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The Overflowing Bra

5th, Jul 15
Change is a curious thing. We may not realize it, but over the course of our lives, we are in constant change both mentally and physically. This is the story of how one woman went from shy and dutiful to loud, proud and incredibly busty as the result of one fateful decision... Contains lots of breast implants and sex.
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2nd, Jul 15
The sex is always kinkiest just before the dawn. Or... something like that. Jack & co. are in a race against time to track down some final crucial powers and put together a fucking-based cure for world hunger - but there is a lot standing in their way, from the remnants of a PMB army to none other than Kandi Young. (Download contains all 6 parts of the now-complete story - the length of a novel in all! Thanks to everyone who read along with Jack's ludicrous adventures.)
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2nd, Jul 15
"Our Wild Adventures" Part 6. Posted at TOB by reader request. This is the sad story of how everything went wrong with Annie at Mardi Gras, and how she and her expanding big tits betrayed my trust. (Very long) Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed this saga. This story is third from the end.
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2nd, Jul 15
"Our Wild Adventures" Part 7. Posted at TOB by reader request. Following an unexpected turn, Annie and I try to pick up the pieces of our relationship after her betrayal at Mardi Gras. But some more things go wrong, including a revenge scheme by an enemy. (Very long) Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed this saga. This story is the second last.
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2nd, Jul 15
The last story in the saga of Lady Arianna. My relationship with Annie is destroyed, but we are both fugitives from the law. We had no choice but to seek refuge on her island. But strange events continue to follow us, all through time and space. Along the way, we finally learn the long-awaited secret of the mysterious love melon, which causes Annie's tits and my cock to swell to outlandish proportions. Annie and I finally resolve our problems, with a happy ending for everyone. This story is especially for the fans of this saga, who have read all the stories, and revisits many scenarios and characters met throughout the saga. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed reading all about Annie and her expanding big tits.
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28th, Jun 15
A chapter, about 8 pages, focusing on Isabel and basically all about growth! Still mostly futa-oriented. We're coming up on some serious BE in the next chapter. I would appreciate any feedback. If there are any requests too I'd be interested to hear them.
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25th, Jun 15
Synopsis: A bored stranger plays a game with a couple in a mall. First shared story. Feedback welcome.
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23rd, Jun 15
Here's my second pass, this time focusing on our non-futa friend. I tried to make it a good deal longer before submitting. It still includes the first part as well. I have some more written but didn't want to upload a half finished chapter. I hope you enjoy it! I also just wanted to take a moment to thank some of my favorite OFB authors for the inspiration to finally write some smut, especially: Mich, FrigOfFury, Kodos, Cheviot, XXXecil, The Light Fantastic.
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22nd, Jun 15
My first real foray into writing, I would really appreciate any feedback! I tried to check it for obvious errors. Be forewarned, in these first few pages there is not a whole lot of BE, and the focus is on a Futa character. More straightup BE will be coming!
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19th, Jun 15
"When your body wants something, it lets you know." But what happens when your body decides it needs something completely insane? Corey finds out as he discovers he's turning into a girl. But not ALL of him is changing, and as others discover this fact their own hidden wants start to come out of the woodwork.
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15th, Jun 15
A man reminisces on the extraordinary life and times of a friend at her funeral. Contact the author through gmail or at deviantart.
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15th, Jun 15
Jocinda didn't sign up for this. Neither did the research team, all truth told. Contact the author through gmail or at deviantart.
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14th, Jun 15
A young woman nicknamed 'Night' travels across the ocean to take control of an inherited dairy farm. Unfortunately the bank has auctioned almost the entire herd to pay off outstanding loans and she'll have to take extreme measures to meet contractual obligations. Author's note: A reader of the original Onabreeder story posted on this site requested a follow-up in a similar vein using the reader's character and incorporating some more/different fetishes. It has even more (and more extreme) BE, so hopefully other readers will enjoy this story at least as much as Onabreeder.
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13th, Jun 15
After much delay (due to real life issues) I am happy to present to you Chapter IV of Saint, Sinner, Succubus. I will let the story speak for itself, but I am very happy with the feedback I have received from my proofreaders. I welcome any feedback you all have to present here, and I am actively monitoring The Overflowing Redit for questions and more in-depth critiques and feedback. I should also say that Iwill be returning to a three week delivery cycle. So without further adieu, Chapter IV.
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12th, Jun 15
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12th, Jun 15
Your dick is pumping up her tits.
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12th, Jun 15
After a passionate night with Tom, Joan is still horny. A minigts growth sequence which contains BE.
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12th, Jun 15
Your girlfriend is taken a growing interest in a video game you're playing... and so have her boobs. A story inspired by a breast expansion version of the 2048 game.
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7th, Jun 15
Alcohol intolerant Erin gets more than he bargained for after drinking a strange bartender's special cocktail.
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