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For the year 2017
4th, Jan 17
This is my first story. I tried to correct the problems I see with the stories I read on here. Feel free to send me ideas or input to my email:
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6th, Jan 17
An anthropology professor experiences a big change while in the jungle. PE for the professor leads to BE for others. Possible first story in a chain....enjoy.
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15th, Jan 17
Continuation of "Big Changes for the Professor" Prof Lee comes back to college and 'infects' his TA and she in turn has an affect on her room mates. Part 1 -- more to come if people are interested.
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16th, Jan 17
Jen and Travis have a fun, milky night as they continue to explore the powers of the collar. File contains parts 1 and 2.
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17th, Jan 17
The serum takes hold of Persephone's body, and her breasts begin to grow, along with her thirst for more.
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27th, Jan 17
Cecilia gets a birthday present that grows on her.
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28th, Jan 17
Ryan was just trying to run a business... what the heck happened?!? After the.. experience he shared with these women, some want answers, some want life to be normal again- and some didn't want that experience to stop. But just when Ryan thinks he can get on his with life the chickens come home to roost. Thing is they've got a lot of roosting on their minds....
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10th, Feb 17
(Reuploaded from XYZ) Under the eternal neon lights of Chop City, Casey Donner is an expert cyberthief, but even her master skills and hacking know-how can't seem to keep her from being just above broke. When a beautiful and connected client makes an offer that's almost too good, Case jumps at the chance, without asking too many questions. Only when her mysterious benefactor and the people around her begin to change does she find this job goes beyond her wallet, or even her body's unexpectedly expanding curves.
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11th, Feb 17
Chapter VI In this chapter, Natalie plays hookie from work, demonstrates boob malleability, takes Matt clothes shopping, goes to New York to get answers and do the churches work, and gets into a serious fight. More info in the header of the story. Enjoy and thanks for reading!
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18th, Feb 17
As much as she enjoys waking up with bigger boobs every day, it's getting harder and harder for Persephone to keep the rest of the library from noticing her swiftly-swelling breasts, and things only get more embarrassing when the lactation serum she's been gorging herself with starts to live up to it's name at the worst possible time.
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19th, Feb 17
James is a very lonely man, who's at the end of his rope. After 35 years without finding love, he's near suicide. But an act of divine intervention will seek to change all that... and his long lost love is just aching to make all his fantasies come true. This is part one, and it's the beginning of a novel-length story. This is my first attempt at writing a BE story, and I wanted to make sure it was different from anything I've ever read. Can't wait to hear everyone's comments.
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22nd, Feb 17
A solo tale of a man trying to fill a need he didn't previously know he had.
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22nd, Feb 17
Senator Shelly Broadstreet is a hard charging feminist running for president of the United States who happens to have unusually huge breasts, and she looks like a lock to win. Her opponent tries to save his own campaign by getting help from a mysteriously odd man to infiltrate her campaign and humiliate the Senator. What happens when that backfires?
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24th, Feb 17
Written by barrowclough. This series is available over at Chili Palmer's Free story Archive at bearchive.
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24th, Feb 17
Written by barrowclough. This series is available over at Chili Palmer's Free story Archive at bearchive.
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26th, Feb 17
It's been a while since I wrote my first entry. I'm looking to see if there is still some interest. I cut it off early, so it's less than two pages in. People were asking for more detail, so I'm giving that. If this is well-received, then I'll finish this (hopefully soon) and conclude Bethany's 'little' pregnancy adventure.
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9th, Mar 17
This is Part II of what should only be three. I know, I said I'd conclude it, and I was wrong. I'm working on more, and long stories aren't my thing. There is outstretched clothes, not so secret admirers, and a calm before the storm for Bethany. You will not have to wait nearly three years for the conclusion.
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9th, Mar 17
This time for sure! Bethany learns about her condition, and finds some not-so-secret admirers.
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18th, Mar 17
The final battle begins. Will Paul and the girls be able to stand up to Claudia? Will Allison become an Amazon again? Will Paul be alone on his birthday? The answers to all this and more are in the final chapter of Paul's Problems.
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26th, Mar 17
The princess Daphnia’s throne is usurped by a wizard, and she is transformed into an elfslut.
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31st, Mar 17
Daphnia's throne is usurped and she is transformed into an elfslut. Hi, I'm back again with the retooled version of my story! Based on the comments I've gotten I've decided to add more BE to it. I hope you enjoy! Just to be clear, the story is definitely heavier on the sex and plot than the BE, though the latter is definitely present. It's a multi-part story which I've posted on different sites, but the installments I post here will have more BE to them, so don't worry.
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31st, Mar 17
Persephone awakens to find that she finally has the spectacular bustline that she's been longing for, and needing to milk herself now doesn't seem like too much of a price to pay, but how much bigger will she get before her breasts become bigger than even she desires? And what is her returning housemate, Elena, going to think of her steadily-ballooning boobs?
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2nd, Apr 17
A couple, Alex and Rebecca, have to spend a night at a motel in the middle of nowhere. Everything seems normal enough, except for the receptionist. How will they react to Rebecca being bimbified? Includes an illustration by Sortimid (check them out on deviantart)
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4th, Apr 17
When searching the galaxy for new worlds to expand humanity's fragile empire and ward off an alien threat, a small survey crew comes across a planet which is nearly perfect. They name the planet Eden for its rich vegetation, but soon realize that the entire biosphere is poison. After disaster strikes the poison planet may kill them unless Mei Lan, the ship's doctor, makes a choice which threatens to unearth a fetish she has kept long buried.
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9th, Apr 17
Another stand-alone story at the Bimbo Motel. This one is the origin of the receptionist, Stacy.
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12th, Apr 17
Gymnast Kelly cheats on her boyfriend. He gets revenge by making sure she'll REALLY need him... Not a happy story.
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18th, Apr 17
Sorry it took so long to get this here. Time for the transfer part!
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25th, Apr 17
While training to become an officer in the navy, Mei struggles with her conscious. Though her new pheromones give her the power to break anyone's will, it is her own will that is in danger. Will she be able to resist the temptation to enslave her fellow cadets? No more BE in this one :(, but plenty of sex. Includes chapter 1. Comments and suggestions welcome.
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20th, May 17
Jen and Travis reveal the collar to Chelsea and Rachel, and they all have a little fun on the way to the beach. File contains parts 1-3, as well as some screenshots of Honey Select characters I made for fun based on Jen, Chelsea, and Rachel.
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22nd, May 17
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26th, May 17
The Pneumatic Pixies inflate at a concert. Involves extremely curvy women in latex and inflation in public. Version 2, fixed sentences, added more details and a docx version.
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27th, May 17
Brooke, an insecure, emotionally needy and recently dumped woman, has been invited to a pool party by her ex's girlfriend who also happens to be her grade school nemesis. Brooke is going to the party, but not without the help of some magic beanstalk seeds, courtesy of her best friend, Fern.
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29th, May 17
Hailey leads a normal life as a freshman girl in college despite having suffered from virginal breast hypertrophy, a medical condition that left her with N cup breasts. One day, two years after her breasts stopped growing, Hailey learns they might start growing again.
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29th, May 17
My first attempt, and my first posting on this site. Not too much of a plot, just a happy couple working through the advantages of exceeding the recommended dosage. Comments welcome.
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30th, May 17
A college students is magically granted three wishes, and gets more than she bargained for when she wishes for larger breasts. My first story, would love to get feedback.
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1st, Jun 17
A notorious sexual harasser angers a righteous witch, and she transforms him into a woman with cripplingly huge breasts.
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3rd, Jun 17
The She-cocked Sensation, the talk of the nation, Valerie Song in the story that started it all! For the first time on Overflowing Bra. Hyper-hung futa Valerie Song enjoys some brunch before her yoga class and things get a little nuts. Okay, they get big nuts.
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3rd, Jun 17
You know how embarrassing it is when your hyper-hung sex-maniac mom drives you to the mall and insists on meeting your friends and then floods the mall with cum after an absolutely insane orgy at an underwear store? Tasha Magnum does. The bashful teen futa has enough problems keeping her six-foot schlong secret from all her friends at school without being totally humiliated in front of the cheerleading squad by her pervy mom, nearly drowning in her own cum and literally crushing her crush beneath her behemoth boner. Then things get worse. Featuring special guest appearances by George Takei and Frank Nelson.
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5th, Jun 17
Remember Valerie Song? The totally crazy, totally sexy futa with the endless erection and bottomless balls? She's back, in DOCX form. Contains Chapters 1 and 2 of Hot Yoga and chapters 1-7 of Drama Bomb.
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7th, Jun 17
Roxie the horny MILF finally gets Valerie all to herself. Unfortunately for Roxie "all" of Val turns out to be a lot more than she bargained for! Meanwhile Tasha and Tony play some "games" ;) upstairs. Feat. special guest star Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
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13th, Jun 17
In the same world as the Lucy series, a young woman believes her boyfriend is cheating on her with her roommate, and decides to use the bimbifying milk to get revenge... but things don't turn out the way she planned. Had this story sitting around for awhile, don't know why I never uploaded it.
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13th, Jun 17
Four friends are snowed in and play a very interesting game of Uno. Comments and criticism always welcome. Enjoy!
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18th, Jun 17
My first story, although it is quite long at 90,000 words. This tale follows Jane and Katie and their journey through their blossoming relationship and their vastly changing bodies. Contains lesbian love, bondage, domination and submission, lots of lactation, and of course massive, growing, breasts. Any and all feedback is appreciated and I would direct you to my deviantart page to do so. Thank you, and enjoy!
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29th, Jun 17
After a growth attack that lasted eight hours, Hailey experiences another growth spurt that leaves her 32N breasts even bigger as she struggles to adjust to her new reality. (File includes edited Chapter 1 with added details.)
huge science slow
4th, Jul 17
If your last relationship ended in a ball of flames because you have a hidden, secret desire, you tend to play it safe for a while. Imagine Jon's luck, then, that he immediately falls into the arms (and cleavage) of the mysterious Felicity Martinez, a woman who not only is fine with his little fetish for pregnant women, but revels in it, her body changing itself to sate his newfound unquenchable lust. But who is truly the lucky one, here? Jon finds himself locked into a game he didn't know he was playing while both he and Felicity give in to their growing desires and growing bodies.
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9th, Jul 17
As Persephone's breasts become dangerously overfilled with milk and growing bigger every night, she and Elena race to find the one woman who may be able to help her, while in the meanwhile they struggle just to make sure her breasts don't explode before they can track her down.
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13th, Jul 17
Veronica is an extremely neurotic conspiracy theorist and would-be journalist who believes she's on the verge of exposing a global Illuminati plot to genetically inflate womens' breasts and turn humanity into obedient cattle. It's all completely insane and probably a product of her mental disorders. Unless...she's on to something. *Special Thanks to Deviant Art user AussieLuvTail, who helped fix and save the ending to this story with sharp story insight.
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13th, Jul 17
Intro part to a BE series that focuses on Juliana starting off gigantically busty, and just getting bigger from there! The intro part to an old series of three stories I wrote back in 2013. Thought I'd upload one here, see what people thought. I hope you enjoy!
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13th, Jul 17
The silly story of Dr. Hughbert G. Wood and Naomi A. Lotte as the doctor tests the overdose ramifications of his newly invented drug Flourish, patent pending for Thornley Pharmaceuticals, a pill that mirculously grows boobs. First full story
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16th, Jul 17
First time posting a story on this site and will fully admit this story has been posted on other sites. This is a story about Christina who is a mild mannered normal girl until she becomes aroused and Transforms into the the hyper breasted hyper sexxed She-Male super hero "The Fanatic Phallus" and uses her powers to stop crime around her college campus.(story contains vore) If you have any comments please feel free to email me at Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.
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22nd, Jul 17
Molly’s family just moved to a new town, and she has trouble fitting in.
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22nd, Jul 17
An ugly nerdy girl finds herself befriending the highschool hunk. He's way too handsome and she's way too ugly for anything to happen. Right?
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23rd, Jul 17
A dream about her mother on the eve of her twentieth birthday heralds a great change for Tanya and two of her friends. What is she becoming? Why is she suddenly so horny and hungry all the time? And what does this have to do with a little shop that wasn't there yesterday?
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25th, Jul 17
With the help from her family, Hailey pulls through a series of growth attacks that last a week and leave her breasts at truly ridiculous proportions.
huge science slow
28th, Jul 17
Juli and Helia explore the challenges of living together when Juli's boobs are bigger than hot air balloons! A huge hangar built just to house Juli's giant breasts gives plenty of room for some naughty time together, and Helia helps Juli grow from massive to truly enormous! Chapters 1 and 2 included in the zip file.
chem fast lac offstage sc science slow wow
5th, Aug 17
A day at the beach proves to be more eventful than a petite scientist anticipated. More sweet-induced shenanigans lurk within a mysterious substance.
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6th, Aug 17
After a run in with a mysterious woman claiming to be a Norse goddess, three friends spending the weekend at a convention find their costumes looking a little too good.
bg ag big fast huge lg magic mg
10th, Aug 17
This story was a collaboration between myself and TierynBE, who also has a few works here. This has been slightly rewritten from the original 2 parter for added story flow (with approval from Tieryn). Follow me on for comments, questions and even prompt requests. Note on tags: There is brief instant hourglass growth although the primary focus is on the lactation-related growth. So I've tagged accordingly to be safe. Non-consensual was marked due to the unwilling subject.
ag fast huge instant lac magic nc offstage
15th, Aug 17
A short tale about Rosslyn, a girl bullied by her friends to go and complete a dare. It does not turn out how she expects. Feedback is encouraged.
ag cb fast hg huge magic ment
21st, Aug 17
Mark and Betty find some nanotech enhancement pills. They take them, are amazed at the results, and then give two of the pills to Jenny and Angela. All of the women end up with enormous breasts.
bg big mm mpg sc science slow
23rd, Aug 17
Mark, Betty, Jenny, and Angela have taken nanotech pills that allow them to enhance themselves. They are really enjoying the effects. However, Jenny is getting bigger faster than everyone else, and Betty is jealous of her. If three people temp boost a woman, how big will her boobs get? What does the overdrive ability do? What does the oddly named feedback-feedforward do? Can a nano-enhanced Mark keep three lusty women satisfied? Includes part 1. Feedback encouraged. Tagging corrected. Part 3 to come later. I have ideas for it but no coherent outline as of 2017-08-22. Mail to .
bg big fast huge instant mg mm mpg offstage sc science wow
4th, Sep 17
After finding out how Jacob feels about her, Emily's body begins to change, and Jacob can't help but notice that her transformation is matching up to his deepest fantasies.
ag cb fast huge lac lg magic mpg offstage slow
13th, Sep 17
Two hikers camping out in the woods, soon find themselves in the clutches of a harem of sex crazed hotties. Feed back is always appreciated.
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18th, Sep 17
Transformation livestock breeder story.
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30th, Sep 17
This is a re-release of an old story, with a new ending. I always felt like I probably could have done something better with the ending to the only story I have ever written. At the time, I was just ready to be done. Now I had a little spare time, and returned to it. The ending is different now, with a bit more growth sequences. Hopefully someone will enjoy it. Any feedback is appreciated. It's also posted on my deviantart page if commenting there is easier.
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4th, Oct 17
In Stalinist Russia, a noble doctor, a slightly cynical scientist, and a simple Christian soldier venture to a village where there are thought to be female survivors of a devastating nuclear blast. The consequences are physically and spiritually embiggening for all three.
bg ag ar big cb gts hg huge hyp inc lac lg magic ment mg offstage science slow weird
4th, Oct 17
Chapter 7 of Saint, Sinner, Succubus. In this installment, we immediately follow up the events that ended chapter six, along with the introduction of some major players on the side of evil, then there's a mile high club induction, complete with some clothes bursting, and finally, the reemergence of Angela.
bg big cb fast lac magic
5th, Oct 17
Lena Gushman is a brilliant, acerbic university student with one problem; her breasts are too big! With the support of her lover Harriet, Lena opts for what she thinks is a straightforward breast reduction surgery. But Dr. Glaugurm's procedures have a way of... reversing themselves.
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11th, Oct 17
Authors note: I want to say I am sorry for uploading chapter 7 before chapter 6. That was a misstep on my part because chapter 6 already exists on TOB using my naming convention. So I had assumed it had already been uploaded. Natalie gets fitted for new foundations, then goes out of town on church business. If you read chapter 7 and felt like things were missing, this will explain all. Also, I have a patreon page now, where new stuff from Coffee Pilot and I goes up first. We would love your patronage. Additionally, we have art there that's is based on our stories (indeed that's why we set up the page). We hope to see you there too!
fast huge lac lg magic mg weird
16th, Oct 17
When Wendy asks for a conference room to use for her group project, reality goes a little unhinged.
bg ag big instant lg magic ment
18th, Oct 17
A commission I did for Fillerbunee where his wife and her best friend both take Bimball and end up giving him the best birthday ever.
ag chem fast huge instant lac ment
18th, Oct 17
Two roommates bicker and strange things seem to happen as a result...
bg ag big cb fast huge instant magic
21st, Oct 17
With Persephone's breasts growing more dangerously overfilled by the minute, she and Elena desperately try to find help before it's too late, racing against time and their own increasingly inescapable desire for each other.
ag fast huge lac science asleep
7th, Nov 17
Lauren gets a job working in a milk bar over the summer, but her reaction to the drug used to induce lactation of the Happy Milk drug is much stronger than usual.
bg ag big chem lac science slow
12th, Nov 17
Willa was expecting to spend the rest of her Friday night sleeping in bed, but a little bit of magical candy can really fill up one's schedule.
cb fast huge lac magic
16th, Nov 17
In this sequel to Paul's Problems Paul and Allison take a trip to Japan, but first Paul has to talk with Veronica about the fate of the world and how his penis can help.
bg ag big fast huge magic ment offstage weird
25th, Nov 17
A short, 2777-word story with inserted morph about Oliver's friends' reaction to his little sister Janet after she returns from a summer away.
bg big lg mg offstage sc science slow
4th, Dec 17
The epic, expanding story of Erica Richards, a futanari with a love for huge breasts, who is taken on a wild ride of transformation and expansion when she meets a gorgeous four-breasted girl with supernatural ancestry. Get ready for 177 pages (93,000 words!) of huge tits, huge cocks, transformation, expansion, masturbation, interracial sex, mild GTS, lactation, and lots and lots of hardcore fucking! An ongoing story. Enjoy!
bg ag big fast gts huge inc instant lac magic mpg multiple sc shem weird asleep wow
6th, Dec 17
A short, 2,255-word story (includes a morphed picture) that follows two short, scrawny, nerdy step-siblings over the course of a weekend where she unintentionally drinks his growth formula.
bg big cb chem lg ment mg slow
10th, Dec 17
A Christmas wish leads to a girl being filled with the Christmas spirit, literally!
bg big cb fast huge instant lac magic
10th, Dec 17
When Kelly's younger sister Rachel shows signs of outstripping her older sister, Kelly takes steps to correct matters.
bg ag big cb fast lg magic mg
18th, Dec 17
Kate is a young woman with a lactose intolerance problem. Except unlike other people, this causes a slightly different effect on her, and she can't get enough.
cb chem fast huge lac magic science wow
22nd, Dec 17
When Rachel signs up for a study to induce lactation in mothers with hormonal problems, she doesn't expect to get in, but sometime screening errors do happen.
bg ag big chem hyp lac lg mg science slow
29th, Dec 17
Ben receives world and shapeshifting powers through poorly defined means. Lots of sex with some odd transformations.
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