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18th Jan 21
After a shipping mix-up results in Alice downing a steaming hot mug of experimental product from a biotech firm, she starts experiencing a bevy of side effects. Most notably, a multi-million dollar settlement snd some disturbingly vivid dreams. For fans of giant butts and inhuman levels of gluttony. Much more AE-centric with a good bit of WG, although there's still plenty of BE to be had, plus some other flavors of growth.
ag cb chem fa fast gts huge lg slow weird
21st May 21
After two weeks of big raunchy dreams and sating her ever-growing appetites, Alice has grown into an obscenely curvaceous young with a serious fondness for her newfound size. With lusty dreams eroding her already tenuous self-control, can Alice adjust to a normal life and not go completely fucking overboard? Obviously the answer is no. In this exciting new installment our heroine tries her hand at online dating, explores the realm of lucid dreams, and joins a friend for Sunday brunch before going completely fucking overboard. Plenty of BE to be found but the focus is once again on growing butts, inhuman levels of gluttony, and the general fun of wild, unchecked hedonism.
ag chem fa fast gts huge hyp instant lac lg ment sc science slow asleep wow
27th Aug 09
This is my first story. i don't care if you don't like it and no i didn't really proofread it like mad, but i used spell check. anyway i hope you enjoy it. it's about a guy who pisses off a gilr get transformed into a girl. breast and butt expansion is there. wait for part two. there will be more . . . enjoy!
ag big fast hg magic tg
13th Apr 09
To offset the growing number of long-form, prolonged-sexiness stories being bandied about, I figured I'd offer up something a little more... immediate. It's actually longer than I planned. No, I won't write a sequel, sorry. Not a hell of a lot of BE here, but then again there's not a hell of a lot of much here either.
big fast magic sc
18th Apr 09
I swore I wasn't going to write this, but then I had an idea... Mike buys an issue of WANK Magazine, and meets Alyssa, who has a very unique ability.
ag big fast gts huge magic sc wow
25th Apr 09
Hot off the presses, it's WANK Magazine #3! Alphie's girlfriend appears in a photoshoot for the magazine, and they decide to go over the results together.
big hg huge instant magic sc weird
19th Jun 15
"When your body wants something, it lets you know." But what happens when your body decides it needs something completely insane? Corey finds out as he discovers he's turning into a girl. But not ALL of him is changing, and as others discover this fact their own hidden wants start to come out of the woodwork.
ag big cb fa fast hg huge hyp inc magic ment mm mpg preg shem slow tg weird wow
4th Jul 01
Linda and her friends piss off Damion, a Warlock, and are transformed.
bg fa fast ft magic tg
31st Jul 00
Bored warlock turns twins into sexy love slaves.
bg big hg magic ment
2nd Oct 21
What would you do if you gained the power to rewrite reality at a whim? (from the author formerly known as The Light Fantastic)
bg ag big ft gts hg huge instant lac lg magic ment mg mpg multiple offstage sc shem tg weird asleep wow
27th May 10
New technology it keeping people safer, and bigger, in a warzone, this is my first comment please
ag big cb chem fast hg lg ment mm mpg science
29th May 10
ag big cb chem fast hg mm mpg science
4th Jul 01
Channel 11 news needs a big ratings boost.
bg huge nc offstage science
17th Nov 98
Unknown forces cause a girl to absorb water - straight into her breasts.
bg fa fast lac wow
23rd Jul 11
Water has Magic power
big fast instant magic offstage wow
12th Nov 01
Bernie invents powdered water. Then accidentally spills it down a beautiful woman’s cleavage. Whoops.
cb fast nc science wow
3rd Mar 98
Looking for a way to complete with the big-titted dream girl, another girl finds a Leprechaun and makes a wish.
31st May 00
Meeting a busty intelligent woman.
21st Oct 22
Here a collection of some works by the BEArchive author WebMuse. They include "Family Jewels," "Tom and Huck - Together Again," "The Bazoom County Bathing Beauty Contest," and "Fumiko: The Story of a Little Girl, Growing Up." He mainly wrote stories about encounters with well-endowed ladies, including some pretty impressive photo morphs. The only series that actually features BE is the Fumiko one, but they are all very entertaining to read and look at.(Warning: The Fumiko series may prove slightly offensive to some, but as far as I know, the subjects of all the pictures are over the age of 18.)
bg big cb huge lac magic mpg offstage slow
17th Sep 22
The fully revised story (including a NEW FOURTH CHAPTER) of a very special libation. The Bride, the Groom, and their Maid-of-Honor indulge themselves the night before the wedding.
bg ag big cb chem fa fast huge instant magic ment mpg
3rd Dec 21
WEDDING CREME Chapter 1 by GlassofGothMilk420 An old vintage from the grooms family distillery holds a surprise for his bride and their maid of honor after the rehearsal dinner down in the tasting room tags big breasts, breast expansion, body expansion, ass expansion, gulping and chugging, threesome, aphrodesiac, alcohol, bondage, femdom, gentle dom Starring Pan as the Maid of Honor Poe as the Bride Buck as the Groom Ted as the Uncle
bg ag big bond cb chem fast huge instant magic ment
10th Dec 21
In this chapter, the scene begins to unfold in earnest. It’s smaller than chapter one, but way more stuffed with cream filling. Enjoy this soon-to-be Bride and Groom as they enjoy their swollen Maid of Honor together after the rehearsal dinner! - Glass
bg ag big bond cb chem fa fast huge instant lac magic
17th Dec 21
Things are really flowing now – The Bride, The Groom, and the Maid of Honor cant take the pressure much longer. Everyone needs some relief – but isnt there always someone who insists on going first?
bg ag big bond cb chem fast huge instant magic mpg
17th Jan 21
Lady Khanim, unremarkable daughter of a minor noble, takes up arms as a maiden knight fighting imperial invaders - to no avail. Defeated, her king is forced to provide hostages to the Imperium, Lady Khanim amongst them. Now she must call on magic to help her seduce and ultimately assassinate the empress who conquered her people. Much shorter than most FOF stories, this one is under 6k words, and is a bit more BE-focused than usual.
bg ag ar big hg huge instant magic nc preg sc shem
13th Nov 01
Poor Kim, a giant-breasted Asian, is honeymooning with her monster of a husband. While on their island hideaway she meets another monster, this one an eighteen-inch monster between the legs of Rod, their tour director. Things will never be the same!
big preg
12th Jul 07
Jake returns home to some.. changes. This is my first BE story attempt, so I'd sincerely appreciate any feedback. Thank you.
ag big cb fast gts instant lg magic sc
4th Aug 07
Jake returns home to find friends, and a cunning ex-girlfriend with a "big" surprise waiting for him.. (comments welcome and appreciated, thanks for all the feedback on the first version.)
big cb gts instant magic sc
15th Mar 08
Jenny decides to use her powers for profit, and takes off on a little "working vacation" after leaving some others with the "short end of the stick"...
ag big cb instant lg magic sc
28th Feb 09
Characters from my past stories on The Overflowing Bra/Erotic Mind Control Archive and Fictionmania team up to star in a motion picture screenplay of my own creation- with nods to Russ Meyer, John Waters, and camp sci-fi. Just what is up with that freaky alien?
ag aliens big hg hyp instant ment science shem weird
1st Jan 13
The rain fell lightly on the plexi-steele windows of the high rise apartment. Through it air cars and trains flew by with blurring speed; races and species of a hundred star systems filling skies. That was how it always looked in the city of Chns, the Las Vegas of the planet Rhsk. It was the one and only completely neutral planet in the Alliance; meaning that all species were allowed to dwell in the vast city; one that was nearly the size of Earths New York and Miami combined. There was no way to determine the true number of the cities population and only a rare fool would try. Still, Chns had laws, politics and unspoken rules that it’s multi-cultural populous was governed by. Though politicians held the known rule of the city, its true power came from the criminal outlet; the three mob style leaders that had cleverly divided the huge city; the gangs that dwelled within those boundaries and the wealthy business men and women who paid for it all. Politics was a front and every politician was bought. Even the cities police force was a corrupt unit that sometimes acted more like a gang than keepers of the peace. In truth, Chns was a war zone that was out of control and needed saving. That’s when Bureau finally took notice and placed its best and brightest to keep all the factions of Chns in check; and keep the peace that its alien populous deserved. All in all, it Chns was a powder keg that awaited its fuse to be lit and the Bureau and it’s Guardians were the only force to have the means and power to put the fuse out if it was. Another [sadly unfinished] pregnancy epic from the mind of Invictusvoxfini. This tie it's a sci-fi crime-drama full of loads of heavily pregnant alien babes. [Be warned, there's also bursting.]
ag aliens big chem fast huge instant lac preg slow
22nd Jul 17
Molly’s family just moved to a new town, and she has trouble fitting in.
bg ag big chem hyp instant lg ment mm mpg preg science
2nd Jul 09
Scarlet and Maria are two friends who are forever changed by the were-breeder curse. These two ladies are the first victims, though they seem to be enjoying it just fine. Read on for more transformative action!
big fast huge lac magic preg shem tg
11th Nov 02
Caty loathes her bosomy, boyfriend-stealing roommate, but her plot for magical revenge goes awry. Now, she finds herself changing into every bit the cum-hungry, sex-starved, cock-slut. As breasts expand and bras fail her, she will reveal a wondrous world of sensual bliss. Only those that download this story will be able to blow their loads within this erotic vista.
fast huge lac magic preg weird
19th Apr 13
Brad needs money for college so Daniel helps him out- by giving him breasts!! A local bar hosts a wet T-shirt contest where the winner gets a $500 dollar cash prize. Daniel has been playing the system ever since he inherited the flesh alteration kit! Now he can help his bro, Brad. The two first go hunting for the perfect breasts on campus. Then body swaps Brad onto an alternate woman's body. With a little help and fashion tips from his bi-curious companion, Vanessa, no one has to worry about going broke this semester!
ag big hg instant lg magic mpg sc tg
25th Nov 17
A short, 2777-word story with inserted morph about Oliver's friends' reaction to his little sister Janet after she returns from a summer away.
bg big lg mg offstage sc science slow
10th Apr 10
Chuck runs into the girl of his dreams one day while frequenting his local coffee shop. When he finds out this girls secret, will it be the key to a better life, or a one way ticket to trouble. This is my first story, I hope you enjoy.
ag big cb fast huge magic sc slow
6th Nov 14
"Our Wild Adventures" Part 4. While in Las Vegas on a business trip, Annie and I went to an adult convention. As you might imagine, Annie and her big tits got a LOT of attention! Annie begged me to let her do a pole dance. What was I thinking? Things went wrong when Annie had a spontaneous breast expansion, and busted out of her bikini top! But after that, things went REALLY wrong, and nothing has been the same between Annie and me since that Vegas trip. (The story includes several illustrations of Annie's pole dance.)
cb fast huge instant ment
29th Jul 09
Posted in .rtf for users without Word Perfect. my very first story please be kind feed back would be helpful
ag cb gts huge instant lac magic mpg
26th Jul 09
my very first story please be kind feed back would be helpfull
ag cb gts huge instant lac lg magic mpg
6th Oct 22
Two roommates got the magical Dictaphone and will use it to change their lives, and relationship, for the better. This story was custom written for The Penguin as part of a story commission.
bg ag big hg instant lac lg magic ment mg
13th Jun 99
A pig of a man gets turned into what he wants the most - a sexy woman.
ag cb fa fast huge lg magic ment tg
26th Aug 11
Tamara agrees to do a little work hard can it be, right? She'll be the cat's meow for sure!
bond huge instant magic ment nc weird
10th Jan 00
A strange town in England seems to be home to a number of young girls who are blossoming with huge breasts.
20th Feb 99
When a woman ends up in charge of the magician's Flesh Alteration Kit and more, bizarre havoc ensues.
bg big magic weird
29th May 02
Driving alone at night, be warry of pink spotlights!
aliens big magic science tg weird
10th May 05
A woman has a dream about being in a grey place where her breasts are used as a canvas for alien art.
aliens fast nc weird wow
4th Oct 00
A man's wife comes home mysteriously bigger.
bg big ment
28th Dec 14
Late Christmas story due to a bit of a bit of a delay on my part. A story of...well, why elves don't decorate Christmas trees. Right there in the title I guess. I'll give you a hint as to why: it involves growing boobs. Included in the .zip file are: .txt and .odt files of the story, as well as a sketch that inspired the story, made by CRUBAT. You can find more of his stuff on deviantArt.
ag cb fast huge lac magic nc slow wow
21st Jul 13
This is a chapter from a much longer story. Submitted here due to the fact that as I did the back story, the main character would not likely be found in this situation. A man who is "infected" with a sexual spirit hunts for the perfect victim. An old lady whose life has left her behind, and alone.
ar big hg instant magic ment nc rc
29th Mar 98
The mysterious appearance of some balloons leads Betty to inflate.
bg fa fast huge
21st Mar 11
Jin is a young witch casting a ritual in the basement of her house. What powerful magic is she using and what toll will it take on her body? A quick and to the point story about expansion with audience participation! That's right, readers will be able to adjust some elements of the story themselves :) This is a prologue story to the upcoming Magic School stories that include voting to shape each installment.
ag big cb fast huge lac magic preg
22nd Mar 11
Some folks running IE had trouble with the original file. This version should have that fixed.

Jin is a young witch casting a ritual in the basement of her house. What powerful magic is she using and what toll will it take on her body? A quick and to the point story about breast and belly expansion. Readers get to decide in advance how far the expansion goes :)
ag big cb fast huge lac magic preg
31st Dec 98
A wife catches her husband cheating and casts transformation spells on him and his lover.
bg huge magic ment mpg asleep
27th Oct 18
After a murky night, a woman wakes to some strange feelings. A rather short story.
bg big fast magic
28th Jun 98
A teenage boy discovers the power to cause women to grow hugely muscular and bosomy.
bg big fa fast magic mg rc
14th Aug 15
big cb instant magic mg nc
8th Aug 09
A small college student take a lie as truth, and ends up growing just like she'd always wanted. Based on
big cb chem fast gts huge lg sc science
18th Jul 02
Cynthia, a short and busty girl, wants to be taller. When the school freak, Patricia, offers her a chance to get her wish, she takes it. But the wish backfires. Request Story
cb hg huge magic ment slow asleep
24th Nov 13
A story of Michelle, jealous of another girl named Lyza for her assets. She uses a spellbook to improve her figure, but gets more than she bargained for.
ag big fast huge instant lac magic
16th Jul 02
A tale of temptation from deep within the halls of the Agency for Special Security. Will Dr. Khori Price be able to resist the powers of the pregnant sex-demons the Agency has captured? Or will she join them in pregnant nymphomania?
big fast magic preg weird
7th May 06
Fred Murphy finds a Device. A wishing Device, more accurately. And what he wishes for...well, you can guess that.
big fast huge magic mm mpg rc sc
27th Jul 13
When a once-in-a-lifetime meteor shower brings with it shocking transformations, two girls find themselves trying to keep control of their lives as they lose it over their bodies. They begin to find that the truth of their condition is a lot deeper than they first thought...
ag aliens big fast gts hg huge lac lg mpg nc science shem
27th Apr 14
A short, sexy teaser from the new and improved Wish Upon A Star. If you like my work, if you're looking for a massively rewritten and far improved story of erotic transformation, BE, futa and mini-GTS and above all if you'd like to help support me, I'd love for you to check it out at Smashwords! Link inside.
ag aliens big bond cb fast gts hg huge lac science shem
18th Sep 99
An obnoxious roommate gets her comeuppance from a witch.
bg ar fa fast hg huge lg magic ment
8th Aug 98
With a magic wishing book, a boy takes control over the lives of his friends and lovers.
bg big fa fast ment slow
5th May 20
She was fed up of being ordinary. Fed up of being weak. The story of Vickie, Jenny, Penny, and Laura who are about to undergo a very, very strange journey when they stumble across a chest that can potentially grant infinite wishes - but not in the way they were expecting.
bg lg magic mg slow asleep
1st Sep 20
She just wanted to understand why the world was changing around her, why everyone was suddenly so obsessed with massive tits! The continuing story of Vickie, Jenny, Penny, and Laura who are about to undergo a very, very strange journey when they stumble across a chest that can potentially grant infinite wishes - but not in the way they were expecting.
bg big huge magic ment offstage rc sc slow asleep
1st Nov 20
She just wanted to have the best tits in the world, but as that wasn't possible she was doing to get revenge! The continuing story of Vickie, Jenny, Penny, and Laura who are about to undergo a very, very strange journey when they stumble across a chest that can potentially grant infinite wishes - but not in the way they were expecting. Episode four shows what happens when you cross a woman whose defined boob positive...
fast huge magic ment mg offstage rc sc slow asleep
1st Dec 20
Thankfully the one thing she was most scared off didn’t happen. She had dreaded being able to feel the kitchen floor pressing into the base of her flesh. It was probably a near run thing – standing as tall and straight as possible the two spheres hung so low there could simply not be much gap between their lowest point and the floor, but it hadn’t happened. If she could keep them clear of the ground then she could walk. It was as simple as that! The continuing story of Vickie, Jenny, Penny, and Laura who are about to undergo a very, very strange journey when they stumble across a chest that can potentially grant infinite wishes - but not in the way they were expecting. Episode five averts their destiny in unexpected ways!
bg ag big huge hyp instant magic mg nc offstage rc sc slow asleep
1st Jun 20
She just wanted men to adore and respect her, what could be wrong with that? The continuing story of Vickie, Jenny, Penny, and Laura who are about to undergo a very, very strange journey when they stumble across a chest that can potentially grant infinite wishes - but not in the way they were expecting.
bg big magic mg rc slow asleep
12th Sep 18
Ruby is enjoying her new body and all the pleasure it gives her. Knowing that Jake gave her the body and makes her feel so good, she wants to make him feel just as good.
fast gts huge magic ment mpg rc sc shem tg
29th Jul 08
Madison continues in her adventure after having to change into a wish by anyone else. Please note, the first part of the story is in this file.
ag big cb hg instant lg nc
10th Jul 07
Madison is your regular teenager. But one night at a club allow guys' wishes upon her to take shape. This is the beginning chapter of a longer story and my first.
ag big cb hg instant nc
16th Oct 05
Two couples find a way to make their wishes come true...and discover that in getting their wishes granted, what you wish for isn't always what you want...
ag cb fast hg huge lac magic ment mg mm mpg preg tg weird asleep
30th Aug 05
Summer vacation has some surprises in store for Emily - including a swim, a boy, and ever-growing breasts.
big slow asleep
28th Jun 98
Shy Eugene wishes that the women in his life had big tits.
bg fa fast hg huge lg magic wow
9th Jan 99
A young witch plays with the minds of three teenage girls, making them slaves to a man.
bg big magic ment offstage
17th Nov 98
Doing a favor for a witch gives a man one wish.
bg huge instant magic
3rd Mar 98
Don't try to break up with a girlfriend who's a witch!
bg fa fast magic mpg rc wow
28th Apr 99
A man trying to turn his lover into a sex goddess gets more than he bargained for.
bg ag huge magic tg
21st Jun 11
A re-release of the previous upload due to another .WPS file being uploaded. "Brittney called from all her friends “ Love “ what her here happen some day is more than a dream …".
big fast hyp offstage
23rd Jul 03
A secretary working a bra factory is asked to test a new bra with a mysterious alloy underwire. What happens when this alloy has electricity conducted through it?
cb huge instant mg nc science
5th Feb 99
Magician gives a woman in search of more pleasure some magic panties and condom.
bg fa fast huge magic ment mpg
21st Sep 11
This is a modified version of Compera's story "Manboobs", changed to make the protagonist female. Most of the credit goes to Compera. "Rianna visits her pregnant aunt to help her out on the farm, but soon experiences uncomfortable developments and a more sinister plot."
cb huge lac magic nc slow asleep
24th Feb 19
The women of a local Medical Complex are one of the holdouts against the Studpocalypse, a virus that turns all men on Earth into zombie-like sex studs literally hung like horses, with infected seed that transforms women and slowly addicts them permanently.
bg ag big chem fast hg lac ment mpg
6th Oct 19
The newly-formed Omega Team makes its first expedition! Along the way, they meet a new face and pack on some more weight in all the right places. Afterwards, a pair gets a bit ambitious off-duty, and meets another character who might have some interesting ties to their group. Included in the .zip is a barely-edited version of the first part, as well.
bg ag big cb chem fast hg lac ment mm mpg
3rd Dec 23
In Part 3 of the Studpocalypse saga, our girls find themselves on a rescue mission for another group of women holed up in the city. As the makeup of their group turns more towards sluts than those unaffected, the stability of their home comes under threat. Feel free to contact me at if you want to ask any questions.
ag big cb chem fast hg lac ment mm mpg
12th Dec 09
What happens when the world's mightiest superheroine meets the world's greatest plastic surgeon? An epic battle of ample proportions, is all.
big bond fast hyp nc offstage science
15th Jan 11
After 400 years in suspended animation a 21st Century artist and his wife awaken to find themselves not only on another planet but in the company of the busty ladies of the New Darwin Police Department. Can the righteous(ly endowed) Lynnae, June and their friends protect the couple from the diabolical Mr. Big? Read to find out in Plato's 47th story!
huge instant magic
3rd Jun 11
Dawn discovers that her mind is susceptible to hypnosis. VERY susceptible. And she likes it.
big huge hyp slow
29th Oct 15
From on high, the Goddesses of Hyrule have decreed that Link shall bed women across the land to bear heroes for future generations. Now Telma is bloated full of Link's progeny, and still manages to run her bar alongside her equally pregnant employees.
huge lac magic preg
8th Sep 19
Kate really needs this crummy library job. How will the Ring of Expectations help her? And how MUCH will it help? (All previous disclaimers still apply.)
bg ag big fast hg instant magic ment mg nc tg
2nd Jun 98
A scientist gets revenge on a cruel ex-lover.
bg ag hg nc science wow
27th Sep 21
This is my first atrribute theft mini comic and I'm quite happy how it came out. It contains breast theft, curves theft, height theft, muscles theft, and a few more. The images were commissioned to GOW34 and he did a terrific job. If you want to see the images in higher resolution, visit GOW34 gallery in DeviantArt. The link is included in the comic. Hope you enjoy this little comic. Comments and feedback are always welcome.
ag fast gts hg huge lac magic mg
10th Jan 00
2nd Apr 10
The year is 2011 in the Altaerna universe: Biology student Cornelia “Connie” Prince, a straight A student from her tests to her chest, rediscovers an old secret. Marge, her feisty kinda-sorta BFF, soon learns that the shy, bookish girl carries quite a lot of baggage…
ag cb fast huge lac magic ment mg nc rc
29th Oct 98
Saddled with a gypsy curse, a young man makes women grow bigger breasts.
bg fa fast magic slow wow
25th Jun 09
I found the third part of this classic story series. Please send your credit to Helia, if any probs downloading let me know
cb instant nc rc science wow
29th Jan 07
Felecia has fantasies of having her tits blow up like balloons and a new shop in town might just have what she needs.
chem fast lac preg wow
27th Jan 01
Goddess Freya decides to teach two girls a lesson.
bg huge magic nc
25th Sep 04
A struggling author has his dream come true...
bg ag big cb fast hg lac preg tg