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The Overflowing Bra

24th, Nov 15
One of my first stories. Please be gentle, but criticism is accepted! Email me at for any questions, comments, critiques and possible ideas!
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24th, Nov 15
Criticism is always accepted! Email me at for any questions, comments, or possible ideas!
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23rd, Nov 15
Paul and Samantha are on the run from the angel that has stabbed Allison. Their solution involves having sex in public. Iris is being hazed by some of her swimming teammates. Her solution involves having sex underwater. Allison and Veronica are being kept in an undisclosed location. It's not a solution but they have sex anyways to pass the time.
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16th, Nov 15
This is a updated version of my recent story, hopefully a bit easier to read. I headed advice on paragraph structure, and I did also change a few minor details upon re-reading it myself. I would like to thank everyone for all of the feedback. I am humbled by how well it has been received, warts and all. I'm sure it's still got some issues, but as they say, nobody is perfect. Wish there was a way to respond to you all here, but I have started posting it in sections over on DA. If anyone cares to swing by and offer their thoughts there, I could answer questions etc.
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15th, Nov 15
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14th, Nov 15
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14th, Nov 15
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14th, Nov 15
This is a re-upload of chapters 1 to 5 of Saint, Sinner, Succubus in the ebook format epub.
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5th, Nov 15
A science nerd and a sexy classmate's science fair project trigger a scientific breakthrough that will have unintended consequences later. This is the opening act and a slow burn as far as the actual growth is concerned.
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29th, Oct 15
From on high, the Goddesses of Hyrule have decreed that Link shall bed women across the land to bear heroes for future generations. Now Telma is bloated full of Link's progeny, and still manages to run her bar alongside her equally pregnant employees.
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29th, Oct 15
After a car crash results in a head injury, Jenny finds herself mysteriously wasting away, until doctors find a "cure". This cure comes with a few side effects though. This is my first BE story, or story of any kind. I have been thinking about doing this for years, but only actually started a few weeks ago on a whim, and it sort of took on a life of it's own. It is over 56,000 words, and takes a while to get moving, so I won't blame anyone for skipping the boring parts. The story focuses on somewhat realistic growth, at least by the standards of the genre, as I have just never been able to embrace magic etc. I was inspired by many classics, but notable influences include "Addicted" and "Volunteers" by Mr B., "Positive Feedback" by Athiop, "Correspondence" and "The Offseason Nudist" by Oxomox and/or Tex T, "Janet's Milk" by Anonymous, and the story that got me into the genre, "My Best Friend Julie" by Byrne. Any and all feedback is welcome, and I'm sure my punctuation and grammar needs a lot of work. I just hope at least one person enjoys this. :)
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28th, Oct 15
Alex finds one day that his ID card has been replaced with one that changes reality...But only for him?
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