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The Overflowing Bra

3rd Dec 06
Set in the same universe as "Earth is such a stupid name" and "Breakin the Laws of Lust" this side story takes place near the beginning of the second story, involving chemicals, a little accident and some really, really, really BIG trouble. FAIR WARNING: may contain some content objectionable to tender BE-fan souls.
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21st May 06
A sidestory based on the world of "Earth is such a stupid name" set at about the start of the second story -- a few troopers want their fun, but they get into really, really big trouble. CAUTION: contains some pretty strong stuff.
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25th Nov 05
The sequel to "Earth is Such A Stupid Name." Another Circle War breaks out, and what more fitting revenge on your enemies than ... well, you'll just have to read to find out, not ?
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4th Sep 05
Yes, but why is it such a stupid name ? Read and find out ... Complete with *BONUS* sidestory!!
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6th Aug 05
Yes, it's here! The never-awaited part 3 to the HST series! More of Marvin's misadventures as he finds himself in some really uh ... BIG ... trouble.
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26th Jul 05
Peter finds out that Halloween can be VERY special
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25th Jun 04
Part two of Marvin's misadventures, involving a bag of cash, an old industrial building and bit of lateral thinking. How that connects ? Well, read and find out ....
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20th Jun 04
A boy, his surrogate parents, a nympho in the building across and a mysterious old book ... who said summer was boring ?
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