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The Overflowing Bra

30th, Jan 15
I hope this is better, if y'all like it, I'll release the 2nd part, which I've already written.
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29th, Jan 15
This is the story of Hannah, A religious prudish girl, who with some special attention, becomes everyone's fantasy.
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29th, Jan 15
Paul must contend with a ten-thousand year old sorceress... who also happens to be the mother of one of the girls he is sleeping with. Meanwhile, Allison the amazon reconects with her fencing club and discovers how much they all have in common, Molly the nymph shares a love of knowledge with one of the school's librarians, and Olivia the totally normal human makes her feelings about Paul known. (Contains parts 1 and 2 in shiny .pdf format.)
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29th, Jan 15
Chapter 3 of Paul's Problems in html. From now on I'll be uploading in both formats.
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27th, Jan 15
Dora plans a private birthday celebration for her husband and gets a special delivery, just in time. But, unexpectedly, her generous gift might also help Dora with a lifelong problem: her incorrigible clumsiness. A helium inflation story with lots of BE and AG, more lighthearted in tone than the last couple stories.
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26th, Jan 15
Time for an appointment with the doctor. What news will she have for Jordan.
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24th, Jan 15
Jordan heads to her favorite spot in the world.
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24th, Jan 15
Join Jordan in her struggles through everyday life. Sometimes when your built like this girl, regular activities become a workout.
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14th, Jan 15
Paul's destiny is now revealed to him. He is the chosen one who will bring back an age of magic by uncovering the hidden magical creatures that live amoung humanity... with his penis. Also, in this educational installment the girls learn about customer satisfaction and one of Paul's professors learns about appropriate teacher/student interactions.
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11th, Jan 15
Her breasts already dangerously overinflated, Colette wakes up to find them straining to hold much more, and is desperate to find a way to stop her expansion before it's too late.
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9th, Jan 15
Paul's life at his new university takes an unexpected turn when girls start throwing themselves at him and transforming. Then throwing themselves at each other. What is the cause of this strange behavior? Can the girls cope with their new feeling for Paul and each other? How exactly is this situation a 'problem'?
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6th, Jan 15
Rachel and her greedy boyfriend find a genie that decides to put them both to the test. For those not interested in story, the expansion doesn't occur until the very end.
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6th, Jan 15
I have been trying to get another good story out for a while, but each idea was quickly scratched. This is a survivor, and it stars Alex and his friend Sarah, and a magic coin that came from a cursed lamp. There is a lot of transforming in this.
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3rd, Jan 15
Penny is on a late flight home after taking care of some touchy personal matters. But the weird girl next to her keeps saying the oddest things in her sleep...
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31st, Dec 14
Maya and her friend, Kimmi, get invited to a party when they are approached by a local resident while moving into their new house on fraternity row. Maya isn't so keen on going, feeling her multi-breasted friend will outclass her when it comes to snaring a guy. But there seems to be a young man at the party who can help her with that, if she'll only ask. And what's this he's saying about this day having already happened before, but turning out different? Something about people having changed...
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