The Definitive BE Story Archive

The Overflowing Bra

9th, Aug 18
Michael finds himself in a hospital of shifters. Perhaps he'll find out why Jessica was acting the way she was on the mountant, with her mountants. And let's not forget if there is one shifter about, most likely a dozen lurking around waiting. (Includes the prelude) Remember if you like, hate, or want to say something leave a comment!
bg ag aliens ar big cb hg instant lac ment mpg nc sc science
8th, Aug 18
A man, unsatisfied with his body, comes to a woman named the sorceress in the hopes of getting the body he desires. She gives him all he ever wanted, and so much more.
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3rd, Aug 18
A slumber party, four girls, and a game about to change their lives.
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1st, Aug 18
A young woman in a swamp full of giant mutant frogs. An old story of mine and a sequel to Doc Dweeb's Victim of A Frog. Frog boinking, preggo, tadpole popping, and a bit of BE. Ribbit.
bg big lac preg science slow weird asleep
29th, Jul 18
A short commissioned story. A woman has a bad habit of using inflation pills for her nights on the town and gets in a bit of a rush. Contains popping
cb chem fast huge science wow
28th, Jul 18
Karla Frost signs up for a breeding program, but gets more than she signed up for. In the end she walks away, but a much sexier woman.
chem huge lac nc preg slow wow
25th, Jul 18
Two hot naked women and an island of giant mutant slugs. Slime, preggo, and a little BE. Simple as that.
bg big lac nc preg science slow
25th, Jul 18
A milf's aftermath of an intimate encounter with a giant mutant hagfish (aka slime eel). A sequel to a story by Doc Dweeb. Story can be found on his site on Hentai Foundry.
bg big lac preg science slow
25th, Jul 18
A hot blonde and a giant octopus. Pretty basic.
bg big lac nc preg science slow
25th, Jul 18
An old story of mine. A milf takes a lavender scented bath with a sweet smelling alien. A bit of preg and a little BE.
bg aliens big chem lac nc preg science slow
25th, Jul 18
A stranded astronaut has fun with giant alien insects. Major preggo and BE.
aliens chem fast huge lac ment preg
24th, Jul 18
Lucy makes a potion to give her what she has wanted for all of her life - a curvaceous body. However, before drinking it, she fails to notice a blueberry fall into the concoction...
bg ag big cb fast magic
22nd, Jul 18
The daughter of a blacksmith finds herself captivated by the bellows she works with everyday and finally gets her chance to experiment.
cb fast huge magic wow