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The Overflowing Bra

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27th Dec 02
Incomplete yet great tribute to Fret Pearson's work.
big chem ment slow asleep
31st Dec 99
Colin finds a bottle of pills that make girls busty bimbos.
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7th Apr 00
Magical wishing in the dark leads two sisters into sex and transformations.
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16th Oct 08
Chapter 1 : After a horrible brake up with her ex, a teenager (Cindy) befriends a more mature woman (Christy.) Odd things surround this chance meeting. Not least of which is how in the world does a girl get to be so tall? And what the heck did she spill all over her shirt?
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19th Nov 01
A girl gets a birthday card which tells her she'll get everything she desires on her birthday. Imagine her surprise when she finds it's literally true!
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29th Oct 98
A very old but still teenage witch girl meets a mind-controlling vampire who punishes her.
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4th Apr 24
Mallory lives a dismal home life with her miserable mother. Her methods of escapism are, however, quite curious...
big sc slow
7th Apr 24
Mallory's aggravation gets flipped on-head as an old (and busty!) menace is reintroduced into her life.
big sc slow
26th Jan 05
My first story ever. I created it out of boredom and I am wondering if its worth continuing. Its about this boy Joey who get a magic bowl that grants wishes.
big instant magic
6th Jun 18
A young woman called Layla and her boyfriend Danny meet a fortune-teller. What happen when Layla doesn't believe in her prophecy? Well, the fortune-teller give her a price to pay for her skepticism... on her chest. English is not my first language then I can understand if my story could have grammar mistakes, but try to give a chance to this story. Illustrated story with PDF, docx and picture.
bg big cb fast huge magic offstage rc sc slow
12th Feb 18
In Eden, where women can't get married unless their breasts pin them to the ground, Ruth's growth has stalled far short. Searching for answers, she uncovers secrets about the town and her own body that she could never imagine. This is part 1.
chem fa huge lac slow wow
17th Aug 15
My first ever submission. Please let me know of many errors and let me know of any suggestions. Set in the Warcraft universe. Contains futa. More sex in upcoming chapters.
big fast huge magic nc asleep
17th Aug 15
My first ever submission. Please let me know of many errors and let me know of any suggestions. Set in the Warcraft universe. Contains futa. More sex in upcoming chapters.
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27th Jul 21
A Warcraft fanfiction featuring Shalendris, a druidess with magic tits.
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31st Oct 22
Tylla, a novice priestess, is sent to assist a group of adventurers seeking to assault a werewolf-infested castle. She ends up growing from the experience!
bg ag big cb fast huge lg magic ment mg
19th Jan 16
big ment mm mpg offstage sc science slow asleep
31st Dec 00
Leroy finds a magic Sparkplug that lets him alter reality. He uses it to put himself into a special Ranma movie.
bg ag big fa fast ft magic mg mm mpg tg
21st May 10
Candace, a bitchy feminist, is hexed by a vindicative stripper when she catches her boyfriend at the stripclub. Over the next few days, she discovers the triple nature of her curse as she's slowly turned into a hugely busted slut and later on fully transforms into a living, inflatable latex lovedoll. Comments appreciated. I have other doll stories, most have BE in a way but the focus is more on the doll aspect. I will post if people are interested in reading more.
huge magic ment nc slow weird
24th May 10
This is my first multi-chapter story where I actually tried to setup a universe I could write in. It's a 5 chapter tale of the strange things happening in the secluded community of Latex Hills. Mostly a lovedoll tale again, but there's nice BE in chapter 2 and chapter 4. I understand the type of transformation therein isn't for everyone, but feedback on my other story made me want to share this. The follow-up to this is the multi-chapter 'The Girls of Latex Hills University (LHU)'
fast huge magic ment nc science weird
28th May 10
"The sequel to Women of Latex Hills: The Girls of Latex Hills University. It follows the life of Tricia Dahl, daughter of Xetal Holdings CEO Ryan Dahl. The tale follows Tricia's introduction to life in Latex Hills and all it's quirks." Located and uploaded by request (from the comments on "The Women Of Latex Hills"
big huge instant magic ment nc science weird
28th Oct 10
*This is one of about 5 stories I have been working on, so far its the first one done. It is also my first story so It might not be the best.* Mike finds a costume at SRU that changes his life at a Halloween party. Lots of changes and sex! Happy Halloween Everyone!
big hg lac magic ment preg tg
28th Dec 10
My second story! Steve (not that it matters, his name is only mentioned once) finds the 'fold' in his local mall. A trip to the SRU Discount Outlet later and Steve finds out hes the Magister. There is a small notice before the story starts. I suggest reading it before reading the story. .rtf only (sorry people, I like word pad.) -Enjoy
ag big cb hg instant lac magic ment nc preg tg
25th Jan 99
Adapted from Leviathan's entries in the BE Adventure, this is more about Jim and his adventures with magic shapeshifting pills.
bg ag fa fast huge magic
15th Jan 99
Adapted from Leviathan's entries in the BE Adventure, this is about Jim and his adventures with magic shapeshifting pills.
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7th Sep 00
Adapted from Leviathan's entries in the BE Adventure, this is about Jim and his adventures with the magical SuperBra. (original 3/1999, updated 9/2000).
bg fa fast huge magic tg
10th Jan 00
Two mischievous highschool boys find a powerful magic wand. Based on the Addventure.
bg ag cb huge magic tg wow
27th Jan 11
Sorry about the large file size, I have .doc, .rtf, and .txt in here for everyone. (turns out I can save them in a format other than just .rtf O.o) Okay.... In this story, Amanda is looking for a good massage. Her friend Jasmine tells her about this new place that just opened up. It turns out that the 'Glowing Touch Massage' spa does a little bit more than massages. Again, the intro is a bit longer than most, but I feel it needed a good introduction, the back story. Stories need a plot. Theres some slight girl on girl making out towards the end of the story, but nothing 'heavy'. I intend on making a series of sorts, so expect it to be completed and expanded upon. -spoiler- Expect Manda and Jaz to do things in future stories ;) comments to or the forums.
ag big fast instant lac magic ment preg rc science
6th Jan 15
I have been trying to get another good story out for a while, but each idea was quickly scratched. This is a survivor, and it stars Alex and his friend Sarah, and a magic coin that came from a cursed lamp. There is a lot of transforming in this.
ag big cb fast hg instant lac magic ment preg tg
25th Mar 99
A controlling man uses Bovine Growth Hormone on a woman.
bg big chem ment slow
6th Mar 10
Becky just wants to keep the Presidency of her local Debate Club. Too bad Fiona wants the same prize. And the girl seems to be willing to do whatever it takes to win. And, oh, the entire school seems to be transforming into sex-obsessed bimbos with tiny brains and gigantic tits.
chem huge ment slow
6th Dec 15
"Who won the 999th edition of Super Saline Lottery? Whose tits will be pumped with astonishing amounts of saline? Will it be enough to satisfy the winning girl? See for yourself!" This is a story of unbelievably huge tits, extreme implant overfilling and insane boobie greed. For fake boobs lovers only!
cb fast huge science
15th Nov 01
Three young girls find a way to make themselves look like...well anything they want.
cb chem fast huge lg mg slow
4th Jul 01
Linda and her friends piss off Damion, a Warlock, and are transformed.
bg fa fast ft magic tg
18th Oct 23
Josie and Charlie are coworkers who each notice an usual tingling, and begin to grow as they grow closer together. This is just the beginning.
big fast magic mpg
13th Dec 23
Josie and Charlie are coworkers who each notice an usual tingling, then they grow again and faster.
ag big fast lg mm mpg
12th Apr 24
Josie and Charlie get to appreciate their growth and grow more as they grow bolder. (Includes parts 1 and 2)
ag big cb fast lg magic mm mpg
29th Mar 11
This is my first story about BE story so i was interested do it by my self ! it's maybe not the best but it's the first =)
big cb chem fast lac slow
27th Jan 04
Jim breaks up with his girlfreind, and then meets Cassandra almost immediately, who turns out to be far more than he anticipated!
big fast sc
29th Jul 02
Crono, Marle, Lucca, and Glenn. They saved the world, now Marle wants to get some. Hey, she's got magic, why not make it fun?
cb huge magic mpg preg
29th Jul 02
A different version of Porno Trigger. Marle comes to Lucca with a question: "Can you get me to have bigger breasts?" Lucca answers...sorta. Chaos ensues.
ag cb huge magic mpg preg science slow
10th Oct 22
Megan has her eye on the local baker. And with the help of a magic pill and some pastries, she's going to get his undivided attention.
ag fa fast gts lg magic sc wow
7th Jul 12
Remastered and Re-edited edition. Restored the missing chapters. There is actually a ton of material that got cut out of the last upload. The primary difference starts at part 104. Added some paragraph breaks to the walls of text. Terry Anderson is a high school graduate with a little problem. Miniscule, in fact. But, when he finds some snake oil cream in his grandfather's old traveling trunk, he exchanges his tiny problem for a big one. Now a freshman in college, Terry and his cream are cleaving chaos and insanity wherever they go. The student body will never be the same... Co-authored with Fafhrd. Originally posted on
ag big cb chem fast huge mpg slow asleep
5th Jul 12
Terry Anderson is a high school graduate with a little problem. Miniscule, in fact. But, when he finds some snake oil cream in his grandfather's old traveling trunk, he exchanges his tiny problem for a big one. Now a freshman in college, Terry and his cream are cleaving chaos and insanity wherever they go. The student body will never be the same... Co-authored with Fafhrd. Originally posted on
ag big cb chem fast huge mpg slow asleep
7th Aug 12
The continuing epic PE/BE saga. After dosing Terry with enough enlargement cream to give him a sixteen inch cock, Diane decides her own figure could use a little boost, and uses up an entire bottle! Meanwhile, tension starts to build between Jen and her roommates as the first shots are fired in a breast size arms race. Will Chris end up getting smothered by Jen, figuratively AND literally? Originally posted on Co-written with Fafhrd.
ag big chem fast huge mpg offstage slow
8th Oct 12
Everyone is abuzz about a new cosmetic treatment called Voluptimax, a process which uses nanobots to reshape the subject's body and give them the figure they've always desired. When Cynthia Hawthorne shows up at a fancy dinner party to show off her new curves (body by Voluptimax, of course) she ends up showing off much more of them than she ever wanted to! Is Cynthia's humiliating experience merely the result of a defective batch of nanobots, or the first sign of something more sinister? Action, adventure, interplanetary conspiracy! It all starts here in the first volume of UNAUTHORIZED EXPANSION!
ag cb fast lac nc rc science wow
21st Oct 12
After getting sprayed with Cynthia's milk at a disastrous dining-out Luanne returns home, intent on having a few choice words with her husband, Mark. However, Cynthia's milk has a few unexpected side effects that derail Luanne's plans and place her husband in peril. This chapter of Unauthorized Expansion is exploding with hot action! Don't miss! (File contains parts 1 and 2)
ag fa fast huge ment mg mpg nc science
16th Mar 13
Our plucky heroes, the lovely (and luscious) Princess Cassiopeia and her ever-loyal chauffeur, Fiora Tailwind are really in a fix this time! While investigating a mysterious asteroid rumored to be cursed by the local space Gypsies, the two adventurers stumble upon something even more sinister: that steel-hearted scoundrel, Baron Cyberface! Now he and his all female army of personal bodyguards are holding our heroes captive. Will the princess and her friend escape Cyberface's sinister DDeathtrap, or will they be the next victims of... The Curse of the Mysterious Asteroid?
cb fast nc science wow
2nd Jun 09
fast huge magic wow
19th May 11
Magic soap, everybody should have some
big fast lac magic nc wow
19th Aug 10
Taking some hints from the feedback I have altered the story a little and made it available in PDF format. Hope you enjoy
fast huge magic wow
27th Feb 11
a scene in revenge and enchanted soap
fast huge lac magic wow
1st Jan 13
This story isn't mine, I just got inspired by the original done by Lord Aimnor and decided to fix up the grammar and a bit of the story. I also added some more sexy bits at the end. :)
big chem fast lac ment science
19th Nov 01
The trials of a young woman, as she struggles to remember her past, while avoiding the pearls of the future, in a world not her own.
10th Aug 17
This story was a collaboration between myself and TierynBE, who also has a few works here. This has been slightly rewritten from the original 2 parter for added story flow (with approval from Tieryn). Follow me on for comments, questions and even prompt requests. Note on tags: There is brief instant hourglass growth although the primary focus is on the lactation-related growth. So I've tagged accordingly to be safe. Non-consensual was marked due to the unwilling subject.
ag fast huge instant lac magic nc offstage
10th Feb 18
A poker game where your hand can win even when it doesn't.
fast huge lac magic preg
7th Dec 18
A mother contemplates the offer she got from a less than forthcoming merchant.
cb fast huge magic sc
7th Dec 18
A vampire drains several girls of their curves and then some. (Warning: Does involve death by dissolving to dust, marked "Weird Transformation" as a result.)
ag fast huge magic nc sc weird
7th Dec 18
An adept sorceress attempts to take down an unusual creature.
huge instant lac magic asleep
25th Jan 22
Silly story inspired by an infamous code.
ag fast huge magic
23rd Feb 22
Inspired by Tall Vampire Lady from RE8. Takes place after RE8.
fast huge lac offstage science
19th Jun 12
Tomboy Karen and her friend Terry find a jewel in an antique shop that is supposed to grant wishes, but only Karen's nightmares come true.
ag big hyp instant lac magic ment nc asleep
21st Apr 20
A police woman and her new partner get into trouble in an abandoned building. Warning: This story includes non-consensual themes, humiliation, body inflation, and gore. It should not be read by the squeamish. Download and read with caution.
cb chem fa fast huge instant lac lg nc
9th Oct 20
A young woman named Jess works as a secretary for an adult film studio that specializes in big bust films.
bg big fast nc science
3rd Oct 12
A little fan fiction I finally decided to write. I think I might be the first person to write BE about the leading ladies from the Jurassic Park movies. Enjoy!
cb fast huge lac offstage science wow
6th Feb 05
After being transformed Gwen travels to her boyfriend's cabin in the woods. But the wizards follow her and she realizes hiding her size is not such an easy thing. Continued from Little Help
ag big cb fa fast gts hg huge lac lg magic ment multiple nc tg
3rd Feb 05
A young girl named Gwen stumbles upon some little people in the forest. They turn out to be magic, and give her a big helping hand. Soon, everything starts to seem little.
ag big cb fa fast gts lac magic nc
30th Mar 05
Dark BE story with violence, robbery, rape, gunfights, revenge and obsession. I don't know what to say, honestly.
fast hg huge lac ment multiple science weird
25th May 05
Danto is a criminal, Samantha a great hero. Will the two of them hate each other, or will something more meaningful 'grow' between them and make things interesting?
ag fast hg huge
27th Feb 05
Lara Croft is sent out to retrieve the Necklace of Rah. But it is another relic, in evil hands, that will cause Lara a world of problems.
cb fast magic wow
31st Dec 98
Strange tale of a balloon-fetishist, the woman who loves him, and an odd circus. Warning: imagery may be too strong for some viewers.
bg cb fa fast ment wow
29th Mar 98
The mysterious appearance of some balloons leads Betty to inflate.
bg fa fast huge
18th Nov 06
Steamy prequel to a BE story about a manipulative woman and her submissive boyfriend.
ag fast magic nc asleep
18th Nov 06
Against her will, a manipulative woman transforms into her submissive boyfriend's ultimate fantasy, a balloon girl.
ag bond cb gts huge magic ment multiple nc slow weird
21st Nov 06
The balloon girl has a dreadful plan for her boyfriend.
ag fast ment nc weird wow
13th Jan 11
Chloe finds herself trapped in a room filled with balloons. But someone is watching her from behind a window in the wall, eager to explain what is about to happen to her. (Illustrated by Nexus T)
fast huge ment nc preg science
18th Sep 99
Larry uses the all-powerful XJ-2000 to get back at a mean bank teller.
bg big fa fast rc tg
26th Aug 99
Larry finds a machine that lets him alter reality at his whim.
bg big fa fast rc wow
27th Oct 14
Given my inability to write anything in story form, i have tried to write something in the method of 2 people talking through instant messenger. Hopefully it'll bring a little brightness to someones day. Thanks
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