra in the mail which causes an unexpected problem. Luckily, her son Josh is there to help.
cb fast huge inc lac science
30th, Jun 10
Nikki is a big fan of the Nightlight series and its brooding vampire character Earnest Collwin. One night she awakens to find him in her bedroom! One thing leads to another... but Earnest is not what he appears to be! A short, no frills breast expansion story.
aliens big cb fast lac rc science
2nd, Jul 10
A collection of BE microfiction. 15 pages of tiny stories and short stories. Cursed genies, fun females, science experiments gone awry and more. Something for everyone!
ag aliens big cb chem fast ft gts huge instant magic ment mg nc offstage science tg weird
3rd, Jul 10
After discovering one other world that survived an interplanetary civil war the females on a 2nd Union ship undergo breast expansion. Just how large will Hazel, the shortest woman on board, get? Plato's 44th story and the first one in over seven years.
chem huge slow
3rd, Jul 10
cb fast huge instant magic sc wow
6th, Jul 10
The complete epic! (Illustrated) The first two chapters plus the final, third installment! At last the secret is revealed; who really stole Lisa's human dildo spell? What schemes will be hatched by those already enchanted by her sexual sorcery? Nerds will get laid, Fae will breed, humans will descend into nymphomania, with a stadium full of lusty, busty victims of libido-magic gone wild! (Illustrated!!!!!)
ag big bond fast gts huge lac magic ment nc preg weird
10th, Jul 10
Charlie's wife loves him. A lot. Frequently. He finds her irresistable. She gives him everything he wants, but Charlie wonders if this treatment is really healthy. This story gets straight to business. fans of Stewy and Hunter S Creek should enjoy. Shrinking Man and light fem-dom vibes.
big fast gts huge magic mpg sc
10th, Jul 10
Alex, an average and skinny working girl, has her breast start expanding out of no where whenever she ever eats and it causes some unexpected results.
cb huge ment sc asleep wow
19th, Jul 10
With only hours to go before her fiance arrives home, Annie enlists Gina's help to get REALLY big. To her dismay though, she soon finds things to be getting out of hand as she begins to grow larger than she ever intended to, and worse yet, finds that she is enjoying it.
ag fa fast huge lac magic nc rc sc wow
21st, Jul 10
The first four chapters of a sprawling, sex-drenched epic. I have sacrificed everything for my covert war against an insidious alien menace infiltrating society and bedrooms across continents. I dare not be swayed by glistening curves and expanding, milky breasts. Worst of all, as my dick grows vastly more potent, I can foresee the same fate for myself as those that surrender to the multi-orgasmic lures of never-ending alien orgy sex.
aliens big chem fast huge lac ment mpg offstage preg sc science weird
22nd, Jul 10
For daring to explore the mysteries of the Nympha, I risk a maddening existence of ejaculating sperm-slavery. My only hope is a bra-busting weapon that will turn their own sexuality against them. With my life, sanity, and sperm on the line I shall attempt to rescue an ally who has unlocked the secrets of the aliens. But who will save me from my own lusts?
big chem fast lac ment mpg preg rc science weird
24th, Jul 10
Erin is looking for that extra “umph” to her figure that will drive her boyfriend wild! She then learns about her boyfriend’s obsession with huge breast implants and realizes if she wants him to look at her the same way he looks at porn stars then she has to get implants too.
big fast hyp offstage sc science slow
27th, Jul 10
Part 7 and the explosive finale! Schemes and orgasms come to fruition as I struggle to out-maneuver my erotic enemies. Time is short as the terrible secret of my ever-increasing penis is revealed. I must weather an onslaught of nymph(a)mania more numerous and busty than I feared possible, against a backdrop of salacious betrayal. As humanity succumbs to the escalating plague of limitless sexual indulgence, I will find myself asking if I am fighting on the right side...
aliens big chem fast hyp lac ment mpg offstage science weird
27th, Jul 10
Maria is a socially awkward girl who loves going to the Renaissance Festival but is too shy to really get into it, until a purchase from a new vendor starts to change things…. First chapter of hopefully at least 3-4. First submission so commentary is appreciated. BE does start out a little slow in this chapter as I was focusing on the plot development but should pick up. I'm uploading in 3 different formats so hopefully nobody will have an issue reading it.
big lg magic ment mg slow asleep
30th, Jul 10
A personal story about my love, obsession and addiction to huge breast implants. These are my real life experiences and dreams told through flashbacks and fantasies.
big fast huge offstage sc science slow
30th, Jul 10
By request. Twin sister's on a vacation with their Mum meet a strange trio of women at a beach resort. Stella and Bella have their issues, but how will they react in the presence of three sexed up women and a magical, bust enhancing dildo?
big cb fast huge instant magic ment nc shem
31st, Jul 10
By request. Twin sisters on a vacation with their Mum meet a strange trio of women at a beach resort. Stella and Bella have their issues, but how will they react in the presence of three sexed up women and a magical, bust enhancing dildo? Apologies for the previous bad upload of this story.
big cb fast huge instant magic ment nc shem
2nd, Aug 10
My first story. A little Halloween fun. See what happens when Halloween costumes get real.
big huge instant lac magic sc tg
18th, Aug 10
(Un)Wanted Desires is my first story I actually managed to complete to a state I found worth posting. I've more work (bits and pieces) laying around, but incomplete and not ready to be posted. I hope I may find the inspiration form feedback on this story (both positive and negative) that will stimulate me to try and complete them to post worthy material. (Un)Wanted Desires is about two lovers who are trying through the use of mystical rituals to summon "Lady Desire". But things don't completely go as planned.
big fast lac magic mpg
19th, Aug 10
Taking some hints from the feedback I have altered the story a little and made it available in PDF format. Hope you enjoy
fast huge magic wow
25th, Aug 10
College roommates Abby and Tasha are returning home after a vacation trip, when they suddenly experience some changes! At a loss to explain what's happening to their bodies, the two eventually just give in and enjoy it! Expect the usual belly/breast growth from me... but only on Tasha! Abby's changes are a little more exotic... she's becoming a mermaid! And her boobs get bigger too, of course.
big fast hyp magic ment preg weird
25th, Aug 10
My first story. What's the worst that can happen to a faulty cursed love doll? Answer is a lot!
ag cb fast hg huge lac lg magic mpg nc
25th, Aug 10
A tweaked and edited version of the rewrite of the Mowermandave story Get Closer. Two women are still taught a lesson by a jilted wizard.
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3rd, Sep 10
A Sequel to "The Tale of Our Isle." Here is the continuing story of William and Arianna, including their rescue from their Isle. (Very long) Includes drawings from Grandpa Bill's long-lost sketchbook.
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3rd, Sep 10
Once she started lactating, she gave more and more milk - and her breasts just kept on growing. (Hardcore sex scenes included.)
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10th, Sep 10
Red-headed Heather Mcoule, a 39 year old single office worker, was bullied constantly by her coworkers about her age and for the unusual rate of her aging. However, all that's about to change when Marty, a 2 foot tall leprechaun, visits her one night at the office. After Heather finds out that she too is a magical being, both she and Marty go out and take revenge on her coworkers in various magical ways. It is obvious that one scene is somewhat influenced by the 1995 movie Leprechaun 3. This is part 1 of the story.
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17th, Sep 10
Gina's life is going through some changes. Hopefully bigger breasts will just be the start of an incredible journey.
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21st, Sep 10
The second chapter of 'Fitting in at the Ren-Faire'. Maria returns to the Renaissance Festival, where she finds her expanding bust and sex drive lead her to a new occupation. Will she be able to unlock the secret to her changes before they get out of hand? Also the plot thickens as a shady new character becomes curious of Maria's ring. Have also included a re-edited/better formatted copy of chapter 1. I had to split what I intended to cover in chapter 2 into chapters 2 and 3 as the first part got too long. Hopefully chapter 3 wont take as long to write. Thanks for all the awesome feedback, it really helped, keep it coming. Tried uploading yesterday but was having problems so sorry if multiples of this pop up, admins can delete the other ones.
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1st, Oct 10
Gina's breasts have doubled in size and they show no sign of slowing. A month later she has to come to terms with her new found body and its complications.
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2nd, Oct 10
When Chloe suddenly finds herself with a wish to make, she never expects it to actually come true. It doesn't take her long though to realize that the possibilities are enormous.
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4th, Oct 10
~ is a brief story about two women fighting over the affection of one man during a lavish Halloween Party. The fun begins when the inflatable costume activates... (Please NOTE: This is more an inflation story emphasizing on growth than on breasts). I wrote this for the “Prose that Blows 3- Halloween Contest” Sadly, I couldn’t write a story under 750 words… hurts too much).
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6th, Oct 10
A die-hard follower of Mr. Big has kidnapped the grandchildren of New Darwin's police heroes. Will the veterans find them in time before the kidnapper achieves his revenge? Includes 15 pics commissioned from Litch.
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6th, Oct 10
A young woman participates in a controversial medical study promising a cure for breast cancer and gets more than she bargained for.
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8th, Oct 10
In the conclusion, Cara's lactation gets completely out of control. Her breasts start to push us around!
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13th, Oct 10
This is the story of how I lost my wife. But, she's a lot happier this way...
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13th, Oct 10
This is the story of how I lost my wife. But, she's a lot happier this way...
big offstage
14th, Oct 10
What happens when Tia Halibel and the Hogyoku's power to make desires a reality mix?
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20th, Oct 10
Oh Samantha! She's been a good girl her whole life, then some PUNK invites her to a party... She grows in ways she least expected to, and her poor roommate has to get off her high horse (to possibly mount something else). Chapter 2 will be done soon, enjoy!
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27th, Oct 10
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27th, Oct 10
A young woman participates in a controversial medical study promising a cure for breast cancer and gets more than she bargained for. This is the sequel to An Ounce of Prevention It is helpful to read the first (shorter) story, but not necessary. This is the corrected final file and includes one image.
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28th, Oct 10
Realizing how ample the opportunities in front of her are, Chloe can't help but overindulge. Soon however, she finds out that a wish fulfilled can become a wish overfilled.
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28th, Oct 10
*This is one of about 5 stories I have been working on, so far its the first one done. It is also my first story so It might not be the best.* Mike finds a costume at SRU that changes his life at a Halloween party. Lots of changes and sex! Happy Halloween Everyone!
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1st, Nov 10
As Gina slowly adjusts to life as a large breasted woman she makes a horrific discovery about her condition. (Folder contains PDF files. If you dont like it dont download.)
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7th, Nov 10
A quick story I wrote trying to get the story in under 1000 words. When Janey sets out for her first night of prostitution, her john changes not just her outlook but her life. My second attempt to upload this.
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18th, Nov 10
A big guy, a small girl, then a big girl and a big guy, then an even bigger guy and a small girl.
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24th, Nov 10
A hard-luck guy goes to a bar to try to get a handle on his problems. Instead, they seem to get a handle on him.
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1st, Dec 10
Revelations about Gina's growing breasts change things forever. But is this really what she wants?
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1st, Dec 10
When a man unknowingly saves the life of a fairy she vows to pay him back. Overhearing him wish his love doll was alive, the fairy secretly grants his desire. But the newly alive love doll has other plans for herself, and what she will need to get ahead in the world... 14 pages long and features four illustrations done by Dan Standing. PDF format ebook.
ag big fast magic weird
9th, Dec 10
Another Sequel to "The Tale of Our Isle," continuing the story of "Grandma Annie's Sea Journal." William and Arianna's adventures continue in America, where they also encounter trouble. (Very long) Includes drawings from Grandpa Bill's long-lost sketchbook. (I'm not partial to writing sequels, so if you would like this series to continue, please leave some feedback.)
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10th, Dec 10
Sue, a shy and homely girl, turns to a demon for help in getting the boy of her dreams. But what happens when the demon has plans of her own?... My second post here, and I tried to be more original. Please check the Read Me file before reading for a small request.
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12th, Dec 10
First story of its kind that I have attempted to make. Really would love feedback - I am aiming for a 8 part or so line.
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21st, Dec 10
I'm still alive! Another story, this one fits in with my Last Defender stories, though having read those isn't necessary for this one. Let me know what you think, I can be found easier over on deviantART as GenkoKitsu
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23rd, Dec 10
In this sequel to Forced Perspective our villain Gus has escaped from prison. What sort of havoc does he plan for Madison and her friends, not to mention the rest of Outback? Read to find out!
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25th, Dec 10
‘Every woman deserves a body that can be worshipped.’ Happy Christmas Oveflowing Bra.
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25th, Dec 10
Brief, but telling. Romance, breast implants and augmentation
cb fast huge science
25th, Dec 10
Brief, but telling. Romance, breast implants and augmentation.
big cb fast science
28th, Dec 10
My second story! Steve (not that it matters, his name is only mentioned once) finds the 'fold' in his local mall. A trip to the SRU Discount Outlet later and Steve finds out hes the Magister. There is a small notice before the story starts. I suggest reading it before reading the story. .rtf only (sorry people, I like word pad.) -Enjoy
ag big cb hg instant lac magic ment nc preg tg
30th, Dec 10
See what happens when a couple realizes they were destined for each other. The first of a few chapters. Enjoy!
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