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For the year 2023
3rd, Jan 23
A quick and dirty frantic expansion. Your goth ex rocks up at your house desperate for your cum! but each load makes her already voluptuous bod larger and larger!
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6th, Jan 23
Tale of four young girls who while on a summer break in France, stumble across a mysterious ancient object which will change all of their lives forever. No spoilers ...except to say that there are many expansions and twists in the tale. First story in over ten years - hope that you enjoy it.
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7th, Jan 23
Anything that Claire writes down becomes true.
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8th, Jan 23
A Madam Materia commission. Nowhere left to go for her little "problem", Marcie seeks out the mysterious Alluress in order to give her the body she's always wanted; or at least the most important part to her. Upon finding the place though, she may end up getting a bit more than she initially intended in a few ways.
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13th, Jan 23
The sultry sorceress Khadila commands an army of loyal men, any one of whom would willingly give their lives in service of their buxom mistress. Despite their efforts, she is finally brought down by a powerful brotherhood of celibate knights carrying out their holy vows to eradicate evil. Although Richard Gallfrey and his comrades ride away, seemingly victorious, not all is as it seems, as Khadila’s final spell is about to change Richard’s life forever. This is a tale filled to the brim with magical transformations, mental corruptions, breasts swelling with sexual magic, of cocks filled with powerful seed. Read on to discover from whence this wanton witch derives her power, and what debauched scheme the sex-fuelled mage has hatched from beyond the grave upon these devout knights.
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18th, Jan 23
Story about two sisters going through some changes... The story is written in first person from two POVs I've been writing it since 2014 and I think it's fair to say my writing got better throughout. This contains the first 30 chapters. Fair warning, it's 50-50 weight gain-breast expansion story
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4th, Feb 23
Button Buster stories are the result of my most generous patrons receiving a short custom commission every month. That group of short stories is released on Patreon every month on the 25th and will slowly trickle into free public content! If you enjoy these or my other writing, please consider becoming a patron and supporting my work.
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6th, Feb 23
Kendra services a client from her foundation but is left with a hole that cannot be filled... (Includes Parts 1-11 in a single doc)
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12th, Feb 23
A short story about visiting a cafe that employs a special type of server
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13th, Feb 23
A short story about visiting a cafe that employs a special type of server (Made some changes so it reads better)
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13th, Feb 23
To say Kevin had a big crush on Ana was an understatement.
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19th, Feb 23
Chapter 31 with a link to all chapters
bg ag big cb fa huge slow
23rd, Feb 23
Fantasy story, Melody is a mage with a special condition, affecting her whenever she casts a spell.
bg big gts huge instant lg magic
2nd, Mar 23
A Paladin is taken over by a slime and turned into a sexy, buxom babe with breast implants made out of magic goo. And then the new girl is ready to go on a sexy rampage to find more victims! Part of a series.
bg big fast magic ment nc tg
3rd, Mar 23
Inspired by the Shortstack Girlfriend Genie CYOA at the nsfwcyoa reddit. John finds a genie to fix his girlfriend's medical issues, but there's a catch.
bg ag big fast magic mg preg
11th, Mar 23
As the name suggest, the story is written in a form of a diary. The growth is caused by overeating, so fair warning if it's something you don't like.
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2nd, Apr 23
Fantasy story, Melody is a mage with a special condition, affecting her whenever she casts a spell.
bg ag big huge instant magic
10th, Apr 23
A young man reunites with his childhood friend and first crush. She has an odd reaction to his loving touch.
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10th, Apr 23
Claire and her sister have something in common… A continuation of "Claires Testing" Contains stuffing and stuckage.
cb chem fast huge sc
19th, Apr 23
900 DeviantArt Watchers Special. A young woman has a strange reaction to getting pregnant. Her roommate is into it. Contains feeding
bg big chem nc preg sc slow
19th, Apr 23
Caleb and Paige each have something they hate about their bodies. When they each get access to wishes that can only change each other, they try to change their partner to make them more compatible, but their wishes end up competing with each other. This is a slow burn story that tracks how their wishes affect their lives over a period of seven years.
ag gts huge lac magic mm mpg offstage preg slow
1st, May 23
Rob wants nothing but to marry his goddess of a girlfriend. He'll just have to prove to her family that he's worthy, by whatever means necessary. Authors note: Hello, sorry for the long absence, life gets in the way sometimes. Hope you enjoy my first story in awhile. Just an FYI the major focus of this one is cock growth (there's still lots of BE of course) so if that's not your thing be advised. Cheers!
bg big fast huge lac magic mpg offstage slow wow
2nd, May 23
Emily is returning home after a year spent studying abroad and finds out things aren't like she expected them to be... Growth fueled by overeating
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3rd, May 23
6 inmates of the federation have agreed to serve their sentences by delivering alien symbiotes to a far off system. Things quickly go sideways for the commanding officer and her charges. Authors note: This is a sequel to my first ever story "Kendra and lucy" (not required reading). Hope you enjoy. If you'd like to see a sequel for any of my other tales please tell me!
bg aliens big cb huge offstage science slow weird
4th, May 23
My new girlfriend has quite the appetite, how big will she get? (Contains: Stuffing, Mini-Giantess, Lactation)
bg big chem gts lac slow
8th, May 23
Carrlie is a tomb raider who life goes from rags to riches and flat to fabulously huge boobs through a series of goofy and very fortunate circumstances. This is a silly fantasy series I wrote way back in 2006! I'm not sure why I never posted it here, but Ive recently updated the spelling and grammar, as well as located missing story images provided by the incredible Sidneymt! Please check out to see more of Sidneymt's amazing artwork. If you enjoy these stories, find more on my DA account! Thank you!
bond fast huge hyp lac magic multiple
8th, May 23
KC is hyper-boobed mutant in a world full of sexy mutants. Her mutation isn't even that extreme compared to some, but she still faces lots of social anxiety due to her unnatural features. She just wants to stay in her room, play videogames, and masturbate all day, but life in college eventually introduces KC to a new best friend, and life only gets more sexy from there! These stories are inspired by and set in the incredible universe of Accessworld! To see more of this world and its sexy mutants, check out @INemmed on twitter or Ivan Nemmed on patreon! If you enjoy these stories, find more on my DA account. Thank you!
fast huge lac multiple science weird
10th, May 23
Teenage nerd Skyler goes on a new hormonal birth control. Should've read the warning label... Additional tags: Pussy Growth
bg big science slow
12th, May 23
A secretary for a foreign ambassador is captured by a Russian colonel with unusual interrogation techniques. Authors note: This one isn't really a full story, more a little vignette that I typed out on a whim. Still, hope you enjoy.
bg big bond cb fast huge nc rc science
16th, May 23
Grace tells her younger sister about the family secret. Much to her regret. Originally published on DeviantArt June '21. Contains: Breast Expansion as Weight Gain, Stuffing.
offstage sc science slow wow
17th, May 23
The saga of Skyler and Lily continues as the girls head off to college. Authors note: The people have spoken! More than any other story I've posted this received the most requests for a sequel and so here we are. I actually cut this one off before it got too long, meaning there will be a part 3 as well. Additional tags: Pussy growth, clit growth.
bg big offstage science slow
22nd, May 23
A young woman with big career goals finds herself in a temp assistant position at a soulless company. Soon she realizes that she may be getting the changes she asked for in an unexpected way. Bit of a slow burn story focused on characters. Images generated using StableDiffusion.
bg ag big hg ment science slow
23rd, May 23
Laura finds an undiscovered tribe in the jungle, and they're all super nice to her. 3.8k Words, Originally published on DeviantArt September '21. Contains: Feeding, Stuffing, Breast Expansion as Weight Gain, Mini Giantess, Lactation
cb chem gts sc slow wow
24th, May 23
The finale of Skylers saga. Frustrated by the failure of the second pill to achieve results, Skyler and Joy come up with a plan to achieve her growth dreams. Authors note: Hope you enjoy the final chapter, thanks for all the feedback. As I've mentioned in the past If you wish to chat or discuss story ideas please feel free to DM my reddit account (same user name). Cheers!
bg big fast huge sc science wow
29th, May 23
Gloria, a middle-aged divorcee, decides to hit the gym to try and meet a new man. What she gets is much, much more. Author's Note: First attempt at a Female Muscle Growth story (That is the main focus here, though there is some standard BE). Not as familiar with this material type so if it doesn't hit the right notes, I apologize. Feedback as always is appreciated.
bg ag ar big huge lg magic mg slow asleep
1st, Jun 23
Ethan takes his girlfriend and her bitchy friends out to a new club. The experience changes all of their lives but he's the only who notices.
bg big cb fast huge hyp magic ment
1st, Jun 23
Short setup chapter. Julie meets up with Catherine, an old friend from school, and is surprised by how much her friend has grown. 1300 Words. Originally published on DeviantArt November '17. Contains: Breast Expansion as Weight Gain
bg big chem offstage sc slow
6th, Jun 23
Catherine needs a place to stay. Julie is a culinary arts student. What will happen when one becomes the other’s full-time taste tester? 2.5k Words. Originally published on DeviantArt November '17. Contains: Breast Expansion as Weight Gain
bg big chem offstage slow
13th, Jun 23
It's been a long time, but here is the fourth part of The Ballad of Maggie in which Maggie and her friends face consequences for irresponsibility and gather bits of knowledge that something more is amiss than their own erotic shenanigans.
bg ag big bond fast instant lg magic ment multiple nc rc sc shem tg weird
14th, Jun 23
Julie’s sister moves in with the girls. She has a talent for sewing and making clothes, which is lucky for the ever-growing Catherine. 1800 Words. Originally published on DeviantArt December '17. Contains: Breast Expansion as Weight Gain
bg big chem offstage sc slow
17th, Jun 23
Sara's girlfriend recently got a new job at a trendy new club called The Milk-Bar. The job pays great, but Sara's concerned something strange is going on when her girlfriend starts experiencing some milky growth. Contains: Lactation and Multi-boob.
bg big huge hyp lac multiple science slow
19th, Jun 23
High tech shaping undergarment startup FormeX holds a campaign on social media for influencers to show what their advanced bodycon products can do. It turns out that the answer is far more than an anxious, unremarkable nobody could ever have believed had she not been delivered a special prototype by mistake.
bg ag big huge lac ment nc preg science shem slow
28th, Jun 23
The girls have a lot of Thanksgiving dinners to attend. Ruby has a surprise costume up her sleeve. 4.5k Words. Originally published on DeviantArt October '18. Contains: Breast Expansion as Weight Gain
cb chem huge sc slow
9th, Jul 23
The girls get an unexpected visitor on Christmas Eve. Santa needs help from someone with a big appetite… 3k Words. Originally published on DeviantArt December '19. Contains: Breast Expansion as Weight Gain
cb magic sc slow wow
10th, Jul 23
In this 20 pages novella, follow the story of Francisca Pérez, sent to catalog curious rumors of a woman who's breasts have been growing constantly for the past two decades. As she discovers a being of immense proportions, Francisca begins to ponder if there could be a link between the vision she witnesses and the world wide, ever increasing seismic tremors. Jala Shirazi, shackled by her growing breasts, counts the tale. Includes art by ArchieWilliamMH & MonsieurRobot
gts lac slow wow
11th, Jul 23
An arrogant guy gets forcibly reincarnated into a maid, in another world. As if that’s not enough, her new breasts keep slowly growing… A fun little romp with slow, tender growth.
big magic ment slow tg
17th, Jul 23
Final Fantasy VII fan fiction where Jessie and Barret have almost porn-like sex. Features cumflation for both breasts and belly, lactation, milk-stuffing, self-sucking, dick and ball growth, and an immobile cum-stuffed woman. Written purely for smutty fun.
cb fast huge lac magic mpg
7th, Aug 23
Elsie insulting a full-figured girl on social media brings consequences that neither she nor her boyfriend may be ready to deal with.
ag cb fa fast huge lac magic mpg nc
10th, Aug 23
Tracy has an unrequited crush on Tyler, and so she resorts to Perfect Girlfriend Juice to ensure that she becomes his Perfect Girlfriend.
ag big chem fa fast gts lg ment
15th, Aug 23
Emily has always been the quiet one, the person in the background who never quite fit in. Diagnosed with scoliosis as a child, she's spent most of her life in and out of hospitals, watching as her peers enjoyed their youth from afar. All of that is supposed to change when she finally gets her surgery. But when a mix-up leaves her with breast implants instead, Emily's life changes in completely different ways.
big fast hg ment science
16th, Aug 23
A young woman goes for a late walk, only to quickly regret it when she encounters a peculiar plant. NOTE: the pregnancy element is not very significant and only shows up at the end. I only tagged it as pregnancy so it would be excluded if you exclude the pregnancy tag when searching.
ag bond cb chem fast huge lac lg nc preg
19th, Aug 23
A trio of hyperpregnant sorority girls summon a bubbly and enormous otherworldly being in order to gain an edge in a local fertility contest.
ag big fast huge magic preg weird
19th, Aug 23
In a post-isekai fantasy world, a hyperpregnant half-elven royal goes through her day with surprise twists and turn in store for her and her enormous siblings.
ag big huge lac magic offstage preg slow
25th, Aug 23
A lot of guys have slept with the girl next door. Even more have slept with a cheerleader. Not many have sampled both and remained in a happy relationship, but you have. In fact, while there are fantasies abound of sleeping with celebrities, you've done that too. You've done it all since you started dating Michelle, and you haven't cheated on her once. You have as many stories as there are nights in a year. This is one of them. --NOTE: Part 1 is under my old author name "Mr. Gorpthorp"--
big cb fast hg lg magic ment mg nc
28th, Aug 23
A lot of guys have slept with the girl next door. Even more have slept with a cheerleader. Not many have sampled both and remained in a happy relationship, but you have. In fact, while there are fantasies abound of sleeping with celebrities, you've done that too. You've done it all since you started dating Michelle, and you haven't cheated on her once. You have as many stories as there are nights in a year. This is one of them.
ag big cb chem fast lac nc science weird
28th, Aug 23
Kelly discovers her breasts attempting to grow, and whenever she prevents the growth, the rest of her body does instead. She decides to record her transformation and enjoy the process.
big cb fast hg magic
28th, Aug 23
Kelly finds her friend Morgan, and they discover that whatever happened to Kelly is contagious. Morgan doesn't get it at first, but soon catches on and enjoys the improvements just as much as Kelly did.
big cb fast hg lg magic
28th, Aug 23
Samantha is cornered by her friends Morgan and Kelly who impose their newfound contagion upon her. She has no interest in becoming a "hot girl" and resolves to resist whatever is causing this. Will she succeed?
big cb fast hg lg magic nc
28th, Aug 23
A modest, rather unremarkable princess finds a long-forgotten tiara in preparation to celebrate her betrothal, not knowing the curse bestowed upon it.
big cb fast hg lg magic ment nc
28th, Aug 23
A bored tourist and an equally bored girl named Isobel accidentally find a necklace hidden away that is cursed to transform the wearer. Isobel must resist the curse or risk becoming a dragon herself- but the curse first targets a part of her body that she does happen to wish was bigger...
big cb fast gts hg lg magic ment mg nc weird
1st, Sep 23
Alex and Mia meet a mysterious shopkeeper at a local market. She gives them a pair of rings of growth, which allow the wearer to alter the body of the other. Contains breast & ass expansion, hourglass expansion, attribute theft. Find me on DeviantArt if you enjoy my work!
ag cb fast huge magic
2nd, Sep 23
After initially regretting her breast implants, Emily has now come to realize that having them isn't the worst thing in the world. But as her feelings soon evolve beyond mere acceptance, she's starting to see them as a part of her, an integral part that's brought her the attention she never knew she wanted. She's starting to think... it might not be enough. PS: I have put a message to OverflowingBra readers in the beginning of the PDF. Please read, as this is a disclaimer and a reply to comments on part one.
big instant ment sc science slow
2nd, Sep 23
A story long in the making, Fitzbattleaxe's Judy Wall of "New Beginnings" meets artist Berggie's April for an expansion-filled tale. Included is art by Mariano Navarro and Hernan Cabrera.
ag cb fast gts instant magic sc wow
8th, Sep 23
Alex & Mia experiment with their new rings. Contains breast expansion (mostly milk induced) & giantess growth. If you have any suggestions or requests for future chapters please feel free to leave a comment! If you like my work, find me on DeviantArt & Swelltales as OphirExpansion.
big cb fast gts huge lac magic mpg
11th, Sep 23
This is a story heavily influenced by Recolonization by Nok Nok (Highly recommend). This is the first chapter of this BE Sci-fi Epic! Its about a normal guy who hates his life. That is, until he gets abducted by an alien ship and his life forever changes. This is a lore chapter to set up the story, so there's no direct BE, but it is foreshadowed. I have big plans for this project. Future chapters will contain BE, pregnancy, lactation, and more! This my first time writing so any feedback is greatly appreciated!
ag aliens big huge hyp preg science slow
16th, Sep 23
The saga continues! This time, Jason and Venus have a little fun, someone new joins the mix, and things are about to get crazy! Been on a roll writing lately and happy with how this one turned out. Thank you guys so much for the support on the first chapter, it keeps me going! Make sure to go support me over on DA @OppaiDragonWrites if you want more. Enjoy!
aliens big hyp ment preg sc science slow
18th, Sep 23
Here we go again! In this chapter of this BE Sci-fi epic, Jason and Celina get to know each other better, Venus starts to self-indulge, and there's finally breast expansion! And don't worry, there's much, much more to come. Again, I cannot thank you guys enough for the support. It means the world to me as a new writer. As always, checkout my deviant art @OppaiDragonWrites if you want to reach out or support me. Otherwise, enjoy!
aliens big cb hyp instant ment preg sc science slow
19th, Sep 23
Mia meets an old woman who gives her a mysterious wooden box inside she, and her roommate and best friend Sophie, find a magical red stone that grants wishes that let them change the others body in any sexually fantastic way they can think off. A lot of trust is asked of them though since the only one who can undo a wish is the one who made it.
huge instant magic multiple weird
25th, Sep 23
The story continues! In this chapter, Jason brings Celina to the ship, we find out how big Venus grows from drinking the 5-gallon shake, and much more! Things are starting to ramp up as there is some serious growth in this chapter which I hope you guys enjoy. As always, make sure to rate my story with your feedback if you want more. And if you want to support me, follow me over at deviant art @OppaiDragonWrites.
aliens big fast huge hyp instant ment preg sc science slow asleep
27th, Sep 23
Alex & Mia head to a cabin for the weekend to relax & test the limits of the rings and their bodies. Contains attribute theft, breast expansion, cock & ball expansion. Suggestions for Chapter 4 are more than welcome! If you like my work, find me on DeviantArt & Swelltales as Ophirexpansion.
fast huge instant magic mpg sc wow