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5th May 08
This is a story about a female prisoner who must repay her debt to society in the most unusual way as a transformed G.A.L. Note: I am not the original author of this story, this is a reupload of a story that has since been lost on the internet. All credit and copyright belongs to there respective authors.
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6th May 02
An Alien girl has an interesting reaction to water. No, not like "Gremlins".
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12th Mar 19
This is a story about three women, each of whom wants to be slightly bigger than the others. Sometimes, when everyone tries to win, everyone loses.
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25th Jul 20
Eva was playing her Switch during a storm and a near miss added something to her game system. A short story but I hope you enjoy. Leave a review on my stories to help me make them better, please.
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22nd Feb 06
First story- Gary discovers he has the power to mold people to his minds desire.
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24th Jul 14
Ashley is an adventurer and treasure hunter. She finds a lead on a mysterious technology she has been trying to find for years, and goes to investigate. The technology she finds does things that even she couldn't predict... Short 7 page story in .txt, .html and .odt format.
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1st Nov 04
A scientific experiment goes awry. But is that such a bad thing?
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10th Jan 00
An interesting love story about Tracy and Tommy. And Tracy's Mother. And Tommy's father. Uh, yes, things get confusing but everyone seems to be having fun.
big slow
10th Jan 00
Tracy is growing even bigger, and she's thrilled about it!
huge slow
16th Mar 22
My first attempt trying anything like this, please let me know what you think - and what I can do to improve!
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30th Apr 12
Genie of the Beanie? That sounds ridiculous. Let me guess, a guy makes some wishes and they all get twisted?! Oldest story in the book!! Don't make me laugh! --A couple of friends have been given the chance to use some wishes to change their lives forever, but the genie has a few tricks up her sleeve!-- Warning -- TG!
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2nd Jan 13
[BE] [PE] | 3 Page story | Fairly Straightforward | Story includes Penis and Breast expansion as before favouring [PE] over [BE] but has larger breasts than. | LACTATION | There is hardly any story to this. It's mostly perversion | Not enough yuri | Again: includes a below average size female on around average size male | HTML included but NOT advised | Please enjoy | No cruelty |
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17th Jul 07
first part of a story, this will be my last attempt at trying to break into professional writing of BE based
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18th Aug 03
Georgina has been battling weight problems since collage. A new diet plan works but she does not sustain it through the festive period. This results in some spectacular weight gain.
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18th Apr 09
Prevert-One rewrites the classic Mowermandave story Get Closer. Two women get taught a lesson by a gilted wizard.
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7th Jan 12
Final story for the day...this is what I should be writing 'she gets in, she gets big, she gets out' that everyone is hoping to find. Have fun...;)
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14th Feb 19
An old flame is pregnant with sexuplets
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19th Dec 16
There are big boobs, huge boobs, enormous boobs... and then there is Jessica. Erik is quite surprised when a new student joins his university class, and he cannot help but be attracted to her rather unusual assets. Can he work up the courage to say hi to her?
huge offstage science slow
21st Mar 12
A sadistic spirit has its way with a college girl living in a haunted house. 96 percent erotica with toys, anal, bondage, domination, and growing boobs. Please rate and comment if you want me to write more.
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22nd Mar 12
A sadistic spirit has its way with a college girl living in a haunted house. 96 percent erotica with toys, anal, bondage, domination, and growing boobs. Please rate and comment if you want me to write more. (fixed some formatting errors at ate my paragraph breaks and did a few minor fixes and additions, read this one)
bond fast huge ment nc
3rd Apr 12
96% erotica with bondage, anal, toys, domination and growing boobs. Part 1: a spirit possesses a college girl and uses her. Part 2: Christy bargains with the spirit to escape her predicament. Part 3: Christy goes to a strip club to celebrate the end of the semester. This came out so quickly because of all the positive comments on the first story. If you want more that's the best way to get it.
bond fast huge ment nc
18th Jul 12
83% erotica with bondage, anal, toys, domination and growing boobs. Christy goes to do one of her odd summer jobs, but finds some things are a little harder. There is more to come, the story was just getting too long to proofread so I split it in half. Advice and criticism appreciated.
big bond fast nc
22nd Jul 12
96% erotica with bondage, anal, toys, domination and growing boobs. Christy works to rekindle the spark for her part time employers. A good time is had by all. Comments, suggestions and criticism appreciated.
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19th Jun 08
Stop the presses!1 Genoharden finally wrote a story! I know it's not great, mostly because it was written from an insomnia-filled weekend. But it's enjoyable and I would love some feedback! So email me at
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14th Nov 08
Yes, it's finally here! The follow-up to this summer's 3.8/5 blockbuster! I wouldn't call it a sequel, more like a short follow-up. It's not terribly long nor descriptive, but hey, I hope you'll enjoy it! Comments encouraged but no abuse, remember, this isn't a day job.
fa magic slow
30th Sep 07
Tom has a strange dream where he finds himself in the body of a woman... and sometimes dreams wind up being reality.
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15th Sep 09
My first work of erotic fiction, so any feedback is highly welcome. This is just a story of a girl who starts growing for no apparent reason, then she calls up a friend and fun ensues.
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15th Mar 01
Mean Kathy tries to bully big-titted but shy Heather, with unexpected results.
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7th Jun 15
Alcohol intolerant Erin gets more than he bargained for after drinking a strange bartender's special cocktail.
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19th Nov 01
Like, the girls of Hooterville get bigger.
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4th Mar 98
A Blue Undercover side-story: an adventure about a group of kidnapped naval ratings and their commander
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1st Mar 11
This is a parody of the Dr. Suess story "Gertrude McFuzz" nearly word for word but breast expansion themed. This is Edgar's first attempt at BE.
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29th Mar 98
The real reason he wears only one glove.
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27th Jan 11
Sorry about the large file size, I have .doc, .rtf, and .txt in here for everyone. (turns out I can save them in a format other than just .rtf O.o) Okay.... In this story, Amanda is looking for a good massage. Her friend Jasmine tells her about this new place that just opened up. It turns out that the 'Glowing Touch Massage' spa does a little bit more than massages. Again, the intro is a bit longer than most, but I feel it needed a good introduction, the back story. Stories need a plot. Theres some slight girl on girl making out towards the end of the story, but nothing 'heavy'. I intend on making a series of sorts, so expect it to be completed and expanded upon. -spoiler- Expect Manda and Jaz to do things in future stories ;) comments to or the forums.
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24th Apr 15
A high school girl notices some unusual changes happening around her, and is surprised when she learns what's causing them. Story is longer and more plot focused than my previous ones, but has a little more BE as well.
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10th May 09
big gts instant lg magic mg sc
25th Apr 05
This is AkioKid's story about Emi, a young girl who's destined to fight evil while dealing with an ever-growing bustline. Included with the story are several pieces of art that Akio did to go along with the story.
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16th Nov 17
In this sequel to Paul's Problems Paul and Allison take a trip to Japan, but first Paul has to talk with Veronica about the fate of the world and how his penis can help.
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17th Mar 18
The goddess of love makes herself known to Samantha and Olivia, with a warning for both of them. Meanwhile Paul and Allison arrive in Japan and have a run in with some locals.
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7th Sep 18
Allison goes to rescue Paul and the three Japanese Pop-Stars that have been kidnapped alongside him. Meanwhile Iris gets to know the goddess of love and calls an old friend.
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31st May 13
Alexis from The New Girl and Clair from The late Blossom/The new Queen meet! The new gods and goddesses become friends with the new fairies of the world and hatch a plan to make it a much better place.
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12th Apr 10
Originally the first part of this story was titled "Magic Man". After posting it here and receiving the response I re-edited the original first part and completely finished the story by adding two more parts and an epilogue. The hyperlinks in the first part were removed in favor of descriptions as requested. Format was changed to PDF, from that of .docx, to help expand the readership base.
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7th Oct 08
This is it. The epic love story by the recently retired master of BE literature, Greapos. It's the classic and tragic tale of a husband who finds himself (and his friend) mysteriously shrinking while his gorgeous and loving wife (and her friends, indeed all the women of the world) seem to be mysteriously growing taller and more voluptuous.
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10th Sep 10
Red-headed Heather Mcoule, a 39 year old single office worker, was bullied constantly by her coworkers about her age and for the unusual rate of her aging. However, all that's about to change when Marty, a 2 foot tall leprechaun, visits her one night at the office. After Heather finds out that she too is a magical being, both she and Marty go out and take revenge on her coworkers in various magical ways. It is obvious that one scene is somewhat influenced by the 1995 movie Leprechaun 3. This is part 1 of the story.
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26th Mar 09
When two friends, Mark and Rachel, get stuck in the jungle, they stay at a charming little inn and find a most intriguing beverage.
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3rd Feb 14
A new acquisition at the museum has some strange effects on the guests.
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3rd Feb 14
A new acquisition at the museum has some strange effects on the guests. | Update: I didn't realize the .txt would mess up formatting, so here it is in an .rtf.
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5th Jan 03
A fairly strange story of collagen filled breasts that inflate and spurt goop with equal abandon.
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1st Jun 18
A reserved woman buys enhancement products to spice up her sex life. She finds it hard to resist going wild as her body changes.
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6th Sep 09
BE via breast implants. A socialite tries to get rich by going after an oil tycoon and exploiting his weakness for ultra huge fake boobs. But the oil tycoon has his sights set on another even bustier girl. My first BE story. Adam Plantz.
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17th Jan 06
Consuming champagne at an art auction gallery silences a few Helia critics
chem fast huge sc
12th Jul 98
All 6 chapters of the original Golden Goose in one ZIP file.
bg slow
22nd Sep 99
The sky rains a weird goo, and young Tina is affected.
bg big chem fa fast
12th Apr 17
Gymnast Kelly cheats on her boyfriend. He gets revenge by making sure she'll REALLY need him... Not a happy story.
bg big bond cb fast magic ment nc rc asleep
18th Aug 19
Good sisters can share anything, right? What about their bodies? Explores expansion and attribute borrowing.
bg big cb fast huge instant magic rc
22nd Jan 06
Even though this growth hormone was made for bovines, it has some wonderful effects on humans as well.
big chem instant lac ment multiple science
23rd Jan 19
June finds out the women in her family have a not-so-little secret about their breasts when their soul mates get aroused. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3
bg big cb fast huge magic
16th Feb 19
With June's secret out, how will Parker handle his new-found influence while she's away for Spring break?
bg big cb fast huge magic slow wow
20th Mar 19
The (probable) final chapter of June and Parker!
bg ag big cb fast huge lg magic wow
2nd Jan 05
Another illustrated story featuring the agents of the FBGB. Beware: extremely large breasts are involved.
huge wow
19th Jun 08
The second Interlude features Rose. It takes place both after the events in Chapter Four of "Gran Tetons", but a couple of hours after those of the first Interlude as well.
big cb fast lac magic tg
3rd Sep 10
A Sequel to "The Tale of Our Isle." Here is the continuing story of William and Arianna, including their rescue from their Isle. (Very long) Includes drawings from Grandpa Bill's long-lost sketchbook.
chem fast huge lac mpg
20th Nov 01
Well, it doesn't cure what ails you. But you wouldn't believe what this stuff does for the bustline!
chem huge sc slow
7th Feb 98
A single wish gives a young girl immense power, which she enjoys immensely... at first.
bg big fa fast magic
14th Nov 15
big fast magic
4th Nov 18
At the height of the Roman Empire, Venus, the Goddess of Love, decides which women will become beautiful and which will be ugly. It is said that when puberty comes, she personally blesses every woman's bust. One priestess of Venus feels very blessed indeed.
bg big huge lac magic preg slow
31st Dec 98
Goth boy gets revenge on girl who makes fun of him.
bg fa fast magic wow
25th Aug 10
College roommates Abby and Tasha are returning home after a vacation trip, when they suddenly experience some changes! At a loss to explain what's happening to their bodies, the two eventually just give in and enjoy it! Expect the usual belly/breast growth from me... but only on Tasha! Abby's changes are a little more exotic... she's becoming a mermaid! And her boobs get bigger too, of course.
big fast hyp magic ment preg weird
8th Nov 22
June meets a charming man at a bar with a colossal secret. Having her fantasies fulfilled by him, she endeavors to fulfill his as well. Authors Note: Thanks to HyperPenisFan for the story prompt! I made a few adjustments to the concept but the general idea is still there. Thanks to everyone for the feedback, I Really appreciate it!
bg ag big huge mpg offstage sc science
1st Jan 18
A joke store potion leads to some growing fun by a roaring fire.
bg big chem fast magic
31st May 99
The women of a colony world experience unwanted breast expansion at the hands of a crazy Neo-Luddite. Police Blue #33.
bg nc science slow wow
23rd Jun 05
Keiji Itoh has inherited her father's emerald brooch. When she turns sixteen, she discovers it can grant her every desire. (Any other fic I submit that uses the names in this one are unaffiliated, save from their source. These are parallel occurrences, if you can call them that.)
ag big cb chem fast gts hg huge lg magic slow tg wow
13th Apr 14
A very short story written in about an hour, used as a way of flexing out the ideas for my next story. Simple, to the point, and, hopefully, still very fun.
ag big cb fast huge instant magic nc slow
24th Apr 18
Lara is a PhD student. When she finds an old stone from a prehistoric fertility cult...
ag huge instant lac magic
20th Jul 14
Mitchel meets with his friend Grace; a small, cute, peppy girl. However, she doesn't stay small for long, as Grace starts growing taller, bustier and more flirty throughout the day, and no one notices but Mitch! Will he be able to help her before it's too late? (Note: Only available in .odt and .docx formats, mini-GTS only. Sorry, guys.)
ag big cb fast gts huge instant magic
6th May 21
A Madam Materia commission. It isn't easy staying on top, and the transition from high school to college has made it even harder for Karen with a professor immune to her wiles. She's not one to give up though, no matter how big the man's tastes, she's determined to fill them, and get a grade that'll keep her on he throne as number one.
bg ag big cb fast gts hg huge magic
4th Jun 10
A temperamental high school girl finds herself growing and changing in unexpected ways.
big gts hg instant lg nc
20th Feb 98
A chemical factory, an accident, and laughing gas all combine to enhance a young lady's chest.
bg chem fa fast huge
4th May 98
Parents may know the secret of why their daughter's breasts grow larger every summer, but they aren't telling.
bg huge slow
29th Mar 18
A young woman with a flat chest finds herself growing larger - and milkier - by the day as she struggles with day-to-day life and the consequences of her condition.
bg big lac offstage slow asleep
30th Mar 18
Natalie has grown from a flat chest to a comfortable size, but her breasts show no sign of stopping. Additionally, she faces bullying from her peers due to her increasing bust.
bg big lac offstage slow asleep
28th Jun 18
Natalie plots a new course for her life as the changes continue.
bg big lac slow
28th Feb 20
Natalie takes some time to reflect on what her life is becoming and receives an unexpected visitor.
bg big lac offstage slow
22nd Jun 06
Let's try this again. Danielle's breast inflation is getting out of hand, and she consults an unbelieving professional for help with her "Growing Problem".
chem fast huge sc
1st Sep 04
Sequal to Growing Up at College.
gts lac lg mpg offstage preg asleep wow
14th Sep 03
Meagan is a biology student who is not quite satisfied with her figure and finds a hormone to solve her problems.
bg big chem fast huge science slow asleep
22nd Oct 23
John thinks this will be just another Monday at his boring job. However, when his coworker Emily tries to catch the same elevator he's in, they both find themselves in some tight spaces.
cb fast nc science wow
12th Jul 98
Grandma Trudy decides to send her granddaughters to St Cat's as soon as they're old enough.
bg fa fast
14th Oct 04
Colleen grows, in all directions, all for want of me. Incomplete story I wrote a little while ago. I can never finish them though.
gts offstage slow
27th May 11
A small guy and his BBW girlfriend undergo some changes.
big cb fa lac mg mm mpg science slow
1st Jan 05
BE Growth Comic - Early work. 26 pages long. More BE in the strangest places with some familiar (perhaps)faces. An early favorite of mine.
cb fast gts huge ment science wow
3rd Jul 12
In a world where the average cup size is somewhere around the modern-day G, where normal breast size has been so inflated many women can't walk without assistance, where about one in every five women has some sort of genetically-verified mutation that can cause a number of interesting and sexy effects, Penny Parson is so unremarkable that it's remarkable. Flat, skinny as a board, and quickly approaching the end of high school, she spends most of her days moping and grouching and jealously watching her friends and enemies, and most of her nights dreaming of what life could be like. But when her own belated changes start appearing, Penny is in for a few rather awesome surprises.
ag big cb fa fast huge lac mg mpg preg science slow wow
1st Jan 05
BE Comic. Growth Lab Test Comic - 4 page comic made as a test for one of the early Growth Labs.
cb gts huge ment wow
31st Dec 04
BE Comic, with GTS. This one started the series. Accidental eating of candy and a mis-aimed laser start off the growth.
cb fast gts huge science
31st Dec 04
BE Comic, with GTS. 17 pages long. Introduction to Naomi Furihara and her friends as they eat the Doc's candy.
ag cb fast gts huge science
31st Dec 04
BE Comic, with GTS. 25 pages long. The aftermath of the first growth rampage. Naomi discovers she can control her growth as the army steps in to stop her.
cb fast gts huge ment science wow
31st Dec 04
BE Comic, with GTS. Growth Lab 4, 47 pages long. The army tries to escape the infection but has to go through the growth zones first.
cb fast gts huge ment science wow
31st Dec 04
BE Comic, with GTS. Growth Lab 5, is 10 pages long. Naomi returns to school to find out who the new Prom Queen is. The answer doesn't make her hapy, it makes her grow.
cb fast huge ment wow
4th Feb 05
BE Comic, with GTS. Growth Lab 6, 59 pages long. It's Prom night and Naomi is back in town. This is the complete story with high res art. (Parts 1-10 included) Enjoy!
cb fast gts lac mg mm mpg nc sc science wow
28th Mar 09
Emily has a accident at work making her and her husband grow please comment my first story and sorry about the last file not working this should.
big chem fast gts huge instant slow wow
31st Mar 20
A breast expansion story about a girl trying to deal with her nervousness.
cb fast huge magic
25th Sep 22
A science experiment gone wrong transforms a boyish lesbian into a curvaceous cowgirl, and she is not happy! Includes an illustration by Fenris North!
bg ag big fa lac science slow weird
6th Jan 04
The sequel to 'A Taste Of Snow'. We find that Keeto is losing control of her gift and Sachie not using it enough. To make things worse Gwen's Ex wants to kill her, Josh gets abducted and the whole of Fairydom is threatened by Gwen's mentor. Life just gets a little weirder as the humans find out more about fairies and how BE can be both fun and torturious.
big fast ft huge magic multiple slow weird
19th May 11
This is a sketch aimed at a feedback.... All ideas, suggestions, feedbacks and criticism please send to me - This short story may contain content unappropriated for normal person, be aware!!
big bond cb chem fast
29th Jul 09
This is my first BE story. Please let me know what you think about my writing style and if I should keep going beyond the intro!
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