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The Overflowing Bra

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17th Jul 12
This story was part of a trade by my friend Blues. Here, the prisoner of Gerudo Fortress gets his deep desire.
big instant magic
13th Jun 18
Part one of Nanites, a story I did on commission. When Dr. Van Camp turns her knowledge of nanotechnology toward more cosmetic goals, her lab assistant, Diana volunteers to be the first human test subject. Told that the growth would occur over twenty-four hours with few if any side effects, Diana heads out only to find her body (and mind) changing far more rapidly than expected... and enjoying every minute of it.
ag fast huge ment science
10th Jan 00
Scott gets set up with a date with a nanny.
28th Apr 99
A scientist attempts to use nanobots to regrow a cow's udder, but an accident causes a human test...
bg huge lac multiple nc science
7th Jul 18
My first work in this genre! A girl has become a test subject for new nanite body mods that can alter everything about her with controls on a phone app. Pretty tame in this one but later ones are sure to get weird!
bg ag big fast hg rc science slow
7th Jul 13
More a proof of concept than anything, this is my first foray into this sort of thing. As the name suggests, this is very much intended to be a 'chapter one' sort of deal, with more to come. Plenty more. Growth is relatively minor in this chapter, but that won't be the case for long. Mia, shy research librarian, has an interesting run-in with an adventurer looking for information on an ancient fertility goddess. Predictable actions follow. Please rate and comment, I'd love to know what you think.
ag big fast magic ment
24th May 07
Natalie, a proper young lady, is hired as the office manager for Harden Construction Company. She is unaware of the other duties she will be expected to perform.
big chem hyp ment slow
25th May 07
Natalie, a proper young lady, is hired as the office manager for Harden Construction Company. She is unaware of the other duties she will be expected to perform. (Reposted in Rich Text. Hopefully this will solve any problems with downloads.)
big chem hyp ment slow
19th Nov 08
Lucy buys some clothes from a strange shop. My first story, and the first in the Natural Properties series, so any criticism, good or bad, is very welcome.
ag big cb fast magic
10th Apr 10
Samantha spends her summer relaxing instead of practicing for her college track team. She gets a little out of shape, as in out of proportion, thanks in part to a drug from a friend. Not a terribly original story, but it's my first one.
ag big fa huge slow
12th Nov 01
Steve makes the best cookies. Ever!
cb fast huge nc science
17th Sep 07
Michael has a few weeks free time between finishing his masters and the "real" world. Jena has found her grandmother's old game.
ar big cb fast huge lac magic shem
3rd Mar 08
Warning this is a story full of furries, if it helps think of them as fuzzy aliens. The idea for this story came from a sci fi book I read a long time ago, didn't realize when I started writing it where I had got the idea from. I don't remember what the title of the book was but if it sounds like I stole the start of this from somewhere I did. This is a story about a government lab doing things it should not do and the very bad people trying to cover up the fact that something very right was done there.
ag cb fa gts huge lac ment mg nc preg science slow asleep
17th Oct 04
Keiko likes a good mystery, but can she discover who is attempting to enslave her best friend Janey without becoming a slave herself?
big magic ment
2nd Feb 05
His new fiancee knows his obsession for big breasts, and is all too happy to become his fantsy girl. But to what lengths will she go?
big science slow
28th Dec 04
Judy Wall tries an experimental breast enhancement procedure. Which was working well until she met Bud, who tries one of his home-made breast growth procedures.
fast huge sc science
14th Dec 13
This story is an unofficial and unauthorized sequel to the Steve Palmer classic "New Beginnings." It's also my first attempt at writing BE fiction. Enjoy! Feedback is welcome and encouraged.
fast huge science
10th Jan 14
The continuing unofficial follow-up to the Steve Palmer classic "New Beginnings." This time from Judy's first person perspective. More growth and plenty of sensual breast action. Please, rate and comment. Feedback is appreciated.
fast huge science
24th Mar 14
The continuing unofficial follow-up to the Steve Palmer classic "New Beginnings." Please, rate and comment. Feedback is appreciated.
ag cb fast huge science
29th Apr 14
The continuing unofficial follow-up to the Steve Palmer classic "New Beginnings." We're still reading from Judy's first person perspective. There's huge and growing breasts, and this might be the steamiest chapter thus far. Please, rate and comment. Feedback is appreciated.
cb fast huge science
25th Oct 18
The continuing unofficial follow-up to the Steve Palmer classic "New Beginnings." Please, rate and comment. Feedback is appreciated. This chapter is written from the perspective of Judy's Doctor, Philip Bloome who appeared in Palmer's original tale
fast huge science
25th Oct 18
The continuing unofficial follow-up to the Steve Palmer classic "New Beginnings." Please, rate and comment. Feedback is appreciated. This chapter is once again written from Judy's perspective. I hope everyone enjoys this as it represents one of my favorite pieces of fiction I've ever written.
fast huge science
17th Nov 99
Candace is captured and transformed into a busty bimbo.
bg fa fast ment nc science
30th Dec 13
A new shop opens near Whitmore High. Bethany, a student there, meets her first new friend in awhile and gets more than she bargained for. What do the shopowners have in mind for the unsuspecting girl? This is my first story of this kind, and I know it isn't perfect. Thanks for reading!
ag big cb chem fa fast magic ment preg
9th Mar 17
This is Part II of what should only be three. I know, I said I'd conclude it, and I was wrong. I'm working on more, and long stories aren't my thing. There is outstretched clothes, not so secret admirers, and a calm before the storm for Bethany. You will not have to wait nearly three years for the conclusion.
ag huge lac magic ment offstage preg slow
9th Mar 17
This time for sure! Bethany learns about her condition, and finds some not-so-secret admirers.
ag cb huge instant magic ment offstage preg slow asleep
26th Feb 17
It's been a while since I wrote my first entry. I'm looking to see if there is still some interest. I cut it off early, so it's less than two pages in. People were asking for more detail, so I'm giving that. If this is well-received, then I'll finish this (hopefully soon) and conclude Bethany's 'little' pregnancy adventure.
ag cb huge lac magic ment offstage preg asleep
21st Dec 20
The third installment. I ask for a bit of leeway about the rules of the universe here. I fudged it in the last story, and I'm pretty sure I did it again. Either way, Bethany starts taking charge of her curse, and starts making it work for her. The waif from Part II never knew what hit her!
ag cb hg huge inc instant lac magic ment nc preg sc weird
19th Jun 08
A machine has been created to fulfill your every desire, even if it's something that's been deep down inside for a long time waiting to get out. Hop in and take it for a spin, if you dare.
big instant sc science tg
2nd Jan 10
After one transformative day, plain-looking Christina finds herself belonging now to a group of beautiful, voluptuous women.
ag big chem hg lg ment offstage slow asleep
12th Jul 98
After an upheaval, even more new teachers arrive to teach at SCAPA, St Cat's Academy for the Performing Arts.
bg fa fast
2nd Jan 05
A young boy discovers his sexuality from the new kid at school, with unusual and fertile consequences!
ag huge lac preg shem slow weird
2nd Jul 14
School's just started up again, and every girl in the school has gotten taller and sexier over the summer, and they're still growing. Josh isn't sure how this is happening, but he's enjoying every minute of it. But will the growth stop before the girls get too big? (Mini-giantess story, nothing taller than 10 feet)
ag big cb fast gts hg huge lac magic slow asleep
10th Mar 19
A girl discovers her ability to take the breasts of others.
bg big instant magic sc
19th Apr 19
Liz continues to succumb to her lust and desire to grow bigger.
ag fast huge instant magic
17th Nov 99
Sharon is cajoled into becoming a big-titted bimbo at a beauty salon.
bg fa fast huge ment nc science
20th Sep 00
Chris stops at a salon for a haircut before a KISS concert.
bg fa fast huge ment tg
17th Apr 01
Luna Genetics releases two drugs into the market to help with sexual dysfunction: first Promade for Men, then Voluxil for Women.
bg chem huge lac ment mg mm mpg slow tg
28th Mar 19
Liz begins her new life as "the girl with tits bigger than her head" but quickly finds she's not as in control as she expected.
fast huge magic offstage slow
11th Dec 11
A pretty standard, "flat girl undergoes strange and unusual transformation into busty goddess" story with a botanical flare to it.
ag big chem lac lg ment nc science slow weird
14th Apr 08
What happens when Robin eats a Rumble Ball? BE of course!
big cb chem fast lac science
31st Dec 98
BE comes to a faithfully-rendered version of Callahan's in this wonderful tribute tale.
bg fa fast nc science wow
6th May 12
Pretty plain Jane with this one. Just a night at the opera gone swimmingly. Mrs. Merriweather, polite woman in her late 30's, experiences an out of body experience with her soon to be husband, Mr. Merriweather, bro not even out of college. The characterizations and language are fluid so be warned.
ag big hg instant lg magic
29th Oct 98
Dawn brings home a vial to help her and her friend's figures, but gets more than they both bargained for.
bg fa fast huge magic
30th Jun 10
Nikki is a big fan of the Nightlight series and its brooding vampire character Earnest Collwin. One night she awakens to find him in her bedroom! One thing leads to another... but Earnest is not what he appears to be! A short, no frills breast expansion story.
aliens big cb fast lac rc science
27th Oct 14
Given my inability to write anything in story form, i have tried to write something in the method of 2 people talking through instant messenger. Hopefully it'll bring a little brightness to someones day. Thanks
big fa slow
18th Jul 98
Chemist's oriental girlfriend accidentally overdoses on the latest breast enhancement drug.
bg chem fa fast huge
1st Jun 20
Nina meets the Goddess who is going she is apparently going to help make Earth a size at a time. This is the first chapter (mostly exposition) in a planned 10 chapter story, I hope you enjoy!
bg aliens big bond huge magic asleep
19th Apr 23
900 DeviantArt Watchers Special. A young woman has a strange reaction to getting pregnant. Her roommate is into it. Contains feeding
bg big chem nc preg sc slow
10th Dec 10
Sue, a shy and homely girl, turns to a demon for help in getting the boy of her dreams. But what happens when the demon has plans of her own?... My second post here, and I tried to be more original. Please check the Read Me file before reading for a small request.
ag big cb fa fast lac magic multiple nc preg shem weird
24th Oct 15
Biologist Ayana and her half-sister Touko are nearing the end of their astounding pregnancies, but despite their ponderous size they'll keep their OB-GYN clinic running to cater to women as huge as themselves. They'll even introduce new, and pleasurable, technologies to the mix! [Based off of the near-hentai OVA Kagaku Na Yatsura, with an appearance of Haruka Gracia from Basquash!]
huge lac offstage preg science
7th Jul 02
The finale of Steve's adventures from the 'An Alien goes home' storyline. Lies, lust, and sex await Steve on his journey. Steve thought he understood the sexual powers of the Breedarin race, but as Anja prepares to give birth, she manages to surprise Steve yet again.
aliens instant lac preg weird
31st Dec 98
Freddy Krueger tortures a young woman.
bg chem huge lac preg slow
22nd Jan 16
Nora gets a job nannying for infant twins. Alas, the twins' mother, Philippa, has much bigger plans for Nora. Bigger and milkier...
cb fast huge lac magic nc
7th Sep 00
Mr Big's quest for big breasts never ends! In 1973 North Dakota Big unleashes the power of a breast enlarging crystal. Can the ancestors of Lynnae and June put a stop to Big's scheme? (10/98) Now with new colored pictures! (9/2000)
bg big cb instant magic rc
5th Mar 99
Nosey Parker's big sister experiments with enlargement cream.
bg big fa fast nc science
8th May 09
ar cb hg huge instant lac preg rc
28th Jan 09
Two room mates; Cheryl and Sarah experience the amazing effects of Perfection Pills... they also experience some unexpected side-effects. My first one! I hope you enjoy.
ag big cb fast instant lg preg sc
10th Jan 00
A custom bra shop in a small town? Only in an Axolotl tale!
bg huge offstage slow
24th Nov 11
big instant magic sc
24th Nov 11
Yuffie wants to become the main conquest of the party. Does this materia hold the key...? Apologies for double upload.
big instant magic sc
7th Sep 00
An athletic girl tells her friend how she found herself inexplicably growing giant breasts.
bg cb nc science wow
13th Feb 23
To say Kevin had a big crush on Ana was an understatement.
gts huge instant ment science
2nd May 23
Emily is returning home after a year spent studying abroad and finds out things aren't like she expected them to be... Growth fueled by overeating
bg ag big fa gts huge lg offstage slow asleep
4th Feb 13
(NOTE - I MIXED UP THE STORIES IN THE UPLOAD - SORRY! If the website owner could be please correct this -thank-you! Original story: "I MUST INCREASE MY BUST" Seque: "NOW, I MUST INCREASE MY BUST" I wrote this story (by hand!) about 20 years ago. I then typed it and posted it online around 1996 but it has since become difficult to find. Synopsis: Sequel - horny doctor gives large implants to his loving nurse.
big science slow
13th Jan 08
This chapter should have been included with chapters 7-9. The genetic augmentation study at the NCBTR has taken some unusual turns. What happens in the following two days, prevents James and Beth from venturing out from the NCBTR test bedroom.
big chem lac mpg science slow
12th Jul 07
Genetic Research takes a strange and dangerous turn in the U.K. Ordinary citizen, James Brisby meets Beth Hurly, a mysterious character who takes James in her home, only for him to end up going underground outside of London for reasons out of his control.
big science slow
26th Jul 07
The Newcastle Center for BioTech Research is an unusual home for James but he finds himself settling in. Things heat up a bit as he learns more about the mysterious Beth Hurly and has an unusual sexual encounter. (I decided it was better to send this chapter off now, than let my readers keep waiting. Enjoy. You're comments are much appreciated! Expect more fun!)
big cb lac science slow
30th Dec 07
James learns from his twin sister they both have a rare genetic oddity which can enhance youth and sexuality. Feeling trapped from the confines of the Newcastle Center for BioTech Research, he tries to escape, only to end up in a pleasurable sexual growth experiment.
big chem fast lac mpg science slow
13th Oct 10
This is the story of how I lost my wife. But, she's a lot happier this way...
big offstage
13th Oct 10
This is the story of how I lost my wife. But, she's a lot happier this way...
big offstage
16th Mar 01
Jessica gets a magical nursing bra with spectacular results.
cb huge lac magic nc slow
25th Sep 09
A nursing mom finds that she keeps on growing and growing. (To those who've been commenting and rating, I'm not the author himself, just a fan who wants to share these hard-to-find stories with the community).
huge lac slow
1st Sep 11
Nut thought she wanted a nose job. But something snapped inside her when she saw a woman sporting some giant breast implants. Her obsession was awaken. Now she wants to be the bustiest ever and nothing will stop her. (Implant story if you don't like then don't watch)
big sc science slow asleep
8th Jun 13
As a backwoods farmer in the archaic world of Noblash, Andrin can't seem to find a suitable mate. All of the women that he knows are definitely buxom.. but the only girl his age is rumored to have some sort of problem? Perhaps that is what causes him to go searching for the temporary lust found in the arms of a magical nymph. However, things aren't always as they seem.
ag big cb fast huge instant lac magic ment mm mpg
4th Jul 04
Sword and sorcery epic involving women trapped in a mysterious plant by an evil sorceress, plotting to cause chaos and... well... big boobs
bg ag big fast hg magic
29th Aug 98
A boy named Chris is kidnapped and transformed into a huge-breasted girl against his will. Can he escape and get changed back?
bg ag chem huge mpg nc shem slow tg asleep
13th Sep 17
Two hikers camping out in the woods, soon find themselves in the clutches of a harem of sex crazed hotties. Feed back is always appreciated.
ag bond instant lg magic mg mm mpg