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The Overflowing Bra

13th, Apr 14
A very short story written in about an hour, used as a way of flexing out the ideas for my next story. Simple, to the point, and, hopefully, still very fun.
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7th, Apr 14
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5th, Apr 14
As before, all chapters are included in the .zip file. In Chapter 5, Erica and Beth finally get physical, though there are a few complications. The two girls reveal deep feelings for one another, and Beth tells Erica about her family's secret, mystical past...
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29th, Mar 14
The hurricane hits the city, but it is not the storm doing all the damage...
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27th, Mar 14
After a long delay, here is the latest chapter in the epic futanari saga of Erica Richards. To make up for the lateness, this is the longest entry yet, and I've included all previous chapters as well in the zip file. There's more BE in this one than previous, and things start to get really steamy between Erica and Beth...
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27th, Mar 14
Samantha and Dan deal with the aftermath of Chapter 07 and her new living situation.
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24th, Mar 14
The continuing unofficial follow-up to the Steve Palmer classic "New Beginnings." Please, rate and comment. Feedback is appreciated.
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22nd, Mar 14
Jim is back and better than ever, and the twins are bigger than ever.
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15th, Mar 14
In a slightly more conventional, traditional expansion story, Sam has always hated everything about her physical self. From her hair to her height to, of course, her breasts, there isn't one thing that she likes. When she finds out that she has the ability to make changes to herself, the cautious Sam sets about to do so in a careful, thoughtful manner. Things change, however, when she unexpectedly finds the limit to her abilities, and all of her small changes start to spiral out of control.
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28th, Feb 14
The recently-single Morris is almost relieved that he can get back to what he does best: browsing and cataloging pornography from the enormous range of things he finds sexually fascinating. When every single erotic thing he has ever fantasized about starts to come true, and every woman in his life starts to fill a niche in his library of turn-ons, he finds that sometimes what you want can be a little creepier than you had imagined it would be. Only time will tell if he'll find the cause and stop it, or if he'll give in to the horde of women desperately trying to get into his increasingly full pants, losing himself to a world of pleasure.
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