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The Overflowing Bra

13th, Jul 18
A Long Time ago... Wait No, that's copyrighted. 9 years ago, I asked if I could possibly delve into the future of the body shifters universe. Every year I would add a page or two to the stack as I'm not confident in my writing skills, but I kept at it. So now I think I have the first set up of the world that popped into my head so long ago. And for good or ill, I'm now sharing it with all of you. Please, be gentle. ;)
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7th, Jul 18
Another commission! After a woman uses a bit of lotion, she finds herself growing in ways like never before. Lucky break for her roommate who has always had a crush on her. Contains breast, butt, and belly expansion.
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7th, Jul 18
Mark, a postgraduate biologist, uses his knowledge of newly developed bio-chemistry to give an unsuspecting friend "a little boost" in sexual appeal. Will Mark take it too far? Mark intends to take it too far.
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7th, Jul 18
My first work in this genre! A girl has become a test subject for new nanite body mods that can alter everything about her with controls on a phone app. Pretty tame in this one but later ones are sure to get weird!
bg ag big fast hg rc science slow
6th, Jul 18
When Kimmy gets jealous of a work colleague and the size of her bust, she tries to find a way to make her breasts bigger by looking on the internet. She finds a strange way to do it that leaves her in a tricky situation. The main focus is on detailed expansion and clothing destruction.
bg big cb fast magic ment
1st, Jul 18
Zara suddenly starts expanding while with her boyfriend in his car. She does not know what caused the expansion, and it swiftly gets out of hand as she tries to hide it from anyone who might see!
ag cb chem fast huge lac lg magic preg
30th, Jun 18
My Hero Acadamia Expansion Sequence I did for a contest that won, the pic I got as a prize is included at the end. Mei Htasume is a genius inventor that makes gadgets to help heroes do their job, but something goes wrong and one of her gadgets has some very very good results.
ag cb fast gts huge science
30th, Jun 18
A young man with a lactation fetish discovers some tantalizing secrets about his mother's past. This leads to an intimate encounter. Note: I decided to combine these two into one upload because chapter one was pretty short, and two was already finished.
bg big inc lac offstage slow
30th, Jun 18
A woman slowly becomes addicted to her captors cum, slowly becoming his willing sex slave as her breasts grow larger and larger.
chem huge ment nc slow
30th, Jun 18
A popular Asian Instagram model becomes obsessed with booby greed.
bg big ment slow
28th, Jun 18
Natalie plots a new course for her life as the changes continue.
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26th, Jun 18
Women in Rachel's family are busty. But the redhead would like to be even bustier. Good thing her best friend can magically steal anything from anyone and give it to someone else...
huge magic ment rc slow
22nd, Jun 18
Another commission! When a trio of succubi run a sorority, causing girls to grow in order to drain their life force, it doesn't go quite as planned when Meghan has deeply bottled up feelings for her best friend. If it seems fast paced, it was because I was constricted on word count.
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