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12th Nov 07
First story, please comment! Lisa, your regular 17 year old comes across a strange rock that embeds itself into her body and takes her kinky mind and body through a whole host of orgasmic transformations as she pleasures herself over and over again.
big cb fast magic ment mpg sc science shem weird
12th Nov 07
Lisa is your regular teenager who discovers an interesting force that lets her control her own body completely. Only then does the super kinky side of her come out and breasts grow and orgasms flow as she takes her body on a crazy ride.
big cb fast magic sc shem weird
29th May 08
Katherine went to tutor Mike in science, little did she know that he didn't need any help at all. The first day, the first hour. More chapters are written with many, many more codes to come. I'll post them those if I get feedback on this one.
ag big cb chem fast instant magic ment sc science
4th Jun 08
Hour 2 of the tutoring session with Mike and Katherine.
ag big cb chem fast hg instant magic ment nc sc science
6th Jun 08
By popular demand, an edited version presented in word doc format. Thanks to all those who have provided feedback! Hour 2 of Mike and Katherine's tutoring session.
ag big cb chem hg instant magic ment nc sc science
9th Jun 08
Hour 3 of the saga...Thanks to those who have commented.
ag cb chem fast huge instant magic ment mpg sc
18th Jun 08
The fourth installment. Thanks to all those who have commented. The conclusion will be posted soon.
ag chem huge instant lac ment mpg science
9th Mar 09
Suzanna tries to stay awake by sampling an energy drink from a stranger selling them from the back of his van. An adage story contest entry at the mcforum. Feedback appreciated.
big chem instant ment preg slow
22nd Jan 10
This is the third chapter of a longer tale on So if you like this go check it out. There is a manor, trapped are three college kids, do they get out? do they care?
ag big chem fast hg magic ment preg
1st Nov 06
Two women visit a secluded Swahili village and notice that the native females have unusually large breasts. When they themselves start to change, they set out to find the cause.
ag big ment science slow
4th May 02
A true story about a guy and his fertile co-worker.
big lac preg slow
20th Nov 04
This is the first BE comic uploaded to The Overflowing Bra, drawn by GammaRai. A office manager finds out that the coffee isn't quite what she thought! More can be found at her site
ag cb huge instant mpg nc science
30th Jan 05
Poor with his mom and a new Stepdad and sister... trying to make new friends...all he wants to do is fit in. then he's given a chance...
ag cb chem fa fast huge ment mpg nc science
16th Oct 05
Two couples find a way to make their wishes come true...and discover that in getting their wishes granted, what you wish for isn't always what you want...
ag cb fast hg huge lac magic ment mg mm mpg preg tg weird asleep
29th Mar 98
Horror story of a woman who uses a new experimental mold to reshape herself.
big nc science
4th May 98
Aliens capture two teenage girls and exchange their bustsizes and their IQs.
bg aliens big fa fast nc
20th Feb 99
A science experiment gone wrong? Or merely a business proposition?
bg nc science wow
28th May 13
Some girls are bigger than others. That makes them better.
big chem slow
3rd Jun 13
Someone said there was a decent story hiding inside this one. I hope no one minds if I tried to coax it out.
big chem slow
28th May 13
Some girls are bigger than others, and other girls are bigger than they are
big chem slow
11th Dec 11
A pretty standard, "flat girl undergoes strange and unusual transformation into busty goddess" story with a botanical flare to it.
ag big chem lac lg ment nc science slow weird
16th Dec 11
Smutty and dark. This tells the story of a hopeless nerd finding his perfect lover in the most unlikely of people.
big bond fast lac ment multiple nc rc science tg weird
12th Sep 12
big ment nc science slow tg asleep
14th Nov 08
Yes, it's finally here! The follow-up to this summer's 3.8/5 blockbuster! I wouldn't call it a sequel, more like a short follow-up. It's not terribly long nor descriptive, but hey, I hope you'll enjoy it! Comments encouraged but no abuse, remember, this isn't a day job.
fa magic slow
19th Jun 08
Stop the presses!1 Genoharden finally wrote a story! I know it's not great, mostly because it was written from an insomnia-filled weekend. But it's enjoyable and I would love some feedback! So email me at
big cb instant lac magic ment offstage weird asleep
3rd Aug 09
A witch turns Julie into a big titted bimbo.
ag hg huge instant magic ment
1st Oct 09
Bill's Date gradually becomes a horny big titted bimbo.
ag huge magic ment slow
17th May 10
When Paula discovers the path to femininist bliss involves a bimbo fucktoy there is world wide repercussions.
ag ar ft hg huge instant lac magic ment mm mpg tg
28th Jul 11
A bitchy boss becomes a big titted bimbo.
ag ar fast hg huge magic ment
17th Mar 12
Fundamental Mormon missionaries help Katie find happiness.
ag cb huge magic ment slow
13th Dec 12
On his way to Vegas to get some action a man finds himself becoming a big titted bimbo named Crystal.
ag hg huge magic ment slow tg
1st Jan 13
Written on new years eve do to lack of sleep this story might contain quite a few grammar errors. The story's central theme is Penis expansion on a Male. However it features quite a lot of Breast expansion as well. Despite being noted as magical it's actually supernatural unexplained growth rather than related to magic. Also features chemical growth on Penis. The growth is over 8 pages but is continues so depending on where you stop it's >any< of the amount of growth tags. I hope this isn't too much of a waste of your time. In addition this is: Medium length male on Below average length female.
big cb huge lac magic mpg slow asleep wow
1st Jan 13
Another 8 Page story. Again this includes Breast Expansion and Penis expansion. This time in about the same proportions. This is more STORY/COMEDY and less SEX/EXPANSION heavy it's also more realistically sized in the end. ( well duh, I went overboard in the last one. ) It's also written better I believe ( and hope ) , but no second checker once again.
big instant lac mpg science
1st Jan 13
A very story driven, EXCLUSIVELY [BE]story 6 Pages. | No CANNON sex scenes are in this BE story > but A non cannon one is included at the end. ( albeit it isn't a complete sequence. ) | Short big breasted girl included ( as it usual for me ) | FANTASY & DRAMA |
inc magic slow
1st Jan 13
[ HTML / TXT ] ( Only recommended if you can't open the orignal format )
big huge instant lac magic mpg slow wow
2nd Jan 13
[BE] [PE] | 5 Page story | Fairly Straightforward | Story includes Penis and Breast expansion as before. In equal amounts. Includes a fairly realistic problem and the simple means of overcoming that problem. | Again: includes a below average size female on around average size male | Please enjoy | HTML included but NOT advised | Please enjoy.
big chem huge lac mpg science slow
2nd Jan 13
[BE] [PE] | 3 Page story | Fairly Straightforward | Story includes Penis and Breast expansion as before favouring [PE] over [BE] but has larger breasts than. | LACTATION | There is hardly any story to this. It's mostly perversion | Not enough yuri | Again: includes a below average size female on around average size male | HTML included but NOT advised | Please enjoy | No cruelty |
cb huge instant lac magic mpg asleep wow
3rd Jan 13
[BE] | REWRITE / SECOND EDIT | 7 Page story | -EXTREMELY STORY DRIVEN- | This is the second version of SEogB ( Sacrice Everything or go Bust) It makes A LOT more sense with explanations | Story follows the live of a princess in distress in a -very- BREAST SIZE orientated world. | Small lesbain scene is still mostly the same | This was edited by friendly request; i.e. the only type that works | REQUESTED REVISION | SMALL VERY BUSTY GIRL included as is my signature character type| HTML included but NOT advised | ( now with less grammar errors and a logically explained story :P | Please enjoy!
ar big huge inc instant magic offstage slow
3rd Jan 13
[BE] | LESBIANS | 15 Page story | -VERY STORY DRIVEN- | The story of a girl fighting against her unjustified nickname | NO MALES IN THIS | This was checked by A SWEDE | SWEDEN ON TOP | SMALL BUSTY GIRL AGAIN | | TXT included but not advised ( because bad formatting ) | Find grammar errors and I'll hate you forever ( The swede ) | Merry lesbian day! | Don't make little girls cry. | Realistic size at normal ending, unrealistically huge in epilogue | Please enjoy! |
big chem huge lac offstage science slow asleep
16th Mar 13
[BE] [PE] | 5 pages | This one has been laying around for Trixielle Lunare to check for 2 months, however she's disappeared. | I checked this myself the best I could. I did try to find a replacement editor but failed | I hope that this inspires some better authors to upload their stories.| Enjoy if you can.
big chem fast lac mpg
2nd Apr 13
14 + 9 pages | BE driven Story ( not story driven ) | Both stories in RTF ONLY | Little Diabolical Girl get's another addition to it's pool | The second part of the Story was checked by "The editor" | The first is still the version checked by "Trixielle Lunare" | Special thanks to the editors | I hope "the editor" and I have a fruitful cooperation in the future as well. | As always I hope this inspires other writers to post their stuff on this site.
chem fast huge lac mpg slow
8th Jan 13
[BE] | BI-GIRL | Flat BE : Practically STORYLESS | 13 Page story | Story follows a girl of smaller stature as she acts out her perversions with a little help | FIRST COOPERATION | SMALL VERY BUSTY GIRL included as is my signature character type | RTF ONLY | Special thanks to Trixielle Lunare for great edits and detailing scenes were necessary as well as updating grammar everywhere | Please enjoy!
big chem huge lac mpg science slow
21st Aug 17
Mark and Betty find some nanotech enhancement pills. They take them, are amazed at the results, and then give two of the pills to Jenny and Angela. All of the women end up with enormous breasts.
bg big mm mpg sc science slow
23rd Aug 17
Mark, Betty, Jenny, and Angela have taken nanotech pills that allow them to enhance themselves. They are really enjoying the effects. However, Jenny is getting bigger faster than everyone else, and Betty is jealous of her. If three people temp boost a woman, how big will her boobs get? What does the overdrive ability do? What does the oddly named feedback-feedforward do? Can a nano-enhanced Mark keep three lusty women satisfied? Includes part 1. Feedback encouraged. Tagging corrected. Part 3 to come later. I have ideas for it but no coherent outline as of 2017-08-22. Mail to .
bg big fast huge instant mg mm mpg offstage sc science wow
1st May 10
The Editor moves to Megalopolis to add the powerful Ultress to his harem, but events quickly spiral out of his control, and he learns the consequences of his actions. Some violence, lots of buildup, then lots of sex and growth at the end. Enjoy!
big cb fast gts hg instant lac lg magic mpg sc shem
24th Jan 10
Blackbird, a comic book superheroine, meets her match and so much more when the mysterious, reality-controlling Editor lures her into a trap.
ag big hg instant lg ment mm mpg sc science
3rd Dec 21
WEDDING CREME Chapter 1 by GlassofGothMilk420 An old vintage from the grooms family distillery holds a surprise for his bride and their maid of honor after the rehearsal dinner down in the tasting room tags big breasts, breast expansion, body expansion, ass expansion, gulping and chugging, threesome, aphrodesiac, alcohol, bondage, femdom, gentle dom Starring Pan as the Maid of Honor Poe as the Bride Buck as the Groom Ted as the Uncle
bg ag big bond cb chem fast huge instant magic ment
10th Dec 21
In this chapter, the scene begins to unfold in earnest. It’s smaller than chapter one, but way more stuffed with cream filling. Enjoy this soon-to-be Bride and Groom as they enjoy their swollen Maid of Honor together after the rehearsal dinner! - Glass
bg ag big bond cb chem fa fast huge instant lac magic
17th Dec 21
Things are really flowing now – The Bride, The Groom, and the Maid of Honor cant take the pressure much longer. Everyone needs some relief – but isnt there always someone who insists on going first?
bg ag big bond cb chem fast huge instant magic mpg
17th Sep 22
The fully revised story (including a NEW FOURTH CHAPTER) of a very special libation. The Bride, the Groom, and their Maid-of-Honor indulge themselves the night before the wedding.
bg ag big cb chem fa fast huge instant magic ment mpg
29th Aug 98
Drinking milk makes a sexy young catgirl even sexier, and leads her loverboy deeper into lust.
bg fa fast huge
28th Sep 20
Rising idol Little Miss Mindy is a growing sensation, literally! Fans come see the shortstack beauty for her awe inspiring form, and stay for her musical talent. This story is quite short, but I hope people enjoy!
cb huge offstage slow
30th Sep 20
So... I accidently uploaded the wrong version of the story last time and I didn't notice until someone pointed it out. This is the cleaned up and edited version of the story. Rising idol Little Miss Mindy is a growing sensation, literally! Fans come see the shortstack beauty for her awe inspiring form, and stay for her musical talent. This story is quite short, but I hope people enjoy!
cb chem huge offstage slow
30th Sep 20
Justin Halvech is a young jock with a minimal grasp of the English language. Luckily for him, he's found a mysterious lamp. Let's just hope he can articulate his desires. This time, the grammatical mistakes are on purpose, I swear!
instant magic wow
7th Oct 20
Craig is having the hangover of his life when he wakes to strange scenery that is not any bed he has ever seen. Quite possibly his girldfriend has doomed the universe. Whoops. A short story of discovery.
instant magic offstage asleep wow
2nd Jan 21
Cindy cannot just let a challenge slide by, even if it means ending the world. Matt cannot stop his aunt now, especially when reality seems to bend to her whim. This is a simple one, just like most of my other pieces.
fast huge lac magic offstage slow wow
13th Jun 99
A pig of a man gets turned into what he wants the most - a sexy woman.
ag cb fa fast huge lg magic ment tg
28th Mar 09
Emily has a accident at work making her and her husband grow please comment my first story and sorry about the last file not working this should.
big chem fast gts huge instant slow wow
12th Apr 15
I am going to try some new ideas for an illustrated story series. Written and illustrated by me! Let me know what you think, I believe illustrated stories are quite popular!
huge instant magic nc
6th Jul 11
I wrote this as a simple fun bit of Fan Fiction. Almost all the characters belong to Dc comics. The setting is after the Blackest Night Comic series which is based on the Green Lantern comics. I haven't written a pure BE story in awhile. For pics of the characters, just Google them like anyone else.
aliens cb huge instant nc rc science
12th Jan 14
A little something I wrote for a BE Group on DeviantArt. It's set in the D&D universe and features a race of blue skinned ultra stacked humanoids known as Mammorians. That race belongs to another I just used it for this piece of fantasy.
big huge hyp instant lac magic nc offstage preg rc wow
12th Jan 14
A little something I wrote for a group on Deviantart. It features a D&D setting about a race of sexy humanoids called Mammorians who are all about huge breasts. let me know what you think, I love feedback!
big fast huge hyp instant lac magic nc offstage wow
13th Nov 20
Having inexplicably developed the ability to change women's bodies, our protagonist bumps into an ex-girlfriend, and simply can’t help himself. Having cause her to grow just enough to pique her interest, he soon finds her at his apartment, seeking revenge…or is it just bigger boobs? The first of a series written a while ago and re-edited recently.
bg ag big cb chem fa fast instant magic mg offstage
7th Dec 20
The events of chapter two follow on from chapter one (surprisingly!), so the first chapter is included with this download just in case. Told from the perspective of the female witness to the events of chapter one, this part of the story explores the age-old BE tale of a young woman envious of those with more bountiful breasts. Presented with the opportunity to do something about it, however, it’s up to her to persuade our hero from chapter one to lend a helping hand. Which, let’s face it, he’s going to do. This chapter features a little more character development, but hopefully just as much BE (if not more). Thank you for all your kind comments re: chapter one. I hope you enjoy.
bg ag big cb fa fast instant lg magic slow
15th Sep 09
My first work of erotic fiction, so any feedback is highly welcome. This is just a story of a girl who starts growing for no apparent reason, then she calls up a friend and fun ensues.
ag gts huge lg magic sc slow wow
19th Sep 09
My not-very-awaited-but-here-anyway second story had arrived. This is the tale of three University students who remain there over the Christmas holidays and the expansive adventures they have. Once again, I'm new at this; so please rate it and leave constructive criticism.
chem huge lac offstage sc slow wow
29th Dec 09
This is the first part of what I hope will be a three part series, it stars a scientist who gets lost in the heart of the Amazon and undergoes a bit of a... Change for the better. There's not much action in this, but more in the installments to come Also please note that the image I mentioned is available only in the .doc version of the story because MS word's html converter hates me.
ag big chem lg magic slow asleep
10th Apr 10
Samantha spends her summer relaxing instead of practicing for her college track team. She gets a little out of shape, as in out of proportion, thanks in part to a drug from a friend. Not a terribly original story, but it's my first one.
ag big fa huge slow
21st Apr 19
They know your wishes without needing to say. You've wished for someone to whisk you away. That's what happens when you come to play. At our most fabulous, Perverse Cabaret. Invited on a Blind Date, one man's inner most desires will be unleashed.
ag cb fa hg huge instant lac magic ment preg rc tg
29th Dec 12
Another [sadly unfinished] chapter in the advetures of Sebron Half-Elven of the Light Magi. This time he must travel to a kingdom cursed with excessive fertility and where every woman there is hugely pregnant!
ag big fast huge instant lac magic preg slow
25th Apr 02
Johns wife discovers that his cum can make her grow.
cb chem fast gts huge lac ment
20th Jul 02
A successful man finds himself enthralled by the slowly swelling breasts of his manipulative new girlfriend.
big chem hyp lac lg slow
17th Aug 02
A young man finds himself not only slowly shrinking but also the object of affection of his girlfriend's rapidly developing little sister.
big cb gts lac science slow
24th Aug 02
A man, down on his luck, finds himself in the crushing, loving embrace of his vengeful ex-wife.
big gts lac science
13th Mar 03
The little girl who had a crush on him is grown...and wants to see what this new body of hers can do.
big gts lac slow
2nd Aug 03
A man finds himself sick, homebound, relying on the care and comforts of his wife...
bg gts lac science
2nd Feb 05
His new fiancee knows his obsession for big breasts, and is all too happy to become his fantsy girl. But to what lengths will she go?
big science slow
7th Oct 08
This is it. The epic love story by the recently retired master of BE literature, Greapos. It's the classic and tragic tale of a husband who finds himself (and his friend) mysteriously shrinking while his gorgeous and loving wife (and her friends, indeed all the women of the world) seem to be mysteriously growing taller and more voluptuous.
ag big chem gts lac lg ment nc science slow
29th Mar 18
A young woman with a flat chest finds herself growing larger - and milkier - by the day as she struggles with day-to-day life and the consequences of her condition.
bg big lac offstage slow asleep
30th Mar 18
Natalie has grown from a flat chest to a comfortable size, but her breasts show no sign of stopping. Additionally, she faces bullying from her peers due to her increasing bust.
bg big lac offstage slow asleep
28th Jun 18
Natalie plots a new course for her life as the changes continue.
bg big lac slow
30th Jun 18
A young man with a lactation fetish discovers some tantalizing secrets about his mother's past. This leads to an intimate encounter. Note: I decided to combine these two into one upload because chapter one was pretty short, and two was already finished.
bg big inc lac offstage slow
28th Feb 20
Natalie takes some time to reflect on what her life is becoming and receives an unexpected visitor.
bg big lac offstage slow
23rd Aug 15
Vanessa hates being so small up top, and none of those special creams or herbal supplements help to give her the size she wants. However, things change when a friend introduces her to a strange woman who flies around town with her umbrella, granting boob-related wishes. It's going to be one weird night for Vanessa and her brother ...
ag big cb inc instant lac magic ment tg
30th Dec 05
cb fast huge magic sc asleep
12th Jan 06
cb fast huge nc
18th Jul 07
Shannon finds a magazine ad with a phone number that gives her bigger breasts when she calls it.
cb fast huge magic sc
5th Nov 06
A quickie BE where Lara Croft finds a magical orb that causes her breasts to grow to immense proportions.
cb fast lac magic wow
26th Dec 06
Cassandra doesn't like Christmas. But not for long, because Santa's got a special present for her, and guess what? It grows.
ag cb fast hg huge lg magic mg
31st Dec 06
A BE superquickie in which Annie suddenly finds her breasts growing in the middle of the night for no reason. May be the beginning of a miniseries if people like it enough.
cb fast huge magic nc asleep wow
21st Jan 07
Lex Luthor finds a new kind of kryptonite, and tests it out on Powergirl. Neither of them expects what results.
cb fast huge magic nc wow
26th Jan 07
Another episode of Unexplained Expansion. It's a really short story about how Maggie starts inflating for no reason at all, in a parking lot, of all places.
cb fast huge magic nc wow
18th May 07
Lizzie is spending a quiet day on a lake when suddenly her breasts start growing for no reason at all. And the only way to go is up...
cb fast huge magic nc wow
12th Jul 07
In this installment of Unexplained Expansion, Carrey is out for a jog and suddenly her breasts start growing! But will she notice in time? (Of course not!)
cb fast huge magic nc
18th Feb 08
Finally! This story took a while. And guess what? There's one more to come! This time, Jean is in the middle of a cornfield when it happens. Also, more about what connects the stories. Enjoy!
bond cb fast huge magic nc wow
24th Sep 02
First attempt, be kind. Debbie buys a Tinderbox at a local store and unlocks it secrets!
bg big cb gts huge magic mpg
5th Jun 05
A woman finds a tinder box which allows her to make some wishes, which she uses to grant herself size-changing powers.
cb fast gts huge magic mpg sc wow
29th Oct 98
A young woman who teases a boy unmercifully gets a taste of her own medicine in this horrific tale.
bg fa fast huge magic ment
18th Sep 99
An obnoxious roommate gets her comeuppance from a witch.
bg ar fa fast hg huge lg magic ment
16th Oct 08
Sara Pinter is approached by a shapeshifter who has an unusual request. This story was first posted on 4chan's /d/. There are three chapters.
ag cb huge instant lac magic sc science shem
3rd Apr 24
Retail was one of my first stories, it features breast expansion and lactation content. It started back in November 2021 and finally it has been completed. Dan works in a tech department within a supermarket. He has a new co-worker, Mandy, who is incredibly beautiful but there is something more to her. Over time he swears he sees her already impressive bust get bigger, little does he know what he is in for.
big cb lac slow
7th May 15
The story of a young growing couple and their growing galactic empire.
ag fast gts huge instant lac mpg sc science wow
7th May 15
The story of a young growing couple and their growing galactic empire. I tried to fix it so hopefully you can open it now.
ag fast gts huge instant lac mpg sc science wow
7th Jul 09
Strange things happen to people that make love to two magical cat-girls. That's not the only reason why the evil sorceress wants them though.
fast huge magic multiple
12th Nov 07
Young Caley Prentice has assets to make just about anyone jealous. Gorgeous, wealthy and incredibly stacked she doesn't seem to lack for anything... except kindness. Can one girl really have it all? Some people don't seem to think so.
big magic offstage sc slow
14th Jul 08
Young Caley Prentice has assets to make just about anyone jealous. Gorgeous, wealthy and incredibly stacked she doesn't seem to lack for anything... except kindness. Can one girl really have it all? Some people don't seem to think so.
big cb gts magic offstage sc slow
5th Mar 08
A brief tale about a young man with wild sexual fantasies and his encounter with a strange being from the Fifth Dimension. The devilish Great Gazoob allows Dan's varied fantisies to runaway into realms of impossibility before growing bored and leaving. A quick and dirty tale of breast expansion, giantesses, penis growth, ass growth, fat growth, muscle growth and a harem of impossibly lusty bimbos.
ag aliens cb fa fast gts huge magic ment mg mm mpg
9th Sep 07
Trevor's eccentric friend Jake claims to have coded a series of high frequency sound bites that encourages human growth hormones - and he proves it. The two devise a clever plan to append the clip to the end of the anthem played in the mornings at their high school. Things get a little out of hand...
ag big cb fast gts huge lg mg mm mpg offstage science slow asleep
1st Sep 07
Patrick worries about the "big" problem he and Diane have gotten into. Patrick is beside himself with worry while Diane is reveling in her newfound growth. And then Callie enters the apartment... (Part II of Unexplained Additions)
ag big fa fast huge magic mpg
4th Sep 07
Diane's secret is out and Patrick quickly gets her to try to revert the extreme growth he, she and Callie have experienced. Callie has other plans, though...
ag big fa fast huge magic mpg
5th Sep 07
A rash of crop circles hits farms around a small prairie city in Saskatchewan. A young couple finds themselves abducted and subjected to an alien experiment. The story culminates at the Harvest Dance when an unexpected explosion of growth occurs... (PS - there is no weightgain or fat growth in this story - just good old-fashined BE and MPG)
ag aliens big huge lg magic mm mpg offstage slow asleep
9th Jun 09
An experimental drug trial goes awry as Jake discovers that the drug has some unintended side effects - on not only him, but the girls he sleeps with! (WARNING: also contains weight gain)
ag big chem fa gts huge mm mpg offstage slow
9th Jun 09
The devilish being from the mysterious 5th dimension returns! The "Great" Gazoob has some fun fulfilling the deep seated desires of Mark, ranging from unreal breast growth to penis growth to big bellies to giantesses!
ag aliens cb fa fast gts huge magic mm mpg
16th Jun 09
Sadie finds that her family history is a little more interesting than she thought when she discovers her great gram's diary in the farmstead attic. Turns out she was a witch! Sadie masters the first spells, but the very last spell on the very page turns out to be much more powerful than she and her friends bargained for...
ag cb fast gts magic mg asleep wow
4th Jul 14
"What happened, Luke?" Shannon asks as she stares at her boyfriend's now 8 inch cock. Shannon and Luke wake up one morning to discover that all of their sexual acts have unexpected after-effects...
ag big fa fast gts huge magic mpg sc asleep
20th Mar 21
My first ever story. Involves object breast vore. Rileys nipples begin to suck things in and use it as fuel to grow!
fast science wow
31st Dec 98
BE comes to a faithfully-rendered version of Callahan's in this wonderful tribute tale.
bg fa fast nc science wow
31st Dec 98
A leprechaun grants some wishes in this lovely tale of Irish magic and comely lasses.
bg ar big fa fast lac magic
15th Mar 01
Halloween night, and a demon is released to transform hapless teens nearby, in this start of a story from Gunslinger. You can help complete it!
bg fa fast magic ment mg mm mpg
17th Nov 98
After dying, two girls find themselves in the devil's power, transformed into demonic succubae.
bg fa fast huge magic
23rd Nov 01
Milly, like so many other teenagers, is having a hard time in high school. What could improve the situation? How about unlimited wishes for the day?
cb fast huge magic ment nc sc
9th Dec 01
Ahh, there's nothing like a woman in a uniform. And there's nothing like a woman in a uniform driven into a wild frenxy of lust by her growing bosom.
cb chem fast huge nc science
1st Jul 07
An early adopter gets more than he bargains for when he buys an iPhone from an odd little store. First story here. Be nice.
cb gts huge instant magic mg nc rc weird
2nd Jul 07
In this episode, our hero Tim makes some changes to himself, and has a little adventure with his sister's friends.
gts huge inc instant magic mg mm mpg rc sc
6th Jul 07
Our hero finds that maybe he overlooked some things as the growth gets a little out of control.
cb gts hg huge inc instant magic mg mm mpg nc sc
6th Sep 07
Tim and Tina take steps to counter Megan's control over the magic phone. Big steps.
cb gts instant magic mg wow