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The Overflowing Bra

29th, Jul 15
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28th, Jul 15
Jade and her friends are confused about the sudden "growth spurt" of Destiny. Maybe they'll find out what exactly is going on... Hello all! This is the first story I've written. Hope you all like it and that it isn't too cringey :P
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28th, Jul 15
The 66,000 word, 127-page saga of futanari sex, breast expansion, and myriad transformations returns to The Overflowing Bra. For newcomers, this is the story of Erica, a young woman with a 9 inch cock, who meets the four-breasted love of her life, and the two of them (plus their friends) delve into a world of magical transformations. Includes everything from the prologue through Chapter 16.
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25th, Jul 15
Strange flowers show up to a couple's doorstep.
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19th, Jul 15
Finding a girl who can change her shape to suit your every fantasy isn't something that happens every day.
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19th, Jul 15
Chris lets the power granted to him by the Boob Note, a magical notebook capable of enlarging breasts, go to his head. He toes the line between popular playboy and dangerous sociopath. Chris quickly learns the book can not only enlarge breasts but shape reality itself. He finds a girl willing to help him experiment, but one just isn't enough for Chris. Is he going to far? Or is he just taking his new role as a modern 'Boob God' too far? Boob Note is an ongoing story being posted in smaller parts at When larger chunks of the story are finished it will be posted here. However, if you'd like to get little bits of the story sooner (and maybe even contribute to Chris' fate) check out my DA page. --SB
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17th, Jul 15
The sequel to "Lucy's Life Changing Shower," in which Lucy discovers the effects of her milk (on both men and women)
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13th, Jul 15
Wishing fountains sometimes do grant wishes.
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9th, Jul 15
When Suzy picks out a massage oil from the supermarket, she certainly gets a bang for her buck, or at least she plans to.
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9th, Jul 15
An updated version of "Lucy's Life Changing Shower" with a few added bits. As before, Lucy buys a new kind of body wash that has... unexpected results.
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9th, Jul 15
I've had a lot of free time on my hands, so here's another story I wrote, I hope you enjoy it. It's about how a not-so-busty girl named Jessalyn attempts to get back together with her ex-boyfriend... mainly by growing huge boobs.
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7th, Jul 15
A stranger visits a library and teaches some people to respect books.
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5th, Jul 15
Change is a curious thing. We may not realize it, but over the course of our lives, we are in constant change both mentally and physically. This is the story of how one woman went from shy and dutiful to loud, proud and incredibly busty as the result of one fateful decision... Contains lots of breast implants and sex.
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