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30th Jun 08
When a college student named Alex recieves a gift of growth, he doesn't anticipate it to spread. Things grow out of hand rather quickly, quite literally. This is my first story of the BE variety so comments good and bad are greatly appreciated.
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29th Nov 08
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2nd Aug 07
This is a transcript of an RP/Story between myself and a like minded female via email and as such the 1st and 3rd person isn't always correct and it may jump about a bit but take it as it is and hopefully enjoy it as much as we did. The names have been changed to protect the guilty... or should that be innocent?.... lol
cb fast science wow
18th Mar 22
Extreme breast expansion story I did awhile back.
instant science wow
30th Jan 14
Emiliy is a teenage geek girl with all the regular problems that teens face. However things change on her birthday when after a discussion with her father about her missing mother she decides to try an occult ritual to find her. She got a lot more than she asked... I hope you like it, please feel free to correct any mistakes you find and give feedback since English is not my first language. I like to support my story with pictures so you can visualize the characters better. I want to make perfectly clear that i don't own ANY of these images, they are the work of someone else. These are the artists and body types i keep in my head when i imagine my characters. Chapter 2 will come in due time. :)
ag big cb fast hg huge lg magic ment mg weird
4th Feb 14
Hello again, im updating the story of decent lust, i have read your previous reviews and i hope you like it. Dont worry im still working on chapter 2. I hope i have managed to make the breast expansion more elaborated but its difficult since English is not my first language. However im also updating in order to change the email direction i posted since i put it wrong and it seems that is impossible to get an answer from the webmaster or the forums for changing it. Seriously, are they still alive?. Well anyways hope you enjoy and please give feedback as to what you would prefer to see or how too improve. :)
ag big cb fast hg huge lg magic ment mg weird
7th Sep 09
Here's the next in the BE and History series, this one about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Plus some cameos from some other historical figures. Educational as well as entertaining! The time stamp on this file says "April 1999".
cb huge instant magic
17th Apr 01
Happyguy returns with a hilarious satire about writing BE stories. I mean, a true story about how he was abducted by aliens. I mean, a thought-provoking probe into our shared fetish. I mean... what the hell do I mean?
bg aliens lac nc preg
1st Feb 98
Happyguy says: This one is inflation, and it's a little more experimental; I was playing with the Gothic/Romance novel sort of... wait, that's just bullshit. Maybe it's just a bad story.
12th Jul 98
The Greek Gods invented BE... didn't you know that? This history lesson/story is the proof!
bg fa fast huge magic
1st Feb 98
The last one was so short, happyguy wrote another. Take two, they're small! (Although after this tale, not all that much is ""small"" anymore...).
1st Feb 98
Broad slapstick parody of ""kid gets phenomenal cosmic powers to save a planet"" stories -- but this time the phenomenal cosmic powers include the ability to inflate women's breasts.
28th Jun 98
A funny short story done in the Find-Your-Own-Way method, but with fun BE results! Play along and enjoy!
bg ag cb chem fa fast huge preg
25th Mar 98
A snide reviewer goes in search of a BE author.
bg big chem fa fast rc
6th May 02
Why in the world would anyone need a ray to make a woman smaller? You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
ag fast gts huge ment science
7th Sep 09
This is one of my favorites, just because it's so unrelentingly nutty. I also think it has some of the best expansion sequences in it that I've written. Plus I like the moral message that it sends. I don't have a reliable time stamp on this, but it must have been written in 1999 or 2000.
cb fa huge instant science
7th Sep 09
I always really liked this one, just because it's so... ah... lightweight. A silly story that is almost entirely derived from the title. I don't have a reliable timestamp on this file, but it's probably from 1999-2000.
cb huge instant magic
7th Sep 09
A leprechaun delivers a roll of magic bills, which turns into a potporri of expansions and transformations. This one has as little plot as possible to hold it together. A little story I wrote later on -- the date I see for this file is 2002.
ag cb fa instant magic ment preg weird wow
28th Aug 21
Amanda and Brad are at a costume party, and a warlock casts a spell to make everyone become what they're dressed as. And Amanda is a busty, superpowered genie.
bg ag big hg instant magic
28th Aug 21
Mary lives a lonely secluded life, but has dreams of alien abduction. Every morning, she wakes up, more beautiful, more powerful, and more concerned with the dreams that are haunting her...
bg ag big gts hg magic science slow
28th Aug 21
Jackie has always been able to instantly learn and master anything she sets her mind to. But her mind has always been set to video games. What if she tried something else, such as exercising, changing her appearance, or becoming a goddess of sex...
bg big hg magic slow
28th Aug 21
A greedy insatiable wife who wants nothing but to be admired, worshipped, exalted, finds a special artifact from Heaven that grants her her every wish without her realizing it. Can anyone figure out in time to stop her?
bg big hg magic slow
4th Sep 21
Sarah, a senior in high school with the largest breasts in the student body, flaunts her assets and rules over the school. But three of her teachers are even larger, more powerful, and more dominant than her. That's all about to change... and what does flat little tormented Eclair, constantly bullied by Sarah, have to do with it?
fast hg huge instant lac lg magic sc
6th Dec 21
Flat yet beautiful Hannah Michaels has always been envious of the girls with larger busts than herself, taking offense from the smallest slight. All that changes, and then some, when she goes in for a shady, experimental cosmetic surgery...
cb hg huge hyp instant lg ment science
4th Aug 11
I felt it was time to post it. Don't expect wild fact don't expect any sex lol. You've been warned.
big cb offstage science slow wow
9th Jan 99
The pneumatic Helia helps Santa by delivering some Christmas wishes, but Mrs. Claus is jealous...
bg fa fast huge magic
12th Jan 06
chem fast huge lac sc
12th Jan 06
Helia messes around with a hot air balloon hose and inflation ensues!
cb fast sc wow
12th Jan 06
Heliam is employed by the Duke for her lactation services. Problems with a wizard's spell leads to trouble.
fast lac magic nc wow
12th Jan 06
Sequel to Heliam, Medieval Nursemaid. Heliam saves the kingdom by inflating to amazing proportions.
fast lac magic wow
12th Jan 06
Origin of Heliam....wizard grants her more than she bargains for when wishing to be more like the Duke's dairy cows.
cb fast lac magic wow
12th Jan 06
Helia uses a special suntan oil leading to BIG results. Sorry about the empty space for pictures...couldnt recover them.
ag chem fast huge nc
12th Jan 06
ag cb instant nc wow
17th Jan 06
Consuming champagne at an art auction gallery silences a few Helia critics
chem fast huge sc
17th Jan 06
Helia tests out the capacity of a dealership car.
fast huge sc
17th Jan 06
Helia becomes intoxicated and continues to cause her breasts to expand by consuming more champagne at a beach party.
chem fast huge sc
23rd Jan 06
Some old, some new...enjoy the works of Helia with dozens of stories in html and txt formats. Larger file size because of the number of stories this contains.
ag cb chem fast huge instant lac magic nc preg sc science slow weird wow
25th Jun 09
I found the third part of this classic story series. Please send your credit to Helia, if any probs downloading let me know
cb instant nc rc science wow
15th Apr 04
huge magic
8th Aug 04
A cheerleader steals her mother's BE pills, and has an uplifting experience!
chem fast huge
20th Oct 05
Danielle dreams of inflating breasts. Will it be a dream come true?
chem fast huge asleep
18th Jul 07
Sequal to "The Dream". Danielle's breast inflation is out of control, and she consults an unbelieving doctor on how to solve the problem. But first she has to prove it is actually happening.
chem fast huge sc
22nd Jun 06
Let's try this again. Danielle's breast inflation is getting out of hand, and she consults an unbelieving professional for help with her "Growing Problem".
chem fast huge sc
28th Oct 06
Michael discovers a new power, and tests it one an old girlfriend. But can he control it? Read on and see.
cb fast huge magic ment
11th Mar 04
My first story. You will need to read Dodsons Dream: Haileys Awakening or the story will make no sense. Thanks to OddWerid for starting this series.
big cb fast ft magic mpg science shem weird
22nd Mar 04
The 2nd story in the spinoff serie that OddWerid started. Another test is performed. You get to see some action in the mutant slum at the Tentacle Tavern. Side note: For all of you who note that I'm not a good technical writer, just be glad my wife spellchecks this stuff. Otherwise, every 15th word will be a puzzle to try and figure out what I'm trying to say. Oh and thanks for the rating, I like the feedback.
big cb fast gts huge lac magic mpg multiple nc offstage science shem weird asleep
8th Apr 04
We finish up with Sam, introduce Cindy's best friend Nancy, have an adventure in the bar "Slippery When Wet", finds out what happenes to Brandy, oh and finds out what Victor has been planning sense Chapter 1. And thanks again to OddWerid for starting this series.
ag big cb fast ft gts huge magic ment mpg multiple nc sc science shem slow weird
16th Apr 04
The 4th Chapter in this spinoff series. Victor, the morning after and Nancy plots her revenge.
ar big bond cb fast ft hyp instant lac magic mg mpg nc preg sc science shem weird asleep
25th May 04
Next chapter in this spinoff series. You get to see what Cindy has been up to. I introduce Jamie, Katy, Jean and Lois along with a few more characters. And Nancy gets her revenge.
big bond cb fast gts huge lac magic mpg multiple nc science shem weird
10th Jul 04
A new series. This is a short chapter, later chapters will be longer. A modern day setting with some lingering super-natural elements from the dark ages.
magic ment slow weird asleep
23rd May 05
James is a high school student, when one day he finds he has strange powers that he is not sure how to control. How will James and his classmates react? First Chapter to a new series. I have a new editor, so hopefully the grammer will be better.
big cb instant magic ment mpg shem weird
22nd Sep 05
Day 2. James discovers more about his powers.
big cb fast magic ment mpg offstage weird
3rd Nov 06
Day 3: James and Sally finally get together. James learns a lot of new insight on how his powers work. Finally, James meets Ming’s mother.
big cb fast huge instant magic ment mpg multiple offstage shem weird
14th Dec 06
James give the bad news to the girls that the party is a no go. The girls doesn't take the news well & Ming's mother gets involved to make sure the party happens. This spells trouble for James.
big gts huge instant magic ment mpg shem weird
21st Dec 06
Discover the fate of James and the truth of how he gain his powers.
big hg instant lg magic ment mpg multiple shem tg weird wow
19th Mar 07
The first day of Jade’s new life and she is stuck at home for the whole weekend. Whatever will she do?
big huge instant magic mpg multiple shem weird
17th Dec 07
Jade finally gets her papers to leave the house. After a quick bit of shopping, she gets to go to school for at least the end of the day.
big huge instant magic shem weird
17th Jan 08
Jade’s first day at school plus a sleepover at Mary’s house leads to all sorts of fun.
big gts huge instant magic mpg multiple rc shem weird
20th Feb 08
Jade learns a lot more on how lust affects her and how she can use it. Then girls must deal with the fall out of Gwen.
big cb ft huge instant magic mg mpg shem weird
26th Feb 08
Jade pushes to see how far she and Susan can take their ‘Secret Fuck’ to amazing results. Then Jade visits Stacy Palmer to make amends for breaking her arms. Finally, we see how Tina is handling the lost of her sister.
big huge instant lg magic mpg shem weird
29th Mar 11
I have written this story because I like to try out only 252 words this story has, I hope you like my experiment of a really short story .......
big instant magic science weird asleep
13th Apr 11
Im sorry for my last story so many peoples are angry with it so i hope this is better than my first -.-
big fast magic
13th Apr 11
A short story over a girl her Name is Sandra an her happen an accident one a road in the middle of nothing but wat happen is more than strange
huge hyp offstage slow asleep
26th Dec 08
ag fast huge magic mg mpg asleep
29th Jun 13
Two lost souls on the fringes of their society find healing and completion and oh so much more bounty one midsummer evening. If you should not be reading this because you are too young or offended by explicit language, don’t read it. Midsommar Fest By Herb Delight
ag big fast hg magic mm mpg preg
17th May 15
Six years ago, a strange event known as "the great growth" causes all women to grow into all powerful amazonian demi-goddesses while men degenerated and shrank to sub-humans. It is the story of a man, Frank, who live in this new world dominated by absolutely irresistible women.
ag big gts huge hyp ment mg offstage slow asleep
28th Apr 10
ag big fast magic preg weird
30th Apr 10
ag big fast magic ment preg slow weird
5th May 10
Conan the Barbarian has heard of a magic sword which will make him invincible, but can he survive the test of the fertile forest goddess who guards it jealously?
ag fast huge lac magic preg
6th May 10
This is a quick story for you guys, concerning the fate of a shipwrecked sailor. Enjoy!
ag bond fast huge lac magic tg weird
1st Mar 04
First story of a series where it's told the experiences of an Immortal with big breasts and breast growth throught his existance. Here, the Immortal meets a busty girl at a bar who will give him a great experience with her other girl friends.
big instant asleep
4th Mar 04
Second story of the series. This time our Immortal is in middle age France and he watches a girl from from a young tender age grow to a full grown up woman. He even has a surprise when he gets to know her breasts better.
big fast lac slow
28th Mar 20
Tired of languishing behind less qualified, prettier women in the administrative assistant pool, Ashley begins to envy their looks and outgoing personalities. Then, she begins to change...
bg big cb hg lg magic mg slow
4th Feb 21
A New Jersey housewife with a troubled family, Dee's life hasn't turned out as she would have imagined. After a visit to the doctor, however, strange things begin to happen to her body. She begins to become more attractive, stronger, and smarter than she ever imagined possible.
bg ag ar big cb hg lg magic ment slow
6th Feb 21
Jake has longed to date his friend Megan all his life and now has his chance. The problem? Somehow her younger sister has become attached to his Supergirl fantasies, her looks and abilities growing closer to those of his dream woman every time he sees her.
bg ag big hg lg magic ment mg slow
7th Feb 21
Rachael's brother, Chad, has come up with a serum that enhances feminine attributes. She and her friends try it. Sexy hijinks and other developments ensue. ;)
bg ag big cb chem fast hg lg
11th Feb 21
Smarter. Sexier. More athletic. Jenny Clay has always wished she were any of those things. Instead, she is just her plain, unremarkable self. When Jenny finds herself becoming far more gorgeous and far less intelligent, she realizes that her lecherous boss is attempting to make her into his next trophy wife. That wasn’t exactly what she had in mind when she wished to become more! Will Jenny be able to escape Anthony’s transforming desires? Can she find a way to turn the tables on the man and become the smart, sexy, athletic woman of her own fantasies? Or will her new transformation ability give her all of those things to a degree she never imagined possible.
bg ag big hg lg magic ment slow
12th Feb 21
When Matt partners up with the most beautiful girl in school for their senior project, he has no idea that he's about to develop a formula to make her even hotter...
bg ag big cb chem hg lg slow
20th Feb 21
Olivia is tired of being in Isabella's shadow. The school's prettiest and bitchiest girl, Isabella enjoyes lording her many advantages over the smaller, less-endowed girl. But the tables may be turned when Olivia discovers some experimental pills...
bg ag big chem hg lg mg slow
28th Feb 21
As the strongest, sexiest superpowered girl in school, Lilly takes full advantage of her status. But her world will be rocked when a far more beautiful and powerful girl, Fiona, arrives...
bg ag big cb fast hg lg mg science
9th May 21
Lillian makes a deal with the devil, giving up her immortal soul to become more wealth, powerful, and beautiful. However, he grants her wish in his own way, only allowing her to improve with every climax she induces in others. Once she realizes this, Lillian takes full advantage of her newfound ability.
bg ag big cb hg instant lg magic
22nd Feb 15
There must have been some magic in that old hat James had found. For when he placed it on her head, she began to dance around...
ag big instant magic
30th Jun 10
cb fa huge hyp lac magic ment offstage preg sc slow
27th May 10
cb huge hyp lac magic ment offstage preg sc slow
14th Sep 20
Jamie wishes he were more popular. Of course, he neglects to clarify HOW or with WHOM. A short one-shot written to go with a recent drawing. Non MLP fans beware
bg ag big hg magic ment nc preg slow tg weird
3rd Dec 20
Subjected to an experimental serum, a sad nerd's genetic structure warps itself to the subconscious desires & fetishes of horny tiddy-obsessed bronies.
bg ag ar big cb chem hg huge hyp lac ment nc preg science slow tg weird wow
7th May 02
A slightly different take on BE.
big cb fast ment
4th Nov 03
Archeologist finds a strange sarcophagus, and a nipple hanging from the ceiling?
ag fast huge lac magic weird
7th Nov 03
A lonely man is helped by caring supervisor. I tried to introduce more details and character development.
aliens big fast lac ment science
18th Nov 03
A womans quest to break out of her cocoon. She meets a magic owl that gives her the body she dreams of. And she dreams big....
ag cb fast lg magic sc
18th Nov 03
A small tale of a woman who's rescued from her loneliness by a stranger. She's overworked and underpaid. So her body releases its stored bounty of hormones and rebels against her in a spectacular way.
cb fa huge nc
30th Nov 03
The 2nd of a 5 part trilogy. (All due respect to The Late great Douglas Adams.) When Jane gets back to work, she finds that whats on the outside actually does count. Again she seeks the help of the Night Owl as her old life falls away. Thank you for reading and letting me improve with your feedback.
big cb fast magic ment sc
18th Feb 04
Its about 3 months late but I finished it. A weird and wretched variation on a beloved Dickens tale. It doesn't have much BE, but it does have lots and lots of really bad jokes. On a side note: Vanessa Williams as the Ebony Scrooge was my favorite, with her massive boobs peeking over her little red dress. Thanks for reading!
huge magic offstage weird
19th May 08
A story of olde about a pregnant girl and a lonely doctor. Not a lot of BE, but hopefully a good story.
big preg slow
14th Dec 09
A very quick story about a hacker and his latest prize. I may add more if I get favorable responses.
big cb fast sc science
31st Dec 98
Alice finds that clothes in Wonderland cause her to grow bustier.
bg big fa fast magic multiple rc
31st Dec 98
Alice continues to transform in Wonderland.
bg big fa fast hg magic
31st Dec 98
A scientist tortures his assistant by transforming her in weird ways, until she breaks loose.
bg huge instant nc preg science
31st Dec 98
Freddy Krueger tortures a young woman.
bg chem huge lac preg slow
5th Dec 18
Set in Tieryn's B&M universe, a young Arab girl unknowingly becomes the test subject for a new B&M product the day before she has a date with her boyfriend.
ag chem fast gts huge lac mg nc preg science
13th Mar 19
Another adaptation of a Tieryn story. Yasmin has just turned eighteen, but is dealing with some relationship issues. That all changes when she becomes another B&M test subject.
ag cb chem fast huge lac ment mg nc science
27th Oct 18
After a murky night, a woman wakes to some strange feelings. A rather short story.
bg big fast magic
16th Feb 09
Sara begins experiencing some delightfully pleasurable changes and begins a sex filled odyssey of the milky variety.
big fast lac magic offstage slow asleep
23rd Feb 09
Heather, a mousy little college student, gets some divine help in the dating arena. After undergoing a few confidence boosters, she goes on her first date. Sara and Nyomi are mostly absent (See if you can't spot Nyomi's cameo appearance), but they'll return in the next chapter. Sorry, no milk in this chapter, but ch3 is on the way.
ag big instant lg magic ment mpg sc
2nd Mar 09
Sara and Nyomi are back and dealing with the effects of being fertility priestesses.
ag big fast lac magic preg
9th Mar 09
Phase 1 of Tia's plan swings into full effect and Mary and Jennifer get caught up in the fun. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a threesome!
ag big cb fast magic ment mg preg weird
23rd Mar 09
Meet Bill. Bill is an Anglican Vicar who encounters a woman under the effects of Tiamat's Lust Spell. Watch as he investigates the growing woman, For Science! Also, Nyomi, Sara, and Jennifer "Prepare" for an encounter with Tiamat.
ag big cb fast lac magic ment preg
25th Mar 09
John finds out that his girlfriend is a Were-breeder, cursed spend the night of the full moon as a pregnant woman. He also finds out that this is a sexually transmitted condition and also has to spend the night of the full moon as a pregnant woman.
ag big cb fast lac preg shem tg
26th Mar 09
When two friends, Mark and Rachel, get stuck in the jungle, they stay at a charming little inn and find a most intriguing beverage.
ag big chem fast lg nc slow asleep
11th Jun 09
Four special nuns and a Vicar attempt to go up against the ancient Goddess Tiamat and fail. I think Tiamat really enjoys corrupting clergy.
ag big fast lac magic ment nc preg tg
23rd Jun 09
"A gust of wind flipped the book to a page with bold letters that spelled out the following, 'Warning! After you awaken your breasts, you must provide direction with one of the methods detailed in this chapter. Otherwise, your breasts will accept all inputs with unpredictable results.' Sophie didn't notice the book's warning because she was already fast asleep."
cb fast huge magic
2nd Jul 09
Scarlet and Maria are two friends who are forever changed by the were-breeder curse. These two ladies are the first victims, though they seem to be enjoying it just fine. Read on for more transformative action!
big fast huge lac magic preg shem tg
17th Jan 10
A quick little scene about a bartender who learns to be a more gracious hostess.
cb fast huge
8th Dec 98
Brenda meets an old man who grants her the power to alter her form, as long as she doesn't commit any of the Seven Deadly Sins.
bg fa fast huge magic
25th Jan 99
Splashed with a chemical agent, two geeky teenage boys are transformed into sexy women.
bg big chem fa fast tg
28th Apr 99
A college girl pisses off her witch roommate and has to learn a lesson about being a bimbo.
bg fa fast huge magic ment
18th Jul 98
A trio of high school friends make unwise wishes in Spells-R-Us and learn some of the consequences of having large breasts.
bg huge magic tg asleep
9th Jan 99
A wizard makes an ill-advised spell to create a familiar, and ends up with something unexpected.
bg fa fast magic ment tg wow
6th Oct 05
Inspired by a post in the forum, I took the title and ran with it. A woman has a change of heart (and size) while visiting the moon.
cb science slow wow
17th Oct 08
Based on a shorter piece by dawestside at and process-production, this is a quick growth scene with copious amounts of jiggling flesh and very little plot. In other words, right up your alley.
ag big cb fast gts hg huge lac lg magic
13th Apr 09
To offset the growing number of long-form, prolonged-sexiness stories being bandied about, I figured I'd offer up something a little more... immediate. It's actually longer than I planned. No, I won't write a sequel, sorry. Not a hell of a lot of BE here, but then again there's not a hell of a lot of much here either.
big fast magic sc
18th Apr 09
I swore I wasn't going to write this, but then I had an idea... Mike buys an issue of WANK Magazine, and meets Alyssa, who has a very unique ability.
ag big fast gts huge magic sc wow
25th Apr 09
Hot off the presses, it's WANK Magazine #3! Alphie's girlfriend appears in a photoshoot for the magazine, and they decide to go over the results together.
big hg huge instant magic sc weird
8th Aug 09
A small college student take a lie as truth, and ends up growing just like she'd always wanted. Based on
big cb chem fast gts huge lg sc science
12th Jul 98
Little Hillary Jeckyll finds her father's formula that can give a girl ""More"".
bg chem fa fast hg huge lg
25th Oct 99
Tim Doogan experiments with super growth hormones.
bg chem fa fast gts huge
7th Oct 02
Circumstances bring JoeL together again with Beth, the former baby sitter for his son. Beth has undergone some big changes since they had last seen each other. He soon discovers that Beth is still growing and is more than willing to share her experience with her former boss.
big lg slow
12th Feb 05
A retrospective novelette of how a short, scrawny, shapeless, female student became a very tall, busty, muscular Amazon/Mini-GTS in an attempt to woo the best friend of her older brother over the course of almost two years. Some personality change. Descriptions of consensual oral sex, clothes rip/burst, sexual foreplay/teasing, and on-stage growth spurts. Some off-stage growth. No graphic violence. No descriptions of pregnancy or lactation.
big cb chem gts lg mg sc slow
29th Jul 15
big slow
23rd Oct 15
A short (1327 words) .docx story with a warp/morph inserted. I claim no ownership of the original photo. Jim is hired to watch his neighbor for the evening. It soon becomes a bigger deal than he expected.
big cb chem fast gts lg offstage sc
25th Nov 17
A short, 2777-word story with inserted morph about Oliver's friends' reaction to his little sister Janet after she returns from a summer away.
bg big lg mg offstage sc science slow
6th Dec 17
A short, 2,255-word story (includes a morphed picture) that follows two short, scrawny, nerdy step-siblings over the course of a weekend where she unintentionally drinks his growth formula.
bg big cb chem lg ment mg slow
14th Oct 10
What happens when Tia Halibel and the Hogyoku's power to make desires a reality mix?
big cb fast lac magic ment
24th Oct 15
Biologist Ayana and her half-sister Touko are nearing the end of their astounding pregnancies, but despite their ponderous size they'll keep their OB-GYN clinic running to cater to women as huge as themselves. They'll even introduce new, and pleasurable, technologies to the mix! [Based off of the near-hentai OVA Kagaku Na Yatsura, with an appearance of Haruka Gracia from Basquash!]
huge lac offstage preg science
29th Oct 15
From on high, the Goddesses of Hyrule have decreed that Link shall bed women across the land to bear heroes for future generations. Now Telma is bloated full of Link's progeny, and still manages to run her bar alongside her equally pregnant employees.
huge lac magic preg
19th Aug 23
A trio of hyperpregnant sorority girls summon a bubbly and enormous otherworldly being in order to gain an edge in a local fertility contest.
ag big fast huge magic preg weird
19th Aug 23
In a post-isekai fantasy world, a hyperpregnant half-elven royal goes through her day with surprise twists and turn in store for her and her enormous siblings.
ag big huge lac magic offstage preg slow