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The Overflowing Bra

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5th Aug 03
please forgive me for this technical mistake this story is fixed version Note: when you guys read this story try to put your self in the same setution this guy in
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30th Jul 03
what happens when suzy meet her disteny , the story is full of wild thing just read and you shall see what i mean
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25th Apr 14
It's a world where any body modification is normal. IF you want BE, you've got it. Looks, intelligence, they're for sale. Question is, would everybody want it? WARNING - while this does contain BE, and some PE, etc., it does try to tell a story. It's pretty long, so now you know.
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25th Apr 14
What would you do if you woke up enhanced, and so did she? How did you get this way? What's the real reason this happened? Another long one, actual story. Warning - a gruesome scene towards the end, but it can be skipped.
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25th Apr 14
The Master PC program can change anything about you, for better or worse. Naturally someone's going to try to hack it...another long story, so you know.
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25th Apr 14
How real is real? Is she a really who she seems to be? If it's that good, does it matter? A little divergent from the other BE stories, but it's in there. Warning - long story, but no shaggy dogs
big science slow
20th Apr 15
Since I've had some hints about putting more expansion in stories, here's one that's all expansion. There's a minor amount of 'world building' that can safely be ignored. Sadly, there's not any 'real' sex in it (mainly kissing and groping), though I could tack something on the end, if people really want it. But then it wouldn't be expansion. Just an experiment in getting a woman's point of view, and a different way of doing it. Have fun
big fast magic
28th Sep 15
Everyone enjoys a BE story, but what about the nipples? Trying to come up with something I haven't seen before. There's BE here, but it's more...concentrated. Have fun As always, spell-check and Grammar in Word, punch-up in Edit Minion.
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11th Apr 11
Flung into the world of the Asstrix, Rachel clings to her trainer and learns how to manipulate her self image. To be Cuntinued. More to Cum.
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14th Apr 11
A mysterious man infiltrates Katy's dorm room to try to get her to fall in love with him. Transformation of Katy and her roommate ensues.
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25th Apr 11
Areole Baker, an American student on a French exchange trip, gets separated, explores Paris on her own, and stops at a local pastry shop. They do things weird in France, Areole learns fast. Feedback appreciated.
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30th Apr 11
This is a draft caught somewhere in between a completely new version and what you already read. If have or haven't read the original I would recommend reading this version. It's much more developed. I tried to keep the criticism I got in mind. Aureole Baker, on a student exchange trip in Paris, discovers a strange pastry shop that will change her life.
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19th Jun 11
The plot of this Parisian thriller gets thicker than a bowl of chocolate pudding as we learn more about the importance of Laurentine and Jacque to the events of the original Creme Puff. More chocolate messiness to follow. Feel free to dribble some of your own chocolate feedback in my special rating sauce. Included is a copy of Creme Puff in case you hadn't already read it.
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28th Jun 11
The next chapter in the Creme Puff saga. Great place to jump in if you're just joining! The secretary of the Extreme Mess Team has difficulty explaining the nature of an envelope to the man with the muscles and his slow sidekick. Sex ensues. But the sidekick gets left out. So he consults the secret documents of the Extreme Mess Team. There he finds a chronicle of not only what has happened but also what has yet to occur. As always there is more to come.
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4th Jul 11
For those of you who have been sticking with the series, (I’m talking to some of you out there who are sticking to my writing tighter than tempura to a frying pan), I’ve got a real sizable addition. Unlike the last two chapters, there’s actually a multitude of transformations in this one. And the humor and unique characters haven’t gone anywhere either. If, by chance, I am also addressing someone who is ducking my writings, I encourage you to take a peeking starting at page eleven. This part is low in cumulative plot-esterol but high in spontaneous sex and transformat-otonin. Then if you like what you see you can go back to page one or even the series’ beginning, “Creme Puff”. Whatever y’all are reading out there, keep it sleazy.
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6th Jul 11
A British schoolgirl, a bubbly shorty, an Eastern European spy, an out of work actress, and a motorcycle chick undergo a variety of transformations in a locker room. (This post is a result of the recent chain of reposts. Above is my previous story, now with 99% less food references and eye bleeding fonts. I have also done my best to smooth out and/or streamline the text. With my next story, I am interested in pursuing one of these character's plot lines further. PM me if you have a preference or you can leave them in the rating box. Also please inform me if this still is awkward for you. I am willing to put it through the ringer, at least, one more time)
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2nd Aug 11
The misadventures of Alice Martini and her purple latex spy suit, the first chapter of a BE spy novel.
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29th Jul 09
This is my first BE story. Please let me know what you think about my writing style and if I should keep going beyond the intro!
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30th Jun 18
My Hero Acadamia Expansion Sequence I did for a contest that won, the pic I got as a prize is included at the end. Mei Htasume is a genius inventor that makes gadgets to help heroes do their job, but something goes wrong and one of her gadgets has some very very good results.
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1st Mar 20
Boku No Hero Fanfiction. Izuku Midoriya is born with a quirk that allows him to bring out the best in people. And it just so happens that Nejire has a lot of breast to bring out.
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24th Aug 15
A short story I wrote for a friend and my first BE story. Lupe struggled with freedom as her parents controlled her every move growing up. In college, she finally experiences freedom until she discovers her "master" who has the ability to maker her do whatever he wants. Given the option to stay or leave before their first sexual escapade, she chooses to stay.
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18th Dec 06
An Exploration of the Complexities of Modern Feminism--With Growing Tits!
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7th Jun 09
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19th Dec 14
A very quick, very short BE story. Honestly just trying my hand at writing what I like, and possibly setting up for more chapters.
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19th Dec 14
A somewhat longer story, with the same ridiculous expansion. Enjoy!
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