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15th Nov 22
Sarah, a card carrying member of the "Big Titty Goth Bitch Consortium", Her Roommate, and Friends, all become closer, larger, and leakier, as they learn about a magic book, left behind to search out new love and fantasy. Contains: Expansion (Breast, Ass, Cock, Pussy), Garlic Bread, Lactation, Romance, Wholesome Shit, Big Titty Goth Bitches (Registered Trademark), Implied Dubcon, Thrift-shopping, MF, FF, and an Orgy.
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4th Sep 05
Yes, but why is it such a stupid name ? Read and find out ... Complete with *BONUS* sidestory!!
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28th Jun 98
X-Files story has Scully using an Atlantean machine to change her body.
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13th Nov 20
Having inexplicably developed the ability to change women's bodies, our protagonist bumps into an ex-girlfriend, and simply can’t help himself. Having cause her to grow just enough to pique her interest, he soon finds her at his apartment, seeking revenge…or is it just bigger boobs? The first of a series written a while ago and re-edited recently.
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7th Dec 20
The events of chapter two follow on from chapter one (surprisingly!), so the first chapter is included with this download just in case. Told from the perspective of the female witness to the events of chapter one, this part of the story explores the age-old BE tale of a young woman envious of those with more bountiful breasts. Presented with the opportunity to do something about it, however, it’s up to her to persuade our hero from chapter one to lend a helping hand. Which, let’s face it, he’s going to do. This chapter features a little more character development, but hopefully just as much BE (if not more). Thank you for all your kind comments re: chapter one. I hope you enjoy.
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25th Apr 02
Johns wife discovers that his cum can make her grow.
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3rd Oct 05
After a freak accident, Ed finds that he can tamper with reality (including his favourite: breast size) by manipulating people's dreams.
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11th Nov 06
In his own dreams, Ed is the star. But not for long. His dreams are about to become reality.
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16th Dec 06
In the kitchen with Ed and Zofia;
At school with Ed and Melissa;
On the streets with Audrey and The Elf;
And one shadowy, mysterious figure in the, er, shadows.
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20th Dec 06
So Ed is to be removed, eh? OK. Now what? Odds are that he doesn’t want to go.
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23rd Dec 06
It’s the end of the road for Ed. How can he possibly beat an immortal in a fight to the death? And if he can accomplish the impossible, will he have anything left for The Professor?
Well, it was nice knowing you, Ed.
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18th Nov 06
Without the slightest idea what he is doing, Ed begins to explore the world of dreams. Should have spent more time on developing the hypothesis, Ed.
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18th Nov 06
Hey, Ed has finished his research paper and it is time to celebrate! How does wild fantasy sex with his hot former babysitter sound?
Sorry about posting two chapters at the same time, but TOB deserves first crack at it.
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25th Nov 06
Ed tries to simplify his life, run a physics lab, and explain the destruction of the brain scanner to The Professor and the recently lesbonified Melissa. But then he runs into the most beautiful girl in the world and .... Well, I'm getting ahead of myself.
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29th Nov 06
Ed’s life gets even stranger--and this is before he accidentally eliminates his sister’s romantic rival.
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2nd Dec 06
Audrey++ meets Zofia 2.0
Ed vs. Pinky, round 2
Ed puts two and two together and comes up with threeway.
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6th Dec 06
Ed and Melissa
Sitting in a dream
Kay Eye Ess Ess Eye Enn Gee!
And for Ed things go downhill from there.
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9th Dec 06
Can Ed survive an emotionally charged Melissa, The Professor on the warpath, and the revenge of Pinky?
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13th Dec 06
Worlds collide as Ed finally gets a few clues as to what is going on, gets an unwanted sex slave, and gets busy.
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16th Feb 22
A sorceress uses magic and food to grow larger, thus increasing her magic ability. Vaguely based on the Sorceress from Dragon's Crown.
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2nd May 15
Sidney arrives on Eëa Island to participate in a long-term drug trial. The island resort has been turned over to the trials, and all manner of strange results are afoot. The other subjects, including Sidney's housemates and neighbors, don't bat an eye. If anything, the bizarre effects of the drug just get them horny. What is happening on Eëa and to what purpose? And will Sidney get to the bottom of it all or succumb to the merry lust that blankets the island?
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31st Dec 99
Colin finds a bottle of pills that make girls busty bimbos.
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7th Jun 19
A girl wakes to find herself locked in a room. Soon, a strange gas makes her body hyper-fertile, making her breasts and ass grow. The reasoning for this becomes all too clear as she is pumped full of eggs and made to grow huge.
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10th Sep 04
Eileen is a nice girl who has an accident wherein which she bumps her head. Afterwards her boobs start growing and she has to deal with unrealisticly large boobs.
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4th Sep 20
After cruelly injuring her assigned partner for a school project, Amy learns the hard way that revenge is a dish best served with a side of hot, steamy sex. Cursed to grow a dick over a foot long and given an inflatable body, Amy is first put through the wringer by the vengeful Mandy and then left to stew in her own juices. And OH BOY are there a lot of juices! There's also a lot of soap, suds, humiliation, mental gymnastics, mindfucks, and reluctant rape. (I mean, after all, how ELSE is Amy supposed to set up the perfect world where she and her best friend can just be happy together?) Not covered by the tags available here: belly inflation & cum inflation (both oral and vaginal) that will very likely LEAD to pregnancy. The bulk of the story takes place in an afternoon, so you'll just have to wait and see if anyone ACTUALLY gets pregnant. Tagged with pregnancy just to be on the safe side, though, since it's discussed a bit.
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30th Dec 08
Nayasha a sorceror searched for years for the Pearl of Power and now she has it. Unfortunately its in her stomach due to a rather unfortunate accident while escaping the underwater temple that held it. But all she needs to do is use a simple spell to extract it, right? Too bad she had a glass of water first.
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5th Feb 99
A man meets his older sister again after a number of years, and sees she's grown quite large! Sex ensues, of course.
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5th Mar 99
Mary explains how she got her enormous breasts as the story of Eleven continues.
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28th Jan 12
Alex Wright was an ordinary guy in a mundane world. But, one day after a car accident, he finds himself, the only human suddenly in a world full of large breasted elves. Many sexual adventures begin for him afterwards.
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14th Feb 12
As Alex's harem grows he receives a magical ring that only humans can use from his sisters-in-law as a gag gift. He uses it in various ways.
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21st Dec 22
A Madam Materia commission compilation. It's been some time now since the initial discovering of the ELVII-21 condition. The pandemic spread as quickly as the legs of the ELVII sluts that carried it, and the world is in the state of trying to maintain control, down to the individual citizen. Follow Cat, a little restaurant manager just trying to get by, as she contracts this contagious virus, and begins a transformation unlike any ELVII before her.
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2nd Aug 07
This is a transcript of an RP/Story between myself and a like minded female via email and as such the 1st and 3rd person isn't always correct and it may jump about a bit but take it as it is and hopefully enjoy it as much as we did. The names have been changed to protect the guilty... or should that be innocent?.... lol
cb fast science wow
24th Aug 06
Events continue where they left off in the final chapter of Matt and Emily's experience with The Sub-Quantum Arousal Energy Redirection Device.
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24th Oct 05
A depressed, slightly obsessive man steals a Sub-Quantum Arousal Energy Redirection Device and goes off to find Emily, his long lost love.
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18th Nov 05
Now that they're happily back together, it's time for Matt and Emily to do a little more experimenting with The Sub-Quantum Arousal Energy Redirection Device. Part two of a three-part story.
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10th Jan 00
A biochemist uses her boyfriend's time machine to go back and give herself bigger tits.
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14th Dec 16
When Emma tries a new drug to help her crippled milk glands recover, her body reacts strongly.
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29th Oct 98
Monica becomes obsessed with having large breasts, and decides to get the largest implants in the world.
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12th Dec 07
The first of the many adventures of Matt. After gaining a new ability Matt finds he is able to shape women's bodies. His first test is on his friend Amber.
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4th Aug 02
A most unusual trip to the beach! (Illustrated)
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13th Dec 07
Chapter 2 in the ongoing adventure of Matt. Amber keeps her word and sends a friend to see Matt, her name is Bree. Bree takes full advantage of Matts new power and things start growing.
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14th Dec 07
Chapter 3 in the ongoing adventures of Matt. With Bree grown out of control Matt needs help. What perfect timing when Candice shows up.
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16th Dec 07
Chapter 4 in the ongoing adventures of Matt. Amber, Bree, Candice and Danielle are all keeping Matt busy. He needs a break, and did he just see someone in the house?
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30th Dec 10
See what happens when a couple realizes they were destined for each other. The first of a few chapters. Enjoy!
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16th Jan 11
In this second chapter Rob explores his ability to make breasts grow. He meets a new hot girl in town and decides to test out his magic. Will his girlfriend get jealous? Let's find out.
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9th Mar 09
Suzanna tries to stay awake by sampling an energy drink from a stranger selling them from the back of his van. An adage story contest entry at the mcforum. Feedback appreciated.
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21st Nov 13
The main character finds a book that can control women's bodies.
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19th Nov 04
A fanfic set in the Harry Potter world, Hermione Granger & Ginny Weasley decide to experiment with a book of spells Hermione stumbled upon.
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1st Mar 20
Boku No Hero Fanfiction. Izuku Midoriya is born with a quirk that allows him to bring out the best in people. And it just so happens that Nejire has a lot of breast to bring out.
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18th May 06
A lurid invasion from deep in the rainforest continues to take victims from amongst unsuspecting humans. Wherever the spores travel, outrageous nymphomaniacs are sure to appear. Can those in authority move fast enough, decisively enough to save Mankind from a jiggling army of infectious whore-sluts with powers over mind, body, and boob? The seduction of the human race will be a two-pronged attack aimed inside the pants of every man on Earth. On board Flight 69, blossoming boobs and sinister conspiracies erupt! (The theme and setting were suggested by a fan, who then commissioned XXXecil to bring his vision to life!)
ag big chem fast instant lac ment mpg nc preg science tg weird
5th Jul 06
The final fate of Air Italia Flight 69 is revealed amidst a pussy-moistening orgy of explosive boobs, uncontrollable sexual urges, and a new kind of wet dream. Meanwhile, trouble brews in South America, as an intrepid reporter learns lessons in botany, and lust. Who can stand against the growing legion of cock-crazed sluts with more seductive powers than the most brazen whore? Find out by downloading this story; then consider commissioning XXXecil for a vision of your own.
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17th Dec 06
The transformative escapades of the Daughters of Gaia continue as they begin to cut a boob-jiggling, nymphomaniacal swath through civilization. Their numbers increase steadily, and those infected with their sexy taint find their humanity washed away in a rush of pussy-moistening erotic yearnings. Are their numbers too great already? It may be too late to save mankind from enslavement between blossoming breasts and cock-crazed cunts until humanity has jetted forth its last dose of sperm between their sweat-slicked thighs.
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25th Jun 09
The story of Rose, a girl who loves nothing better than breaking innocent boys with no knowledge of sex. So what happens when she finds out the new boy in her class hasn't had so much as an erection in his 17 years? As it turns out, lots.
ag big cb fast huge lac mg mpg tg wow
21st Jun 12
This isn't a BE fiction tale, more of an introduction. I've always wanted to talk about how my obsession with breasts grew with my own pair, so what better place to do it? Feedback appreciated
big slow
7th Aug 21
Erin started a new class downtown. He gives her a supplement to take home-- homework, he calls it-- and she gets to find out what it does for her.
bg ag big offstage sc slow asleep
18th Apr 11
Breath of Fire II themed story: Katt wakes Nina from a pleasant sleep, brandishing a strange spell book she found. Nina warns to use caution, but Katt seems to have other plans. Or rather, the book does. (Breath of Fire II is owned by Capcom, not by me.)
ag big fast huge lac magic ment mpg nc preg shem weird
26th Sep 04
Just a fun little role playing session I had over several nights.
bg big cb fast lac mpg nc preg science asleep
31st May 00
A new plant emits a laughing gas which causes fantasies to come true.
bg ag huge instant ment nc science
20th Dec 08
Boy has it been a trial trying to find enough 'supervised' time to get this done and zipped. It's the sequel to my last story, so you might like to check that out first. It can stand alone, but if it gets confusing...;) Set in the Bimbo series of stories (well...barely...;), it has a bit too much plot, but I tried to keep it spicy enough to fit in here..;) have fun, comments and criticisms welcome.
big lac offstage science slow
27th Apr 98
An alien presence transforms a man and wife in an attempt to rule the world by turning everyone into a sex monster.
bg aliens ar fa fast ft huge lac ment mg mpg multiple wow
14th Jun 98
A scientist and his lover try to resist the alien Essence.
bg fa fast huge ment mpg multiple
5th Feb 99
Ted gets rid of his ex-wife Jean with a formula that makes her expand into a giant water-balloon.
bg ag chem fa fast huge lg preg
12th Jul 98
Christmas Holidays at Fillamore Deepleigh.
bg fa fast
31st Aug 07
The introductory story of Amadre, an elven sorceress, who accidentally becomes cursed with gem that makes her more buxom and horny every time she casts a spell.
big instant magic ment nc
2nd Sep 07
Part two of the continuing story of Amadre and Talvia. When Amadre makes her feelings known to Talvia, it's not only their lust for each that grows. Includes a cameo by the main villainess and the introduction of a new character, Tsutanai, a rather unlucky priest.
ag big huge instant magic ment nc sc
16th Oct 99
Sam invents a ray beam that makes him jump between universes every time he sleeps.
bg fa fast huge lac mg mpg nc preg sc science tg wow
9th Apr 02
Teresa's a golddigger who has everything a man wants. Gavin's determined to get revenge on behalf of his gender, thanks to a bit of science and a whole lot of air...
fast huge nc rc science
3rd Feb 98
A mysterious costume shop that sells... well, take a guess....
bg big magic
31st May 00
A goth girl magically transfers her own large chest dimensions onto unsuspecting Corinne...
bg huge magic
20th Sep 00
The goth girl's spell rebounds and her own boobs start growing and growing...
bg huge magic slow
6th Aug 09
This was original meant for another type of site, but it's been a while, and no answer, so a few tweaks, and presto-chango, it's here... I've got about another week of 'freedom', and then I'm not going to be able to write for some time, and only infrequently. It's a shame, but sometimes real life intervenes. Another Sci-fi story, shorter, but more BE (though mostly in the background). Have fun.
big fast sc science
15th Mar 01
Big-busted corporate fantasy as well-endowed Mike meets super-busty Christy. Not new, but an extensive rewrite of his original story.
15th Jan 18
When an unnamed narrator meets Amanda, he is soon totally enchanted, but she is easily bored and it won't be long before he is just another ex. This story contains some minor attribute theft and a fairly evil heroine. If you really didn't like Sisterly Love you might want to give this one a pass.
bg ag big fast hyp lg ment mg slow
29th Apr 12
A sequel to Matthew 7:12. Our friend Bridget seems to have everything, including Mike, under control with her magic ring, only to find it's not quite as simple as she wants it to be. Especially when a jealous best friend decides it's not fair that one girl should have all the attention, and a boyfriend finds he's not quite the man he once was... My second story, feedback is always appreciated, and I've included Matthew 7:12 for those who haven't read it yet, which I highly suggest you do. Warm Regards, Ragnarok385
ag cb fast ft hg huge instant lac magic ment mm mpg nc tg asleep
15th May 19
Join Josh and Katie on their swelling adventure decided upon by the community! Anything is possible in this story.
bg big cb fast huge lac nc
17th Jun 19
A milky tale of two space-faring adventurers, Davis and Viv, who cross the galaxy for their next combat job. Viv's meds react to the travel...In ways neither of them ever would have expected! A commission by anonymous.
cb fast huge instant lac science
7th May 15
The story of a young growing couple and their growing galactic empire.
ag fast gts huge instant lac mpg sc science wow
7th May 15
The story of a young growing couple and their growing galactic empire. I tried to fix it so hopefully you can open it now.
ag fast gts huge instant lac mpg sc science wow
9th Feb 19
Inori & friends get into all sorts of trouble with their busts at their first Expansion Fest event, how will the girls end up looking by the end of it all? Commission for & using OCs of Akemi Expansions
bg big fast gts hg huge lac magic ment nc offstage
23rd Jul 12
A witch discovers she is married to a demon and moves to take advantage of him, but is what is the cost of betraying a demon? Warning: contains bursting.
big bond fast magic mpg nc preg
22nd May 11
Toshiko Graystone is an average college student, tight on cash. So when she sees an ad offering $5,000 for human test trials of a new pharmaceutical, she signs up. The side effects are a bit more than she bargained for, however, and she quickly finds herself growing in some new--and terrifying--places. A relatively short story featuring multiple breast growth, ass growth, an udder, and one very scared college student who can't stop growing. Picture included: if you decide to read, do yourself a favor and don't look at the picture until the story is over. If you dig this kind of stuff. :-) Let me know what you think, and feel free to write:
ag big chem huge multiple nc offstage science slow weird asleep
30th Jan 16
Alex and Sarah are having a fun solo summer before going back to college in the fall. They discover an abandoned shop one day and take a number of supposedly magic items with them. Unfortunately for them -all of the items don't quite work the same after their "sell by" date.
big fast ft lac magic mpg preg shem slow tg
29th Oct 20
A meteor falling into a woman's backyard gives her the ability to read minds. The catch is that any time she overhears a thought about herself, that thought becomes her reality.
bg ag big instant magic ment
27th Sep 09
An extract from the book "Men In Love" by Nancy Friday, a study and analysis of men's sexual fantasies. This one belongs here.
cb chem fast huge lac mpg shem
16th Mar 00
Adele goes a bit farther to make a sale than she intended.
bg big fa fast nc science