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The Overflowing Bra

For the year 2013
1st, Jan 13
Written on new years eve do to lack of sleep this story might contain quite a few grammar errors. The story's central theme is Penis expansion on a Male. However it features quite a lot of Breast expansion as well. Despite being noted as magical it's actually supernatural unexplained growth rather than related to magic. Also features chemical growth on Penis. The growth is over 8 pages but is continues so depending on where you stop it's >any< of the amount of growth tags. I hope this isn't too much of a waste of your time. In addition this is: Medium length male on Below average length female.
big cb huge lac magic mpg slow asleep wow
1st, Jan 13
Another 8 Page story. Again this includes Breast Expansion and Penis expansion. This time in about the same proportions. This is more STORY/COMEDY and less SEX/EXPANSION heavy it's also more realistically sized in the end. ( well duh, I went overboard in the last one. ) It's also written better I believe ( and hope ) , but no second checker once again.
big instant lac mpg science
1st, Jan 13
A very story driven, EXCLUSIVELY [BE]story 6 Pages. | No CANNON sex scenes are in this BE story > but A non cannon one is included at the end. ( albeit it isn't a complete sequence. ) | Short big breasted girl included ( as it usual for me ) | FANTASY & DRAMA |
inc magic slow
1st, Jan 13
[ HTML / TXT ] ( Only recommended if you can't open the orignal format )
big huge instant lac magic mpg slow wow
1st, Jan 13
The rain fell lightly on the plexi-steele windows of the high rise apartment. Through it air cars and trains flew by with blurring speed; races and species of a hundred star systems filling skies. That was how it always looked in the city of Chns, the Las Vegas of the planet Rhsk. It was the one and only completely neutral planet in the Alliance; meaning that all species were allowed to dwell in the vast city; one that was nearly the size of Earths New York and Miami combined. There was no way to determine the true number of the cities population and only a rare fool would try. Still, Chns had laws, politics and unspoken rules that it’s multi-cultural populous was governed by. Though politicians held the known rule of the city, its true power came from the criminal outlet; the three mob style leaders that had cleverly divided the huge city; the gangs that dwelled within those boundaries and the wealthy business men and women who paid for it all. Politics was a front and every politician was bought. Even the cities police force was a corrupt unit that sometimes acted more like a gang than keepers of the peace. In truth, Chns was a war zone that was out of control and needed saving. That’s when Bureau finally took notice and placed its best and brightest to keep all the factions of Chns in check; and keep the peace that its alien populous deserved. All in all, it Chns was a powder keg that awaited its fuse to be lit and the Bureau and it’s Guardians were the only force to have the means and power to put the fuse out if it was. Another [sadly unfinished] pregnancy epic from the mind of Invictusvoxfini. This tie it's a sci-fi crime-drama full of loads of heavily pregnant alien babes. [Be warned, there's also bursting.]
ag aliens big chem fast huge instant lac preg slow
1st, Jan 13
This story isn't mine, I just got inspired by the original done by Lord Aimnor and decided to fix up the grammar and a bit of the story. I also added some more sexy bits at the end. :)
big chem fast lac ment science
2nd, Jan 13
[BE] [PE] | 5 Page story | Fairly Straightforward | Story includes Penis and Breast expansion as before. In equal amounts. Includes a fairly realistic problem and the simple means of overcoming that problem. | Again: includes a below average size female on around average size male | Please enjoy | HTML included but NOT advised | Please enjoy.
big chem huge lac mpg science slow
2nd, Jan 13
[BE] [PE] | 3 Page story | Fairly Straightforward | Story includes Penis and Breast expansion as before favouring [PE] over [BE] but has larger breasts than. | LACTATION | There is hardly any story to this. It's mostly perversion | Not enough yuri | Again: includes a below average size female on around average size male | HTML included but NOT advised | Please enjoy | No cruelty |
cb huge instant lac magic mpg asleep wow
3rd, Jan 13
[BE] | REWRITE / SECOND EDIT | 7 Page story | -EXTREMELY STORY DRIVEN- | This is the second version of SEogB ( Sacrice Everything or go Bust) It makes A LOT more sense with explanations | Story follows the live of a princess in distress in a -very- BREAST SIZE orientated world. | Small lesbain scene is still mostly the same | This was edited by friendly request; i.e. the only type that works | REQUESTED REVISION | SMALL VERY BUSTY GIRL included as is my signature character type| HTML included but NOT advised | ( now with less grammar errors and a logically explained story :P | Please enjoy!
ar big huge inc instant magic offstage slow
3rd, Jan 13
[BE] | LESBIANS | 15 Page story | -VERY STORY DRIVEN- | The story of a girl fighting against her unjustified nickname | NO MALES IN THIS | This was checked by A SWEDE | SWEDEN ON TOP | SMALL BUSTY GIRL AGAIN | | TXT included but not advised ( because bad formatting ) | Find grammar errors and I'll hate you forever ( The swede ) | Merry lesbian day! | Don't make little girls cry. | Realistic size at normal ending, unrealistically huge in epilogue | Please enjoy! |
big chem huge lac offstage science slow asleep
8th, Jan 13
[BE] | BI-GIRL | Flat BE : Practically STORYLESS | 13 Page story | Story follows a girl of smaller stature as she acts out her perversions with a little help | FIRST COOPERATION | SMALL VERY BUSTY GIRL included as is my signature character type | RTF ONLY | Special thanks to Trixielle Lunare for great edits and detailing scenes were necessary as well as updating grammar everywhere | Please enjoy!
big chem huge lac mpg science slow
10th, Jan 13
A short, first person account, strictly dialogue, of a woman being transformed into a milky cow-girl. This was written as a script for and used by someone on Reddit.
ag huge instant lac ment nc rc science
12th, Jan 13
A short story. Meant to be good reading material in addition to a good wank. This is my first erotic story, so let me know if the BE/sex/description ratio needs work.
ag big fa fast huge magic
13th, Jan 13
I've waffled on uploading this here. It's inspired by the Body-Shifter's series, but the bulk of the story is focused on human women, and rather than just breast enlargement it's mostly pregnancy and weight gain. So just be advised this is very different from the other BSU stories.
ag fa huge lac preg science slow wow
17th, Jan 13
Brian gets a copy of the Master PC program, but doesn't get a chance to use it before it's found by his sister Abbie and their room mate Jenny. Growth Ensues!
ag big bond huge inc instant magic ment mg mpg rc sc
25th, Jan 13
Lori made an offhanded wish for bigger breasts, and a mysterious cat-like man offhandedly had it granted. But the deal wasn’t quite so simple, and when Lori asks for her breasts smaller again, things don’t quite work out... (non-consensual refers to growth, not sex.)
big cb fast huge magic nc
27th, Jan 13
A very short first foray into writing. A young woman gets very big, thanks to the last carton of milk...
fast huge instant asleep wow
31st, Jan 13
The conclusion of Overfilling Cups. Comes included with a slightly revised part 1 which contains more description, I hope. Will Lori return to normal? Will Dark explain the method to his madness? How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop!? The world... is bound to know sooner or later. (NC = growth, not sex; mild AG and LG)
ag big cb fast huge lg magic nc
31st, Jan 13
After a couple months at the Muffin Top, Chrissie has never been happier, especially since spending so much time at the bakery is doing wonderful things to her figure. When someone offers to pay her to get as big as she can though, Chrissie may find herself expanding far beyond the limits of her comfort zone.
ag cb fa fast huge magic sc
4th, Feb 13
A short chronicle of Karen, and her journey of growth.
chem lac ment slow wow
4th, Feb 13
I wrote this story (by hand!) about 20 years ago. I then typed it and posted it online around 1996 but it has since become difficult to find. Synopsis: Two girls compete for the attention of a guy by getting progressively larger implants.
big science slow
4th, Feb 13
(NOTE - I MIXED UP THE STORIES IN THE UPLOAD - SORRY! If the website owner could be please correct this -thank-you! Original story: "I MUST INCREASE MY BUST" Seque: "NOW, I MUST INCREASE MY BUST" I wrote this story (by hand!) about 20 years ago. I then typed it and posted it online around 1996 but it has since become difficult to find. Synopsis: Sequel - horny doctor gives large implants to his loving nurse.
big science slow
12th, Feb 13
She's lost, she's alone, she's naked, and she's going through some serious changes. Watch the beautiful Noreen try to get out, get expand, and find out why everything is trying to boost her cup size. A note from the author- This story contains very little B.E. since it's primary purpose is to set things up for the oncoming chapters, so please bear with me. Commentary is welcome.
big chem fast lac nc science slow
26th, Feb 13
Not a lot going on here, just some character development and outlining possible antagonists, boring stuff. Growth and sex occur near the end. More to come later. Nerdy boy, Trevor, recounts the time where his and his best friend, Misty’s, lives met with some very drastic changes.
big fast
16th, Mar 13
[BE] [PE] | 5 pages | This one has been laying around for Trixielle Lunare to check for 2 months, however she's disappeared. | I checked this myself the best I could. I did try to find a replacement editor but failed | I hope that this inspires some better authors to upload their stories.| Enjoy if you can.
big chem fast lac mpg
16th, Mar 13
Our plucky heroes, the lovely (and luscious) Princess Cassiopeia and her ever-loyal chauffeur, Fiora Tailwind are really in a fix this time! While investigating a mysterious asteroid rumored to be cursed by the local space Gypsies, the two adventurers stumble upon something even more sinister: that steel-hearted scoundrel, Baron Cyberface! Now he and his all female army of personal bodyguards are holding our heroes captive. Will the princess and her friend escape Cyberface's sinister DDeathtrap, or will they be the next victims of... The Curse of the Mysterious Asteroid?
cb fast nc science wow
18th, Mar 13
Michael is an average man, until he stumbles upon an artifact on an archeological dig. From there his life takes on significantly more meaning. Comments are welcome. And if anyone wants to do some illustrations to add to the story,
big chem huge hyp lac mpg preg science slow
2nd, Apr 13
14 + 9 pages | BE driven Story ( not story driven ) | Both stories in RTF ONLY | Little Diabolical Girl get's another addition to it's pool | The second part of the Story was checked by "The editor" | The first is still the version checked by "Trixielle Lunare" | Special thanks to the editors | I hope "the editor" and I have a fruitful cooperation in the future as well. | As always I hope this inspires other writers to post their stuff on this site.
chem fast huge lac mpg slow
8th, Apr 13
This is a corollary to my upcoming story, The Wet T Shirt Contest. Vanessa uses the Flesh Alteration Kit to dominate her friend Danny and show him a good time. Its a lap dance with a devious twist!
ag big bond magic offstage sc weird
11th, Apr 13
My first story!!! I hope U like it!!! After breaking up with Jacob, I went to his bar, and "serviced" all his friends who hang out there... which made my boobs grow SO BIG!!! This story is for YOU, Jake!!!! Jake likes all this BE stuff, so if U know Jake, PLEAZZZE make sure he sees this LOL!!! THANK U!!! And thank you Helia for ALL the inspiration!!!!
fast huge
13th, Apr 13
First effort. TG plus BE. In .doc format with pictures. Story of a cross-dresser who carries his fantasies a bit too far and becomes the object of his fantasies.
ag big cb fast hyp lac science slow tg
19th, Apr 13
Brad needs money for college so Daniel helps him out- by giving him breasts!! A local bar hosts a wet T-shirt contest where the winner gets a $500 dollar cash prize. Daniel has been playing the system ever since he inherited the flesh alteration kit! Now he can help his bro, Brad. The two first go hunting for the perfect breasts on campus. Then body swaps Brad onto an alternate woman's body. With a little help and fashion tips from his bi-curious companion, Vanessa, no one has to worry about going broke this semester!
ag big hg instant lg magic mpg sc tg
22nd, Apr 13
The fourth and final chapter to The New Girl. A lot more of the sexual antics of Alex and his friends. We meet some new friends, and something bigger than whopping bosoms happens.
ar big fast ft huge instant magic mm mpg preg sc tg weird
22nd, Apr 13
The entire New Girl story in one 'book'. Alex finds a magic ring that can transform himself and several new friends in any way that they want.
ag ar big cb fast ft hg huge inc instant lg magic mg mm mpg preg rc sc shem tg weird wow
23rd, Apr 13
Abigail always thought she'd been passed by in the size department. Turns out she was right! A fairy comes to help her out, and her brother ends up with some life changing alterations as well! This is an older story I had written a few years back. I went through and edited what I could catch and expanded on the story quite a bit. These characters have been added to the the Universe created within The New Girl. I hope you all enjoy!
ag big cb fast hg inc instant magic mm mpg preg shem tg weird asleep
1st, May 13
First story, feel free to leave comments and suggestions on the forums. Pretty strange transformations, hopefully you will like my twisted story. Summary: Ben stumbles across some fantastic body enhancement pills while on a trip to China. The transformation process invoked by the pills includes some very strange and unpredictable modifications. Astounded by the results, Ben manages to get the pills home to the US. His first call is to his sultry friend-with-benefits, Lisa. She loves his new body, what will she choose?
big chem fast huge lac mpg weird
15th, May 13
HEAVY EXPOSITION THIS CHAPTER; DON'T COMPLAIN THAT THERE IS TOO MUCH EXPOSITION, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED IN ADVANCE! Anyone remember this story? I almost didn't. So here's the next installment. After her mutation into a catgirl, Sally wishes to be left alone, but Mori Ankoku and her crew are out to expose the people who did this to her and find themselves in their own mess of trouble. (mild AG, LG and clothes ripping; and lots of exposition)
ag big cb chem fast lac lg ment
25th, May 13
Kendra, encouraged by her college professor goes out in to the forest to try and re-enact an ancient Native American ritual. She never actually expected to meet the goddess it was supposed to summon.
big fast instant magic ment offstage
28th, May 13
Some girls are bigger than others, and other girls are bigger than they are
big chem slow
28th, May 13
Some girls are bigger than others. That makes them better.
big chem slow
30th, May 13
In the second chapter of the long-delayed story The Puzzle Box Curse, our heroine Violet and her friends nearly resign themselves to defeat, but a new hope arises. That hope comes with forbidding troubles for the world, but weird transformations, breast fixation, and passionate sex await in their next stage of the adventure!
ar big instant magic ment multiple nc rc shem tg weird
31st, May 13
Alexis from The New Girl and Clair from The late Blossom/The new Queen meet! The new gods and goddesses become friends with the new fairies of the world and hatch a plan to make it a much better place.
ag big cb fast gts hg huge inc instant magic mg mm mpg preg sc shem weird
1st, Jun 13
Yuri between a farmer and a Cowgirl with an odd characteristic - she grows as the affection and attachment between them increases. My first story (that I'll continue into bigger sizes). I hope you like it!
ag big chem lac slow
2nd, Jun 13
I've browsed this archive before, but haven't ever found something truly tailored to my tastes, so I decided to write my own. The setting of this story is an alternate history where the Central Powers win World War 1. It's very plot heavy and the expansion is very subtle, being implied by description and reaction (which I like). My first story, so please don't throw me to the wolves, at least not yet. Critique is very welcome. Rest assured that once the second part comes out, the expansions will be a little more blatant.
fast huge science
3rd, Jun 13
Someone said there was a decent story hiding inside this one. I hope no one minds if I tried to coax it out.
big chem slow
4th, Jun 13
I'm not sure how fast one should update these things, but response to Part 1 was positive, so I decided to move forward with part 2. This part focuses less on the backstory and more on the characters as well as the expansion. Critique is very welcomed. A simple review goes a long way.
fast gts huge science
7th, Jun 13
Stacie steals from a Mafia boss and gets caught. He deals with betrayal a little differently than most. Like my other stories its erotica with toys, anal, bondage, domination, and growing boobs. Please rate and comment if you want me to write more.
bond chem fast huge ment nc
7th, Jun 13
A Collection of the stories in my "Art of Witchery" series, including(in order): "Trick or Treat", "Raspberry Rain", "Jelly Filling", and "Memories of Transition". What started as a collection of scenes of Dorothy the witch transforming various women is starting to gain a plot as Dorothy seeks out an apprentice in the art of magical transformations.
ag cb fast huge lac magic ment multiple nc weird
8th, Jun 13
Sanctuary in the Sand is now complete, with all chapters uploaded here! I've also added some extra material for the occasion, including scenes that I originally cut and a couple of short stories that take place further down the line. With the addition of Chapter 6, the Straw Hats, Vivi, and Robin celebrate their victory over Crocodile.
ag bond cb fast huge lac magic multiple nc sc shem weird wow
8th, Jun 13
As a backwoods farmer in the archaic world of Noblash, Andrin can't seem to find a suitable mate. All of the women that he knows are definitely buxom.. but the only girl his age is rumored to have some sort of problem? Perhaps that is what causes him to go searching for the temporary lust found in the arms of a magical nymph. However, things aren't always as they seem.
ag big cb fast huge instant lac magic ment mm mpg
27th, Jun 13
A domineering seductress makes demands on her target, with surprising (to him) consequences.
ag big fast ft mpg nc tg
29th, Jun 13
Two lost souls on the fringes of their society find healing and completion and oh so much more bounty one midsummer evening. If you should not be reading this because you are too young or offended by explicit language, don’t read it. Midsommar Fest By Herb Delight
ag big fast hg magic mm mpg preg
30th, Jun 13
Chuck is your average guy with a bit of crush on a famous busty porn star. After a ‘chance’ meeting that Chuck ‘arranged’ the two hit it off, realizing that two very different people can connect in a way that neither of them thought possible, not the least of which is their mutual love for her huge sensitive breasts . But after things fall apart as they often do, the connection they share refuses to go away, especially when she returns to town with a surprise for him.
big cb offstage sc science slow
3rd, Jul 13
When Io, a simple girl of the barren Northern steppes, is summoned to the great city of the Goddess, she doesn't know what to expect. There she meets Kymera, a lusty and headstrong young priestess, and learns that she alone may have the power to revive a dying realm, but only if she can help Kymera become the perfect vessel of the Goddess's abundance. (This is the first time I've tried to write a story with more of a fantasy setting to it, so any feedback or criticism on how well I have succeeded or failed at my task would be most appreciated)
ag cb fa fast huge instant lac magic nc rc slow
6th, Jul 13
A new story, based on a doujin I read. One man lives a solitary life, with no friends or girlfriends but that all changes when he's visited by a tiny Oni. Warning this is a original story using fanfic characters.
ag big cb hg huge instant lg magic ment mpg
7th, Jul 13
More a proof of concept than anything, this is my first foray into this sort of thing. As the name suggests, this is very much intended to be a 'chapter one' sort of deal, with more to come. Plenty more. Growth is relatively minor in this chapter, but that won't be the case for long. Mia, shy research librarian, has an interesting run-in with an adventurer looking for information on an ancient fertility goddess. Predictable actions follow. Please rate and comment, I'd love to know what you think.
ag big fast magic ment
7th, Jul 13
A first person retelling of a ski vacation gone horribly right due to some magic milk! Watch as the narrator and his girlfriend discover the rules that govern the milk and its effects on bodies and minds, and find out how they come to terms with the results.
ag big fast ft hg lac lg magic ment mg nc rc sc tg
11th, Jul 13
Tori, a busty college girl, spends her summer vacation with two friends at Georgia’s family vineyard in California. A Violet Beauregard-type story, but with a pretty strong BE emphasis. My first story posted. Hope people enjoy.
ag cb chem fast huge lac nc
19th, Jul 13
Sheila continues to get revenge on the bitchy cheerleaders that wronged her. She has a plan to shrink down "Chesty Cindy" because Cindy stole her ex-boyfriend. But Sheila's plan goes awry. And why is she herself changing?
ag big fa fast lac lg magic mpg nc weird
21st, Jul 13
This is a chapter from a much longer story. Submitted here due to the fact that as I did the back story, the main character would not likely be found in this situation. A man who is "infected" with a sexual spirit hunts for the perfect victim. An old lady whose life has left her behind, and alone.
ar big hg instant magic ment nc rc
27th, Jul 13
When a once-in-a-lifetime meteor shower brings with it shocking transformations, two girls find themselves trying to keep control of their lives as they lose it over their bodies. They begin to find that the truth of their condition is a lot deeper than they first thought...
ag aliens big fast gts hg huge lac lg mpg nc science shem
31st, Jul 13
Further tales of the cast of Milkmaniac's The Book of Spells. Claire visits Tim to try a new sexual position to double Tim's pleasure.
huge lac magic mpg offstage shem slow
7th, Aug 13
huge slow wow
14th, Aug 13
The far more polished second part, and the actual beginning of the story and BE. Reviews and comments are appreciated.
huge instant slow wow
19th, Aug 13
A young man's boring job suddenly becomes a lot more interesting when a pair of sexy twin sisters move into town.
ag big cb huge lac lg offstage science slow
23rd, Aug 13
Jim's adventures with the twins continues as he transitions from one job to the next and the girls try to find something to wear in public.
ag big cb huge lg science slow
24th, Aug 13
Samantha continues to grow, and is getting too big for the Gardens she likes to visit.
instant slow wow
26th, Aug 13
The Bakers are visited by an old friend.
big chem fast sc
29th, Aug 13
Jim takes the twins into town to buy some clothes to grow into and out of.
ag big cb huge science slow
4th, Sep 13
Samantha and Dan explore their new relationship, and Samantha needs a new bra.
instant slow wow
9th, Sep 13
Yuri between a farmer and a Cowgirl with an odd characteristic - she grows as the affection and attachment between them increases. Chapter 1 and 2! I hope you like it.
ag big chem lac slow
16th, Sep 13
Jim moves in with the twins as they prepare for the next major stage of their expansion.
ag huge lac sc science slow
22nd, Sep 13
Another product hits the street.
ag big chem fast lg ment mg
24th, Sep 13
A nice long chapter about Samantha and Dan as they spend a week together on a camping trip. Of course, Samantha's breasts are the main activity!
huge instant slow wow
25th, Sep 13
Submission is fixed. It now includes a .DOC and a .TXT file. A nice long chapter about Samantha and Dan as they spend a week together on a camping trip. Of course, Samantha's breasts are the main activity!
huge instant slow wow
25th, Sep 13
Just a fun little tale about a girl who tries very hard to improve her memory but ends up improving something else instead! I know, I love a cheap pun!
chem fast slow wow
26th, Sep 13
A young woman's determined quest to achieve her lifelong fantasy of producing milk meets some twists and turns along the way.
big lac science slow
30th, Sep 13
With Chrissie out for the night with a hot date, Mara discovers that giving into temptation can do wonders for a woman's figure, though trying to stop when she's had too much can be more than she can handle.
ag cb chem fa fast huge magic sc
1st, Oct 13
Lucy is at last lactating, and experiences her first full day adjusting to the changes in her body.
big fast lac science
8th, Oct 13
A porn actor and his wife sign a deal with the Deep Surgery Clinic (a revolutionary medical foundation with bleeding-edge techniques) to give them perfect bodies in exchange for a cut of their profits. The deal turns out better than either party imagined, and so the couple keeps coming (and cumming) back for more...
ag cb huge lac lg mm mpg science slow
10th, Oct 13
Things get hot and (very) heavy as the twins grow bigger...
ag big cb chem huge instant lac science slow
22nd, Oct 13
Jealous of Harry's new-found proficiency in sixth-year Potions, Hermione moves to take some drastic measures in order to reclaim her position as top student. However, events do not unfold how she had planned, and she quickly finds herself losing her mid as the forbidden magic she uncovers takes control. Expansion, lactation, and several more intense, magical events soon follow.
cb fast huge hyp lac magic ment nc sc
22nd, Oct 13
Jim finds himself in high demand as the other twin sister desperately needs attention.
ag big chem huge lac science slow
28th, Oct 13
A week after the end of the camping trip, Samantha heads back to college to start Sophomore year.
huge instant slow wow
4th, Nov 13
Lucy experiences her first day back at work since her expansion, but how will she adjust to working with her new milk-swollen breasts?
ag fast huge lac science
12th, Nov 13
Lucy and Vincent sit down to talk about the recent experiences of Lucy's life, as she adjusts to her recently expanded breasts.
ag huge lac science slow
15th, Nov 13
Things get serious and the twins get ever bigger. But are they getting too big?! (Answer: NO!)
ag big huge lac lg offstage science slow
16th, Nov 13
“Menena’s Comeuppance” — This tale was a long time coming … but you didn’t really think I was going to let mean Menena get away with all the things she did to poor Barbara, eh? 24,000 words devoted to what Anosthea, the young apprentice mermaid witch, has in store for the proud MILF with the cold heart once she gets her hands — and fish tail — on Menena’s already huge bosom. Will Barbara’s good nature come to the rescue? -- This is a tale for the people who like their BE with a side order of revenge. Mind the interwoven timeline, though :-) Comments always welcome, of course.
bond cb fast huge lac magic nc rc weird wow
20th, Nov 13
A short poem for the Prose That Blows contest.
bond cb fast huge magic nc rc
21st, Nov 13
Two girls entering a virtual world encounter a mysterious enemy with a strange and powerful ability.
big fast huge science
21st, Nov 13
The main character finds a book that can control women's bodies.
big fast magic
21st, Nov 13
Aisha discovers three ancient slabs, each with some unexpected powers. Will she be able to control what happens? Or does she even want to?
ag fast huge magic
22nd, Nov 13
This is a story of a certain Aela. Addicted to technology, she soon finds herself at the mercy of a peculiar curse. (Note: Please inform me if there are still errors with the download, I am trying to figure out the best format to upload these in. Thanks.)
fast huge instant magic wow
24th, Nov 13
A story of Michelle, jealous of another girl named Lyza for her assets. She uses a spellbook to improve her figure, but gets more than she bargained for.
ag big fast huge instant lac magic
26th, Nov 13
A story of Jessica and Kyra. One day, one of them finds a strange bra with the power to increase her bust size. But how far will it go?
big fast huge magic nc sc wow
26th, Nov 13
A story of jealousy. Two girls, extremely jealous of one of the popular girls and her bust size. One of them crafts a serum that will make them bigger, but with somewhat unexpected and over the top results. This was an RP I did with another writer, named AlphaVragg735
ag big cb chem fast huge instant
4th, Dec 13
Part 5, the 9th chapter (sorry for the confusion, I changed the numbering convention, the last chapter I posted, 4, is now part 4, containing chapters 7 and 8) of my now novella, Fitting in at the Ren-Faire! Maria may be free of the Ring of Desire, but she's enduring a much more dire transformation now! Having been cursed by sorcerer-witch Kalliana as punishment for philandering with the King, she now grows ever larger, both in bust and everywhere else, In addition, she is trapped as the Queen's royal wet-nurse, her ever lactating tits requiring almost constant attention. Her new found love, Allyn, must return, both to extricate her from nigh-enslavement, and to break her curse and restore her form. A transgendered Steven joins him as an unlikely ally, but will Allyn's plan be enough to deal with Kalliana's magic? And once free from the Ren-Faire, will they be able to get Maria's growth under control, or will her body take being liberated... literally? This has been quite some time in the making, but on the plus side, I have two more chapters almost ready to post and a third on the way! Guess I was wrong about finishing it up in one more chapter. I'm posting two versions, one with a separate font for Ren-Faire speak, one all in the same font. Both are PDF. If there are folks out there who still can't handle PDF put in a comment and I can see about posting it in HTML or something.
ag ar big cb fa fast hg huge hyp instant lac magic ment nc slow tg weird
5th, Dec 13
Angela becomes displeased with her figure, and finds supplements that may shape her to her desires. Invloves weight loss and breast expansion. And if I may say something real quick: I don't mind any criticism. Not in the least. And I suppose I should have said this in prior story uploads, but I neglected to, so I'm saying it now: Many of the stories I am uploading were written YEARS ago, before I had any sort of reference to BE writing. All I had were vague ideas in my head to lead me. Is it an excuse for poor quality? Certainly not. I could always go back and re-edit some of them (and for most of them, I do before I upload, but not to a high degree). But I just wanted to say that. Again, this should not deter anyone from giving criticism or feedback, I just wanted to clarify and give some perspective is all. I appreciate any words or ratings of any kind, as long as they are constructive. Know that I am always working to improve my writings. Thank you.
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7th, Dec 13
Searching for a way to keep her husband from looking at more voluptuous women, Diane agrees to be a test subject for a machine that promises to turn her into the woman of his dreams, little knowing that it may be her own fantasies that she ends up fulfilling.
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11th, Dec 13
A tentacle beast is loose in a women's college
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14th, Dec 13
This story is an unofficial and unauthorized sequel to the Steve Palmer classic "New Beginnings." It's also my first attempt at writing BE fiction. Enjoy! Feedback is welcome and encouraged.
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14th, Dec 13
A mercenary looking for a big score gets more then what he bargains for.
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15th, Dec 13
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30th, Dec 13
A new shop opens near Whitmore High. Bethany, a student there, meets her first new friend in awhile and gets more than she bargained for. What do the shopowners have in mind for the unsuspecting girl? This is my first story of this kind, and I know it isn't perfect. Thanks for reading!
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31st, Dec 13
A new BE story about a college-aged dickgirl who meets a woman her age who is more than meets the eye--and what meets the eye is pretty unusual! Erica, the protagonist, gets sucked into a world of fetishes and expansion that never seems to end... This is just the beginning however, and Chapter 1 ends as Erica meets the woman of her (and our) dreams.
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