The Definitive BE Story Archive

The Overflowing Bra

26th, Aug 14
Reed's wife has discovered his sketchbook full of curvy giantess fantasies. What on earth will she do?! A mini-giantess story with BE and AG.
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23rd, Aug 14
The final chapter of Fullfillment. Lucy struggles to resist the growing cravings for more milk and more growth, while Vincent works tirelessly to find a cure for Sarah and Lucy's conditions. Also includes Chapters 1-8, so you can enjoy the entire story all at once!
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20th, Aug 14
A few short BE stories I've come up with over the last few weeks. Enjoy!
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19th, Aug 14
Part 2 of the story. It's the day after. Chad just wants to relax and smoke up, but Sky has other plans. Includes part 1.
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18th, Aug 14
The final chapter of the story. Please enjoy!
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12th, Aug 14
Story of an underachiever, achieving the unachievable when it comes to boobs. Part 1 of a multi-part story. My first time. I have no idea what Iím doing, so be gentle. Some of the idiosyncrasies of the writing are intentional and attributable to the Character telling the story. BE becomes more pronounced and prominent in the parts yet to come.
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11th, Aug 14
This is what has happened in Lucky so far. I have neglected the most important BE story depository and it was a mistake. If I died or something happened to my files and DA I's lose it, so better to keep a copy of it in the archives Thanks to lolchair for compiling it.
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10th, Aug 14
There is no update to the story, just the inclusion of a non-.pdf file, as per someone's request.
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9th, Aug 14
(Also includes Part 1) Aliens, superpowers, metapenis, you know the drill. An increasingly ravenous and desperate Kandi has brought Jack on a Caribbean pleasure cruise - but how much pleasure is too much? Jack stretches the limits of his newfound powers as Kandi stretches the limits of the dresses and bras she stole from her mother, and both stretch the limits of their relationship to the breaking point. (Part 2 of what I now think will be a four- or five-part series in the end. This seafaring section of the plot kept expanding - pun intended - as I wrote it. Thanks for the kind feedback on the first part, and enjoy this one!)
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8th, Aug 14
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8th, Aug 14
This is the 3rd and final installment of "The Puzzle Box Curse." Violet and her allies take on the wicked demon Hamamelis and try to save the world from sexual enslavement. Can they stop her? What are the costs? Find out in the exciting conclusion herein. Note: This series is intended to set off a new setting that I will try to get around writing about.
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5th, Aug 14
An adaptation of portions of "Bimbo Mall Battle" by Narse [based on "Arena" by The Chat-room Crew (coded into Inform7 by redneckdemon)] Outfit descriptions by MShadowy, Melissa, Mr. Grayfield, Narse This is a Twine based interactive vignette in which the reader plays a game featuring a magic remote. Readers will need at least a recent web browser, and it has not been tested on mobile devices.
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2nd, Aug 14
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31st, Jul 14
Inflated to the point where all her fantasies are finally made flesh, and knowing she really ought to stop before she pushes herself too far, Colette discovers that instead wanting to stop as she nears her limits, she finds herself begging for more, even with her breasts stretched dangerously full already.
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