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12th May 21
Tani has skipped town, taking her curse with her in search of stronger magic. Nella knows which way she went, and will lead Clay to her... for a suitably large price. Still plenty more to come, as long as the comments are favorable!
bg big fast magic
29th Apr 21
In the Queendom of Callantha, bigger breasts mean more magic, and more magic means more power. Two fugitives from the Queendom are seeking that power. One just wants to be free from a curse. The other wants revenge… Chapter 1 is a teaser for the series. If the response is positive, I will upload more.
bg big fast hg huge lac magic
30th Apr 21
After Countess Elira turns him down, Clay the net-mender has a mystery visitor of his own, with some very big magic lessons to offer him… As before, if the response is positive, I will upload more soon!
ag fast hg huge lac magic mpg
30th Apr 21
Clay tries his new body-shaping powers on Tani for the first time. Which will be stronger, his magic or her curse? Thanks for the response so far! As long as the positive ratings keep coming, the uploads will continue.
bg ag big fast hg huge magic mg
14th May 21
As Countess Elira is finding out, sometimes breast magic is just enough to get you into trouble. Getting you out takes something a whole lot bigger. More to come!
fast gts huge lg magic mg
14th May 21
At Port Selkie, Tani is looking for passage out of the country. She can't pay the fare, but some things are more valuable than money... and there just happens to be this very interesting game in town.
bg ag big cb hg instant lg magic
3rd Jul 07
ag chem fast instant magic science slow
10th Jun 10
Short standalone story. Posted previously in elit at 7chan.
big fast lac magic shem
15th Mar 01
Tony meets up with Janet, who convinces him to go on the chemical program she'd been trying, which slowly changes him into an even bustier bimbo than she is.
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29th Aug 98
In just four days a man is turned into a huge-breasted slut.
bg ag chem huge nc slow tg
29th Aug 98
Chris is once again waylaid and transformed into a girl, then turned into a slut with ever-growing tits in this sequel to Nymphomania.
bg ag chem huge hyp nc slow tg asleep
29th Aug 98
Man meets girl whose breasts grow when they're covered in cum.
bg ag huge
29th Aug 98
A boy named Chris is kidnapped and transformed into a huge-breasted girl against his will. Can he escape and get changed back?
bg ag chem huge mpg nc shem slow tg asleep
29th Aug 98
Pissing off your girlfriend is a bad idea when she's a witch...
bg ag fa fast huge magic nc rc tg
28th Aug 99
Three wishes from a twisted leprechaun get a man transformed into his wife's ideal lesbian lover.
bg fa fast ft huge lac magic nc rc tg
28th Aug 99
A boy borrows a magic ring that lets him change his form, but it begins to affect his mind as well.
bg fa fast huge inc magic ment nc sc tg
29th Aug 98
Alien parasite turns a boy into a girl, and affects his sister as well.
bg ag aliens huge inc instant ment nc sc tg
13th Sep 04
When James finally convinces his wife to go through with a three-way, she discovers that she likes girls better than guys. But they find a way around it.
big chem slow tg
13th Sep 04
A guy is addicted to turning into a girl.
bg big chem instant tg
13th Sep 04
Four teenagers are trapped in a Haunted House that mysteriously grants their desires
ar big magic mg mpg slow tg weird
13th Sep 04
In the near future, advances in nano-technology allow one man to live out his dream of being a slut.

big fast huge instant science tg
13th Sep 04
So what would *you* do to yourself with the Master PC program?

Ed finds the Master PC program in his email and uses it for whatever comes naturally. I'm sure you can guess what comes naturally.

ar big fast huge science tg
13th Sep 04
Bob's girlfriend finds a magic lamp. He doesn't mind what she does with it as much as he would have thought. LOTS of sex in this story
ar big fast magic ment nc tg
13th Sep 04
Male high-school student, suffering from a strange hormonal imbalance, slowly becomes a female high-school student. A very horny female high-school student. Lots of sex in this story, but it takes a while before you get to any.
ar big huge science tg
29th Apr 07
Miss DeVille's school uses an un-orthodox method of corporal punishment .. This is another Ed Miller's story. Found on Fictionmania. I wonder how come no one else uploaded it here .. - Uploader
fast huge magic nc rc shem tg
29th Apr 07
In part one, Ed changes himself into a hyper-hootered girl using Master PC loaded on his girlfriend's computer. That leads to a night out of fun and frolic, but when he comes home and finds his girlfriend has deleted the program, he starts to panic. Part two continues Ed's adventure as a unintentionally permanent member of the fairer sex, and since it's an Ed Miller story, he continues to get fairer and fairer!
ar ft huge instant magic nc sc tg
16th Apr 11
A man discovers the famous Master PC program, and transforms himself into a very sexual woman. The story was submitted a long time ago, but just now edited to fit HTML correctly, and with both parts put together for your enjoyment. The story is otherwise unaltered.
ar fast instant nc rc sc science tg
5th Nov 12
A group of friends find a strange object that allows them to have anything they desire. Lots of sex.
ag fast hg huge magic sc tg
1st Mar 11
This is a parody of the Dr. Suess story "Gertrude McFuzz" nearly word for word but breast expansion themed. This is Edgar's first attempt at BE.
fast instant sc wow
6th Dec 05
AS PROMISED, Here is Chapter 5 of Janet's Milk written a few years ago by Eduardo Corbicula to fill the gap between the original 4 chapters of Janet's Milk and Chapter 6 written by Wklsddcl that is still in the archive. Eduardo then continuted the story by adding Chapters 7 and 8 and then i came along and added Chapters 9, 10, 11, and 12.
big chem lac magic slow
6th Dec 05
big chem lac magic mg slow
6th Dec 05
Chapter 8 of the series by Eduardo Corbicula
chem huge lac magic mg slow
15th Mar 01
Three wandering warriors enter a medieval town and encounter the stunning town healer.
huge lac offstage
15th Mar 01
Brad and Linda go on a first date; Linda has been taking lots of breast growth pills and potions, and much first-time fun ensues.
bg fa fast hg mg mpg
1st Feb 06
Remarkable things happen to Janice's tits at lunchtime.
big instant mpg science
14th Feb 12
A second postscript to the series beginning with "The Tale of Our Isle," and a sequel to "Family Reunion." The saga takes a dark turn in this installment, and moves off into a different direction. This one is for the fans, who enjoyed the series and characters up to this point. Thanks for your support! Hope you like this one as well. (Caveat - includes long digressions of background and character development, before getting to the BE. You might like Part 2 better, since it has less of that and more of what everyone likes in a BE story!)
chem fast huge instant lac mpg
11th Mar 10
A ship's hand and a young noblewoman are castaway on an island with a remarkable fruit. (Very long)
chem fast huge lac mpg
20th Apr 10
A ship's hand and a young noblewoman are castaway on an island with a remarkable fruit. (Very long) This version includes drawings from the long-lost sketchbook of William Gillingham.
chem fast huge lac mpg
3rd Sep 10
A Sequel to "The Tale of Our Isle." Here is the continuing story of William and Arianna, including their rescue from their Isle. (Very long) Includes drawings from Grandpa Bill's long-lost sketchbook.
chem fast huge lac mpg
9th Dec 10
Another Sequel to "The Tale of Our Isle," continuing the story of "Grandma Annie's Sea Journal." William and Arianna's adventures continue in America, where they also encounter trouble. (Very long) Includes drawings from Grandpa Bill's long-lost sketchbook. (I'm not partial to writing sequels, so if you would like this series to continue, please leave some feedback.)
chem fast huge lac mpg
24th Jun 11
Still another Sequel to "The Tale of Our Isle," continuing the story of "Grandma Annie's Sea Journal" and "The Story of Our Homecoming." Bill and Annie establish their secluded homestead in the "Stoney Mountains" where they reestablish their melon crop. (Extremely long) Illustrated with drawings from Grandpa Bill's long-lost sketchbook. Thank you to everyone for your nice words and support of this series. Sorry for the long wait.
cb chem fast huge lac mpg wow
3rd Sep 11
A postscript to the series beginning with "The Tale of Our Isle." Who were those mysterious party crashers that dropped in at the Gillingham family reunion in 1975? They couldn't really be who they said they were, could they? This one is especially for the fans that enjoyed the first four installments in this series. Thanks to everyone for your nice words and support of this series.
big chem fast huge instant lac mpg science
23rd Feb 12
The second half of the second postscript to the series beginning with "The Tale of Our Isle," and a sequel to "Family Reunion." This part details the rest of that first day when Annie knocked on the door. Thanks to the fans who enjoyed the series and characters, and especially those who took the time to comment. (Part 2 has less talking and more of what everyone likes in a BE story!)
chem fast huge lac magic mpg wow
22nd Oct 12
"Honeymooning with Annie" -- What wild adventures Annie and I have had since that day she knocked on my door in the summer of 2011! In this story, Annie and I (and her expanding breasts) tour around the USA, having great sex with and without the mysterious love melon. This is a sequel to "Our Grief Consoled" and the latest installment in the series that began with "The Tale of Our Isle." Parts 2 and 3 are currently being produced.
fast huge lac mpg weird
18th Dec 12
"No Fear of Heights" -- My amazing adventures continue with the voluptuous Annie and her incredible expanding breasts, having great sex with and without the mysterious love melon. In this story, Annie and I discover some strange effects at high altitude, which culminate in a crazy, erotic skydiving "accident" in Hawaii! This is the latest story in the series that began with "The Tale of Our Isle." If you haven't read those, jump in anyway! We'd be grateful for any comments, it's a lot of work to create these stories. Thanks for everyone's support!
cb fast huge instant lac mpg
31st Oct 14
Our Wild Adventures Part 3: After a long hiatus, this is finally the continuation of my amazing adventures with Annie and her expanding breasts! In this story, we discover some new properties of the remarkable love melon. On a ski vacation, we drank some of Annie's 160-year-old melon wine, which was leftover from her Isle, and had an insane night of unrestrained, breast-expanded sex. But that wine changed our bodies in amazing ways. Things with Annie were very different after that night... but not for the better. This is the latest story in the series that began with "The Tale of Our Isle." If you haven't read those, jump in anyway! We'd be grateful for any comments, since it's a lot of work to create these stories. Thanks for everyone's support!
huge instant lac ment mpg slow wow
6th Nov 14
"Our Wild Adventures" Part 4. While in Las Vegas on a business trip, Annie and I went to an adult convention. As you might imagine, Annie and her big tits got a LOT of attention! Annie begged me to let her do a pole dance. What was I thinking? Things went wrong when Annie had a spontaneous breast expansion, and busted out of her bikini top! But after that, things went REALLY wrong, and nothing has been the same between Annie and me since that Vegas trip. (The story includes several illustrations of Annie's pole dance.)
cb fast huge instant ment
17th Nov 14
fast huge lac ment mpg nc
2nd Jul 15
"Our Wild Adventures" Part 6. Posted at TOB by reader request. This is the sad story of how everything went wrong with Annie at Mardi Gras, and how she and her expanding big tits betrayed my trust. (Very long) Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed this saga. This story is third from the end.
chem huge instant lac magic ment mpg science weird
2nd Jul 15
"Our Wild Adventures" Part 7. Posted at TOB by reader request. Following an unexpected turn, Annie and I try to pick up the pieces of our relationship after her betrayal at Mardi Gras. But some more things go wrong, including a revenge scheme by an enemy. (Very long) Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed this saga. This story is the second last.
cb chem huge instant lac magic ment mpg nc science weird
2nd Jul 15
The last story in the saga of Lady Arianna. My relationship with Annie is destroyed, but we are both fugitives from the law. We had no choice but to seek refuge on her island. But strange events continue to follow us, all through time and space. Along the way, we finally learn the long-awaited secret of the mysterious love melon, which causes Annie's tits and my cock to swell to outlandish proportions. Annie and I finally resolve our problems, with a happy ending for everyone. This story is especially for the fans of this saga, who have read all the stories, and revisits many scenarios and characters met throughout the saga. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed reading all about Annie and her expanding big tits.
aliens ar chem fast gts hg huge instant lac magic ment mpg science weird wow
15th Nov 22
Sarah, a card carrying member of the "Big Titty Goth Bitch Consortium", Her Roommate, and Friends, all become closer, larger, and leakier, as they learn about a magic book, left behind to search out new love and fantasy. Contains: Expansion (Breast, Ass, Cock, Pussy), Garlic Bread, Lactation, Romance, Wholesome Shit, Big Titty Goth Bitches (Registered Trademark), Implied Dubcon, Thrift-shopping, MF, FF, and an Orgy.
bg ag big cb fast instant lac magic ment offstage rc sc science slow weird asleep
15th Nov 22
A blessing for the fertility of the town's harvest goes awry. Contains: Expansion (Breast, Ass), Rapid Preg, Lactation, FF, MF.
bg ag ar big cb instant lac magic ment preg slow asleep
10th Apr 10
Chuck runs into the girl of his dreams one day while frequenting his local coffee shop. When he finds out this girls secret, will it be the key to a better life, or a one way ticket to trouble. This is my first story, I hope you enjoy.
ag big cb fast huge magic sc slow
5th May 10
Andy is a young, handsome, smart, fucked up kid. Preparing to take his first steps on the road to "Being his own man." Will he manage to find a way to reach his destination? Or will forces beyond his understanding take him prisoner and control his life, his mind, maybe even his soul. Read on to find out. (This is my second story. I have sincerely tried to improve on my technical shortcomings, and look forward to feedback thank you for taking the time to read this.)
ag big fast huge magic
12th Dec 10
First story of its kind that I have attempted to make. Really would love feedback - I am aiming for a 8 part or so line.
big cb fast hyp magic ment
16th Feb 00
A medical trial provides side benefits.
bg fa fast huge nc science
1st Jul 00
Who or what is causing rapid BE at the Best Elmwood Inn? This is a case for David Fargo, Private Eye!
bg chem fa fast huge wow
31st May 00
100 Laws of Physics in BE Stories.
16th Feb 00
Corlisant, the ditzy witch girl, imbues a woman's tazer with a BE spell.
bg fa fast huge magic tg
13th Jun 99
A ditzy witch casts a growth spell on the wrong woman, getting her bodybuilding neighbor instead of the intended target.
bg ag big cb fa fast lac magic
26th Apr 00
A house-sitter tries a mysterious bottle of ""Lactoids"".
bg big chem fa fast lac
17th Apr 01
Jessica betrays her roommate, and gets cursed with growing breasts unless she has sex with 1000 men.
bg fa fast huge magic nc
24th Nov 99
Hypnotized on a bet, a brilliant scientist is injected with a ""lactation agent"".
bg fa fast huge lac ment nc science
4th Dec 99
Intelligent robotic girl finds her creator unwilling to have sex.
bg fa fast huge nc sc science
13th Dec 99
Teenage girl has an allergic reaction to strawberries.
bg fa fast huge
9th Dec 01
Magic Books, Catgirls, Bad spells, Good spells...
fast lac magic mpg tg weird
20th Sep 00
A birthday gift of a BE potion has fun effects!
bg fa fast huge magic wow
27th Jan 01
Goddess Freya decides to teach two girls a lesson.
bg huge magic nc
26th Mar 03
A cosmetic surgeon lets his personal preferences interfere with his professional judgement, resulting in... well, a very busty teenage girl, and some pretty weird dreams.
big fast huge nc rc science asleep
29th Oct 98
Monica becomes obsessed with having large breasts, and decides to get the largest implants in the world.
bg huge nc science
24th Apr 05
This is a story for all the Pokemon fans. One night May wishes upon a star that would, somehow, someway, give her the ability to... (yep, you guessed it) grow to whatever size she demands at anytime. In the morning, she bluffed that something made her grow. Believing her bluff, Brock and Max leave to find a cure for May, while Ash stays behind to look after her, but now it's time for May to take matters in her own hands, Ash and the planet included, so hang on to your seats for BE/GTS story of the century.
big bond cb fast gts instant magic sc wow
10th Oct 06
This is my first attempt at writing a story, I didnt' want to write a full story until I get some commentary on my writing style and idea for a story. This is just the intro, but tell me what you think guys.
aliens magic
21st Jun 12
This isn't a BE fiction tale, more of an introduction. I've always wanted to talk about how my obsession with breasts grew with my own pair, so what better place to do it? Feedback appreciated
big slow
7th Jun 15
Alcohol intolerant Erin gets more than he bargained for after drinking a strange bartender's special cocktail.
ag cb chem fast hg huge lac lg ment shem tg weird
14th Jan 09
In a far future breeding program, two exceptionally gifted individuals find something akin to love. But really it's just an excuse for lots of breast expansion, milk, and extreme intercourse. Fun times for all.
fast huge instant lac mpg science
1st Jun 08
After a very long break. I give you, part two! We learn the main characters name as he...she wakes up the next morning
instant magic
14th Apr 10
What would happen if the Hadron Collider actually changed reality?
ag big hg instant science tg
15th Apr 10
Part two follows two new characters, and their experiences with the shift in dimensions.
ag big fast ft hg mpg science tg
12th Mar 11
A story about Abigail, who had puberty pass her by. That is until a fairy gives her what she wants... and something her brother didn't intend to want.
ag big fast hg inc lg magic mpg shem tg asleep
3rd Aug 11
Dan discovers an email sent to him by his cousin with the Master PC program inside. He and his friend, and sister decide to have some fun with it.
ag big cb fast hg huge inc lac magic mm mpg science shem tg weird
28th Jul 12
Alex stumbles across a magic ring and becomes the girl of his dreams.
ag big fast hg magic sc tg
15th Oct 12
Chapter two in the New Girl series! Alexis decides to change John and take her out for some fun with her friends Dean and James. Sexy times ensue! Sorry for the wait on this one. I have more in mind with this story than I did on my previous tales. So hopefully you don't have to wait long for part 3! I have put the first chapter in the zip file as well.
ag big cb fast ft hg magic mpg rc tg
29th Oct 12
Alex lets James and Dean in on some new fun. Then his cousin Faye shows up in a surprise visit! Some surprises are bound to be revealed. This one gets a little bit weirder. However it's all in good fun!
ag big cb fast ft hg huge inc instant lg magic ment mpg preg rc shem tg weird
22nd Apr 13
The fourth and final chapter to The New Girl. A lot more of the sexual antics of Alex and his friends. We meet some new friends, and something bigger than whopping bosoms happens.
ar big fast ft huge instant magic mm mpg preg sc tg weird
22nd Apr 13
The entire New Girl story in one 'book'. Alex finds a magic ring that can transform himself and several new friends in any way that they want.
ag ar big cb fast ft hg huge inc instant lg magic mg mm mpg preg rc sc shem tg weird wow
23rd Apr 13
Abigail always thought she'd been passed by in the size department. Turns out she was right! A fairy comes to help her out, and her brother ends up with some life changing alterations as well! This is an older story I had written a few years back. I went through and edited what I could catch and expanded on the story quite a bit. These characters have been added to the the Universe created within The New Girl. I hope you all enjoy!
ag big cb fast hg inc instant magic mm mpg preg shem tg weird asleep
31st May 13
Alexis from The New Girl and Clair from The late Blossom/The new Queen meet! The new gods and goddesses become friends with the new fairies of the world and hatch a plan to make it a much better place.
ag big cb fast gts hg huge inc instant magic mg mm mpg preg sc shem weird
21st Jun 08
Here we go with part 3! Jamey is taken to a dance club by Rebekah
16th Jul 07
big fast lac magic tg
16th Jul 07
Been wanting to post a story for a long time. So here it is. What if you could control what happens to someone with a single question?
big fast lac magic tg
22nd Dec 08
ag fast hg magic mpg
22nd Dec 08
I have redone Part 3 and put them all into one zip file! I felt part 3 could use a huge face lift to fit the story more appropriately. James and his friend Rebekah have fun with magic questions...
ag fast hg magic mpg
25th Dec 08
James and Rebekah get some special gifts for Christmas, to fit their special condition. This is the Christmas Special, so consider it part 3.5! Comments are welcome.
ag fast magic mpg
10th Feb 02
Back when the BE comunity was just an email list, the Dr. Hooters saga was born.
big cb chem fast gts huge instant mg mm mpg offstage sc science tg weird wow
23rd Feb 12
The Kingdom of Nordia suffers a treacherous attack from its neighbors causing creation of a revengeful being wrecking havoc on the earth I believe that a story similar to this can not be completed by the thoughts of one author , and it should feed from the thoughts of others. Thus I but it in your hands for your review, and wait for your inputs on it. you can always contact me on . and I would really appreciate it if you inform me of any sequel
hyp instant lac magic mg shem weird wow
15th Mar 24
Your gorgeous goth girlfriend has been seriously blessed in the chest department. But despite everything she has already, she seems to want even more... A breast growth story involving expansion via implants, and a greedy girl who gives in to her most hedonistic desires.
cb huge rc sc science slow
13th Dec 23
A short story (my first), about failing to plan ahead...
cb chem fast huge ment science
8th Jan 24
After training for months for her first race, Megan fails to finish...
big cb fast instant
5th Aug 21
Wendy's whole family got tits, but she didn't. Maybe she can remedy that with some medicine-- as long as she follows the instructions, that is.
cb chem fast huge offstage sc science asleep
7th Aug 21
Erin started a new class downtown. He gives her a supplement to take home-- homework, he calls it-- and she gets to find out what it does for her.
bg ag big offstage sc slow asleep
13th Jul 17
Veronica is an extremely neurotic conspiracy theorist and would-be journalist who believes she's on the verge of exposing a global Illuminati plot to genetically inflate womens' breasts and turn humanity into obedient cattle. It's all completely insane and probably a product of her mental disorders. Unless...she's on to something. *Special Thanks to Deviant Art user AussieLuvTail, who helped fix and save the ending to this story with sharp story insight.
bg ag big cb chem fa fast huge hyp lac ment nc slow asleep wow
22nd Feb 17
Senator Shelly Broadstreet is a hard charging feminist running for president of the United States who happens to have unusually huge breasts, and she looks like a lock to win. Her opponent tries to save his own campaign by getting help from a mysteriously odd man to infiltrate her campaign and humiliate the Senator. What happens when that backfires?
ag cb hg huge hyp ment nc offstage science slow wow
18th Sep 09
Short little thing I did a few years ago finally decided to upload more to come. If any requests look me up on same user name. More stories.
big instant lac magic weird