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The Overflowing Bra

For the year 2006
3rd, Jan 06
Another chapter of Ann's worst nightmare. Comments appreciated.
ag ar big fast nc rc science
5th, Jan 06
A girl tries out a device that puts on the pounds in all the right places. But when her stepmother does the same, she finds not one but two unlikely new partners.
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12th, Jan 06
chem fast huge lac sc
12th, Jan 06
Helia messes around with a hot air balloon hose and inflation ensues!
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12th, Jan 06
Heliam is employed by the Duke for her lactation services. Problems with a wizard's spell leads to trouble.
fast lac magic nc wow
12th, Jan 06
Sequel to Heliam, Medieval Nursemaid. Heliam saves the kingdom by inflating to amazing proportions.
fast lac magic wow
12th, Jan 06
Origin of Heliam....wizard grants her more than she bargains for when wishing to be more like the Duke's dairy cows.
cb fast lac magic wow
12th, Jan 06
Helia uses a special suntan oil leading to BIG results. Sorry about the empty space for pictures...couldnt recover them.
ag chem fast huge nc
12th, Jan 06
ag cb instant nc wow
12th, Jan 06
cb fast huge nc
17th, Jan 06
Consuming champagne at an art auction gallery silences a few Helia critics
chem fast huge sc
17th, Jan 06
Helia tests out the capacity of a dealership car.
fast huge sc
17th, Jan 06
Helia becomes intoxicated and continues to cause her breasts to expand by consuming more champagne at a beach party.
chem fast huge sc
17th, Jan 06
The Mothers of the Apocalpse are back in their latest adventure. When a forgotten evil is unleashed its up to the girls to discover a sixty year old secret in time to save the world.
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19th, Jan 06
In the near future a mysterious virus is loosed on the United States, causing the population to undergo a radical mutation that no one seems particularly troubled by.
big huge hyp lac ment mpg nc science slow tg
20th, Jan 06
Jen, a normal girl, realizes that some humans have a second run through with puberty, but only time will tell.
ag big cb chem science slow asleep
22nd, Jan 06
Even though this growth hormone was made for bovines, it has some wonderful effects on humans as well.
big chem instant lac ment multiple science
23rd, Jan 06
Some old, some new...enjoy the works of Helia with dozens of stories in html and txt formats. Larger file size because of the number of stories this contains.
ag cb chem fast huge instant lac magic nc preg sc science slow weird wow
1st, Feb 06
Remarkable things happen to Janice's tits at lunchtime.
big instant mpg science
11th, Feb 06
Short horry story about a girl being sucked into a 5 gallon bottle.
cb fast huge mg science asleep
16th, Feb 06
It is Friday morning, and something funny is happening at Hubsches-Madchen High. Is Terry more interested in taking advantage of the suddenly busty nymphomaniacs, nudists, and bimbo cheerleaders, or finding out what is going on?
big hg huge instant lac ment mpg science
22nd, Feb 06
First story- Gary discovers he has the power to mold people to his minds desire.
ag big fast magic ment multiple weird
16th, Mar 06
Ryan tries to use his powers to improve the lives of others, but someone finds out she can "improve" herself all she wants.
cb fast huge ment science
17th, Mar 06
First story in the State of Emergency series. Bobby accepts an invitation to meet his lover's lover. How is he to know that his lover's lover's lover just gave her a new toy to play with? Unforeseen but desperately wished for consequences ensue.
big fast ft huge mpg multiple shem tg weird
26th, Mar 06
Ryan's not quite ready for business to "grow" like this.
ag big cb fa fast ment offstage science slow asleep
26th, Mar 06
a lil' comic showcasing of the positive, breast enhancing effects of remotely controlled orgasm inducing devises.
cb huge instant lac rc science
3rd, Apr 06
(Commissioned by special request by an interested fan.) Deep in the Amazon rainforest, only the smallest fraction of organisms have been studied. Here, there are strange species and biological secrets with powers as sinister as they are erotic. Lives will be transformed, breasts will blossom, and libidoes will explode! Will the fast-spreading invasion trigger an orgiastic end to human civilization? (Contact XXXecil with your own story wishes!)
ag big chem fast hyp ment mg nc science weird
8th, Apr 06
The true story of the Grail.....
big cb fast hg lg magic
14th, Apr 06
Forced as a test subject in a secret government plan, plain-looking Rachel gains the ability to transform herself into a stunning sex goddess. NOTE - the e-mail in the file is wrong. please send feedback to
big cb chem fast hg instant lg ment rc sc science
16th, Apr 06
big fa fast magic preg
21st, Apr 06
A birthday present causes extreme growth. A true house-filler!
cb chem fast nc wow
21st, Apr 06
A accidental breast growth happens when pills are dropped into a cereal.
chem fast mpg
24th, Apr 06
This is my first real attempt at writing BE. This is the story of Mandy McKiver, your average girl until she comes to a myserious acupuncture shop.
big cb fast hyp offstage science slow asleep wow
29th, Apr 06
The only BE comic from the klnking giantess site.
ag cb chem fast gts wow
6th, May 06
This story is dedicated to Amandda L., who's been the inspiration for much fantasy in my life. That said, this is the story of Amanda, a novice wizard, and her adventures with it and a fellow college boy named Andy who she's got a thing for.
big fast magic mg mpg asleep
7th, May 06
Fred Murphy finds a Device. A wishing Device, more accurately. And what he wishes for...well, you can guess that.
big fast huge magic mm mpg rc sc
14th, May 06
Three girls get lost heading to a party. When the discover an old building with a locket with some strange powers.
ag big cb fast huge lac lg magic multiple weird
16th, May 06
Helpful comments and suggestions apprciated.
big fast nc science
16th, May 06
An introductory chapter into a longer 'novel' detailing one man's journey into the sexual world of werecows, or Tauros. Reality begins to take on a whole new meaning as he discovers his sexual fantasies of gigantic, expanding breasts is real!
cb fast huge lac magic sc
16th, May 06
The next chapter in the story detailing the world of the Tauros, or werecows. A bit more is revealed about this mysterious sect of magical, sultry creatures.
cb fast huge lac magic sc
18th, May 06
Kate reveals the secret world of the werecows by showing off her body in its many forms. All of them hugely endowed and full of milk.
fast gts huge magic mg multiple sc weird
18th, May 06
Kate shows off the true power of a werecow by deflowering a virgin and swelling her breasts up with copious amounts of milk. The saga of the Tauros begins!
fast gts huge lac magic multiple sc weird
18th, May 06
A lurid invasion from deep in the rainforest continues to take victims from amongst unsuspecting humans. Wherever the spores travel, outrageous nymphomaniacs are sure to appear. Can those in authority move fast enough, decisively enough to save Mankind from a jiggling army of infectious whore-sluts with powers over mind, body, and boob? The seduction of the human race will be a two-pronged attack aimed inside the pants of every man on Earth. On board Flight 69, blossoming boobs and sinister conspiracies erupt! (The theme and setting were suggested by a fan, who then commissioned XXXecil to bring his vision to life!)
ag big chem fast instant lac ment mpg nc preg science tg weird
18th, May 06
The ritual of the First Transformation is complete and a new werecow is born. But a strange twist reveals inexplicable secrets to the newly changed.
ag fast hg huge magic mpg nc shem tg weird
18th, May 06
The newborn Tauros acclimates to her new body as Kate accelerates the therapy with a healthy dose of feminine knowledge and a mind-blowing quickie.
fast huge magic ment shem
21st, May 06
Kate gives the newborn Tauros her first taste of swelling up with milk.
ag fast huge lac magic sc
21st, May 06
Kate teaches the new werecow how to shift forms before engaging in a bout of mind-blowing sex. Breasts and bellies swell outrageously in this final (for now) chapter to the Tauros saga.
fast gts huge lac magic mpg multiple sc shem weird
21st, May 06
A sidestory based on the world of "Earth is such a stupid name" set at about the start of the second story -- a few troopers want their fun, but they get into really, really big trouble. CAUTION: contains some pretty strong stuff.
aliens chem fast gts magic ment rc weird wow
24th, May 06
The new Tauros learns about her new life and the Tauros society after finding a suitable name. Then the two lovers go shopping, furthering her transition from male to female. Afterwards, she's taken to the home of a trustworthy kinfolk to further learn the ways of the werecows... and fully break in her new body!
ag fast gts huge lac magic mpg multiple preg sc shem weird
1st, Jun 06
The next few chapters in the tale of Mercury, the newborn Tauros. Mercury learns more about her body and fulfills a deep-seated need while performing magic never before seen by the others. Afterwards, she's introduced to a world of violence and intrigue as she struggles for survival!
ag cb fast gts huge lac magic ment multiple preg sc shem weird
2nd, Jun 06
A BE poem by the newest member of the BE community, Q-BE. This poem languished for almost a year in obscurity. Smart, tangible, and BE-enjoyable.
cb chem fast wow
2nd, Jun 06
This is the actual final "Rubbed.doc" file, the first contains no commentary. For those of you interested in real-life BE, InstantBust has probably been seen and researched. This is the author's pondering and rendering of what would happen if this stuff actually worked. Lengthy BE in graphic detail.
big chem fast mpg
2nd, Jun 06
While out working in the cornfields, Krystal has an odd reaction to some insecticide. Story also known as "Crop Busting".
chem fast wow
5th, Jun 06
Dr. Boobology's first attempt at a graphical BE scene. Cara figures out how to grow in all the right ways.
ag big fast hg lg mg sc
9th, Jun 06
Contunes where the first story left off.
big chem fast gts ment mg science tg asleep
18th, Jun 06
The next few chapters in the life of Mercury, the newborn Tauros. In these chapters she learns a little bit more about her magic, her body, her self... and a great new sport!
ag fast gts hg huge lac magic mg multiple preg sc shem weird wow
22nd, Jun 06
Let's try this again. Danielle's breast inflation is getting out of hand, and she consults an unbelieving professional for help with her "Growing Problem".
chem fast huge sc
22nd, Jun 06
My first attempt. Two magic users meddle with the affairs of two doctors and three of their patients, AND GET BURNNED!
chem fast magic ment multiple nc tg wow
5th, Jul 06
The final fate of Air Italia Flight 69 is revealed amidst a pussy-moistening orgy of explosive boobs, uncontrollable sexual urges, and a new kind of wet dream. Meanwhile, trouble brews in South America, as an intrepid reporter learns lessons in botany, and lust. Who can stand against the growing legion of cock-crazed sluts with more seductive powers than the most brazen whore? Find out by downloading this story; then consider commissioning XXXecil for a vision of your own.
ag ar big cb chem fast hyp lac lg ment mg mpg nc offstage preg rc science tg weird asleep
9th, Jul 06
A tale of an Irish boy, who's mother passes on a family secret. A penny that allows the holder to transform theirs and others appearances! My first BE story, be gentle! Part 1 of 2
cb fast huge magic mpg
13th, Jul 06
A woman has a flashback in a dream and realizes that she's living a lie. She decided to change her life before it's too late. I've received mixed reactions so far, but I'll assume my story is more female friendly.
big fast huge lac magic ment asleep
14th, Jul 06
Jessica's made a deal with Marcus in order to free her friend Alicia. Unfortunately, it's a very bad deal.
ag bond fast huge lac magic ment multiple nc shem weird
15th, Aug 06
ar big cb fast huge instant lac magic preg weird
15th, Aug 06
It's the same old story: Boy meets girl, girl visits boy in his chem lab, girl swipes experimental project that causes her to inflate in front of boy's's a Christmas miracle!
ag big cb chem fast sc
24th, Aug 06
Events continue where they left off in the final chapter of Matt and Emily's experience with The Sub-Quantum Arousal Energy Redirection Device.
ag fast gts huge lg mg mm mpg science
28th, Aug 06
The continuing saga of Andy and Amanda. Amanda is getting a better hang of magic, while Andy is just trying to adjust. Meanwhile, strange things are afoot in Nebraska. Oh, and IHOP was never so much fun. Input is welcome.
ag fast gts hg huge magic mg mpg weird
12th, Sep 06
Long break, but I'm back. I've toned down the strangeness, but raised the quality. The story presents the case of Bob, and the results of several really stupid moves on his part. But, surely a college kid with a magic wishing amulet is no trouble, right? Read on to find out how it all works out for Bob in the end, sort of. Format: PDF
big fast magic mpg nc sc tg weird
10th, Oct 06
This is my first attempt at writing a story, I didnt' want to write a full story until I get some commentary on my writing style and idea for a story. This is just the intro, but tell me what you think guys.
aliens magic
26th, Oct 06
just part of a larger story. This part has BE, though at the end. There's 2 other parts that aren't so they're not in this version. Should be Amusing
big instant magic mpg
28th, Oct 06
Michael discovers a new power, and tests it one an old girlfriend. But can he control it? Read on and see.
cb fast huge magic ment
30th, Oct 06
No death/gore, but lots of non-consensual BE in a Saw plot-like style. This is my first BE attempt so be nice. Send all feedback to
chem lac nc slow asleep wow
31st, Oct 06
An older, secret story I've been sitting on for awhile. The time to release it is now. A student with a love for ancient mysteries become ground-zero for a plague of bra-busting nymphomania. Is it a blessing, or Curse? Will his supernatural sexual prowess allow him to save mankind from a Halloween Horror?
ag big cb chem fast hg huge inc lac magic ment nc preg tg weird asleep
1st, Nov 06
Two women visit a secluded Swahili village and notice that the native females have unusually large breasts. When they themselves start to change, they set out to find the cause.
ag big ment science slow
3rd, Nov 06
Day 3: James and Sally finally get together. James learns a lot of new insight on how his powers work. Finally, James meets Ming’s mother.
big cb fast huge instant magic ment mpg multiple offstage shem weird
5th, Nov 06
A quickie BE where Lara Croft finds a magical orb that causes her breasts to grow to immense proportions.
cb fast lac magic wow
11th, Nov 06
In his own dreams, Ed is the star. But not for long. His dreams are about to become reality.
big fast magic ment asleep
16th, Nov 06
An egotistical stud loses all his friends and ends up hanging out with his sister and her girlfriends. He becomes interested in his sister's Japanese friend that happens to be a skilled gymnast. When he begins mysteriously shrinking, the girl grows bigger in all the right places.
ag big chem gts hg inc lg nc science slow
16th, Nov 06
Jack's Curse is a tribute to Stephen King's "Thinner". After crashing into an old hag, a man gets cursed. A horrible curse that shifts reality around him. This results in not only shrinking him, but causing his wife to grow... and grow... and grow...
ag big gts hg instant lg magic slow
18th, Nov 06
Steamy prequel to a BE story about a manipulative woman and her submissive boyfriend.
ag fast magic nc asleep
18th, Nov 06
Without the slightest idea what he is doing, Ed begins to explore the world of dreams. Should have spent more time on developing the hypothesis, Ed.
big fa instant magic ment asleep
18th, Nov 06
Hey, Ed has finished his research paper and it is time to celebrate! How does wild fantasy sex with his hot former babysitter sound?
Sorry about posting two chapters at the same time, but TOB deserves first crack at it.
big cb fast magic ment mpg asleep
18th, Nov 06
Against her will, a manipulative woman transforms into her submissive boyfriend's ultimate fantasy, a balloon girl.
ag bond cb gts huge magic ment multiple nc slow weird
21st, Nov 06
The balloon girl has a dreadful plan for her boyfriend.
ag fast ment nc weird wow
25th, Nov 06
Ed tries to simplify his life, run a physics lab, and explain the destruction of the brain scanner to The Professor and the recently lesbonified Melissa. But then he runs into the most beautiful girl in the world and .... Well, I'm getting ahead of myself.
big hg instant magic ment asleep
29th, Nov 06
Ed’s life gets even stranger--and this is before he accidentally eliminates his sister’s romantic rival.
big fast instant lg magic ment asleep
2nd, Dec 06
Audrey++ meets Zofia 2.0
Ed vs. Pinky, round 2
Ed puts two and two together and comes up with threeway.
big magic asleep
2nd, Dec 06
Ok, due to underwhelming demand..;) here's the whole story. I have sent this through Word Spelling and Grammar check, and have taken all the suggestions from the last version into account. Still, I'm sure there's something 'wrong' with it. To coin a phrase, this is Porn, not Proust..;) Now there's a couple of other 'kinks' in here; nothing too out there, but still, you may want to skip the second 2 thirds of it, depending on your level of interest. I conceived of this as a story that could be placed at multiple sites, depending on what segments would 'fit'. I even submitted this to an 'editor' at one of the other sites. I did get one revision back, but that was almost 3 weeks ago, and the 2nd proof has not been responded to. If anyone wants to do a word by word, line by line attack of misspellings and grammatical errors, do your worst. At least I'll learn 2 things, 1) Where the grammar's off, and 2) what words are being misspelled (which can be added to my Word dictionary. Have fun.
big instant lac magic mpg preg
3rd, Dec 06
Set in the same universe as "Earth is such a stupid name" and "Breakin the Laws of Lust" this side story takes place near the beginning of the second story, involving chemicals, a little accident and some really, really, really BIG trouble. FAIR WARNING: may contain some content objectionable to tender BE-fan souls.
aliens chem fast gts magic ment rc weird wow
3rd, Dec 06
A mini-series based on Rubbed. The neighbor of the original characters gets his hands on this miraculous cream, with HUGE side effects for his unwitting dream girl.
big cb chem fast
3rd, Dec 06
A new magical girl appears to stop a dark force attacking the city will she be able to stop this enemy with her big belly and breasts?
huge instant lac magic preg
6th, Dec 06
Ed and Melissa
Sitting in a dream
Kay Eye Ess Ess Eye Enn Gee!
And for Ed things go downhill from there.
cb fast huge magic ment asleep
9th, Dec 06
Can Ed survive an emotionally charged Melissa, The Professor on the warpath, and the revenge of Pinky?
big magic asleep
13th, Dec 06
Worlds collide as Ed finally gets a few clues as to what is going on, gets an unwanted sex slave, and gets busy.
ag big instant lg magic ment asleep
14th, Dec 06
James give the bad news to the girls that the party is a no go. The girls doesn't take the news well & Ming's mother gets involved to make sure the party happens. This spells trouble for James.
big gts huge instant magic ment mpg shem weird
16th, Dec 06
In the kitchen with Ed and Zofia;
At school with Ed and Melissa;
On the streets with Audrey and The Elf;
And one shadowy, mysterious figure in the, er, shadows.
big instant magic asleep
17th, Dec 06
The transformative escapades of the Daughters of Gaia continue as they begin to cut a boob-jiggling, nymphomaniacal swath through civilization. Their numbers increase steadily, and those infected with their sexy taint find their humanity washed away in a rush of pussy-moistening erotic yearnings. Are their numbers too great already? It may be too late to save mankind from enslavement between blossoming breasts and cock-crazed cunts until humanity has jetted forth its last dose of sperm between their sweat-slicked thighs.
ag ar big cb chem fast hg hyp instant lac ment mpg multiple preg science tg weird
18th, Dec 06
When BE is against the law, only outlaws will have huge breasts.
huge ment offstage sc science slow
18th, Dec 06
Maxine finds that volunteering for scientific trials can lead to strangely desirable side-effects...
big cb chem fast gts ment mg science slow asleep
18th, Dec 06
Short story where a patient finds a bottle of BE body wash.
big chem fast nc
18th, Dec 06
Fan Fiction with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jennifer Lopez.
ag fast huge lg ment nc wow
18th, Dec 06
An Exploration of the Complexities of Modern Feminism--With Growing Tits!
ag chem huge lg ment slow asleep
18th, Dec 06
There's BE, and Time travel, and, uh, more BE. It's hard to descibe. Read it already.
huge nc offstage science slow
19th, Dec 06
A short recollection of a lucid dream I experienced and wrote down several years ago, and only now decided to publish. In it, a girl has supernatural or magical body modification abilities, as well as telepathy. When reading this, there are some weird/random occurrences, but like I said... It's a dream. I've been reading sites like this for a while, so maybe that's some of the inspiration for the original dream... who knows? This is also my first ever submission to a story site like this, so please leave me your honest thoughts on my work; whether it's about the subject matter, my writing style, or anything else, I want to hear about it.
big fast magic mm mpg sc weird
19th, Dec 06
Ok, something with some actual breast expansion. There's a subcult of erotica out there, based on mind control. A lot of it is, uh..well, never mind. Some of it, however, is not all that bad. There is a subcult of THAT subcult, called 'Master PC', where the stories are written that you can use a program to design anyone to look or act anyway you want. A lot of that is stranger than fiction, no telling who wants what nowadays..;) Where this all got started? well, I just thought I would give it one of those 'origin of' stories. Sci-fi, a bit too much plot, but hopefully the naughty bits will make up for that. Run through Word spell and grammar check (word 2003). Read through a couple of times as well. With luck, it is not too off. Have fun
big cb fast sc science weird
20th, Dec 06
So Ed is to be removed, eh? OK. Now what? Odds are that he doesn’t want to go.
big instant magic asleep
21st, Dec 06
Discover the fate of James and the truth of how he gain his powers.
big hg instant lg magic ment mpg multiple shem tg weird wow
21st, Dec 06
This series of stories are based on the serendipitous meanderings of a Westside Sales Manager and his tug-of-war tales of lust and denial for a new Barista at his favorite coffee haunt. The only catch is, is she open to his [would be]advances? Tag along for the twisted ride... as we find out more about both of their areas of weakness.
ar big sc
22nd, Dec 06
This is part two to the series of short stories featuring our favorite sidewalk cavalier and an intrepid conquest of his, Jessica... an incredibly endowed barita at his favorite coffeehouse. This episode highlights his first look at her, and her first interaction with him. Narrated on first-person, I hope you enjoy this steamy little prelude to an insatiable wanderlust for both, if she can look past her commitments.
ar big sc
23rd, Dec 06
It’s the end of the road for Ed. How can he possibly beat an immortal in a fight to the death? And if he can accomplish the impossible, will he have anything left for The Professor?
Well, it was nice knowing you, Ed.
big instant magic ment mm asleep
26th, Dec 06
Cassandra doesn't like Christmas. But not for long, because Santa's got a special present for her, and guess what? It grows.
ag cb fast hg huge lg magic mg
28th, Dec 06
Every superhero has an origin. Alexa's just happens to involve lots of orgasms and giant breasts.
ag aliens big cb fast hg lg mg science asleep
29th, Dec 06
Alexa and her roommate Becky don't get much sleep; a mysterious cabal is shadowy; and Michelle meets a man.
big fast sc science
31st, Dec 06
A BE superquickie in which Annie suddenly finds her breasts growing in the middle of the night for no reason. May be the beginning of a miniseries if people like it enough.
cb fast huge magic nc asleep wow