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For the year 2019
1st, Jan 19
Two girls give a lucky guy the Winter getaway of a lifetime.
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13th, Jan 19
A shy, uptight girl receives a sweater that helps her relax. Among a few other things...
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16th, Jan 19
In a world where status and nobility is judged by the size of your breasts and your raw sexual attraction, Faye was quite possibly the ugliest woman in NorthGlen, the "Outcast" mining Village south of Noblash. Resigned to a life of servitude to her sexually abusive husband, she never dreamed that her world would be turned upside-down by an evil curse cast on her village by a passing Red Sorceress.
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22nd, Jan 19
A man gets more than he bargained for from a wish granting fairy. A short penis expansion story by Kilo. Main focus is on life with huge endowments more than actual acts of sex. Also contains some minor exhibitionist themes. Support the author on his discord: rKJ3SJR
huge instant magic mpg weird
23rd, Jan 19
We find ourselves back at the point where Mindy and John wake up. But this time it's told from Mindy's point of view. We also meet a new character (thank you Roid for the idea.)
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23rd, Jan 19
June finds out the women in her family have a not-so-little secret about their breasts when their soul mates get aroused. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3
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24th, Jan 19
Job interviews are always stressful and stress can have adverse effects on the body. That is, if one could consider Mabel's condition 'adverse'. Her roommate Peggy is the one to answer her call of distress, but will she be able to deal with Mabel's growing problem? And will it be resolved in time enough for Mabel to meet the most important interview of her life?
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25th, Jan 19
So sit right back and you'll hear a tale... Two girls stranded on an island are taken in by the indigenous peoples - who are all insanely well endowed! How will they get home? Will they even want to? Part of an ongoing series.
bg big fa fast huge lac magic wow
30th, Jan 19
Two stories packed into one. The first introduces us to a girl with a rare disease that causes her to lactate uncontrollably and her young scientist roommate who doubles as a caretaker. The second delves deeper into the life of our lactating cutie, Odette, and follows her to her job at the local college.
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30th, Jan 19
May is a high school senior who has been feeling strange lately. Little does she know that she will soon encounter magic powers beyond her wildest dreams! This is my first attempt at writing a BE story with a solid story structure.
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30th, Jan 19
Faye realizes that she can't keep Cham all to herself so she recruits the help of her two horniest friends, Ilsa and Gwen. Despite their doubts, they may not be ready for what is in store.
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4th, Feb 19
Super Short 750 word story for a competition over at Literotica. A young couple stumbles across a spell. Quick, hot and steamy, I hope you enjoy this little stand alone tapas bite.
huge instant magic ment mpg
9th, Feb 19
Inori & friends get into all sorts of trouble with their busts at their first Expansion Fest event, how will the girls end up looking by the end of it all? Commission for & using OCs of Akemi Expansions
bg big fast gts hg huge lac magic ment nc offstage
9th, Feb 19
A three part series about Odette, Pari, and a friend from college. It’s enough that Odette has to worry about her growing chest, but what happens when one of her best friends enters into Odette’s secret world for the first time?
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14th, Feb 19
An old flame is pregnant with sexuplets
ag fa huge preg slow
14th, Feb 19
A detailed story where a woman discovers a box of chocolates that make her expand whenever she eats one. It's what she's always wanted, except for one problem... she is stuck in the office, quickly outgrowing her clothes.
bg ag big cb chem fast huge lg magic sc
16th, Feb 19
With June's secret out, how will Parker handle his new-found influence while she's away for Spring break?
bg big cb fast huge magic slow wow
17th, Feb 19
Desperate for sex, Kelli's insatiable desire threatens to leave her more voluptuous than even she is willing to become.
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19th, Feb 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. For your fancy today, I suggest this story of a young girl, Sam, and her overwhelming desire to win the heart of her best friend Kassie. Though she may learn the exact cost and consequences might be bigger than she thinks.
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24th, Feb 19
The women of a local Medical Complex are one of the holdouts against the Studpocalypse, a virus that turns all men on Earth into zombie-like sex studs literally hung like horses, with infected seed that transforms women and slowly addicts them permanently.
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28th, Feb 19
Rejoin Stacky and TLink for a seductive Valentine's Day and a swelling-good time. Illustrated by the ever-talented Ninny Moose.
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1st, Mar 19
Two girls stranded on an island are taken in by the indigenous peoples - who are all insanely well endowed! We meet the Queens of the Blessed Isles and explore their culture while making some shocking discoveries about how expansion works in this exotic paradise. Part of an ongoing series.
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9th, Mar 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. For your enjoyment today the tale of a photographer, envious of her models and seeking some change in her life. Though what she's truly after may not be as hard to achieve as she once thought.
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10th, Mar 19
A girl discovers her ability to take the breasts of others.
bg big instant magic sc
12th, Mar 19
This is a story about three women, each of whom wants to be slightly bigger than the others. Sometimes, when everyone tries to win, everyone loses.
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13th, Mar 19
Another adaptation of a Tieryn story. Yasmin has just turned eighteen, but is dealing with some relationship issues. That all changes when she becomes another B&M test subject.
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19th, Mar 19
Cara got a promotion at work, and to congratulate her, James bought her some workout pills to help her fulfill her fantasies. However, they didn't realize just how effective - or addictive - the pills would be... I'm a first time writer, and this is part one of what I hope will be a short but enjoyable series. Thanks for reading!
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20th, Mar 19
The (probable) final chapter of June and Parker!
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21st, Mar 19
A barista's crush receives a special coffee blend. The special ingredient: breast milk. Warning: very puny story.
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26th, Mar 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. Quite an interesting little tale today of a housewife aiming to get revenge on her cheating husband. But she may come to realize the true cost of such selfish goal is more than she bargained for.
bg ag ar big cb hg huge instant magic ment mg weird
28th, Mar 19
Liz begins her new life as "the girl with tits bigger than her head" but quickly finds she's not as in control as she expected.
fast huge magic offstage slow
3rd, Apr 19
Infidelity leads to a confrontation of former friends. In the aftermath, will there be a friendship, a relationship, or just lust? Can milk heal the conflict?
chem fast huge instant lac
11th, Apr 19
A husband with writer's block comes across a mirror that helps him and his business savvy wife reveal who they were always meant to be.
bg ag big fast magic ment mm mpg
11th, Apr 19
Gail's cousins both changed nicely when they were 16 years old. Now, Gail is 16 and nothing happens. Maybe it's time her cousins share with her the secret behind their luck...
bg big huge instant lac magic nc
12th, Apr 19
When a loveless maieusophile gets set up on a blind date, he isn't expecting to meet the girl of his dreams (and deepest fantasies).
bg ag big hg lac nc offstage preg science slow
16th, Apr 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. Today we have the tale of a young couple looking to spice things up and take them to the next level. They may come to learn much more than expected about each other in the process.
bg ag big instant magic ment rc
17th, Apr 19
James' wife, Shelley, chooses to spend her inheritance to alter her appearance. This is a very short story that I wrote to explore an idea I'd had. It focuses mostly on the growth, with some very slight themes of gentle fem-dom.
ag cb fast gts hg huge lg science
19th, Apr 19
Liz continues to succumb to her lust and desire to grow bigger.
ag fast huge instant magic
19th, Apr 19
An alien first encounter and a galactic crisis of fetish-driven psychic powers transform one woman's life and body forever.
bg ag aliens big cb fast gts hg huge lac lg magic multiple preg shem tg weird
21st, Apr 19
They know your wishes without needing to say. You've wished for someone to whisk you away. That's what happens when you come to play. At our most fabulous, Perverse Cabaret. Invited on a Blind Date, one man's inner most desires will be unleashed.
ag cb fa hg huge instant lac magic ment preg rc tg
25th, Apr 19
Lilia starts a new life journey as a surrogate mother and as part of a test group for a new treatment designed to help new mothers have a better experience through pregnancy. Focus on pregnancy, lactation and breast growth.
bg ag big chem lac preg science slow
28th, Apr 19
A series of stories culminating in one long novella, based on the characters of Roommates, a concept originally conceived by 99Breaker and CRUBAT. It was five years in the making. Enjoy.
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28th, Apr 19
Candace has always lived in the shadow of her hotter, more outgoing twin sister and the comparison bothers her more than ever now that they're sharing a flat while attending Uni. When Candace discovers a genie in a bottle, her wish that her sister wasn't the biggest bimbo in the school doesn't come true in the way she expects. This is the first part of a new story that I (Frig) intend to expand and continue according to requests from patrons, but the whole story will eventually be posted when complete.
bg ag big fast hg magic nc
2nd, May 19
Kendra gets three wishes! Plus a little something on the house...
bg big fast magic slow asleep
4th, May 19
Kendra makes her first wish. And makes full use of it. Includes Part 1.
bg big fast instant magic
5th, May 19
A short episode of two sisters who find a magical wish-granting genie. Is she what she appears to be? Did they really mean to wish for that? Future chapters will include sexy times but you may have to make do with rampant transformation on offer here. Includes illustrations by Spurcell. This is my first ever story so feedback would be highly appreciated!
ag cb huge instant lg magic ment multiple nc sc science weird
6th, May 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. I see you there. Today for your viewing pleasure is the story of a mischievous little voyeur, not content anymore with the shows she peeps. She'll come to see though that getting more has a heavy price.
bg ag ar big gts hg hyp instant lg magic ment mg mpg rc
11th, May 19
Kendra uses her second wish and gives Mike a boost. Includes Parts 1 & 2
bg big cb fast instant magic mpg
11th, May 19
An aquarium worker has an unfortunate encounter with a blowfish and finds she can't handle stress quite the same after.
bg big cb fast huge magic science
15th, May 19
Join Josh and Katie on their swelling adventure decided upon by the community! Anything is possible in this story.
bg big cb fast huge lac nc
25th, May 19
Kendra makes a comment that she immediately regrets...or enjoys? Who knows...
bg big bond fast huge lac magic
26th, May 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. A woman trapped in a man's body wanders into our midst this fine evening, seeking the power to release her inner self to the world. However is such a world ready who they really are?
bg ag big cb chem fast hg huge magic sc shem tg weird
28th, May 19
A Madam Materia commission. Materia recieves a mysterious invitation to meet doctor Lessien Viris. As women of similar interests they decide upon a little competition, pitting the doctor's science versus the Madam's magic in a public setting, to do their best. Or would it be considered their worst?
bg ag big cb fast gts huge instant lac magic nc offstage science weird
1st, Jun 19
Long-lost Steve Palmer story finally posted!!! An explorer trekking through the rain forest witnesses a female tribe's coming-of-age ritual utilizing an exotic spider, then brings it back with him to share with a female college. Check out the text document for a discovery I made involving
cb chem fast huge science asleep
3rd, Jun 19
To reiterate: An explorer trekking through the rain forest witnesses a female tribe's coming-of-age ritual utilizing an exotic spider, then brings it back with him to share with a female colleague. Sorry about that last version. All files should be there this time. Thanks to "Someone" for pointing out the issue. Check out the text document for a discovery I made involving
cb chem huge science slow asleep
7th, Jun 19
A girl wakes to find herself locked in a room. Soon, a strange gas makes her body hyper-fertile, making her breasts and ass grow. The reasoning for this becomes all too clear as she is pumped full of eggs and made to grow huge.
ag bond cb chem fast huge lac ment nc weird
9th, Jun 19
Part 1. Collon finds himself changing after befriending strangers during a backcountry hiking trip. Who are these strangers? Why is he painfully transforming into a beautiful women? Stay tuned these answers and more in part 2 whenever I write it! (PS. my first story in years, I really could use feedback yall! thanks!)
bg ag big chem fast hg instant magic nc tg
10th, Jun 19
A future noir tale about genetic modifications, lost loves, and a breasts that can inflate like balloons...
bg ag big bond fast huge nc rc sc science
14th, Jun 19
Tess arrives at an abandoned building to take part in a trial for a new pill. She had been promised that her desire to grow taller and taller would be fulfilled, but the pill has an unexpected extra effect.
cb fast gts huge science wow
15th, Jun 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. Today we look at the tale of a mother and daughter, always there for one another. Unfortunately they may come to realize that placing the other's wants constantly above your own can have dire consequences.
bg ag ar big cb hg huge instant magic ment
17th, Jun 19
An ostracized Island Princess takes foreigners to a forbidden, sacrificial space. Our protagonists receive the offer of a lifetime. Holy scriptures change hearts and cup sizes. Part of an ongoing series.
bg ag big chem fast huge lac magic
17th, Jun 19
A milky tale of two space-faring adventurers, Davis and Viv, who cross the galaxy for their next combat job. Viv's meds react to the travel...In ways neither of them ever would have expected! A commission by anonymous.
cb fast huge instant lac science
20th, Jun 19
Build-A-Partner offers a one-of-a-kind, custom makeover to anyone who can afford it. Despite a rocky beginning, their first customers are in for a pleasant surprise.
bg big instant ment science
3rd, Jul 19
Peter has a problem : he is... shrinking. How is it even possible? And why is his sister and her friends suddenly growing?
bg big gts inc magic slow
5th, Jul 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. A misguided nun makes her way into our midst in today's story, searching for more than what her life has offered to her thus far. Will it truly be what she's after however?
bg ag big bond fast magic
9th, Jul 19
A young woman, Julia, awakens in a very peculiar place--the City--and an ensemble of other characters have experiences which intersect hers. (This is a draft of the introductory chapters of a story intended to be much longer. I'd like to get feedback on what I have. There is a lot of groundwork laid here for action that will happen later on.)
bg ag big bond hg huge lac magic nc science asleep
9th, Jul 19
Hello all, this has been a long time coming. I don't know why I never got around to posting this, but this is it, the end of SSS. All three of the final chapters are included, as is a picture we had commissioned of what Natalie looked like the day Matt met her. I hope you enjoy the story.
fast huge lac magic ment mg mpg nc sc slow
11th, Jul 19
A college science experement goes awry, leading to a bit more of a biology lesson than two girls planned for.
bg big cb chem fast huge lac nc science slow
12th, Jul 19
Julia's experience in the city continues to unfold. (This is the draft of my next chapter as well as improved versions of the prior two. As usual, I'd be grateful for any feedback.)
bg big bond huge lac magic ment nc science weird asleep
16th, Jul 19
Julia's time in the City heats up as trouble brews for both those in charge and the women held captive. New rumors motivate drastic action, and Torch makes a decision she may soon regret. (This is the fourth chapter of my ongoing story which weaves its narrative of BE and imprisonment from many overlapping perspectives.)
bg big bond lac magic ment nc offstage science weird asleep wow
24th, Jul 19
Marissa's idiot boyfriend rubs the lamp. What could possibly go wrong?
bg ag big fast lac magic ment mg nc preg weird
24th, Jul 19
Surprising developments are unfolding in the City though Julia is distracted by her own difficulties in the most recent chapter of the ongoing story, The City.
bg ag big bond cb fast huge lac magic nc offstage rc science slow asleep
25th, Jul 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. Visiting today is a small girl, dealt the worst by genetics, who wants to correct her misfortune. Unfortunately you can't change who someone is at their very core.
ag fast gts huge magic
26th, Jul 19
In town for the day, Kelli is hungry for something from the Muffin Top, while Mara has an insatiable appetite for something that's likely to get both of them in trouble.
ag cb chem fa fast huge lac mpg nc
9th, Aug 19
A little adult magic is always fun! But what happens when a milky trick hangs around longer than it should?
bg big cb fast huge lac magic nc
10th, Aug 19
Sarah inherits a magical talisman from her grandmother that gives her the ability to grow her boobs on command. If the talisman is taken off with changed boobs, she won’t be able to change them back for 24 hours. How will Sarah use the Boob Talisman?
bg big instant magic sc
14th, Aug 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. A star is something beautiful to see, as our little customer can attest with his star-struck infatuation. Will it turn out to be a blessing however, or a curse to be so taken by perfection?
bg ag big instant lg magic rc sc
18th, Aug 19
Good sisters can share anything, right? What about their bodies? Explores expansion and attribute borrowing.
bg big cb fast huge instant magic rc
20th, Aug 19
A simple story about a woman who wishes for bigger tits to win her husband's love, and gets a little more than she bargained for.
huge lac magic preg slow
24th, Aug 19
A size-queen's experimentation with body-modifying drugs leads to mutually-beneficial growth for her and her boyfriend.
bond cb chem fast huge mpg
4th, Sep 19
It’s been a over decade since Amanda and Andy fled the scene of the massacre outside Andy’s apartment. Eleven years since we last saw our two protagonists exploring magic and each other. Well, the over eleven-year drought is over. I present to you Chapters 21-23 of A&A. The events within pick up right where twenty left off. I hope you all enjoy it. I also would like to invite you to stop by the Patreon we have set up. The stories there are free to including a redux of the first twenty chapters of this story that have been better proofed and updated to more exacting standards. You can find it at slash Coffeetank If you decide to be a Patron, you will get access to images inspired by the stories you find there. Finally, Coffee Pilot and I do this for feedback. We want to know what you like, what you don’t like, and how we can improve. Thank you!
bg big fast huge instant lac magic mg mpg sc
8th, Sep 19
Kate really needs this crummy library job. How will the Ring of Expectations help her? And how MUCH will it help? (All previous disclaimers still apply.)
bg ag big fast hg instant magic ment mg nc tg
13th, Sep 19
A Madam Materia commission. Thirty years after a social revolution altered the very structures of a nation, women are visions of extreme perfection. Men on the other hand have been divided into two castes, those with the confidence and charisma to be Alphas, and those who never grow out of being just boys: the betas. Follow the story of Eric, a boy wanting to take on the world before the opportunity is swept away from him, and he starts on the path to becoming a cuck to his own life.
bg ag big cb chem fast huge inc
14th, Sep 19
Short on money and looking to rent out her spare room, Joanna soon discovers being a landlady can be more rewarding than she ever expected.
bg ag big cb fast magic
18th, Sep 19
If reality is just a simulation, what if someone created a program to alter it? And then, what if there was a hacker around? This is Mallory's story.
bg big fast huge instant ment sc science
23rd, Sep 19
Belle is just a happy, go-lucky baker running her shop! She's sweet and can do no wrong. Unless your her competition across the street; then it's time to make her outgrow those annoying overalls.
bg big cb fast huge lac nc
6th, Oct 19
The newly-formed Omega Team makes its first expedition! Along the way, they meet a new face and pack on some more weight in all the right places. Afterwards, a pair gets a bit ambitious off-duty, and meets another character who might have some interesting ties to their group. Included in the .zip is a barely-edited version of the first part, as well.
bg ag big cb chem fast hg lac ment mm mpg
10th, Oct 19
No prior reading required. Follow the tough and cool Jill as her world descends into chaos, men transforming into zombie-like studs that in turn change women into curvaceous sluts. With little to her name and no help in sight, how far can she go before succumbing to desire?
bg ag big cb chem fast hg ment
12th, Oct 19
A Madam Materia commission. "True love is coming," words that James has seen his whole life. With nothing but struggle to look forward to, our protagonist suddenly finds himself with a decision to make. Continue trying to climb the ladder for a better life, or take a monster for his bride and give up his world to her.
ag bond cb gts huge instant lg magic offstage
18th, Oct 19
Candace has always lived in the shadow of her hotter, more outgoing twin sister and the comparison bothers her more than ever now that they're sharing a flat while attending Uni. When Candace discovers a genie in a bottle, her wish that her sister wasn't the biggest bimbo in the school doesn't come true in the way she expects. This is the complete novel including all five parts plus the epilogue, though without the art commissioned to go along with the story.
bg ag big fast hg huge inc lac magic ment nc preg sc shem slow
30th, Oct 19
A girl prepares to accept her weighty responsibility as the milk maiden of a small village. With it comes the burden of providing a plentiful harvest and fulfilling her milky duties as the Harvest Spirit's vessel.
bg big cb fast huge lac magic slow wow
4th, Nov 19
Karla goes back for a little breeding but Storm has other plans for his anthro mate. Very big plans.
bond chem lac nc preg science slow wow
7th, Nov 19
Something I've been working on for the past week.
ag fa fast huge lac science wow
10th, Nov 19
A dissolving state of mind.
bg ag big cb chem fast huge ment nc
12th, Nov 19
April is a woman who wants to do something nice for her boyfriend. But as her breasts get bigger and bigger, she realizes it might be nice for her as well.
chem huge lac sc science slow
19th, Nov 19
A Madam Materia commission. Jake and Lene have a perfect relationship, but a new drug trial will put their love to the test. Will Jake find a solution, or be left behind as Lene grows further and further beyond his capability.
bg ag big cb chem huge ment mpg offstage science slow
25th, Nov 19
A normal Thanksgiving dinner turns into more than a couple planned for when a mother's recipe is packed with estrogen.
bg big cb chem fast huge slow
10th, Dec 19
Roy's neighbor has a perfect body. The problem is : she's a nerd, she's shy, and worse, she's married. Nothing a visit to HellMart cannot solve.
bg ar big huge hyp instant lac magic ment mm nc rc slow
12th, Dec 19
A woman has a huge secret that she's ashamed of ( actually, two increasingly large secrets), but meets a guy who doesn't seem to mind so much! (HUGE breasts ahead! This is an upload of an old story from Ryver8's DeviantArt page. All 5 parts, and two artpieces are included)
fast huge instant science wow
19th, Dec 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. Pride and spite, a terrible combination today's guest has in spades. Sprinkle in jealousy and you have a perfect recipe for my type chaos, as she learns perhaps it isn't what it's cracked up to be being on top.
bg big cb fast huge instant magic