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The Overflowing Bra

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7th Feb 21
Rachael's brother, Chad, has come up with a serum that enhances feminine attributes. She and her friends try it. Sexy hijinks and other developments ensue. ;)
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13th Apr 18
My girlfriend out grows me
bg big chem hg lg offstage slow
11th Apr 11
Flung into the world of the Asstrix, Rachel clings to her trainer and learns how to manipulate her self image. To be Cuntinued. More to Cum.
cb huge instant lac magic mpg sc shem
26th Jul 98
A pair of archaeologists search for the lost chapters to the Kama Sutra.
bg ag ar fa fast hg huge lg magic mm mpg
18th Nov 22
Ramona is a girl who's at the end of her rope. She's tried everything to try and get her breasts to grow and nothings worked. Her friend recommends some shady supplements that also fail to achieve results and so she turns to implants. Little does she know that she'll get much more than she expected. Authors note: thank you all for the continual feedback, it means a lot. Cheers and enjoy
bg big fast huge lac offstage sc science slow asleep
25th Apr 05
This is AkioKid's first story. Ranma-chan wins a contest to become a model for Okina Corp's bras, but decides that she needs to be even bustier. She gets a potion to do just that, while Shampoo finds another method to increase her bust line. Who will win in the battle for the biggest chest?
cb fast huge instant magic offstage
28th Aug 23
Samantha is cornered by her friends Morgan and Kelly who impose their newfound contagion upon her. She has no interest in becoming a "hot girl" and resolves to resist whatever is causing this. Will she succeed?
big cb fast hg lg magic nc
4th Aug 21
Kelly has a lot going for her after graduating high school- but she'd like a little more. Digression from the Shapeshifter Girlfriend series, done more as a workshop for myself but ended up being a whole story.
bg big cb fast hg lg magic
28th Aug 23
Kelly discovers her breasts attempting to grow, and whenever she prevents the growth, the rest of her body does instead. She decides to record her transformation and enjoy the process.
big cb fast hg magic
28th Aug 23
Kelly finds her friend Morgan, and they discover that whatever happened to Kelly is contagious. Morgan doesn't get it at first, but soon catches on and enjoys the improvements just as much as Kelly did.
big cb fast hg lg magic
26th Jan 10
A new hair stylist writes on his days at work. His first customer comes in after having cut gum out of her hair. She leaves with a little more than just a new hairstyle.
big fast hg instant magic
15th Feb 10
ag big cb fast hg instant magic
15th Feb 10
A new hair stylist writes on his days at work. His first customer comes in after having cut gum out of her hair. She leaves with a little more than just a new hairstyle. Revision written in 3rd person. Much better read!
ag big cb fast hg instant magic
18th Apr 10
The second story of my new "Art of Witchery" series(a link to the first can be found in this one). Susan is subjected to a berry transformation that's a little different from the usual blueberries.
fast huge lac magic multiple nc weird
3rd Dec 02
It was just a normal day for Kit Edas at Easton High School; boring classes, boring teachers, but the only thing that kept him going was his girlfriend Melanie.
big fast inc science
14th Dec 04
Hypnotia, begins her infiltration of The Organization, in her attempt to find whether Rayuen is alive or not. Part one of three. (Edited from previous version)
hyp lac shem weird
30th Mar 04
The 5 part of the series. Rayuen finally finds the one he is looking for, but so does Axetara, who will win the battle for control of the world?
big science weird
19th Dec 02
Rayuen acquires his powers through a freak accident while investigating a fire at the Edas residence.
big fast lac science weird
28th Feb 03
Axetara gets what she desires.
big fast lac weird
10th Dec 02
Kit finds out how much trouble a litte program named Master PC causes him.
big lac magic science
27th Dec 02
An incomplete story from EMCSA.
big ment asleep
25th Dec 22
A misread ingredient for a beauty potion results in some amplified effects that bring two roommates much closer together.
ag cb fast huge magic ment shem tg
1st Dec 10
When a man unknowingly saves the life of a fairy she vows to pay him back. Overhearing him wish his love doll was alive, the fairy secretly grants his desire. But the newly alive love doll has other plans for herself, and what she will need to get ahead in the world... 14 pages long and features four illustrations done by Dan Standing. PDF format ebook.
ag big fast magic weird
30th Jul 12
Just your typical story: Girl get kidnapped to be transformed into a sex genie. Girl escapes, makes her boyfriend her master, and begins to change reality around them to fulfill all of his fantasies. Girl also inadvertently starts a zombie apocalypse. (This one is really dark, so it may not be for the feint of heart.)
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27th Dec 02
One of the finest examples of the BE Addventure rising to the occasion and producing an original narrative. The story is about a disturbing fetish-based reality TV show.
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1st Jan 05
Another story featuring the intrepid agents of the FBGB. Unzips into a three-part HTML story with illustrations. Unzip and click on index.htm
17th Dec 15
In the same universe as the previous Lucy series, this is the story of Rebecca and her friends in a world where drinking bimbofying milk is normal. Critiques and criticism are welcome as always.
ag chem fast huge ment sc
9th Mar 11
The town of Rose Hills is and always has been super-conservative to the point of impossibility. When several graduating students at Rose Hills High begin to act out in a rush of pent-up emotions and suppressed hormones, they find that things start to change in their favor, and not in the ways one would normally expect.
ag big cb fa fast huge lac mm mpg preg sc slow wow
18th Mar 13
Michael is an average man, until he stumbles upon an artifact on an archeological dig. From there his life takes on significantly more meaning. Comments are welcome. And if anyone wants to do some illustrations to add to the story,
big chem huge hyp lac mpg preg science slow
11th Sep 23
This is a story heavily influenced by Recolonization by Nok Nok (Highly recommend). This is the first chapter of this BE Sci-fi Epic! Its about a normal guy who hates his life. That is, until he gets abducted by an alien ship and his life forever changes. This is a lore chapter to set up the story, so there's no direct BE, but it is foreshadowed. I have big plans for this project. Future chapters will contain BE, pregnancy, lactation, and more! This my first time writing so any feedback is greatly appreciated!
ag aliens big huge hyp preg science slow
16th Sep 23
The saga continues! This time, Jason and Venus have a little fun, someone new joins the mix, and things are about to get crazy! Been on a roll writing lately and happy with how this one turned out. Thank you guys so much for the support on the first chapter, it keeps me going! Make sure to go support me over on DA @OppaiDragonWrites if you want more. Enjoy!
aliens big hyp ment preg sc science slow
18th Sep 23
Here we go again! In this chapter of this BE Sci-fi epic, Jason and Celina get to know each other better, Venus starts to self-indulge, and there's finally breast expansion! And don't worry, there's much, much more to come. Again, I cannot thank you guys enough for the support. It means the world to me as a new writer. As always, checkout my deviant art @OppaiDragonWrites if you want to reach out or support me. Otherwise, enjoy!
aliens big cb hyp instant ment preg sc science slow
25th Sep 23
The story continues! In this chapter, Jason brings Celina to the ship, we find out how big Venus grows from drinking the 5-gallon shake, and much more! Things are starting to ramp up as there is some serious growth in this chapter which I hope you guys enjoy. As always, make sure to rate my story with your feedback if you want more. And if you want to support me, follow me over at deviant art @OppaiDragonWrites.
aliens big fast huge hyp instant ment preg sc science slow asleep
8th Oct 23
Chapter 5 is finally here. In this wholesome chapter, we learn more about the nanobots and Celina gets her injection to get bigger boobs. How big will she go? Read to find out! This is a longer chapter focused primarily on plot and character development. But trust me, the wait will be will be worth it in the long run. As always make sure to rate with your feedback and follow me on Deviant art @OppaiDragonWrites to support me! Enjoy!
aliens big cb fast hyp instant ment preg rc science asleep wow
12th Nov 23
After a short hiatus, the saga continues! In this chapter, Venus grows some more and Celina finally begins her growth journey, which has an interesting start. Later, the girls get some girl time as they mend their bond. Hope you guys enjoy this shortish chapter. And sorry for the delay just been super busy with school lately. Happy with how this chapter turned out. For those of you who read the original, there's a surprise at the end of the chapter you will find oddly familiar ;). As always, make sure to follow me on Deviant art @oppaidragonwrites, rate this story with your feedback, and most importantly, enjoy reading!
aliens big cb huge hyp instant ment preg sc science slow
3rd Dec 23
The saga continues once again! This is the largest and sexiest chapter yet. This chapter is about the trio's trip to the mall, where they run into some sticky situations... This is by far my favorite chapter I've ever written and I think you will see why after reading this. As always, make sure to rate with your feedback and follow me on deviant art @OppaiDragonWrites to keep up to date with story updates. Enjoy reading!
ag aliens big cb fast huge hyp instant lac ment preg sc science slow asleep
18th Jan 24
After a long break, the saga continues! In this chapter Celina restarts her master plan to get bigger boobs, and Venus and Jason have a heart to heart moment. Sorry for the delay on this chapter. Hope you guys like the new installment. For those of you worried about Celina being left out, don't worry big things are planned for her very soon. As always rate with your feedback and enjoy reading!
aliens big huge hyp lac ment preg sc science slow asleep
9th Jun 04
A girl gets her hands on an old red magical cloak. See what happens when her sister gets half of it.
cb huge magic slow wow
25th Mar 11
This story was heavily inspired by Shooting Supergirl from Marknew. It is a Superman/Supergirl fanfic and I hope you'll like it. Part 2 will come soon which will probably conclude this story arc. Feedback is welcomed please consider that I'm not a native speaker.
big chem fast mg science
17th Feb 15
Worried that her large breasts are getting in the way of her love life, Petra goes to a plastic surgeon for a reduction. Before long though, she finds herself talked into an experimental procedure that promises to leave her with an entirely different perspective.
ag cb chem fa fast huge rc science
5th Feb 99
A space alien escapes from her home planet where she's small busted, and comes to Earth, where she's not. Not by a long shot.
bg aliens huge nc science
27th Dec 02
Early (possibly earliest -- 1996) classic of the BE genre about twin sisters who agree to be test subjects.
big inc ment slow
3rd Apr 19
Infidelity leads to a confrontation of former friends. In the aftermath, will there be a friendship, a relationship, or just lust? Can milk heal the conflict?
chem fast huge instant lac
10th Jan 18
Professor Lilly Lan has managed to resist using her metahuman ability to suck people into her bosom and consume them for a decade, but a mugging gone wrong sets her on a path to relapse. When the Man of Steel catches a glimpse of her hypnotic bosom, she will be faced with temptation too difficult to resist.
bg ag big gts hg huge instant lg magic mg offstage slow
26th May 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. A woman trapped in a man's body wanders into our midst this fine evening, seeking the power to release her inner self to the world. However is such a world ready who they really are?
bg ag big cb chem fast hg huge magic sc shem tg weird
20th Sep 08
After an encounter with aliens, Gerald finds himself blessed with the Reward an of an Alien's Gift.
ag aliens big cb fast magic ment
27th Sep 08
Rosie wants answers. Unfortunately, she again encounters the one person who can actually provide them.
big fast hg magic ment mpg
4th Oct 08
Gerald gets off campus for a look around at the city and a night out on the town.
ag ar big cb fast hg inc instant lg magic ment mg mm
11th Oct 08
Gerald is having so much fun with nigh-infinite power, but can he survive an encounter with another being rewarded with an alien's gift?
aliens big cb hg instant magic ment
28th Jun 98
A magic pink towel arrives at a girls school and has fabulous effects.
bg cb fa fast huge lac magic ment mpg preg wow
19th Nov 01
The trials of a young woman, as she struggles to remember her past, while avoiding the pearls of the future, in a world not her own.
3rd Mar 98
When she finds her new implants are adjustable, a young lady discovers the dangers of remote control.
bg fa fast nc rc science wow
16th Jun 07
A young girl, often overlooked by others, is given a chance to stand out by her closest freind.
ag big cb fast magic
30th Apr 21
What happens when a sexy, undercover superhero with the power to perfectly replicate clothing replicates a hypno-uniform by accident?
bg big chem fast ment rc
29th Sep 21
Part two of a two-part story. With her "More Me" serum, scientist Emma Wallace has made a big and expanding impact on the lives - and bustlines - of millions of women. But when a gorgeous blond journalist with huge boobs looks like she might be about to spoil everything, Emma comes up with an audacious plan to use this rapidly-growing problem to her advantage. Set in the Galactea Inc. universe.
chem fast huge ment mg mm mpg science slow
8th Sep 21
With her "More Me" serum, scientist Emma Wallace has made a big and expanding impact on the lives - and bustlines - of millions of women. But when a gorgeous blond journalist with huge boobs looks like she might be about to spoil everything, Emma comes up with an audacious plan to use this rapidly-growing problem to her advantage. Set in the Galactea Inc. universe.
bg big chem hg ment sc science slow
25th Mar 09

Calvin meets a Genie and makes the customary three wishes.

A short short story.

big instant magic mpg
15th Mar 20
A transgender test subject for a new hormone treatment finds herself growing far more than she'd expected as she vlogs her progress.
bg ag big cb huge offstage science shem slow wow
3rd Apr 24
Retail was one of my first stories, it features breast expansion and lactation content. It started back in November 2021 and finally it has been completed. Dan works in a tech department within a supermarket. He has a new co-worker, Mandy, who is incredibly beautiful but there is something more to her. Over time he swears he sees her already impressive bust get bigger, little does he know what he is in for.
big cb lac slow
8th Mar 98
Nymphomaniac wife of a genetic scientist has an affair and pays the price.
bg ag huge lg nc preg science slow
12th Jul 98
All 12 RTF-format chapters of the Return of the Golden Goose in one ZIP file.
bg slow
25th Jul 18
A milf's aftermath of an intimate encounter with a giant mutant hagfish (aka slime eel). A sequel to a story by Doc Dweeb. Story can be found on his site on Hentai Foundry.
bg big lac preg science slow
20th Nov 01
This is exactly what we need to turn people away from soft drinks.
huge nc slow
5th Mar 99
A jealous schoolgirl has aliens turn a nice girl into a topheavy bimbo.
bg ag aliens fa fast huge ment
22nd Oct 04
Sarah, a normal girl in high school, through a series of blunders, caused the wrath of the worst girl in the school, Sophia. With the help of some "Borrowed" nanotechnology, Sophia gets her large, inflated revenge. But Sarah is not out, and she'll get her revenge as well.
ag cb fast nc rc science wow
2nd Sep 09
Someone gave Ashley a bimbo pop. Ashley discovered what it could do, and intended to use it for revenge. But in the end, she couldn't control herself, and neither could her victim. Featuring a new flavor: Wonder Melon.
ag big cb fast huge magic ment nc
25th Mar 98
A snide reviewer goes in search of a BE author.
bg big chem fa fast rc
20th Feb 98
Well, so it may have some unintended side effects...
bg chem fa fast lac wow
16th Apr 98
Roger releases an ancient being from its prison, and as a reward, receives magical powers which he uses to make Tracey his slave.
bg fa fast instant ment
8th May 05
story i found a while ago, unfinished but good
big fast magic tg weird
10th Jun 19
A future noir tale about genetic modifications, lost loves, and a breasts that can inflate like balloons...
bg ag big bond fast huge nc rc sc science
18th Jul 07
Hello my fellow big boob fans! I'm a recent bisexual from a city in the hot Southwest, and thanks to the encouragement of my new partner, who has a pair of breasts nearly as big as my own, I've started to fantasize about the sexual possibilities. Real and imagined. I write for two publications as a living, so on this site I'm indulging my dark, delicious, yet hopefully still quite human side. This story is about a heavy Latina woman in Phoenix who buys a bus ticket to San Diego. She wants to change her life, and hopes the city will inspire her to get back into shape. But things don't go as planned when she meets an usual woman in the Phoenix bus station. I hope you enjoy the first erotic story I've ever written. If you like it, I will write more. Gracias, amigos.
big instant science
2nd Dec 06
Ok, due to underwhelming demand..;) here's the whole story. I have sent this through Word Spelling and Grammar check, and have taken all the suggestions from the last version into account. Still, I'm sure there's something 'wrong' with it. To coin a phrase, this is Porn, not Proust..;) Now there's a couple of other 'kinks' in here; nothing too out there, but still, you may want to skip the second 2 thirds of it, depending on your level of interest. I conceived of this as a story that could be placed at multiple sites, depending on what segments would 'fit'. I even submitted this to an 'editor' at one of the other sites. I did get one revision back, but that was almost 3 weeks ago, and the 2nd proof has not been responded to. If anyone wants to do a word by word, line by line attack of misspellings and grammatical errors, do your worst. At least I'll learn 2 things, 1) Where the grammar's off, and 2) what words are being misspelled (which can be added to my Word dictionary. Have fun.
big instant lac magic mpg preg
26th Oct 06
just part of a larger story. This part has BE, though at the end. There's 2 other parts that aren't so they're not in this version. Should be Amusing
big instant magic mpg
28th Aug 99
A boy borrows a magic ring that lets him change his form, but it begins to affect his mind as well.
bg fa fast huge inc magic ment nc sc tg
1st Sep 23
Alex and Mia meet a mysterious shopkeeper at a local market. She gives them a pair of rings of growth, which allow the wearer to alter the body of the other. Contains breast & ass expansion, hourglass expansion, attribute theft. Find me on DeviantArt if you enjoy my work!
ag cb fast huge magic
27th Sep 23
Alex & Mia head to a cabin for the weekend to relax & test the limits of the rings and their bodies. Contains attribute theft, breast expansion, cock & ball expansion. Suggestions for Chapter 4 are more than welcome! If you like my work, find me on DeviantArt & Swelltales as Ophirexpansion.
fast huge instant magic mpg sc wow
6th Dec 23
Alex, Mia & Abby continue to experiment with the power of the rings. Abby gets some milky revenge on a highschool bully. This chapter heavily features lactation & cowgirl based breast & ass expansion, as well as cock size manipulation. If you like my work, find me on DeviantArt & SwellTales as Ophirexpansion!
ag big fast huge instant lac magic mpg nc
8th Sep 23
Alex & Mia experiment with their new rings. Contains breast expansion (mostly milk induced) & giantess growth. If you have any suggestions or requests for future chapters please feel free to leave a comment! If you like my work, find me on DeviantArt & Swelltales as OphirExpansion.
big cb fast gts huge lac magic mpg
25th Apr 21
Special candies turn into a hit at a local college when they turn out a little juicier than intended! My first blueberry BE story! Written quite a while ago for Patreon...
bg big cb chem fast huge lac nc science slow weird wow
13th Jan 23
The sultry sorceress Khadila commands an army of loyal men, any one of whom would willingly give their lives in service of their buxom mistress. Despite their efforts, she is finally brought down by a powerful brotherhood of celibate knights carrying out their holy vows to eradicate evil. Although Richard Gallfrey and his comrades ride away, seemingly victorious, not all is as it seems, as Khadila’s final spell is about to change Richard’s life forever. This is a tale filled to the brim with magical transformations, mental corruptions, breasts swelling with sexual magic, of cocks filled with powerful seed. Read on to discover from whence this wanton witch derives her power, and what debauched scheme the sex-fuelled mage has hatched from beyond the grave upon these devout knights.
bg ag ar big cb huge instant magic ment mpg nc sc tg
25th Jun 12
Of which things come to a conclusion, and a new beginning, for Keith and the Cat Women. (The final chapter and epilogue are pretty short, but should still be enjoyable. I also included the full version of it on .html as well as in .doc, which was what I originally wrote it in. Thanks for reading!)
ag chem fast huge instant lac ment mm mpg offstage tg weird asleep
26th May 12
Keith Sheers was a cat guy; that is he was a single man who kept a cat to take care of his loneliness. But, one day a chemical accident changed the two forever. Now Keith must deal with a hot and horny cat woman living with him. (I was going to write the whole thing before putting it here, but realized that this is going to end up being a long one. Enjoy!!!)
big chem instant lac ment mpg weird asleep
28th May 12
Sandra and Keith learn new abilities, two more Catwomen are born, and Keith contemplates whether to comply with the morals and values he was raised on, or to give in to his sexual desires. (Added part 1 too. Enjoy!)
ag big chem fast huge lac ment weird asleep
30th May 12
Of which Keith gives in to his desires; Jamie meets Sandra; and Amy discovers the existence of the cat women in a most painful way.
ag big chem fast huge instant lac ment mpg offstage weird
1st Jun 12
Of which more cat women are created; Keith has a date with Katie and gets bugged; and Sandra and Eve play a sneaky trick on their landlady. (Sorry if I tend to mix up names from time to time. I am rather bad at that, but try my best not to. lol Also included parts 2 and 3)
ag ar big chem fast huge lac ment mpg offstage weird asleep
4th Jun 12
Of which Keith tells Katie all about the cat women; Keith starts his new job at the animal clinic; Sandra and Katie meet; and Keith's rather unpleasant brother, Sam, makes an appearance.
ag big chem fast hg huge lac ment mpg offstage slow tg weird asleep
16th Jun 12
Of which Keith buys some fake IDs, a new home, and a strip club, naming it, "The Cat's Meow"; the number of cat women in his pride practically double; and Katie finally tells Jamie about her relationship with Keith. (This one ended up becoming twice as long as the others. Also, I may have overdid it with the number of cat women additions this chapter. Enjoy!)
ag ar big bond chem fast huge lac ment mpg nc offstage tg weird asleep
21st Jun 12
Of which Katie's cat is catnapped by Inutech; Jamie becomes a cat woman, and researches the cat women to develop a formula to create more; and Keith struggles with his growing urges.
ag big chem fast huge lac ment offstage weird asleep
15th Mar 18
An accidental packet of yeast turns into an unexpected growth spurt for two girls!
bg big cb chem fast huge science
8th Jan 12
Another story, more of a situation. Bonus Mind-control at the end, but still should have some fun. ~ of tittilation still in effect
chem huge mpg slow
27th Dec 02
A sprawling tale of BE from the Addventure.
big huge magic ment
23rd Jul 03
Chelsea gets expandable implants and goes crazy trying to out grow her room mate.
big fast sc
7th Jan 24
Darren tries to keep things platonic with his increasingly hot roommate as the Slut Screen epidemic runs rampant around them.
big fast hyp ment science
1st Mar 24
Darren and Olivia try to get used to her slutty new tendencies, but then she gets Slut Screened again...
big fast hyp ment nc science
13th Jun 24
Darren tries to keep things platonic with his increasingly busty roommate as the Slut Screen epidemic runs rampant around them. Note: This chapter doesn't have any BE, but the previous and following chapters do!
big fast hyp ment science
16th Dec 11
Smutty and dark. This tells the story of a hopeless nerd finding his perfect lover in the most unlikely of people.
big bond fast lac ment multiple nc rc science tg weird
28th Apr 19
A series of stories culminating in one long novella, based on the characters of Roommates, a concept originally conceived by 99Breaker and CRUBAT. It was five years in the making. Enjoy.
bg ag big cb fast huge instant lac magic nc sc slow asleep wow
18th Jul 98
A century-old soft drink has beneficial effects on Rose and her roommate Miyuki. Illustrated.
bg chem fa fast huge
20th Dec 99
Goddess grants Roy gender-changing powers.
bg fa fast ft huge magic tg
19th Aug 23
In a post-isekai fantasy world, a hyperpregnant half-elven royal goes through her day with surprise twists and turn in store for her and her enormous siblings.
ag big huge lac magic offstage preg slow
9th Jul 14
An innocent vial with a mysterious substance decides to give an anonymous girl the royal treatment.
ag cb chem fast hg huge lac lg magic ment sc weird
2nd Jun 06
This is the actual final "Rubbed.doc" file, the first contains no commentary. For those of you interested in real-life BE, InstantBust has probably been seen and researched. This is the author's pondering and rendering of what would happen if this stuff actually worked. Lengthy BE in graphic detail.
big chem fast mpg
8th Aug 98
Inflatable superheroine battles cat-morphic female villain.
bg big chem fa fast gts
20th Nov 01
Orphaned on a lonely asteroid, Octavia came to depend upon her android guardian for more than just food clothing and shelter.
chem huge nc science
22nd Jan 21
A futanari mother and daughter decide to overdose on sex and breast growth drugs and descend into a life of non stop incestual fucking and cum addiction.
ag chem fa huge inc ment shem slow
3rd Apr 07

So Mike’s still lying in the hospital, having been screwed unconscious by a Stripper-slash-Import Tuner Show Babe, as the Vice Principal springs his surprise. Can Terry straighten things out in time? Will he even realize in time?

Basically, plot occurs here, so you may want to skip this chapter.

ar magic
6th Apr 07

Mike has his laptop and a copy of Master PC, and he’s all healed up, so it’s time for revenge! His tormentors shall suffer for all of the indignit— Oooh. Check out the cute nurse!

Maybe revenge can wait.

ar big hg instant magic ment mpg nc
31st Mar 07

It’s been a long, dull month for Mike Wagner. Beaten nearly to death by an irate boyfriend after carelessly using the amazing Master PC program, Mike can finally talk again and the first thing he asked for is, you guessed it, his laptop. But when the sexy daughter of his erstwhile roommate comes for a visit, will Mike escape the hospital alive?

And if he does, what surprises has the Vice Principal prepared for him?

big instant magic ment mpg
12th Apr 07
Mike gets moving on his grand scheme for vengeance, but Terry’s watching. So’s Suzy. And Danny. And Lindsay. Can’t a guy get any freaking privacy at Hübsches-Mädchen High? Nope. Doesn’t look like it.
big instant magic ment
15th Apr 07

Mike takes his new girlfriend, Lindsay, home for dinner to meet the family, but it seems that Callie has a friend over: the ever-lovely—and getting lovelier—Katelyn.

It looks like dessert will consist of Stripper Extraordinaire. Yummy!

ar big hg instant magic weird
9th Apr 07

Ah. High school. AKA the good ol’ days, not that they really were all that good, mind you. But then you or I likely didn’t have Master PC. Well, Mike does have Master PC, so for him the days really are good. Unfortunately, Danny Grant (formerly the vice principal) is onto him, and Danny’s replacement, The Vampire, is a little too detention-happy.

I mean really. It’s not like Mike started the orgy on purpose.

big fast lg magic ment mg mm
21st Apr 07

Not much happens in this chapter. Mike just spends an afternoon transforming cheerleaders and trying out all sorts of different body and breast styles on the unsuspecting bouncy bimbos.

But there is someone who does suspect ….

big cb huge instant lg magic ment
28th Apr 07

In the wrap-up for book II of Rumour Mill, it’s Danny vs. Mike. Who will you cheer for? What is Mike really up to? What do Terry and Suzy think?

And just what does happen when an exhibitionistic futa-girl works at a strip club?

big magic ment slow
18th Apr 07
Mike begins phase two of his nefarious plan for vengeance, but will Suzy let him get away with it? Or will she seduce and take the cheerleader for herself? What about Danny? His investigations bring him ever closer. But first, Dude, where’s Mike’s car?
big fast magic