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14th Sep 19
Short on money and looking to rent out her spare room, Joanna soon discovers being a landlady can be more rewarding than she ever expected.
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8th Jan 20
Already more buxom than she ever imagined, Joanna realizes that her house-guest's generosity is boundless, and if something doesn't change fast, her own measurements will be too!
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6th Oct 20
Desperate to avoid a lifetime of debilitating voluptuousness and tantalizing lustful, Joanna hatches a plan to turn Reyna's own appetite's against her before she has the chance to make Joanna even more distressingly fulsome than she already is.
ag cb fa fast huge magic nc
2nd Nov 20
Huge, horny, and on vacation with nothing better to do that eat, drink and have sex, Joanna is in heaven. She's pretty sure that Reyna's long gone now, so she won't need to worry about her mysterious and eager-to-please visitor pumping her up so full that Joanna might actually be in danger of exploding.
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12th Jul 98
A fictional story of how Pandora Peaks got her huge boobs.
bg fa fast gts huge magic mg sc
3rd Apr 00
A peasant girl tempts a cloistered monk with her growing breasts in this wonderful literary parody.
bg big
30th Aug 21
Three girls. One Night. One very strange house party! Join Lin, Jennifer, and Stephanie as they explore the inner chambers of a magical mansion! How far will they go to "Party Hardy"?
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3rd Sep 21
The deeper into the mansion they go, the stranger things seem to get!
bg ag big cb huge hyp instant magic ment
26th Jul 07
this is just the rough draft of a story i wrote. its not very good so far but im looking to get feedback or if anyone wAnts to expand it im up to share the idea just send me the info to
ag big magic slow asleep
24th Nov 99
Kelly summons Aphrodite and gains the power to transform sexually.
bg cb fa fast magic mpg
25th Apr 14
What would you do if you woke up enhanced, and so did she? How did you get this way? What's the real reason this happened? Another long one, actual story. Warning - a gruesome scene towards the end, but it can be skipped.
aliens big instant mpg preg rc science
18th Mar 17
The final battle begins. Will Paul and the girls be able to stand up to Claudia? Will Allison become an Amazon again? Will Paul be alone on his birthday? The answers to all this and more are in the final chapter of Paul's Problems.
bg ag big cb fast hg huge lg magic ment mg offstage weird
14th Jan 15
Paul's destiny is now revealed to him. He is the chosen one who will bring back an age of magic by uncovering the hidden magical creatures that live amoung humanity... with his penis. Also, in this educational installment the girls learn about customer satisfaction and one of Paul's professors learns about appropriate teacher/student interactions.
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29th Jan 15
Chapter 3 of Paul's Problems in html. From now on I'll be uploading in both formats.
ag ar big cb fast hg huge instant lg magic ment mg offstage weird
29th Jan 15
Paul must contend with a ten-thousand year old sorceress... who also happens to be the mother of one of the girls he is sleeping with. Meanwhile, Allison the amazon reconects with her fencing club and discovers how much they all have in common, Molly the nymph shares a love of knowledge with one of the school's librarians, and Olivia the totally normal human makes her feelings about Paul known. (Contains parts 1 and 2 in shiny .pdf format.)
ag ar big bond cb fast hg huge instant lg magic ment mg mm mpg offstage weird
10th Feb 15
After transforming his lab partner Olivia into an angel only for her to run away, Paul visit's the sorority house that she lives in only to meet her room mate and bring out something long awaited in her. Samantha gets some help from the occult research society in tracking down Olivia. And Olivia herself helps broaden horizons.
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7th May 15
Olivia shares what she's been up to and what happened when she met the Dean. Then everyone else has a good time. Apologies for the delay in getting this one out.
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7th Aug 15
Light is shed on the shadowy organization that Olivia's mom runs. Also, Paul introduces himself to the dean's secretary and must deal with the ever daunting task of interacting with the mothers of the girls he is sleeping with. Everyone else is preparing for war.
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15th Oct 15
Paul and Allison try to get some clothes for him from his house without having sex. They fail. Olivia tries to keep to the schedule she's been given. She fails. Samantha tries to spice things up in the bedroom. She mostly succeeds. Then everything goes to shit.
ag big fast hg huge lg magic ment mg offstage weird
23rd Nov 15
Paul and Samantha are on the run from the angel that has stabbed Allison. Their solution involves having sex in public. Iris is being hazed by some of her swimming teammates. Her solution involves having sex underwater. Allison and Veronica are being kept in an undisclosed location. It's not a solution but they have sex anyways to pass the time.
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6th Apr 16
Riya and Olivia get back together with their sorority sisters. Then sex happens. Allison and Veronica make their escape. Then guns happen. Everyone else prepares for battle. Then sex happens.
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9th Jan 15
Paul's life at his new university takes an unexpected turn when girls start throwing themselves at him and transforming. Then throwing themselves at each other. What is the cause of this strange behavior? Can the girls cope with their new feeling for Paul and each other? How exactly is this situation a 'problem'?
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28th Apr 99
A college girl pisses off her witch roommate and has to learn a lesson about being a bimbo.
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2nd Mar 98
Two girls fighting for the same guy; one gets jealous and puts a curse on the other, who then finds herself in trouble with the law.
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12th Jun 07
Q. Why shouldn't you pick on people in school? A. Because you never know what they're going to do when they're older.
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10th Nov 09
This is the first time I've written a story focusing on a breast expansion theme, and was done at the request of a fan of my more normal works. Please don't be too harsh, and I would really appreciate any pointers and advice.
big cb fast lac magic offstage
11th Feb 21
Frank is conscious of his extremely small penis, and orders a product off the internet that will help this condition. It works better than expected, and his roommate takes notice.
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12th Apr 02
Penelope and Jim have fun with a magical pen.
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9th Jul 06
A tale of an Irish boy, who's mother passes on a family secret. A penny that allows the holder to transform theirs and others appearances! My first BE story, be gentle! Part 1 of 2
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28th Jun 98
A contaminated batch of Pepsi results in a conspiracy to take over the world.
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25th Dec 10
‘Every woman deserves a body that can be worshipped.’ Happy Christmas Oveflowing Bra.
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12th Feb 21
When Matt partners up with the most beautiful girl in school for their senior project, he has no idea that he's about to develop a formula to make her even hotter...
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19th Feb 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. For your fancy today, I suggest this story of a young girl, Sam, and her overwhelming desire to win the heart of her best friend Kassie. Though she may learn the exact cost and consequences might be bigger than she thinks.
bg ag big gts instant lg magic nc offstage shem
10th Aug 23
Tracy has an unrequited crush on Tyler, and so she resorts to Perfect Girlfriend Juice to ensure that she becomes his Perfect Girlfriend.
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27th Mar 24
A middle-aged gold-digger tries to use the Juice to snag herself a rich young CEO, but things do not go as planned...
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25th Mar 21
A tainted batch of sports drink transforms women into the ideal girlfriend of the nearest guy. BE is featured, but not focused.
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25th Jun 21
Perfect Secretary, Part 1. What happens if the man you imprint on is your boss and doesn't want a girlfriend? Chapter 2 wasn't posted here because it featured breast reduction, not expansion, but the story is unrelated. You can read it on my Literotica or DeviantArt if you're interested.
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23rd Jul 21
Alani starts making the office a bit more pleasant for Jack. Only very minor BE in this part - there will be more in the next part.
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19th Aug 21
Alani takes control. The explosive finale of Perfect Secretary.
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11th Nov 11
This story I hesistated to put up... for various reasons... You'll see why when you read it... Not my best work but good enough that I want to upload it... Leave some comments and I'll work on the next one...
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23rd Jun 99
Mysterious breast growth makes a businesswoman hide in the restroom at work. But now, how can she leave in her condition?
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4th May 98
Aliens capture two teenage girls and exchange their bustsizes and their IQs.
bg aliens big fa fast nc
25th Apr 02
Allison and her friends try to grow bigger breasts by using bovine growth hormone. They must of missed the "Effects may vary" label!
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19th Sep 98
Radio host meets a woman on the phone who wants to show him how her tits have grown.
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13th Jul 20
Xeal was the first succubi to ever do porn.
huge magic slow
9th Jan 10
What happens when a fetish becomes sound-induced? Purposely obscure and more artsy than most BE stories.
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9th Mar 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. For your enjoyment today the tale of a photographer, envious of her models and seeking some change in her life. Though what she's truly after may not be as hard to achieve as she once thought.
bg ag big cb fast hg huge magic ment offstage sc slow
17th Jul 99
A highschool student finds her breasts grow at night when she dreams about sex - but why?
bg big asleep
14th Aug 12
Tegen Toppa Gurren Lagann: A series of events happen that change both the history and events of the series. Growth comes in the end of the entry more will be put in and other pairings might be possible if suggested... Enjoy
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2nd Feb 05
Nicole, having won the Lottery ius finnaly able to achieve what she always wanted. 'Bigger boobs, bigger everything!' Her Boyfriend certainly isn't complaining.
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14th Feb 00
The voluminous belles of Cloud 9 get riled when contract negotiations go south. In the spirit of all workers done wrong by their employer, the pillow women go on strike. Witness as the most massive picket line in history goes bust-to-bust against their replacements! It's the most outrageous 'pillow fight' you'll ever see!
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18th Feb 98
Nadia, a wetware-equipped cop, is sent undercover as a pillow woman to Cloud 9.
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12th Apr 02
A lighthearted story of human error.
huge science slow
22nd Dec 03
Guess what! I'm tired of waiting! I'm gonna post my story! For any who have been pateintly waiting... please enjoy. If anyone cares about my tragic reason please visit the Plume. This story is about two sisters having thier way with Sam, an old outdated Network Admin... Its got a little of everything- plus its ILLUSTRATED! PS I hope the story/pic presentation works.
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28th Jul 02
A computer scientist makes a significant breakthough. Problems and pleasures follow when his son hacks into his system and uses his research file as a basis to his morphing assignment.
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24th Jun 04
A story about Pixie, a charachter created by Access. My first BE story, too. Read, review, send commentary, do something, ok?
fast magic wow
2nd Sep 23
A story long in the making, Fitzbattleaxe's Judy Wall of "New Beginnings" meets artist Berggie's April for an expansion-filled tale. Included is art by Mariano Navarro and Hernan Cabrera.
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15th Jun 12
A shining spirit meets Petunia. There is an orgy in the street.
cb huge instant magic mpg sc shem
22nd Jun 12
Petunia sates her roommate’s hunger then later averts an in-progress act of adultery.
ag big cb huge instant magic ment mpg shem weird
29th Jan 07
Linda is board with her boyfriend and hers sex lives she seeks out a solution on the net and finds exactly what she needs.
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26th Jul 05
Peter finds out that Halloween can be VERY special
instant magic wow
26th May 00
Playing poker for looks - everybody ante up!
bg ag hg huge lg magic
8th Jun 11
Ever meet an old burnout from way back when, who seemed to have nothing but still be happy? There was a time when he could do anything, but knew nothing. This is the story of that man.
big fast hg magic ment tg
29th Mar 98
Internship at a biotech research company has added benefits -- for the owner!
bg chem ment slow
4th Sep 12
Because I forgot to add 1 and 2 for the premise... Naruto is a pilot and Hinata an heiress to a powerful company. When a trip to home goes wrong these two must survive a island with unknown flora and fauna. Can they get off the island fast enough to go home? Can they manage to work together long enough to achieve the goal?
big chem mpg offstage slow asleep
3rd Sep 12
This is Silenteye but I will now be going under the name Silent Soul Ken or SSK. The reason for this is to unify all my stuff under one name. So Silenteye, Soul Teller and Kentenko are me. Now for the summary of events. Naruto and Hinata are trapped on an island. Hinata has noticed slight changes in their behavior and body. Suspicious she goes to find the cause. Naruto tired of being stranded to one part of the island decides to explore the mountain. Will Naruto climb the mountain? Will Hinata find out what is wrong with her and him?
big chem mpg slow asleep
19th Nov 19
A Madam Materia commission. Jake and Lene have a perfect relationship, but a new drug trial will put their love to the test. Will Jake find a solution, or be left behind as Lene grows further and further beyond his capability.
bg ag big cb chem huge ment mpg offstage science slow
25th Mar 07
A bunch of VERY busty ladies play some poker but instead of betting with chips, they bet with cup sizes. a lot of breast shrinkage, and a LOT of breast growth.
cb instant magic wow
25th May 98
In the new feature-length feature film, Mr. Big uses his Big-O-Matic BE ray on thousands of women. How can the Blue girls stop him?
bg huge instant nc rc science
23rd Apr 99
A British politician defends an ""inappropriate relationship"".
14th Dec 03
Tracy signs up to be a test subject at Biogenetics, Inc. She has to take four pills that are orange, purple, green, and red. Guess what they do.
fast huge lg science slow asleep
26th Aug 99
A strange short story told from many viewpoints, of a checkout girl at a market who may have growing tits...
bg big
16th Dec 98
A woman who wants to be loved trades some of her inner aspects to a wizard for better outer aspects in this fable.
bg big fa fast lg magic ment
13th Dec 23
A short story (my first), about failing to plan ahead...
cb chem fast huge ment science
7th Jul 20
A Madam Materia commission. Welcome to Japan, a land of delicious food, pop idols, and trying to figure out how you're going to make rent as a foreigner trying to eke out a living in the land of the rising sun. Meet our hero Sam, who finds himself in the position of acting as a historical consultant for an oddly themed idol group, the Liberty Girls. A job that may have just a bit more going on beneath the surface of those flashy costumes than he was bargaining for.
bg ag big cb chem lac ment offstage slow
6th Apr 24
A Madam Materia commission. Our hero Sam's journey into idol-dom begins! Or, more aptly, the first step is one they've been shoved down as The Injection starts to take its course. Sam's life, whether he intended it to or not, is getting flipped upside down as the man Sam becomes the woman Sammi.
ag big hg ment offstage science slow tg asleep
18th Jul 98
To save a remote colony, a woman undergoes a ""fast multiple pregnancy"" procedure.
bg fa fast huge lac nc preg science
17th Apr 01
A man gets his wife custom-remade for his own pleasure in this Stepford-Wives-like screenplay (yes, a real screenplay!)
bg big ment offstage
21st Oct 09
Kristen, a self-assured, independent woman, has trouble owning up to her increasing addiction to Cherub Cream and Cherub Crunch beauty snacks.
ag big cb chem fa fast hyp lac magic ment slow weird
29th Jul 02
Crono, Marle, Lucca, and Glenn. They saved the world, now Marle wants to get some. Hey, she's got magic, why not make it fun?
cb huge magic mpg preg
29th Jul 02
A different version of Porno Trigger. Marle comes to Lucca with a question: "Can you get me to have bigger breasts?" Lucca answers...sorta. Chaos ensues.
ag cb huge magic mpg preg science slow
2nd Jan 07
A development of an idea: something is happening to the teens at Bennington's School for Young Women. Images from Cosmo Girl, Penthouse and Playboy start springing to life, only they don't emerge straight from the pages, but inside the girls who read them. Given the beauty standards of the time, it wasn't that great a leap anyway...
ag big fast hg lg magic ment
21st Oct 04
A continuation of Mr B's classic 'Addicted'. Andrea is addicted to lactation, and her ever-growing breasts need more and more milking. But the more she milks, the bigger she gets... where will it all end up?
huge lac science tg
26th Sep 14
Morgana the witch learns to not look down on others. -Note- While there breast expansion and a large focus on large breasts, it is not the central aspect of the story. So just giving you a heads up! Thanks for your time and any feedback is welcome and appreciated.
ag fast huge magic ment nc weird
21st Dec 06
Discover the fate of James and the truth of how he gain his powers.
big hg instant lg magic ment mpg multiple shem tg weird wow
19th Mar 07
The first day of Jade’s new life and she is stuck at home for the whole weekend. Whatever will she do?
big huge instant magic mpg multiple shem weird
24th Apr 05
This is a story for all the Pokemon fans. One night May wishes upon a star that would, somehow, someway, give her the ability to... (yep, you guessed it) grow to whatever size she demands at anytime. In the morning, she bluffed that something made her grow. Believing her bluff, Brock and Max leave to find a cure for May, while Ash stays behind to look after her, but now it's time for May to take matters in her own hands, Ash and the planet included, so hang on to your seats for BE/GTS story of the century.
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22nd Jul 12
Jen knows how much her fiancé loves huge breast implants, so Jen sets out to give her lover exactly what he wants … even if he doesnt know its what he wants.
big fast offstage sc science slow
23rd May 05
James is a high school student, when one day he finds he has strange powers that he is not sure how to control. How will James and his classmates react? First Chapter to a new series. I have a new editor, so hopefully the grammer will be better.
big cb instant magic ment mpg shem weird
26th Feb 08
Jade pushes to see how far she and Susan can take their ‘Secret Fuck’ to amazing results. Then Jade visits Stacy Palmer to make amends for breaking her arms. Finally, we see how Tina is handling the lost of her sister.
big huge instant lg magic mpg shem weird
22nd Sep 05
Day 2. James discovers more about his powers.
big cb fast magic ment mpg offstage weird
3rd Nov 06
Day 3: James and Sally finally get together. James learns a lot of new insight on how his powers work. Finally, James meets Ming’s mother.
big cb fast huge instant magic ment mpg multiple offstage shem weird
14th Dec 06
James give the bad news to the girls that the party is a no go. The girls doesn't take the news well & Ming's mother gets involved to make sure the party happens. This spells trouble for James.
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17th Dec 07
Jade finally gets her papers to leave the house. After a quick bit of shopping, she gets to go to school for at least the end of the day.
big huge instant magic shem weird
17th Jan 08
Jade’s first day at school plus a sleepover at Mary’s house leads to all sorts of fun.
big gts huge instant magic mpg multiple rc shem weird
20th Feb 08
Jade learns a lot more on how lust affects her and how she can use it. Then girls must deal with the fall out of Gwen.
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1st Jul 00
Accident gives a woman the power to drain men's muscles, strength, and size.
bg gts huge mg nc sc science
21st Jan 07
Lex Luthor finds a new kind of kryptonite, and tests it out on Powergirl. Neither of them expects what results.
cb fast huge magic nc wow
20th Aug 19
A simple story about a woman who wishes for bigger tits to win her husband's love, and gets a little more than she bargained for.
huge lac magic preg slow
25th May 05
Danto is a criminal, Samantha a great hero. Will the two of them hate each other, or will something more meaningful 'grow' between them and make things interesting?
ag fast hg huge
6th Apr 03
A chick is pregnant by snacks.
9th Aug 19
A little adult magic is always fun! But what happens when a milky trick hangs around longer than it should?
bg big cb fast huge lac magic nc
3rd Dec 06
A new magical girl appears to stop a dark force attacking the city will she be able to stop this enemy with her big belly and breasts?
huge instant lac magic preg
20th Aug 21
Juniper has a stepbrother that is quite a jerk, so she decided to use a protective spell that will take away from him what he value the most. Unfortunately, she didn't expect the spell to work or that her stepbrother was so prideful (Warning. This story contains a female developing a dick) Another story commissioned by Burningfield. My native language isn't english, so apologies for the grammar and spelling errors present in the story
bg big cb fast lac magic mg shem
29th Nov 16
Katie overhears a bully calling her a slut and makes the decision to erase all record of her sexual activity with her newfound powers.
bg ag big magic mg offstage slow
4th Sep 15
Venus, goddess of lust, is slowly dieing from lack of worshipers. In desperation she creates a preistess to act as a new source of energy, but things don't go exactly as planned. Katie is a high junior with a sex addiction, and the target of Venus's desperate attempt to save herself. Send feedback to
ag big magic mg slow
10th Feb 22
A vain real estate agent finds that housing values aren't the only thing going up!
ag fast gts hg huge magic nc rc
8th Jul 07
A collection of BeAddventure postings cleaned up and strung together. Various authors have contributed to these stories.
big cb fast hg lac lg magic ment mpg weird
17th Sep 18
What would you do if you had a crush on a co-worker and a printer that made whatever you printed a reality? Plenty of sexy fun and expanding tits, of course!
bg big cb fast hyp magic science
24th Sep 18
Find out what happens when a man given all the power to print his dreams into reality is left alone with his horny office crush!
cb fast huge lac magic science
7th Feb 21
Part 3 of the exciting "Printing Dreams" series! A magical printer brings anything on its pages into reality. What could go wrong?
bg ag big cb fast huge lac lg magic
26th Sep 02
This is a story about a nice young man and a not so sane woman. Dan came back from the Peace Corp a changed man... Robin enjoys his incredible stamina and skill. Yet when she wants to please in an oral way how can he refuse. But he does. What's Dan's terrible secret and once Robin knows will she be able to let go.
big bond magic offstage slow
15th Dec 02
The final chapter and conclusion to this story. Dan struggles back to consciousness only to find...he's chained up. Downloaded story into two formats... Enjoy
bond huge multiple
20th Feb 98
The problem with magical bras is that they don't know when to stop...
bg big magic multiple asleep
13th Jun 99
A young fiancee suddenly starts growing giant boobs for no apparent reason, and has to be sent to the hospital. Can they cure her before she grows too large to live?
bg slow asleep wow
14th Jul 06
Jessica's made a deal with Marcus in order to free her friend Alicia. Unfortunately, it's a very bad deal.
ag bond fast huge lac magic ment multiple nc shem weird
14th Jul 04
Please give feedback to
instant wow
23rd Jul 20
First story I have written. Focuses on female inflation. Includes gore. 18+
bg ag big bond cb chem fa fast huge instant lac magic ment nc science wow
20th Jan 06
Jen, a normal girl, realizes that some humans have a second run through with puberty, but only time will tell.
ag big cb chem science slow asleep
14th Feb 00
Emma Monroe plans her big comeback in Hollywood.
6th Aug 99
A child TV star uses a chemical to slow her puberty, but her show ends not too much later.
bg big chem fa fast
15th Mar 01
The further adventures of newly-buxom Emma and her mother, in the sequel to Puberty Postponed, where they meet another child star who has her puberty medically postponed.
bg huge offstage
15th Apr 09
This is my second story ever. So if you like balloons inflating boobs give it a peep send your thoughts to
cb instant magic sc wow
1st Jun 23
Ethan takes his girlfriend and her bitchy friends out to a new club. The experience changes all of their lives but he's the only who notices.
bg big cb fast huge hyp magic ment