The Definitive BE Story Archive

The Overflowing Bra

10th Dec 17
When Kelly's younger sister Rachel shows signs of outstripping her older sister, Kelly takes steps to correct matters.
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7th Nov 17
Lauren gets a job working in a milk bar over the summer, but her reaction to the drug used to induce lactation of the Happy Milk drug is much stronger than usual.
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16th Oct 17
When Wendy asks for a conference room to use for her group project, reality goes a little unhinged.
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25th Apr 17
While training to become an officer in the navy, Mei struggles with her conscious. Though her new pheromones give her the power to break anyone's will, it is her own will that is in danger. Will she be able to resist the temptation to enslave her fellow cadets? No more BE in this one :(, but plenty of sex. Includes chapter 1. Comments and suggestions welcome.
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4th Apr 17
When searching the galaxy for new worlds to expand humanity's fragile empire and ward off an alien threat, a small survey crew comes across a planet which is nearly perfect. They name the planet Eden for its rich vegetation, but soon realize that the entire biosphere is poison. After disaster strikes the poison planet may kill them unless Mei Lan, the ship's doctor, makes a choice which threatens to unearth a fetish she has kept long buried.
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14th Dec 16
When Emma tries a new drug to help her crippled milk glands recover, her body reacts strongly.
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11th Dec 16
Mia falls ill with a wasting disease, but fortunately for her the disease gives her the ability to get back what she has lost.
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