The Definitive BE Story Archive

The Overflowing Bra

13th, Dec 18
A lot of guys have slept with the girl next door. Even more have slept with a cheerleader. Not many have sampled both and remained in a happy relationship, but you have. In fact, while there are fantasies abound of sleeping with celebrities, you've done that too. You've done it all since you started dating Michelle, and you haven't cheated on her once. You have as many stories as there are nights in a year. This is one of them.
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7th, Dec 18
A mother contemplates the offer she got from a less than forthcoming merchant.
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7th, Dec 18
A vampire drains several girls of their curves and then some. (Warning: Does involve death by dissolving to dust, marked "Weird Transformation" as a result.)
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7th, Dec 18
An adept sorceress attempts to take down an unusual creature.
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5th, Dec 18
Set in Tieryn's B&M universe, a young Arab girl unknowingly becomes the test subject for a new B&M product the day before she has a date with her boyfriend.
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24th, Nov 18
When Kelli is offered the chance to become every bit as buxom as she desires to grow, all in one night, it seems like a dream come true, though Chrissie's generosity may exceed what even Kelli is willing to accept.
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18th, Nov 18
A young couple gets stranded in a small community and soon find their minds and bodies changing. The newlyweds struggle to deal with their growing desires.
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7th, Nov 18
A very short and sweet story. A woman surprises her husband with a very milk-filling surprise.
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4th, Nov 18
At the height of the Roman Empire, Venus, the Goddess of Love, decides which women will become beautiful and which will be ugly. It is said that when puberty comes, she personally blesses every woman's bust. One priestess of Venus feels very blessed indeed.
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30th, Oct 18
April comes home to find her roommate struggling to contain her breasts as they expand. She says it is because of some chocolates that were left at the door. April gets jealous and makes herself expand too, but neither girl is prepared for just how potent the mystery chocolates are.
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