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26th Jul 11
A failed science experiment holds bizarre and erotic consequences for a small team of researchers. (WARNING: Extreme transformations!)
ag cb fast huge lac lg mpg multiple nc science shem tg weird
19th May 12
Dealing with the aftermath of their transformations, one mutated researcher has a plan to help them fit in again. (WARNING: Extreme transformations!)
ag cb fast gts hg huge lac multiple nc science shem tg weird
3rd Mar 98
An attempt to scientifically inflate breasts succeeds too well.
bg ag fa fast huge nc science
17th Jul 99
Television actress tries a medical beautification program on the sly.
bg big nc science
15th Dec 13
big chem huge lac nc science slow wow
13th Jul 06
A woman has a flashback in a dream and realizes that she's living a lie. She decided to change her life before it's too late. I've received mixed reactions so far, but I'll assume my story is more female friendly.
big fast huge lac magic ment asleep
17th Jun 12
How the hell'd they get this big?!
ag big chem instant lac science weird
10th Jan 00
5th Nov 06
A quickie BE where Lara Croft finds a magical orb that causes her breasts to grow to immense proportions.
cb fast lac magic wow
26th Aug 99
Larry finds a machine that lets him alter reality at his whim.
bg big fa fast rc wow
18th Sep 99
Larry uses the all-powerful XJ-2000 to get back at a mean bank teller.
bg big fa fast rc tg
17th Jul 02
An amazon-growth, breast-expansion, muscle fantasy. How far will the mysterious stripper go to increase her powers of muscle and breast growth? An intriguing vision of future gender relations.
fast lac lg mg multiple sc science
29th Oct 04
The Second Pt. Story still isn't finished, But this does a good job a carrying the story farther. Sarah finds her self changed back into a human, or is she? And she finds herself halfway across the galaxy. The cause of the end of the world is revealed, and the fate of the Earth is told.
bg ag aliens big cb fast huge lac multiple science slow wow
2nd Feb 14
Kate has no idea why her boobs are so much bigger than usual this morning but it may have something to do with what happened with Lil last night... My second story on TOB. GTS growth is pretty minor...
ag cb fast gts magic nc sc wow
28th Apr 99
Watering a special flower gives a teenage girl a chance to ""catch up"" to her peers.
bg huge asleep
12th Mar 11
A story about Abigail, who had puberty pass her by. That is until a fairy gives her what she wants... and something her brother didn't intend to want.
ag big fast hg inc lg magic mpg shem tg asleep
25th Jan 99
Wishing she was like the glamour girls in a catalog, LaTonya begins to change.
bg big fa fast hg lg ment
7th Nov 17
Lauren gets a job working in a milk bar over the summer, but her reaction to the drug used to induce lactation of the Happy Milk drug is much stronger than usual.
bg ag big chem lac science slow
15th Oct 07
This is my first story. Please leave commentary, and this is going to be in parts.
lg offstage slow
25th Jul 18
An old story of mine. A milf takes a lavender scented bath with a sweet smelling alien. A bit of preg and a little BE.
bg aliens big chem lac nc preg science slow
29th Oct 05
A skinny runway model becomes a curvacious hooker after her mysterious captor employs a magic air pump to end her career. is now revived and updated, drop by and revisit old favorites and discover new !
ag fast huge magic
13th Jun 08
A sequel to Dr. Gonzaga, a posting I made a few months back. May help to read it, but not necessary. What happens when modern science can unravel the secrets of that lusty Victorian elixer? What happens when a lovely young botanist samples the women's plant, and has an expanding experience.
big chem preg slow
10th May 08
A sequel to an old submission of mine, 'Dr. Gonzaga'. What happens when modern science comes in contact with the lusty Victorian extract that causes everything good to expand...;)
big chem preg slow
5th Oct 17
Lena Gushman is a brilliant, acerbic university student with one problem; her breasts are too big! With the support of her lover Harriet, Lena opts for what she thinks is a straightforward breast reduction surgery. But Dr. Glaugurm's procedures have a way of... reversing themselves.
bg ag big cb fast gts hg huge hyp instant lac lg magic ment mg nc science slow weird asleep
17th Aug 15
My first ever submission. Please let me know of many errors and let me know of any suggestions. Set in the Warcraft universe. Contains futa. More sex in upcoming chapters.
big fast huge magic nc asleep
17th Aug 15
My first ever submission. Please let me know of many errors and let me know of any suggestions. Set in the Warcraft universe. Contains futa. More sex in upcoming chapters.
big fast huge magic nc asleep
24th Feb 98
A wish to be attractive has unexpected consequences for a clever young man.
bg big fa fast magic mm mpg rc tg
17th Apr 01
Seamus O'Shanty the Leprechaun returns for revenge on Bobby and her stripper friends.
bg ag ft hg huge lac magic nc preg tg wow
16th Jan 21
No one is safe once Ricky accidentally unleashes an ancient power upon his senior class. Everyone will quickly "learn" the consequences.
ag cb hg huge hyp instant magic ment mm mpg nc weird
25th Jan 21
The envious Kayleigh and her physics class become the second victims of the powerful Amphora of Eros.
ag ar cb fast hg huge hyp lac magic ment mg mm mpg weird
26th Jan 21
The envious Kayleigh and her physics class become the second victims of the powerful Amphora of Eros. (Not sure what happened with the upload last time. Should be readable now)
ag ar cb fast hg huge hyp lac magic ment mg mm mpg weird
17th Apr 22
Quick little story about two girls getting into the Easter spirit.
ag cb fast huge magic
19th Aug 11
a letter form someone ... to someone how want read this !!! ...
huge slow asleep
5th Apr 16
Lia tries to relax during her summer vacation, but her ex-boyfriend, a baby, and her growing milk-filled breasts prevent that from happening.
fast huge instant lac lg nc asleep
6th Jan 23
Tale of four young girls who while on a summer break in France, stumble across a mysterious ancient object which will change all of their lives forever. No spoilers ...except to say that there are many expansions and twists in the tale. First story in over ten years - hope that you enjoy it.
bg ag ar big cb fast gts hg huge lg magic ment mg nc sc
3rd Aug 18
A slumber party, four girls, and a game about to change their lives.
bg ar big huge instant lac magic ment
11th Apr 19
Gail's cousins both changed nicely when they were 16 years old. Now, Gail is 16 and nothing happens. Maybe it's time her cousins share with her the secret behind their luck...
bg big huge instant lac magic nc
24th Aug 18
The sequel to Life Game - High School Edition. Years later, Rachel, still growing but now alone in high school, starts another game...
bg ar big fast gts huge instant lac magic ment mpg nc offstage slow tg wow
21st Jan 22
Amos finds a magic book: it's the start of an adventure he won't forget! A pretty long story, since I tried to add in many suggestions people made. Hope you'll enjoy it!
bg big cb huge instant lac magic sc slow tg
21st May 12
In response to a comment on my most recent story, I've decided to go back through all my old stories and fix up the formatting and paragraphing to make them all nicely readable. This collection contains all my current uploads on the site in a simple, cohesive HTML design with my utterly shocking use of paragraphs (or lack thereof) fixed up for actually knowing how to write now.
ag big bond cb chem fast gts hg huge lac lg magic ment mm mpg multiple nc sc science shem slow tg weird asleep
21st Dec 10
I'm still alive! Another story, this one fits in with my Last Defender stories, though having read those isn't necessary for this one. Let me know what you think, I can be found easier over on deviantART as GenkoKitsu
ag big cb fast huge inc lg magic mpg wow
28th May 13
Some girls are bigger than others. That makes them better.
big chem slow
28th May 13
Some girls are bigger than others, and other girls are bigger than they are
big chem slow
3rd Jun 13
Someone said there was a decent story hiding inside this one. I hope no one minds if I tried to coax it out.
big chem slow
8th Feb 15
Feeling slighted, Lilly finds a way of balancing the scales.
ag big cb fast hg magic mg sc
19th Dec 14
A very quick, very short BE story. Honestly just trying my hand at writing what I like, and possibly setting up for more chapters.
instant magic nc sc wow
19th Dec 14
A somewhat longer story, with the same ridiculous expansion. Enjoy!
instant nc sc wow
12th Nov 07
First story, please comment! Lisa, your regular 17 year old comes across a strange rock that embeds itself into her body and takes her kinky mind and body through a whole host of orgasmic transformations as she pleasures herself over and over again.
big cb fast magic ment mpg sc science shem weird
31st Dec 00
Linden spends summer at camp growing larger boobs, and fantasizing about a boy.
bg big slow
10th May 98
Trying to please her boyfriend, a woman goes in for a new form of liposuction that removes the fat from practically everywhere - with unexpected results.
bg huge slow
26th May 00
A scientist has his girlfriend drink some liquid helium -- and it expands.
bg big fa fast nc science
29th Aug 98
A female chemist finds a formula that makes women's breasts grow.
bg chem fa fast huge ment
26th Jan 21
Scarlet is a junior in college, just trying to get through until she discovers a little black notebook that is magically placed in her locker. Her world opens up wide when she discovers that this notebook can grant any bodily wish that she desires. This is my first ever BE story. I tried to explore a few different concepts while working. This is what I consider chapters 1 and 2 of the story. I'm always willing to hear suggestions for new wishes that she could write down in her notebook.
bg ag big fast magic ment mg mm mpg sc shem slow asleep
28th Jan 21
Continuing Scarlet's adventure with the little black notebook that grants her every wish she plays a bit more with herself and her friends. Part 2 to this little series that I'm doing. It consists of chapters 3-4.
bg ag big fast huge magic ment mg mm mpg offstage sc shem weird
3rd Feb 21
This is the final part of this series following Scarlet and Rick as they play even more with their friends and the little black notebook.
bg big fast huge magic mg mm mpg sc
8th Jan 13
[BE] | BI-GIRL | Flat BE : Practically STORYLESS | 13 Page story | Story follows a girl of smaller stature as she acts out her perversions with a little help | FIRST COOPERATION | SMALL VERY BUSTY GIRL included as is my signature character type | RTF ONLY | Special thanks to Trixielle Lunare for great edits and detailing scenes were necessary as well as updating grammar everywhere | Please enjoy!
big chem huge lac mpg science slow
3rd Feb 05
A young girl named Gwen stumbles upon some little people in the forest. They turn out to be magic, and give her a big helping hand. Soon, everything starts to seem little.
ag big cb fa fast gts lac magic nc
6th Feb 05
After being transformed Gwen travels to her boyfriend's cabin in the woods. But the wizards follow her and she realizes hiding her size is not such an easy thing. Continued from Little Help
ag big cb fa fast gts hg huge lac lg magic ment multiple nc tg
12th Jul 98
Little Hillary Jeckyll finds her father's formula that can give a girl ""More"".
bg chem fa fast hg huge lg
28th Sep 20
Rising idol Little Miss Mindy is a growing sensation, literally! Fans come see the shortstack beauty for her awe inspiring form, and stay for her musical talent. This story is quite short, but I hope people enjoy!
cb huge offstage slow
30th Sep 20
So... I accidently uploaded the wrong version of the story last time and I didn't notice until someone pointed it out. This is the cleaned up and edited version of the story. Rising idol Little Miss Mindy is a growing sensation, literally! Fans come see the shortstack beauty for her awe inspiring form, and stay for her musical talent. This story is quite short, but I hope people enjoy!
cb chem huge offstage slow
11th Nov 01
Anthony, a BE writer, needs a little help with his story, and a lovely pair of ladies is only too happy to oblige.
bg fast huge lac mpg
8th Mar 98
Little sister is so jealous of her sibling's boyfriend that she makes them both grow impossibly huge.
bg fa fast huge lac magic mpg preg
6th Feb 21
Jake has longed to date his friend Megan all his life and now has his chance. The problem? Somehow her younger sister has become attached to his Supergirl fantasies, her looks and abilities growing closer to those of his dream woman every time he sees her.
bg ag big hg lg magic ment mg slow
12th Oct 12
A short story about a vacation in the mountains, a mysterious g-string, and a man's personal journey into womanhood and extremely large breasts.
ag huge nc slow tg
22nd Jan 11
The first story about a guy and his experience on a website recommendation.
big fast ment tg
20th Apr 05
Here's the complete version of 'The Deal' but with it's original title, 'Liz'. Story of a smuggler who uses her womb to transport contraband. In this particular case it's a snake.
chem huge sc slow weird
2nd Mar 16
A mysterious entity targets Emily, transforming her into something that she doesn't understand. Word to the wise? This one might get a bit weird.
ag fast huge ment science weird
3rd Jan 21
Dan offers to let his girlfriend Victoria and her sister move in during the lockdown of 2020. Victoria's sister Angie is a lot curvier, and she claims that women in their family tend to put on weight in all the right places. Dan soon enjoys watching the inevitable weight gain that comes from quarantine, but the temptation of his girlfriend's sister makes it hard. 30 photos mixed in with the story to add visuals.
bg ag big cb fa lac preg science slow
6th Jul 11
A British schoolgirl, a bubbly shorty, an Eastern European spy, an out of work actress, and a motorcycle chick undergo a variety of transformations in a locker room. (This post is a result of the recent chain of reposts. Above is my previous story, now with 99% less food references and eye bleeding fonts. I have also done my best to smooth out and/or streamline the text. With my next story, I am interested in pursuing one of these character's plot lines further. PM me if you have a preference or you can leave them in the rating box. Also please inform me if this still is awkward for you. I am willing to put it through the ringer, at least, one more time)
ag big cb chem fa gts inc instant lac lg ment mpg nc shem weird
17th Mar 22
Just a fun little story
bg big cb fast science weird
24th Apr 05
Promising all the excitement and adventure that reading a log file can provide.
fast huge nc offstage sc science wow
26th May 00
Big breasts in Las Vegas.
23rd Oct 15
A short (1327 words) .docx story with a warp/morph inserted. I claim no ownership of the original photo. Jim is hired to watch his neighbor for the evening. It soon becomes a bigger deal than he expected.
big cb chem fast gts lg offstage sc
28th Oct 18
Sophie becomes jealous when she discovers her friend has taken a potion to become more curvy. She takes things into her own hands when she steals the potion and takes it along to a dinner party. She intends to make quite an impression on the dinner guests.
ag cb fast huge magic
22nd Aug 18
Kind of a writing experiment : two girls are stuck in a time loop ending with a wish. Each time, the loop restarts, but a little different after each wish.
bg ar big huge instant magic ment offstage
8th Aug 14
ag big cb fast huge instant magic
17th Jan 06
The Mothers of the Apocalpse are back in their latest adventure. When a forgotten evil is unleashed its up to the girls to discover a sixty year old secret in time to save the world.
ag ft huge lac magic nc slow weird asleep
6th Jul 05
A continuation of the Lost Girls storyline. New enemies, new danger and new milk dolls... oh my!
ag huge lac lg magic multiple nc preg slow weird asleep
16th Sep 05
The girls are back again and trouble is a-brewin'. This file incorporates parts 1, 2 and 3 that were previously released as well as the new part 4. All parts have been re-edited and re-spell checked. (for those that wish to read just the new part, skip to page 195 - Part 3: The Trouble with Milkdolls)
fast huge hyp instant lac magic ment nc offstage preg sc shem slow weird asleep
13th Jan 05
They're back! Just when you thought everything was back to normal in Baltimore more evil is afoot. They got lucky the first time, can the Michelle and Lisa survive again?
chem fast huge lac magic nc offstage preg slow weird asleep
10th Sep 04
Three young women are the only survivors of an accident on a spacecraft. They come across an abandoned ship just as their food supply is running out, but something is wrong with the adandoned ship's food.
chem offstage slow wow
12th Feb 13
She's lost, she's alone, she's naked, and she's going through some serious changes. Watch the beautiful Noreen try to get out, get expand, and find out why everything is trying to boost her cup size. A note from the author- This story contains very little B.E. since it's primary purpose is to set things up for the oncoming chapters, so please bear with me. Commentary is welcome.
big chem fast lac nc science slow
21st Apr 03
Megan, an adorable hipster, lost the love of her life, and found a lot of time on her hands.  But since she started working at Dunkin Donuts, she's got a different life ahead of her.  And some great new T and A, to boot.
bg ag big cb fa hyp slow
25th Aug 10
My first story. What's the worst that can happen to a faulty cursed love doll? Answer is a lot!
ag cb fast hg huge lac lg magic mpg nc
6th Jul 11
I wrote this as a simple fun bit of Fan Fiction. Almost all the characters belong to Dc comics. The setting is after the Blackest Night Comic series which is based on the Green Lantern comics. I haven't written a pure BE story in awhile. For pics of the characters, just Google them like anyone else.
aliens cb huge instant nc rc science
1st Nov 04
A philanthropist meets the woman of his dreams...
big fast gts huge lac magic ment mg mm mpg multiple sc shem tg
23rd Jun 99
A boy buys a spell to make his girlfriend a busty love slave.
bg fa fast huge ment
20th Oct 16
Dreams bring out your innermost desires. Lucid dreams take it one step further...
bg ag big fast hg huge instant lg magic ment shem tg asleep
22nd Feb 17
A solo tale of a man trying to fill a need he didn't previously know he had.
bg ag big hg instant offstage tg asleep
23rd Oct 16
Dreams bring out your innermost desires. Lucid dreams take it one step further... By request - Now in multiple file formats! Enjoy!
bg ag big fast hg huge instant lg magic ment shem tg asleep
15th Nov 01
Stephanie discovers the family curse. Breasts that grow when she has sex before marriage! Why is this a curse?
ag cb fast huge nc wow
4th Aug 11
I felt it was time to post it. Don't expect wild fact don't expect any sex lol. You've been warned.
big cb offstage science slow wow
11th Aug 14
This is what has happened in Lucky so far. I have neglected the most important BE story depository and it was a mistake. If I died or something happened to my files and DA I's lose it, so better to keep a copy of it in the archives Thanks to lolchair for compiling it.
big chem science slow
4th Aug 11
I realized 2 things: the authors name was wrong and the description was extremely lame. This is a story i wanted to keep as real as possible. Expect the use of pink concations to increase the bustline of an already epic proportioned main female char and her 'nemesis' which is desperate to stay bigger. Still no sex applies.
big cb offstage science slow wow
10th Oct 06
This is my first attempt at writing a story, I didnt' want to write a full story until I get some commentary on my writing style and idea for a story. This is just the intro, but tell me what you think guys.
aliens magic
27th Jan 04
Jim breaks up with his girlfreind, and then meets Cassandra almost immediately, who turns out to be far more than he anticipated!
big fast sc
24th Apr 21
Jessica has recently confided to her husband that she'd like nothing more than to have larger breasts. Her normal morning cup of tea might just grant her wish. Or is it his wish? Find me on Reddit at BEOasis.
bg big fast instant lac magic
23rd Jan 14
Lucy buys a new kind of body wash that has... unexpected results.
chem fast huge ment sc asleep
9th Jul 15
An updated version of "Lucy's Life Changing Shower" with a few added bits. As before, Lucy buys a new kind of body wash that has... unexpected results.
big chem fast huge lac ment sc asleep
17th Jul 15
The sequel to "Lucy's Life Changing Shower," in which Lucy discovers the effects of her milk (on both men and women)
chem fast huge lac ment mm mpg
7th Aug 15
George comes back to find that Lucy's made another bimbo, and then he starts using her milk for his own purposes, and more bimbos are created... This is the final part of the series that started with Lucy's Life Changing Shower. Comments and criticism are welcome.
chem fast huge lac ment sc
4th Jan 21
Katrina and her mistress help Melanie discover magic, following the events of Breakfast at Melanie's...
fast huge lac magic rc sc slow wow
10th Jul 10
Charlie's wife loves him. A lot. Frequently. He finds her irresistable. She gives him everything he wants, but Charlie wonders if this treatment is really healthy. This story gets straight to business. fans of Stewy and Hunter S Creek should enjoy. Shrinking Man and light fem-dom vibes.
big fast gts huge magic mpg sc
27th Dec 02
huge magic ment
16th Jul 02
"And what are we to tell the local authorities? Do we tell them that one hundred sex-starved, nymphomaniac, demon sluts have escaped?" It gets worse. Only by downloading this story will you discover the true erotic powers of the Daughters of Lilith. Pregnant demons and uncontrollable sexual urges bedevil the Agents! (It's not really as big as it looks: That's just the illustration I put in.)
ag cb fast lac magic preg sc slow weird