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20th Sep 00
The goth girl's spell rebounds and her own boobs start growing and growing...
bg huge magic slow
31st May 00
A goth girl magically transfers her own large chest dimensions onto unsuspecting Corinne...
bg huge magic
15th Aug 23
Emily has always been the quiet one, the person in the background who never quite fit in. Diagnosed with scoliosis as a child, she's spent most of her life in and out of hospitals, watching as her peers enjoyed their youth from afar. All of that is supposed to change when she finally gets her surgery. But when a mix-up leaves her with breast implants instead, Emily's life changes in completely different ways.
big fast hg ment science
2nd Sep 23
After initially regretting her breast implants, Emily has now come to realize that having them isn't the worst thing in the world. But as her feelings soon evolve beyond mere acceptance, she's starting to see them as a part of her, an integral part that's brought her the attention she never knew she wanted. She's starting to think... it might not be enough. PS: I have put a message to OverflowingBra readers in the beginning of the PDF. Please read, as this is a disclaimer and a reply to comments on part one.
big instant ment sc science slow
1st Dec 10
When a man unknowingly saves the life of a fairy she vows to pay him back. Overhearing him wish his love doll was alive, the fairy secretly grants his desire. But the newly alive love doll has other plans for herself, and what she will need to get ahead in the world... 14 pages long and features four illustrations done by Dan Standing. PDF format ebook.
ag big fast magic weird
11th Oct 11
boobies to the max with tities to boot
ag big cb chem fast gts lac
5th Mar 12
Parts 1 through 3 of my "Bra" short story. Awaking to find herself trapped in a strange warehouse, Eva is forced to play her captor's game in order to free herself and her friends before they're all remade to his delight. She has already failed to Save DeDe, but can she still save Carrie-a good girl with a big secret-or Allison, the only person to ever make Eva feel inferior? Meanwhile, Jenna still hangs by a thread as any failure by Eva ensures certain doom on her part. Provided in both .doc and .html formats.
ag big bond cb chem fast hg huge ment nc science weird
7th Mar 12
The Complete "Bra". Awaking to find herself alone and chained in a warehouse, Jenna is forced to watch the counter clicking away her doom, her only company a mysterious video feed.

Elsewhere, bright and determined Eva is suffering her own nightmare. Her captor wants to play a game, and he's brought her friends along for the ride. She'll have one hour to find out who their captor is, what the game-master wants from them, and how it's all connected. If she can't, it's game over for all of them.

ag big bond cb chem fast hg huge lac ment mpg nc rc shem weird
12th Jun 07
Q. Why shouldn't you pick on people in school? A. Because you never know what they're going to do when they're older.
big chem instant lac ment nc science shem
18th Jul 98
BE drug causes overinflation for the developer's girlfriend, and other side effects as well!
bg chem fa fast lac mpg wow
18th Jul 98
Sequel to ""Rose Grows"" has Chris transformed into a busty girl by the old soda as everyone tries to deal with their new busts. Illustrated.
bg chem huge offstage tg
18th Jul 98
Chemist's oriental girlfriend accidentally overdoses on the latest breast enhancement drug.
bg chem fa fast huge
18th Jul 98
To save a remote colony, a woman undergoes a ""fast multiple pregnancy"" procedure.
bg fa fast huge lac nc preg science
18th Jul 98
A century-old soft drink has beneficial effects on Rose and her roommate Miyuki. Illustrated.
bg chem fa fast huge
1st Jul 04
Rose discovers that the old soft-drink Chris has found has some...interesting side-effects. Soon, breasts are plumping up all over! This is the first two episodes of the "Gran Tetons" series - "Rose Grows" and "Miss Chris" - somewhat rewritten and the long awaited third episode - "A Weighty Problem" - finally finished. With all new images! Unzip to directory and start with "Rosegrows.html"
cb chem fast huge magic tg wow
23rd Sep 07
The Gran Teton's series continues...finally! In part four, our trio is on the hunt for the remaining bottles of the tonic, hoping to find them before things get totally out of control... ...and, of course, things get totally out of control...
cb chem fast lac magic tg wow
16th Jan 08
Part of the Gran Teton's series "Chris's Shower" is a side story that takes place at the end of the fourth chapter of the "Gran Teton's" series. The "Interludes" are meant to focus on just one "Teton's" character, going through giant-breast related events that - while interesting - don't really impact the main storyline. One Person...One Pair of Boobs...And probably an Orgasm or two.
chem huge instant magic tg
19th Jun 08
The second Interlude features Rose. It takes place both after the events in Chapter Four of "Gran Tetons", but a couple of hours after those of the first Interlude as well.
big cb fast lac magic tg
27th Jan 13
A very short first foray into writing. A young woman gets very big, thanks to the last carton of milk...
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19th Jul 02
A stressed out Business women ventures into using an experimental pill. The results do not have timing but are highly effective. It's a story that is stranger being true rather than fictional
bg big chem fast lac multiple science slow weird asleep wow
28th Jul 02
A computer scientist makes a significant breakthough. Problems and pleasures follow when his son hacks into his system and uses his research file as a basis to his morphing assignment.
bg big fast huge lac science asleep wow
13th Sep 02
A Travel Journalist student's obsession takes her to England and then into trouble as she finds out what What Crop Circles Are.
aliens big huge instant magic science slow weird asleep
3rd Dec 02
Getting drunk at a halloween party can have surprising consequences if you wish for something.
big fast huge magic offstage asleep
9th Dec 02
Patricia is in need for something interesting in her life. She tries out a special moisterising creme but unknown to her she is also trying out some special pills. She gets worried when she balloons over DD size.
big chem offstage slow
17th Dec 02
Alex cleans out the kitchen cupboard and finds an unlabelled can. Thinking it's milk powder she quickly realises her mistake.
big chem huge lac slow asleep
23rd Dec 02
An up and coming movie star finds herself with a big problem. Helping out an Elf in her dreams finds that problem has become more real. Was the elf really a dream? Who knows?
big huge instant magic offstage asleep
15th Mar 03
Kelly finds a book of spells at a second hand book store. With interest she finds it relatively easy to cast spells but so does her sister Ruth
big fast lac magic mpg
29th Apr 03
Jessie gets more than a price for working out a puzzle in a temple. She becomes a Goddess of Love and Pleasure. Her life becomes a lot bigger than she expected and she loves it.
big fast huge magic science weird asleep
17th Jul 99
Huge-busted British schoolgirl Abigail gets a medical checkup.
17th Feb 98
A British schoolgirl with an ill-fitting uniform has her self-esteem improved by her teacher.
29th Aug 98
Corny and Gazonga marvel at the effects of a special form of Spanish Fly in this television parody.
bg chem fa fast wow
29th Aug 98
Richard King meets Clara in the first installment of BreastWORK.
huge magic mpg
19th Sep 98
Richard takes a break from Hillary and meets Clara again, who helps him out with his little ""problem"".
bg huge magic
19th Sep 98
Hillary begins her breast growth program.
bg huge magic
19th Sep 98
Richard King meets Hillary, who tells her story.
huge magic
19th Sep 98
Richard King continues helping Hillary get more up top.
huge magic
19th Sep 98
Hillary and Richard hear Toh Rhee's story of how she got big.
bg huge magic
19th Sep 98
Hillary continues her breast growth program.
bg huge magic
20th Feb 99
A woman with large breasts seduces a younger man, but now that her daughter is coming home from college what will they do?
bg big offstage
9th Jan 99
A seemingly cruel gift of a bra to a flatchested woman could help her join her huge-breasted family.
bg huge offstage
3rd May 02
An Army girl is given a gift by "Da JuJu woman" while serving in Haiti. She really enjoys it!
fast magic sc wow
29th Jun 11
A estudante inglesa Abigail vai até o médico para um check-up.
18th Aug 03
Georgina has been battling weight problems since collage. A new diet plan works but she does not sustain it through the festive period. This results in some spectacular weight gain.
big huge science slow
18th Aug 03
Nearly running over a witches cow is one thing, not bothering to say sorry causes Sandra a growing concern. That is will she make it to the end of the race with her race top still on.
big lac magic slow
17th Sep 03
CyberMine Inc needs the services of Motoko and her team of Antiviral specialists to get rid of an anomaly that has been lurking in their data warehouse. The purpose of the anaomaly becomes a growing concern when it breaks into the security files and sends out instructions to every female worker.
fast huge science slow asleep
18th Aug 03
A darker story about a terrorist moral problem with their new weapon, a BE biological agent.
big huge offstage science slow wow
4th Dec 03
Do you believe in fairies? Keeto didn't either until she freed one from a century trapped in a cave. Her gift, gives her the ability to manipulate body shapes. Sounds like fun except you are a now a girl that is strangely obsessed with breast enlargement.
bg big fast huge magic mpg offstage weird asleep wow
6th Jan 04
The sequel to 'A Taste Of Snow'. We find that Keeto is losing control of her gift and Sachie not using it enough. To make things worse Gwen's Ex wants to kill her, Josh gets abducted and the whole of Fairydom is threatened by Gwen's mentor. Life just gets a little weirder as the humans find out more about fairies and how BE can be both fun and torturious.
big fast ft huge magic multiple slow weird
24th Jul 04
The epic finale to the Trilogy that started with A Taste of Snow. Will Gwen defeat her Mentor? Will Keeto learn how to shrink her boobs back? Will Kirk and Iris become intimate? All these questions and more will be answered in a journey through to the Fairy world and back again and all the weird situations in between. Enjoy.
ag big cb chem fa fast gts huge magic multiple offstage science asleep wow
23rd Jul 12
A witch discovers she is married to a demon and moves to take advantage of him, but is what is the cost of betraying a demon? Warning: contains bursting.
big bond fast magic mpg nc preg
21st Jul 22
Lacey has a dream about her boobs growing, only it doesn't just happen in her dream. This is my first story.
cb fast huge instant magic asleep
13th Sep 03
A humorous character survival guide for anyone who finds themselves in a BE story.
bg huge
17th Apr 01
A man gets his wife custom-remade for his own pleasure in this Stepford-Wives-like screenplay (yes, a real screenplay!)
bg big ment offstage
20th Dec 99
Santa grants a woman anything she wants for a Christmas gift.
bg fa fast huge magic
23rd Apr 99
A man who grows extra large when aroused passes on this trait to his girlfriend.
bg fa fast huge mpg
23rd Jun 99
A girl experiences a typical, run-of-the-mill BE story. Really!
bg fa fast huge ment
15th Nov 01
Julie's got a problem -- her boyfriend doesn't think she's sexy enough. Lucky for her she works in a lab which is extracting the essence of lust from people.
cb fast huge mpg science
12th Aug 02
Tired of being underdeveloped, Melissa Swensen, a junior at Bulwer Elevester University, develops some nanobots to improve her. They turn out to work well...too well, even: she never expected to end up with such large breasts.
ag fast gts huge lg mg mm mpg nc rc sc science
19th Aug 02
The nanobots that BEU junior Melissa Swensen injected into herself have given her large muscles and even larger breasts. But she can't control when and where her changes happen.
ag fast gts huge lg ment mg mm mpg nc rc sc science
28th Jan 05
Christine was tired of being "the girl with the great personality." Her friend Phil can change all of that, but will Christine like what the changes do to her life?
big chem slow
28th Jan 05
Dr. Philip James's first day at Bulwer Elevester University holds great promise for what the rest of his time there will be like.
big instant offstage
2nd Jan 05
A young boy discovers his sexuality from the new kid at school, with unusual and fertile consequences!
ag huge lac preg shem slow weird
23rd Apr 99
A jolt of static electricity gives a teenage boy the power to affect reality. Guess what he does to his teacher's tits?
bg fa fast huge ment rc
30th Nov 05
The second half of my first story, not as long as the first half, if you would like to see anouther installment please e-mail me and let me know
big cb instant lac magic mg mpg asleep
17th Mar 06
First story in the State of Emergency series. Bobby accepts an invitation to meet his lover's lover. How is he to know that his lover's lover's lover just gave her a new toy to play with? Unforeseen but desperately wished for consequences ensue.
big fast ft huge mpg multiple shem tg weird
14th Jul 06
Jessica's made a deal with Marcus in order to free her friend Alicia. Unfortunately, it's a very bad deal.
ag bond fast huge lac magic ment multiple nc shem weird
11th Sep 07
The State of Emergency progresses on as citizens throughout the city are transformed into their utmost desires. In this installment, Angelo and Morgan find a way to make the catastrophe work for them.
big fast huge lg mg mm mpg science shem tg weird wow
13th Sep 07
The State of Emergency progresses on as citizens throughout the city are transformed into their utmost desires. In this installment, Angelo and Morgan find a way to make the catastrophe work for them. New file upload, encoded to UTF-16 rather than Western.
big fast huge lac lg mm mpg nc science shem tg weird wow
27th Jun 13
A domineering seductress makes demands on her target, with surprising (to him) consequences.
ag big fast ft mpg nc tg
2nd May 15
Sidney arrives on Eëa Island to participate in a long-term drug trial. The island resort has been turned over to the trials, and all manner of strange results are afoot. The other subjects, including Sidney's housemates and neighbors, don't bat an eye. If anything, the bizarre effects of the drug just get them horny. What is happening on Eëa and to what purpose? And will Sidney get to the bottom of it all or succumb to the merry lust that blankets the island?
ag big fa ft mpg offstage science slow tg asleep
10th Sep 09
Carrie and her friends discover a delicious new fruit that has expansive results. Have fun!
Revised from the original!
big cb fast gts magic mg mpg
10th Apr 09
An advertisment for Master PC
ar big hyp instant ment science
23rd May 08
Malcolm meets a girl in the subway whose breasts grow when they get wet. She doesn't like her peculiar abnormality, but maybe Malcolm can convince her it's not so bad? My first ever story, all comments welcome.
big chem fast
6th Jul 11
Part 1: The Girls of District D. In the 23rd century, four girls have decided to use genetic breast enhancement to improve their figures, much to the delight - and distraction - of their friend Mike. Then, a professor from their university makes an offer that sounds too good to be true. Not much growth in this part yet, only some imagined and virtual, but that situation will change in the next part, you can be sure of that!
big huge instant science slow
27th Jul 11
Part 2: Combined Effect. Michelle, Rose, Kimiko and Maaya begin to see the results of the genetic restructuring formulas, and it seems they’re getting more than they bargained for. The download also includes part 1.
cb fast gts huge mpg science slow
9th Aug 12
Part 3: Casablanca. Mike and the girls take a trip to Casablanca to consult with the experts concerning their unexpected growth, but does Dr Bassir truly have their best interests at heart? The download also includes parts 1 and 2.
big fast gts huge mpg science slow
18th Oct 16
Part 4: Fifteen Minutes of Fame. The world has not failed to to notice the growing girls, and they try to exploit their newfound fame to keep Dr Bassir in check. But will that stop him from inducing much, much more growth to further his research, or will they grow to epic proportions? You get one guess. The download includes parts 1, 2 and 3, and a summary of the previous parts is included at the start of part 4.
cb fast gts huge mpg science wow
15th Nov 16
Part 5: Outgrown. Can the girls escape from Dr Bassir before they grow truly enormous? Can they avoid being harmed by what he is trying to do? And can their lives ever return to normal? Find out in this final part of Outgrowing the Arcology! The download includes all parts.
cb fast gts huge mpg sc science wow
19th Dec 16
There are big boobs, huge boobs, enormous boobs... and then there is Jessica. Erik is quite surprised when a new student joins his university class, and he cannot help but be attracted to her rather unusual assets. Can he work up the courage to say hi to her?
huge offstage science slow
20th Jun 22
Connor meets the girl of his dreams, but she's already spoken for. Follow their journey as their relationship grows over the years--and so does she!
gts huge offstage slow
23rd Jun 05
Keiji Itoh has inherited her father's emerald brooch. When she turns sixteen, she discovers it can grant her every desire. (Any other fic I submit that uses the names in this one are unaffiliated, save from their source. These are parallel occurrences, if you can call them that.)
ag big cb chem fast gts hg huge lg magic slow tg wow
31st Jul 05
(Book One in a series of at least two.) In a small mountain town laden with urban myth, Keiji Itoh has been missing for several weeks. [Warning of a bloody ending.]
ag big cb fast gts huge inc magic ment mpg tg
6th Jan 17
An anthropology professor experiences a big change while in the jungle. PE for the professor leads to BE for others. Possible first story in a chain....enjoy.
bg big chem fast mpg asleep
15th Jan 17
Continuation of "Big Changes for the Professor" Prof Lee comes back to college and 'infects' his TA and she in turn has an affect on her room mates. Part 1 -- more to come if people are interested.
bg big chem fast science asleep
19th May 11
Mom has a dirty mind, and here son is about to see a side of his mother he has never seen before.
big cb chem fast huge inc instant science slow
2nd Mar 23
A Paladin is taken over by a slime and turned into a sexy, buxom babe with breast implants made out of magic goo. And then the new girl is ready to go on a sexy rampage to find more victims! Part of a series.
bg big fast magic ment nc tg
31st Mar 10
Well the first story i complete. It's so different from what i originally intended it to be :/. Katt is the Lone Wnaderer of some Fallout fan. She always tries to help those in need. But this time her unintentional help would extend well beyond the wasteland.
aliens bond chem huge ment science slow asleep
4th Aug 11
I realized 2 things: the authors name was wrong and the description was extremely lame. This is a story i wanted to keep as real as possible. Expect the use of pink concations to increase the bustline of an already epic proportioned main female char and her 'nemesis' which is desperate to stay bigger. Still no sex applies.
big cb offstage science slow wow
1st Sep 11
Nut thought she wanted a nose job. But something snapped inside her when she saw a woman sporting some giant breast implants. Her obsession was awaken. Now she wants to be the bustiest ever and nothing will stop her. (Implant story if you don't like then don't watch)
big sc science slow asleep
11th Aug 14
This is what has happened in Lucky so far. I have neglected the most important BE story depository and it was a mistake. If I died or something happened to my files and DA I's lose it, so better to keep a copy of it in the archives Thanks to lolchair for compiling it.
big chem science slow
5th Feb 99
A woman gets bustier as she makes love with Dino.
bg big fa fast
16th Jan 17
Jen and Travis have a fun, milky night as they continue to explore the powers of the collar. File contains parts 1 and 2.
ag fast hg huge hyp instant lac magic ment mpg multiple weird
14th Dec 16
Jen buys herself a collar to kink up her sex life with Travis, though there's more to her new toy than she realizes.
ag cb huge hyp instant magic ment mpg
20th May 17
Jen and Travis reveal the collar to Chelsea and Rachel, and they all have a little fun on the way to the beach. File contains parts 1-3, as well as some screenshots of Honey Select characters I made for fun based on Jen, Chelsea, and Rachel.
ag gts huge hyp instant lac magic ment weird
4th Sep 17
After finding out how Jacob feels about her, Emily's body begins to change, and Jacob can't help but notice that her transformation is matching up to his deepest fantasies.
ag cb fast huge lac lg magic mpg offstage slow
3rd Jun 17
The She-cocked Sensation, the talk of the nation, Valerie Song in the story that started it all! For the first time on Overflowing Bra. Hyper-hung futa Valerie Song enjoys some brunch before her yoga class and things get a little nuts. Okay, they get big nuts.
cb fast huge instant lac preg shem wow
3rd Jun 17
You know how embarrassing it is when your hyper-hung sex-maniac mom drives you to the mall and insists on meeting your friends and then floods the mall with cum after an absolutely insane orgy at an underwear store? Tasha Magnum does. The bashful teen futa has enough problems keeping her six-foot schlong secret from all her friends at school without being totally humiliated in front of the cheerleading squad by her pervy mom, nearly drowning in her own cum and literally crushing her crush beneath her behemoth boner. Then things get worse. Featuring special guest appearances by George Takei and Frank Nelson.
ag cb fast huge instant lac ment preg shem wow
5th Jun 17
Remember Valerie Song? The totally crazy, totally sexy futa with the endless erection and bottomless balls? She's back, in DOCX form. Contains Chapters 1 and 2 of Hot Yoga and chapters 1-7 of Drama Bomb.
cb fast huge instant lac preg shem wow
7th Jun 17
Roxie the horny MILF finally gets Valerie all to herself. Unfortunately for Roxie "all" of Val turns out to be a lot more than she bargained for! Meanwhile Tasha and Tony play some "games" ;) upstairs. Feat. special guest star Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
cb fast huge instant lac preg shem wow
7th Jan 18
Finally, the epic conclusion to the futa-centric story about futa dickgirls! Valerie Song, the hyper-endowed futa gets into her messiest situation yet while her daughter Tasha finally lets it all hang out with Tony! Expect epic cum floods and dickgirls aplenty!
ag cb fast lac mg preg shem wow
12th Oct 03
The first two chapters of a BE horror series.
bg huge mpg nc
14th Jun 10
A slim, gawky girl named Allie harbors a deep, powerful crush on her best friend... and when the moon grows full she learns there's more to her friend Jen than she thought. She-male transformations, massive belly/breast inflation, and lactation follow in this tale of lunar goddesses, evil priestesses and true love.
big cb fast ft huge lac magic ment mpg nc preg shem tg weird asleep
15th Jun 10
Re-uploaded as a .htm file for non-mac users. A slim, gawky girl named Allie harbors a deep, powerful crush on her best friend... and when the moon grows full she learns there's more to her friend Jen than she thought. She-male transformations, massive belly/breast inflation, and lactation follow in this tale of lunar goddesses, evil priestesses and true love.
big cb fast ft huge hyp lac magic ment mpg nc preg shem tg weird asleep wow
20th Jun 10
In this sequel to Full Moon, the ever-hungry Kate is getting married! When there's a mix-up with the gift baskets at her bachelorette party, her bridesmaids are exposed to an experimental gel derived from Jen's magical cum! It creates quite a situation, with the girls all outgrowing their dresses in various ways, and they scramble to the wedding before their expansion ruins everything.
ag big cb fa fast ft gts huge lac magic preg science shem tg wow
24th Jun 10
Part 3 of the Full Moon series. Impregnated! Allie once loved to get all big and pregnant looking, but now that it's actually happened she's not feeling so good. Plus, the things she's carrying in her womb aren't exactly human... Lots of preg content, massive body expansion, and weird critters in this one. Stay tuned for the epic conclusion as Maxxine returns!
ag fa fast gts instant magic ment mg mpg preg shem tg weird
30th Jun 10
Nikki is a big fan of the Nightlight series and its brooding vampire character Earnest Collwin. One night she awakens to find him in her bedroom! One thing leads to another... but Earnest is not what he appears to be! A short, no frills breast expansion story.
aliens big cb fast lac rc science
25th Aug 10
College roommates Abby and Tasha are returning home after a vacation trip, when they suddenly experience some changes! At a loss to explain what's happening to their bodies, the two eventually just give in and enjoy it! Expect the usual belly/breast growth from me... but only on Tasha! Abby's changes are a little more exotic... she's becoming a mermaid! And her boobs get bigger too, of course.
big fast hyp magic ment preg weird
3rd Mar 08
Warning this is a story full of furries, if it helps think of them as fuzzy aliens. The idea for this story came from a sci fi book I read a long time ago, didn't realize when I started writing it where I had got the idea from. I don't remember what the title of the book was but if it sounds like I stole the start of this from somewhere I did. This is a story about a government lab doing things it should not do and the very bad people trying to cover up the fact that something very right was done there.
ag cb fa gts huge lac ment mg nc preg science slow asleep
4th Feb 13
I wrote this story (by hand!) about 20 years ago. I then typed it and posted it online around 1996 but it has since become difficult to find. Synopsis: Two girls compete for the attention of a guy by getting progressively larger implants.
big science slow
4th Feb 13
(NOTE - I MIXED UP THE STORIES IN THE UPLOAD - SORRY! If the website owner could be please correct this -thank-you! Original story: "I MUST INCREASE MY BUST" Seque: "NOW, I MUST INCREASE MY BUST" I wrote this story (by hand!) about 20 years ago. I then typed it and posted it online around 1996 but it has since become difficult to find. Synopsis: Sequel - horny doctor gives large implants to his loving nurse.
big science slow
15th Nov 01
Four teenagers find a strange magic statue of a stacked woman. Each one wishes for breasts bigger than the previous!
big cb fast huge magic wow
10th Jun 05
Heather finds herself taking a new drug to help heal her broken hand. Side effects? Just a few.
ag hg huge ment nc offstage science slow asleep
27th Jan 17
Cecilia gets a birthday present that grows on her.
bg big hg magic nc offstage slow
24th Oct 05
A depressed, slightly obsessive man steals a Sub-Quantum Arousal Energy Redirection Device and goes off to find Emily, his long lost love.
ag fast hg lg science
18th Nov 05
Now that they're happily back together, it's time for Matt and Emily to do a little more experimenting with The Sub-Quantum Arousal Energy Redirection Device. Part two of a three-part story.
ag big cb fast huge lg mm mpg science
24th Aug 06
Events continue where they left off in the final chapter of Matt and Emily's experience with The Sub-Quantum Arousal Energy Redirection Device.
ag fast gts huge lg mg mm mpg science
5th Jun 06
Dr. Boobology's first attempt at a graphical BE scene. Cara figures out how to grow in all the right ways.
ag big fast hg lg mg sc
31st May 99
Photosynthetic gene splicing results in interesting effects on women.
bg lac nc science slow
7th Sep 00
An athletic girl tells her friend how she found herself inexplicably growing giant breasts.
bg cb nc science wow
3rd Mar 98
While out camping, some teenage girls have fun with hypnosis. Too much fun.
bg fa fast hyp preg wow
12th Nov 01
A boy, a girl and some magic sweets. A lot of magic sweets.
cb fast lac magic nc wow
12th Nov 01
Nina is jealous of Lori. Nina is a witch. Nina has a slight breast obsession. Watch Lori absorb all of Nina’s attention.
bg cb huge instant magic nc wow
12th Nov 01
The story that started the BE comunity, back before web pages existed. Liz get's into Dean's magic candy, and to punish him, eats it all. Uh oh.
cb fast lac magic nc wow
12th Nov 01
Holly uttered, then under her breath said, "I just wish I knew what my boyfriend thought of me."
cb fast huge magic nc wow
12th Nov 01
Nina spends some quality time with some amorous carnival balloons
fast huge nc
12th Nov 01
Steve makes the best cookies. Ever!
cb fast huge nc science
12th Nov 01
Combine a breast enhancement operation and an earthquake, and you get this story.
cb fast huge nc science
12th Nov 01
Bernie invents powdered water. Then accidentally spills it down a beautiful woman’s cleavage. Whoops.
cb fast nc science wow
8th Dec 01
Charlie just couldn't help himself when he realized that Bethany grows when she drinks milk.
cb huge magic nc
6th Jul 03
Full version of story on this site listed as "The Mistake"
lac wow
2nd Jun 06
While out working in the cornfields, Krystal has an odd reaction to some insecticide. Story also known as "Crop Busting".
chem fast wow
27th Dec 03
This is my first attempt at writing an erotic story.Wish me luck.
8th Jun 11
Ever meet an old burnout from way back when, who seemed to have nothing but still be happy? There was a time when he could do anything, but knew nothing. This is the story of that man.
big fast hg magic ment tg
19th Sep 98
April and Sally experiment with an enlarging cream.
bg chem fa fast
23rd Sep 02
After wandering in a haunted forest, Isis stumbles across a old temple, with a lonely and busty demoness inside.
gts huge hyp lac magic sc weird wow
23rd Sep 02
After returning to her town, Isis uses her new breast powers to get revenge on all of the people who made fun of her for being flat chested.
big fast instant lac magic nc weird wow
22nd Sep 02
Helen falls asleep on the beach, and some guys decide to have some fun with a heilum tank.
cb fast asleep wow
22nd Sep 02
After months of being tormented, Julia finds that she can get her revenge, with the help of a little Voodoo.
cb huge instant nc rc wow
22nd Sep 02
When Keely and Elisha have a accident at the chemical wherehouse where they work, they find that they can do all sorts of things with their bodies.
ag chem gts lac nc sc weird wow
22nd Oct 04
Sarah, a normal girl in high school, through a series of blunders, caused the wrath of the worst girl in the school, Sophia. With the help of some "Borrowed" nanotechnology, Sophia gets her large, inflated revenge. But Sarah is not out, and she'll get her revenge as well.
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7th Sep 09
Ciara has always had a fetish for breast expansion, to have the biggest boobs ever! and she find out about Doctor Big, who gives her the chance to get the boobs she's always wanted!
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3rd Jul 10
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2nd Jan 10
After one transformative day, plain-looking Christina finds herself belonging now to a group of beautiful, voluptuous women.
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23rd Jan 10
Mark is just your average high schooler, great friends, loving girlfriend, and an overall normal life. But when he receives his new ring in the mail, the world begins to change around him into one filled with buxom beauties and large bosoms everywhere he turns. How will he handle himself? (This is part one of what is expected to be a trilogy.)
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22nd Aug 15
It's day two of women transforming into busty beauties and just when Mark thinks he is finally getting used to his new world, things take an unexpected turn. NOTE: Includes a revised version of Part I as well.
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16th Jun 11
Alex suddenly finds himself changing the women around him. Or is he? Illustrated. This is my first story.
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8th Feb 15
Feeling slighted, Lilly finds a way of balancing the scales.
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