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The Overflowing Bra

31st, Oct 14
Our Wild Adventures Part 3: After a long hiatus, this is finally the continuation of my amazing adventures with Annie and her expanding breasts! In this story, we discover some new properties of the remarkable love melon. On a ski vacation, we drank some of Annie's 160-year-old melon wine, which was leftover from her Isle, and had an insane night of unrestrained, breast-expanded sex. But that wine changed our bodies in amazing ways. Things with Annie were very different after that night... but not for the better. This is the latest story in the series that began with "The Tale of Our Isle." If you haven't read those, jump in anyway! We'd be grateful for any comments, since it's a lot of work to create these stories. Thanks for everyone's support!
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30th, Oct 14
Apologies for the double upload, but it came to my attention that I had accidentally included an incomplete earlier version of the third chapter of A Gift and a Test, one that left off the most plot-relevant scenes and the biggest (if silliest and slapstickiest) BE! My apologies for this carelessness. The complete version was included in the plain text version in the last download package, but I decided to reupload with the complete one in Microsoft Word for your convenience. Enjoy the five new pages!
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28th, Oct 14
The much-delayed third chapter! Given fantastic dick-related, breast-expanding powers by the titular Gift and Test, Jack starts a new life in Las Vegas, where a mysterious woman known as The Madame has created The X, the largest brothel for empowered prostitutes in the world. He meets new friends, gains new powers, and uses his abilities to make thousands upon thousands of girls bustier, earning disgusting amounts of cash all the while. Yes, things are looking up for our hero - but an errant act of actual superheroism may prove to be his undoing. Also contains Part 1 and Part 2.
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28th, Oct 14
Contains one (1) final chapter. Serving size: far too much for one person to handle, but fun to try anyway. Contains 1000% of your daily value of BE and AE. Warning: story manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts.
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27th, Oct 14
Given my inability to write anything in story form, i have tried to write something in the method of 2 people talking through instant messenger. Hopefully it'll bring a little brightness to someones day. Thanks
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25th, Oct 14
Like an idiot I forgot to check if the user name I wanted to use was already used or not. So here are parts I & II again under my correct pen name.
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25th, Oct 14
A young man with a thing for big breasts meets a witch in an online chat room who magically grows her breasts to impress him. Part 3 of an ongoing series.
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24th, Oct 14
A young man with a thing for big breasts meets a witch in an online chat room who magically grows her breasts to impress him. Part 2 of an ongoing series.
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23rd, Oct 14
The Earth is gone. Intergalactic pleasure miners have gathered their small, sample group of humans to test and have destroyed the planet as they departed, per standard operating procedures. John and Mindy find themselves isolated in an incubation room without any answers and only each other to interact with. Unfortunately, they don't get along so well.. at least, at first.
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21st, Oct 14
Kay always fantasized about mythical worlds full of faeries, satyrs, nymphs, dragons, and such. She's an average woman, a bookstore manager with a sweet, if boring boyfriend and a below average love life. Then one day, she happens across Keelin at the Renaissance Festival, who merrily passes on to her the Ring of Desire, which bends the wearer's mind and body to the dreams of those around them. Explaining that it will help spice things up and solve her unfulfilled needs, she even gives a demonstration by amping up Kay's sex-drive. Dramatic transformations and much frolicking ensue as first her boyfriend, then Kay herself take turns wearing the ring, for Kay's dreams of hot bodies and wild sex in a fantasy world soon have both their bodies changing in quite lusty ways. The Ring of Desire returns! In this brief, (only four chapters, I swear!) side-story which takes place concurrently with the later chapters of 'Fitting in at the Ren-Faire'. Functions as a stand-alone tale - reading the Ren-Faire stories beforehand is good, but not necessary. Please comment if you enjoy! Feedback is the drug that makes me keep writing! Also you can find me on DA.
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16th, Oct 14
Kim arrives home with news of Jake and his twisted influence over her, only to find that her friend Maya is less receptive to the news than she had hoped.
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9th, Oct 14
Part 2 of the Swap is here!! After the cliffhanger of the last part we get to see just what has been happening to Mia and the rest of the women in the world. Plus, Michael goes to work for the first time after the Swap. What surprises are in store for our protagonists? Please rate and comment. I take into account everything and thanks to the user Russian Judge I have added new story elements. (Included are parts 1 and 2. Part 2 starts on page 11.)
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8th, Oct 14
Kim wakes up with a ripping hangover, unsure of what happened the night before.
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6th, Oct 14
Kim and her friend Maya go to a party, where people start changing. But only Kim seems to see. Is she different?
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