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The Overflowing Bra

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10th Jan 00
10th Jan 00
Two mischievous highschool boys find a powerful magic wand. Based on the Addventure.
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8th Oct 12
Everyone is abuzz about a new cosmetic treatment called Voluptimax, a process which uses nanobots to reshape the subject's body and give them the figure they've always desired. When Cynthia Hawthorne shows up at a fancy dinner party to show off her new curves (body by Voluptimax, of course) she ends up showing off much more of them than she ever wanted to! Is Cynthia's humiliating experience merely the result of a defective batch of nanobots, or the first sign of something more sinister? Action, adventure, interplanetary conspiracy! It all starts here in the first volume of UNAUTHORIZED EXPANSION!
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21st Oct 12
After getting sprayed with Cynthia's milk at a disastrous dining-out Luanne returns home, intent on having a few choice words with her husband, Mark. However, Cynthia's milk has a few unexpected side effects that derail Luanne's plans and place her husband in peril. This chapter of Unauthorized Expansion is exploding with hot action! Don't miss! (File contains parts 1 and 2)
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4th Mar 15
Two high school girls are forced to deal with the changes that one of them is going through. This is a breast-pregnancy story.
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11th Jun 07
The main character finds that, when he and his girlfriend have unprotected sex, parts of them grow for no apparent reason! They also find out that it can be quite addicting...
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31st Aug 07
The main character finds that, when he and his girlfriend have unprotected sex, parts of them grow for no apparent reason! They also find out that it can be quite addicting... With a new expanded ending by guhbone, filling in the weight gain segment (if you're into that kind of thing).
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31st Dec 06
A BE superquickie in which Annie suddenly finds her breasts growing in the middle of the night for no reason. May be the beginning of a miniseries if people like it enough.
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26th Jan 07
Another episode of Unexplained Expansion. It's a really short story about how Maggie starts inflating for no reason at all, in a parking lot, of all places.
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18th May 07
Lizzie is spending a quiet day on a lake when suddenly her breasts start growing for no reason at all. And the only way to go is up...
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12th Jul 07
In this installment of Unexplained Expansion, Carrey is out for a jog and suddenly her breasts start growing! But will she notice in time? (Of course not!)
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18th Feb 08
Finally! This story took a while. And guess what? There's one more to come! This time, Jean is in the middle of a cornfield when it happens. Also, more about what connects the stories. Enjoy!
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11th Dec 03
ok, it's small and badly written. But it's my first start for a story. It's about my girlfriend and my fantasies with her. And I will not give her pills for christmas ;)
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13th Dec 99
Debbie is jealous of curvaceous Tracy at the office.
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24th Jan 00
Jason uses a book of witchcraft to control and transform Tracy.
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12th Nov 07
Lisa is your regular teenager who discovers an interesting force that lets her control her own body completely. Only then does the super kinky side of her come out and breasts grow and orgasms flow as she takes her body on a crazy ride.
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7th Feb 09
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7th Feb 09
Take 2, because I'm an idiot and can't use Winzip...
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14th Jan 09
In a far future breeding program, two exceptionally gifted individuals find something akin to love. But really it's just an excuse for lots of breast expansion, milk, and extreme intercourse. Fun times for all.
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16th Nov 12
Em finds out what happens when she doesn't use a breast cream as instructed. Sally, a fugitive hiding in a strip club, stumbles upon Em after her changes and finds out what happens to the women who use the breast cream. She, too, ends up feeling its effects first-hand.
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