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The Overflowing Bra

BE and G Growth comic
The only BE comic from the klnking giantess site.
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This is not original, and was taken from another site. Although interesting it is far from original.

"Once again our human race is survived..."

You got to love poorly translated chinease comics. This comic has been around for as long as ive been into BE. And I still enjoy reading it.

I have never seen this all in one piece, only a few panels here and there. Thanks for bringing it all together in one place. (Obviously it isn't original, the description said as much!)

Everyone says it's been around for ages but I've never seen it before! Anyway, because it was new to me, scores fairly highly on the enjoyment scale. Is this the only set around or are there more?

I hope I'm not braking some rule but...

Well, I saw this first on the Process, but that wasn't very long ago. It's new enough for me, and I think that it's rather good, even if there isn't a lot of BE per se, it mostly centers on the GTS aspect. Som of the other comics he's done center more on huge breasts attached to huge women, but I must say the "using this bombshell as a weapon... to destory the city!" (intentional misspelling) is a neat idea. Page 9 where she swings her boob into the building is probably my favorite part.

And yet another great artist stops drawing forever because someone starts posting his work around the web.

Very nice work!

Please give the authors feedback, I can not emphasize enough how important it is to them.
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