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The Overflowing Bra

17th Dec 06
The transformative escapades of the Daughters of Gaia continue as they begin to cut a boob-jiggling, nymphomaniacal swath through civilization. Their numbers increase steadily, and those infected with their sexy taint find their humanity washed away in a rush of pussy-moistening erotic yearnings. Are their numbers too great already? It may be too late to save mankind from enslavement between blossoming breasts and cock-crazed cunts until humanity has jetted forth its last dose of sperm between their sweat-slicked thighs.
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5th Jul 06
The final fate of Air Italia Flight 69 is revealed amidst a pussy-moistening orgy of explosive boobs, uncontrollable sexual urges, and a new kind of wet dream. Meanwhile, trouble brews in South America, as an intrepid reporter learns lessons in botany, and lust. Who can stand against the growing legion of cock-crazed sluts with more seductive powers than the most brazen whore? Find out by downloading this story; then consider commissioning XXXecil for a vision of your own.
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18th May 06
A lurid invasion from deep in the rainforest continues to take victims from amongst unsuspecting humans. Wherever the spores travel, outrageous nymphomaniacs are sure to appear. Can those in authority move fast enough, decisively enough to save Mankind from a jiggling army of infectious whore-sluts with powers over mind, body, and boob? The seduction of the human race will be a two-pronged attack aimed inside the pants of every man on Earth. On board Flight 69, blossoming boobs and sinister conspiracies erupt! (The theme and setting were suggested by a fan, who then commissioned XXXecil to bring his vision to life!)
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3rd Apr 06
(Commissioned by special request by an interested fan.) Deep in the Amazon rainforest, only the smallest fraction of organisms have been studied. Here, there are strange species and biological secrets with powers as sinister as they are erotic. Lives will be transformed, breasts will blossom, and libidoes will explode! Will the fast-spreading invasion trigger an orgiastic end to human civilization? (Contact XXXecil with your own story wishes!)
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