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The Overflowing Bra

17th, Sep 18
What would you do if you had a crush on a co-worker and a printer that made whatever you printed a reality? Plenty of sexy fun and expanding tits, of course!
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16th, Sep 18
A very studious girl, the pride of her parents, find a magical lamp... maybe she's not such a good girl as even she thought she was.
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12th, Sep 18
Ruby is enjoying her new body and all the pleasure it gives her. Knowing that Jake gave her the body and makes her feel so good, she wants to make him feel just as good.
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10th, Sep 18
a short, easily digestible BE quickie. for those here to see tits get big, in as few words as possible. A young man obtains a dose of concentrated breast growth formula for his girlfriend... or was it four doses? Best to just give her all of it.
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8th, Sep 18
During excursion to the mall Tamara was transformed by the Ring of Expectation from a nerdy girl into a vampire-looking bombshell and she started a loving relationship with her sports-obsessed friend Amy. Today they decided that Amy should try out the ring too. But its powers are random and unreliable the girls can’t even imagine the degree of that weirdness yet. (All previous disclaimers still apply.)
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7th, Sep 18
Allison goes to rescue Paul and the three Japanese Pop-Stars that have been kidnapped alongside him. Meanwhile Iris gets to know the goddess of love and calls an old friend.
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4th, Sep 18
Daniel takes an old relic home with him from work. Add some female company, some alcohol a dirty mind full of kinky fetishes and an accidental wish to set wheels in motion. It a long read, enjoy and please leave behind a comment or feedback. -Wildcards
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1st, Sep 18
When Nancy's boyfriend tells her about his expansion fetish, she immediately sets to work on creating a machine that will let his fantasies become a reality. There is one thing she didn't plan for though... how much it would mess with her mind.
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29th, Aug 18
(This is more of a writing experiment: I randomly chose a list of transformations (there is BE but it’s not the point), their durations and then strung together scenes based on them. So “the story” is rather disjointed.) Tamara is a college student, a nerdy young woman with thick glasses, no curves to speak of and mostly wearing shapeless clothing. Today she goes to the mall with a new piece of jewelry: an antique ring she found in old unopened letter from her grandmother with promise that it will change her life. This is the Ring of Expectations, it magically tries to project on its wearer qualities over people find most attractive but the ring is not too strong and works somewhat randomly.
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25th, Aug 18
Both Michael and Jessica figure out they need to work out what is happening to them. Between a pair of Doctors, a bodyguard, and a nurse name Cherry, Michael may not know what hit him, or in this case a lot of sex with him. Included in this one is a long make-out session. Even the twins see the need to keep Michael around.
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24th, Aug 18
The sequel to Life Game - High School Edition. Years later, Rachel, still growing but now alone in high school, starts another game...
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22nd, Aug 18
Kind of a writing experiment : two girls are stuck in a time loop ending with a wish. Each time, the loop restarts, but a little different after each wish.
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