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The Overflowing Bra

25th, Apr 15
Prose That Blows story entry.
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25th, Apr 15
"Please Master, if I have pleased you...?" Her buttons opened, and her breasts seemed to plump up a few sizes like creamy honey-dew melons - with moist nipples. Kitten's tended to be especially intoxicating. However, his virility was truly superhuman, and he came to regret not ravishing his chief sperm scientist. But that was a problem easily remedied... A prim and proper blonde with hair in a tight bun stumbled moaning out of a door onto the street - clutching, tearing at her silky blouse as her once slim belly surged into a taut dome of fertile ripening. All the while her clawing hands clutched at the throbbing swell within her traitorously fecund flesh. She squealed as her bra-straps strained into her shoulders, mountainous boobs already darkening the front of her blouse with the gush of milk needed to feed the brood sprouting within her laboring body.
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24th, Apr 15
A high school girl notices some unusual changes happening around her, and is surprised when she learns what's causing them. Story is longer and more plot focused than my previous ones, but has a little more BE as well.
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24th, Apr 15
This was a story I found on a site dedicated to female erotic competition, and since I always loved the idea of women competing with each other about the size of their breasts, I added some BE elements as well. I should cross post it in the original forum as well.
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24th, Apr 15
The young soldier barked a command, waving the pistol - until a whisper intervened. From behind him sauntered a glittering feminine fantasy resembling a pornographic version of Scarlett Johanssen. She put a hand to his shoulder, and whispered in his ear from behind. The black soldier moaned, but shook his head in defiance. Gun drooping in shaky hands. Until the Hollywood-worthy beauty sashayed in front of him, putting herself in the path of the potential bullet. Her voluptuous splendor swayed in a dick-hardening stripper dance, dainty hands gathering up her platinum-lemon hair in a sparkling cascade; diamond-dusted skin glittering. The howl started low, rose, and then slowed down into a relieved moaning - Xavier knew it immediately as the cry of surrender when a man succumbs completely to the prospect of a SheMorph harem.
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22nd, Apr 15
"My sisters and I represent freedom. A man's freedom to feel his dick hardening; and seize any woman he pleases, to force his sperm into her. Freedommmm..." her voice lowering to a growl. "You want to sire your seed, into every woman you can grab!" His hands tightened around her hips. "Freeee your dick!" "Wanna... be free..." he murmured as his pulse raced. Out in the car, January switched on the radio: ".... Radio Free Earth; exposing the secrets of the Invasion!" rasped a quavering female voice. "Men think that these creatures are their loyal servants; but they are Loyal only to their most probable source of sperm!
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20th, Apr 15
Since I've had some hints about putting more expansion in stories, here's one that's all expansion. There's a minor amount of 'world building' that can safely be ignored. Sadly, there's not any 'real' sex in it (mainly kissing and groping), though I could tack something on the end, if people really want it. But then it wouldn't be expansion. Just an experiment in getting a woman's point of view, and a different way of doing it. Have fun
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18th, Apr 15
Part Three of Ten Persons Ten Doors. Inspired by the game NINE Persons, NINE Doors. (So it's been years since I played it... bite me) Four more strangers show up, bringing the total to Eight. The announcer seems hesitant to help them until all the players are in place, where could they be? This is a bit of a slow burn, please give me some time to get some quality excuses for Boob growth. I'm also open to suggestions for particular contestants. Find me on Deviant Art if you want to ask me questions. (ShamusBaran)
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17th, Apr 15
The story of Natalie continues with the search for answers to her lack of magical control. Then, just when everything is starting to look up… I want to thank all of you for reading and leaving such overwhelmingly positive feedback. Like I said in the acknowledgements, this story is written for you. We writers work for your feedback, it’s what keeps us going. I have wanted to post this since I put up Chapter II, but I have to space it out, or you all are going to think I have pulled another Amanda and Andy. Lastly, if you all get bored reading my stuff, I must highly recommend Fitting in at the Ren Fair and Fantastic Desire by Coffeepilot. He’s one of my proof readers and a damn good writer in his own right. With out further ado-
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14th, Apr 15
The long wait is over! Jack and hundreds of other Gifted individuals have been summoned by the mysterious power behind the PMB to participate in a last-ditch effort to pass the Test. But not all is as it seems, and Jack and friends soon find themselves embroiled in action, intrigue, cheating, and superpowered sex games like you've never seen before. Also contains parts 1-4.
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12th, Apr 15
I am going to try some new ideas for an illustrated story series. Written and illustrated by me! Let me know what you think, I believe illustrated stories are quite popular!
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7th, Apr 15
A story inspired by the game Seven Persons Seven Doors /Zero's Last Escape. No growth (yet!) just setting the stage for a twisted game that puts it's captives through all sorts of torment. This is effectively a teaser chapter before the fun begins.
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7th, Apr 15
Part Two of Ten Persons Ten Doors. Inspired by the game Seven Persons, Seven Doors. Four strangers (so far) are thrown into a twisted game where the stakes are their very bodies' identity. Vulis (Vulture) and Chess come across two more contestants and the first game is launched.
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6th, Apr 15
A digital log found while exploring a hastily abandoned research station. It was covered in unidentified semen and human milk.
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3rd, Apr 15
This is the continuing tale of Natalie and her "growing" interactions with Matt and the people around her. As always constructive comments/criticism are welcome. Enjoy! I am caving in to popular demand and putting up Chapter II almost a month before I intended. I had not expected such a vociferous and positive response. That said, while the I should clarify that while the story is "done" it's not finished being edited past chapter III, and because my proof readers have real lives, I am going to continue to space the final 9 parts out after this release, at about 3 weeks between uploads to maintain quality control.
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1st, Apr 15
It's been a long time coming, but this is the Prologue (edited and posted here again) and Chapter I (new material) of my new story. Set in the same universe as Amanda and Andy, this story revolves around Natalie, a "reformed" succubus, and Matt, a guy who works in her office and the trials and tribulations of there lives. This has taken 3 years to write, edit, write some more, and edit some more. The good news is it's all done, the bad news is it's 200+ pages, so I am putting it up in little chunks. Constructive comments are welcome! Thanks for reading.
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30th, Mar 15
Just an alternate chapter 5. Most likely will have no bearing on chapter 6.
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27th, Mar 15
I wanted to share fantasies I've had with the community, so I decided to post this. It's not good, I'm not a writer, but If I get any sort of feedback, I may continue this series of one-offs to provide some content for once. Be brutally honest if you comment please.
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27th, Mar 15
In a world where live implant filling shows can make a girl famous, Audrey is determined to make herself the biggest star there is, but even the most gifted performer forgets at her own risk that her fate ultimately lies in the hands of her audience.
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