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The Overflowing Bra

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9th Aug 11
short =).... a bit more than 200 word !
instant magic offstage wow
3rd May 23
6 inmates of the federation have agreed to serve their sentences by delivering alien symbiotes to a far off system. Things quickly go sideways for the commanding officer and her charges. Authors note: This is a sequel to my first ever story "Kendra and lucy" (not required reading). Hope you enjoy. If you'd like to see a sequel for any of my other tales please tell me!
bg aliens big cb huge offstage science slow weird
29th Aug 98
Alien parasite turns a boy into a girl, and affects his sister as well.
bg ag aliens huge inc instant ment nc sc tg
19th Sep 98
Aliens transform one girl and make her torment her companion - a ""choose your own adventure"" story with lots of weird transforms.
bg aliens fa fast lac ment
15th Mar 01
Jackie takes a growth formula prior to stepping into the ring.
bg chem fa fast mg mpg
27th Jan 04
"It will present hundreds of fantasy women, an army of sluts looking like each guy's walking wet dream! With enough of them, they'll have two or three for each guy! By the time anyone notices the truth, Tyra Banks will be sucking his cock already! And it'll be too late!"
aliens big cb fa fast lac mpg multiple preg sc weird
21st Jul 10
The first four chapters of a sprawling, sex-drenched epic. I have sacrificed everything for my covert war against an insidious alien menace infiltrating society and bedrooms across continents. I dare not be swayed by glistening curves and expanding, milky breasts. Worst of all, as my dick grows vastly more potent, I can foresee the same fate for myself as those that surrender to the multi-orgasmic lures of never-ending alien orgy sex.
aliens big chem fast huge lac ment mpg offstage preg sc science weird
22nd Jul 10
For daring to explore the mysteries of the Nympha, I risk a maddening existence of ejaculating sperm-slavery. My only hope is a bra-busting weapon that will turn their own sexuality against them. With my life, sanity, and sperm on the line I shall attempt to rescue an ally who has unlocked the secrets of the aliens. But who will save me from my own lusts?
big chem fast lac ment mpg preg rc science weird
27th Jul 10
Part 7 and the explosive finale! Schemes and orgasms come to fruition as I struggle to out-maneuver my erotic enemies. Time is short as the terrible secret of my ever-increasing penis is revealed. I must weather an onslaught of nymph(a)mania more numerous and busty than I feared possible, against a backdrop of salacious betrayal. As humanity succumbs to the escalating plague of limitless sexual indulgence, I will find myself asking if I am fighting on the right side...
aliens big chem fast hyp lac ment mpg offstage science weird
20th Apr 15
Part 1 of a sex-drenched epic. What happens when a man who prides himself on luring women into bed finds himself in a world invaded by bra-busting nymphomaniacs that crave men and sperm more than the randiest teenaged fondler? The government underestimated the terrible truth, and men everywhere find themselves seduced by a lusty race of beings for whom pleasure is a weapon. Will Xavier be able to reunite with a circle of allies who vowed to resist? Or will he succumb to the new world of surreal beauties that grow stronger with each fucking.
aliens big cb fast hyp lac ment mpg preg sc science weird asleep
22nd Apr 15
"My sisters and I represent freedom. A man's freedom to feel his dick hardening; and seize any woman he pleases, to force his sperm into her. Freedommmm..." her voice lowering to a growl. "You want to sire your seed, into every woman you can grab!" His hands tightened around her hips. "Freeee your dick!" "Wanna... be free..." he murmured as his pulse raced. Out in the car, January switched on the radio: ".... Radio Free Earth; exposing the secrets of the Invasion!" rasped a quavering female voice. "Men think that these creatures are their loyal servants; but they are Loyal only to their most probable source of sperm!
ag aliens big cb fast hyp lac ment mpg preg sc science weird
24th Apr 15
The young soldier barked a command, waving the pistol - until a whisper intervened. From behind him sauntered a glittering feminine fantasy resembling a pornographic version of Scarlett Johanssen. She put a hand to his shoulder, and whispered in his ear from behind. The black soldier moaned, but shook his head in defiance. Gun drooping in shaky hands. Until the Hollywood-worthy beauty sashayed in front of him, putting herself in the path of the potential bullet. Her voluptuous splendor swayed in a dick-hardening stripper dance, dainty hands gathering up her platinum-lemon hair in a sparkling cascade; diamond-dusted skin glittering. The howl started low, rose, and then slowed down into a relieved moaning - Xavier knew it immediately as the cry of surrender when a man succumbs completely to the prospect of a SheMorph harem.
big cb lac ment mpg preg science slow weird
25th Apr 15
"Please Master, if I have pleased you...?" Her buttons opened, and her breasts seemed to plump up a few sizes like creamy honey-dew melons - with moist nipples. Kitten's tended to be especially intoxicating. However, his virility was truly superhuman, and he came to regret not ravishing his chief sperm scientist. But that was a problem easily remedied... A prim and proper blonde with hair in a tight bun stumbled moaning out of a door onto the street - clutching, tearing at her silky blouse as her once slim belly surged into a taut dome of fertile ripening. All the while her clawing hands clutched at the throbbing swell within her traitorously fecund flesh. She squealed as her bra-straps strained into her shoulders, mountainous boobs already darkening the front of her blouse with the gush of milk needed to feed the brood sprouting within her laboring body.
aliens big cb instant lac ment mpg offstage preg sc science weird asleep
31st Oct 06
An older, secret story I've been sitting on for awhile. The time to release it is now. A student with a love for ancient mysteries become ground-zero for a plague of bra-busting nymphomania. Is it a blessing, or Curse? Will his supernatural sexual prowess allow him to save mankind from a Halloween Horror?
ag big cb chem fast hg huge inc lac magic ment nc preg tg weird asleep
14th Aug 05
Why are the women in Todd's apartment building becoming so horny? Why do their breasts begin to swell and expand even as their lusts increase? Something is wrong in the city; It's trouble with a capital T&A as an unprecedented orgy erupts! But the real question is: Why does Todd avoid the sex-crazed, drop-dead gorgeous sluts, clamoring for cock? What secret is behind their bloated, enlarging, milk-laden boobs? Bring your libido and find out in, The Siege!
big fast hg huge lac ment nc offstage science weird
14th Aug 05
Todd fears the gorgeous sluts that are becoming increasingly frequent wherever he goes. As the world around him devolves into a breast-expanding, cum-crazed sex-fest, he must survive the consequences of a bosomy betrayal to remain true to himself. What the hell am I talking about? Read book 2 of the Siege!
ar big fast hg huge lac ment nc offstage science tg weird
14th Aug 05
Lies and conspiracies come to light as the salacious secret of the sex-plague is revealed! Todd faces his worst fear, as a host of hotties take pussy-pleasing advantage of his moment of weakness! Yet all hope is not lost; as Todd manages to turn the tables on the alien force behind the bulging boobs and explosive estrus! He finds himself surrounding by willing, wanton, whores desperate for his cock, and yet manages to pave the way for a new, lustful age! Read book 3 of the Siege for answers to the questions burning in each crotch.
ag aliens ar big bond fast hg huge lac lg ment mg mm mpg nc offstage preg science tg weird asleep
5th Aug 07
A Tale of the Nymphocalypse: Nothing is the same after the naked babe in my shower sucked my cock; I'm getting hornier, the world is getting sexier, and a conspiracy is underfoot that no one seems to notice. How long can I hold out against nude nymphomaniacs that can match a man's every sexual fantasy? Long enough to unravel the mystery and save mankind? Perhaps not.
ag aliens big chem instant ment science weird asleep
9th Jan 99
A man helps his wife re-achieve her lactation after her pregnancy.
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