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The Overflowing Bra

18th Jan 24
After a long break, the saga continues! In this chapter Celina restarts her master plan to get bigger boobs, and Venus and Jason have a heart to heart moment. Sorry for the delay on this chapter. Hope you guys like the new installment. For those of you worried about Celina being left out, don't worry big things are planned for her very soon. As always rate with your feedback and enjoy reading!
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3rd Dec 23
The saga continues once again! This is the largest and sexiest chapter yet. This chapter is about the trio's trip to the mall, where they run into some sticky situations... This is by far my favorite chapter I've ever written and I think you will see why after reading this. As always, make sure to rate with your feedback and follow me on deviant art @OppaiDragonWrites to keep up to date with story updates. Enjoy reading!
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12th Nov 23
After a short hiatus, the saga continues! In this chapter, Venus grows some more and Celina finally begins her growth journey, which has an interesting start. Later, the girls get some girl time as they mend their bond. Hope you guys enjoy this shortish chapter. And sorry for the delay just been super busy with school lately. Happy with how this chapter turned out. For those of you who read the original, there's a surprise at the end of the chapter you will find oddly familiar ;). As always, make sure to follow me on Deviant art @oppaidragonwrites, rate this story with your feedback, and most importantly, enjoy reading!
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8th Oct 23
Chapter 5 is finally here. In this wholesome chapter, we learn more about the nanobots and Celina gets her injection to get bigger boobs. How big will she go? Read to find out! This is a longer chapter focused primarily on plot and character development. But trust me, the wait will be will be worth it in the long run. As always make sure to rate with your feedback and follow me on Deviant art @OppaiDragonWrites to support me! Enjoy!
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25th Sep 23
The story continues! In this chapter, Jason brings Celina to the ship, we find out how big Venus grows from drinking the 5-gallon shake, and much more! Things are starting to ramp up as there is some serious growth in this chapter which I hope you guys enjoy. As always, make sure to rate my story with your feedback if you want more. And if you want to support me, follow me over at deviant art @OppaiDragonWrites.
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18th Sep 23
Here we go again! In this chapter of this BE Sci-fi epic, Jason and Celina get to know each other better, Venus starts to self-indulge, and there's finally breast expansion! And don't worry, there's much, much more to come. Again, I cannot thank you guys enough for the support. It means the world to me as a new writer. As always, checkout my deviant art @OppaiDragonWrites if you want to reach out or support me. Otherwise, enjoy!
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16th Sep 23
The saga continues! This time, Jason and Venus have a little fun, someone new joins the mix, and things are about to get crazy! Been on a roll writing lately and happy with how this one turned out. Thank you guys so much for the support on the first chapter, it keeps me going! Make sure to go support me over on DA @OppaiDragonWrites if you want more. Enjoy!
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11th Sep 23
This is a story heavily influenced by Recolonization by Nok Nok (Highly recommend). This is the first chapter of this BE Sci-fi Epic! Its about a normal guy who hates his life. That is, until he gets abducted by an alien ship and his life forever changes. This is a lore chapter to set up the story, so there's no direct BE, but it is foreshadowed. I have big plans for this project. Future chapters will contain BE, pregnancy, lactation, and more! This my first time writing so any feedback is greatly appreciated!
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