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19th Sep 98
Radio host meets a woman on the phone who wants to show him how her tits have grown.
bg lac
26th Oct 06
just part of a larger story. This part has BE, though at the end. There's 2 other parts that aren't so they're not in this version. Should be Amusing
big instant magic mpg
13th May 07
The Literary equivalent of fruitcake; incredibly dense, much too sweet, gets passed around a lot, and takes forever to get through..;) Actually, a 'botched' attempt at a Bearchive challenge. Read that they wanted a story to illustrate, went back, and found just a comic-book-length description. I'm about 21 pages over that. Victorian setting, and tried to convey the eroticism without having to use all the shopworn words...possibly the only story subitted here not containing the word 'pussy'..;) Enjoy. checked for spelling, but may have occasional dings..mea culpa
chem huge mpg slow weird
2nd Dec 06
Ok, due to underwhelming demand..;) here's the whole story. I have sent this through Word Spelling and Grammar check, and have taken all the suggestions from the last version into account. Still, I'm sure there's something 'wrong' with it. To coin a phrase, this is Porn, not Proust..;) Now there's a couple of other 'kinks' in here; nothing too out there, but still, you may want to skip the second 2 thirds of it, depending on your level of interest. I conceived of this as a story that could be placed at multiple sites, depending on what segments would 'fit'. I even submitted this to an 'editor' at one of the other sites. I did get one revision back, but that was almost 3 weeks ago, and the 2nd proof has not been responded to. If anyone wants to do a word by word, line by line attack of misspellings and grammatical errors, do your worst. At least I'll learn 2 things, 1) Where the grammar's off, and 2) what words are being misspelled (which can be added to my Word dictionary. Have fun.
big instant lac magic mpg preg
19th Dec 06
Ok, something with some actual breast expansion. There's a subcult of erotica out there, based on mind control. A lot of it is, uh..well, never mind. Some of it, however, is not all that bad. There is a subcult of THAT subcult, called 'Master PC', where the stories are written that you can use a program to design anyone to look or act anyway you want. A lot of that is stranger than fiction, no telling who wants what nowadays..;) Where this all got started? well, I just thought I would give it one of those 'origin of' stories. Sci-fi, a bit too much plot, but hopefully the naughty bits will make up for that. Run through Word spell and grammar check (word 2003). Read through a couple of times as well. With luck, it is not too off. Have fun
big cb fast sc science weird
13th Jun 08
A sequel to Dr. Gonzaga, a posting I made a few months back. May help to read it, but not necessary. What happens when modern science can unravel the secrets of that lusty Victorian elixer? What happens when a lovely young botanist samples the women's plant, and has an expanding experience.
big chem preg slow
10th May 08
A sequel to an old submission of mine, 'Dr. Gonzaga'. What happens when modern science comes in contact with the lusty Victorian extract that causes everything good to expand...;)
big chem preg slow
21st Jun 08
just a quicky. gonna lose access to this place for a couple months, so I'd better post quickly...;) Some BE, but not central to the story. Still, might be fun. Enjoy.
ag big hg instant lg offstage science asleep
20th Dec 08
Boy has it been a trial trying to find enough 'supervised' time to get this done and zipped. It's the sequel to my last story, so you might like to check that out first. It can stand alone, but if it gets confusing...;) Set in the Bimbo series of stories (well...barely...;), it has a bit too much plot, but I tried to keep it spicy enough to fit in here..;) have fun, comments and criticisms welcome.
big lac offstage science slow
6th Jan 09
What happens when a nice guy with a strange talent runs into too many women at once. Straight-up BE this time, and the usual fun that goes with it.
aliens big fast sc science
15th Jan 09
Well, someone asked for be careful what you ask for. This is part 2 of the Man with the it's more centered on her story. Some BE, but some enhancements of another sort, sauce for the gander, if you will...;) Have fun.
aliens fast huge lac mpg preg sc science
10th Jul 09
Yes, boys and girls, once again plot and character development get in the way of some serious fappage...;) Those how have not read my 'The Girl with the Hands' might want to read it, although it's not required. It picks up literally where the last one left off, and takes our heroes off to Jolly 'ol England to meet up with some more enhanced enhancers...;) Worked slightly harder on descriptions, but if there's any suggestions, please sing out.
ag aliens fast huge lac magic mpg
25th Jul 09
This one has a convoluted history. I created another Master PC story, exploring some aspects I didn't think had been addressed. The originator of the series kindly suggested some changes, which I probably didn't get right...;) Still, it's got some breast expansion, some fun, and I thought you guys might like it. It's another 'what if the girls found the Master PC program?' types. Have fun with it
ag instant ment mpg rc sc science asleep
6th Aug 09
If I could write sci-fi, I'd actually make a story with the preface. Thought it'd be a good idea. Still, this idea gelled around a couple of other stories I've read (not necessarily here), and I thought I'd take a crack at it. There is BE, apologies, but it's a while before it shows up. Put some other things in to keep people's attention until you get there...;)
aliens big mpg science slow
6th Aug 09
This was original meant for another type of site, but it's been a while, and no answer, so a few tweaks, and presto-chango, it's here... I've got about another week of 'freedom', and then I'm not going to be able to write for some time, and only infrequently. It's a shame, but sometimes real life intervenes. Another Sci-fi story, shorter, but more BE (though mostly in the background). Have fun.
big fast sc science
12th Jan 10
Long time, no post. This is actually a 'failure'; I'd tried to write an 'evil' story, where the 'bad guys' win, but it seems I can't do evil...;) Still, it's another in the Master PC stable of 'what ifs?' Apologies for grammar and punctuation, I had the @#$ file on how not to make mistakes, but I can't find it..;) Have fun.
ag cb fast hg huge lg ment mpg nc rc science
4th Feb 10
I'm back. Always been an admirer of XXXecil's work, so I thought I'd take a trip through the Faephobia universe (after checking with him, of course...;) Here's a little something, on how it all might have begun. Have fun.
big fast lac magic mpg preg sc
2nd Mar 10
Something odd happened to this on the way to posting; an actual story got stuck in it before I could put a stake through it's heart and get it to press...;) Sheesh, 9 chapters. To spare our gentle readers, I've put in something I call 'waltzing the tilde', just Edit|Find, and search for ~, and you can escape the pesky plot development, long-winded romantic scenes, etc...;) (Don't you wish EVERYONE would do this?...;) Usual warnings of possessives, contractions, bad grammar, word usage, and plu-perfect split definitives apply. Have fun
cb fast huge lac magic mpg preg sc
11th Mar 10
Ok, done, finito, finished, shot the engineers and began production...;) This just became a such a 'bug' that I had to finish it. Not as much BE as it should (but the principals are mostly already 'expanded', but plenty of good clean dirty fun. Once again, use the ~ to avoid any wasted fappage...;) This mainly ties up loose ends, though the story kept breaking out into the action. Have fun. On to the next one, some old faces, some Steampunk erotica(maybe I'll be the first).
big fast magic
23rd Mar 10
Sigh, another story that ran away with the plot instead of fappage..;) Ok, there is some BE in here, but it's a bit more slow-paced, and subtle, so be forewarned.Was responding to a thread in another forum called 'Steampunk Erotica', so I thought...why not? Usually ~ stuff for those with more on their hands than time...;) Sarissa 3, the 3rd part of the 2-part series is done as far as the story is done, just have to shoehorn in the BE scenes. Has to be done by next week. See you...out there...
big cb chem mpg science slow
25th Mar 10
Gad, I gotta give this a rest...;) 153 pages and counting....ok, as promised, here's Part 3 of the 2-part series. There's a little BE, but it's not a major part of the story, compared to other parts. Plenty o' sex, but 50 pages just for this part...whoosh! Ok, I'm thankful for all the comments, you've been very nice. Part four...I have a problem; I've pumped up everyone, so I have no flesh left to plump Actually, there's hardly any SEX in it at all. These things happen. I'll have to find somewhere else to publish it, but it will be a while. In the meantime, have fun
big cb instant magic mpg preg
31st Mar 10
Whoa, Nelly. 190 odd pages. It's time to put this puppy to bed. This is the final (no, really this time...;) forth part of the two-part series. It's gone from a simple idea about BE to a novel where everyone just happens to get laid...;) There's some BE here, but it's not fair to HHH and the others to call it a BE story as much, so once again, the ~ is your friend. I've got to cut back some, this was getting out of hand. It's time for other people to have a shot (thought anyone could post something any time, and I like reading 'em as much as I like writing 'em...;) I'm not going to stop, but it will probably be about June before I can pick up again. And I'm out of ideas at the moment. Still, it's been fun, have fun, and I'll be lurking around out there. Thanks to all.
big chem instant mpg preg
8th May 10
Ok, I managed to sneak another one out. Much more fappage than story in this one (some folks might have been cheated on the last one...;) Have fun, this one isn't as serious as the previous ones....
aliens cb fast huge mpg rc science
27th Oct 10
big fast mpg preg rc science
17th Jul 11
Hokay, been a long time with nothing of mine to show here. Following is another attempt at Erotic Steampunk, actually Oriental this time. This is the 5th part of the Sarissan trilogy, so it's a little heavy on story. Once again, do a search on ~, and you can skip the romance, plot development, bad puns, borrowed dialog, and get right to the 'good parts'. You don't have to read the other stories to follow this, unless you want all the references... It's a bit long (hey, be glad I didn't include the book cover piece), but hopefully some fun.
big cb fast magic preg sc
7th Jan 12
Hi, I'm back. Spent 5 months off the Internet (long story),'s a long story. Two versions; 1 short story with BE, and then, because of way too much time on my hands, a 'novella' of around 190 pages. For those looking for the good stuff - look for the 'tilda of tittilation', and skip all the stolen quotes, snappy patter, light humor, and plot and character development. Tilda = ~, just search for that. Have about another 6 stories (working on the 7th) for this site alone. Have fun, and more to come.
fast huge lac magic mpg preg sc
7th Jan 12
Ok, this reads as a comic (was originally for a site that does comics of BE, that shall remain nameless...;) but the '6 months before you see it' kinda takes the fun out of it. So it's kinda two-dimensional ('ceptin' the BE...;) and the 'politics' aren't meant to be taken seriously. It's all fun, so
big fast science
7th Jan 12
Final story for the day...this is what I should be writing 'she gets in, she gets big, she gets out' that everyone is hoping to find. Have fun...;)
big cb chem fast rc
8th Jan 12
Another story, more of a situation. Bonus Mind-control at the end, but still should have some fun. ~ of tittilation still in effect
chem huge mpg slow
8th Jan 12
And another...more of a 'what if' than hardcore, but hey, free's free, right?
big chem mpg slow
8th Jan 12
And that's it for a while. Everyone else should get a chance. Two hours later, you'll be horny again...;)
big fast magic mpg
5th Feb 12
Ok, the last one for a while (unless I get Katya book two taken care of, still have to shoehorn the BE into that one...;) Tried to pay more attention to typos, and hopefully the punctuation is better this time. The light-hearted tale of Soviet science, and how they go about BE. Note - some deliberate errors, just to play around with. Some grow, and some are just large to begin with. Have fun...;)
huge lac preg science slow
13th Nov 03
A man suddenly finds he has the power to grant wishes.
big fast gts instant magic ment mg
13th Nov 03
Aliens give a boy a reality-changing ray gun. Suddenly, he has twin nympho sisters, a gorgeous girl-freind, and a sex slave.
ag aliens ar big fast inc instant magic ment
6th Jan 09
A teenage girl discovers a miracle of modern science that changes not only her appearance but her whole life. Though the changes eventually get beyond her control.
big chem ment science slow
9th May 08
In a world similar to ours, a young man meets something ... older. Much older. And rather ... flexible. Is it magic? Or just science too advanced? A first try, comments welcome.
ag instant magic mg science
19th May 08
The Creature is back, and her high priestess is about to learn the hard way that tricking a goddess can inflate the ego in the short run, but letting her find out she's been duped for a decade may very well lead to other parts inflating out of control... or is there more to it than just painful revenge? (Part 2 of most likely 3)
fast instant science
15th Sep 08
If you read the original TTT part 1, then in this Director’s Cut of my very first story there still is Him as the nameless, hapless guy trapped in an ancient temple, there still is Her as the strange shape-shifting Creature, and there is hopefully much more of a kinda-sorta story line now. Add to this (hopefully) a lot less typos, thanks to a friendly proof-reader who shall for now remain anonymous, and you’ve got the reasons why I re-uploaded this before moving on to bold new endeavors in the world of smut writing. :)
ag aliens fast gts huge magic sc weird
10th Nov 08
Caryn "the snake" Dobbs isn’t exactly the kind of woman you’d want as your superior. As the spiteful, arrogant Head of Accounting at Planet Altaerna’s major nuclear research facility, the Large Head-On Collider, she’s in for quite a surprise when the most expensive particle experiment ever created goes haywire - and she’s got only herself and her suppressed urges to blame for that... A self-contained story from the World of Altaerna universe, with a little nod or two to other story arcs yet to come.
aliens big bond cb fast lac magic rc science wow
11th Dec 08
Mirca the naive, timid blond serf who’s fallen from her master’s grace isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but she’s the only tool that Yrba, the gypsy witch next door, can get hold of. Except that her door is a cell door as well. And time is running out, because the first thing in the morning waiting for both is the noose. Well, if life hands you lemons, make lemonade. And if life hands you a booby, then what choice do you have ...?
fast lac magic rc wow
27th Jun 08
Five years after the events of part 2, Saphina the ex-priestess, and Dawnielle aka 5PH-1NX, her former sphinx goddess turned Morphing Alien Robotic Researcher, find themselves pitted against rogue grave robber/archaeologist Belinda "the witch with the whip" Carlyle, possessed by the brain of B1-TCH, the only ‘bot ever to turn psychotic. Will their determination and technology be a match for B1-TCH's thirst for world domination, and the ancient magic poisons that she has now learned to wield...? The last part of the Temple Treat series is a 34.000 words wannabe epic including some more Altaerna universe background, boobs, fedora hats, peril-filled underground mazes, boobs, evil potions, morphing microbots out of control, boobs, explosions and a tearful farewell. And boobs. :)
ag fast magic multiple science
21st Mar 09
World of Altaerna, the year 1200. Yrba (a witch) and Mirca (a serf girl, freshly high on the witch’s growth potion) hide in Red’s (a bawd) brothel after their jailbreak of part 1 (included in the zip for your convenience).
big cb fast lac magic rc wow
15th Nov 09
The shire of Ebron is supposed to be just another stop along the road for Yrba the Darkskin witch and Mirca, her Amazonian lover/aide/pupil. Much to their surprise, the curvy blonde with the dominating physique ends up on the deserted throne of the goddess-queen, and it’s not just her ego that slowly inflates under the constant adoration and feeding at the hands of her newly gained dozens of servants. Can Yrba even hope to compete for Mirca’s affection? (Pt. 10 of 12, previous parts included)
cb fast huge lac magic rc sc slow asleep wow
9th Apr 09
Mirca, quite possibly the shyest of blond 6'6 Amazon lookalikes, is about to receive a lesson about the joys of personal hygiene. And her mistresses, the five harlots of Madame Red’s bathing house, are about to get an unexpected up-close look (and taste) of their new pupil’s mammaries’ quirks. Later, Yrba decides to do some hands-on research with her muscle-bound plaything, ends up out cold again and finally gets into a breast-off with Red’s new poster strumpet Charlene. But how can a magic-immune witch even hope to compete...? ZIP file contains the previous parts, too. Comments welcome, as always.
fast huge lac magic sc
19th Jul 09
Yrba the witch has set up camp in the forest while she tries to teach her Amazonian protege Mirca how to keep the potion-fuelled fits of sudden breast expansion under control. Red the bawd coaxes her reluctant gypsy friend into a little body modeling that might not go unnoticed. The first snow drives the camping couple back to Red’s brothel. And then a simple contraband run goes wrong, dead wrong... -- HTML, 18,800 words, 105 kChars. Zip contains previous parts. Well, y’all know my standard plea by now: Please comment ;)
ag big fast huge instant lac magic rc sc wow
25th Apr 09
Our medieval fantasy story takes a little time-out from Madame Red’s brothel as diminutive eastern harlot Li takes the embodiment of her busty-and-brawny fetish, bumbling 6’6 giantess Mirca, for a walk in the woods. Their herbs-picking stroll to a derelict temple quickly turns into a very special reenactment of Way Of The Fist that wakes an ancient creature. Later, Charlene and Sylvia find out the hard way that "how much can you take?" is a game best played in open spaces when your plaything is a giantess prone to spontaneous expansion. Unfortunately, they decided to play it in Sylvia’s room... Download contains parts 1-3, too. And maybe some typos, this time. And my usual begging for comments. Sorry!
cb fast ft gts huge instant lac magic rc sc shem wow
13th Aug 09
This part’s a little shorter at 10,000 words, and of course the previous parts are included for your convenience (separate HTML pages with a handy nav index). If you like sword and sorcery, give it a try. Oh yes, and my usual whine: Please comment. Part 6 - The Road: Yrba the witch and Mirca, her amazonian sidekick, take to the road after Berry's bequest to the surviving girls of Red's cathouse solves their most pressing worries. After their requisite farewell orgy, Mirca tries on one of Berry’s chain mail clothes, only to find that there’s more to it than meets the eye. The traveling couple runs into a gang of thugs with bad news from Red, soon forgets about it (involuntarily), and it seems that six feet six isn't Mirca’s final size yet...
aliens fast gts instant lac magic slow wow
17th Sep 09
(Previous parts included. Usual whine, too: Comment. Please...) - Part 7 - Among Wolves: Yrba the witch and Mirca the lumberjack girl travel the country roads of the northlands as winter looms, and a well-meaning plan almost leads to swelling disaster. And as the couple sets up camp for the worst of winter, something else happens that some readers have long been waiting for ;)
fast gts huge instant lac magic mpg rc sc wow
4th Oct 09
(Previous parts included.) The winter and its weird dreams are over, and as spring returns and the roads open up again, Mirca the lumberjack girl and Yrba the gypsy witch prepare to continue with their travels, but not until the witch makes good on her promise to Alric the bard, their winter boy toy. Yrba sets out to brew a new batch of her special potion, and Mirca, her clumsy, oversized Amazonian pupil, turns out to be just the right girl in the right place at the right time for a witch stuck with a tincture-teeming, bloated belly. (How’s that for a change?)
fast gts huge lac magic mpg preg sc
22nd Oct 09
Mirca the amazonian lumberjack girl becomes a reluctant farm boy’s teacher before the travelers’ quest finally ends at Ramec the wizard’s tower. The cold and the rain take their toll on Yrba the witch and send her into a bizarre milk-drenched nightmare. Come next morning, Yrba’s former mentor reluctantly reveals some answers for Mirca’s condition, but at what price? Things get out of hand as hidden agendas come into play. Yrba finds herself strapped to a laboratory table and Mirca ends up a brainless slave. Who will make it, and who won’t, in this dark final part of the second book? (Previous parts included)
bond fast huge lac magic ment mpg nc preg rc sc weird
12th Dec 09
Mirca the blond amazon quickly learns that being queen means it’s harder to have fun and careless fornicating, but she’s not one to give up easily, especially if the prize is a tasty girl. Seducing her priest later teaches both that they haven’t seen half of what her body is capable of. When Yrba the witch visits her former pupil weeks later, the cracks in their relationship soon start to grow wider, too — and when one of Mirca’s servants gets too frisky with the giantess’ volatile breasts, Yrba all of a sudden has blood on her hands ... (Pt. 11 of 12, previous parts included)
ag big cb fa fast lac magic nc rc sc slow wow
24th Dec 09
Yrba the Darkskin witch returns to Ebron shire to check on Mirca, her former pupil turned queen and goddess, only to find the palace deserted — save for a couple of starved and desperate maidservants willing to try anything for food. And things take a turn for the worse when the witch stumbles on a fiendish, milk-driven plot for dominance and finds her former lover in a much too tight place ... (Pt. 12 of 12, previous parts included)
fa fast instant lac magic rc sc slow weird wow
27th Jan 10
What starts out as a chance meeting of two women in a castle dungeon, only hours from their scheduled execution, soon balloons into a tale of golden-hearted whores, an exiled warrior queen, a mysterious living statue, a traveling bard, wolves in winter forests, a mischievous wizard, an upstarting vizier and a deserted throne. Can Yrba, the curvy dark-skinned traveling witch and castaway of the Southern Islands, bring a happy-ever-after to Mirca, her hapless six feet six and growing Amazon look-alike protege who’s blessed with much more muscle than experience? Find out in this conveniently formatted and indexed 800+ pages PDF of the original 12-part series!
ag aliens big bond cb fast gts huge instant lac magic mg mpg nc rc sc shem slow asleep wow
2nd Apr 10
The year is 2011 in the Altaerna universe: Biology student Cornelia “Connie” Prince, a straight A student from her tests to her chest, rediscovers an old secret. Marge, her feisty kinda-sorta BFF, soon learns that the shy, bookish girl carries quite a lot of baggage…
ag cb fast huge lac magic ment mg nc rc
17th Apr 10
Part 2 of 4, "Standing On The Bosoms Of Giants" - Chapters 5 and 6: Meek magic-wielding Connie gets a nightmarish glimpse of what may be in store for her while her spunky and recently-accidentally-turned-buxom BFF Marge devises her own plans for the shy girl who holds power over her body. And does she ever have big plans ...
cb fast gts lac magic mg nc wow
25th Apr 10
Part 3 of 4, "Two Much By Far" - Chapters 7 to 10: Connie tries to find a way out of her predicament, keeping the real amount of remaining transformative juice a secret from ever-greedy Marge. However, when an impromptu make-out session gets out of hand, she is forced to reveal the truth. Soon, Connie is in over her head, struggling between lust and responsibility while the last supply of the juice dwindles and Marge rises to dubious fame...
ag big cb fast huge lac magic ment multiple rc weird
6th May 10
Part 4 of 4, "Revenge blown out of proportion" - Chapters 11 to 14: It’s the evening of Halloween, and Connie’s BFF Marge neither forgot nor forgave their object of shared detestation, Pearl, for hooking up with Marge’s ex-boyfriend Danny. Bent on revenge, Marge uses her temp job at the Diner to lace the happy couple’s drinks with the last of Connie’s berry juice and goads Connie into something they’ll come to regret. As transformations get out of control, Connie must face a decision that will change some lives forever ...
cb fast huge lac magic ment mpg nc rc sc weird wow
7th Apr 12
Meek student Connie rediscovers an ancient power source. Immune to its powers but gifted with control of them, soon she’s in over her head, trying to keep her BFF Marge in check as the berry juice of old turns the feisty raven-hair into an ever-greedy buxom bimbo. And just as Connie thinks she’s getting off with a black eye, things *really* hit the fan ... Eee-yup, that’s the all-in-one 200-pager PDF of my 2010 four-parter, semi-epic, fun and action romp from the world of Altaerna. Just a bit to tide you over until something truly new from lazy yours truly comes along. Doesn’t mean I’d not appreciate some comment or other if you haven’t done so before... :-)
ag big cb fast gts huge lac magic ment mg multiple rc sc weird wow
25th Apr 12
Part 1 of 5, "Home By The Sea": Barbara and David, shunned by the people of the town they were born in after their love was frowned upon by David's rejected wannabe lover, Menena the influential store owner, now live a solitary life in a little hut overlooking the ocean. Things take a turn for the bigger and stranger when Barbara finds a pendant in the guts of an odd catch that David brought home ... 12,900 words, HTML, and - oh look, this story could do with a comment from you, yes YOU :-)
ag big fast huge lac magic rc slow
26th May 12
Part 2 of 5, "Growing Out": After Barbara's erroneously assuring visit to the town's midwife, Barbara and David indulge in Barbara's new voluptuousness and carnal hunger. As her ever-increasing desires begin to overwhelm David's abilities, he searches for a second opinion on the strange pendant and gets (bad-tempered) advice from someone my regular readers might recognize :-) ... Meanwhile, back home alone, another outbreak of multiple expansion hits Barbara as her strange visions once again cross over into her reality ... 12,500 words, HTML, previous part included, and gee, wouldn't your comment look so very good on the "Rate this" page? ;-)
ag big fa fast lac magic rc weird
16th Jun 12
Part 3 of 5, "Ensnared and enslaved": The strange pendant's powers spread beyond Barbara's growth as it begins to affect her husband as well. Imbued with new confidence, Barbara decides to confront her former mistress - but she's about to learn a harsh lesson... -- HTML, previous parts included.
ag big cb fast lac magic mpg nc rc
12th Sep 12
Part 4 of ... 7? Weren’t there 5 before? Yes, as those tales are wont to do, they tend to grow beyond what was planned — just like poor Barbara’s breasts will swell beyond her worst expectations in this new part of the mermaid story that so far has failed to produce even one single mermaid. Never fear, there are indeed sirens, just ... not yet. For now, see the love-and-hate triangle of boobs-bulging Barbara, mischievous Menena and horse-hung David come to a fateful crunch in Siren Song Part 4: Beyond The Prize Cow! Oh, and as usual, comments always welcome, y’know.
ag bond cb fast huge lac magic nc rc slow
22nd Sep 12
Part 5 of 7, "The Final Night" -- The tale so few readers seem to care about continues: Evil Menena has for now left her sex and milk slaves-to-be, granting Barbara and David one last day and night together. Their desperate plans of escape go up in smoke while Barbara's breasts keep going up in size. As the strange medallion's powers reach beyond Barb's boobs and extend into David's groin, the couple's possibly last night together is about to become more than they ever could have imagined ... -- HTML, previous parts included, comments welcome. Y’know, the usual.
fast huge lac magic mpg nc rc weird
9th Oct 12
Part 6 of 7, “Tumblin’ Down” -- Exhausted from the magic-enhanced encounter with David, Barbara drifts through another vision of ever-expanding house-sized hooters and rising waters, only to wake to A) a revelation regarding the culprits of her dilemma and B) her already humungous mammaries going full milk ahead. It’s a race against time and growing diameter as the desperate young couple tries to make it to the shoreline ... -- HTML, previous parts included, comments welcome!
fast huge lac magic nc rc wow
17th Oct 12
Part 7 of 7 – “No Other Way”. The final part of Barbara’s long journey is here, but how much further can she go now that she’s too chest-heavy by far? Answers! Revelations! Mermaids! ... no, seriously, contrary to what you may have feared, here they are now. -- 15,000 words in glorious multi-platform-compatible HTML, with previous parts included for your convenience. Comments welcome but by now I’m just happy if people can be bothered to read it ;-)
fast lac magic mg nc rc wow
16th Nov 13
“Menena’s Comeuppance” — This tale was a long time coming … but you didn’t really think I was going to let mean Menena get away with all the things she did to poor Barbara, eh? 24,000 words devoted to what Anosthea, the young apprentice mermaid witch, has in store for the proud MILF with the cold heart once she gets her hands — and fish tail — on Menena’s already huge bosom. Will Barbara’s good nature come to the rescue? -- This is a tale for the people who like their BE with a side order of revenge. Mind the interwoven timeline, though :-) Comments always welcome, of course.
bond cb fast huge lac magic nc rc weird wow
5th Jun 14
Forty years after the previous events: saucy Lilian the brunette barmaid (and cook, and housekeeper) of David’s Inn at the coastline butts heads with a guest when the strange blond girl that came in late at night gets all flirty with seemingly ageless David … and what about the mermaid giantess about to attack a boat far out at sea? -- Well, that's it: the last part of my mermaid saga! A little less story, a little more "interaction" this time. And yes, maybe I shouldn't have played around that much with the timeline. If you agree (or not), feel free to tell me so in a comment. ;-) -- HTML, 22,000 words, aaaand it's a wrap!
big fast huge lac magic rc sc weird wow
8th Apr 09
ag big bond cb fa fast lg mg science
1st Feb 98
16th Mar 01
Homely Kate gets magic glasses that let her wish her body into another shape in this brief scene.
bg big magic
3rd Feb 14
A new acquisition at the museum has some strange effects on the guests.
ag big cb fast gts hg huge hyp lac magic ment mm mpg nc tg
3rd Feb 14
A new acquisition at the museum has some strange effects on the guests. | Update: I didn't realize the .txt would mess up formatting, so here it is in an .rtf.
ag big cb fast gts hg huge hyp magic ment mm mpg preg tg
2nd Jul 03
A woman becomes younger and bustier... but when she grows two more breasts she starts to worry!
bg ar big chem lac multiple
5th May 08
This is a story about a female prisoner who must repay her debt to society in the most unusual way as a transformed G.A.L. Note: I am not the original author of this story, this is a reupload of a story that has since been lost on the internet. All credit and copyright belongs to there respective authors.
big chem ment multiple nc science slow weird asleep
13th Oct 20
My first RE-upload! ^^; Sorry the first file was locked. Here's the unlocked version.
ar fast huge inc magic ment multiple tg asleep
31st Aug 22
Four friends hanging out around a campfire wish for their perfect, ideal girlfriends. Their wishes come true... but not in the way they expected.
ag fa huge instant lac lg magic ment nc tg
28th Aug 09
ag cb fast gts huge lac magic sc
20th Oct 10
Oh Samantha! She's been a good girl her whole life, then some PUNK invites her to a party... She grows in ways she least expected to, and her poor roommate has to get off her high horse (to possibly mount something else). Chapter 2 will be done soon, enjoy!
chem huge shem slow asleep
18th Jul 07
Taylor, a graduate student and brilliant chemist, brings his work home to his bombshell girlfriend Sarah. Over some wine, they experiment with a formula designed to double the size of mammary glands with each dose. Eventually, Sarah takes the experiment into her own hands, and away from the more cautious Taylor...
big chem fast huge lac sc science asleep
13th Jul 07
chem fast huge sc science asleep
22nd Jul 07
Scientist Taylor and the slightly impulsive Sarah recuperate from the spontaneity of part one, and gear up for the impending growth yet to come... I think this may just end up being a trilogy.
big chem fast huge lac nc offstage preg science asleep
22nd May 11
Toshiko Graystone is an average college student, tight on cash. So when she sees an ad offering $5,000 for human test trials of a new pharmaceutical, she signs up. The side effects are a bit more than she bargained for, however, and she quickly finds herself growing in some new--and terrifying--places. A relatively short story featuring multiple breast growth, ass growth, an udder, and one very scared college student who can't stop growing. Picture included: if you decide to read, do yourself a favor and don't look at the picture until the story is over. If you dig this kind of stuff. :-) Let me know what you think, and feel free to write:
ag big chem huge multiple nc offstage science slow weird asleep
28th May 11
............... ?
big chem fast lac
7th Jun 11
Haylie will find out that Sweets has some nice effect on her body
cb chem fast huge science
29th Nov 12
A story of a man who finds that fulfilling your wife's every wish can bite you in the ass.
big chem ment slow tg
24th Jun 04
A story about Pixie, a charachter created by Access. My first BE story, too. Read, review, send commentary, do something, ok?
fast magic wow
5th Feb 99
A sleepover prank with hypnosis goes too far.
bg big hyp nc slow
31st May 99
The women of a colony world experience unwanted breast expansion at the hands of a crazy Neo-Luddite. Police Blue #33.
bg nc science slow wow
18th Feb 98
Amber is kidnapped by a vengeful businessman. She'll be turned into a pillow woman unless rescued by Lynnae and June.
bg huge nc science slow
18th Feb 98
In this Police Blue episode Amber is sent undercover to a high school to nab a blackmailing pervert.
bg big nc science slow
31st Dec 99
A detailed introduction to the universe of Blue Undercover and the Police Blue series. Illustrated, and now updated to Dec 31 1999.
25th Oct 99
On Halloween night the cameras catch the action as Lyn and June confront a breast-enlarging evil spirit on a live-action police show.
bg cb instant magic nc rc wow
27th Apr 98
The valiant detectives of Blue Team go to the beach to nab a hot-goods merchant, but they get more than they bargained for in this Police Blue episode!
bg nc sc science wow
19th May 98
Placed as 20th century FBI agents, the cast of BIBTS are out to stop Mr. Big from adding another definition to the nickname 'Big Apple'!
bg big chem instant nc
30th Nov 98
A group of fanatical criminals and pirates intend to pick up where Mr Big left off. Can Ensign David Carson and his friends save the universe from the horror of wanton breast expansion? Find out in the 'biggest' Blue Undercover story to-date!
bg cb huge instant nc science wow
8th Aug 98
Mr Big goes to school! Disguised as a teacher, the infamous superlecher is determined to inflate the bustlines of every nubile girl on campus! Can the girls in blue stop his nefarious scheme?
bg big nc slow
5th Feb 99
It seems that the buxom duo can't even take a quiet vacation in the woods without running into Mr Big. Police Blue #30.
bg huge instant magic rc asleep
18th Jul 98
Mr. Big stirs up the theater scene in his search for fresh companionship. But even Big has to contend with the Flat Chest Society and their violence-prone allies, the Flat Fronts. All this and more in today's Police Blue episode!
bg huge instant nc rc sc science
28th Apr 99
Sam Sloboth investigates a series of mysterious BE cases. Is it someone with a souped-up bottle of Bubbles, or something more insidious?
bg cb huge instant magic
14th Jun 98
In this Boobs In Blue comic, Lynnae moonlights to earn extra cash. Will her ample talents get her fired from the police?
bg huge instant nc sc science
18th Feb 98
Quinn and Rose are asked to get a boy out of his fetish.
bg big nc science slow
18th Feb 98
Quinn and Rose go undercover to break a sex slaver ring
bg huge nc science slow
29th Aug 98
Lyn, June, Paul, and Zach are sent undercover to the ample community of Kendelborn. Their job: stop the Flat Fronts, the militant wing of the Flat Chest Society, from kidnapping Angelican women.
bg big nc offstage science
31st Dec 99
Two couples make an amazing discovery during their Christmas vacation in the far north of Outback. Can they cope with giant breasts, snow storms, and the Uniboober?
bg cb fa fast huge instant magic nc
25th Mar 98
In this Boobs in Blue episode, two kids make use of a stolen nanite module - but the mob wants it back.
bg big nc science slow
26th Apr 00
A fairy-tale princess finds her breasts get bigger each time she uses her magic! Can her powers be restored before her kindgon is overrun by enemy troops and her own massive milkers?
bg cb fa fast instant magic nc wow
30th Nov 98
Mr Big concocts a BE potion. Using both beer and lollywater, Big intends to make the shirts bust open during Founders Days. Can the Buxom Duo put a stop to this new perversion?
bg big chem huge instant
4th Mar 98
A Blue Undercover side-story: an adventure about a group of kidnapped naval ratings and their commander
bg big nc science slow
23rd Jun 99
Alberto recalls an encounter between an adventurous woman and Mr Big. Police Blue #34.
bg big chem instant
31st Dec 98
The president of the Flat Chest Society is visited by spirits that want to show her the errors of her ways.
bg huge lac nc offstage science
7th Sep 00
The daughter of Lynnae and Paul Jarvis encounters the sloven Bigguns on her walkabout. Will she endure the pressure placed on her to become one of the Bigguns' bubble bunnies? Read the story to find out! Police Blue #35. (7/99) Now with new colored pics! (9/2000)
bg cb huge hyp instant nc science wow
3rd Jul 98
Lynnae, June, and Nadia go undercover as models to nab some mobsters. Instead, they stumble upon Mr Big and his cronies. Will our heroines prevail against Big's perverted plan? Stay tuned to this channel and find out!
bg big huge offstage rc
31st Dec 98
Mr Big opens a casino on Outback. Using his private stash of Bubbles, Big intends on making his casino girls the most endowned in Casino Alley. It's not just the stakes that are big! Police Blue #29.
bg big chem huge instant
7th Sep 00
Mr Big's quest for big breasts never ends! In 1973 North Dakota Big unleashes the power of a breast enlarging crystal. Can the ancestors of Lynnae and June put a stop to Big's scheme? (10/98) Now with new colored pictures! (9/2000)
bg big cb instant magic rc
14th Feb 00
The voluminous belles of Cloud 9 get riled when contract negotiations go south. In the spirit of all workers done wrong by their employer, the pillow women go on strike. Witness as the most massive picket line in history goes bust-to-bust against their replacements! It's the most outrageous 'pillow fight' you'll ever see!
bg cb instant nc science wow
18th Feb 98
Nadia, a wetware-equipped cop, is sent undercover as a pillow woman to Cloud 9.
bg huge nc science slow
25th May 98
In the new feature-length feature film, Mr. Big uses his Big-O-Matic BE ray on thousands of women. How can the Blue girls stop him?
bg huge instant nc rc science
26th Aug 99
The Delta Delta Sorority comes up with a 'big' idea for their new pledge drive. However, a rival sorority has a dastardly plan to ruin the Delta's good name. Will the Delta girls preveil and save the day? Illustrated!
bg cb huge instant nc science asleep
18th Feb 98
Shipwrecked on a distant planet, a man must come to terms with his companion's expanding bust.
bg big nc science slow
18th Feb 98
Lynnae and June go undercover as busty waitresses to nab a diamond smuggler.
bg big nc offstage science
18th Feb 98
That lecherous supercriminal Mr. Big has yet another wacky plan to inflate breasts. Can our heroines in blue stop him?
bg big nc science slow
18th Feb 98
The origins of Lynnae and June. The ancestors of the busty duo have their first run-in with Mr. Big, have fun with a preserved T-Rex and an Aztec breast-enlarging potion.
bg huge instant magic
18th Nov 98
In 2427 New Darwin, Blue Team discovers an unusual object at a construction site. It is a hoax, or something more sinister? The 25th Police Blue Story!
bg cb huge instant nc science wow
5th Mar 99
Two Earth boys are taught the mystic art of glomming by Mr Big. It doesn't stop there, as Mr Big has a BIG plan for the Delta Delta sorority! Police Blue #31.
bg instant magic rc wow
18th Feb 98
Mr Big, supercriminal, goes back in time to shape the future to his own demented vision. The busty duo follow in an attempt to stop him.
bg huge instant nc science
18th Feb 98
Lynnae and June are put on the case to rescue two girls kidnapped by the Mob.
bg big nc science slow
18th Feb 98
Toby, an electronics expert on the force, has a date ready for Valentine's Day. In reality, Tiffany has a jealous streak a kilometer wide where her bust is concerned. Can Tiffany be stopped before she punishes Toby with her ample talents?
bg fa fast huge nc science
15th Mar 98
A Boobs in Blue comic story
bg instant nc rc science wow
15th Dec 01
A Cotton Tail bunny hostess finds a most unusual lighter. Pictures included.
big huge magic offstage asleep
5th Mar 10
A Cotton Tail bunny hostess finds a most unusual lighter. Pictures included. Bridgette pics added 03/06/10
big magic offstage asleep
3rd Jul 10
After discovering one other world that survived an interplanetary civil war the females on a 2nd Union ship undergo breast expansion. Just how large will Hazel, the shortest woman on board, get? Plato's 44th story and the first one in over seven years.
chem huge slow
6th Oct 10
A die-hard follower of Mr. Big has kidnapped the grandchildren of New Darwin's police heroes. Will the veterans find them in time before the kidnapper achieves his revenge? Includes 15 pics commissioned from Litch.
big cb huge instant nc preg science
23rd Dec 10
In this sequel to Forced Perspective our villain Gus has escaped from prison. What sort of havoc does he plan for Madison and her friends, not to mention the rest of Outback? Read to find out!
cb fast huge instant science wow
15th Jan 11
After 400 years in suspended animation a 21st Century artist and his wife awaken to find themselves not only on another planet but in the company of the busty ladies of the New Darwin Police Department. Can the righteous(ly endowed) Lynnae, June and their friends protect the couple from the diabolical Mr. Big? Read to find out in Plato's 47th story!
huge instant magic
14th Jun 11
Oklahoma City, 1974. Crime is going up as fast as the heat, and it'll take cops with the biggest guns to bring justice to the street! See Officers Karen 'Sugar' Wilcox and Lisa 'Cinnamon' Parlor bring their awesome arsenals into play to prevent a crime king from performing an outrage on the city! No odds are too long, no restraint too tight to keep these lethal ladies from busting out and cracking the heads of criminal scum! Action! Suspense! Passion! Righteousness never came in a pair of packages more finer! See Harsh Fuzz! Rated R.
big chem huge offstage science slow
1st Sep 12
Mr. Big plans to dominate women's professional basketbball with ample, atheltic amazons! To ensure his future profits he has to obtain more Blood of the Titans, even if that means Sydney, Belinda and their friends have to become Titan-sized themselves! Breasts, beasts and battles Oh My!
cb chem gts huge instant magic nc
16th Mar 06
Ryan tries to use his powers to improve the lives of others, but someone finds out she can "improve" herself all she wants.
cb fast huge ment science
26th Mar 06
Ryan's not quite ready for business to "grow" like this.
ag big cb fa fast ment offstage science slow asleep
31st Dec 08
Ryan is confronted by a past he thought he left and the girl he thought had left him as he tries to regain some control in his life. NOTE: Parts 1 and 2 of the series, originally uploaded here in .txt format, are included in the zip as .rtf files for more comfortable reading in the much-recommended event that readers refresh their minds with the first two installments. Frankly, the first two are better than this chapter by far, and the next one is just wierd anyway. New readers are reminded that the first two are already in the Overflowing Bra archives, and an author search should turn them up toot sweet if you want to post comments or ratings for them.
big fast instant ment offstage sc science slow
31st Dec 08
The end of this story arch. Freshly emerged from the forced march down the Memory Lane of senior year, Ryan comes to terms with events of past and present, and attempts to make a better future. He never would have guessed at the groups responsible for his powers or the size of the growth they would instigate in the girls swept along for the ride. The author does apologize for the length of the piece, though.
ag big cb fa fast gts huge instant lac lg magic ment offstage preg sc science wow
28th Jan 17
Ryan was just trying to run a business... what the heck happened?!? After the.. experience he shared with these women, some want answers, some want life to be normal again- and some didn't want that experience to stop. But just when Ryan thinks he can get on his with life the chickens come home to roost. Thing is they've got a lot of roosting on their minds....
bg ag big cb fa fast gts huge lac magic offstage science
29th May 17
My first attempt, and my first posting on this site. Not too much of a plot, just a happy couple working through the advantages of exceeding the recommended dosage. Comments welcome.
ag cb chem fast huge mpg nc
15th Oct 09
This is a story I wrote years ago, found it gathering dust on an old HD backup, figured I'd throw it up here. ...And yes it's furry. It was originally written for submitting on a furry site. As far as I know I haven't seen anything against furry submissions here. Anyway it's a story of myself and a very good friend of mine going through some expansion shenanigans. Hope it's readable and any feedback is always appreciated. P.S. It's a part 1, because I wanted to expand on the concept later, but haven't had much of a chance
fast huge lac magic rc
19th Oct 04
Adam Tinson, a young college student suddenly finds out he's been "gifted" with special powers to change women's bodies. Oh, and how he can change them. The first in a hopefully continuing story saga.
big huge instant
18th Apr 09
Prevert-One rewrites the classic Mowermandave story Get Closer. Two women get taught a lesson by a gilted wizard.
big fast magic ment nc rc sc slow
24th Jun 10
The Audio Erotica of Princess Grace, and her lunar transformation.
ag fast huge ment weird
4th Sep 15
Venus, goddess of lust, is slowly dieing from lack of worshipers. In desperation she creates a preistess to act as a new source of energy, but things don't go exactly as planned. Katie is a high junior with a sex addiction, and the target of Venus's desperate attempt to save herself. Send feedback to
ag big magic mg slow
29th Nov 16
Katie overhears a bully calling her a slut and makes the decision to erase all record of her sexual activity with her newfound powers.
bg ag big magic mg offstage slow
12th Apr 02
A bunch of young women and a magic cat. No it's not "Sailor Moon"!
big fast gts hg lac lg magic weird asleep wow
18th Dec 06
Maxine finds that volunteering for scientific trials can lead to strangely desirable side-effects...
big cb chem fast gts ment mg science slow asleep
15th Jun 07
This is a made up instruction manual for Breast Yoga. There is contact info on the last page. This is designed to be the base of many Breast Expansion stories. Feel free to take on the idea.
big chem huge lac slow
16th Aug 20
Amie, a traveling apprentice of the Scholar's Guild, is visited by two farm girls.
cb fast huge lac magic
13th Sep 20
Jenny, a first-year student living with three other girls, finds her wishes are being granted.
bg big fast huge instant lac lg magic ment nc rc sc weird
1st Dec 20
Melanie's new roommate is much more than she appears.
bg big cb fast huge instant lac magic nc rc sc
4th Jan 21
Katrina and her mistress help Melanie discover magic, following the events of Breakfast at Melanie's...
fast huge lac magic rc sc slow wow
4th Apr 21
Melanie’s unruly nipples get into trouble around town, and Katrina’s growth magic spell doesn’t have the effects she expected…
fast huge instant lac magic rc sc wow
10th Jul 21
Amie, Kara, and Jessa have a milky encounter with a priestess. Illustrations by the amazingly talented JessHavok and Boobdollz!
bg big cb fast huge lac magic
5th Sep 21
Lisa has deja vu during her first day at a sorority.
bg big fast huge instant lac magic ment nc sc wow
24th Sep 21
Fiona prepares a magic recipe for her girlfriend.
bg big cb fast huge lac magic ment nc sc weird
2nd Jan 22
Sarah goes on a fantastical trek through the stars.
bg big fast huge instant lac ment multiple nc rc sc science weird wow
7th Jan 23
Anything that Claire writes down becomes true.
bg big cb huge instant magic ment nc rc sc weird
5th Nov 07
Jennifer, a slightly breast obsessed woman, finds a genie's bottle on the beach. Every wish she asks for comes true as expected, only Jennifer isn't the one making the wishes.
fast huge hyp lac magic nc weird
27th Jun 08
The misadventures of Jennifer continue as the ever-playful Jeannie twists every wish she tries to make into a new experience in pleasure. Includes Parts 1 and 2.
ag fast huge hyp lac magic multiple nc weird wow
30th Jun 08
As the hapless Jennifer discovers, not even being in public will stop Jeannie from having her sexily wicked way. .zip contains all previous parts of the story.
ag fast huge hyp lac magic multiple nc shem weird wow
10th Aug 09
A One Piece fanfiction that provides an alternate storyline to the Arabasta Arc. Ms. All-Sunday has captured Vivi before the Straw Hat pirates meet her, and she decides to have a little fun with the princess.
bond fast huge lac magic multiple weird
28th Sep 09
One Piece fan fiction. As the story continues, Vivi starts to learn about how to use her new abilities, and Robin learns about a small pirate crew that just might be able to help her stop Crocodile.
big fast lac magic multiple sc weird wow
4th Oct 09
A short scene based off of a picture by the one and only test-0. Who would have thought that wishing for some soup could cause changes like these?
ag fast huge lac magic weird
4th Oct 09
A short scene based off of a picture by the one and only test-0. Finding a magic wand allows a bubbly girl's friend to fulfill a fitting fantasy about her.
ag cb fast huge magic weird
5th Oct 09
A short scene based off of a picture by the one and only test-0. An idle wish changes a petite girl's day completely.
ag cb fast huge magic
6th Oct 09
A short scene based off of a picture by the one and only test-0. A cursed milkshake has rather dramatic milky effects.
ag fast huge lac magic
7th Oct 09
A short scene based off of a picture by the one and only test-0. An athletic girl a little too full of herself gets whats coming to her.
cb fast huge magic
7th Oct 09
A short scene based off of a picture by the one and only test-0. An explorer has a harrowing experience on an alien world. You can relax now, this is the last one of these I'll be doing for a bit, but please try and review; I would very much like to improve.
ag aliens bond cb fast huge lac nc preg science weird
29th Nov 09
Now in HTML format, this contains all parts of my One Piece fanfiction 'Sanctuary in the Sand', up to the brand new Chapter 3, where Robin and Vivi finally meet up with the Straw Hat pirates. Bit of a download, as it contains pictures. I'll upload a lighter version if there's any call for it.
bond fast huge lac magic multiple nc sc weird wow
13th Apr 10
Another One Piece story, this one just a one shot that you won't really need to have seen One Piece to follow. The Marine Officer Tashigi gets more than she bargained for when she confiscates a cursed sword from a pirate.
cb fast huge magic
18th Apr 10
The second story of my new "Art of Witchery" series(a link to the first can be found in this one). Susan is subjected to a berry transformation that's a little different from the usual blueberries.
fast huge lac magic multiple nc weird
18th Apr 10
The third story of my "Art of Witchery" series. Erika goes to meet someone to discuss her artwork. Turns out that someone has a slightly unusual taste in art.
ag cb fast huge lac magic nc weird
25th May 10
Contains all parts of "Sanctuary in the Sand" up through Chapter 4, in which more focus is given to Nami as she discovers the fun way just what Robin's and Vivi's powers can do. Contains a commissioned illustration for each chapter, so the file is kinda big. I'll upload a lighter version if there is call for it.
ag big bond fast huge lac magic multiple sc shem weird wow
5th Oct 11
Contains all parts of "Sanctuary in the Sand" up through Chapter 5, by far the longest chapter yet, in which Vivi, Robin, and the Straw Hat pirates engage in battle with Crocodile and his forces. Contains between 1 and 3 commissioned illustrations for each chapter, so the file is kinda big. I'll upload a lighter version if there is call for it.
ag big bond fast huge lac magic multiple sc shem weird wow
7th Jun 13
A Collection of the stories in my "Art of Witchery" series, including(in order): "Trick or Treat", "Raspberry Rain", "Jelly Filling", and "Memories of Transition". What started as a collection of scenes of Dorothy the witch transforming various women is starting to gain a plot as Dorothy seeks out an apprentice in the art of magical transformations.
ag cb fast huge lac magic ment multiple nc weird
8th Jun 13
Sanctuary in the Sand is now complete, with all chapters uploaded here! I've also added some extra material for the occasion, including scenes that I originally cut and a couple of short stories that take place further down the line. With the addition of Chapter 6, the Straw Hats, Vivi, and Robin celebrate their victory over Crocodile.
ag bond cb fast huge lac magic multiple nc sc shem weird wow