The Definitive BE Story Archive

The Overflowing Bra

31st, Jul 14
Inflated to the point where all her fantasies are finally made flesh, and knowing she really ought to stop before she pushes herself too far, Colette discovers that instead wanting to stop as she nears her limits, she finds herself begging for more, even with her breasts stretched dangerously full already.
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24th, Jul 14
Ashley is an adventurer and treasure hunter. She finds a lead on a mysterious technology she has been trying to find for years, and goes to investigate. The technology she finds does things that even she couldn't predict... Short 7 page story in .txt, .html and .odt format.
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20th, Jul 14
Mitchel meets with his friend Grace; a small, cute, peppy girl. However, she doesn't stay small for long, as Grace starts growing taller, bustier and more flirty throughout the day, and no one notices but Mitch! Will he be able to help her before it's too late? (Note: Only available in .odt and .docx formats, mini-GTS only. Sorry, guys.)
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13th, Jul 14
The aliens came matter-of-factly, and they left behind a meteor that gives everyone powers (the titular gift and test). Graduating senior Jack has dreamed of getting a Class Meta power like Metaman and becoming a superhero, so it's a bit of a disappointment when he finds out he's strictly Class X. But he soon realizes that having a superpenis has a lot of upsides... (This is the slow-burning Part 1 of an intended 3-part series)
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9th, Jul 14
An innocent vial with a mysterious substance decides to give an anonymous girl the royal treatment.
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5th, Jul 14
A duo of short stories involving Josh and his after-school adventures. While this is the same setting as New School, this involves different characters, and each is its own separate "timeline" (i.e. the stories aren't explicitly related). Anna: Another student invites Josh over to help her on an essay, but soon turns into more of a handful than he could've imagined. Extracurricular Activities: A teacher gives Josh a very special reward for his hard work in her class.
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4th, Jul 14
"What happened, Luke?" Shannon asks as she stares at her boyfriend's now 8 inch cock. Shannon and Luke wake up one morning to discover that all of their sexual acts have unexpected after-effects...
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2nd, Jul 14
School's just started up again, and every girl in the school has gotten taller and sexier over the summer, and they're still growing. Josh isn't sure how this is happening, but he's enjoying every minute of it. But will the growth stop before the girls get too big? (Mini-giantess story, nothing taller than 10 feet)
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30th, Jun 14
A young girl meets another older girl online and they become friends. The older tells the younger of a certain miracle drink...but does it really do what she leads on? Or does it do something much, much more? Another short story written in about an hour. No real plot, just some good old fashioned BE. In .html, .txt and .odt format.
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18th, Jun 14
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