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The Overflowing Bra

16th, Sep 14
A new era has come upon the earth! The Swap has changed the lives on each and every single person on the planet and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This is the first part of an ongoing story that I write in my spare time. Please do not expect Part 2 to come anytime soon. Be warned the Swap is extremely weird (for some) and is not a normal one. This is also my first story I've tried to write so comments and criticism is welcomed.
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6th, Sep 14
I3reacl was an old writer on deviantArt who disabled his account and left writing a little while back. All of his stories have since been erased. I managed to scour this from the deep corners of the internet and I am uploading it anonomously. This story follows a woman who discovers her husband's obsession over giant breasts. She then seeks out a way to fulfill his dreams, via the internet. Many miss I3reacl dearly, including myself, but I hope you all will be able to enjoy this story of his, for it is probably the last that remains on the internet.
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3rd, Sep 14
This is my first story, please be gentle ;) Fell free to translate or illustrate it... Jennifer comes into prison and have to produce milk. She fall in love with another prisoner and want to stay with her, but it only works when she get bigger...
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3rd, Sep 14
A sequel to Mary's Pills -- Now it's Mary's turn to experience the height of pleasure, brought about by her pills. After receiving positive feedback from Mary's Pills, I finally got around to writing a followup. Just like the first, this one is heavy on the sex, and gets right to the point. It's also quite a bit longer. I tried to break it up a bit along the way to build tension, but you be the judge. I'm happy to hear feedback, both good and bad. Drop me a line ->
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28th, Aug 14
The revised, compiled, and complete version of Samantha's Colossal Bust. Inside is the DOC and TXT version. The navigable PDF, illustrated by Berggie, DotintheParadox, and TheMisterStupid is only available on DeviantArt because The Overflowing Bra returned errors and would not upload it. My apologies.
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26th, Aug 14
Reed's wife has discovered his sketchbook full of curvy giantess fantasies. What on earth will she do?! A mini-giantess story with BE and AG.
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23rd, Aug 14
The final chapter of Fullfillment. Lucy struggles to resist the growing cravings for more milk and more growth, while Vincent works tirelessly to find a cure for Sarah and Lucy's conditions. Also includes Chapters 1-8, so you can enjoy the entire story all at once!
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20th, Aug 14
A few short BE stories I've come up with over the last few weeks. Enjoy!
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19th, Aug 14
Part 2 of the story. It's the day after. Chad just wants to relax and smoke up, but Sky has other plans. Includes part 1.
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18th, Aug 14
The final chapter of the story. Please enjoy!
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