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The Overflowing Bra

24th, Aug 15
A short story I wrote for a friend and my first BE story. Lupe struggled with freedom as her parents controlled her every move growing up. In college, she finally experiences freedom until she discovers her "master" who has the ability to maker her do whatever he wants. Given the option to stay or leave before their first sexual escapade, she chooses to stay.
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23rd, Aug 15
The sequel to "Jessalyn Gets Her Man Back." Jess and Alex reunite, Jess's boobs get even bigger, and a good time is had by all.
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23rd, Aug 15
Vanessa hates being so small up top, and none of those special creams or herbal supplements help to give her the size she wants. However, things change when a friend introduces her to a strange woman who flies around town with her umbrella, granting boob-related wishes. It's going to be one weird night for Vanessa and her brother ...
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22nd, Aug 15
It's day two of women transforming into busty beauties and just when Mark thinks he is finally getting used to his new world, things take an unexpected turn. NOTE: Includes a revised version of Part I as well.
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17th, Aug 15
Three friends experience an unusually spread method of breast growth.
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16th, Aug 15
Queen Odessa finds a way to make the women of her realm enormously more pleasing, but the magic being bound to her service may not be quite so submissive as she believes.
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14th, Aug 15
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14th, Aug 15
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7th, Aug 15
George comes back to find that Lucy's made another bimbo, and then he starts using her milk for his own purposes, and more bimbos are created... This is the final part of the series that started with Lucy's Life Changing Shower. Comments and criticism are welcome.
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7th, Aug 15
Light is shed on the shadowy organization that Olivia's mom runs. Also, Paul introduces himself to the dean's secretary and must deal with the ever daunting task of interacting with the mothers of the girls he is sleeping with. Everyone else is preparing for war.
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29th, Jul 15
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