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The Overflowing Bra

15th, May 19
Join Josh and Katie on their swelling adventure decided upon by the community! Anything is possible in this story.
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11th, May 19
Kendra uses her second wish and gives Mike a boost. Includes Parts 1 & 2
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11th, May 19
An aquarium worker has an unfortunate encounter with a blowfish and finds she can't handle stress quite the same after.
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6th, May 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. I see you there. Today for your viewing pleasure is the story of a mischievous little voyeur, not content anymore with the shows she peeps. She'll come to see though that getting more has a heavy price.
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5th, May 19
A short episode of two sisters who find a magical wish-granting genie. Is she what she appears to be? Did they really mean to wish for that? Future chapters will include sexy times but you may have to make do with rampant transformation on offer here. Includes illustrations by Spurcell. This is my first ever story so feedback would be highly appreciated!
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4th, May 19
Kendra makes her first wish. And makes full use of it. Includes Part 1.
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2nd, May 19
Kendra gets three wishes! Plus a little something on the house...
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28th, Apr 19
A series of stories culminating in one long novella, based on the characters of Roommates, a concept originally conceived by 99Breaker and CRUBAT. It was five years in the making. Enjoy.
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28th, Apr 19
Candace has always lived in the shadow of her hotter, more outgoing twin sister and the comparison bothers her more than ever now that they're sharing a flat while attending Uni. When Candace discovers a genie in a bottle, her wish that her sister wasn't the biggest bimbo in the school doesn't come true in the way she expects. This is the first part of a new story that I (Frig) intend to expand and continue according to requests from patrons, but the whole story will eventually be posted when complete.
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25th, Apr 19
Lilia starts a new life journey as a surrogate mother and as part of a test group for a new treatment designed to help new mothers have a better experience through pregnancy. Focus on pregnancy, lactation and breast growth.
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