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9th May 18
Travis' life is a mess. But what if he had a magic 8 ball able to answer his every question... in a very vivid way?
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10th Jan 00
Young Ginnie and Paul are stranded on a island. Ginnie develops into quite a healthy young woman!
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6th Aug 22
The stories are The Magic Bra, The Ultimate Brassiere, and The Biggest Breasts in the World. I downloaded these stories from the internet years ago, and I just realized that can no longer find them online. I feel I have a responsibility to gett these back into the community. Enjoy!
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2nd Jul 02
Agent Scarlet Black puts her sex-demon heritage to good use in a bust-bursting contest with a sultry spawn of Lilith. Will the Agency for Special Security unmask the secret behind the sinister cabal that turns women into nymphomaniac breeders? Only one way to find out. (by Downloading this story, duh!)
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3rd Apr 06
(Commissioned by special request by an interested fan.) Deep in the Amazon rainforest, only the smallest fraction of organisms have been studied. Here, there are strange species and biological secrets with powers as sinister as they are erotic. Lives will be transformed, breasts will blossom, and libidoes will explode! Will the fast-spreading invasion trigger an orgiastic end to human civilization? (Contact XXXecil with your own story wishes!)
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8th Jul 07
A blond hair fitness instructor out on a Sunday drive in the country,makes a mistake of her life stopping to fill up her gas tank.
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28th May 07
A female cyclist goes for a bike ride,that will take her on,a life changing, body changing adventure!
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16th Feb 00
A medical trial provides side benefits.
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17th Jan 17
The serum takes hold of Persephone's body, and her breasts begin to grow, along with her thirst for more.
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18th Feb 17
As much as she enjoys waking up with bigger boobs every day, it's getting harder and harder for Persephone to keep the rest of the library from noticing her swiftly-swelling breasts, and things only get more embarrassing when the lactation serum she's been gorging herself with starts to live up to it's name at the worst possible time.
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21st Dec 16
When Persephone happens upon a recipe that could make her bust every inch as massive as the buxom woman who comes to her library, she can't resist finding out if it really works, no matter how uncomfortable the side-effects might be.
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31st Mar 17
Persephone awakens to find that she finally has the spectacular bustline that she's been longing for, and needing to milk herself now doesn't seem like too much of a price to pay, but how much bigger will she get before her breasts become bigger than even she desires? And what is her returning housemate, Elena, going to think of her steadily-ballooning boobs?
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9th Jul 17
As Persephone's breasts become dangerously overfilled with milk and growing bigger every night, she and Elena race to find the one woman who may be able to help her, while in the meanwhile they struggle just to make sure her breasts don't explode before they can track her down.
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21st Oct 17
With Persephone's breasts growing more dangerously overfilled by the minute, she and Elena desperately try to find help before it's too late, racing against time and their own increasingly inescapable desire for each other.
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14th Mar 18
After a few months of getting used to navigating work, life and love with a pair of massive, milky breasts, Persephone has never been happier. When she decides to give Elena a little surprise for her birthday though, things for both girls soon become more than either of them is ready for.
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18th Aug 10
(Un)Wanted Desires is my first story I actually managed to complete to a state I found worth posting. I've more work (bits and pieces) laying around, but incomplete and not ready to be posted. I hope I may find the inspiration form feedback on this story (both positive and negative) that will stimulate me to try and complete them to post worthy material. (Un)Wanted Desires is about two lovers who are trying through the use of mystical rituals to summon "Lady Desire". But things don't completely go as planned.
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29th Mar 11
This is my first story about BE story so i was interested do it by my self ! it's maybe not the best but it's the first =)
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29th Mar 11
I have written this story because I like to try out only 252 words this story has, I hope you like my experiment of a really short story .......
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7th Jun 11
Haylie will find out that Sweets has some nice effect on her body
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1st Jan 13
Written on new years eve do to lack of sleep this story might contain quite a few grammar errors. The story's central theme is Penis expansion on a Male. However it features quite a lot of Breast expansion as well. Despite being noted as magical it's actually supernatural unexplained growth rather than related to magic. Also features chemical growth on Penis. The growth is over 8 pages but is continues so depending on where you stop it's >any< of the amount of growth tags. I hope this isn't too much of a waste of your time. In addition this is: Medium length male on Below average length female.
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1st Jan 13
[ HTML / TXT ] ( Only recommended if you can't open the orignal format )
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2nd Jan 13
[BE] [PE] | 5 Page story | Fairly Straightforward | Story includes Penis and Breast expansion as before. In equal amounts. Includes a fairly realistic problem and the simple means of overcoming that problem. | Again: includes a below average size female on around average size male | Please enjoy | HTML included but NOT advised | Please enjoy.
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29th Jul 15
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30th Aug 15
I'm uploading this anonymously for I3reacl. I recently did some digging in an internet archive and, through some page sources, I was able to get the original text to many of his stories. This one features multiple expansion scenes using multiple methods. Keep in mind that the source I got this from was a coded muddled mess, so if there are some odd symbols in places, I apologize for not catching those. Also, remember that I3reacl's first language wasn't English, so there may be some grammar/spelling errors within the story. Either way, enjoy!
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