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The Overflowing Bra

15th, Oct 18
Kelli finally gets the chance to visit the Muffin Top the night before she and her husband move out of town. But will one evening be enough for her to be satisfied? And does he have any idea just how big his wife's ambitions are?
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11th, Oct 18
Two roommates spending Spring Break on campus run into a little trouble after one of them uses her chemistry skills to fulfill her friend's wishes of being bustier and shorter.
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1st, Oct 18
A fair maiden, unsatisfied with her breast size, visits a manipulative wizard. We all know what happens next!
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24th, Sep 18
Find out what happens when a man given all the power to print his dreams into reality is left alone with his horny office crush!
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23rd, Sep 18
A rich, bitchy but aging housewife misses the days when she was just a bitch having fun. Maybe HellMart can help.
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17th, Sep 18
What would you do if you had a crush on a co-worker and a printer that made whatever you printed a reality? Plenty of sexy fun and expanding tits, of course!
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16th, Sep 18
A very studious girl, the pride of her parents, find a magical lamp... maybe she's not such a good girl as even she thought she was.
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12th, Sep 18
Ruby is enjoying her new body and all the pleasure it gives her. Knowing that Jake gave her the body and makes her feel so good, she wants to make him feel just as good.
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10th, Sep 18
a short, easily digestible BE quickie. for those here to see tits get big, in as few words as possible. A young man obtains a dose of concentrated breast growth formula for his girlfriend... or was it four doses? Best to just give her all of it.
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8th, Sep 18
During excursion to the mall Tamara was transformed by the Ring of Expectation from a nerdy girl into a vampire-looking bombshell and she started a loving relationship with her sports-obsessed friend Amy. Today they decided that Amy should try out the ring too. But its powers are random and unreliable the girls can’t even imagine the degree of that weirdness yet. (All previous disclaimers still apply.)
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