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23rd Jun 99
Alberto recalls an encounter between an adventurous woman and Mr Big. Police Blue #34.
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15th Mar 98
Silly little ditty about a girl trapped in a bubble gum factory.
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20th Sep 00
Classic TV with a big-boob twist!
4th Feb 13
I wrote this story (by hand!) about 20 years ago. I then typed it and posted it online around 1996 but it has since become difficult to find. Synopsis: Two girls compete for the attention of a guy by getting progressively larger implants.
big science slow
28th Nov 15
Milk, milk, sex, milk, sex, and a bit of BE. The lactation-expansion is throughout, but there's a bit more BE in part III (all three parts are in this file.) This is also about resisting one's orgasm, slightly non-consensual forcing the guy to cum, plus MF, MFF, and MFFF. Hope you like it!
big instant lac science slow
26th Aug 13
The Bakers are visited by an old friend.
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13th Apr 20
Anyway, I found these stories on an old hard drive & thought they would probably be better off here. They are saved DeviantArt web pages of some of I3reacl's works from before he closed his account. I haven't read them in quite some time, but I3reacl was an INCREDIBLE writer. (The tags are guesses based on what his stories are usually like, to make it easier to find with the SQL search function.)
cb fast huge instant lac magic ment science slow weird asleep
19th Jun 09
Aaron is chosen to beta test a new kind of music player that stores data in his bodily tissue. Things go awry when some corrupted files make it into the system and change his life forever. My very first attempt at a story. It's definitely not Pulitzer material and I'm aware of that, so be kind.
ag big fast ment mpg preg rc science slow tg asleep
19th Jun 09
Aaron gets chosen to beta test a new kind of music player but experiences some unintended and life changing side effects. My first crack at a story, so please be gentle.
ag big fast mpg preg science slow tg
15th Sep 21
A nude swim in the ocean, interrupted.
bg aliens big ment nc preg science slow weird
1st Dec 20
Two friends in their forties, an old pact and a magic lamp. Is there anything else to say?
bg ar big cb fast huge magic mpg rc sc
5th Jun 20
With the discovery that her lover enjoys expanding breasts, Illaria decides to give inflating her bust a little test run.
cb fast huge instant magic sc
22nd Sep 20
In an effort to tease out Milan's inner desires, Illaria crafts a book. A book tied to her own essence that will allow anything written about her to come true. But in asking Milan to write about her deepest desires, Illaria might be in for a bit of a surprise.
bg ag big bond cb fast gts hg huge instant lac magic multiple preg rc weird
3rd Jan 13
[BE] | LESBIANS | 15 Page story | -VERY STORY DRIVEN- | The story of a girl fighting against her unjustified nickname | NO MALES IN THIS | This was checked by A SWEDE | SWEDEN ON TOP | SMALL BUSTY GIRL AGAIN | | TXT included but not advised ( because bad formatting ) | Find grammar errors and I'll hate you forever ( The swede ) | Merry lesbian day! | Don't make little girls cry. | Realistic size at normal ending, unrealistically huge in epilogue | Please enjoy! |
big chem huge lac offstage science slow asleep
7th Jan 18
Sometimes you're offered just one wish, but at a terrible cost. When Jeni is offered to have a wish for more attention granted, the payment appears to be exactly what she has always wanted, in a curvier, sexier figure. The game will only continue for every new sexual conquest she makes, and the growing lover finds herself wondering if she'll ruin herself before she truly gets what she thinks she wants.
bg ag big cb fast huge magic
10th Apr 98
The last immortal on the planet uses his amazing powers to turn a stuck up office bitch into a love slave.
bg fa fast huge magic ment slow
1st Mar 04
First story of a series where it's told the experiences of an Immortal with big breasts and breast growth throught his existance. Here, the Immortal meets a busty girl at a bar who will give him a great experience with her other girl friends.
big instant asleep
4th Mar 04
Second story of the series. This time our Immortal is in middle age France and he watches a girl from from a young tender age grow to a full grown up woman. He even has a surprise when he gets to know her breasts better.
big fast lac slow
19th Dec 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. Pride and spite, a terrible combination today's guest has in spades. Sprinkle in jealousy and you have a perfect recipe for my type chaos, as she learns perhaps it isn't what it's cracked up to be being on top.
bg big cb fast huge instant magic
16th Feb 00
A proper Victorian English gentleman meets an amply-endowed lady.
bg big
30th Dec 12
Earth is besieged by massively gravid mutant women! As they bloat more and more of the female populace, humanity scrambles to find a means to fight back! Be warned, it contains some bursting!
ag aliens big cb chem fast huge instant lac mpg preg science slow weird wow
28th Feb 21
As the strongest, sexiest superpowered girl in school, Lilly takes full advantage of her status. But her world will be rocked when a far more beautiful and powerful girl, Fiona, arrives...
bg ag big cb fast hg lg mg science
15th Mar 01
Blake gets his girl enhanced by the mysterious ""Dr. Bimbo"".
bg huge ment offstage
24th Dec 22
Penny answers a job listing & is surprised to find out that the job is working in Santa's workshop at the north poll. But she'll find out too late that it's not toys that the elves want her to make. (With a couple of images near the end)
bg ag big fast lac magic offstage preg slow asleep
23rd Jun 99
When a dejected man leaves his wife and makes love to a cursed hooker, the fact that he switches bodies with her is only the start of this massive tale of curses, revenge, and true love.
bg fa fast huge magic preg tg
10th Jan 00
Does rubbing it in really make a girl's tits grow?
bg big slow
30th Jun 18
A woman slowly becomes addicted to her captors cum, slowly becoming his willing sex slave as her breasts grow larger and larger.
chem huge ment nc slow
29th Oct 98
Mischievous fairy gets her comeuppance at a mystic inn.
bg fa fast huge lac magic preg tg wow
25th Mar 10
Gad, I gotta give this a rest...;) 153 pages and counting....ok, as promised, here's Part 3 of the 2-part series. There's a little BE, but it's not a major part of the story, compared to other parts. Plenty o' sex, but 50 pages just for this part...whoosh! Ok, I'm thankful for all the comments, you've been very nice. Part four...I have a problem; I've pumped up everyone, so I have no flesh left to plump Actually, there's hardly any SEX in it at all. These things happen. I'll have to find somewhere else to publish it, but it will be a while. In the meantime, have fun
big cb instant magic mpg preg
30th Jun 18
A popular Asian Instagram model becomes obsessed with booby greed.
bg big ment slow
23rd Apr 05
big chem ment rc slow tg
6th Nov 05
Young girl orders "Instant Pregnancy Pills", pills that cause a fake but realistic looking pregnancy and breast growth, and overdoses on them, thinking they're not real. Well... never assume...
cb chem fa fast huge preg science
29th May 08
Katherine went to tutor Mike in science, little did she know that he didn't need any help at all. The first day, the first hour. More chapters are written with many, many more codes to come. I'll post them those if I get feedback on this one.
ag big cb chem fast instant magic ment sc science
4th Jun 08
Hour 2 of the tutoring session with Mike and Katherine.
ag big cb chem fast hg instant magic ment nc sc science
6th Jun 08
By popular demand, an edited version presented in word doc format. Thanks to all those who have provided feedback! Hour 2 of Mike and Katherine's tutoring session.
ag big cb chem hg instant magic ment nc sc science
9th Jun 08
Hour 3 of the saga...Thanks to those who have commented.
ag cb chem fast huge instant magic ment mpg sc
18th Jun 08
The fourth installment. Thanks to all those who have commented. The conclusion will be posted soon.
ag chem huge instant lac ment mpg science
15th Jun 07
This is a made up instruction manual for Breast Yoga. There is contact info on the last page. This is designed to be the base of many Breast Expansion stories. Feel free to take on the idea.
big chem huge lac slow
28th Jun 98
A funny short story done in the Find-Your-Own-Way method, but with fun BE results! Play along and enjoy!
bg ag cb chem fa fast huge preg
2nd Jun 09
My very first story. Where do aliens get fuel for their space craft? What would the use? Kayla, a busty blonde girl gets the shock of her happy little life when she is out jogging one day.
ag aliens big cb chem fa fast lg science wow
5th Mar 99
Lisa is initiated into an ancient sorority of demonic succubi.
bg big magic mpg
10th Sep 04
A woman explains to her new doctor how her boobs became as large as they have.
chem huge lac slow wow
29th Mar 05
Two young women encounter a witch in a cave, then drink some of her 'special' tea and suffer the consequences... (old story of the acotto archive; not sure any more was ever written)
fast magic weird wow
11th Dec 11
A sexy milf versus a self-explanatory title. An older story with something extra.
aliens big chem fast instant lac ment preg weird
12th Dec 11
Another Word Version for the rest of us. Thanks to Geoff K
aliens big chem fast instant lac ment preg weird
21st May 08
Photojournalist Landon doesn't know what makes some things happen, but they certainly start to when he and his longtime girlfriend finally get to third base. Soon neither of them fit their clothes very well, for different reasons. Good, wholesome BE and MPG.
ag big cb fast huge mm mpg science slow
3rd Jul 13
When Io, a simple girl of the barren Northern steppes, is summoned to the great city of the Goddess, she doesn't know what to expect. There she meets Kymera, a lusty and headstrong young priestess, and learns that she alone may have the power to revive a dying realm, but only if she can help Kymera become the perfect vessel of the Goddess's abundance. (This is the first time I've tried to write a story with more of a fantasy setting to it, so any feedback or criticism on how well I have succeeded or failed at my task would be most appreciated)
ag cb fa fast huge instant lac magic nc rc slow
11th Mar 04
This is the first chapter of a new series about a young woman cursed to travel the world, transforming people by proxie of an ancient evil fertility goddess.
instant magic ment multiple weird
26th Mar 19
Welcome to Madam Materia's Magical Menagerie. Quite an interesting little tale today of a housewife aiming to get revenge on her cheating husband. But she may come to realize the true cost of such selfish goal is more than she bargained for.
bg ag ar big cb hg huge instant magic ment mg weird
19th Jun 20
Sheila has other plans when her best friend ask her to make him Irresistible to women. And he probably should not have drank so much of the potion.
ag fast huge magic tg
16th Mar 05
Here is the sequel to Amelia not quite finished any advice welcome!!
ag cb chem fast nc wow
19th Nov 01
A girl gets a birthday card which tells her she'll get everything she desires on her birthday. Imagine her surprise when she finds it's literally true!
lac magic mpg multiple
5th Sep 07
A rash of crop circles hits farms around a small prairie city in Saskatchewan. A young couple finds themselves abducted and subjected to an alien experiment. The story culminates at the Harvest Dance when an unexpected explosion of growth occurs... (PS - there is no weightgain or fat growth in this story - just good old-fashined BE and MPG)
ag aliens big huge lg magic mm mpg offstage slow asleep
23rd Apr 07
…It started when the nubs of her sticky nipples pressed into his collar bone. There was resistance and pressure but her tits did not push him back. They just kept coming, a tide of flesh. Two circles of gooey, cool, soft sensation grew and then merged and then surged around his arms and up his neck and down his belly and…"Oops," the green girl said, eyes twinkling with mischief. "Talk about overkill. Better reel these babies in." With a sliding slurp the tide of tits receded. She drew some of her chest's substance into the rest of her body, darkening to a forest green. "There we go," she sighed. "Big enough to shame any porn star, small enough to fit through the door. Where was I?"
big fast gts huge lac magic sc science weird
7th May 07
The scarlet girl marveled at him, perfect breasts heaving. "You smell wonderful, Master; so angry." Batwings the color of blood and smoke luxuriated in the air of the living room. "I love it." Narrow rivulets of red nectar trickled from her sex to run down her inner thighs. "You won't regret coming back to me. I'm so much stronger for you now." She reached out to him, fingers flexing. "I'm ready." Dee advanced into the radius of her wingspan. "You're finished." "Oh, Master," she gasped, agape with delight, before her eyes narrowed and her lips twisted into a thin, crooked grin. Her batwings snapped ready, their tiny twins above her ears fanning up and back until she looked like a helmeted Valkyrie who had fell to Hell. "Bring it."
big bond hyp lac magic sc science weird
26th Apr 07
"We're just getting started. I've got so much nanomek inside me right now I've got no idea what to do with it. I could grow fifty feet tall and carry you to the top of the Empire State Building and screw you stupid. I could fill this parking lot with a few hundred duplicates and line up to screw you stupid, but I doubt any of us could be that patient and we'd just pin you to the pavement with pussy and screw you stupid. Or with a little more food coloring we could first morph into every female character in those comic books hidden in your closet and then pin you down and screw you stu—Holy shit, this is really turning you on, isn't it?"
big bond instant magic sc science shem weird
5th Jul 07
"Why?" Dee rose. "Why can't you help?" Tomoe shrugged and opened her mouth but this time Dee knew exactly what was coming and cut her off. "And don't just say 'rules,' or 'I lost the manual,' or some other bullshit. Galatea tried to get us the Disney lovey-dovey ending and I fucked it up. I gave away the nanomek. Now there's this three hundred pound, chocolate cherry psycho-bitch running around, kidnapping my girlfriend, mindfucking skank-bots and killing and eating people in some elaborate scheme to take over the world just because she thinks I don't pay enough attention to her."
big fast ft hyp instant magic ment sc science shem weird
5th Oct 07
The story's conclusion, featuring final confrontations, plot twists, blow job contests, goo girl orgies, a unique recipe for key lime pie, bishi-futa reaming, Arthurian myth, naga sex, naughty tentacles, rampaging skank-bots, breasts that blot out the sun, and the true meaning of love.
big fast ft gts huge instant magic ment sc science shem weird
9th Sep 07
"Me, Raz, and CeeCee are gunna find out just how much cum Dee's really got in him. Something tells me we're going to need it all to face down my baby sister. And then we're going to fuck his cum into you, one nanogasm at a time, no matter how much of Nyx we gotta stuff up our snatches or how much Ursula-pussy we gotta eat. It's the only logical solution, don't you think?"
big cb fast hg hyp instant magic ment mg sc science shem weird
4th Jul 07
Out of my disatisfaction with expansion stories on the web I made this! Molly finds an interesting way to get back at her skinny tormenters from higschool. It involves a lot of ripping and button popping along the way........
ag big cb fa fast huge instant lg magic nc
28th Nov 07
Molly is back and soon boobs are snapping bras butts are tearing out of jeans and fat is seeping out of every corner- mostly for her own amusement at her victim's expense.
ag big cb fa fast huge lg magic nc
31st Dec 98
The president of the Flat Chest Society is visited by spirits that want to show her the errors of her ways.
bg huge lac nc offstage science
30th Dec 02
A woman with digestion problems goes on a first date with the man of dreams. What happens when her medication backfires?
cb chem fast huge
6th May 02
Need to introduce that special woman in your life to BE? Try this handbook!
16th Sep 22
Quick, simple story about a girl's transformation through time.
bg big cb huge offstage slow