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The Overflowing Bra

7th, Apr 16
Carmen invites some more friends over for another round! It goes about as well as you'd expect.
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6th, Apr 16
Riya and Olivia get back together with their sorority sisters. Then sex happens. Allison and Veronica make their escape. Then guns happen. Everyone else prepares for battle. Then sex happens.
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5th, Apr 16
Lia tries to relax during her summer vacation, but her ex-boyfriend, a baby, and her growing milk-filled breasts prevent that from happening.
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4th, Apr 16
After an anxiety attack lands her in the hospital, Carol Crews finds relief while working out during recovery. She continues to go to the gym after the fact, anxiety fading as she grew stronger. But when working out stops showing results, Carol begins to feel her anxiety clawing back. When an opportunity to outgrow her plateau presents itself, she finds herself making a decision to pursue mental stability...
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2nd, Apr 16
Part 3: Maggie struggles with her transformation, while her friends try to help her. Their efforts cause some trouble that will surely come back to haunt them all. (Includes parts 1-3 in .pdf and .html files) (Trigger warning: attempted rape)
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2nd, Apr 16
A brief story about some late night romps with a magical charm. I wrote this as a quickie one night in my spare time. Let me know if quick one-offs like this are alright with you guys.
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29th, Mar 16
After his relationship with girlfriend Sara reaches a new level, Chad finds himself in a sex shop where he buys a teal strap-on for her. Sara loves it and what was supposed to just be some fooling around becomes a life changing experience for them both.
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25th, Mar 16
A farmboy discovers that some of the women in the big city are very, very different - and their outsized breasts and coloured hair are just the start! How will he navigate life and love with a woman whose uncontrollable urges deny her a normal life?
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24th, Mar 16
William Quincy, the would-be heir to the cosmetics empire "Touch of the Succubus," wishes to run the family company one day. There's just one problem - His mother would never turn over the company to a man! William searches high and low for a mysterious store that might be able to help him make a change. Will he find what he's looking at the mysterious shop, or do the fates have bigger plans for him?
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21st, Mar 16
The sequel to my previous story "Cowgirl Flu". After Erica caused the flu to evolve into a new, more potent strain, what are the aftereffects for the apartment she lives in? Also contains the original "Cowgirl Flu" with more viewing options, as requested in some initial reviews.
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