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The Overflowing Bra

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2nd Apr 24
Somewhere in the southern seas, there is an island where women get to choose their bust size.
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22nd May 11
This is a story I've come up with recently. Figure I'll post two to four pages up at a time and when it finishes I'll repost everything as a complete story. A woman bound and determined to prove her equality in any means necessary sets out to make her name as a bounty hunter and seems to have done just that. However, after a few runins with foxes, she may find that to be more difficult than she originally believed.
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11th Apr 08
Karen is a somewhat shy new girl getting used to life at college. After she begins taking a new birth control she finds over the weeks that she's begun to fill out her bras and her new friends begin to encourage more lustful behaviors. Part 1 spends a lot of time trying to develop the characters as best I can so it's a little lighter on the sex and changes than Part 2 will be. Much more intense situations to come.
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11th May 20
This is a short commissioned piece about a streamer who gets what's coming to her after being a complete bitch to other streamers. The gender of KarmaCheck86 has been left extremely vague intentionally. I'll let you decide who they may be.
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18th Jan 23
Story about two sisters going through some changes... The story is written in first person from two POVs I've been writing it since 2014 and I think it's fair to say my writing got better throughout. This contains the first 30 chapters. Fair warning, it's 50-50 weight gain-breast expansion story
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19th Feb 23
Chapter 31 with a link to all chapters
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20th Jun 10
In this sequel to Full Moon, the ever-hungry Kate is getting married! When there's a mix-up with the gift baskets at her bachelorette party, her bridesmaids are exposed to an experimental gel derived from Jen's magical cum! It creates quite a situation, with the girls all outgrowing their dresses in various ways, and they scramble to the wedding before their expansion ruins everything.
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12th Mar 09
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17th Mar 12
Fundamental Mormon missionaries help Katie find happiness.
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16th Jul 02
Katy is a story I wrote ages ago. Hope you like it. Please tell me what you think. The Tycoon
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30th Jan 24
Katy is expanding in the longest line ever at Target. Read to find out why.
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7th Jan 12
Hi, I'm back. Spent 5 months off the Internet (long story),'s a long story. Two versions; 1 short story with BE, and then, because of way too much time on my hands, a 'novella' of around 190 pages. For those looking for the good stuff - look for the 'tilda of tittilation', and skip all the stolen quotes, snappy patter, light humor, and plot and character development. Tilda = ~, just search for that. Have about another 6 stories (working on the 7th) for this site alone. Have fun, and more to come.
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8th May 23
KC is hyper-boobed mutant in a world full of sexy mutants. Her mutation isn't even that extreme compared to some, but she still faces lots of social anxiety due to her unnatural features. She just wants to stay in her room, play videogames, and masturbate all day, but life in college eventually introduces KC to a new best friend, and life only gets more sexy from there! These stories are inspired by and set in the incredible universe of Accessworld! To see more of this world and its sexy mutants, check out @INemmed on twitter or Ivan Nemmed on patreon! If you enjoy these stories, find more on my DA account. Thank you!
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31st May 00
Young man inherits aunt's house, aunt was witch, house comes with magical servant. Mm-hmmm.
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7th Sep 00
Hero trains to become a sorcerer to protect the magic house.
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10th Jan 02
The Hero takes a crash course in magic.
big magic
22nd Apr 02
huge magic
1st Sep 02
big magic slow
6th Apr 15
A digital log found while exploring a hastily abandoned research station. It was covered in unidentified semen and human milk.
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16th Feb 00
Detective investigates a mysterious woman who captures and robs men.
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17th Feb 02
Borrowing the neighbors milk takes on a whole new meaning. And what are the effects?
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17th Feb 02
The final 10 chapters.
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31st Dec 98
Wearing some of her Mom's clothes makes young Keisha grow older and sexier.
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8th Feb 20
Years after the events of Bigger Sister, Kelly and Candi get into trouble while Genie is traveling in America. The first of likely multiple short sequels to the Bigger Sister erotic novel, this story can be read on its own, but will make more sense if you read Bigger Sister first.
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27th Dec 02
Early genre classic by the Orangutang
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27th Oct 22
Two colleagues discover alien life, a symbiote that grows within human flesh. A competition begins of each girls desire to be the biggest. My first attempt at a story! Feedback would be appreciated.
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19th May 07
Kerry disrupts an anti-porn protest, goes to the movies, and meets some of the competition.
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9th Aug 07
A little swim at the local pool leads Kerry to something more including bigger boobs, the Forces of Evil, the Forces of Nerdity, a shower room full of cheerleaders, and much bigger boobs.
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12th Nov 07

Revisions of Kerry chapters 1 through 5 as well as chapters 6 and 7, wherein Kerry subs in for the regular teacher and covers sex-ed at a Catholic girl’s school.

Will Victoria earn a passing mark from Miss Malloy, or is she too squeaky clean and doomed to fail?

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25th Jan 07
Models, whiny brats, and faithless boyfriends beware! The Queen of the Dark has returned and she’s still not taking any prisoners!
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22nd Aug 07

Laura’s had a bad day at work and so has Kerry, so when they meet at the bar they find they have a few things in common. Things like long legs, hot bodies, huge tits, insatiable bisexual appetites, and absolutely no inhibitions.

Which is funny since Laura and her friends used to think of her as being somewhat dull and very mousy.

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1st Jan 07

From the Dark Depths of the Addventure comes a short piece about Kerry, a quiet and unassuming bank teller, who bought a ring at a novelty store. The results are quite . . . novel.

Well, no not really. Stories about growing breasts are posted here all the time, but for Kerry, for whom this sort of thing does not happen every day, I suppose you could say it is novel.

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15th Dec 07

Tony, Jason, and Cam are enjoying a night out in the aftermath of Tony’s break-up with his girl when Tony finds himself the master of a Genie. A Genie who’ll do anything to please him… even turn herself into a bimboslut.

But, of course, Kerry has to get herself involved.

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16th Dec 14
Maddie and Lauren are just two cute college students working at the local video store. However, their worlds are turned upside down when they are kidnapped by mysterious men in a white van and taken to a remote location.
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4th Jul 01
Mike and Jon Kinsey develop sex-enhancing drugs and test them.
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3rd Jan 05
With illustrations by Art Newman, a Steve Palmer story of a woman who becomes a model when her breasts start growing fast ... and faster. And they do not stop. HTML, unzip and click on the index.htm file.
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27th Dec 02
Early genre classic by the Orangutang.
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