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1st Apr 22
Gifted with the latest in VR gaming, could John be responsible for Janice and Lara's growing rivalry?
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12th Sep 12
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22nd Jun 02
A young brunette suddenly and mysteriously has a vacuum in her crotch. Everything she sucks up ends up you-know-where.
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5th Feb 99
A magic pin gives Kelly huge tits and Mike a huge cock.
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15th Feb 14
Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a collaboration between myself and 1cygnet over on DeviantArt. I cut this version down to only have BE and a bit of Belly, so I hope you all enjoy it!
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14th Feb 21
An old story of mine featuring a wife stealing the breast size of three mean women as a present for her husband to celebrate Valentine's Day. My native language isn't english, so apologies for the grammar and spelling errors present in the story
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5th Jun 17
Remember Valerie Song? The totally crazy, totally sexy futa with the endless erection and bottomless balls? She's back, in DOCX form. Contains Chapters 1 and 2 of Hot Yoga and chapters 1-7 of Drama Bomb.
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7th Jan 18
Finally, the epic conclusion to the futa-centric story about futa dickgirls! Valerie Song, the hyper-endowed futa gets into her messiest situation yet while her daughter Tasha finally lets it all hang out with Tony! Expect epic cum floods and dickgirls aplenty!
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7th Jun 17
Roxie the horny MILF finally gets Valerie all to herself. Unfortunately for Roxie "all" of Val turns out to be a lot more than she bargained for! Meanwhile Tasha and Tony play some "games" ;) upstairs. Feat. special guest star Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
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3rd Jun 17
You know how embarrassing it is when your hyper-hung sex-maniac mom drives you to the mall and insists on meeting your friends and then floods the mall with cum after an absolutely insane orgy at an underwear store? Tasha Magnum does. The bashful teen futa has enough problems keeping her six-foot schlong secret from all her friends at school without being totally humiliated in front of the cheerleading squad by her pervy mom, nearly drowning in her own cum and literally crushing her crush beneath her behemoth boner. Then things get worse. Featuring special guest appearances by George Takei and Frank Nelson.
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3rd Jun 17
The She-cocked Sensation, the talk of the nation, Valerie Song in the story that started it all! For the first time on Overflowing Bra. Hyper-hung futa Valerie Song enjoys some brunch before her yoga class and things get a little nuts. Okay, they get big nuts.
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26th Jan 24
A short story of some girl so big she fills a whole mountain valley, and is steadily outgrowing it still. Something to test the waters of expansion writing.
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7th Dec 18
A vampire drains several girls of their curves and then some. (Warning: Does involve death by dissolving to dust, marked "Weird Transformation" as a result.)
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13th Dec 12
On his way to Vegas to get some action a man finds himself becoming a big titted bimbo named Crystal.
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18th Feb 98
Toby, an electronics expert on the force, has a date ready for Valentine's Day. In reality, Tiffany has a jealous streak a kilometer wide where her bust is concerned. Can Tiffany be stopped before she punishes Toby with her ample talents?
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6th Jan 05
A young woman with a troubled love life, a primitive idol, and a fantastic dream.
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1st Jul 00
Mail order club sends pills that make girls bigger.
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7th Sep 00
The mail order pills get passed on to a second girl.
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29th Dec 06
Alexa and her roommate Becky don't get much sleep; a mysterious cabal is shadowy; and Michelle meets a man.
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28th Dec 06
Every superhero has an origin. Alexa's just happens to involve lots of orgasms and giant breasts.
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17th Jul 99
A phone sex operator finds her breasts growing to satisfy her caller's fantasy.
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4th May 02
A true story about a guy and his fertile co-worker.
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28th Apr 11
When Vicky unexpectedly inherits the ancestral home of her family, it seems like a bit of a let down at first. As she begins to find out more about her family history though, big things begin to happen, and changes which she had never imagined start to effect her.
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13th Oct 11
With the coming of a new day, Vicky begins to explore as her thirst to know more about Victoria grows. The power of the spring behind the house seems to be growing, and before long, Vicky herself is too.
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29th Feb 12
Drunk with desire, Vicky sets out make herself as big as she possibly can. With everything around her constantly filling her to even more luscious immensity however, she soon discovers that her problem doesn't lie in trying to get bigger, but in discovering a way to stop before she finds herself inflated beyond even her own insatiable capacity. Also, this story turned out to be a bit longer than I had expected. If anyone thinks it would have been better to break it up into chapters, please do let me know in the feedback; I always appreciate it when people take the time to leave a response.
ag cb fa fast hg huge lac magic rc sc slow wow
5th Aug 12
Growing larger by the minute, Vicky begins to worry that Victoria is going to keep on filling her up until she's utterly at her mercy. Worse yet, Vicky discovers that being enormous is so much fun that she may not be able to bring herself to stop until it's too late.
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2nd Aug 14
huge instant magic
14th Jul 11
Vicky is torn between her need to fulfill her term as Wills sex slave or to escape. But does she really want to? Lots of: Sex, Anal, Bondage, Domination, Toys No: Scat, Pain Its a FAPping story, plain and simple. Its my first one so please leave comments. If I get positive feedback I might write more.
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3rd Mar 98
A strange old VCR is able to transfer attributes of whoever's on the screen to a man and his lover.
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4th Feb 13
A short chronicle of Karen, and her journey of growth.
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24th Apr 06
This is my first real attempt at writing BE. This is the story of Mandy McKiver, your average girl until she comes to a myserious acupuncture shop.
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15th Mar 98
A Boobs in Blue comic story
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2nd Mar 98
A hacker in cyberspace is punished by having her virtual reality body morphed into curviness.
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25th May 98
A madman looses a virus which transforms all women into sexy, brainless bimbos.
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9th Apr 20
A short story about an english teacher failing a spelling bee, and learning to be very happy with her results. Includes huge boobs, bimbo, and intentional grammatical errors.
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17th Feb 98
To a bored college girl on summer vacation, a medical research experiment about lactation inducement seems like an easy way to get $5000 for a week's work. Oh, but those nasty unexpected complications!
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22nd Sep 02
After months of being tormented, Julia finds that she can get her revenge, with the help of a little Voodoo.
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1st Jul 07
An early adopter gets more than he bargains for when he buys an iPhone from an odd little store. First story here. Be nice.
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6th Sep 07
Tim and Tina take steps to counter Megan's control over the magic phone. Big steps.
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2nd Jul 07
In this episode, our hero Tim makes some changes to himself, and has a little adventure with his sister's friends.
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6th Jul 07
Our hero finds that maybe he overlooked some things as the growth gets a little out of control.
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