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The Overflowing Bra

18th, Jun 17
My first story, although it is quite long at 90,000 words. This tale follows Jane and Katie and their journey through their blossoming relationship and their vastly changing bodies. Contains lesbian love, bondage, domination and submission, lots of lactation, and of course massive, growing, breasts. Any and all feedback is appreciated and I would direct you to my deviantart page to do so. Thank you, and enjoy!
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13th, Jun 17
In the same world as the Lucy series, a young woman believes her boyfriend is cheating on her with her roommate, and decides to use the bimbifying milk to get revenge... but things don't turn out the way she planned. Had this story sitting around for awhile, don't know why I never uploaded it.
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13th, Jun 17
Four friends are snowed in and play a very interesting game of Uno. Comments and criticism always welcome. Enjoy!
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7th, Jun 17
Roxie the horny MILF finally gets Valerie all to herself. Unfortunately for Roxie "all" of Val turns out to be a lot more than she bargained for! Meanwhile Tasha and Tony play some "games" ;) upstairs. Feat. special guest star Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
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5th, Jun 17
Remember Valerie Song? The totally crazy, totally sexy futa with the endless erection and bottomless balls? She's back, in DOCX form. Contains Chapters 1 and 2 of Hot Yoga and chapters 1-7 of Drama Bomb.
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3rd, Jun 17
The She-cocked Sensation, the talk of the nation, Valerie Song in the story that started it all! For the first time on Overflowing Bra. Hyper-hung futa Valerie Song enjoys some brunch before her yoga class and things get a little nuts. Okay, they get big nuts.
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3rd, Jun 17
You know how embarrassing it is when your hyper-hung sex-maniac mom drives you to the mall and insists on meeting your friends and then floods the mall with cum after an absolutely insane orgy at an underwear store? Tasha Magnum does. The bashful teen futa has enough problems keeping her six-foot schlong secret from all her friends at school without being totally humiliated in front of the cheerleading squad by her pervy mom, nearly drowning in her own cum and literally crushing her crush beneath her behemoth boner. Then things get worse. Featuring special guest appearances by George Takei and Frank Nelson.
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1st, Jun 17
A notorious sexual harasser angers a righteous witch, and she transforms him into a woman with cripplingly huge breasts.
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30th, May 17
A college students is magically granted three wishes, and gets more than she bargained for when she wishes for larger breasts. My first story, would love to get feedback.
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29th, May 17
Hailey leads a normal life as a freshman girl in college despite having suffered from virginal breast hypertrophy, a medical condition that left her with N cup breasts. One day, two years after her breasts stopped growing, Hailey learns they might start growing again.
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29th, May 17
My first attempt, and my first posting on this site. Not too much of a plot, just a happy couple working through the advantages of exceeding the recommended dosage. Comments welcome.
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27th, May 17
Brooke, an insecure, emotionally needy and recently dumped woman, has been invited to a pool party by her ex's girlfriend who also happens to be her grade school nemesis. Brooke is going to the party, but not without the help of some magic beanstalk seeds, courtesy of her best friend, Fern.
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