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The Overflowing Bra

For the year 2016
3rd, Jan 16
Spiritual Successor to The ID Card. Bree's new campus ID card changes her into whatever is said about her. When the changes take her to a rowdy frat party, what will she leave like...?
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6th, Jan 16
Bree's new college ID card comes with a devilish twist that changes her into whatever people say about her. Part 1 of many. Spiritual successor to The ID Card, and re-uploaded in a better file format.
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19th, Jan 16
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21st, Jan 16
In a world where a bovine-fueled illness has become commonplace, what happens when one cow aficionado becomes a little too invested in the flu?
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22nd, Jan 16
Nora gets a job nannying for infant twins. Alas, the twins' mother, Philippa, has much bigger plans for Nora. Bigger and milkier...
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27th, Jan 16
Jack has a unique problem that she's not sure how to handle. Every day, she's getting sexier and sexier, and nobody seems to notice the difference. This wouldn't be a problem for most women. The big issue for Jack is she used to be a man.
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30th, Jan 16
Alex and Sarah are having a fun solo summer before going back to college in the fall. They discover an abandoned shop one day and take a number of supposedly magic items with them. Unfortunately for them -all of the items don't quite work the same after their "sell by" date.
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7th, Feb 16
2nd in a series of fantasies or dreams I have had. Please comment with feedback. I am sharing these stories to grow as a writer. Any and all feedback is appreciated. I hope you all enjoy.
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9th, Feb 16
Butt expansion focused. .txt, .html, and .odt format. Enjoy.
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13th, Feb 16
An overzealous diet advocate's chance encounter with a witch sees her undergo a sexy, sticky, incredibly sweet transformation that gives her a whole new perspective on life.
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15th, Feb 16
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21st, Feb 16
Jenna gets an exercise ball to help improve her figure, but the “improvements” it brings are much bigger than she’s expecting...
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25th, Feb 16
Isabelle wanted to explore her lactation fetish in a nice and simple way, but things don't always go how you expect. A fairly short and vanilla story, so don't expect too much extreme.
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27th, Feb 16
Lily goes to the mall expecting to buy some new clothes, but leaves getting moooore than she expected.
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2nd, Mar 16
A mysterious entity targets Emily, transforming her into something that she doesn't understand. Word to the wise? This one might get a bit weird.
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5th, Mar 16
Bree's ID Card continues to change her as her life--and body--quickly spiral out of her control. Contains part 1.
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17th, Mar 16
Maggie continues to navigate a Puzzling World of strange, erotic transformations with her friends, both old and new. She continues her new hobby of sowing her wild oats and attends a party where a friend of hers performs transformation magic. (Note: there is little BE in this chapter. Some characters have previously enlarged breasts, though.)
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21st, Mar 16
The sequel to my previous story "Cowgirl Flu". After Erica caused the flu to evolve into a new, more potent strain, what are the aftereffects for the apartment she lives in? Also contains the original "Cowgirl Flu" with more viewing options, as requested in some initial reviews.
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24th, Mar 16
William Quincy, the would-be heir to the cosmetics empire "Touch of the Succubus," wishes to run the family company one day. There's just one problem - His mother would never turn over the company to a man! William searches high and low for a mysterious store that might be able to help him make a change. Will he find what he's looking at the mysterious shop, or do the fates have bigger plans for him?
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25th, Mar 16
A farmboy discovers that some of the women in the big city are very, very different - and their outsized breasts and coloured hair are just the start! How will he navigate life and love with a woman whose uncontrollable urges deny her a normal life?
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29th, Mar 16
After his relationship with girlfriend Sara reaches a new level, Chad finds himself in a sex shop where he buys a teal strap-on for her. Sara loves it and what was supposed to just be some fooling around becomes a life changing experience for them both.
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2nd, Apr 16
Part 3: Maggie struggles with her transformation, while her friends try to help her. Their efforts cause some trouble that will surely come back to haunt them all. (Includes parts 1-3 in .pdf and .html files) (Trigger warning: attempted rape)
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2nd, Apr 16
A brief story about some late night romps with a magical charm. I wrote this as a quickie one night in my spare time. Let me know if quick one-offs like this are alright with you guys.
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4th, Apr 16
After an anxiety attack lands her in the hospital, Carol Crews finds relief while working out during recovery. She continues to go to the gym after the fact, anxiety fading as she grew stronger. But when working out stops showing results, Carol begins to feel her anxiety clawing back. When an opportunity to outgrow her plateau presents itself, she finds herself making a decision to pursue mental stability...
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5th, Apr 16
Lia tries to relax during her summer vacation, but her ex-boyfriend, a baby, and her growing milk-filled breasts prevent that from happening.
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6th, Apr 16
Riya and Olivia get back together with their sorority sisters. Then sex happens. Allison and Veronica make their escape. Then guns happen. Everyone else prepares for battle. Then sex happens.
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7th, Apr 16
Carmen invites some more friends over for another round! It goes about as well as you'd expect.
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15th, Oct 16
This rare gem features characters from the FBGB series, and includes long-lost illustrations that accompanied the original. The Mammaliens have landed - and they are the bustiest conquerors the world has ever seen! Who will save us from being willfully enslaved by these tit-goddesses from another planet? Why, the government, of course - as in Government Tit! (check out the file named Treasure Trove.txt for other hard-to-find stories!)
bg aliens big bond huge instant nc offstage science slow weird wow
15th, Oct 16
The two fairies most responsible for growing up happen to run into each other - literally! Hijinks ensue. Shame that I3reacl deleted his DeviantART account; he was an INCREDIBLE writer!I finally found this on one of my hard drives. Touched up the grammar some, but otherwise it_s all him. Personally, I consider this one to be his masterpiece.
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18th, Oct 16
Part 4: Fifteen Minutes of Fame. The world has not failed to to notice the growing girls, and they try to exploit their newfound fame to keep Dr Bassir in check. But will that stop him from inducing much, much more growth to further his research, or will they grow to epic proportions? You get one guess. The download includes parts 1, 2 and 3, and a summary of the previous parts is included at the start of part 4.
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19th, Oct 16
Matt discovers something interesting about the special baby sitter.
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19th, Oct 16
A fitness trainer and overall exercise enthusiast, Cameron has always been a little jealous of the effortlessly thin figure of her roommate, and has been waiting for the day that Olivia, and her metabolism, will catch up with her. When the chance to give it a jump-start presents itself in a new protein shake mix, Cam decides she is willing to do anything to see her plan through, even if it means she needs to put on some mass herself.
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20th, Oct 16
Dreams bring out your innermost desires. Lucid dreams take it one step further...
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22nd, Oct 16
Robert makes the waitresses and dancers in a nude bar bigger. The two known groups watching him are shocked at the power he displayed.
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23rd, Oct 16
Dreams bring out your innermost desires. Lucid dreams take it one step further... By request - Now in multiple file formats! Enjoy!
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23rd, Oct 16
Elsie turns down a summer job on a berry farm, but she soon finds she might be getting the job whether she wants it or not.
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31st, Oct 16
Previously uploaded to, here is the much anticipated Part 4 of The Swap saga by jmsnowy10. Feedback and ideas are much appreciated
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8th, Nov 16
Dean saves a crazy person that walks out into traffic. His reward, a doll for his girlfriend, seems strange at first, but he eventually figures out how it works.
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15th, Nov 16
Part 5: Outgrown. Can the girls escape from Dr Bassir before they grow truly enormous? Can they avoid being harmed by what he is trying to do? And can their lives ever return to normal? Find out in this final part of Outgrowing the Arcology! The download includes all parts.
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20th, Nov 16
Mark agreed to magically lend his roommate some masculinity for a track meet. But while his roommate gets beefier, Mark finds himself getting more and more feminine.
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27th, Nov 16
Still at the frat house, Bree finds her changes increasing in number and absurdity. When she finally makes it out, what state will she be in? Contains parts 1 and 2.
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29th, Nov 16
Katie overhears a bully calling her a slut and makes the decision to erase all record of her sexual activity with her newfound powers.
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11th, Dec 16
Mia falls ill with a wasting disease, but fortunately for her the disease gives her the ability to get back what she has lost.
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14th, Dec 16
When Emma tries a new drug to help her crippled milk glands recover, her body reacts strongly.
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14th, Dec 16
Jen buys herself a collar to kink up her sex life with Travis, though there's more to her new toy than she realizes.
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19th, Dec 16
There are big boobs, huge boobs, enormous boobs... and then there is Jessica. Erik is quite surprised when a new student joins his university class, and he cannot help but be attracted to her rather unusual assets. Can he work up the courage to say hi to her?
huge offstage science slow
21st, Dec 16
When Persephone happens upon a recipe that could make her bust every inch as massive as the buxom woman who comes to her library, she can't resist finding out if it really works, no matter how uncomfortable the side-effects might be.
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23rd, Dec 16
A couple with marital issues stumbles upon a mysterious antique store where they find a board game that changes their lives.
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28th, Dec 16
This includes both Spectras Mind and All in the Tea Leaves. Due to issues trying to fix the mis-upload, this seemed the easiest route.
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