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9th Nov 02
Darkiel and Suna are here to destroy all humanity by decree of Lord Asmodius, except for a few small problems. No the least of which is the the jaded residents of the Big City could care less. That and a few earthly distractions seem to be getting the better of them...
hg magic preg
10th Feb 22
A snake-loving zoologist finds she has more in common with her favorite animal than she thought. WARNING: Contains vore.
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15th Jan 24
Daphne is a mother who wants nothing more than to breastfeed her children. Her husband Zach provides her with a cure, a miracle pill to solve her ailment. But for the pill to work it requires her to eat...a lot. For the former anorexic mother this Is a difficult ask...or is it? Major theme beyond breast expansion is Belly Expansion and food stuffing. As always leave a review or drop me a dm.
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14th Nov 03
If you found a crate of mammatropic unguent, what would you do with it?
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15th Mar 01
Halloween night, and a demon is released to transform hapless teens nearby, in this start of a story from Gunslinger. You can help complete it!
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9th Feb 05
A couple unsuspecting women find out the unique way an online dating service enforces accuracy in the physical and mental descriptions of its members. They'd better like who they were pretending to be.
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10th Jan 00
The continuing adventures of Fred and her sister - and now her kids, too!
28th Jan 03
I started to write this for the BEArchive story contest but I never completed it. It is about a girl on her 18th birthday where everything she says becomes true. Please feel free to continue the story.
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17th Jul 99
Huge-busted British schoolgirl Abigail gets a medical checkup.
29th Aug 98
In just four days a man is turned into a huge-breasted slut.
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18th Aug 03
Joanna impersonates her Step Mom in the work chat room. This pisses her off one too many times, and so Joanna finds a 'large' lesson is needing to be learned.
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1st Aug 08
Jake is accidentally hit with a strange new chemical. What new things does this mean for the young scientist? This is my second attempt at writing. This is much better written then my first attempt. If you like it let me know, I will add more chapters.
big chem fast mm mpg
5th Oct 15
The story will be written without any overarching plan, just a series of sub-arcs about Deacon's adventures, each arc probably somewhere between 2-6 chapters long. If you have an idea for an arc you'd enjoy reading, or any other suggestions really, feel free to let me know via comment or email. Please feel free to point out any spelling or grammatical mistakes, and I'll fix them immediately. All constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. ______ Deacon has recently moved from his small town in the country to the big city. Adjusting to life in the city is difficult, and just when things are starting to feel normal he recieves a gift from his grandfather, a ring which will "bring good luck". This story is a series of Deacon's adventure with his new trinket, which true to its promise brings Deacon good luck but in way's he cannot believe possible. Follow Deacon as his luck changes, reality subtle altering itself to give him everything he had ever desired and much more.
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6th Nov 11
Brian bets his friends 500 bucks he can go without sex for a week. Unfortunately for him some of the friends are girls that try to seduce him and they use more than just their charms thanks to expired weight loss pills.
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8th Feb 12
A two part story about a girl that becomes increasingly powerful. I will be the first to say that -while it is present- BE is not the focus of this story. In my vanity I was trying to create more of a SciFi short story on the nature of power and morality. The name of the story is "Goddess from the Machines" or "Goddess of the Machines." Either works. Sincerely, Mr. GreyMan
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24th Jan 00
Until she guesses a gnome's name, a girl's breasts will keep on growing...
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6th Mar 10
Becky just wants to keep the Presidency of her local Debate Club. Too bad Fiona wants the same prize. And the girl seems to be willing to do whatever it takes to win. And, oh, the entire school seems to be transforming into sex-obsessed bimbos with tiny brains and gigantic tits.
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30th Jan 14
Emiliy is a teenage geek girl with all the regular problems that teens face. However things change on her birthday when after a discussion with her father about her missing mother she decides to try an occult ritual to find her. She got a lot more than she asked... I hope you like it, please feel free to correct any mistakes you find and give feedback since English is not my first language. I like to support my story with pictures so you can visualize the characters better. I want to make perfectly clear that i don't own ANY of these images, they are the work of someone else. These are the artists and body types i keep in my head when i imagine my characters. Chapter 2 will come in due time. :)
ag big cb fast hg huge lg magic ment mg weird
4th Feb 14
Hello again, im updating the story of decent lust, i have read your previous reviews and i hope you like it. Dont worry im still working on chapter 2. I hope i have managed to make the breast expansion more elaborated but its difficult since English is not my first language. However im also updating in order to change the email direction i posted since i put it wrong and it seems that is impossible to get an answer from the webmaster or the forums for changing it. Seriously, are they still alive?. Well anyways hope you enjoy and please give feedback as to what you would prefer to see or how too improve. :)
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17th May 21
ag fa huge instant lac lg magic ment
19th Jun 20
Two young actresses play a card game that changes their reality in strange and sexy ways.
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23rd Dec 20
While on a trip to Las Vegas, a young grad student finds herself playing a card game where her body, and indeed her very identity, is at stake.
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31st Dec 99
Masochist has trouble with her continually-growing breasts.
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19th Jul 02
A stressed out Business women ventures into using an experimental pill. The results do not have timing but are highly effective. It's a story that is stranger being true rather than fictional
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23rd Jan 15
A man fondly reminisces about Delilah, the love of his life, as she grows through his lifetime.
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15th Jun 15
A man reminisces on the extraordinary life and times of a friend at her funeral. Contact the author through gmail or at deviantart.
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27th Jan 15
A man reminisces about his good friend and lover, Delilah. I wrote this story in a 12-hour span, but I hope you can all enjoy it nonetheless. Please leave comments at my deviantart page.
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3rd Apr 00
It's every delivery boy's fantasy - a dream-woman client with huge tracts of land.
3rd Nov 99
A demon torments Jebediah through his daughter Jessica.
bg big slow
9th Dec 01
Ski patrol man meets woman with unique talents.
big instant lac
23rd Aug 12
A quick story about a woman who is changed from a smart but plain college student into a lactating, submissive pet. My first free work in a long time and, given the ending, possibly the first of more quickies.
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15th Nov 01
The moral of this story is: Don't accept free mystical brooches from strangers wearing hats.
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19th Jan 16
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15th Nov 01
Julie's got a problem -- her boyfriend doesn't think she's sexy enough. Lucky for her she works in a lab which is extracting the essence of lust from people.
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17th Jul 99
A man is granted the power to make his dreams reality, so he makes his transgender fantasies come true. Illustrated!
bg huge magic mpg tg
29th May 24
Desiree's breasts have a mind of their own...literally
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19th Nov 01
Laneys breasts grow when she's aroused. That's odd, it wasn't mentioned on her resume.
fast wow
7th Nov 19
Something I've been working on for the past week.
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24th Jul 04
The epic finale to the Trilogy that started with A Taste of Snow. Will Gwen defeat her Mentor? Will Keeto learn how to shrink her boobs back? Will Kirk and Iris become intimate? All these questions and more will be answered in a journey through to the Fairy world and back again and all the weird situations in between. Enjoy.
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15th Jun 02
A man gets his wish to be enormously endowed, and whenever a woman drinks his cum, her breasts will grow! After many adventures, he meets the woman of his dreams, who just can't seem to get enough of him!
aliens fast mpg sc science wow
21st Oct 04
A mean female lawyer makes a deal with the devil but falls into his trap. This is one of my earliest works that I went back and fixed up.
bg big cb fast huge lac magic nc preg
2nd Apr 13
14 + 9 pages | BE driven Story ( not story driven ) | Both stories in RTF ONLY | Little Diabolical Girl get's another addition to it's pool | The second part of the Story was checked by "The editor" | The first is still the version checked by "Trixielle Lunare" | Special thanks to the editors | I hope "the editor" and I have a fruitful cooperation in the future as well. | As always I hope this inspires other writers to post their stuff on this site.
chem fast huge lac mpg slow
12th Apr 02
Dianna uses her sorceress powers to match her rival. Well, that was the intent anyway...
huge magic sc asleep
31st May 99
Photosynthetic gene splicing results in interesting effects on women.
bg lac nc science slow
12th Aug 04
Part one of the Dill Co. tale. Part two to follow based on reponce. Email any comments to
ag big bond instant science shem asleep
16th Aug 04
Alright here is a second revision. I have combined part one with the yet unseen part two. Let me know what you think. Thanks to everyone who commented on the first two releases, your constructive feedback is greatly apreciated.
ag big bond cb fast multiple science shem
15th Aug 04
This is a revision of the original. Hopefully it is better. Thanks to everyone for their feedback. Part two is in the works however it will be relased based on reponce.
ag big bond fast science shem
6th Aug 03
What happens when you mix a chemistry project, milk, and two teenage girls? Lots and lots of breast growth.
big chem fast huge
12th Nov 17
Willa was expecting to spend the rest of her Friday night sleeping in bed, but a little bit of magical candy can really fill up one's schedule.
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1st Jul 00
A growth hormone makes a boy's cock grow huge, and his cum makes his doctor's breasts grow.
bg big fa fast mpg
19th Feb 18
An April Fool's Day dinner date prank doesn't go quite as expected
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26th Jan 05
Scientist husband returns home full of mischief and a mysterious canister!
big fast preg science
5th Feb 99
A woman gets bustier as she makes love with Dino.
bg big fa fast
7th May 04
A genius Southern Belle accidentally becomes the subject of an experiment. Written as a screenplay.
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12th Oct 19
A Madam Materia commission. "True love is coming," words that James has seen his whole life. With nothing but struggle to look forward to, our protagonist suddenly finds himself with a decision to make. Continue trying to climb the ladder for a better life, or take a monster for his bride and give up his world to her.
ag bond cb gts huge instant lg magic offstage
8th Jan 24
After training for months for her first race, Megan fails to finish...
big cb fast instant
7th Apr 22
A short and sweet little bit of Star Trek WG BE fanfic.
bg big chem fa sc slow
13th Sep 04
Lori is a math whiz. One day, she comes across something purported to be the "equation of life." You know what ensues.
big fast hg instant lg sc
21st Jun 04
Sorry its been so long, but the show must go on. This episode delves deeper into the history of Dodson and introduces some unforgetable characters.
big fast huge lac magic mpg multiple preg weird
19th Feb 04
This is my first story of, hopefully, many. It centers on a world where magic has caused some very strange sexual transformations, and things are going to get worse!
ag fast ft huge magic mpg multiple nc shem weird
7th Mar 04
My second story in the series. The transformations continue, becoming even weirder. The CMF tests out a weapon that could ensure victory for they side.
ag big cb fast ft huge lac lg magic multiple nc shem weird
4th Apr 04
The third story by myself in this series. THis tale focuses on the lives of six normal people who experence something that will change their lives forever.
ag big fast ft huge magic ment mg mm mpg multiple nc rc shem tg weird
22nd Mar 04
The 2nd story in the spinoff serie that OddWerid started. Another test is performed. You get to see some action in the mutant slum at the Tentacle Tavern. Side note: For all of you who note that I'm not a good technical writer, just be glad my wife spellchecks this stuff. Otherwise, every 15th word will be a puzzle to try and figure out what I'm trying to say. Oh and thanks for the rating, I like the feedback.
big cb fast gts huge lac magic mpg multiple nc offstage science shem weird asleep
8th Apr 04
We finish up with Sam, introduce Cindy's best friend Nancy, have an adventure in the bar "Slippery When Wet", finds out what happenes to Brandy, oh and finds out what Victor has been planning sense Chapter 1. And thanks again to OddWerid for starting this series.
ag big cb fast ft gts huge magic ment mpg multiple nc sc science shem slow weird
16th Apr 04
The 4th Chapter in this spinoff series. Victor, the morning after and Nancy plots her revenge.
ar big bond cb fast ft hyp instant lac magic mg mpg nc preg sc science shem weird asleep
25th May 04
Next chapter in this spinoff series. You get to see what Cindy has been up to. I introduce Jamie, Katy, Jean and Lois along with a few more characters. And Nancy gets her revenge.
big bond cb fast gts huge lac magic mpg multiple nc science shem weird
11th Mar 04
My first story. You will need to read Dodsons Dream: Haileys Awakening or the story will make no sense. Thanks to OddWerid for starting this series.
big cb fast ft magic mpg science shem weird
2nd Mar 98
Maybe it's all a dream as a man finds reality seeming to change around him every time he blinks.
bg huge
11th Nov 22
Sam and his crew set off an a deep space exploration mission, alongside an unexpected new crew member with an incredible genetic enhancement. Authors note: My apologies if this ends up being posted twice. I posted it once and it didn't show up so I'm reposting it. My longest story yet, bit of a slow burn at first but it ramps up quick. As always enjoy.
bg ag big chem hg huge lac mm mpg offstage preg slow
4th Jan 18
A short story about a woman named Lilith. One night, she finds that her latest partner's semen can cause her breasts to grow.
chem fast lac ment offstage sc science asleep wow
8th Jun 04
A story of a girl under a curse, the man that loves, her and all the breast between them. Chapter One in a short series.
cb fast huge lac magic nc wow
5th May 07
A herbal chemist test his new herbal vitamins on two expecting very fit female roomates.
ag chem fa fast huge lac asleep
8th May 07
the followed up to my first story door to door vitamin sales...
ag cb chem fast huge lac mpg slow weird asleep
27th Jan 15
Dora plans a private birthday celebration for her husband and gets a special delivery, just in time. But, unexpectedly, her generous gift might also help Dora with a lifelong problem: her incorrigible clumsiness. A helium inflation story with lots of BE and AG, more lighthearted in tone than the last couple stories.
ag cb fast nc sc science wow
3rd Nov 03
Never eat golden wheat. A small story done in verse.
ag cb fast huge lac magic nc weird wow
25th Apr 14
How real is real? Is she a really who she seems to be? If it's that good, does it matter? A little divergent from the other BE stories, but it's in there. Warning - long story, but no shaggy dogs
big science slow
9th Dec 02
Patricia is in need for something interesting in her life. She tries out a special moisterising creme but unknown to her she is also trying out some special pills. She gets worried when she balloons over DD size.
big chem offstage slow
28th Jun 11
The next chapter in the Creme Puff saga. Great place to jump in if you're just joining! The secretary of the Extreme Mess Team has difficulty explaining the nature of an envelope to the man with the muscles and his slow sidekick. Sex ensues. But the sidekick gets left out. So he consults the secret documents of the Extreme Mess Team. There he finds a chronicle of not only what has happened but also what has yet to occur. As always there is more to come.
ag big cb instant magic offstage
18th Jul 07
Taylor, a graduate student and brilliant chemist, brings his work home to his bombshell girlfriend Sarah. Over some wine, they experiment with a formula designed to double the size of mammary glands with each dose. Eventually, Sarah takes the experiment into her own hands, and away from the more cautious Taylor...
big chem fast huge lac sc science asleep
13th Jul 07
chem fast huge sc science asleep
22nd Jul 07
Scientist Taylor and the slightly impulsive Sarah recuperate from the spontaneity of part one, and gear up for the impending growth yet to come... I think this may just end up being a trilogy.
big chem fast huge lac nc offstage preg science asleep
1st Sep 12
Mr. Big plans to dominate women's professional basketbball with ample, atheltic amazons! To ensure his future profits he has to obtain more Blood of the Titans, even if that means Sydney, Belinda and their friends have to become Titan-sized themselves! Breasts, beasts and battles Oh My!
cb chem gts huge instant magic nc
13th May 07
The Literary equivalent of fruitcake; incredibly dense, much too sweet, gets passed around a lot, and takes forever to get through..;) Actually, a 'botched' attempt at a Bearchive challenge. Read that they wanted a story to illustrate, went back, and found just a comic-book-length description. I'm about 21 pages over that. Victorian setting, and tried to convey the eroticism without having to use all the shopworn words...possibly the only story subitted here not containing the word 'pussy'..;) Enjoy. checked for spelling, but may have occasional dings..mea culpa
chem huge mpg slow weird
23rd Mar 10
Sigh, another story that ran away with the plot instead of fappage..;) Ok, there is some BE in here, but it's a bit more slow-paced, and subtle, so be forewarned.Was responding to a thread in another forum called 'Steampunk Erotica', so I thought...why not? Usually ~ stuff for those with more on their hands than time...;) Sarissa 3, the 3rd part of the 2-part series is done as far as the story is done, just have to shoehorn in the BE scenes. Has to be done by next week. See you...out there...
big cb chem mpg science slow
10th Feb 02
Back when the BE comunity was just an email list, the Dr. Hooters saga was born.
big cb chem fast gts huge instant mg mm mpg offstage sc science tg weird wow
12th Aug 14
Story of an underachiever, achieving the unachievable when it comes to boobs. Part 1 of a multi-part story. My first time. I have no idea what I’m doing, so be gentle. Some of the idiosyncrasies of the writing are intentional and attributable to the Character telling the story. BE becomes more pronounced and prominent in the parts yet to come.
big fast magic
19th Aug 14
Part 2 of the story. It's the day after. Chad just wants to relax and smoke up, but Sky has other plans. Includes part 1.
big fast magic
18th Dec 07
Ron Weasley invents a new beauty potion that turns Hermione into quite the hott little witch
ag chem hg instant lg magic
6th May 02
Lisa drinks Drakes magic potion. What's the revenge? Beats me.
fast magic wow
29th Oct 98
Teenage boy uses new reality-bending power to reward and punish.
bg fa fast huge lac mpg rc
30th Jul 10
A personal story about my love, obsession and addiction to huge breast implants. These are my real life experiences and dreams told through flashbacks and fantasies.
big fast huge offstage sc science slow
13th Nov 03
A guy's dream girl gets some dream curves and an itch that only he can scratch.
ag big slow
1st Jun 07
After reading so many here, I guess I should contribute something, even if I don't know what the hell I'm doing. It's a short one, only a few pages long. Almost no dialog but I guess I have to start somewhere. Maybe it'll take off into another story in the future.
big ment science slow asleep
29th Sep 20
Illaria shows Milan a little dream world she's been creating with a surprise at the end.
ag cb fast huge instant magic asleep
1st Sep 08
Sally and Amy have been drifting apart. Amy's too busy with work and Sally's feeling lonely. She wants to do something special for their one year anniversary that will help bring them back together. Thankfully, Sally finds a shop with the right kind of lingerie. The kind that enhances a woman's curves in all the right places. Both women are in for a great surprise, and a magical night.
fast huge magic
21st Aug 08
A stressed out college-age ballet student needs some new clothes, and stops in at a strange shop where a busty proprietess sells her a new unitard that helps her feel a lot better, and certainly makes her roommates feel better, too. This is my first story, but hopefully the start of many more. Be warned, lots of lesbian sex in this one.
ag big fast magic ment
18th Jul 11
This is going to be the start of a possible series of short stories (this one is 3 pages long) involving a look at bizarre and very sexual dreams by normal young women. WARNING, though, this is pretty weird and is not for everyone. Tonight's dream is unbirthing. You have been warned, I don't want any complaints.
ag ar big instant lac magic preg weird asleep
21st Jul 22
Lacey has a dream about her boobs growing, only it doesn't just happen in her dream. This is my first story.
cb fast huge instant magic asleep
17th Jan 06
Helia becomes intoxicated and continues to cause her breasts to expand by consuming more champagne at a beach party.
chem fast huge sc
5th Mar 99
Jack buys a gray dress for his wife Alice, with predictable effects.
bg big fa fast magic tg
28th Aug 21
Amanda and Brad are at a costume party, and a warlock casts a spell to make everyone become what they're dressed as. And Amanda is a busty, superpowered genie.
bg ag big hg instant magic
28th Dec 21
An ordinary college student is suddenly thrust into the life of different, bustier version of herself. Will she be able to gain control her dimension spanning powers or will she give in to her base desires? [First Person Narrative]
bg big bond cb huge instant lac magic ment nc
28th Dec 21
First upload did not covert correctly. An ordinary college student is suddenly thrust into the life of a different, bustier version of herself. Will she be able to gain control of her dimension spanning powers or will she give in to her base desires?
bg big bond cb huge instant lac magic ment nc
31st May 02
Jealous of her sister's expanding bustline Chelsea drinks a bust enhancing potion. All of it.
cb chem fast lac multiple sc wow
5th Jul 02
The Already swollen Chelsea tries to help out her swelling sister, she will regret it...
chem huge lac multiple wow
2nd Jun 06
A BE poem by the newest member of the BE community, Q-BE. This poem languished for almost a year in obscurity. Smart, tangible, and BE-enjoyable.
cb chem fast wow
31st Aug 05
BE Comic, with GTS. Drinks, 26 pages long. Lots and lots of BE. Very loose drawings made when I was learning the art of BE. Check out other stories for more recent examples of my work. Some notable characters from comics and a few originals in this one. Enjoy!
cb gts huge instant lac magic ment mpg sc science wow
10th Feb 22
A bass-boosted party gives little Yuna the chance to live out her biggest dreams!
ag fast gts huge lg magic rc
19th Apr 23
Caleb and Paige each have something they hate about their bodies. When they each get access to wishes that can only change each other, they try to change their partner to make them more compatible, but their wishes end up competing with each other. This is a slow burn story that tracks how their wishes affect their lives over a period of seven years.
ag gts huge lac magic mm mpg offstage preg slow
25th Jul 15
Strange flowers show up to a couple's doorstep.
ag cb huge magic ment mm mpg nc offstage slow asleep
13th Dec 99
A girl goes to a new school with a bizarre grading scheme.
bg fa fast huge preg sc wow
13th Jul 17
Veronica is an extremely neurotic conspiracy theorist and would-be journalist who believes she's on the verge of exposing a global Illuminati plot to genetically inflate womens' breasts and turn humanity into obedient cattle. It's all completely insane and probably a product of her mental disorders. Unless...she's on to something. *Special Thanks to Deviant Art user AussieLuvTail, who helped fix and save the ending to this story with sharp story insight.
bg ag big cb chem fa fast huge hyp lac ment nc slow asleep wow