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1st May 13
First story, feel free to leave comments and suggestions on the forums. Pretty strange transformations, hopefully you will like my twisted story. Summary: Ben stumbles across some fantastic body enhancement pills while on a trip to China. The transformation process invoked by the pills includes some very strange and unpredictable modifications. Astounded by the results, Ben manages to get the pills home to the US. His first call is to his sultry friend-with-benefits, Lisa. She loves his new body, what will she choose?
big chem fast huge lac mpg weird
26th Mar 09
Original Story by Max "Clare never imagined the benefits she could get by working at a bra store" --- I adjusted most sentences from the original, to correct grammar and make it flow better. I also invented a name for the teacher and added a couple of paragraphs to give the story a little more depth.
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26th Apr 00
Simon forces a woman to drink water as her breasts expand.
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26th Apr 00
Simon enchants women's breasts to grow based on their distance from the center of a nightclub.
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23rd Jun 99
New invention makes a woman's breasts grow to the size of things they touch.
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9th Jun 02
Caroline (from Simon 3) gets a boyfriend and shows off her new... skill...
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19th Jun 09
Aaron is chosen to beta test a new kind of music player that stores data in his bodily tissue. Things go awry when some corrupted files make it into the system and change his life forever. My very first attempt at a story. It's definitely not Pulitzer material and I'm aware of that, so be kind.
ag big fast ment mpg preg rc science slow tg asleep
19th Jun 09
Aaron gets chosen to beta test a new kind of music player but experiences some unintended and life changing side effects. My first crack at a story, so please be gentle.
ag big fast mpg preg science slow tg
1st Jul 00
Never go against the wishes of your author, as Bill shows us in this comedic short story.
bg weird
3rd Feb 98
""The ultimate aphrodisiac"" is how this odd milk is marketed - but it's so much more than that. It's all part of an insidious plan to take over the world!
bg big chem lac slow tg
2nd Mar 98
A new breast reduction procedure backfires and ends up with legal ramifications.
bg huge nc science slow
23rd Jun 99
When a dejected man leaves his wife and makes love to a cursed hooker, the fact that he switches bodies with her is only the start of this massive tale of curses, revenge, and true love.
bg fa fast huge magic preg tg
24th Feb 98
A wish to be attractive has unexpected consequences for a clever young man.
bg big fa fast magic mm mpg rc tg
17th Apr 01
Seamus O'Shanty the Leprechaun returns for revenge on Bobby and her stripper friends.
bg ag ft hg huge lac magic nc preg tg wow
29th Mar 98
Eight unlucky burglars break into Spells-R-Us and pay for it in a variety of ways.
bg big fa hg huge instant lac magic ment mpg multiple preg rc tg
19th May 98
A frustrated BE author signs with Spells-R-Us for revenge on those who rip his tales to shreds.
bg big cb huge instant magic ment nc tg
3rd Feb 98
A molding-clay stress toy has interesting effects on a man's wife.
bg big magic asleep
17th Nov 98
Doing a favor for a witch gives a man one wish.
bg huge instant magic
21st Jan 09
A re-interpretation of the classic tale. This is my first submission to the BE community, which has taught me quite a bit about writing. Comments welcome!
big cb chem fast hg lac lg ment mm mpg nc science asleep
29th May 17
Hailey leads a normal life as a freshman girl in college despite having suffered from virginal breast hypertrophy, a medical condition that left her with N cup breasts. One day, two years after her breasts stopped growing, Hailey learns they might start growing again.
huge science slow
29th Jun 17
After a growth attack that lasted eight hours, Hailey experiences another growth spurt that leaves her 32N breasts even bigger as she struggles to adjust to her new reality. (File includes edited Chapter 1 with added details.)
huge science slow
25th Jul 17
With the help from her family, Hailey pulls through a series of growth attacks that last a week and leave her breasts at truly ridiculous proportions.
huge science slow
14th Jul 04
Please give feedback to
instant wow
15th Apr 09
This is my second story ever. So if you like balloons inflating boobs give it a peep send your thoughts to
cb instant magic sc wow
5th May 19
A short episode of two sisters who find a magical wish-granting genie. Is she what she appears to be? Did they really mean to wish for that? Future chapters will include sexy times but you may have to make do with rampant transformation on offer here. Includes illustrations by Spurcell. This is my first ever story so feedback would be highly appreciated!
ag cb huge instant lg magic ment multiple nc sc science weird
23rd Jan 15
A man fondly reminisces about Delilah, the love of his life, as she grows through his lifetime.
big cb huge nc science slow wow
27th Jan 15
A man reminisces about his good friend and lover, Delilah. I wrote this story in a 12-hour span, but I hope you can all enjoy it nonetheless. Please leave comments at my deviantart page.
big fast huge nc offstage sc science slow wow
15th Jun 15
A man reminisces on the extraordinary life and times of a friend at her funeral. Contact the author through gmail or at deviantart.
big huge nc offstage science slow asleep wow
15th Jun 15
Jocinda didn't sign up for this. Neither did the research team, all truth told. Contact the author through gmail or at deviantart.
big cb chem fast huge nc science wow
16th Aug 05
A girl, after a tearful breakup with her ex, Peter (a large-breast lover), finding herself wishing her breasts were larger. She is surprised when she then meets Sal Dogma, who seels her the Amulet of Krogoth, insisting it can alter one's body as their lover sees fit. Reluctant to use it, she tries to make ammends with Peter, and shows him the power of the amulet. At first their prayers were answered, but what happens with Peter takes the use of the amulet too far in a passionate moment?
bond cb fast ft huge magic nc weird
24th Feb 17
Written by barrowclough. This series is available over at Chili Palmer's Free story Archive at bearchive.
bg big inc offstage slow
24th Feb 17
Written by barrowclough. This series is available over at Chili Palmer's Free story Archive at bearchive.
bg big cb chem huge inc mpg nc offstage preg slow
18th Jul 11
James discovers he is practically immortal and decides to become a super hero. The only problem is there is no need for one, so he decides to create a super villain femme fatale so he can acheive his dream. Part 1 is a bit light on sexual action I am afraid, a lot of setting the scene, but a little taster at the end of whats still left to come. Apologies for any errors, Anglicised spelling is intentional.
ag ar big chem hg instant lg ment science asleep
18th Jul 11
Sorry for the reupload, reduced file size of PDF and corrected a few errors, please delete original. James discovers he is practically immortal and decides to become a super hero. The only problem is there is no need for one, so he decides to create a super villain femme fatale so he can acheive his dream. Part 1 is a bit light on sexual action I am afraid, a lot of setting the scene, but a little taster at the end of whats still left to come. Apologies for any errors, Anglicised spelling is intentional.
ag ar big chem hg instant lg ment science asleep
14th Dec 13
A mercenary looking for a big score gets more then what he bargains for.
ag big fast magic
21st Oct 08
Ok, you're probably getting pretty fed up of me by now. This is the last try to get this working. Hopefully the mods will delete the last two attempts.
ag big chem fast hg huge instant lg nc sc slow
6th Apr 11
My first foray into this type of writing. Please leave comments and suggestions. The second part will follow soon. This is the story of Captain John Rivers as he finds himself exposed to a foreign life form aboard his deep space military freighter. Enjoy.
ag aliens big hg ment mpg offstage science slow asleep
13th Apr 11
Honestly, I really appreciate the feedback on Part 1! Thank you especially to those of you who don't normally comment. Hopefully, this next part is as enjoyable for you to read as it was for me to write. Suggestions are very welcome and helpful as I work on the next part. For those of you just coming on board, join us as we follow the story of Captain Rivers and his exposure to a very pervasive life form during his deep space mission. Part 3 should be ready in a couple weeks.
ag aliens ar big cb fast hg instant lac ment mm mpg offstage science asleep
20th Apr 11
Mike is just a normal high school senior until his 18th birthday. However, when his powers begin to manifest, the most unlikely girl gets caught up in his problem. Or maybe it's fate? Perhaps she's the perfect candidate for his breast expansion fetish. Let me know what you think!
ag big cb fa fast hg instant magic mg mm mpg sc weird
10th Jun 11
It appears that Mike is not the only one at his high school who was affected on his 18th Birthday (as seen in Chapter 1 of "The Touch"). Jacob is amazed when his own different power grants him sudden access to the lusty mind of a girl he had dismissed due to her 'flat' figure. Meanwhile, Becky, our super-hot cheerleader finds herself divided over how to handle the manipulative tactics of her perverted teacher. -- Stay tuned for more episodes! Let me know what you think!
big cb hg huge instant lac magic ment mpg
5th Jul 11
I read this story on my lunch break and it was so bad that I just HAD to do something about it. So, I quickly rewrote it substituting Timmy's Aunt for his mom and cleaned up the story, spelling and grammar as best as I could in 1 hour. Credit for the story goes to DirtyMind, not to Foogo. Everybody do me a favor and re-read it just one more time and see if it plays out better. Timmy's a lucky little bastard. Don't forget to rate/comment. -BB47
big cb chem fast inc
12th Jul 11
So there's currently 4 versions of Part 1, this is the continuation of my version which substitutes Aunt Danielle for his mother. Check out what happens with Timmy and his Aunt decide to Overdose on the pills. And since Sagger won the comment competition from Part 1, I included a big belly for him. Lots of hot expansion, sex, cum, lactation and orgasms.. just how I like it! Let me know what you think!
big chem fa fast huge inc instant lac mpg wow
16th Dec 11
Marvin hated Christmas.. especially since he worked at the mall. Little did he know what could happen when he was not only faced with having to stand-in for the Mall Santa on Christmas Eve, but also be confronted with the secret crush from his flat-chested co-worker, Mindy. It looks like a recipe for disaster.. but maybe.. just maybe.. the magic of Christmas will save the day.
big cb huge instant lac magic mpg
3rd Feb 12
We join Lieutenant Cassandra Gallo in this action packed sequel as she maneuvers her way through the ship's tight exhaust system on her mission to kill the Captain and regain control. Will her military training be enough to overcome the pheremone laden environment and suppress her lusts? What plans does the Captain have for the rest of the ship? Comments are welcome.
ag aliens ar big cb chem fast huge instant lac ment mm mpg multiple offstage science asleep
8th Jun 13
As a backwoods farmer in the archaic world of Noblash, Andrin can't seem to find a suitable mate. All of the women that he knows are definitely buxom.. but the only girl his age is rumored to have some sort of problem? Perhaps that is what causes him to go searching for the temporary lust found in the arms of a magical nymph. However, things aren't always as they seem.
ag big cb fast huge instant lac magic ment mm mpg
23rd Oct 14
The Earth is gone. Intergalactic pleasure miners have gathered their small, sample group of humans to test and have destroyed the planet as they departed, per standard operating procedures. John and Mindy find themselves isolated in an incubation room without any answers and only each other to interact with. Unfortunately, they don't get along so well.. at least, at first.
aliens hg mpg science slow asleep
7th Nov 14
With sleep comes a slow transformation for both John & Mindy. John can barely control himself but realizes that he needs to keep calm in order keep Mindy from withdrawing even more. Comments are welcome!
ag aliens big fast hg mg mm mpg science slow asleep
16th Jan 19
In a world where status and nobility is judged by the size of your breasts and your raw sexual attraction, Faye was quite possibly the ugliest woman in NorthGlen, the "Outcast" mining Village south of Noblash. Resigned to a life of servitude to her sexually abusive husband, she never dreamed that her world would be turned upside-down by an evil curse cast on her village by a passing Red Sorceress.
bg ag ar big fast hg lg magic ment mm mpg offstage
23rd Jan 19
We find ourselves back at the point where Mindy and John wake up. But this time it's told from Mindy's point of view. We also meet a new character (thank you Roid for the idea.)
bg ag aliens ar big fast hg lg mg mm mpg science slow asleep
30th Jan 19
Faye realizes that she can't keep Cham all to herself so she recruits the help of her two horniest friends, Ilsa and Gwen. Despite their doubts, they may not be ready for what is in store.
bg ag ar big fast hg inc instant magic mm mpg offstage
4th Feb 19
Super Short 750 word story for a competition over at Literotica. A young couple stumbles across a spell. Quick, hot and steamy, I hope you enjoy this little stand alone tapas bite.
huge instant magic ment mpg
26th Jul 07
this is just the rough draft of a story i wrote. its not very good so far but im looking to get feedback or if anyone wAnts to expand it im up to share the idea just send me the info to
ag big magic slow asleep
25th Sep 13
Just a fun little tale about a girl who tries very hard to improve her memory but ends up improving something else instead! I know, I love a cheap pun!
chem fast slow wow
15th Dec 13
big chem huge lac nc science slow wow
10th Dec 17
A Christmas wish leads to a girl being filled with the Christmas spirit, literally!
bg big cb fast huge instant lac magic
18th Dec 17
Kate is a young woman with a lactose intolerance problem. Except unlike other people, this causes a slightly different effect on her, and she can't get enough.
cb chem fast huge lac magic science wow
1st Jan 18
A joke store potion leads to some growing fun by a roaring fire.
bg big chem fast magic
18th Jan 18
A less typical take on a BE story, involving a girl with Macromastia going to college and facing its challenges.
3rd Feb 18
An adult themed carnival has a few surprises in story for Mariel
cb fast huge magic
19th Feb 18
An April Fool's Day dinner date prank doesn't go quite as expected
bg big cb chem fast huge lac science
15th Mar 18
An accidental packet of yeast turns into an unexpected growth spurt for two girls!
bg big cb chem fast huge science
9th Apr 18
A commission I wrote. A wife and a group of ex-girlfriends have a special something planned for an unsuspecting guy.
ag cb fast gts huge lac lg mpg sc
22nd Apr 18
A commission story. A girl named Kay wants to have giant round tits and tries multiple methods to find the best way. Contains belly inflation as well
cb fa fast huge magic slow
15th Jun 18
WARNING, CONTAINS COCK AND BALL GROWTH WITH GOREY BALL BURSTING (but don't worry, the tits are fine) A commission, concerning a guy who gets a bit more than he married for after wishing for a girls chest to swell with milk.
bg big cb fast huge lac magic mpg nc
22nd Jun 18
Another commission! When a trio of succubi run a sorority, causing girls to grow in order to drain their life force, it doesn't go quite as planned when Meghan has deeply bottled up feelings for her best friend. If it seems fast paced, it was because I was constricted on word count.
bg ag big fast magic ment mm mpg slow
7th Jul 18
Another commission! After a woman uses a bit of lotion, she finds herself growing in ways like never before. Lucky break for her roommate who has always had a crush on her. Contains breast, butt, and belly expansion.
ag cb chem fast lac wow
22nd Jul 18
The daughter of a blacksmith finds herself captivated by the bellows she works with everyday and finally gets her chance to experiment.
cb fast huge magic wow
29th Jul 18
A short commissioned story. A woman has a bad habit of using inflation pills for her nights on the town and gets in a bit of a rush. Contains popping
cb chem fast huge science wow
17th Sep 18
What would you do if you had a crush on a co-worker and a printer that made whatever you printed a reality? Plenty of sexy fun and expanding tits, of course!
bg big cb fast hyp magic science
24th Sep 18
Find out what happens when a man given all the power to print his dreams into reality is left alone with his horny office crush!
cb fast huge lac magic science
11th Oct 18
Two roommates spending Spring Break on campus run into a little trouble after one of them uses her chemistry skills to fulfill her friend's wishes of being bustier and shorter.
bg big chem fast gts huge nc science slow asleep wow
7th Nov 18
A very short and sweet story. A woman surprises her husband with a very milk-filling surprise.
ag fast huge lac lg science wow
1st Jan 19
1st Jan 19
Two girls give a lucky guy the Winter getaway of a lifetime.
ag cb chem fast gts huge lg magic nc wow
13th Jan 19
A shy, uptight girl receives a sweater that helps her relax. Among a few other things...
fast huge magic slow
23rd Jan 19
June finds out the women in her family have a not-so-little secret about their breasts when their soul mates get aroused. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3
bg big cb fast huge magic
16th Feb 19
With June's secret out, how will Parker handle his new-found influence while she's away for Spring break?
bg big cb fast huge magic slow wow
28th Feb 19
Rejoin Stacky and TLink for a seductive Valentine's Day and a swelling-good time. Illustrated by the ever-talented Ninny Moose.
bg big cb chem fast lac magic wow
20th Mar 19
The (probable) final chapter of June and Parker!
bg ag big cb fast huge lg magic wow
11th May 19
An aquarium worker has an unfortunate encounter with a blowfish and finds she can't handle stress quite the same after.
bg big cb fast huge magic science
15th May 19
Join Josh and Katie on their swelling adventure decided upon by the community! Anything is possible in this story.
bg big cb fast huge lac nc
15th Dec 07
My first ever story. Contains Mini-gts, slow-growth. A boy named Jake is secretly in love with a girl named Gen that lives next door. As their relationships grow closer so does their height and extacy for one another. This is just part 1 of many more to come (hopefully if people like it). PLEASE comment on this story whether it's positive or negative. I want to improve on my writing skills so that I may provide the community with great new stories. Thank you and enjoy :)
ag big gts science slow
15th Dec 07
Part 2, allready!?! Yea, well hope you enjoy. Jake and Gen continue to spend the day together even with her increased Size and bust. They find that their love cannot be changed by the physical differences that they have.
big gts slow
16th Dec 07
Jake and Gen continue their trip on the beach. PLEASE GIVE COMMENTS, I'm writing this for the readers. Help me write for you :)
ag big gts science slow
16th Oct 08
After a very long time of not hearing from me I present to you my completed work of Two Friends. The story begins with two kids, Gen and Peter, who begin a new path in their life that they could have never imagined. Please Comment or E-mail me @ about future stories or suggestions! Thank you!
ag big gts lg slow
11th Dec 03
ok, it's small and badly written. But it's my first start for a story. It's about my girlfriend and my fantasies with her. And I will not give her pills for christmas ;)
bg fa gts slow
14th May 06
Three girls get lost heading to a party. When the discover an old building with a locket with some strange powers.
ag big cb fast huge lac lg magic multiple weird
18th Mar 08
A high school teacher accidentally ends up with one of her student’s strange gems. Her regular boring life quickly becomes one of confusion, mystery and lust. Prequel to ‘The Collection’.
big cb fast hyp magic ment nc weird
19th Jun 08
Just a short story about some girls and a mysterious man. Read on and please do comment! You can IM me on either Yahoo or AIM at benadams1980.
ag big bond hg hyp magic ment slow
22nd Jul 03
A prequal to part 1, This really explains how Grace got Master PC & what she did with it, it also answers a few other questions you may have, again both *.doc & *.txt are included.
ag big fast hg huge hyp inc instant lg ment mm mpg rc sc shem weird
15th Jul 03
Ben, a college student, receives an electric shock and a copy of a mysterious program one afternoon. An old love is rekindled and new relationships are formed. This is the diary of those events and more. (Contains one half rape scene) word document and TXT file included in zip use which ever format you prefer.
ag ar big cb fast gts hg huge hyp inc instant ment mg mpg nc offstage rc sc science shem tg
15th Jul 03
Boy finds bottle, boy rubs bottle, genie comes out, genie not happy about having his sleep interrupted, gives boy his powers so he can get back to sleep. What’s that he sees on the beech? Three University girls, read on to find out what happens.
big cb gts huge instant magic ment mpg sc weird wow
15th Jul 03
Susan losses her dildo and her boyfriend is coming round tonight. Quick to the stores! But only the strange Spells ‘R’ Us is open. A desperate Susan buys the closest thing to a dildo available, but will it please her boyfriend?
big mpg shem
17th Jul 03
The continuing adventures of Ben. This is a far superior piece of writing compared to part 1 and the large size is due to having both*.doc and *.txt formats, hope you enjoy.
ag ar big cb fast ft gts hg huge hyp instant lg ment mg mpg nc offstage sc shem tg weird asleep wow
2nd Mar 04
This is hugely re-written and updated. Hopefully this version will be more pleasently recived than the original. It's pretty much your standard boy finds genie story but with a slight twist. As always both *.doc and *.txt are included for you reading pleasure.
ag big cb fast gts hg huge instant lg magic ment mpg nc sc shem tg weird
18th Oct 04
Stephanie gets a copy of Master PC, being sensible she starts off with small changes but as time goes by the program slowly corrupts her until she doesn’t care what happens… or does she? Features a cameo appearance by Susan from Spells ‘R’ Us: Magical Strap On.
ag fa fast hg huge lg ment mpg multiple nc rc sc shem weird
21st Jun 11
Brittney called form all her friend " Love " but what here happen some day is more than a dream .....
big cb fast magic offstage
21st Jun 11
Brittney called from all her friends “ Love “ what her here happen some day is more than a dream ….
big chem fast hyp offstage
21st Jun 11
A re-release of the previous upload due to another .WPS file being uploaded. "Brittney called from all her friends “ Love “ what her here happen some day is more than a dream …".
big fast hyp offstage
15th Jun 12
A shining spirit meets Petunia. There is an orgy in the street.
cb huge instant magic mpg sc shem
22nd Jun 12
Petunia sates her roommate’s hunger then later averts an in-progress act of adultery.
ag big cb huge instant magic ment mpg shem weird
25th Jun 15
Synopsis: A bored stranger plays a game with a couple in a mall. First shared story. Feedback welcome.
ag fast huge magic ment mm mpg nc
7th Jul 15
A stranger visits a library and teaches some people to respect books.
ag cb fast huge magic ment mm mpg nc
13th Jul 15
Wishing fountains sometimes do grant wishes.
ag cb fast huge magic ment mm mpg nc
25th Jul 15
Strange flowers show up to a couple's doorstep.
ag cb huge magic ment mm mpg nc offstage slow asleep
28th Jan 09
Two room mates; Cheryl and Sarah experience the amazing effects of Perfection Pills... they also experience some unexpected side-effects. My first one! I hope you enjoy.
ag big cb fast instant lg preg sc
8th Dec 98
Evil demon gets revenge on tribe of amazons by making their breasts grow to inhuman proportions.
bg fa fast gts magic wow
A unsuspecting guy brings home a big tited women from the club. Little does he know she has has other plans for him then sex.
bond chem fast hg huge hyp nc tg asleep
2nd Feb 09
Can one man have too many iBods? Can he ever have enough? As Jake's inventory of fembots grows, so, too, do his worries - it’s enough to drive an evil genius crazy. Here follows the second book of the trilogy, but do be warned, this fucker is long.
ar huge inc ment mm mpg offstage science slow asleep
18th Jun 08
Jake loves big tits and computers, and ends with a winning combination.
science slow
27th Oct 09
The third book in the trilogy finds Jake’s worst fears coming true when one of his fembots suffers a breakdown, new abilities manifest themselves, and psychotic behavior begins running rampant. But then who ever said cyborg ownership is easy?
huge ment nc offstage science slow asleep
12th Dec 09
What happens when the world's mightiest superheroine meets the world's greatest plastic surgeon? An epic battle of ample proportions, is all.
big bond fast hyp nc offstage science
27th Apr 98
Drinking expired experimental milk has a bizarre side effect on two teens studying for an exam.
bg big fa fast mm mpg preg
17th Jan 11
A man meets a girl running for her life from a bunch of tall athletic women. In a way he saves her from them and gets a very special reward.
aliens cb chem fast huge ment mpg nc preg
17th Jan 11
All Jeanine wants is a man to pay attention to her.
ag cb fast hg huge instant lac magic ment multiple weird
24th Feb 11
huge ment nc science slow
6th Aug 03
What happens when you mix a chemistry project, milk, and two teenage girls? Lots and lots of breast growth.
big chem fast huge
14th Dec 03
Tracy signs up to be a test subject at Biogenetics, Inc. She has to take four pills that are orange, purple, green, and red. Guess what they do.
fast huge lg science slow asleep
26th Apr 04
Welcome to the Five-and-Dime Shop, where the Shop Keeper always knows what you need - and a little more up top is almost always the answer. When Jane enters, she finds her relationship gets a little... saucy. (link fixed - sorry)
fast huge magic mpg
20th May 04
Joseph slips in the shower and gains a great power.
bg big fast huge magic ment rc
19th May 04
Daniel gets his girlfriend Sheryl a present for her birthday that with turn Fantasy to Reality.
ag big cb chem fast huge mg mm mpg
13th Sep 04
Lori is a math whiz. One day, she comes across something purported to be the "equation of life." You know what ensues.
big fast hg instant lg sc
30th Aug 05
Summer vacation has some surprises in store for Emily - including a swim, a boy, and ever-growing breasts.
big slow asleep
7th May 06
Fred Murphy finds a Device. A wishing Device, more accurately. And what he wishes for...well, you can guess that.
big fast huge magic mm mpg rc sc
28th Dec 06
Every superhero has an origin. Alexa's just happens to involve lots of orgasms and giant breasts.
ag aliens big cb fast hg lg mg science asleep
29th Dec 06
Alexa and her roommate Becky don't get much sleep; a mysterious cabal is shadowy; and Michelle meets a man.
big fast sc science
15th Jul 12
The is my revision and take on a classic from back in the day. While it was great then, it has grown rather bland and lacks quality. I attempted to streamline a few parts, and added some dialogue, which was missing. The same basic structure and ideas of the original story are intact, just updated. Enjoy! C and C is appreciated.
ag big cb chem fa fast instant ment preg science
8th Nov 16
Dean saves a crazy person that walks out into traffic. His reward, a doll for his girlfriend, seems strange at first, but he eventually figures out how it works.
ag fast huge instant magic ment nc sc science asleep
30th Dec 02
A woman with digestion problems goes on a first date with the man of dreams. What happens when her medication backfires?
cb chem fast huge
23rd Jul 03
A secretary working a bra factory is asked to test a new bra with a mysterious alloy underwire. What happens when this alloy has electricity conducted through it?
cb huge instant mg nc science
14th Mar 05
The milky, busty adventures of Erica, Janet's daughter from the story series Janet's Milk. She has all the powers of her mother only quite a bit more.
big cb fast huge lac shem weird wow
14th Mar 05
Sydney Bristow has to beat her archnemesis, Anna Espinoza to get possession of a mysterious Rambaldi device. Can she beat Sark and Anna to it? What happens to her when she accidentally sets it off?
big cb fast huge offstage science asleep
20th Feb 05
big instant
21st May 05
Liz makes a new friend, an eye-shaped blue gem with a taste for big breasts and plenty of sex. This friend, however, has enemies. (This time without the goofed formating)
big instant magic mm mpg asleep
17th Jul 05
An extremely inhibited high school girl stumbles across a magic remote control and quickly finds herself wondering why her body is tingling and her bra won't fit.
big cb instant magic ment
3rd Oct 05
After a freak accident, Ed finds that he can tamper with reality (including his favourite: breast size) by manipulating people's dreams.
big fast instant ment mpg science asleep
16th Feb 06
It is Friday morning, and something funny is happening at Hubsches-Madchen High. Is Terry more interested in taking advantage of the suddenly busty nymphomaniacs, nudists, and bimbo cheerleaders, or finding out what is going on?
big hg huge instant lac ment mpg science
11th Nov 06
In his own dreams, Ed is the star. But not for long. His dreams are about to become reality.
big fast magic ment asleep
18th Nov 06
Without the slightest idea what he is doing, Ed begins to explore the world of dreams. Should have spent more time on developing the hypothesis, Ed.
big fa instant magic ment asleep
18th Nov 06
Hey, Ed has finished his research paper and it is time to celebrate! How does wild fantasy sex with his hot former babysitter sound?
Sorry about posting two chapters at the same time, but TOB deserves first crack at it.
big cb fast magic ment mpg asleep
25th Nov 06
Ed tries to simplify his life, run a physics lab, and explain the destruction of the brain scanner to The Professor and the recently lesbonified Melissa. But then he runs into the most beautiful girl in the world and .... Well, I'm getting ahead of myself.
big hg instant magic ment asleep
29th Nov 06
Ed’s life gets even stranger--and this is before he accidentally eliminates his sister’s romantic rival.
big fast instant lg magic ment asleep
2nd Dec 06
Audrey++ meets Zofia 2.0
Ed vs. Pinky, round 2
Ed puts two and two together and comes up with threeway.
big magic asleep
25th Jan 07
Models, whiny brats, and faithless boyfriends beware! The Queen of the Dark has returned and she’s still not taking any prisoners!
ag big fast hg hyp instant lg magic ment mpg weird wow
6th Dec 06
Ed and Melissa
Sitting in a dream
Kay Eye Ess Ess Eye Enn Gee!
And for Ed things go downhill from there.
cb fast huge magic ment asleep
9th Dec 06
Can Ed survive an emotionally charged Melissa, The Professor on the warpath, and the revenge of Pinky?
big magic asleep
13th Dec 06
Worlds collide as Ed finally gets a few clues as to what is going on, gets an unwanted sex slave, and gets busy.
ag big instant lg magic ment asleep
16th Dec 06
In the kitchen with Ed and Zofia;
At school with Ed and Melissa;
On the streets with Audrey and The Elf;
And one shadowy, mysterious figure in the, er, shadows.
big instant magic asleep
20th Dec 06
So Ed is to be removed, eh? OK. Now what? Odds are that he doesn’t want to go.
big instant magic asleep
23rd Dec 06
It’s the end of the road for Ed. How can he possibly beat an immortal in a fight to the death? And if he can accomplish the impossible, will he have anything left for The Professor?
Well, it was nice knowing you, Ed.
big instant magic ment mm asleep
1st Jan 07

From the Dark Depths of the Addventure comes a short piece about Kerry, a quiet and unassuming bank teller, who bought a ring at a novelty store. The results are quite . . . novel.

Well, no not really. Stories about growing breasts are posted here all the time, but for Kerry, for whom this sort of thing does not happen every day, I suppose you could say it is novel.

ag big cb fast hg huge instant lg magic ment mg mpg
31st Mar 07

It’s been a long, dull month for Mike Wagner. Beaten nearly to death by an irate boyfriend after carelessly using the amazing Master PC program, Mike can finally talk again and the first thing he asked for is, you guessed it, his laptop. But when the sexy daughter of his erstwhile roommate comes for a visit, will Mike escape the hospital alive?

And if he does, what surprises has the Vice Principal prepared for him?

big instant magic ment mpg
9th Apr 07

Ah. High school. AKA the good ol’ days, not that they really were all that good, mind you. But then you or I likely didn’t have Master PC. Well, Mike does have Master PC, so for him the days really are good. Unfortunately, Danny Grant (formerly the vice principal) is onto him, and Danny’s replacement, The Vampire, is a little too detention-happy.

I mean really. It’s not like Mike started the orgy on purpose.

big fast lg magic ment mg mm
3rd Apr 07

So Mike’s still lying in the hospital, having been screwed unconscious by a Stripper-slash-Import Tuner Show Babe, as the Vice Principal springs his surprise. Can Terry straighten things out in time? Will he even realize in time?

Basically, plot occurs here, so you may want to skip this chapter.

ar magic
6th Apr 07

Mike has his laptop and a copy of Master PC, and he’s all healed up, so it’s time for revenge! His tormentors shall suffer for all of the indignit— Oooh. Check out the cute nurse!

Maybe revenge can wait.

ar big hg instant magic ment mpg nc
12th Apr 07
Mike gets moving on his grand scheme for vengeance, but Terry’s watching. So’s Suzy. And Danny. And Lindsay. Can’t a guy get any freaking privacy at Hübsches-Mädchen High? Nope. Doesn’t look like it.
big instant magic ment
15th Apr 07

Mike takes his new girlfriend, Lindsay, home for dinner to meet the family, but it seems that Callie has a friend over: the ever-lovely—and getting lovelier—Katelyn.

It looks like dessert will consist of Stripper Extraordinaire. Yummy!

ar big hg instant magic weird
18th Apr 07
Mike begins phase two of his nefarious plan for vengeance, but will Suzy let him get away with it? Or will she seduce and take the cheerleader for herself? What about Danny? His investigations bring him ever closer. But first, Dude, where’s Mike’s car?
big fast magic
21st Apr 07

Not much happens in this chapter. Mike just spends an afternoon transforming cheerleaders and trying out all sorts of different body and breast styles on the unsuspecting bouncy bimbos.

But there is someone who does suspect ….

big cb huge instant lg magic ment
28th Apr 07

In the wrap-up for book II of Rumour Mill, it’s Danny vs. Mike. Who will you cheer for? What is Mike really up to? What do Terry and Suzy think?

And just what does happen when an exhibitionistic futa-girl works at a strip club?

big magic ment slow
19th May 07
Kerry disrupts an anti-porn protest, goes to the movies, and meets some of the competition.
big cb fast huge instant magic ment mpg
9th Aug 07
A little swim at the local pool leads Kerry to something more including bigger boobs, the Forces of Evil, the Forces of Nerdity, a shower room full of cheerleaders, and much bigger boobs.
big huge instant magic ment mm mpg wow
22nd Aug 07

Laura’s had a bad day at work and so has Kerry, so when they meet at the bar they find they have a few things in common. Things like long legs, hot bodies, huge tits, insatiable bisexual appetites, and absolutely no inhibitions.

Which is funny since Laura and her friends used to think of her as being somewhat dull and very mousy.

big fast lg magic ment mpg
12th Nov 07

Revisions of Kerry chapters 1 through 5 as well as chapters 6 and 7, wherein Kerry subs in for the regular teacher and covers sex-ed at a Catholic girl’s school.

Will Victoria earn a passing mark from Miss Malloy, or is she too squeaky clean and doomed to fail?

ag ar big cb fast hg huge instant lg magic ment mg mm mpg sc wow
15th Dec 07

Tony, Jason, and Cam are enjoying a night out in the aftermath of Tony’s break-up with his girl when Tony finds himself the master of a Genie. A Genie who’ll do anything to please him… even turn herself into a bimboslut.

But, of course, Kerry has to get herself involved.

big cb fast magic ment mpg
9th Jan 08
Two weeks ago, the most arrogant girl in the universe cast the gauntlet down in front of Marty and his friends. Well, now that Marty has a copy of Master PC Nicole is about to experience his reply.
big cb fast instant ment mg mpg nc science
4th May 08
Plot? Who the heck needs plot?
huge instant magic weird
20th Sep 08
After an encounter with aliens, Gerald finds himself blessed with the Reward an of an Alien's Gift.
ag aliens big cb fast magic ment
27th Sep 08
Rosie wants answers. Unfortunately, she again encounters the one person who can actually provide them.
big fast hg magic ment mpg
4th Oct 08
Gerald gets off campus for a look around at the city and a night out on the town.
ag ar big cb fast hg inc instant lg magic ment mg mm
11th Oct 08
Gerald is having so much fun with nigh-infinite power, but can he survive an encounter with another being rewarded with an alien's gift?
aliens big cb hg instant magic ment
25th Mar 09

Calvin meets a Genie and makes the customary three wishes.

A short short story.

big instant magic mpg
18th Jul 11
Suzy gets a new job.
big hg instant lg ment offstage science
18th Jul 11
Suzy gets a new job.
big hg instant lg ment offstage science
7th Feb 12
Uncle Hank's immensely insulting graduation gift consisted of three gorgeous women tasked with finding Sidney a real live girlfriend. The Wing Girls guarantee success, but face it. Sidney's a trainwreck. He's going to need help. A megafuckton of it.
huge inc instant lac ment mm mpg nc science
1st Jul 00
A growth hormone makes a boy's cock grow huge, and his cum makes his doctor's breasts grow.
bg big fa fast mpg
23rd Jun 99
A visit to a Shinto shrine gives a guy a massive cock which has a mind of its own - one that loves to enlarge Japanese women's breasts.
bg big cb fa fast mpg
22nd Dec 05
a balloon fetishist with a dimental viewer that allows him to reach in to rescue a balloon girl who's about to be popped there is breast expansion
huge instant magic
18th Jul 07
a balloon scientist with a transdemental viewer that also allows the user to remove things and persons from that dimention Saving the balloon girl from being popped for good.
fast magic sc wow
28th Jan 15
This Is the story of Hannah's transformation from a prudish religious girls into an open-minded bombshell, due to some special attention from Satan himself. He allows other People's desires to manifest himself onto Hannah's body and mind. This is my first story, and I would love to hear you opinions.
ag big cb fast hg instant lg magic ment nc slow asleep
29th Jan 15
This is the story of Hannah, A religious prudish girl, who with some special attention, becomes everyone's fantasy.
ag big cb fast hg huge instant lg magic nc slow asleep
30th Jan 15
I hope this is better, if y'all like it, I'll release the 2nd part, which I've already written.
big fast hg huge instant lg magic ment nc slow asleep
2nd Feb 15
Here's Chapter 2, I've tried to improve my spelling, but apologize if there are any errors.
ag big cb fast hg huge instant lg magic ment nc
5th Feb 15
Here is the 3rd chapter, I hope yall enjoy. I included chapters 1 and 2 as well.
ag big cb fast hg huge instant lg magic ment nc slow
9th Feb 15
Here is chapter 4 of my ongoing story, once again I included the previous chapters and hope you enjoy all of them.
ag big cb fast hg huge instant lg magic ment nc slow asleep
23rd Feb 15
This is Chapter 5, chapter 6 will see some radical changes to the story line.
ag big cb fast hg huge instant lac lg magic ment nc offstage preg slow
20th Sep 00
A visit to a backwoods town has a young wife growing curvier and more obedient.
bg ment slow
8th Dec 01
Anne finds out this horrifying fact: That her new college turns women into incredibly sexy women! She flees in a panic, but does she make it?
huge ment nc science slow
18th Nov 18
A young couple gets stranded in a small community and soon find their minds and bodies changing. The newlyweds struggle to deal with their growing desires.
bg big chem lac ment mpg preg science slow
19th May 98
Short scene of a girl who uses a water hose to fill herself.
bg ag fa fast huge preg
24th Dec 15
ag fast hg huge lac ment multiple science tg weird
27th Jan 16
Jack has a unique problem that she's not sure how to handle. Every day, she's getting sexier and sexier, and nobody seems to notice the difference. This wouldn't be a problem for most women. The big issue for Jack is she used to be a man.
ag big fast hg lac magic multiple tg
21st Mar 16
The sequel to my previous story "Cowgirl Flu". After Erica caused the flu to evolve into a new, more potent strain, what are the aftereffects for the apartment she lives in? Also contains the original "Cowgirl Flu" with more viewing options, as requested in some initial reviews.
ag cb fast hg huge lac ment multiple nc science tg weird
23rd Dec 15
In a world where a cowgirl transformation illness has become a common occurrence, one man has a unique reaction to being infected.
ag big fast lac multiple science tg
21st Jan 16
In a world where a bovine-fueled illness has become commonplace, what happens when one cow aficionado becomes a little too invested in the flu?
ag big fast hg lac multiple science tg weird
29th Dec 17
Ben receives world and shapeshifting powers through poorly defined means. Lots of sex with some odd transformations.
bg big fast gts huge instant magic mpg nc sc weird wow
20th Nov 16
Mark agreed to magically lend his roommate some masculinity for a track meet. But while his roommate gets beefier, Mark finds himself getting more and more feminine.
bg ag big huge instant magic sc tg
23rd Feb 98
A teenage girl's class project to discover what it's like to be a big-breasted woman reveals a lot.
bg ag huge nc science slow
14th Feb 00
Going to a fetish club gets Lorie involved in an exciting situation.
bg fa fast nc science wow
13th Jun 99
A fortuneteller woman casts a spell on two women: when their men think of them, their busts will grow.
bg fa fast magic wow
29th Oct 98
Saddled with a gypsy curse, a young man makes women grow bigger breasts.
bg fa fast magic slow wow
19th Nov 01
Grace is a girl having trouble in college. Who would of thought a wish as simple as "I wish people would be nice to me." would end up'll see.
big fast huge magic nc slow
26th Sep 02
This is a story about a nice young man and a not so sane woman. Dan came back from the Peace Corp a changed man... Robin enjoys his incredible stamina and skill. Yet when she wants to please in an oral way how can he refuse. But he does. What's Dan's terrible secret and once Robin knows will she be able to let go.
big bond magic offstage slow
15th Dec 02
The final chapter and conclusion to this story. Dan struggles back to consciousness only to find...he's chained up. Downloaded story into two formats... Enjoy
bond huge multiple
22nd Dec 03
Guess what! I'm tired of waiting! I'm gonna post my story! For any who have been pateintly waiting... please enjoy. If anyone cares about my tragic reason please visit the Plume. This story is about two sisters having thier way with Sam, an old outdated Network Admin... Its got a little of everything- plus its ILLUSTRATED! PS I hope the story/pic presentation works.
fa fast huge magic mpg
18th Dec 06
When BE is against the law, only outlaws will have huge breasts.
huge ment offstage sc science slow
4th Oct 10
~ is a brief story about two women fighting over the affection of one man during a lavish Halloween Party. The fun begins when the inflatable costume activates... (Please NOTE: This is more an inflation story emphasizing on growth than on breasts). I wrote this for the “Prose that Blows 3- Halloween Contest” Sadly, I couldn’t write a story under 750 words… hurts too much).
fast rc science wow
30th Apr 98
Three teenage girls experience various forms of BE.
bg big chem magic
24th Dec 01
Ariel grants her boyfriend's wish to be a pornstar... she turns him into a living rubber blow up doll
huge magic nc shem slow tg
7th Apr 02
(FRENCH STORY) The story of a couple obsessed with surgery. Both lovers play a game where one decides what operation the other will have without telling him first. This leads both lovers to make each other freaks of nature.
chem fast huge sc science shem weird
5th Apr 16
Lia tries to relax during her summer vacation, but her ex-boyfriend, a baby, and her growing milk-filled breasts prevent that from happening.
fast huge instant lac lg nc asleep
17th Jul 12
This story was part of a trade by my friend Blues. Here, the prisoner of Gerudo Fortress gets his deep desire.
big instant magic
9th Sep 15
A very short (2500 words) story about a homemade computer program.
ag huge instant science
28th Jan 03
I started to write this for the BEArchive story contest but I never completed it. It is about a girl on her 18th birthday where everything she says becomes true. Please feel free to continue the story.
big fast instant magic offstage slow
15th Mar 01
Serving as an aide to the Martian Ambassador leaves Mary in an awkward position.
bg aliens fa fast nc preg science
24th May 07
Natalie, a proper young lady, is hired as the office manager for Harden Construction Company. She is unaware of the other duties she will be expected to perform.
big chem hyp ment slow
25th May 07
Natalie, a proper young lady, is hired as the office manager for Harden Construction Company. She is unaware of the other duties she will be expected to perform. (Reposted in Rich Text. Hopefully this will solve any problems with downloads.)
big chem hyp ment slow
28th Feb 09
Characters from my past stories on The Overflowing Bra/Erotic Mind Control Archive and Fictionmania team up to star in a motion picture screenplay of my own creation- with nods to Russ Meyer, John Waters, and camp sci-fi. Just what is up with that freaky alien?
ag aliens big hg hyp instant ment science shem weird
22nd Nov 09
A man uses a strange stone to make his fantasies come true and change the collective fate of an entire family.
big instant magic slow tg
13th Oct 10
This is the story of how I lost my wife. But, she's a lot happier this way...
big offstage
13th Oct 10
This is the story of how I lost my wife. But, she's a lot happier this way...
big offstage
31st Dec 98
Wearing some of her Mom's clothes makes young Keisha grow older and sexier.
bg big fa fast hg lg ment
25th Jan 99
Wishing she was like the glamour girls in a catalog, LaTonya begins to change.
bg big fa fast hg lg ment
9th Jan 99
A sexist unfeeling teenage boy gets his comeuppance.
bg big fa fast ment tg
25th Oct 99
Tony listens to a strange CD which turns him into a sexy woman.
bg big magic tg
24th Sep 03
A story of a UFO crash that grows a girl reporters boobs to science fiction size and her lust for sex!
aliens big
29th Oct 98
A mystical blue balloon inflates a girl bizarrely in her dreams.
bg fa fast preg wow
5th Feb 99
Ted gets rid of his ex-wife Jean with a formula that makes her expand into a giant water-balloon.
bg ag chem fa fast huge lg preg
19th May 98
A short scene involving a girl and a malfunctioning scuba tank.
bg fa fast preg wow
31st Jul 99
Hiking into unfamiliar woods, a woman encounters a snake with a strange way of shedding its skin.
bg fa wow
17th Jul 99
A woman gets revenge on the bitch who tried to steal her man.
bg nc science wow
29th Aug 98
A man who comes up short in a late-night convenience store finds some other way to offer payment.
bg fa fast huge nc
5th Feb 99
A magic pin gives Kelly huge tits and Mike a huge cock.
bg fa fast huge magic mpg
15th Jul 04
The thanks go to all who gave to this wonderful story; I just cleaned up a few things and made it into a novel. And added things of my own. Enjoy!
ag aliens ar big chem fast gts huge instant lac preg shem weird
8th Dec 02
Book one in a line of special books all about breast expansion.
big cb chem fast gts huge instant science weird wow
25th Mar 99
A man receives a wish-granting talisman during a car accident.
bg big fa fast magic ment mg mm mpg wow
22nd Jul 17
Molly’s family just moved to a new town, and she has trouble fitting in.
bg ag big chem hyp instant lg ment mm mpg preg science
4th Jun 18
A women takes a job in a strange, conservative town.
bg ag big cb chem hg ment nc preg science slow asleep
25th Apr 02
She was already overdeveloped, then she disovers that arousal makes her grow even bigger!
ag cb fast huge weird
24th Jul 12
big bond chem fast hg huge hyp instant ment nc offstage science slow tg asleep
24th Jul 12
ag bond hg huge instant magic ment nc shem slow tg
25th Jul 12
A man is unable to satisfy his wife. But she has a solution... with some retribution.
ag big bond chem fast ft huge mpg nc science shem slow tg weird asleep
14th Oct 04
Colleen grows, in all directions, all for want of me. Incomplete story I wrote a little while ago. I can never finish them though.
gts offstage slow
19th Sep 11
When a girl meet a old lady whit bugs .....
fast huge lac slow weird wow
25th May 03
A story about a normal girl who gets involved in an expermint and well you know the rest of the story.
chem fast gts science weird wow
9th Jun 06
Contunes where the first story left off.
big chem fast gts ment mg science tg asleep
29th Oct 98
Man meets huge-breasted woman in gym as she busts through her bra.
big mpg
28th Jul 02
This is a story of a growing girl. A girl growing up - and out.
bg big slow
7th May 04
A genius Southern Belle accidentally becomes the subject of an experiment. Written as a screenplay.
bg cb chem fast huge lac nc science shem asleep