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31st Aug 07
The introductory story of Amadre, an elven sorceress, who accidentally becomes cursed with gem that makes her more buxom and horny every time she casts a spell.
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2nd Sep 07
Part two of the continuing story of Amadre and Talvia. When Amadre makes her feelings known to Talvia, it's not only their lust for each that grows. Includes a cameo by the main villainess and the introduction of a new character, Tsutanai, a rather unlucky priest.
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19th Jun 08
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9th Sep 09
A quick story I did this morning. His girlfriend having just dumped him, Alex is surprised when his best friend, Carry, shows up. When they both lament about not finding finding the perfect girlfriend, Carry does something to fix the situation. More to come most likely.
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19th Apr 09
Samantha gets her boyfriend a special set of birthday presents which slowly turn Nicholas into a buxom, submissive Nikki.
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29th Apr 09
When two friends make wishes on a camping trip, the river spirit grants them as best it can... however, being popular can mean many different things.
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14th Oct 09
A twisted tale by Fahzbehn. Amy, Bonnie and Charisse all have a reputation for not putting-out and all three have taken advantage of William Kalebra. When he creates a bimbo ray-gun, the three prudes find themselves being hunted by the big bad wolf. This is part one (Amy). Pt 2 to come later.
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7th Nov 10
A quick story I wrote trying to get the story in under 1000 words. When Janey sets out for her first night of prostitution, her john changes not just her outlook but her life. My second attempt to upload this.
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8th Sep 11
My first free post in a while. A very short story about another magical costume. Jennifer is told that the costume allows a person to have their fondest desires to become reality, but whose?
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23rd Aug 12
A quick story about a woman who is changed from a smart but plain college student into a lactating, submissive pet. My first free work in a long time and, given the ending, possibly the first of more quickies.
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10th Jan 13
A short, first person account, strictly dialogue, of a woman being transformed into a milky cow-girl. This was written as a script for and used by someone on Reddit.
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18th Oct 17
A commission I did for Fillerbunee where his wife and her best friend both take Bimball and end up giving him the best birthday ever.
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13th Jun 18
Part one of Nanites, a story I did on commission. When Dr. Van Camp turns her knowledge of nanotechnology toward more cosmetic goals, her lab assistant, Diana volunteers to be the first human test subject. Told that the growth would occur over twenty-four hours with few if any side effects, Diana heads out only to find her body (and mind) changing far more rapidly than expected... and enjoying every minute of it.
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8th Aug 18
A man, unsatisfied with his body, comes to a woman named the sorceress in the hopes of getting the body he desires. She gives him all he ever wanted, and so much more.
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22nd Feb 12
Maybe a life without fun would have been better instead of the choice she made? Then again, maybe not...
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26th Jun 11
This is the kind of flu everyone would like to catch...
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30th Sep 11
And what if you were able to invent an "immortality" serum?
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1st Oct 11
And what if you were able to invent an "immortality" serum? NOTE: This is a second upload. Word 2010 document, but file saved in the 97-2003 format. Used 7-zip application to zip it in regular .zip format. Hope everyone can download the story now.
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23rd Jun 99
Jelly beans make breasts grow -- or do they?
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19th Nov 01
Crystalynne casts a spell that changes her looks to what men want. Obviously a fantasy story.
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29th Oct 98
Mischievous fairy gets her comeuppance at a mystic inn.
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12th Jul 98
All-female space mission grows hugely fat in this vignette.
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18th Jun 17
My first story, although it is quite long at 90,000 words. This tale follows Jane and Katie and their journey through their blossoming relationship and their vastly changing bodies. Contains lesbian love, bondage, domination and submission, lots of lactation, and of course massive, growing, breasts. Any and all feedback is appreciated and I would direct you to my deviantart page to do so. Thank you, and enjoy!
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17th Jul 07
first part of a story, this will be my last attempt at trying to break into professional writing of BE based
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5th Feb 08
After having a LONG break I thought i'd give this project a shot and see what people think, any thoughts, views,oppinions,etc mail me:
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15th Aug 06
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4th Aug 05
My first upload and story to the site, A story with love, sadness, death, revenge and a pair of happy endings (no pun intended) if you want part two mail me, see my e-mail address inside the story, if any spelling errors come up please let me know!
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14th Dec 13
This story is an unofficial and unauthorized sequel to the Steve Palmer classic "New Beginnings." It's also my first attempt at writing BE fiction. Enjoy! Feedback is welcome and encouraged.
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10th Jan 14
The continuing unofficial follow-up to the Steve Palmer classic "New Beginnings." This time from Judy's first person perspective. More growth and plenty of sensual breast action. Please, rate and comment. Feedback is appreciated.
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24th Mar 14
The continuing unofficial follow-up to the Steve Palmer classic "New Beginnings." Please, rate and comment. Feedback is appreciated.
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29th Apr 14
The continuing unofficial follow-up to the Steve Palmer classic "New Beginnings." We're still reading from Judy's first person perspective. There's huge and growing breasts, and this might be the steamiest chapter thus far. Please, rate and comment. Feedback is appreciated.
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25th Oct 18
The continuing unofficial follow-up to the Steve Palmer classic "New Beginnings." Please, rate and comment. Feedback is appreciated. This chapter is written from the perspective of Judy's Doctor, Philip Bloome who appeared in Palmer's original tale
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25th Oct 18
The continuing unofficial follow-up to the Steve Palmer classic "New Beginnings." Please, rate and comment. Feedback is appreciated. This chapter is once again written from Judy's perspective. I hope everyone enjoys this as it represents one of my favorite pieces of fiction I've ever written.
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17th May 04
A real life story about true love, big tits, and finding "the one".
8th Jun 04
A story of a girl under a curse, the man that loves, her and all the breast between them. Chapter One in a short series.
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6th Aug 04
A young girls journey of self discovery, as lusts after an older boy. Wait, no. Replace "self discovery" with "massive breast growth". There you go. Written in one very long night. Part Two to follow in the next couple of days.
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13th Aug 05
First part of an epic I'm in the middle of. What happens when magic reenters a world that has not known it? Things begin 'growing' out of control!
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13th Aug 05
A deal has been made, and a brave new world has been entered... but now our nubile med student must TEST her formula... can we say 'girls night'?
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21st Oct 07
Just a straight forward story about massive growth and enjoyment.
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23rd Oct 07
Another quick romp about the joys of growth, and the joys of young love.
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19th May 08
Part one of a new series. Melanie was once an ordinary girl. Now her life is a paradise of sex, lactation, and ever growing tits. A tale told to set the stage.
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22nd May 08
Continuing adventures of Melanie, this time we focus in on Tiger. Who gives up their life to serve a Goddess? This cool cat. Building up to much more growth in Part 3.
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22nd May 08
The Legend of Melanie grows, as does her flock. Could this be something more than just a chemical reaction? Could she really be a Goddess?
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3rd Jun 11
Dawn discovers that her mind is susceptible to hypnosis. VERY susceptible. And she likes it.
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4th Feb 13
A short chronicle of Karen, and her journey of growth.
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26th Mar 15
An accident leads a loving, but troubled, couple to bigger and definitely better things.
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29th Jan 07
Felecia has fantasies of having her tits blow up like balloons and a new shop in town might just have what she needs.
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29th Jan 07
Linda is board with her boyfriend and hers sex lives she seeks out a solution on the net and finds exactly what she needs.
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22nd May 08
So this is my first story ever, I know it isn't the best but email me if you have any suggestions or put it in the comment box. In the story a kid gets the girl he has always wanted, but in ways he did not expect...
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16th Feb 08
Joe's a little guy with big dreams. Suzy has always been shy about being the biggest girl in school. Will these two make it work? Is there a reason Suzy has such dramatic proportions? And are they getting even bigger? A slow growth story. leave comments here, at the minigiantess forum or at giantess city
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25th Jun 08
Continuing the story of Joe and his mysterious growing lover Suzy. Strange facts surrounding her are slowly revealed. Joe isn't sure what to make of it. Well, one part of him is sure anyway! Some CB action and an SRU cameo round off this second installment. A slow growth/miniGTS story. If you'd like to reach me, you can do it here: feedback is encouraged!
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10th Jul 10
Charlie's wife loves him. A lot. Frequently. He finds her irresistable. She gives him everything he wants, but Charlie wonders if this treatment is really healthy. This story gets straight to business. fans of Stewy and Hunter S Creek should enjoy. Shrinking Man and light fem-dom vibes.
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15th Feb 16
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12th Jan 13
A short story. Meant to be good reading material in addition to a good wank. This is my first erotic story, so let me know if the BE/sex/description ratio needs work.
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18th Jan 08
This story is about a bizarre health class and the consequences of it.
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1st Jul 11
This is an edited version of Dirty Mind's story. I fixed the grammar and most of the spelling mistake as well as adjusting the story a bit for better flow. The end of chapter one and all of chapter two are written by me. This is my first time writing anything so any criticism is welcome as I will be writing more.
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31st Jan 12
Christina Hendricks gets captured by a fat boar beast who transformers her into a mate. Warning contains weight gain, scat, hair growth, transformation (pigish) and other odd things.
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19th Jul 07
My first attempt at a BE-styled story. Please be kind. A young kitsune is having a blast, changing people here and there as she pleases. Until a man captures her and proceeds to do to her, what she had done to others.
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21st Dec 10
I'm still alive! Another story, this one fits in with my Last Defender stories, though having read those isn't necessary for this one. Let me know what you think, I can be found easier over on deviantART as GenkoKitsu
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18th Jan 11
A single moment in time, featuring two lesbians who experience an unexplained breast and butt expansion. These are written as a writing exercise and as such are not supposed to have much in the way of plot or character detail. Please rate and critique accordingly.
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18th Aug 11
Another Moment in Time, this time with a pair of long time friends who have an expanding time shopping for a dress...
ag big fast offstage
18th Aug 11
(Included a rich text version, please remove previous upload.) Another Moment in Time, this time with a pair of long time friends who have an expanding time shopping for a dress...
ag big fast offstage
29th Apr 09
Warning contains furrys and male breast expansion. A gypsy curse is a couple's delight?
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22nd Sep 99
Addictive chewing gum has bimboizing and transformative effects.
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19th Sep 98
Wishing to be in a bikini B-movie may not be the wisest choice...
bg big magic slow tg
24th Jan 00
An expedition to find the reverse-wish-granting gnomes goes awry.
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8th Dec 98
A teenage girl obsessed with breasts gets Aladdin's Lamp with fearsome results.
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19th Sep 98
Girls at a slumber party experiment with a wishing rock.
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13th Jun 99
A goth girl finds herself growing boobs for no explainable reasons, until her boyfriend figures out the devilish twist.
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17th Oct 04
Keiko likes a good mystery, but can she discover who is attempting to enslave her best friend Janey without becoming a slave herself?
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26th Feb 15
When her parents disappear, a properly-raised young woman has to travel back to their disreputable onabeast breeding farm in the distant north to support her siblings. There she finds out why it's disreputable, and learns all about breeding from both sides of the stall door. The author (FrigOfFury) gave "complete license for anyone else to do with it as they will", so I'm uploading it here because it has a lot of BE.
bond huge inc lac magic nc preg shem slow weird asleep
1st Mar 15
When her parents disappear, a properly-raised young woman has to travel back to their disreputable onabeast breeding farm in the distant north to support her siblings. --I contacted FrigOfFury with Dexter Sinister and amanDDa's feedback, and she graciously made a revision with some more BE material.
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14th Jun 15
A young woman nicknamed 'Night' travels across the ocean to take control of an inherited dairy farm. Unfortunately the bank has auctioned almost the entire herd to pay off outstanding loans and she'll have to take extreme measures to meet contractual obligations. Author's note: A reader of the original Onabreeder story posted on this site requested a follow-up in a similar vein using the reader's character and incorporating some more/different fetishes. It has even more (and more extreme) BE, so hopefully other readers will enjoy this story at least as much as Onabreeder.
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18th Sep 17
Transformation livestock breeder story.
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28th Apr 19
Candace has always lived in the shadow of her hotter, more outgoing twin sister and the comparison bothers her more than ever now that they're sharing a flat while attending Uni. When Candace discovers a genie in a bottle, her wish that her sister wasn't the biggest bimbo in the school doesn't come true in the way she expects. This is the first part of a new story that I (Frig) intend to expand and continue according to requests from patrons, but the whole story will eventually be posted when complete.
bg ag big fast hg magic nc
16th Jul 11
big instant magic shem
13th Mar 03
Part one of a two part story. Like many things part two is being written as we speak, so stay tuned.
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