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12th Apr 02
Dianna uses her sorceress powers to match her rival. Well, that was the intent anyway...
huge magic sc asleep
18th Feb 10
Part one of a probable two parter.Usual story of a teenager getting magic powers and going to school having the usual fun. Includes visual aids (windows 2007 doc with hyperlinks to another website)Have fun
ag ar big fast hg instant lac lg magic ment mg mm mpg rc sc
12th Apr 10
Originally the first part of this story was titled "Magic Man". After posting it here and receiving the response I re-edited the original first part and completely finished the story by adding two more parts and an epilogue. The hyperlinks in the first part were removed in favor of descriptions as requested. Format was changed to PDF, from that of .docx, to help expand the readership base.
ar cb hg huge inc instant lac magic mg mm mpg nc rc sc shem tg
17th Apr 10
This is a side story to Gods and Goddesses, in which I have a scene in which to pose the answer to the question. "What if Jason didn't bring along his Mommy". Well what else, he gets a little more nastier.
big instant lac magic ment mg nc rc
22nd Aug 12
If you have a problem with reading "docx" files, really, just google a free reader and don't rate me a 1 "because you can't read it". I prefer this format. Besides, I don't think the pictures I've included would survive a change over to another. This story is 33.k words long and was a part of a story that was complete at 112 k words. Unfortunately, the flash drive got into the laundry. :-( It did drag on, so what you have is the best part, and it's sufficiently a story on it's own.
hg instant magic mg mpg
16th Apr 09
Jordan is up late studying for finals when she decides to de-stress a little. And things just get more interesting from there.
aliens big fast ment science
17th Jul 99
Ally McBeal gets short-lived magical powers from Spells-R-Us and uses them to make her fantasy life a reality.
big fa magic tg weird
28th Jan 02
Mysterious transformations in the town of Hooterville.
ag big hg instant magic ment nc
21st Jul 13
This is a chapter from a much longer story. Submitted here due to the fact that as I did the back story, the main character would not likely be found in this situation. A man who is "infected" with a sexual spirit hunts for the perfect victim. An old lady whose life has left her behind, and alone.
ar big hg instant magic ment nc rc
2nd Jan 12
Bridget finds out her boyfriend's fetish with breast expansion and freaks out. Later after a trip to the mall she comes home with a "magic" ring bearing the inscription "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Dismissing the notion as silly, she finds out when her boyfriend tries to explain things to her that every choice has its consequences, some better than others. My first story, any feedback is appreciated.
cb fast gts huge instant magic ment mpg shem wow
29th Apr 12
A sequel to Matthew 7:12. Our friend Bridget seems to have everything, including Mike, under control with her magic ring, only to find it's not quite as simple as she wants it to be. Especially when a jealous best friend decides it's not fair that one girl should have all the attention, and a boyfriend finds he's not quite the man he once was... My second story, feedback is always appreciated, and I've included Matthew 7:12 for those who haven't read it yet, which I highly suggest you do. Warm Regards, Ragnarok385
ag cb fast ft hg huge instant lac magic ment mm mpg nc tg asleep
13th Dec 99
A sex goddess gains a new follower who spreads her message through transformations.
bg big fa fast ment mpg nc rc sc weird
20th Dec 99
A new sex magician gets revenge on a womanizer.
bg big fa fast magic mpg rc tg weird
22nd Feb 00
William the wizard latches onto the new colors magic.
bg big fa fast lg magic ment multiple nc rc science weird
15th Jan 99
Boy gets a strange magic kit in the mail with weird machines that let him change body parts, colors, and more.
bg fa fast huge nc sc science weird
9th Jan 99
Magical and menacing boardgame tranforms its players in weird ways. Warning: graphic and strange xforms!
bg fa fast huge lac ment mpg nc rc sc weird
5th Feb 99
Magician gives a woman in search of more pleasure some magic panties and condom.
bg fa fast huge magic ment mpg
20th Feb 99
Magical trouble strikes a kingdom as men turn into women and other magical sex problems occur.
bg big magic ment tg asleep
20th Feb 99
When a woman ends up in charge of the magician's Flesh Alteration Kit and more, bizarre havoc ensues.
bg big magic weird
11th Mar 04
This is the first chapter of a new series about a young woman cursed to travel the world, transforming people by proxie of an ancient evil fertility goddess.
instant magic ment multiple weird
20th Nov 09
This is the first in a new series about a woman who finds an unusual artifact containing an unusual entity. She has to deal with this creature as well as her busy life, learning about others and herself along the way. There is some sex. Note to BE Archive readers that there is little BE in this part, but I am posting it here, because I have other stories in this archive.
ar big fast instant magic ment mpg multiple nc rc tg weird
30th May 13
In the second chapter of the long-delayed story The Puzzle Box Curse, our heroine Violet and her friends nearly resign themselves to defeat, but a new hope arises. That hope comes with forbidding troubles for the world, but weird transformations, breast fixation, and passionate sex await in their next stage of the adventure!
ar big instant magic ment multiple nc rc shem tg weird
8th Aug 14
This is the 3rd and final installment of "The Puzzle Box Curse." Violet and her allies take on the wicked demon Hamamelis and try to save the world from sexual enslavement. Can they stop her? What are the costs? Find out in the exciting conclusion herein. Note: This series is intended to set off a new setting that I will try to get around writing about.
big instant magic ment multiple rc shem tg weird
10th Aug 14
There is no update to the story, just the inclusion of a non-.pdf file, as per someone's request.
big instant magic ment multiple rc shem tg weird
21st Dec 15
This is part 1 of "The Ballad of Maggie." The story takes place years after the events of "The Puzzlebox Curse." It's a strange new world coping with random magical events that erotically transform and feminize. Maggie and her roommate Beth navigate college in this world, as Maggie is on a relationship rebound, and Beth is caught in a funk caused by her magical transformation from a year before. [Note to readers: this story is driven by erotic transformation and is not primarily a breast expansion story, though that is a theme.]
big fast gts instant lg magic ment mg mpg multiple nc offstage rc sc shem tg weird
17th Mar 16
Maggie continues to navigate a Puzzling World of strange, erotic transformations with her friends, both old and new. She continues her new hobby of sowing her wild oats and attends a party where a friend of hers performs transformation magic. (Note: there is little BE in this chapter. Some characters have previously enlarged breasts, though.)
bg ag big bond instant magic ment multiple rc shem tg weird asleep
2nd Apr 16
Part 3: Maggie struggles with her transformation, while her friends try to help her. Their efforts cause some trouble that will surely come back to haunt them all. (Includes parts 1-3 in .pdf and .html files) (Trigger warning: attempted rape)
bg ag big bond fast lg magic ment mg multiple offstage shem tg weird asleep
13th Jun 23
It's been a long time, but here is the fourth part of The Ballad of Maggie in which Maggie and her friends face consequences for irresponsibility and gather bits of knowledge that something more is amiss than their own erotic shenanigans.
bg ag big bond fast instant lg magic ment multiple nc rc sc shem tg weird
19th Oct 99
Sue's attempt to try out her new cock with a threesome backfires.
magic shem
18th Sep 99
Finding an antique dildo adds a new dimension to Sue's fetish.
bg fa fast huge magic shem
19th Apr 09
This is my first erotic work of fiction. I am a huge fan of breast expansion and decided to take a crack at it. I hope you enjoy! :3
chem fast lac nc wow
29th May 09
Furry Warning! A young fox buys a female cow anthro and accidentally gives her some bovine growth hormone! Whoops! How big will she get?
big chem fast huge lac mpg multiple wow
15th Mar 01
Collected and expanded from the Addventure, this tells the tale of businesswoman Marjorie as she picks out a sexy schoolgirl costume for a party and finds herself slowly changing.
bg ar ment slow
27th Dec 02
Arguably the sickest, most twisted piece of BE fiction there is.
big inc ment nc slow weird
27th Dec 02
A collection of edited and collated BE Addventure episodes about Jennifer Love Hewitt's visit to the New U Spa.
big chem ment science
27th Dec 02
One of the finest examples of the BE Addventure rising to the occasion and producing an original narrative. The story is about a disturbing fetish-based reality TV show.
big chem huge hyp inc ment science shem slow
27th Dec 02
A set of divergent threads from the BEAddventure about the bimboization of Britney Spears, Melissa Joan Hart and Jennifer Love Hewitt.
fast huge ment slow
27th Dec 02
A sprawling tale of BE from the Addventure.
big huge magic ment
11th Jul 11
aliens big fa fast lac magic ment mpg
12th Jul 11
aliens big fa gts magic mpg
18th Jul 11
This is the next 4 chapters of Alien Research. Phil explores more possibilities with body modification, lactation, pregnancy, and fun with horny Amazons. Danni joins the family. Phil lets the girls in on his secret abilities. There is some unbirthing and Phil punishes Danni's father for molesting her. It's a little violent but he deserves it. If you'd rather skip the violence just skip chapter eleven. The girls get to make some changes to themselves in chapter 12 and the fun really starts. Please feel free to send feedback to This is my first piece of erotic fiction so I need all the criticism I can get. Thanks
ag aliens big fa fast gts lac magic mpg nc tg
25th Jul 11
Phil goes shopping and gets much more than he bargained for. He meets a size obsessed car saleswoman and a lactation obsessed nurse. The girls figure out the breast pump with the nurses help. Phil gets into the nurse.Danni continues to grow and get inflated.Phil does some god deeds. The girls move in with Phil and go house shopping for a bigger house.Kim starts lactating.The girls all get their modifications and have fun with them.
ag aliens big fa gts instant lac lg magic mpg
28th Jul 11
The Girls enjoy their changes. Milk production increases. Phil buys a new house. Clara lets the girls try out her new addition. Phil visits an island of Amazons who need servicing. Cindy gets a taste of what Danni is hooked on.
ag aliens big bond fa ft gts huge instant lac magic mpg preg sc
7th Aug 11
This is it for now. I will be out of the country for 3 months. I will probably finish the story while I am away but might not be able to upload it until I return. Phil returns to the Island and meets the elders. More Amazon sex ensues. Back at home the girls continue exploring their new gifts and Phil services all the women in the packers club. I hope you all enjoy the story so far. I'm still at a loss as to how it will end. I may wind up with 30 more chapters by the time I return. I hope it will be good. Feedback welcome at Enjoy
aliens ar big bond fa ft gts huge instant lac lg magic ment mpg preg sc slow tg
25th Apr 02
Allison and her friends try to grow bigger breasts by using bovine growth hormone. They must of missed the "Effects may vary" label!
ag big chem gts huge lg offstage sc science slow
13th Jan 13
I've waffled on uploading this here. It's inspired by the Body-Shifter's series, but the bulk of the story is focused on human women, and rather than just breast enlargement it's mostly pregnancy and weight gain. So just be advised this is very different from the other BSU stories.
ag fa huge lac preg science slow wow
31st May 99
An asian teenager wishes to be big and strong, and gets her wish in spades, becoming a massive teenage amazon.
bg huge mg sc slow
29th Aug 09
big magic mg slow
10th Dec 02
Kit finds out how much trouble a litte program named Master PC causes him.
big lac magic science
3rd Dec 02
It was just a normal day for Kit Edas at Easton High School; boring classes, boring teachers, but the only thing that kept him going was his girlfriend Melanie.
big fast inc science
19th Dec 02
Rayuen acquires his powers through a freak accident while investigating a fire at the Edas residence.
big fast lac science weird
28th Feb 03
Axetara gets what she desires.
big fast lac weird
30th Mar 04
The 5 part of the series. Rayuen finally finds the one he is looking for, but so does Axetara, who will win the battle for control of the world?
big science weird
14th Dec 04
Hypnotia, begins her infiltration of The Organization, in her attempt to find whether Rayuen is alive or not. Part one of three. (Edited from previous version)
hyp lac shem weird
31st Dec 04
BE Comic, with GTS. This one started the series. Accidental eating of candy and a mis-aimed laser start off the growth.
cb fast gts huge science
31st Dec 04
BE Comic, with GTS. 17 pages long. Introduction to Naomi Furihara and her friends as they eat the Doc's candy.
ag cb fast gts huge science
31st Dec 04
BE Comic, with GTS. 25 pages long. The aftermath of the first growth rampage. Naomi discovers she can control her growth as the army steps in to stop her.
cb fast gts huge ment science wow
31st Dec 04
BE Comic, with GTS. Growth Lab 4, 47 pages long. The army tries to escape the infection but has to go through the growth zones first.
cb fast gts huge ment science wow
31st Dec 04
BE Comic, with GTS. Growth Lab 5, is 10 pages long. Naomi returns to school to find out who the new Prom Queen is. The answer doesn't make her hapy, it makes her grow.
cb fast huge ment wow
1st Jan 05
BE Comic. The Industry - 44 pages long. An early story of mine. Lots of BE and some GTS. Enjoy!
cb fast gts huge ment science wow
1st Jan 05
BE Growth Comic - Early work. 26 pages long. More BE in the strangest places with some familiar (perhaps)faces. An early favorite of mine.
cb fast gts huge ment science wow
1st Jan 05
BE Comic. 14 pages. Another Early work of mine. Watch as the two main characters battle it out by trying to absorb each others powers.
cb fast gts ment wow
1st Jan 05
BE Comic. Growth Lab Test Comic - 4 page comic made as a test for one of the early Growth Labs.
cb gts huge ment wow
4th Feb 05
BE Comic, with GTS. Growth Lab 6, 59 pages long. It's Prom night and Naomi is back in town. This is the complete story with high res art. (Parts 1-10 included) Enjoy!
cb fast gts lac mg mm mpg nc sc science wow
31st Aug 05
BE Comic, with GTS. Drinks, 26 pages long. Lots and lots of BE. Very loose drawings made when I was learning the art of BE. Check out other stories for more recent examples of my work. Some notable characters from comics and a few originals in this one. Enjoy!
cb gts huge instant lac magic ment mpg sc science wow
29th Mar 98
Jennifer gives already-large Amy some drops of her BE potion while they're at a party.
bg fa fast huge magic
29th Mar 20
The Newlywed Line Part 1: Getting High in the Sky (Other parts to be released on Amazon Kindle.) “A loving doe, a graceful deer- may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be intoxicated with her love.” -Proverbs 5:19, New International Version The wonders of modern science have given us food out of thin air, accurate photographs of a black hole, self-lacing sneakers, and toilet paper. That’s the sort of stuff I saw in science fiction movies years ago! What I didn’t expect was for reality to turn out even more marvelous than fiction! On our honeymoon were holograms, ‘experimental’ sexually-fueled drugs, and explosions aboard our state-of-the-art luxury flight to Hawaii on a private jet, The Newlywed Line. This was but the start of a prolonged adventure that accepting this wedding present caused! Why hadn’t I heard of anyone predicting these for my future? The content of this document, what a certain legal advisor of mine says to call a ‘novel,’ is just your typical humorous autobiographical adult Christian romance novel featuring experimental drugs. Right?
bg ag big chem fast instant lac mpg sc science
20th Feb 09
ag cb fast hg huge magic ment nc preg tg weird
22nd Feb 09
Here's the .txt, uploaded by anon
ag cb fast hg huge lac magic ment nc preg tg weird
28th Feb 09
The second story in the CBA universe. For every good man their is a sexy, beutiful and absolutely sex driven mad concubine behind them. Worse than the illuminati and every secret society out there, these men want their omelettes...
fast huge lac magic ment multiple nc preg tg weird
1st Mar 09
The second story in the CBA universe. For every good man their is a sexy, beutiful and absolutely sex driven mad concubine behind them. Worse than the illuminati and every secret society out there, these men want their omelettes... Here's the .txt, uploaded by anon
fast huge lac magic ment multiple nc preg tg weird
24th Feb 12
A story set in Dexter Sinister's State of Emergency world. Bobbie has never had the chance to be with the person she loves. But now that the whole world is being altered by a strange sexual virus she takes her chance to make some adjustments to herself...
ag big lg ment multiple science slow weird
26th Mar 12
A story set in Dexter Sinister's State of Emergency world. Bobbie and Beth wake up together and spend a day learning about their new bodies' features. Along the way they meet a couple more people who have been altered by the sexual virus.
ag big lg ment multiple offstage science slow weird
26th Mar 12
A story set in Dexter Sinister's State of Emergency world. Having been given a chance to regain their youth, Joyce and Percival King have some catching up to do. They also meet some young ladies who have a new perspective on life. (Follows on from State of Emergency - Beth Parts 1 & 2)
ag ar cb hg huge instant ment mm mpg science weird
9th Dec 01
Man's semen has some unique properties
big slow
9th Dec 01
Ski patrol man meets woman with unique talents.
big instant lac
22nd Jul 04
A Palimpsest of a modern fairy tale in which an evil princess gains enormous breasts through magic.
huge lac magic mpg nc slow
3rd Apr 00
It's every delivery boy's fantasy - a dream-woman client with huge tracts of land.
15th Mar 01
Big-busted corporate fantasy as well-endowed Mike meets super-busty Christy. Not new, but an extensive rewrite of his original story.
26th May 00
Big breasts in Las Vegas.
10th Jan 00
Scott gets set up with a date with a nanny.
16th Mar 00
Richard's rewrite of Hot Ultra Buxom Loving - at last!
bg big
31st May 00
Meeting a busty intelligent woman.
13th Nov 01
Poor Kim, a giant-breasted Asian, is honeymooning with her monster of a husband. While on their island hideaway she meets another monster, this one an eighteen-inch monster between the legs of Rod, their tour director. Things will never be the same!
big preg
16th Dec 01
Here at last! The latest and biggest (in every way) from Richard O Steele.
big huge preg slow
19th May 02
Get in the Holiday mood with Richard O Steele
15th Feb 04
Our hero, hung-like-a-horse high school senior Jeff Weld meets stunning, sensationally stacked heroine Angelica Gonzales. It is love at first sight and the couple become an instant item. But what about Mama, the gigantic-breasted, desperate-for-loving Mrs Gonzales? Another HUGE Richard O Steele story!
15th Nov 11
ag big fast hg magic ment sc slow tg
1st Jan 12
I met a vampire in a bar. She cast a spell on me and before I knew it she was giving me the best sex I've ever had. Single picture, pdf format.
big fast hg magic mpg shem tg weird
2nd Jan 12
I met a sultry vampire in a pub in the forest. She took me away for the best sex I have ever had, and then began to tell me about her past. PDF format, one picture, please read the introduction and do leave commentary. There will be more posts.
big fast hg magic mpg shem slow tg weird asleep
28th Feb 04
Further adventures of Angel Connors
big lac preg
28th Feb 04
The first of the tale of Angel Connors of Gravid Glen
big preg
26th Jan 10
A new hair stylist writes on his days at work. His first customer comes in after having cut gum out of her hair. She leaves with a little more than just a new hairstyle.
big fast hg instant magic
15th Feb 10
ag big cb fast hg instant magic
15th Feb 10
A new hair stylist writes on his days at work. His first customer comes in after having cut gum out of her hair. She leaves with a little more than just a new hairstyle. Revision written in 3rd person. Much better read!
ag big cb fast hg instant magic
12th Jul 98
Trudy's early years, before she became involved with St Cat's.
bg fa fast
31st May 99
A sex vampire bites a boy and turns him into a cum-thirsty vampire girl as well.
bg fa fast magic ment tg
17th Jul 99
The local sex vampire takes the head of a company under her control.
bg fa fast magic ment
20th Sep 00
Chris stops at a salon for a haircut before a KISS concert.
bg fa fast huge ment tg
5th May 07
A herbal chemist test his new herbal vitamins on two expecting very fit female roomates.
ag chem fa fast huge lac asleep
8th May 07
the followed up to my first story door to door vitamin sales...
ag cb chem fast huge lac mpg slow weird asleep
16th Sep 07
A man obsessed with big tit porn becomes what he obsesses over..
big chem fa hyp lac sc shem slow tg
4th Jun 10
A temperamental high school girl finds herself growing and changing in unexpected ways.
big gts hg instant lg nc
4th Jun 10
A 1000 word quickie about a special girl with an unusual reaction to fast food.
big gts instant lg sc
24th Apr 15
This was a story I found on a site dedicated to female erotic competition, and since I always loved the idea of women competing with each other about the size of their breasts, I added some BE elements as well. I should cross post it in the original forum as well.
big science slow
22nd Jun 11
cb fast huge instant magic
9th Jan 15
Paul's life at his new university takes an unexpected turn when girls start throwing themselves at him and transforming. Then throwing themselves at each other. What is the cause of this strange behavior? Can the girls cope with their new feeling for Paul and each other? How exactly is this situation a 'problem'?
ag big cb fast hg instant lg magic ment mg mm mpg weird
14th Jan 15
Paul's destiny is now revealed to him. He is the chosen one who will bring back an age of magic by uncovering the hidden magical creatures that live amoung humanity... with his penis. Also, in this educational installment the girls learn about customer satisfaction and one of Paul's professors learns about appropriate teacher/student interactions.
ag ar big bond cb fast hg huge lg magic ment mg mm mpg weird
29th Jan 15
Paul must contend with a ten-thousand year old sorceress... who also happens to be the mother of one of the girls he is sleeping with. Meanwhile, Allison the amazon reconects with her fencing club and discovers how much they all have in common, Molly the nymph shares a love of knowledge with one of the school's librarians, and Olivia the totally normal human makes her feelings about Paul known. (Contains parts 1 and 2 in shiny .pdf format.)
ag ar big bond cb fast hg huge instant lg magic ment mg mm mpg offstage weird
29th Jan 15
Chapter 3 of Paul's Problems in html. From now on I'll be uploading in both formats.
ag ar big cb fast hg huge instant lg magic ment mg offstage weird
10th Feb 15
After transforming his lab partner Olivia into an angel only for her to run away, Paul visit's the sorority house that she lives in only to meet her room mate and bring out something long awaited in her. Samantha gets some help from the occult research society in tracking down Olivia. And Olivia herself helps broaden horizons.
ag big bond fast hg huge instant magic ment mg offstage weird
7th May 15
Olivia shares what she's been up to and what happened when she met the Dean. Then everyone else has a good time. Apologies for the delay in getting this one out.
ag big huge instant lg magic ment mg slow weird wow
7th Aug 15
Light is shed on the shadowy organization that Olivia's mom runs. Also, Paul introduces himself to the dean's secretary and must deal with the ever daunting task of interacting with the mothers of the girls he is sleeping with. Everyone else is preparing for war.
ag big cb fast hg huge instant lg magic ment mg weird
15th Oct 15
Paul and Allison try to get some clothes for him from his house without having sex. They fail. Olivia tries to keep to the schedule she's been given. She fails. Samantha tries to spice things up in the bedroom. She mostly succeeds. Then everything goes to shit.
ag big fast hg huge lg magic ment mg offstage weird
23rd Nov 15
Paul and Samantha are on the run from the angel that has stabbed Allison. Their solution involves having sex in public. Iris is being hazed by some of her swimming teammates. Her solution involves having sex underwater. Allison and Veronica are being kept in an undisclosed location. It's not a solution but they have sex anyways to pass the time.
ag big fast hg huge magic ment mg offstage weird
2nd Mar 16
A mysterious entity targets Emily, transforming her into something that she doesn't understand. Word to the wise? This one might get a bit weird.
ag fast huge ment science weird
6th Apr 16
Riya and Olivia get back together with their sorority sisters. Then sex happens. Allison and Veronica make their escape. Then guns happen. Everyone else prepares for battle. Then sex happens.
ag fast hg huge magic ment mg offstage weird
18th Mar 17
The final battle begins. Will Paul and the girls be able to stand up to Claudia? Will Allison become an Amazon again? Will Paul be alone on his birthday? The answers to all this and more are in the final chapter of Paul's Problems.
bg ag big cb fast hg huge lg magic ment mg offstage weird
23rd Jul 17
A dream about her mother on the eve of her twentieth birthday heralds a great change for Tanya and two of her friends. What is she becoming? Why is she suddenly so horny and hungry all the time? And what does this have to do with a little shop that wasn't there yesterday?
bg ag big fast hg huge instant lg magic ment mg mm mpg weird
6th Aug 17
After a run in with a mysterious woman claiming to be a Norse goddess, three friends spending the weekend at a convention find their costumes looking a little too good.
bg ag big fast huge lg magic mg
16th Nov 17
In this sequel to Paul's Problems Paul and Allison take a trip to Japan, but first Paul has to talk with Veronica about the fate of the world and how his penis can help.
bg ag big fast huge magic ment offstage weird
17th Mar 18
The goddess of love makes herself known to Samantha and Olivia, with a warning for both of them. Meanwhile Paul and Allison arrive in Japan and have a run in with some locals.
bg ag big fast huge magic ment mg
7th Sep 18
Allison goes to rescue Paul and the three Japanese Pop-Stars that have been kidnapped alongside him. Meanwhile Iris gets to know the goddess of love and calls an old friend.
bg ag big fast hg huge magic ment
7th Nov 19
Something I've been working on for the past week.
ag fa fast huge lac science wow
26th May 00
As punishment,a woman talks the man who killed her husband into seeing a therapist.
bg huge hyp instant ment mpg nc offstage science tg weird
24th Nov 99
Tongue-in-cheek tale where the author joins in the BE fun.
bg chem fa fast lac tg wow
24th Nov 99
Buck Rogers meets George Orwell in this tale of 20th century people waking up a century later to be transformed into huge-breasted sluts.
bg ag chem fa fast ft huge nc offstage tg wow
20th Dec 99
Goddess grants Roy gender-changing powers.
bg fa fast ft huge magic tg
24th Nov 99
A girl finds a Wish Bra at the Salvation Army.
bg magic sc slow wow
16th Oct 08
Italian folklore meets a Sorcerer's Apprentice variant. Will Our Hero be able to stop his girlfriend's breast growth before things get out of hand?
big magic nc offstage slow
16th Apr 06
big fa fast magic preg
23rd Mar 05
The first few chapters of a story about a teenager named Alex Anderson who comes across an ancient ring of magical origin (given to the Tuatha de Danan by the Sidhe in Ireland during the time of King Solomon), which gradually brings about some unwelcome changes in him.
ag hg magic shem slow tg asleep
23rd Mar 05
The story of a young colleg-age man who stumbles across the fabled Master PC program, and bumbles along, trying to use it intelligently and for the good of mankind, but making lots of stupid mistakes. (This is a large file. If it were a breast, size, if would be about Cindy Fulsom-sized, but not quite Zena Fulsom-sized).
big bond chem fast ft hg instant magic mm mpg nc sc science shem tg weird asleep
14th Aug 13
The far more polished second part, and the actual beginning of the story and BE. Reviews and comments are appreciated.
huge instant slow wow
24th Sep 13
A nice long chapter about Samantha and Dan as they spend a week together on a camping trip. Of course, Samantha's breasts are the main activity!
huge instant slow wow
7th Aug 13
huge slow wow
24th Aug 13
Samantha continues to grow, and is getting too big for the Gardens she likes to visit.
instant slow wow
4th Sep 13
Samantha and Dan explore their new relationship, and Samantha needs a new bra.
instant slow wow
25th Sep 13
Submission is fixed. It now includes a .DOC and a .TXT file. A nice long chapter about Samantha and Dan as they spend a week together on a camping trip. Of course, Samantha's breasts are the main activity!
huge instant slow wow
28th Oct 13
A week after the end of the camping trip, Samantha heads back to college to start Sophomore year.
huge instant slow wow
25th Jan 14
The continued adventures of Samantha and her unbelievably large breasts. Dan and Samantha have plans for her fall break!
fast huge instant slow wow
27th Mar 14
Samantha and Dan deal with the aftermath of Chapter 07 and her new living situation.
instant slow wow
29th Mar 14
The hurricane hits the city, but it is not the storm doing all the damage...
instant slow wow
18th Apr 14
Bigger than ever, Samantha's fans come through for a new one of her never-been-done-before breast feats.
instant slow wow
18th Aug 14
The final chapter of the story. Please enjoy!
fast huge instant slow wow
28th Aug 14
The revised, compiled, and complete version of Samantha's Colossal Bust. Inside is the DOC and TXT version. The navigable PDF, illustrated by Berggie, DotintheParadox, and TheMisterStupid is only available on DeviantArt because The Overflowing Bra returned errors and would not upload it. My apologies.
fast huge instant slow wow
12th Dec 19
A woman has a huge secret that she's ashamed of ( actually, two increasingly large secrets), but meets a guy who doesn't seem to mind so much! (HUGE breasts ahead! This is an upload of an old story from Ryver8's DeviantArt page. All 5 parts, and two artpieces are included)
fast huge instant science wow