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The Overflowing Bra

7th Aug 11
This is it for now. I will be out of the country for 3 months. I will probably finish the story while I am away but might not be able to upload it until I return. Phil returns to the Island and meets the elders. More Amazon sex ensues. Back at home the girls continue exploring their new gifts and Phil services all the women in the packers club. I hope you all enjoy the story so far. I'm still at a loss as to how it will end. I may wind up with 30 more chapters by the time I return. I hope it will be good. Feedback welcome at Enjoy
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28th Jul 11
The Girls enjoy their changes. Milk production increases. Phil buys a new house. Clara lets the girls try out her new addition. Phil visits an island of Amazons who need servicing. Cindy gets a taste of what Danni is hooked on.
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25th Jul 11
Phil goes shopping and gets much more than he bargained for. He meets a size obsessed car saleswoman and a lactation obsessed nurse. The girls figure out the breast pump with the nurses help. Phil gets into the nurse.Danni continues to grow and get inflated.Phil does some god deeds. The girls move in with Phil and go house shopping for a bigger house.Kim starts lactating.The girls all get their modifications and have fun with them.
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18th Jul 11
This is the next 4 chapters of Alien Research. Phil explores more possibilities with body modification, lactation, pregnancy, and fun with horny Amazons. Danni joins the family. Phil lets the girls in on his secret abilities. There is some unbirthing and Phil punishes Danni's father for molesting her. It's a little violent but he deserves it. If you'd rather skip the violence just skip chapter eleven. The girls get to make some changes to themselves in chapter 12 and the fun really starts. Please feel free to send feedback to This is my first piece of erotic fiction so I need all the criticism I can get. Thanks
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12th Jul 11
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11th Jul 11
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