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The Overflowing Bra

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20th Dec 99
A woman's electronic implants go haywire on New Year's Eve.
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30th Jul 03
what happens when suzy meet her disteny , the story is full of wild thing just read and you shall see what i mean
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15th Mar 98
Walking into a magic balloon, a girl inflates and perhaps even pops?
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10th Jan 00
10th Jan 00
20th Jun 22
Connor meets the girl of his dreams, but she's already spoken for. Follow their journey as their relationship grows over the years--and so does she!
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3rd May 08
This is my first attempt at a BE story that dosen't envolve vampires of violance. Set in a school in britan, thus it being "Year eleven: first term." Instead of "Eleventh Grade, first simester." Or what ever you americans do. This is basicly a simple short story which if enough people enjoy it I might turn it into a series of storys. Please leave me some feed back. Thanks =>
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4th May 08
Hi, some people said I should have let the charecters in my YearEleven story be explained, and seeing as Ben is the only charecter who will be in each and every story I decided to write a story that takes place a year BEFORE the Year eleven storys, thus explaining Ben's charecter and why he makes girls breasts grow. I think this is longer then the last one but I am not sure. I also edited the background and the font so that it is easy to read. Once again please leave some feedback or I'll never imrpove.
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15th May 21
Chris is a nice guy, but what happens when he ends up with a magical collar able to make him control and change any person wearing it, mind and body? Decisions, decisions!
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8th Aug 18
A man, unsatisfied with his body, comes to a woman named the sorceress in the hopes of getting the body he desires. She gives him all he ever wanted, and so much more.
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10th Jan 00
Non-breast-fan Chuck is visited by a vengeful holiday spirit to get him to atone for forcing the women in his life to shrink their breasts.
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19th Nov 02
Subbie find herself growing yet another cup size.
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18th Feb 04
Its about 3 months late but I finished it. A weird and wretched variation on a beloved Dickens tale. It doesn't have much BE, but it does have lots and lots of really bad jokes. On a side note: Vanessa Williams as the Ebony Scrooge was my favorite, with her massive boobs peeking over her little red dress. Thanks for reading!
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28th Apr 10
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9th May 10
A dominated woman experiences BE and gives her husband what he always wanted. Short story that is all about the sex. Please comment!
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24th Nov 10
A hard-luck guy goes to a bar to try to get a handle on his problems. Instead, they seem to get a handle on him.
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15th Apr 05
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7th Aug 23
Elsie insulting a full-figured girl on social media brings consequences that neither she nor her boyfriend may be ready to deal with.
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14th May 20
A valiant knight goes to fight a dragon to rescue a princess...' assets. Maybe you shouldn't read this one to your kid.
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2nd Nov 09
Due to the actions of an unscrupulous corporation, an innocent woman is chosen to be a test subject for a device that turns females into the perfect sex partners.
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11th Dec 08
Mirca the naive, timid blond serf who’s fallen from her master’s grace isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but she’s the only tool that Yrba, the gypsy witch next door, can get hold of. Except that her door is a cell door as well. And time is running out, because the first thing in the morning waiting for both is the noose. Well, if life hands you lemons, make lemonade. And if life hands you a booby, then what choice do you have ...?
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15th Nov 09
The shire of Ebron is supposed to be just another stop along the road for Yrba the Darkskin witch and Mirca, her Amazonian lover/aide/pupil. Much to their surprise, the curvy blonde with the dominating physique ends up on the deserted throne of the goddess-queen, and it’s not just her ego that slowly inflates under the constant adoration and feeding at the hands of her newly gained dozens of servants. Can Yrba even hope to compete for Mirca’s affection? (Pt. 10 of 12, previous parts included)
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12th Dec 09
Mirca the blond amazon quickly learns that being queen means it’s harder to have fun and careless fornicating, but she’s not one to give up easily, especially if the prize is a tasty girl. Seducing her priest later teaches both that they haven’t seen half of what her body is capable of. When Yrba the witch visits her former pupil weeks later, the cracks in their relationship soon start to grow wider, too — and when one of Mirca’s servants gets too frisky with the giantess’ volatile breasts, Yrba all of a sudden has blood on her hands ... (Pt. 11 of 12, previous parts included)
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24th Dec 09
Yrba the Darkskin witch returns to Ebron shire to check on Mirca, her former pupil turned queen and goddess, only to find the palace deserted — save for a couple of starved and desperate maidservants willing to try anything for food. And things take a turn for the worse when the witch stumbles on a fiendish, milk-driven plot for dominance and finds her former lover in a much too tight place ... (Pt. 12 of 12, previous parts included)
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21st Mar 09
World of Altaerna, the year 1200. Yrba (a witch) and Mirca (a serf girl, freshly high on the witch’s growth potion) hide in Red’s (a bawd) brothel after their jailbreak of part 1 (included in the zip for your convenience).
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9th Apr 09
Mirca, quite possibly the shyest of blond 6'6 Amazon lookalikes, is about to receive a lesson about the joys of personal hygiene. And her mistresses, the five harlots of Madame Red’s bathing house, are about to get an unexpected up-close look (and taste) of their new pupil’s mammaries’ quirks. Later, Yrba decides to do some hands-on research with her muscle-bound plaything, ends up out cold again and finally gets into a breast-off with Red’s new poster strumpet Charlene. But how can a magic-immune witch even hope to compete...? ZIP file contains the previous parts, too. Comments welcome, as always.
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25th Apr 09
Our medieval fantasy story takes a little time-out from Madame Red’s brothel as diminutive eastern harlot Li takes the embodiment of her busty-and-brawny fetish, bumbling 6’6 giantess Mirca, for a walk in the woods. Their herbs-picking stroll to a derelict temple quickly turns into a very special reenactment of Way Of The Fist that wakes an ancient creature. Later, Charlene and Sylvia find out the hard way that "how much can you take?" is a game best played in open spaces when your plaything is a giantess prone to spontaneous expansion. Unfortunately, they decided to play it in Sylvia’s room... Download contains parts 1-3, too. And maybe some typos, this time. And my usual begging for comments. Sorry!
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19th Jul 09
Yrba the witch has set up camp in the forest while she tries to teach her Amazonian protege Mirca how to keep the potion-fuelled fits of sudden breast expansion under control. Red the bawd coaxes her reluctant gypsy friend into a little body modeling that might not go unnoticed. The first snow drives the camping couple back to Red’s brothel. And then a simple contraband run goes wrong, dead wrong... -- HTML, 18,800 words, 105 kChars. Zip contains previous parts. Well, y’all know my standard plea by now: Please comment ;)
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13th Aug 09
This part’s a little shorter at 10,000 words, and of course the previous parts are included for your convenience (separate HTML pages with a handy nav index). If you like sword and sorcery, give it a try. Oh yes, and my usual whine: Please comment. Part 6 - The Road: Yrba the witch and Mirca, her amazonian sidekick, take to the road after Berry's bequest to the surviving girls of Red's cathouse solves their most pressing worries. After their requisite farewell orgy, Mirca tries on one of Berry’s chain mail clothes, only to find that there’s more to it than meets the eye. The traveling couple runs into a gang of thugs with bad news from Red, soon forgets about it (involuntarily), and it seems that six feet six isn't Mirca’s final size yet...
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17th Sep 09
(Previous parts included. Usual whine, too: Comment. Please...) - Part 7 - Among Wolves: Yrba the witch and Mirca the lumberjack girl travel the country roads of the northlands as winter looms, and a well-meaning plan almost leads to swelling disaster. And as the couple sets up camp for the worst of winter, something else happens that some readers have long been waiting for ;)
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4th Oct 09
(Previous parts included.) The winter and its weird dreams are over, and as spring returns and the roads open up again, Mirca the lumberjack girl and Yrba the gypsy witch prepare to continue with their travels, but not until the witch makes good on her promise to Alric the bard, their winter boy toy. Yrba sets out to brew a new batch of her special potion, and Mirca, her clumsy, oversized Amazonian pupil, turns out to be just the right girl in the right place at the right time for a witch stuck with a tincture-teeming, bloated belly. (How’s that for a change?)
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22nd Oct 09
Mirca the amazonian lumberjack girl becomes a reluctant farm boy’s teacher before the travelers’ quest finally ends at Ramec the wizard’s tower. The cold and the rain take their toll on Yrba the witch and send her into a bizarre milk-drenched nightmare. Come next morning, Yrba’s former mentor reluctantly reveals some answers for Mirca’s condition, but at what price? Things get out of hand as hidden agendas come into play. Yrba finds herself strapped to a laboratory table and Mirca ends up a brainless slave. Who will make it, and who won’t, in this dark final part of the second book? (Previous parts included)
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3rd Feb 07
This is the full first volume of the Yuki and Naru stories It contains Yuki's first encounter with breast expansion and Naru's sudden addiction to it
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29th Mar 21
Your wife brings home a revelatory and enchanting work of art that is hypnotic in its beauty. This is a TG heavy story written in 2nd person perspective as a forewarning if that isn't your thing.
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28th Dec 16
This includes both Spectras Mind and All in the Tea Leaves. Due to issues trying to fix the mis-upload, this seemed the easiest route.
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13th Nov 20
Shae is stuck in lockdown with her best friend Carly's boyfriend Nick. What's worse than Nick is that he's ranting and raving about some weird necklace he picked up at a store that lets him absorbed people's energy and change them. She can't wait for this lockdown to end.
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23rd Dec 16
A couple with marital issues stumbles upon a mysterious antique store where they find a board game that changes their lives.
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11th Apr 19
A husband with writer's block comes across a mirror that helps him and his business savvy wife reveal who they were always meant to be.
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