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The Overflowing Bra

7th Sep 18
Allison goes to rescue Paul and the three Japanese Pop-Stars that have been kidnapped alongside him. Meanwhile Iris gets to know the goddess of love and calls an old friend.
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17th Mar 18
The goddess of love makes herself known to Samantha and Olivia, with a warning for both of them. Meanwhile Paul and Allison arrive in Japan and have a run in with some locals.
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16th Nov 17
In this sequel to Paul's Problems Paul and Allison take a trip to Japan, but first Paul has to talk with Veronica about the fate of the world and how his penis can help.
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6th Aug 17
After a run in with a mysterious woman claiming to be a Norse goddess, three friends spending the weekend at a convention find their costumes looking a little too good.
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23rd Jul 17
A dream about her mother on the eve of her twentieth birthday heralds a great change for Tanya and two of her friends. What is she becoming? Why is she suddenly so horny and hungry all the time? And what does this have to do with a little shop that wasn't there yesterday?
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18th Mar 17
The final battle begins. Will Paul and the girls be able to stand up to Claudia? Will Allison become an Amazon again? Will Paul be alone on his birthday? The answers to all this and more are in the final chapter of Paul's Problems.
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6th Apr 16
Riya and Olivia get back together with their sorority sisters. Then sex happens. Allison and Veronica make their escape. Then guns happen. Everyone else prepares for battle. Then sex happens.
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2nd Mar 16
A mysterious entity targets Emily, transforming her into something that she doesn't understand. Word to the wise? This one might get a bit weird.
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23rd Nov 15
Paul and Samantha are on the run from the angel that has stabbed Allison. Their solution involves having sex in public. Iris is being hazed by some of her swimming teammates. Her solution involves having sex underwater. Allison and Veronica are being kept in an undisclosed location. It's not a solution but they have sex anyways to pass the time.
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15th Oct 15
Paul and Allison try to get some clothes for him from his house without having sex. They fail. Olivia tries to keep to the schedule she's been given. She fails. Samantha tries to spice things up in the bedroom. She mostly succeeds. Then everything goes to shit.
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7th Aug 15
Light is shed on the shadowy organization that Olivia's mom runs. Also, Paul introduces himself to the dean's secretary and must deal with the ever daunting task of interacting with the mothers of the girls he is sleeping with. Everyone else is preparing for war.
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7th May 15
Olivia shares what she's been up to and what happened when she met the Dean. Then everyone else has a good time. Apologies for the delay in getting this one out.
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10th Feb 15
After transforming his lab partner Olivia into an angel only for her to run away, Paul visit's the sorority house that she lives in only to meet her room mate and bring out something long awaited in her. Samantha gets some help from the occult research society in tracking down Olivia. And Olivia herself helps broaden horizons.
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29th Jan 15
Paul must contend with a ten-thousand year old sorceress... who also happens to be the mother of one of the girls he is sleeping with. Meanwhile, Allison the amazon reconects with her fencing club and discovers how much they all have in common, Molly the nymph shares a love of knowledge with one of the school's librarians, and Olivia the totally normal human makes her feelings about Paul known. (Contains parts 1 and 2 in shiny .pdf format.)
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29th Jan 15
Chapter 3 of Paul's Problems in html. From now on I'll be uploading in both formats.
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14th Jan 15
Paul's destiny is now revealed to him. He is the chosen one who will bring back an age of magic by uncovering the hidden magical creatures that live amoung humanity... with his penis. Also, in this educational installment the girls learn about customer satisfaction and one of Paul's professors learns about appropriate teacher/student interactions.
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9th Jan 15
Paul's life at his new university takes an unexpected turn when girls start throwing themselves at him and transforming. Then throwing themselves at each other. What is the cause of this strange behavior? Can the girls cope with their new feeling for Paul and each other? How exactly is this situation a 'problem'?
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